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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:32pm EDT

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that will force the setter to go away. >> france is going to challenge. >> a challenge coming. >> christenson likes this serve. inside out. it's a tough one for a lot of receivers to handle. you serve from about seven feet inside the right hash mark and you work back to the small side of the court. >> ball was called in. grebennikov, matt anderson, all waiting. tillie has helped his team with two challenges. that's good for two points. >> put that on the stat sheet. >> what would the score be under the old system? the united states -- it would be
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>> holt again. combination. not there. ngapeth gets the ball up again. back to aaron russell out of the back row. >> he's not happy with the way he's played. he's attacked the ball pretty well with 14 kills but his overall game is not as good as it has been and he set the bar awfully high. huge wet spot from earvin ngapeth so court attendants coming out making sure it's dry. here's the service story for the united states. three aces, ten errors. for france, 13 errors, 4 aces. back row combination and that
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ngapeth and rouzier tied for the team lead for france with 17 kills. shoji not a good pass. that was a relatively easy shot and then a stuff block . >> that allowed him to get there. that's a big right hand in the seam. >> remember the scenario, the united states got out to 0-2 start. they're now 1-2 after the win over that's a gift as that ball drifts out of bounds. it's a must-win situation. united states has to win this match. >> nothing changed. after the brazil match, nothing had changed because of the 0-2 start. it was great. it was exciting if you're a u.s. fan or u.s. coaching staff member or player. it didn't change anything about the predicament you put yourself in. >> missed serve by holt.
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needs to side out consistently. >> like i mentioned to you, kevin, ten stuffed block in the first two sets and none since. better offense by france? >> better offense and better passing with fewer opportunities. we've seen the united states also be out of position a few times and just miss playing missed opportunities to block a ball. >> 40 inches and needed all that hang time to get a hand on that ball. 12-11. united states leading two sets to one. and off the block and out of bounds. >> united states has two of its
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matt anderson skipped it off the tape. france breathes a sigh of relief. >> with this jump float, united states out to take it overhand. >> russell, what a dig by tillie. and saved. get back on the court, rouzier. and again with the dig. >> shades of 2000. put those two highlights side by side. what an effort. filling the stat sheet on one play. >> overhand pass into david lee. dug by tillie again. and a net violation.
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net violation called against ngapeth and france but they're going to challenge the call. given france's track record, just give it to them right now. they've been really good on challenges so far in this set. >> they is a good way to describe it. excellent way to talk about it. >> there's a net. it was ngapeth's hand. >> they have to communicate whether they did or in this case earvin ngapeth may have numb hand because it was in the net. aaron russell back to serve. if you're just joining us, the united states a stunning comeback in the opening set. they won it 25-22. also on the second set by the same score. france came back. drilled the americans 25-14 in the third. americans out to a 6-1 lead but
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the line. >> le roux. ngapeth. and he's stuffed. finally a stuffed block for the united states. >> talked to kevin earlier. >> easy serving right now for the united states. good play by lee. >> rouzier through a seam in the block and down.
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>> a lot of jump floats from france right now. tight set. taylor sander off the top. what a swing by matt anderson. wow. talk about taking out the trash. >> i'm watching the transition block of france and with kevin le roux out there i would go set to middle. i would exploit that matchup in transition. le roux is taking off way early. >> easy serve again gobbled up. over the top and ripped. the united states serving has really dropped.
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match with a win in four. save that point in case you end up in a tie situation. you want to have maximum points on your side. three points for a win in three or four. two for a win in five. >> ngapeth with a serve into the net. we don't like the system. it's fine for a long club professional season over 30 or 40 matches but not in a tournament. it is what it is. it's the same for all the teams. back on track serving. france has been superb receiving since the first set. back to rouzier. down the line again. >> with the delivery. huge pressure on the block. that's about as far as you can back a ball in this game today. all of the way from the opposite sideline. the american block not able to get there.
