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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 12, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> and we have a feeling that the anthem simone biles is about to hear, may not be the last time she stands atop the podium in rio. she has three more events. the vault on sunday. the beam on monday. and the floor on tuesday. she could walk out of may be, with five gold medals. aly raisman is back in competition in the floor on tuesday. and she is the defending olympic gold medalist in that event. she won it in london in 2012. >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america.
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? ?
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>> teammates, close friends, medalists tonight in rio, biles and raisman. that brings us to a look at the medal count of day six. presented by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys toward olympic gold. another big day and night for the americans, with five golds overall. while the united states owns more gold medals than any other country in olympic history, fiji won a gold in rugby for its first medal of any kind. a nation with a population less than delaware, fiji loves rugby like no other sport. children grow up with a ball in their hands. entire villages huddle around radios and small tvs to listen
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play. and today, fans packed the 15,000-seat national stadium. there you see it, in the capital city. and they watched the gold medal match won by their countrymen there tonight. meanwhile, turning back to the headliners here in rio, a group that included aly raisman, winning a silver medal and the performance of her life in the all around. raisman has five medals in her distinguished olympic career, three of them gold. tonight's silver for raisman, came on a night that a pair of athletes that clearly rank among the best ever in their respective sports. over five olympics, michael phelps has set records that likely will never be broken. maybe not even approached. while over merely five days, simone biles has left an impression that will never be forgotten. two champions who once again tonight, not only won, but truly outdistanced their competition. still, there was another
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african-american woman to win an individual olympic swimming medal. manuel, a 20-year-old from sugarland, texas, tied for the gold with canadian penny oleksiak, with sarah sjostrom of sweden winning the bronze. a rarity as the canadian and american national anthems are played. ? ? >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of canada. ?
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? up on late night. after late local news. and that program will include my interview with simone biles and aly raisman. for now, so long from rio.
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[ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ] ? olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ? ? so you never miss a moment, ? ? miss a minute, miss a medal. ?
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? fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ? ? all you have to say is, ? ? ?show me,? and boom it's on the screen. ? ? from the bottom of the mat, ? ? to the couch where you at? ? ? "show me the latest medal count?" ? ? dang they even got that! ? welcome to it all.
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>> i'm excised to have my all around metal. i finally did it. >>reporter: support pouring from back home and around the world. david tweeted congrats to my good friend on the silver metal making boston proud as usual. even presidential nominee hillary clinton sent her support
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bringing home the gold and silver. we are proud of you. >> it's insane. i don't have words. >> justin credible out there. we head to the pool were ryan and phelps faced off for the final time. it was the race to remember. >>reporter: michael and ryan head to head in the two hundred individual medley. >> superman pulled away there the pool. >> this isn't close. he's swimming a way from everybody. >>reporter: he claimed his fourth goal of the games. ? [ music ] ? >>reporter: the 22nd of his career. >> i had a hard time holding it together. it's an emotional event for me and some thing that it's very special being able to win 22
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>>reporter: ryan lost steam and settled for fifth. >> i wish i did better. i felt great before the race and i guess i didn't have it tonight. >>reporter: micheal was back in the pool for the semi-final. exhaustion didn't impact the swimmer. >> he gained ground coming off. phelps to the wall and he's second. >>reporter: he won the event in the 2004, 2008, olympics. the final is friday night. the back stroke belonged to murphy. >> i kept peaking over because i was tired at the end. i'm lucky i was able to hold it together. >> another gold for the first time olympian. >>reporter: an record for man simone who titled for freestyle. the first african-american to
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swimming. >> i'm blessed to have a gold metal. >>reporter: it looks like no one can stop katy. she broke the olympic record in the 800 meet tor freestyle. she will swim did final on friday night. she she will try to sweep the 2, four hunker and 800 freestyles. the first time since 1968. >> justin credible. i want to show you a picture that was posted by ryan. before the race. the two are competitors but also good friends. okay, turning to harrison. she said before she goes to sleep she visualizes wins a second metal. that olympic dream came true
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>>reporter: kaila made gold for the second time. the star dominated her gold metal match. becoming the first american to win back-to-back metal of any kind in judo. >> i'm on cloud nine. >>reporter: she was the only american to every win gold in judo. >> i thought thatig it. being an two thyme champion topped it. >>reporter: she said shared her victory. >> i'm oles as strong as it people around me. this gold metal belongs to all of us. >>reporter: later soaking in the metal ceremony before announcing it would be her last. >> two be a two time champion is
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the greatest that's every done judo. >>reporter: as for next she's not quite sure. >> ize'll enjoy my family and teammates and everyone that helped me to get here. tomorrow i'll make decisions. today i'll be a two time champion. >>reporter: she celebration started with a fellow home town hero. she met up with the two gym teammates. leslie arrived in rio. what she had to say about their routines. >> amazing coverage live from rio. thank you.
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a chilling collision. >> the truck was pushed right along the tracks in wakefield. the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. we are live in wakefield. >>reporter: adam, this whole thing happied in a few seconds. you can see the skid marks concrete area the pavement. this is the point of impact before the truck was dragged down the tract >> it just came out of nowhere. >>reporter: the truck dragged the length of a football down the tracks. >> it sounded like two explosions. >>reporter: this all the autosp camera picked up the footage of the truck being hit by the train. >> he started to move. he was making noises. he was out of it, you know.
