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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> anchor: there is another hour of 7 news straight ahead of i am ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> anchor: we start w weather alert at 5:30. severe thunderstorms moving in this afternoon, those storms are popping up throughout the area. the extreme heat is that big trigger over here. no secret it's really humid out there. jerk my reiner is tracking the storms. he is here with the latest on the movement of them right now. >> anchor: we have that severe thunderstorm warning west central bristol county, that's in effect until 6:00. we'll take you in for a closer look here. at one time this was the complex storms a half hour ago of southern worcester county was under the warning.
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warning as well. providence metro. this storm complex continuing to head southeast, greatest concern here very heavy rain, again there is a lot of tropical air and tropical humidity for these storms to take advantage of. also frequent lightning. there may be winds that try to gust upwards of 50 to 55 miles per hour although farther west into rhode island that's more likely where you will see damaging wind gust potential but even in this warmed area we have to keep don't let our guard down for she's hours and storms because air can take off in intensity. has we move farther east this is not severe in the bridgewater area but still producing a lot of lightning, some very heavy rain and so this might be a storm that the weather service has to upgrade because again it's so volatile that these could just explosively develop over the next 15 to 30 minutes. you folks on the south shore especially duxbury south down through plymouth and eventually down through the south coast this whole line of strong to severe thunderstorm activity will continue to head southeast and if it holds together then
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buzz ar's bay. other showers and storms lined up on the deck through western new england eastern new york state so if you north getting storm activity now the storm threat is with much of southern new england up until about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. eventually this is going to lead to some slightly cooler air for some of the weekend. we'll sort out your weekend forecast in a bit. >> anchor: the weather causing a lot of problems out there, wires are down, 7's kimberly bookman live for us on the phone right now in bedford with a look at some of the problems there. kimberly, what you can tell us, what are you se going on. i can tell you that police here in the bedford area say that about 4:15 they believe a lightning strike hit live power lines. they cause those power lines to fall on to the ground and it really kind of scorched the asphalt if you will, kind of lit it on fire. you can see that in the pictures you are looking at in your screen burst into flames. they had to rope off page road where the live wires fell from
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for people that know that area it's several streets and it's kind of parallel to route 6 2 which is a very busy roadway here in town so packing up a lot of traffic on a friday right now. they have gotten the fire under control now just spoke and ever source has been on the scene. they shut down all of the power before they were able to get that fire out obviously and right now power is out in this area so many neighbors telling us it's awfully hot in their homes, a lot of them don't necessarily have air conditioning but they have plugged in different kinds of fans and air conditioning units and because of that it's awfully hot. they are wondering what to do with their food and peel are outside just waiting to see when power will go back on. right now as i said the roads shut off. it's page road between frances kelly and brooks bee for several more hours is what police are telling us right now. reporting live from bedford, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: and we are following breaking news right now out of hyde park where crews had to
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>> anchor: we are told he will be okay. amaka ubaka live in hyde park with breaking details on this story. . well, this was very scary ordeal for this little boy and his family. state police telling us that a 7-year-old boy was rescued from this pool, this all played out around 3:15 this afternoon. now witnesses say that a boy jumped into the pool with a group of kids and somehow he got pulled into the deeper end and swallowing water. a lifeguard jumped in and pulled that boy to safety. but it was a mother who brought her child to the pool that helped that female lifeguard save the by's life by doing cpr. me and her just rotated. she did compressions, i breathed i did cessions. we just rotated until we got a pulse and he is fine. he is home, he is going home.
