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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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olympic swimmer making history, katie ledecky making history. a 7-year-old struggling to stay afloat at high park. we will hear from people who stepped in to help save in young's man's life. a plane trip sacramento takes a terrifying turn. it's all being documented online. we want to get things started with this, wild weather moving, new bedford we have that, and witnesses sharing video of wires and fire right in the middle of the street.
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thank you for joining us. i'm kris anderson. the rain has move out for now and it looks like the temperatures are going to be relatively mild, it's going to change, show, let's get to meteorologist rob eicher. >> it comes back in a big way for tomorrow. heat advisory for worcester south, and then that is upgraded to a heat warning for springfield and hartford, but notice how this side of the stay, nothing, and the reason is, we got a front drapedcr it's miserably hot, and on the other side the front it's typical summer warm. most of us are going to be the cooler side of the front today which means a nice break from the heat. with the front on top of us, we will see scattered clouds today and eventually that front will be the focus for more showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. boston, is sitting at 69, that is the cooler side the front. temperatures will be in the upper 70s and that is true for
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getting into areas of norwood and plymouth and more like low to mid-80s today. most us get a break from the heat. temperatures in the mid-70s, back in the 90s tomorrow, another look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a minute. in the olympic zone out something we have never seen before. three men sharing the silver medal in an individual swimming race, michael phelps he is one of them. phelps falling short of gold in the 100-meter butterfly, settling for the triple sr. americans setting their dominance in the pool, and that includes katie ledeck yes, y leaving their competition in the dust. >> michael phelps earning another trip to the podium, while katie shattered a world record. out in front and all alone, katie, racing just the clock in the 800-meter freestyle.
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to catch katie now. >> shattering a world record that she setback zan. she would have to wait a whole 11 seconds to find out who would take silver. >> it's good all the way through. i could feel it was faster than any other swim i have had. >> it made those the distance event. >> lane 4, for singapore. >> michael phelps slipping second? his last individual race of the rio games. >> he is going to have to do it all again. >> at the final turn of the 100-meter butterfly phelps was in 6th, he made his last move in the last leg but it wasn't the best for the first place finish. >> i was going to be on the top of the medal podium, that but that is what i could do today. >> phelps will go for one more
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medley. but will it be phelps one last swim in the pool. >> i would like for him to come back, because we bring the best out of each other. we are both fierce competitors, we both want to win, and he is hardest exeate competitor i havo go up against snrirk. >> i have to tread lightly on this one. whatever i say, you said t >> before his final, race, phelps congratulated his fellow swirl who got gold. >> who gets the gold. >> the 23-year-old rallying in the final lack to beat hundred n gree. >> i could tell i -- hungry, and i i was in the race until the
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believe. >> nancy chen, today in new england. nancy had a chance to hang out with the final five and they let her in on some things that you may not know. that is coming up on 7 news today in new england. 7 news turning into, a lifeguard jumping in to help save young boy who almost drowned. the two taking turns giving this young man's >> we have more on the panic in the pool. >> you go home. >> you go home. i thought about it. >> reporter: nikea dean holds back tears as she talks the near drowning at this pool and her part in the rescue. she says a group of kids jumped in all at once after the pool re-opened from a break. >> she was following someone out to the middle of the pool and he realized that it was deep, and he panicked. the lifeguard realized that he
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actually in the midst of drowning. >> reporter: the female lifeguard jumped in the weafort and that is when dean jumped into action. >> he was not responsive. the compressions, i did, i breathed. we rotated until we got a pulse. >> reporter: ems took over. they say the 7-year-old was alert and conscious. this mother, says despite her quick thinking, she doesn't >> i kept picturing my little bayebay bee's face -- baby's fan that little boy. and i'm not a hero. they search for a person who killed a jogger. brandon gun know has the latest. >> district attorney joseph early back from princeton on friday as dozens of detectives are looking to fine the man who
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>> after the da says that vanessa put up a fight, state police have been flooded with dozens of tips. a man on a motorcycle was spotted with scrapes on his arms. they looked at the video and said man has no connection to the murder. >> they do have a video outside and going into the bathroom and addressing these wounds. >> any reason you have to believe this this is connected to the >> vanessa went for a jog on sunday, but never came back. her killer would have suffered bruising or gouge marks. they are looking for anyone who saw a car moving at princeton station that they didn't recognize. the call the t tipline. brandon gun know. gunnoe today in new england.
