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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> anchor: bringing news. bronx suffers an apparent injury at patriots practice. cause for ken for fans. latest on the star players condition. >> anchor: risk for showers comes back tomorrow. >> anchor: remembering vanessa. family and friends gather to say good-bye to a young woman murdered while out for a jog. >> anchor: plus, locked up and le utter disgust. >> anchor: a methuen medical facility no under state investigation after a grandmother is forgotten inside at closing time. >> anchor: a balancing act in rio. simone biles looking for more medals as she competes in another individual event. in we begin with breaking news here first at 5:00. a scare at patriots practice. rob gronkowski is forced to leave the field with an apparent injury.
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>> anchor: he did leave the field in the middle of practice and did not return. trey daerr live at gillette with the latest on gronk's condition. what do we know, tre? kim, adam, one thing we know about rob gronkowski is how much he means to this team. a generational talent. one of the most dominating players in the nfl. unfortunately bad luck with injuries and we're hoping that today is not another setback. gronk exiting practice very early. it was right after they began individual workouts cautious with this guy over the past. he hasn't even played in the preseason game in the last two years as well as this past thursday against the saints. early in practice gronk extending himself a bit at the end of a route on the receiving end of a pass from tom brady and he came up a bit hobbled of he never grabbed his calf or hamstring. not really clear at this point what it could be. really could be anything from a back to an ankle. he gave no indication on the field what the injury could possibly be. he unbuckled his helmet and took
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trainer and never returned to practice. i didn't even see him leave to be honest. hopefully he is all right and we'll see what it is. what disease me mean to this team? he is a goo player. offensive skill guys, offensive line, we're just trying to come together as a unit and piece together one day after another. we're on the right track. he was hurt? we don't know. know gronk. he is just one of the most dominant o him out there. hopefully he is all right. i didn't even know. >> anchor: again the patriots in the past extremely cautious with rob gronkowski. this latest setback indicate they could be even more cautious with him moving forward. recording live outside of gillette stadium, trey daerr, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. nice day today but you just heard jr saying that the humidity will be become ainterly pretty big-time tomorrow and
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storms. >> anchor: so we'll be keeping a close eye to the skies tomorrow. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner joins us with what we connection expect. jeremy? >> anchor: adam right now it is another warm day close to 90 but the dew point temperatures, they are down into the 50's and the 60's. so temporarily we have gotten rid of the dewpoints but they are going to race back into new england late tonight and tomorrow morning because of this weather system right here along this warm front generating clouds, showers and storms and the front is the leading when you add humidity back into the atmosphere then you reintroduce the chance of scattered showers and storms so 7:00 tomorrow morning again not much, a few isolated showers few rumbles of thunder and then as we work into tomorrow afternoon mid afternoon we will anticipate showers and storms to explode through new york state. they will have to go somewhere and we do think they will move across southern new england. some of the storms, especially in western new england, could be strong but even here in metro boston late tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow evening a
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we will talk more about this coming up in a few minutes. >> anchor: meantime we are following more news today. family and friends remembering vanessa marcotte this afternoon. a wake being held right now for the jogger who was killed. it is been a little more than a week since she was found dead in princeton. her killer still on the loose steve cooper live in fitchburg. he joins us with more today. steve? adam, there is a huge police presence right now outside the funeral home here in fitchburg at this hour. family and friends and now a bus in new york have come here, gathering to remember vanessa marcotte. with extra police in place, family and friends have gathered in fitchburg for the wake of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte. the google account executive who went for a jog and was found murdered in princeton last week a half mile from her mother's house. the fact that now it's gone unreally identified with no real suspects, it's a little more unsettling now. >> reporter: gripping the mace she just purchased this runner
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vanessa, the gruesome killing has hit everyone in town hard. we grief deeply for the family because it could be any of us. people are afraid and they are mad. >> anchor: ed carlson said his investigators continue to search for a killer. he wonders why it was several hours before police alerted residents that marcotte was missing. we didn't get a code red until 8:00. we have code red for percent and we have code red for detours but we didn't get a code red. >> anchor: for now a community pauses to remember lost as they wrestle with their own fears. you can't live in fear, as a woman you can't say i won't leave the house, that's not the kind of world we can live in. >> anchor: so vanessa marcotte will be laid to rest during funeral services tomorrow. in the meantime, as for the investigation, that is ongoing, going around the clock right now. very active in princeton, we were over in princeton earlier today. that's where police are working on this case and they will continue to do so until a killer
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7 news. >> anchor: and new at 5:00, a problematic that lands two teen-agers in court. 18-year-old chandler ortiz and a 17-year-old boy both charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly chasing down a woman on south avenue in natick while dressed in all black and wearing masks. police confronted them and ortiz said they were conducting a social experiment to see how the victim would react in that situation. ortiz arraigned today in nati >> anchor: a state health department now investigating after methuen grandmother is left inside a dialysis clinic for hours after it closed. the video here shows the moments after fire fighters went into the locked dialysis clinic to rescue the 86-year-old grandmother. maureen perry is temporarily bedridden and was left in a dark room for three hours until her granddaughter discovered her and called 911. the clinic releasing this statement today. it reads: we deeply regret what occurred and have spoken with the patient's family.