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ems brought that child to children's hospital as a precaution but again the good news here is that boy is expected to be okay. for now, live in hyde park, amaka u backa, 7 news. >> anchor: also here on 7, the investigation into a murder mystery continues as police hunt for new clues into who killed a young woman in princeton. vanessa march cow went for a jog near her per's home then never game home. >> anchor: police say they received more than 400 tips in their search for the here. steve cooper with the latest on this investigation. coop? >> reporter: ryan, so no public comments today from the district attorney who spent several hours at the command post here in princeton right next to the police station. all of this while detectives are scrambling to catch a killer. with the da and detectives scrambling to find the man who murdered jogger vanessa marcon in princeton five days ago state police say they have been flooded with close to 500 tips now. one of those we have confirmed
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scrapes and cuts on his arm showed up with a woman last sunday afternoon on a motorcycle explaining they just had been in an accident. that encounter led to the mountain contacting authorities. with surveillance cameras rolling, investigators were able to view footage where they have determined that man had no connection to the deadly attack. wachusett mountain has a video of him outside and going into the bathroom and dressing these wounds. any reno believe this is connected to the murder are vanessa? >> reporter: 7 news did speak with the motorcyclist who said he was shocked to hear he was being looked at in any way adding he knew nothing about. for now investigators continue to work around the clock after announcing thursday they believe she tried to fight off her killer and he may have suffered bruising or gouge marks. they are also still looking for anyone who saw a car along brook station road between 1:00 and 3:00 sunday afternoon urging them to call the tip line at
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week the way they started it, anxious and on edge because no one can say whether the murder was targeted or a random act. >> anchor: right now we're told as many as three dozen detectives have been ascend to this case around the clock. that will continue we're told until the man who murdered vanessa markot is in custody. live in princeton, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: more news here today. mbta police are searching for a selfie us p next who snapped spot. this man is accused of walking into the aquarium station tunnel to take a selfie. blue service was delayed. police searched the area but they could not find the suspect. >> anchor: a good sign for the future of an iconic local landmark. a developer confirmed a deal to buy the building that citg sign is built on. they are known for preserving history. while the building was up for sale there were concerns new owners would remove the 50-year-old sign.
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at rio, it's dark where the competition has been under way for about a week now and it's been an exciting week with the u.s. currently leading in the medal count. >> anchor: but there is also ben heartbreak on the field with an unexpected loss. sports director is here with results from today's game. huge disappointment for the u.s. women's soccer team today facing sweden. alex morgan and team u.s.a. in a win or go home game. big game right now, the u.s., you know, really thought of as it was tied at one after regulation and extra time so they go to the penalty kicks, this is kristen press stepping up to the pk and as you are about to see, she misses it high opening the do are for sweden to win it with a make. so it was all on hope solo, she needed to get lucky and guess right but sweden wilbury this shot sending team u.s.a. home early. this marks the first time an olympic history the u.s. women have not made it to the gold medal game let alone the
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medalist coming through today, it is an ethiopian that absolutely crushed the world record in the women's 10,000 meteorologist beating it by more than 14 seconds. it was a great race for ethiopia as they picked up a bronze medal as well. u.s. runner moddy huddle game in sixth breaking all-time americans record. to the tennis court where defending gold medalist andy murray took on the er the 13th ranked johnson gave number two ranked murray a scare winning a set each before tight lyely contested final set, but in the end murray was just too good. he will move on to the semi-finals. american kim roady making olympic history in skeet shooting. shegrabbed a bronze medal today, she now won six medals in six executive olympics. that's a medal in every summer game since 1996. she is the first summer olympian
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amazing. more americans will look to make some more history tonight each have michael phelps in the pool, carry walsh jennings in beach volley ball and much more. you can tune in on 7 nbc for all of the action tonight starting at 0 clock reporting live, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: and now going for gold in rio katy ledecky has become a household name after basically crushing the competition in the water. >> anchor: tonight she is diving in again for another chance to make history. nancy chen reports from rio. katie ledickie made a flash in the spool with three golds and one silver. while that's impressive it's not surprising. four years ago account katie ledecky was the youngest member of team u.s.a. at her first international competition. she was a virtual unknown, then this happened. not only did ledecky win the 800
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the feel by more than four seconds. she can't even believe it. looks at the time, look at her place, oh my gosh. what have i done? it was right as i flipped at the 600 point so i had four laps leftive flipped and it was like i just woke up from a dream. it was like i am winning. kitty, don't mess this up. >> anchor: as a child she loved swimming. she started out swimming competitively at the same time. she was only six years old but i think katie saw how much i to try to catch me and eventually she did. >> anchor: growing up ledecky never dreamed she would become an olympian. she says she thought that was reserved for super humans like michael phelps. that's ledecky grinning ear to ear with him when she was just nine. katie ledecky smashes her own world record. >> reporter: watching her swim is not just exciting for fans. she swims really fast. but a thrill for someone