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sweet green was forced to close its doors on tuesday, after a customer got sick eating a salad. they found numerous code violations. the sweet green says it has hired someone to focus on the food safety. boston university confirming the deal to sell the building that that sign sits on, terms of the deal were not disclosed and the plans for that site are still unclear. a missing child in dor chess dorchester lost and then found, he reunited with his family after he disappeared for nearly 12 hours. the boy was with his child who was involved in a shooting last week. investigators say i drove away from the scene with his -- warrant so the boy's aunt took action. >> she just pushed up the way, and went in. they were sitting at the door.
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felt the need to go n because she knew he was inside. she had a feeling that he was there. >> police launched a full search party to find the father who was later caught and arrested. calvin's relatives say they happy to have him back safe and sound. former president bill clinton defending his wife and current democratic nominee hillary clinton. he says it was a mistake for hillary to main e-mail server even though others have done it in the past. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. trump under scrutiny for comments he made about president obama being the founder of isis, the new poll numbers shows that trump is losing to hillary clinton in swing states. trump says if he loses
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and dozens of water rescues, take a look at this, parts of louisiana coping with devastating he rain right now. could get heavy rain in this area as well. we will talk about that or how hot or not hot it will get in your town coming up. dangerous reptile lurking around in quincy, why officials think this rattlesnake showed up
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good morning to you, some rough and tumble weather last night. you see lingering clouds still there over the city. a live look over the skyline, let's get over to rob eicher with a peek in the forecast. it got intefn intense in some pf the city last night. >> the storms that do develop could produce heavy rain and frequent ligh lightning and strr wind gusts. a better chance tor stronger wind gust some of us get a nice preak from the heat, but we do not get a break from the humidity. the humidity stays on the top end of the scale, tomorrow it will be hot and humid, a little bit better as head into monday and tuesday. here is the catch with those storms. again hit or miss about a 40% chance, 50% chance tomorrow. so it's about half of us get nothing, but because there's so much moisture in the air, any thunderstorms that do develop could produce some real
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get an inch of rain, meanwhile, two miles down the road not a drop. temperature wise, we got 67 in beverly, 69 in boston, and then 73 in plymouth and will you notice kind of a similar trend with the dew points. we got 60s in beverly and boston, but low 70s is about what you would expect in florida in the summertime. so real oppressive humidity from plymouth south and the difference is, this frontal boundary that hanging out on top of us, on one side it's really hot and the other side it's more reasonable and that front is sagging south. or up in the sea coast, it will be only in the 70s today, but meanwhile on the other side of the front, 80s and even 90s south of worcester. now the front will also be the focus for some of those spotty showers and storms. could begin as early as 1:00, very hit or miss. better chances as we head toward the dinner time.
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massachusetts. the catch is how many of those storms make it over into the eastern part of the state. front surges back north, which means all of us are on the hot side of the front. all of us are hot back tomorrow. and again tomorrow afternoon, a couple of spotty showers and thunderstorms, finally that front kind sags and gets out of here on monday, which means not only do we cool off but we clear out, a chance of rain goes, the temperature big difference from yesterday. boston got up to 20 degrees colder today. 20 degrees, norwood, and worcester itself is when we get closer to the 90-degree mark. everybody back in the 90s tomorrow. less humid more comfortable on monday. next chance of rain coming tuesday night on to monday. neighbors in quincy are feeling rattled after this little fellow popped up. a rattlesnake of all things. environmental police were called in to wrangle up this poisonous animal.