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>> here's kevin le roux inconsistent from the service line. you never know what to expect. that's the same as a receiver. he served the ball out of bounds. >> i don't think kevin le roux is your thinking man volleyball player. instin instin instinctual guy. perfect pass again. every pass i for france. >> with france's passing capability, you have to remain aggressive. americans have got in errors so they are getting a bit timid. i thought the one hit by micah christenson was a good one and france handled it well enough. >> tied at 17. to holt. there's max holt unloading out of the middle. you called it, kevin.
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>> missed that serve well out of bounds. wow. >> earful from john speraw on that. >> that ball drifts out of bounds. france going with a lot of jump floats except from ngapeth and rouzier and now matt anderson will go back to the line. if someone could put together a serving streak, they'll win this set. if the united states does, they'll win the match. if france does, we'll be playing five. >> look at that pass. good touch out of the middle.
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inside and france's block is down and now americans with a two-point advantage. >> this time it's le goff pushing off. watch his body position. way off the net fading to the left side. that's a terrible way to block. anderson takes advantage. >> time-out called by france. the united states leading 20-18 in the fourth. hello. hi. welcome. this is the chevy malibu. it was awarded it looks great. wow! what is happening? oh my gosh, it's going up! but the malibu's not the only vehicle that was awarded. this is mind blowing. the chevy camaro, equinox, and silverado hd were awarded most dependable as well. this is extremely impressive. there's so many! doing it once, yea, great job, four times, obviously, they're doing something right.
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>> anderson served 18 times. only one ace. that doesn't tell the story. he's put a lot of pressure on france. can he withstand the pressure now coming out of the time-out? excellent serve. to ngapeth. what a dig by shoji. taylor sander cannot impersonation and get that ball. >> big-time swing by a player. ngapeth goes over the top perfect timing. >> le goff. another jump float serve. to the middle. no. combination play. not good timing. micah christenson, what a play! i told you he was a former basketball player. that was a two-handed slam dunk. >> he hits right or left handed. this one hanging on the top of
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>> that was a huge play. that was an absolutely marvelous instinctive play. >> time and time again micah christenson has proved himself smart beyond his years, ice water in his veins. love the way he competes. >> pretty good serve. on the overpass christenson again and a net violation. what a good job by murphy troy coming in to serve. united states leading it 22-19. they lead two sets to one. last group match will be two days from now against mexico for the united states whereas france has to take on brazil. and that ball served out of bounds.
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for number 9. murphy troy out of st. louis and usc. aaron russell will come back on. another jump float serve. should united states receivers move up farther? >> they struggled in this rotation. >> perfect pass by shoji. anderson down the line. >> matt anderson played in big matches in his career. second time in the olympics. multiple time winner of champions league. russian super ue he's simply in the groove. >> matt anderson had 24 kills against brazil. having another big match here late in the afternoon. ngapeth off the block and out of bounds. anderson's number, 13 of 31. hitting just under .300. taylor sander has ten kills.
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in earvin ngapeth. coming to anderson. outside to taylor sander for the kill. what a swing by sander down the line. and now three match points for the united states. the united states has gotten off the deck after being swept by canada to open the match point number one. and micah christenson misses it into the top of the tape. and it is kevin le roux going back to serve. >> we saw them struggle against brazil. >> time-out called by the united states.
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>> if the u.s. takes this victory, it will be because every player on the court contributed. the kill from taylor sander there. erik shoji fighting off a bomb of a serve. the clutch swings of matt another true team effort. >> it was a team effort in that huddle. 20 people chiming in. here's le roux. russell with the pass. here comes anderson. france a chance to get within one. out of bounds. the united states has won! they are now 2-2 in group play and they have put themselves right back in the mix.