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people talk and say did you see that? did you see how fast she went. that's just cool to watch. ledecky's focus is on rio where many will be focused on her. there is a target the on my back, i will flick it off. it's not going to weigh me down and just going to do the best that i can. >> anchor: with a win tonight katie ledecky would become the first woman since 1968 to win the 200, 400 and 800 free styles in the same liftics. in rio, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: she is amazing in the pool. >> anchor: unbelievable to watch her an athletes. their strength and it's so cool. i keep watching videos over and over and over. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:30 stay with the olympics. fans here in massachusetts cheering on a local olympian who is making history in rio. >> anchor: new at 6:00 it's not something you expect to see here in new england. we spoke with a homeowner who found a rattle make in their garage. plus, a scare in the sky when a flight from boston to california is forced to make an
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here in massachusetts as kayla harrison fights her way into the record books. she is the first american ever to win back to back medals in judo. that celebration happened at pedro's judo center where harrison trains. >> anchor: it souped like us in the newsroom when that was happening. nancy chen spoke to her about it the legacy that she is leaving behind. kayla harrison wins again! >> reporter: kayla harrison making history for the second time. the perfect which to finish it off. >> reporter: the judo stardom natured her gold medal match, becoming the first american to win back to back olympic medals of any kind in judo. it might not have sunk in to be honest. >> reporter: harrison first made history in 2012 when she became the only american to ever win gold in judo. i thought being the first american to win a gold medal, i thought that high, that there would never be anything to top
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being two time olympic champion tops it for sure. >> anchor: moments after her match kayla shared her victory with her coach who she trains with in wakefield. i am only as strong as the people around me so i am blessed i am a lucky girl and this goal medal belongs to all of us.. >> reporter: later soaking in the medal ceremony before announcing it would be her last. being a two time olympic champion is something, you know, i am going to retire the greatest that's ever done judo. >> reporter: as for what's next, kayla says she is not quite sure. i will enjoy my family, types mates and everyone who has helped me to get here and tomorrow we'll make some decisions but for tonight i'm just going to be two time olympic champion. >> anchor: nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: we are tracking powerful thunderstorms through portions of bristol currently, the forecast is coming up next
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>> anchor: radar is quiet around metro boston as well as the merrimac valley, the north shore. we are monitoring the showers and storms up through berkshire county now moving out of berkshire county. these may make the trek down the route 2 corridor over the next two to three hours. the immediate attention is down through portions of providence county, kent county in rhode island as well as brings toil county in massachusetts. this is where we have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 severe potential is actually shifted west of bristol county back through providence and kent county where we had a few reports of wind damage. those correspond with these warmer color here dropping south and so there is the potential as this portion of the line heads in narragansett a bay. winds may gust 60 miles per hour. further east again i'm not overly concerned about severe weather, but with that said it only takes one strike of
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well as brief, heavy rain this all sliding southeast at 30 to 40 miles per hour. 15, 20 minutes ago there was concern this would flair up but the lightning activity is actually faded away a little bit so this is just a downpour with a little bit of lightning happening as it heads into plymouth bay and then this will jump off the south shore with most of the activity again back through narragansett bay. other showers and storms coming out of the berkshires now moving through the connecticut river valley and another batch of storms back through central new york state. so we showers and storms that will move through southern new england up until about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight and then after that i think the activy winds down. it is hot, it is humid. temperatures right now in the 80's to around 90. look at these dew point temperatures. some of you tweeting me with your home weather sensors, your dewpoints are up near 80. unprecedented humidity across southern new england. 7 on 7 forecast, a lot of clouds tomorrow with a few isolated showers. much cooler though especially metro boston, not a great beach
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we're back into the hazy sunshine. a few late day showers and storms but again they will be scattered, not widespread. hot on sunday. temperatures on sunday for everyone low to mid 90's. >> anchor: next on 7 news we continue to follow breaking news out of hyde park where a child is pulled from the pool. we will bring you the very latest. >> anchor: hope you are managing to stay cool. i'm kim khazei. here is a look at some of what we're working on for 7 news at 6:00. a scare in the air. a flight out of boston hits major number of people injured. plus, what a surprise for neighbors in kinsey as a rattlesnake pace them a visit. we'll have those and much more coming up at 6:00.