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up after this wild surprise. kim casey has a closer look. >> a scary surprise in quincy, a close encounter with this, a dangerous timber rattlesnake lurking outside on grove street. stacey who lives there, said she hadn't heard anything about it, until a neighbor told her about it. >> i was inside the house, to keep cool, and i didn't know what was going on o who sent a link and i was watching the video and it was my house. a little crazy. >> reporter: once quincy police confirmed it was a rattlesnake, they didn't waste anytime calling for the environmental police to come in and take care of it. >> it's very rare that we find rattlesnakes, but we know we had up in the pine hill cemetery, and blue hill reservation. >> reporter: quincy police captain john doug an thinks the current drought may have
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>> sometimes when there's a drought, rattlesnakes are known to come out of there, and sometimes to where there's possibly water w very had a small drought here in massachusetts, that may be why they are coming to the more populated areas. >> reporter: although sightings like these are extremely rare. combs is actually glad she missed it. >> i'm happy i didn't see it and i will never be taking my trash out again. >> honey, that's your job. coming up on 7 news today new anyone gland. we olympics, soccer field usa taking on sweden, and the they are sounding off about this game. check this out, fire tornado touching down in oregon. we will tell you how this scene
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olympic zone, close game for the associating team taking on. 7's nancy chen has more on the showdown from rio. >> for sweden, the mix for the semifinals as it's gone, and the united states are out of the olympic games. >> reporter: a soccer stunner, the united states
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>> this doesn't feel real right now. it's going to hurt. >> reporter: it's the only exit the defending champion has had from the games. soccer game a sport in 1996. >> it's unfortunate, it was a wild game. could have gone either way. i think overall we played well, and it's unfortunate to lose, but you better believe that in 2019, and 2020, we're going to be back for the gold roar the u.s. had been the clear favorite an olympic gold following a world cup title, but the team was taunted from the stands from the start. the people in the stands booing and shouting zika whenever she touched the game. solo was extremely focal about the virus tweeting this picture of herself wearing a hat with mosquito netting. they called the team a bunch of cowards saying the best team did
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she is really bad at losing. the cup champions, had not lost a match this year. nancy chen. 7 news. final five still generating a lot of buzz. they are talking to us about the gold medal collection. and a rhode island island girl setting sail, what louisa, shape are saying about the
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man: we gave him the option -- "do you want to do a big party with your friends, or would you rather do something with us as a big family?" and so he chose for all of us to get together, actually go down to great wolf lodge, and have a family birthday. woman: and that's the family i wanted to give luke was lots of siblings, people who love him all around him at all times, and lots of support.
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in the olympic zone you might see a familiar face, louisa shavie is making an appearance in rio. she used to -- she is used to being in the spotlight obviously, but this time it's for her talent instead of her family. 7's nancy chen sat down with them and has their story. >> reporter: going out to try to win a medal. you may not recognize louisa shavie on and or of her boat. but you might recognize her father. >> it was a surprise, we knew that louisa was very focused on making the team, but we thought it was a longshot and i think she did also. >> reporter: stephanie says louisa learned a lot about
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>> she listened on the side line about how to handle certain questions. she was telling the other sailor, okay, they always ask these questions, and so here are my pat answers, she how i do it. that gave me a good tickle. >> reporter: beyond that the shavie says louisa athletic drive comes from her and her alone. >> she sets her mind to something, i learned to support it, get out of the way, and do everything you can to help her to get to where she wants to go. >> reporter: that includes was young, but right before entering brown university. she entered a sailboat race, and surprised everyone. >> i was out on the water, and somebody came up on the sailboat, and there's a big regatta and your daughter is in third place about 60 boats up there. what, louisa. i remember it clear as day. >> reporter: from then on she was hooked. at brown she set her sights on loftier dreams.
6:27 am
all-american. i said, louisa, why don't you try to make the team first. >> reporter: she made all-american, three years in a row, and she wanted to be a part of the olympics. >> she went after it like a tiger. >> reporter: now she is in position to make olympic gold a medal. >> it's going to be fun to see it at the stage. >> reporter: louisa and her partner back on the water for more prelim races nancy chen, 7 news inside up again, this new hampshire ducky you see here has thousands of followers. we will tell all about it. not everybody, we have the latest on the heat warnings and
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professionals in their own tanks.
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a rocky plane ride out of boston, takes a t 2 dozen people in the hospital after turbulence on board. >> dangerous flood waters rising in louisiana. in a texas home, where from the man who had a close encounter with a 300-pound elevate -- alligator. 6:30 is your time. good saturday morning to you, thank you for peking us a part of -- making us a part of your saturday.