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al michaels. >> and on that note, that's the end of our daytime coverage. olympic prime time with bob costas coming up. michael phelps making his final olympic swim live in the medley relay. you don't want to miss it. our whole crew down here at the
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. >> anchor: all right, first at 6:00, a weather alert for you, a severe thunderstorm warning for
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just expired. a few storms and showers had been popping you all on the radar of we are seeing some cooler temperatures today. >> anchor: meteorologist bri eggers has your first check of the forecast. yeah, nick and apacka, that seems continue our hot spot here southern worcester county south of the mass pike of you can see these are sort of pull storms that pulse up to severe category then they die back down. nevertheless, this is our cell that we are watching right over the douglas area moving through, bridge and the storm cells have been dropping a whole lot of iran. an inch up two two inches in some areas and that means aerial flood advisories still in effect through 6:30 already seeing some reports of ponding on roads an even cars that have stalled out. another hot spot with this activity is to the north of us, central new england here, southern vermont, southern and a half, specifically around the keane air where a flash-flood warning was issued about an hour ago and that stays in effect until 8:15. again, hot spot see a whole lot
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continue to pump through as we head through the overnight hours. really, this threat for storms doesn't diminish until we hit after midnight tonight and then we'll see the temperatures warm into tomorrow. so cooler temperatures that we had today hopefully you didn't get too used to it. tomorrow heat advise are ease back in the forecast for us. we'll get to more details in just a few minutes. >> anchor: now let's dive into the olympic zone. there has been plenty of action today. >> anchor: especially for a local nancy chen is in rio with a look at all of the highlights. hey there, guys. good evening to you from brazil. big exciting day for gevvie stone as well as the rezwan ferdaus of team u.s.a. let's start on track because the world's fastest man who made his debut this monk. he chased history as he looks to become the first man to win three executive olympic 100 meter gold medals while coasting a cross the finish line in his heat. he will race again in the
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finals that will be tomorrow night mohamed winning bronze. u.s. beat italy 45-30 to take third place. this is the first women's medal in fencing for the americans in rio. mohamed is also the first u.s. olympian to wear a hijab during competition. and reigning gold medalist andy murray now assured a singles medal at the rio olympics. the british tennis player looking more like himself in the semifinal against japan ceded player after a tight quarter final match. maria will now compete against brazil. a big day for newton rower gevvie stone. she officially announced her retirement shortly after winning her first olympic medal. stone earned silver coming in just over a second behind the reigning world champion from australia. it is the first u.s. medal in
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stone told me in the past she now plans to apply for residency. she graduated from tufts medical school back in 2014. and another young woman from massachusetts headed home with some hardware needham native aly raisman. she took the silver in the individual all around and also a team gold. now i had a chance to talk with aly and the rest of the final five about their time here in rio. it's the traditional way of making it in sports being on the cover of a an honor for only the most elite athletes i'm group that now includes the final five. at the end of the day they are also great friends who love to laugh. we're having so much fun. they tell me that's what surprised them most about the games. i think with all of the pressure sometimes you get nervous that you are not going to enjoy it. but we're having the time of our lives. it's been like such an incredible experience with each other. but being role models is something they don't take lightly. you know, so many little girls that look up to us and it's just so special to be able
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all of these amazing girls and we got the job done and we got our gold so i think there is going to be a lot of little girls coming up to us wanting pictures and autographs, but it will be really fun when we get back home. >> anchor: they have seen their endless hours of hard work pay off. i don't think any of us have ever been more prepared in our lives. >> anchor: they are enjoying their time in rio, needham native aly raisman is headed home with mementoes. she loves her pins. she has like 50 or 60. >> anchor: but don't ask her where she is keeping you can't tell them. we don't want anyone to steal them. oh okay. they are hidden somewhere special. this is more valuable than your medals? no! oh no. it's close behind. i frame them. >> reporter: girls still have to compete in their individual events but when it's all over there are a could you evansville things they are looking forward to. eat pizza. yeah!
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cinnamon rolls too. >> reporter: aly will compete one last time on tuesday. that will be on the floor final and two people you can expect to see there, her parents. i caught up with lynn and rick raceman here in rio to talk about her gold and silver wins and what it's been like for them on the edge of their seats in the stands. have you seen them, it's not entirely an easy, relaxes exmean for them of we will have that interview after the olympics. then goad medalist kayla harrison who trains in wakefield may seem fearless but there is one thing she is afra o is. we will tell you what later on tonight but back to you guys in boston for now. >> anchor: thanks, nancy. now to some must see moments ahead in prime time in the pool, michael phelps swimming his last race of the rio games going for one last gold in the men's four by 100 meter medley relay. the u.s. machine's beach volley ball takes on austria and on the track the women's 100 meter sprint final along with heats of the men's 100 meter featuring usain bolt.
