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tv   7 News  NBC  August 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> now at 7 a breaking story. a new development in the case of a murdered jogger in princeton. detectives releasing new information about the killer. >> reporter: hot and humid and track more storms tomorrow. >> anchor: a train and truck collide in wakefield. the driver rushed to the hospital. >> anchor: a an uber driver charged with rape passes out in front of a judge. >> anchor: swimming super stars going head-to-head in rio. >> anchor: the pats start the preseason. >> anchor: with all eyes on the back up qb jimmy garoppolo. >> anchor: first at 7 breaking news new clues in the case of a murdered jogger.
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>> anchor: police say their suspect left the crime scene with scratches and bruises. brandon gunnoe with the latest for us. >> reporter: that's what investigators are asking have you seen anyone this week that all of a sudden has a bunch of scratches and bruises on him. this is a small town. everybody knows everybody. everybody knows what everybody drives. if you saw a car parked or move nothing this area that you do struggle between vanessa and her killer. >> reporter: the district attorney revealed late this afternoon that vanessa fought for her life and left a mark on her killer. investigators returned to search the woods. her killer was a man. during the life and death struggle vanessa would have left him scratched and bruised. >> these injuries specifically
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bruises. therefore we would ask that anyone who's observed a male with these types of injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. >> reporter: vanessa's body was found in a wooded area in princeton hours after she went for a jog and didn't come back. police have narrowed the time line to her murder to between 1 and 3 sunday afternoon. police are asking people if they remember a car in that area. the town is becoming more worried as the days go by. >> it's shaken people. more importantly it's the sense of who is this person or what really happened. and that's the unknown is what makes people very uncomfortable. >> reporter: and you heard the district attorney mention that state police tip line you can
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(508)453-7589. live in princeton brandon gunnoe 7 news. >> anchor: a wild crash caught on camera. a pickup truck on a collision course in wakefield. crossing the tracks getting hit by that commuter rail train. the man is going to be okay. lucky for him. amaka ubaka live in wakefield. luckily there wasn't a passenger in that truck. >> reporter: that's right, kim. he is ex tonight. he has nonlife threatening injuries. take a look at these skid marks behind me. this is the point of impact where he was hit. he was dragged along these tracks the length of a football field. >> right under it boom. >> reporter: a quick and dramatic scene caught on camera. >> like dynamite. >> i knew what happened right away.
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impact when a southbound commuter rail train struck a pickup truck. bob young ran out to help. getting the air bags out of the way and then tried speaking to the driver. >> he started to move. he was making noises. but he was out of it. >> and the air bag was deployed? >> both air bags were deployed and the truck was bent in half. >> reporter: the mbta said the railroad crossing warning system was working purpose down. young wonders if he had a medical emergency. >> it's possible. anybody in their right state of mind wouldn't drive through that like that. he didn't go around it. he drove through it. >> the train was traveling at approximately 35 miles per hour. the vehicle was dragged for approximately 100, 150 yards. >> reporter: the man was rushed to mass general with injuries to
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people aboard the train were somewhat shaken by the experience but uninjured. >> i was crying and shaking and calling 911. i wanted to make sure he was all right. >> reporter: police are looking into the possibility of issuing a $200 fine for this man for failure to yield. he is expected to be okay. there were 70 people on board this train. thankfully none of them were injured. amaka ubaka 7 a lot of people are experiencing this extreme heat we're feeling today in boston and outside the city. really all over new england. temperatures sky rocketing. great day for sun and sand down at the beach if you're able. jet skis there you go. this hot weather is no joke. it's dangerous and warnings are being issued. >> reporter: out there this afternoon we reached the mid 90s.
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even right now the temps are still in the 90s. the city at 91. bedford holding at 95. you factor in the humidity this is when it becomes dangerous. you have the heat indexes similar to the winter time. we had heat advisories for much of the afternoon. they have expired today. we will do it over again tomorrow. the atmosphere not going to change much. what about shower or storm activity because of the heat and humidity. they fall apart. but i think tomorrow there may be a higher chance of late day showers and storms as this cool front begins to move into northern new england and sweeps into metro boston. we'll talk about that and the rest of your weekend forecast in a bit. >> now on 7. >> the americans survive switzerland. >> the party heats up in rio.