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and we are going to rob eicher with a look at the forecast. we not out of the woods when it comes to showers. >> no, we are expecting a round of thunderstorms, the better news is that most of us will get a break from that heat and not so much the humidity, at least a break from the heat. boston across the north shore, sea coast almost 20 degrees colder today than yesterday. still hot, though, south and west of worcester. got heat advisories and heat warnings there as we get toward springfield and hart food. the difference, 75 in worcester and 76 in new bedford. there's a front splitting the area in half. radar is quiet right now, but the front will be the focus for showers and thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. those are the cool side of the front, like boston the north shore, sea coast only in the upper 70s today. those on the warmer side the of the front will seem more like low to mid-80s that, includes plymouth and the norwood areas. everyone has a chance for a
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those come to an end this evening. kind of warm and muggy during the overnight hours, and then everybody back in the 90s for tomorrow. we will have another look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. right now more than 20 people are recovering after a scare in the sky. a plane flying out of boston, running into serious turbulence mid flight. the plane began shaking uncontrollably, as people on board tried to stay as calm as they could. 7 has a look at what happened. >> reporter: horrifying accounts when a from boston to sacramento dropped some 4,000 feet. >> luggage was coming down, and then the lady next to me started crying. >> reporter: the flight had to be diverted to south dakota, emergency crews waiting. >> they have numerous injuries on the plane due to turbulence. >> reporter: before landing a boston trained orthopedic surgeon who happened to be on the flight was there to help. >> all three flight attendants were standing in the back with
6:33 am
ceiling. >> reporter: this flight attendant one of two passengers and crews taken to the hospital. passenger spoke to us from south dakota. she and her family returning from a reunion in massachusetts. >> it was like we were in an elevator that dropped. i thought we were dying. >> reporter: this rondah's mom hugging one the hospital staffers, not sure about getting on another flight to get home to california. the force to intense that the toilet was ripped from the floor. 7 news today in new police are investigating a drone flying a little too close to logan airport. united air flight dhieg though chicago reported seeing the drone. the drone did not come in contact with the plane, and the pilot did not need to make an emergency landing. there's more news on a ferris wheel accident on in tennessee. the screws on one the baskets came loose causing three girls to fall to the ground.
6:34 am
released from the hospital, and the third is in remains in a critical condition. ready to be released after nine years in prison. a federal judge has overturned the condition of dasy. he pled guilty to helping his uncle kill a woman in 2005. yesterday, the judge ruled that the confession was involuntary. the uncle was the main subject and he served eight years in prison forap rated him. he was arrested two years later for the murder of a woman in wisconsin. he is currently serving life for that murder. wild weather leads to tra jedny louisiana. -- tragedy in louisiana. cars and roadways completely under water as the state got pounded with rain. rescue crews sued boats -- used boats to take dozens of people to safety. they arecall are declaring a stf
6:35 am
more rain today. they have a fire naid owe, that is what they call them in oregon. it happens when wildfire creates their own wind and it cause the flames to turn into a spinning vortex like you see right there. the fire was sucked into the vortex, crews were able to put out the fire without any injuries. wild too look at it. driver swerving off the road. and they pulled him out, and found the driver was playing the popopular game behind the wheel. now lease are asking the people in -- now police are asking the people in the area to not play the game. a woman stole $500 worth of
6:36 am
dresses in the road. >> the money is not what i'm worried about. i'm worried about these kids and what kind of household they are being brought in. where the hole models are taking them to commit crimes with them. this is the most that someone has ever stolen from his store. reurning to the zone. a flare for fashion. this is swimmer ryan ltchey >> the final five has quite the collection from rio as well. 7's nancy chen spoke to american stand out gymnast and explained. >> just a few days after their gold medal win i had the opportunity to talk with the final five about their time here in at rio, what has surprised them the most and what they're most looking forward to. >> it's the traditional of making it in sports being on the cover of the cereal box, and honor for only the most elite
6:37 am
includes the final five a the end of the day they are also great friends that love to laugh. >> we have having so much fun. >> reporter: they tell me that is what surprised them so much about the games. >> i think the pressure that you get nervous and you're not going to enjoy it. we have having the time of our lives. >> reporter: being role models is something they don't take lightly. >> you know, so many little girls look up to us, and it's so special to be able to be here at the olympics with all of these amazing girls and we done and we got our gold. so i think there's going to be a lot of little girls coming up to us wanting pictures and autographs, but it will be really fun when we get them. >> reporter: they vein the endless hours of hard work payoff. i. >> i don't think a that any of us have been more prepared in their life. >> reporter: alie raceman is headed home with her mementos. >> she loves her pins. she has 50 or 60. >> reporter: don't ask her where she is keeping them.