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who robbed a windham, new hampshire bang at gun point. the alarming crime happening at 9:00 this morning. kelly o'hara live in windham with what we know so far. well, as you can see the sign on the door says closed for the day. that's because that man came in first thing this morning just after opening and now police are asking for your help in finding this robber. you wouldn't expect that. kind of a quiet place. chrissy to think this guy absolutely. >> reporter: customers reacting to the news their citizen's bang was robbed first thing saturday morning by a masked man who walked right through this door and pointed a gun at the teller. i used to be in the banging business a couple years back so i always used to be scared of that. it does happen. i would be freaked out if i was here at that time. i don't know what i would do, just give him whatever he wants and move on. >> reporter: windham, new hampshire police releasing this photo and they want you to take a close look. you can see the robber wearing a
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tied around his face. and a white t-shirt with a large logo of a skull with wings. detectives say after this manmade off with the cash from the bang he door oh down the highway with a woman behind the wheel. people we met shock that something like this would happen around here. actually i'm epretty surprised. unbelievable. not something i think would happen in this area. >> reporter: anyone with any information about what happened is obviously asked to call police happen again. in windham, new hampshire, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: tips continue to pour in as police in princeton try to find this woman's killer. vanessa marcotte was found dead on sunday and investigators are turning to the public to help and the search for answers. 7's brandon oh is live in princeton with the latest on the investigation. brandon? amaka, six days later and detectives with state police were become out here in princeton today for about three to four hours.
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more than 500 tips and they continue to investigate every lead as it comes in. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was visiting her mother in princeton last sunday when she went for a jog and heifer never came back. police discovered her body brutally murdered in the woods only a half mile away. her killer is still on the run and authorities are asking for everyone's help. at least three dozen detectives were told on the case. what we know so far the da has said marcotte was killed by a man and that vanessa put up a fight so cuts, scrapes and or bruises. police are also asking the public if you know anyone with those new injuries to contact them immediately. also if anyone noticed a car parked or moving on brook station road here in princeton, they didn't recognize to give them a call as well. now here is that state police tip line. the number is 508-453-7589. again, a lot of leads are coming
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emphasize that if you know anything or just think that you might know something to give them a call. live in princeton, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> anchor: three boats on a crash course in boston harbor. the regeneralsy apparently drifted into two boats as it returned from long wharf. john cuoco is live in boston with details on something like this could have happened. john? question, nick, according to the coast guard the regeneralsy had a mechanical failure causing it to drift into those o if you take a look behind me here, you can see one of those boats is still here, that is the rookie. now the coast guard says this happened just before 10:30 this morning. they were notified that the boston harbor cruise ship regeneralsy collided with two other boats. the rookie and aurora at the pier. rookie and aurora didn't have any passengers on board. the regeneralsy did. it was making a return trip. the regeneralsy did have some minor damage above the water line with some of the windows
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boston, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: the race for the white house traveling through new hampshire. democratic vp pick tim kaine campaigning in new hampshire today. the virginia senator spoke at a rally in manchester emphasizing differences between hillary clinton and donald trump. if you watch the other convention in cleveland you saw something very different. it was like doom and gloom and blame america first. people have said to me that was a dark vision of america and i america. that was a guided tour through the mind of donald j trump which is a very frightening place to be. >> anchor: kaine also spoke about clinton's plan to increase jobs. on the g.o.p. side donald trump coming under fire for saying president obama founded isis. now republican aides are sticking by trump through the campaign hoping to advise him. this is the latest c news wall street journal poll shows him down in battleground states like
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>> anchor: still ahead on 7 news, devastating flooding in the south forcing hundreds of people from their homes. >> anchor: plus, hanley ramirez knocking red sox out of their home run drought. hear what big papi has to say about it.
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