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are our top priorities and we have initiated additional processes and safeguards to insure that an incident such as this does not happen again. we apologize to the patient, her family and the entire community. state police by the way are also investigating the incident. >> anchor: let's head into the olympic zone and let's start with a live look at the torch in rio as we enter the second week of competition. tonight simone biles expected to add to her this time on the balance beam. but first, facing some tough competition a new england woman just missing the podium today. joe amorsino joins us now with the latest results from rio. >> anchor: it was a tough stay in the saddle and equestrian today vermont as laura came in fourth in the individual dressage competition. she was in bronze position with one rider left but she was surprised and surpassed by the german rider, the 29-year-old former hairstylist in boston
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dressage event last week. totrack and feel where america is emma come burn nabbed a bronze in the women's steeple chase much to the delight of her cheering section. she crushed it, breaking her own american record becoming the first u.s. woman to medal in the event since its olympic debut in 2008. the u.s. bill women's water polo team hitting the pool against brazil today. the defending champs put a beat down on the host country going up 13-0 before brazil notched three late scores. so fa dom innocent outscoring opponents by 30 goals in just four games. they will pay hungary in the semi-finals on wednesday. the men's volley ball team battling back from the brink of elimination. the u.s. swept mexico in their final preliminary match today after losing their first two matches. they shocked the world beating top-ranked brazil then france and with today's convincing win they everybodied a spot in the quarter finals which will take place on wednesday. take a look at these photographs
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on top it is world record holder kitty electric dey ten years ago get an autograph from her hero michael phelps. like the tweet says a lot can change in ten years. this time, it's phelps who is looking for ledecky's signature. the commander in chief taking time during his vacation to tweet out about team u.s.a.'s success. he wrote: final win for phelps, word record for ledecky. three number one finishes for biles. that's how team u.s.a. gets america to 1,000 goals. way to make history. tonight on 7 nbc. four timelic gold medalistics will run in the 400 meter final, biles will go for a fourth medal against flurry hernandez in the balance beam final and michael dixon who already warned a viller is medal will dive back into the pool for the men's three meter springboard problems. now for a look at the medal count, the united states still leading the way, 72 total medals including 26 gold, 22 silver and 24 bronze.
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place all the way, 46 total medals, 125 gold and great britain rounding out the top three with 40 medals in all. team u.s.a. has a good shot at adding to that total tonight with simone boils and laurie hernandez as the favorites in tonight's balance beam final and there is plenty more action in the other events as well. reporting live, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: things heating new rio as track and field kicks into high gear this week. allison felix expected to reign supreme in prime time tonight but hiy brian mooar is in rio with the latest on competitions. emma coburn became the first american woman ever to make the ium in steeple chase. something i never dreamed would happen so i'm so happy. men's triple jumpers took a few leaps closer to a medal of their own. i'm happy with what i'm doing, you know, as far as the problems win and i think it will go good in the finals. >> anchor: team u.s.a. cruise through the problems in the women's 200.