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
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four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> anchor: police searching for a suspect who tried to break into a home in rockland. now they will lead to an arrest of a teen was home alone at the time when that plan tried to pick the loc. >> anchor: john cuoco spoke with the boy about this terrifying ordeal. that's when 13-year-old brodie davis says he saw a man with a large knife trying to break into his house in rockland thursday afternoon. i was just really scared because i knew that if he saw me he could either hurt me or take me somewhere. i did not want that to happen. so breddy took off.
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him. but brodie was able to get to a friend's house close by. he said the suspect ran into the woods. this could have been worse. he knew to run. >> reporter: despite this terrifying situation, breddy was able to give police a detailed description of the man with the knife, which helped police put together this sketch. y was about six feet tall, bald, had a red beard wearing a long sleeve, black leather jacket with calm oh shorts and a karsten on his right leg. police search the area but couldn't coming back here any time soon. his mother can't believe her son's courage. very proud of him. very proud of what he was able to tell the police and maybe we can catch this guy. i was a little nervous but i knew what i had to do so i tried to notice anything on him that i would have to tell the police so i saw the karsten and then i ran. >> reporter: right now rockland police are still investigating this case and they are asking anyone with any information to give them a call. in rockland, john cuoco, 7 news.
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>> anchor: another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. >> anchor: i'm jadiann thompson 7 news gets started right now. >> reporter: we track scattered showers and downpours this evening. >> anchor: then. i felt like i was on the tower of terror of we just dropped like that without a warning say scare in the air for a flight out of boston. the problem that injured passengers and forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. plus, no one expected to see this. a rattlesnake pays a what may be driving the snakes into more populated areas. a little scary. i couldn't believe it. >> anchor: and we're headed into the olympicson. simone biles and aly raisman sharing what's next after they nabbed the top spots in women's gymnastics. >> anchor: we begin with a weather alert. we are tracking storms that are
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trees. in fact, we've had some severe thunderstorm warnings already throughout this evening. >> anchor: let's get right over to jeremy reiner for all of the dea. what's going on right now? we're still monitoring this line dropping through rhode island as well as extreme southeastern mass. we do have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for basically providence and kent county in rhode island. that's in effect until 6:45. that's brand new. that does not include bristol county. the one in bristol county set to expire in just moments because this is the weaker end of the storm. of shower and thunderstorm activity. you notice warmer colors here to the west of providence. that's likely where we're finding the wind gusts potential over 55 miles per hour. we have already had a few report of some wind damage in rhode island. nothing that we can find reported in bristol county but still there has been frequent lightning, brief, heavy rain in bristol county and a clump of thunderstorm activity right on the south side of providence metro. this is heading southeast so this is going to find its way
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and again sometimes fall river have you some issues with the street flooding so that might be something we have to monitor with a lot of tropical moisture in the air. these storm of capable of throwing down an incredible ability of water in a short amount of time. that will be the greatest concern with this line of shower and storm activity sinking southeast. boston, worcester, lawrence, not much right now but there are other wave of showers and storms in western new england. these will survive as they head across the commonwealth so that might be something we have to track for you in a couple of hours. we'll talk storms as well as the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> anchor: thank you, jr. we'll talk a little more about the damage caused by the storms. this is the scene in bedford today. kimberly bookman is there and joins us on the phone. kim, we are live actually at the connor of page road and brooks bee road in bedford where police say around 4:15 lightning hit a live power line and fell on to the road. basically cooking the asphalt which then erupted into flames. ever source has called down to shut off pot remember and the


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