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the 4 by 2. >> we won a gold history. >> team usa another golden night. >> it's the olympic zone. >> anchor: all right. looking live at the olympic flame in the rio de janeiro. night 6 of the summer games and the caldron is burning on. from the swimming pool to the golf course jam packed day of olympic action. >> anchor: prime time show down at the first we want to get caught up on the highlights so far. >> reporter: it was a huge day for judo star kayla harrison as she defended her olympic title. stood proudly atop the olympic podium. the first american to win gold medal in judo and history again today as the first american to win back to back olympic medals of any kind in judo.
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announced she will be retiring from the sport. harrison who lives in danvers and trains in wakefield. she ended the gold medal match with a take down and an arm bar. jumped in the stands to celebrate with her supporters to the pool we go. katie ledecky check her out in the lead. nobody else in sight. the 19 year old feign on setting ledecky will swim the final on friday night trying to sweep the 200, 400 and 800 free styles. michael phelps looking to add to his legacy tonight. 4th over all in the 100 meter butterfly prelims tonight. then about a half our later diving in for the butterfly semis.
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ryan lochte. this evening will end an epic chapter in u.s. swimming history. need ham native alley raiseman looking to add to the final. the final 5 captain will compete along side simone biles. of course alley and her teammates one of tonight's must see moments. it ll between phelps and his teammate ryan lochte in the individual medley. phelps looks to advance in the mens butterfly. phelps the final 5 and rest of the u.s. athletes keep the medals coming tonight. reporting live in the newsroom joe amorosino 7 news. >> anchor: coming up after the olympics more on our local
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where does alley raiseman keep her medals? can you guess. we'll be surprised together. stay with 7 news after this newscast for our olympic news special with joe. getting you ready for prime time in rio each night of the olympic games. nancy chen is live in rio with the games. that will be a late edition of 7 news at 11 right after and throughout the olympics. >> anchor: now to the patriots opening up the preseason. the new orleans saints.this is . jimmy garoppolo getting the chance to show his skills. alex corddry nice to see you. >> reporter: nice to see you too kim. tray is getting ready for the games. right here at gillette stadium.
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saints. it is so hot out here. 2 days of joint practices all eyes on jimmy garoppolo. he's excited for the opportunity tonight. >> it's different on game day. different feel and that sort of thing. it's awesome. football is back. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo ready to let it fly against the saints. the third year quarterback is taking center stage. >> it's an opportunity to go out there teammates. it's different than practice. different situations will come up. you don't know how many snaps you're going to get. it's all coaches call. >> reporter: garoppolo won't have gronkkowski or edelman at his disposal. >> all the skill guys on offense it's a long process in camp.
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direction bill belichick wants his team headed in. >> none of us are perfect. we all make mistakes. we have to move on from them. i think we all do. >> reporter: tom brady will not play tonight. the patriots tweeted out not long ago that brady was excused from the game tonight to attend a funeral service of a family member. >> anchor: the new england fans are pumped up for a new no brady that's no problem for pats nation. tim caputo with more on the atmosphere out there other than dreadfully hot, tim. >> reporter: plenty of tom brady jerseys worn by fans headed into the stadium this evening. one person with a jimmy garoppolo jersey. that could change depending on how well he plays tonight.