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>> anchor: but there were plenty of hurdles as other nations threw their weight around in the field events. she will take home the gold medal. >> anchor: women's water polo team continued its some fans in the pool sinking brazil's metal hopes. there they go. hayley anderson made a splash in the women's open water swim although she came up short. still, this dance is far from over. tonight, allison felix takes off on the track while simone biles and laurie hernandez don't forget simone biles has a chance to win a record five golds here in rear oh. tonight she is going for number four. adam and kim being back to you. >> anchor: all right, thank you brian mooar and things just getting started here in the olympic zone. >> anchor: much more to come this evening including beach volley ball champion carry walsh jennings on her quest for another gold medal defending her olympic title once again in rio. coming up nancy chen got a chance to test our her skills on the mat as she works out with
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coach. still to come here at 5:00, her name may sound familiar. she is the daughter of a rhode island governor, former governor luisa chafy is trying to make a name for herself on the water the her story coming up in just a few minutes. >> anchor: a new approach which must be shared by both parties in america by our allies overseas and by our friends in the middle east. must be to halt the spread of >> anchor: tough talk from donald trump today as he lays out his plan to fight isis. trump talking during a campaign stop in ohio. the republican nominee has made a number of controversial claims recently and is hoping this latest speech will get him become on track with voters and in the polls. 7's ryan schulteis with more on trump's speech. >> anchor: kim, trump has vowed to fight rice isis and start her at home where he says er is not just newcomers but american citizens whose parents are from
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warning again about immigrants, donald trump called for a tougher test to prevent isis inspired attacks in the u.s. >> anchor: i call it extreme, extreme investigating. our country has enough problems. >> anchor: trump would require everyone entering america to believe in religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. the government to use questionnaires, social media and interviews with friends an family to check. in syria, trump would consider any country fighting isis ally, even russia. campaigning in pennsylvania with hillary clinton, vice president biden says vladimir putin gets too much slack from trump. he assures us russia will not move on ukraine. i don't understand, they have already moved on ukraine and occupy crimea. this guy's shame has no limit. >> anchor: clinton charged trump is unfit. has talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as
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>> reporter: the "new york times" reports paul manafort secretly got $13 million working for the ousted ukraine president backed by putin. mana for the said he never received off the books cash or worked for the got of ukraine or russia. the clinton campaign said trump has a responsibility to disclose his campaign manager's ties to russia. trump has also reversed ideas on nato. he questioned the need of the u.s. led alliance against russia but today trump said he would work with nato against isis. 7 news. >> anchor: still to come this evening, devastation down south. historic flooding causing major problems louisiana. thousands are forced to flee their homes. >> anchor: ahead here at 5:30 ray man fighting for freedom. he says he was wrongly convicted of murder and that whitey bulger may be coat tow getting him cleared. >> anchor: plus, a any juror milestone. project on the south shore on track as a major piece of a bridge is put in place. >> anchor: ahead here in just one hour are a slippery situation in dartmouth.
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. >> anchor: wild weather causing historic flooding down sow. state of louisiana hit the hardest offer the week. more than 20,000 people left without a place to live. at least six people are reported dead after the record rain just swept through that area. >> anchor: thousands of other homes damaged in the rising
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rescues as the governor calls in the national guard. 7's jadiann thompson in oh you're newsroom with the latest information. >> anchor: well, kim and adam, here is a look at one of those rescues. you can imagine a woman an her dog stranded in that rising water. a man jumped in to that water to save them cutting the car open to tree her then saving the dog. it's just one of many stories as thousands of people and their pets are left to pick up the pieces. as southeast lose yapa gets a break from the rain, high waters neighborhoods under water and leaving a lot to clean up. the damage so bad several parishes are now declared federal disaster areas. mark is one of the thousands in desperate need of federal aid money to come. >> anchor: it was a total loss. >> anchor: from the air homes like look islands. rising water causing rivers and creeks to burst from their banks with many residents scrambling for safety the coast guard used boats and helicopters to rescue 20,000 people. 12,000 stayed overnight in shelters.
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you just really don't understand. water is probably one of the worst mother nature beasts there is. >> anchor: and while the rain is gone, water continues to rise leaving many residents worried of what's to come and hoping more help will be on the way. into the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> anchor: they have too much rain and we could use a little bit more. t in the forecast for tomorrow.