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>>reporter: the warning system was working properly. the bulls sounded and the gates came down but then this. the 76-year-old man plowed through them in the truck. young wonders if he had a medical emergency. >> he just went through it. >>reporter: the 76-year-old rushed to mass. general. people were shaken by this experience. >> i was crying and shaking and calling 911. i wanted to make sure he was all >>reporter: the driver is a retired firefighters. they may find may fine him $20t happened. >> the court: we are turning we have a new plea from princeton police. they unveiled two key collusions. that she fought with her killer and left that person with cuts
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bonn don is live in princeton. >>reporter: that's right. we know she put-up a fight. if you know ??? with new scratches or bruises to give them a call. four days a have a mess is a was killed in princeton they revealed she fault for her life. >> we believe it was a struggle between vanessa and her killer. >>reporter: they returned to search the woods. the d.a. said struggle she left her mark on him. >> these injuries were scratches, scrapes, or bruises. therefore we ask that anyone that observed a male with these injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state tip like.
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(508)453-7589. advice vanessa's body was founde woods. >> we'll never know. >>reporter: they narrowed down the timeline of her murder between one and three. ifio live here and saw a car you didn't recognize in the area give police a call. we are live in princeton. a former uber driver collapsed in a courtroom as he's charged with rn. 34-year-old booth attacked a 16-year-old girl after giving her a ride. police say he friended her on snap chat and contacted the teen offering to give her a ride and that's when he raped her. uber released a statement. that individual has been ban from accident accessing the app and reached out to offer any information that could be
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boston police department. someone may be tamerring with the officers personal cars. there have been three incidents where their tires were lose. one offer's tire fell off on his ride home. the first test for jimmy that led at a pats on the field with tom brady nowhere near the stadium. this was the first chance for fans and couches to see jimmy is looking on the field. we are live in foxesboro to share it with us. >>reporter: all eyes on jimmy as it back-up quarterback will start the first four games of the season. the preseason game against the saints. tom brady wasn't in attendance. he was given the okay to go to a memorial service for a family member.
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crowd as they got going this evening. all eyes are on him. that's the story of the night on the first drive third and five. he will learn to throw that ballet way as he gets sacked for a five yard loss. they are forced to punt there. they are adjusting to the pressure staring down two defenders and getting raid of the ball at just the right time. well-done dropping the pass to james white wednesday 56 yards in. all the way down theline the longest play of down the lin. the longest play for the patriots. he got better as it knight went on. a total of 168 yards in the first half. >> i think i eel working in the right direction. there are plenty of things i
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it's part of being a quarterback. there is a lot of little things here and there. you want to be the best in you're craft. >> all right, we'll have more on seven sports. also one of the patriots top draft pick injured in the game. he will miss at least four weeks. we'll tell you about that. still ahead tonight crews in maryland racing to the scene of a big blast. >> bursting into flames with people desperate to get out alive. another young child fell off a rollercoaster. >>reporter: warm overnight tonight and we track showers and storms tomorrow evening. back here live in rio with ali stacking up the metals. you might wonder were does she
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crews are searching for missing people after a deadly blast in maryland. >> two people were killed and 24 in the hospital the blast tore apart the structure. firefighters were dropping children out of the windows trying to get them out safely. it's unclear what sparked the fire. a boy fell out of a rollercoaster. he was cio are checking out the ride. incredible video out of arizona. look at that huge cloud of dust slowly moving over phoenix on tuesday. a storm packed wind gust brought visibility close to zero. >>reporter: auto a wild video. boston is 82 degrees. beverly at 81. this is what it looks like at
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dew points in the 70s. the high dew points mean the high temperatures won't fall that much. it still feels close to 90 at the time. until the front comes through tomorrow night we are talking about the heat and humidity. eventually the front will pop showers and storms. overnight tonight warm and humid. 74 to 79. tomorrow back in the hazy sunshine. another hot and humid temperatures are headed for the low to mid 90s. today we were 96. when you factor in the humidity it will feel like 100. heat advisory in effect for the afternoon. unlike today i think tomorrow afternoon there will be a chance of scattered showers and storms. probably not until after three or 4:00 p.m. late tomorrow afternoon here comes an scattering of showers
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that's tied to a cool front. saturday we get a break in the humidity and heat. especially at the coastline. mid to upper 70s. low 80s farther inland. sunday we are back to the hot weather with showers and storms and low 90s in the afternoon. returning to the olympic zone now. ali li added a silver to one of many >> we wonder where she keeps them. >>reporter: silver, gold, bronze, ali has a lot of metals. i wondered where she kept them all. >> we keep them in a safe. sometimes if i'm busy i eel text my dad to pick them up. sometimes i bring them home because it's some thing when i stop and think about it it's
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just because i work so hard i forget i've been there. it's kind of wired. >>reporter: when she comes back she will have at least two more golds to add to the vault of hers. today i spotted leslie jones who was right there as she snags silver. >> a champion, [cheering] >>reporter: she posted that video showing ali dominating on the floor. i spotted her at the gymnasic event. i told you i would track her down and i did. back to you in boston. >> you have done a fabulous job. we'll see you tomorrow.
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we are coming to you live from gel let the stadium were e back-up quarterback played tonight. they played the saints. he didn't have a lot of the big


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