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catches fire on the preseason game. >> i want to see how garoppolo does. see if he is progressing at all. >> reporter: he's slated to start for the first month of the regular season. >> i think it's disappointing but i think garoppolo is going to do a great job. >> reporter: faithful are confident garoppolo will get off on the right food. >> belichick will get it >> reporter: tons of guys trying to make the team. >> nice to see people try there best to make teams. i think it's nice to see it. >> reporter: it's still summer but football ifi those suffering from football withdrawals will get their fix. >> it's only the preseason game. i think everyone is excited football started. >> reporter: it's easy for fans
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fans out here at least the ones we've spoke to if garoppolo doesn't play great it's not the end of the world. >> anchor: remember 7 nbc is your home for the patriots season opener. take on chandler jones and the arizona cardinals sunday september 11th at 8:30. >> anchor: also on 7 collapsing in court. that's an uber driver who drops down after hearing the charges girl he reportedly met on the job. prosecutors say their connection continued through snap chat. >> anchor: 34 year old darnel booth a former uber driver. police say booth drove the girl home on june 30th then added her on snap chat. the next day police say booth contacted her on snap chat.
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parking lot and raped her. his defense attorney tried to punch holes in the police investigation. and in fact uber releasing this statement that reads what's been describe side deeply upsetting. the individual has been banned from accessing the app. we reached out to local authorities to offer any information helpful in their proceedings. >> anchor: a school bus crash slowing traffic on the cape this morning. a bus full ended a car before 11 a.m. on route 3 near the sag more bridge. no one on the bus was hurt. >> anchor: crime concerns the boston police department says someone may be tampering with
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>> anchor: boston police investigating a troubling about it too. officers say someone may be tampering with thepe cars. >> anchor: the latest incident happened last night. cheryl fee an dacka with the latest from easty. >> we got to find out who is doing this. >> reporter: mayor walsh calling the possible tampering of police officers personal cars dangerous. >> we don't want to start patrolling the lots.
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keeps up. >> reporter: 3 incidents where officers found the lug nuts on the tires of their personal cars were missing or loose. the first report on july 15th. a boston police officer who works out of district a 1 downtown was driving home in his personal car when the left rear wheel nearly fell off. he usually parks his car in the rear of the station. the second time it happened august 4th. a transit police officer home in roxbury when his rear tire nearly fell off. before it happened he was parked in the police parking lot. just last night another incident this time in east boston. a female officer was leaving the station in her own car and had difficulty steering. she inspected the car when she got home finding the right rear wheel was missing 2 lug nuts and the third was loosened. >> it's a dangerous situation.
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and other people in harm as well. >> reporter: no one was injured in these incidents. police are continuing to investigate. and are not sure if any of these cases are related. they are asking police officers to remain vigilant. cheryl fee an dacka 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: still hot. boston 91. fitchburg 91. bedford said too hot. shutting down for dew point temperature not reporting in bedford. dew points in the low and middle 70s. when these dew points are so high it does not allow temperatures to cool off quickly. it still feels in boston. norwood feels like 98. hyannis 95. there have been showers and storms percolating into connecticut itself.
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now beginning to fizzle out. through the remainder of the evening hours this is where we will see the shower and storm activity to occur. patriots game tonight football you ready for football. temperatures to kick off around 90 degrees. i guess maybe this is a sign of fall. eventually although the temperature this afternoon and evening in the low to middle 90s. warm and stuffy in gillette for the evening hours. bermuda high pressure in control tonight and through the day tomorrow. temps between 74 and 79. those are overnight low temperatures. and then we are right back into the hazy hot humid conditions with an isolated shower storm. boston tomorrow afternoon 94. orange at 91. jaffrey 90. the cape and the islands middle and upper 80s. a great beach day tomorrow.
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>> anchor: captain of a
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boat in plymouth beating the odds. made a rare catch when he discovered a blue lobster in his net. >> anchor: chances of snagging a catch like that is 1 in a million. nickerson has done it twice. he's hoping that the new england aquarium will give this guy a permanent home.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
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7 news at 7.
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio,
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>> live from your olympic station 7 news takes you into the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: stone finished 7th in the womens single skulls at 2012 london games. the newton native is a medal in rio. fresh off leading the final 5 to the gold medal in the womens gymnastics team competition simone biles in the all around final today. how it looks and feels to be the parent of an olympian. good evening everyone and welcome to the 7 news olympic zone.


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