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>> anchor: sun an clouds right now the city at 89. wedford 87. fitchburg 6. dewpoints back off a little bit since yesterday. they were into the 70's yesterday. now these dewpoints in the upper 50's to around 60 so at least you have a chance to get through a warm afternoon when the dew point should end but as you look off to the southwest they are still in the 70's, in thy and dc. i point that out because that into new england late tonight and through the day tomorrow. thanks to this storm, which is winding up through portions of the ohio river valley and it's got a warm front attached to it and those warm fronts, they are great at producing showers and storms. for tonight, partly cloudy skies a little bit on the humid side overnight tonight. 66 to 71. through the day tomorrow clouds with some peeks of sun, a scattering of showers and storms i think a few early tomorrow morning but a higher chance of storms tomorrow afternoon. midday and through the
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so at 7:00 tomorrow morning, radar looks like this of a lot of clouds, few isolated showers, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. as we advance into the day, here comes that warm front. now the thing about these warm fronts is that when they interact with a thunderstorm, sometimes those warm fronts can start to twist and turn a thunderstorm. you get a rotating thunderstorm and so we'll have to be extra vigilant as we watch these thunderstorms blossom tomorrow across southern new england because it is within the realm of possibility somewhere more so in western new england than our part of the world, bu thunderstorms may try to produce a tornado so the greatest concern tomorrow is still going to be heavy rain with the tropical air, gusty winds as well as some hail and again the risk of a tornado while it's not zero it's relatively low. so we'll have more on that obviously through the day tomorrow. won the storms form, in any event wednesday morning clouds, humid in the morning and then we're into the sunshine wednesday afternoon. breezy, warm upper 80's on wednesday an again on thursday. see you at 5:30.
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now and a local woman with a familiar last name excelling on the water. luisa chafey former daughter of lincoln chafey. her late grandfather also a long time u.s. senator. she chose sports obviously over politics. >> anchor: and now she is trying to go for gold in rio. 7's nancy chen with more on her hometown hero. luisa chafey's last name nay sound familiar. her father is former rhode island governor lincoln chafey. while her father is in the political world, luisa is trying to make a name for herself in the sport world. luisa chafey stands by her father's side as he became senator then governor of rhode island. now the 24-year-old is making headlines of her own as she sets sail for team u.s.a. in rio. it was kind of moving from a supportive role to more of a leading role and it's a completely different kind of pressure in my mind. >> reporter: luisa was introduced to unveiling at the sun anders town rhode island
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didn't like it that much. i didn't think i was very good at it so i quit unveiling. it wasn't until she took a gap year between high school and college in a she tested the waters again. by the end of the summer it was one of the top new england crews and talked to the brown university coach and he was like we would love to have you come out for the team. luisa was a three time all-american at brown and it was during those years that her olympic dream was born. i saw 17 and it was within my weight range are a mixed bow. i was like this seems so cool. this is what i want. >> reporter: but it wasn't always smooth unveiling. early on in my campaign i was hit with a lot of bad luck and after my first skipper quit it really looked like my campaign was dead. luisa fund a second skipper but just ten days before olympic trials she made the difficult decision to switch partners and join boa. she approached me and said
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very strong team and we could win trials and not only win trials but win a medal. the new team went on to qualify for the u.s. olympic unveiling team an opportunity that luisa doesn't take for granted. t an incredible honor. i love my state, i love my country so much. i think that what america stands for is incredible and to be able to go out there and be the one american representative is the greatest honor i could ever ask for. >> reporter: while she plans to make the most of r said she is looking forward to 2020. in rio nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up tonight right here on 7 nbc. team captain aly raisman showing spirit. the patriotic presence she gave her teammates before arriving in rio. that's tonight after the olympics. and we'll be right back after a
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>> anchor: glad you are with us on this monday. stay right there. another hour of 7 news is straight ahead. i am adam williams i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: more than three decades behind bars for a crime he says he didn't commit. and one man says a notorious boston mobster hold the key to his freedom. >> anchor: a texas woman ]ed with an unthinkable crime. how police say she murder her two un >> anchor: a disturbing discovery in north carolina. fliers they found scattered near their homes. >> anchor: and doctors have identified a new health concern. the way you listen to music could be a health hazard. >> anchor: in prison for more than 30 years for a crime he says he didn't commit. now one man is fighting for freedom. he claims he has proof that he is innocent from none other than the former crime boss whitey bulger. >> anchor: now he wants a new trial. dan hausle live in brockton with more on what happened today in


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