6:38 am
>> we don't want anyone to steal them. they're hidden somewhere special. >> reporter: so this is more valuable than your medals. >> no. >> no, i frame them. >> reporter: the girls is it ville to compete in their individual events, but when it's all over, there's a couple of things that they are looking forward to. >> pizza. >> yeah. >> eating pizza. >> that's the secret of championships. >> cinnamon rolls, >> alleallie will compete one me time on tuesday. a duck has made his way back home but not before taking an incredible journey arnold the world and get -- around the world, and getting social media fans. only half of the weekend, we will have the rest of the weekend coming up. it's not just kids running into the pool in this heat. we're one deer decide to take a
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come back.
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well, a deer in california feeling the heat and decides to take a dip in a pool. witnesses say the deer just jumped the fence and walked over to the deepend and decided to take a nose dive into the water.
6:42 am
scene, but when they arrived, the deer had left. nice refreshed and then had to leave. >> a lot of us have been needing a dip in the pool. the temperatures have been scorching hot. >> not a record for the high temperature, but we did set a record for the low temperature, never dropped below 78 degrees at any point yesterday. that marks a record for the warmest ever low temperature. the 96 the high temperature in noor boston should be 20 degrees colder. we get a break from the heat today. we do not get a break from the humidity. the dew point which is a measure of how wet the atmosphere is. it stays on the top of the scale. gets better monday and tuesday, not exactly comfortable on monday but less muggy as you head into monday, if you're debating, do i go to the beach today or go to the beach tomorrow. i would pick today, temperature wise it will be more comfortable today. upper 70s, low 80s for the
6:43 am
numbers, we will see afternoon storms in the coastal areas tomorrow. i would go to the beach today if we had an option. higher as you get toward the south coast more like 2-3 feet. 67 in beverly, 69 in boston, but notice how you get further south. 72 in plymouth, and 76 in new or point. got 66 in beverly, 67 in boston, but low 70s, florida like as you get toward new bedford and the difference is up front that is kind of splitting the area in half. on the south side of the front, it's hot and oppressive, those areas will see temperatures in the 90s, most of us will be on the better side of the front where temperatures will be in the 70s, and 80s today. now the front will be the focus for not only some clouds but some showers and thunderstorms.
6:44 am
up shower beginning fairly early 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. a greater chance, can't rule out a pop up shower. better chance of rain will be around dinner time or a little after, mainly in southern vermont and western massachusetts as the western sections have the best chance of getting the rain today. front surges north tomorrow, so that means all of us are back on the hot side of the front tomorrow, everyone well back up in the 90s for tomorrow. and with that front still nearby, we're stillec some showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow afternoon. both today, and tomorrow very hit or miss storms. only a 40 to 50% chance, not everyone is going to get them, but one of those deals where you get a storm and an inch of rain, but a mile down the road it's sun neevmensunny. unfortunately not a drought buster. another shot at rain coming on tuesday night into wednesday. this lucky duck getting a chance to do what most people never get to do, travel the
6:45 am
years ago, and the strangest part of this story. the family started receiving post cards and pictures of the duck during its world tour. >> reporter: it's the ultimate duck tour, a rubber ducky taken from a new hampshire family traveled the world and finally flew home. >> who would not want to have adventures in travel, and our duck was off doing that. >> reporter: this tale started when someone took this basketball size duck from it was her daughters and neither was particularly devastated it was gone. >> a couple of months later we got a postcard, and the postcard said it was in kuwait city. >> reporter: it was gale street, and it was halfway along the world. whoever abducted gale started a facebook page, and pos posted pictures practicalcally
6:46 am
everywhere. >> gale crossed the pond to england. tried a tequila in mexico, and spent time in the water more specifically on a cruise ship in the caribbean. >> it was random times. >> reporter: last week gale was brought home, probably first class, five years after she flew the coop. the picture popped up, and it was like her sitting on a suitcase and it looked a lot like my sidewalk, and my drooping she is home. >> reporter: she ran up a bill, and has hundreds of facebook followers shoorks she >> she has inspired us to travel. we travel a lot, but not nearly as much as this duck. quite the tale toll there. coming up on, from ducks to alligators, nine foot alligator shows up. the man who found the animal
6:47 am
to change up the fastfood game.
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a texas homeowner surprised by an unexpected guest. a 300-pound alligator chilling in his garage. when he opened up the garage, the gator was staring him down and now he is talking about that experience. kim casey has more on the scaly surprise. >> reporter: as far as unwanted guests go. >> it was a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: this one, well, it w fight, we will say. >> i took two steps in and his head was literally right here. >> reporter: right there, says doug not even a foot away, and nearly nine foot alligator in his garage. >> i backed off really quickly and tried not to panic. it was a little difficult. >> reporter: you bet it was, after he got over the shock, he called police. >> it's a big one, we were surprised how big it was. >> reporter: so big, once
6:51 am
eventually they carried it out. >> calmed it down. >> 106 inches. eight feet 10 inches. >> reporter: gave it a measure. >> go. >> reporter: and a heave-ho on to the back of the pickup truck. >> that was the goal not to harm ththe alligator. >> reporter: gator gone he and his family safe. >> it's quite a story no doubt about it. >> reporter: kim casey, 7 ws it's like smiling right there. stay far away. we're head into the kitchen, we're trying a new twist on a fast food dish that you may have tried before. let's take a look outside, this isn't outside, it's inside. it's hot weather that is on the way, but not for today. rob eicher has a final look at
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
when you're thinking of fast food, you're probably not thinking healthy and fresh, right? one boston restaurant chain is looking to change that perception. 7 sarah french takes a look at one of their key dishes, it's what is cooking! >> reporter: boston based restaurant chain be good is on a mission. >> we take healthy food and we make it taste good. >> reporter: not only dedicated to taste, they are
6:55 am
fair amount of veggies here in boston to feed kids in need. >> we are doing a warm, we are building our own farm. >> reporter: located on the boston's long island. hanna farm will have its first harvest this fall. and today's dish celebrates fresh vegetables, it's the nato basil bowl. >> it's doable for the home cook. >> reporter: start by trimming beets, and then blanch they stay colorful. next, fry cheese for frying, and place them on a hot oil skillet it's really important that it's hot. >> reporter: slip when a brown edge appears. >> it's got a beautiful brown crust. >> reporter: next take a bowl of chopped kale and add fresh lemon juice, and olive oil to nar naid it.
6:56 am
tough fibers in the kale leaves. >> reporter: and now clies grillnow slicegrilled corn off . >> a steamed quinoa. >> reporter: and drizzle on basil vinaigrette. >> i'm going to do one more scoop of quinoa. >> reporter: grape tomatoes and sunflower seeds. and yellow beans, and the fried halumi cheese. >> i'm going to hit it which touch more basil vinaigrette. >> reporter: a colorful ode to summer and one beautiful bowl. that is what is cooking, i'm sarah french. 7 news. that will be a yucky addition to anyone's menu. >> we want to get to rob icer with the forecast -- eicher in the forecast. >> reporter: we are expecting
6:57 am
evening, like the last couple of weeks, it will be very much hit and miss, some of us get a downpour, but a lot of us don't get nothing. the humidity is still up there, it's going to be warm and muggy, at least not hot and muggy, tomorrow unfortunately will be hot and humid. less humid for monday, another round of showers coming on tuesday night into wednesday. rob, that is going to do it for us for now. we will be back with more news and weather at 9:00.
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