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tv   7 News  NBC  August 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> now at 7 a developing story. training camp trouble in foxborough. one patriot injured and another tossed out of practice. >> reporter: comfortable overnight tonight. humidity and storms return tomorrow. >> anchor: family and friends remembering a jogger murdered in princeton. her killer still on the run. >> anchor: the olympics roll on team usa taking the competition to the next level. >> or somebody decided they didn't want the snake anymore. >> anchor: a snake sighting on the south coast. >> anchor: and sharing their wild story. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: first at 7 a developing story out of pats training camp. a patriot injured at practice. talking about star type and gronkowski getting hurt while on
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of foxborough today. >> anchor: a fight broke out out of joint practice with the bears. >> reporter: certainly an interesting day of training camp in foxborough. all of new england holds collective breath as they wait to find out whether gronkowski's injury is cramps or something worse. took himself out of practice with an apparent injury field on his own. the leagues best tight end felt something on 7 on 7 drills. left practice for the day. the patriots quiet about whatever gronkowski is dealing with. >> i didn't see him leave to be honest. hopefully he's all right. and see what it is. >> reporter: pats quarterback malcolm butler and jeffrey got into a shoving match grabbed
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nearly started a brawl between the 2 teams. >> tempers flaired. everybody wants to be competitive. everybody wants to win. from time to time stuff like that happens. >> it's a contact sport. you got a lot of pride with a lot of guys. it's going to happen from time to time. >> reporter: later there was another smaller scuffle between teams. no one else was booted from practice. >> it's football. sometimes stuff happens. it's our job out heo the most of our reps. >> reporter: this point unclear exactly what happened with gronk earlier today. one thing we know for tomorrow's practice it will be a joint practice with the chicago bears. unclear if that will be as chippy as today. >> anchor: remember that 7 nbc is your home for the patriots season opener. pats hit the road taking on the cardinals sunday september 11th.
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>> anchor: 7 news focusing on your forecast. it's a comfortable evening in the city and beyond. it is. the heat and the humidity are making a come back. a storm threat on the horizon too. jeremy reiner with your first forecast. >> reporter: 70s to around 80. dew point temperatures are low. it has been a comfortable afternoon. these dew points are going to change. the humidity race back into new england during the day tomorrow. indiana producing severe weather. the storm center will pass to our north dragging this warm front into southern new england during the day tomorrow. the increased humidity along with that warm front likely to lead to scattered thunderstorms. some of the storms may be strong. here we go that warm front up into new england. one or 2 of the storms intense through the afternoon or tomorrow evening. sometimes when they interact
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there is a slight risk of a tornado in western new england more so than our part of the world. here in our part of the world there may be stronger storms. talk about that risk in a few minutes. ; you can stay one step ahead of those storms by using our interactive radar. download the 7 news mobile and tablet app for the updates on the go. >> anchor: now to a story you saw first on 7 a brawl in the hall of a to quiet down. the man is facing charges as well. brandon gunnoe live in fall river with details for us. brandon. >> reporter: there's disagreement about who threw the first punch. what is obvious as you'll see a man staying at the hotel with his wife was severely beaten after asking a group of people to keep quiet so they could get
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i love him so much. >> reporter: cries as she looks over her husband bruised and battered. members of a wedding party attacked the 79 year old. the man said he was beaten and kicked just for asking hotel guests to keep it down. >> i went out and asked them to please be quiet. we're trying to get some sleep. they said what are you going to do about it? one thing we're in an argument and fight and whatnot. fists flying all over the place. after that happened they threw me to the ground and then they started kicking me. >> reporter: you can see the scratches bruises and black eye on marso. the trauma visible. you can't see how upset he is. 3 of the attackers will be charged with felony assault and battery. the elderly man will be called to court.
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swung first. >> i've been married 60 years to this man. he's a very gentleman. how could you do this to your father or grandfather. how could you do this to a man like this? >> i want these people brought to justice for what they've done. >> reporter: police say 3 people in that wedding party are going to be charged with assault battery. the elderly man is going to be charged with misdemeanor assault as gunnoe 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7 family and friends remembering vanessa marcotte this afternoon. holding a wake for the young woman now. 7's steve cooper has more on the emotional evening. >> reporter: with extra police in place family and friends have gathered in fitchburg for the wake of vanessa marcotte. the google account executive who
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murdered in princeton last week. >> the fact that now it's gone unidentified with no real suspects. it's unsettling now. >> reporter: lee hudson an acid runner said she didn't know vanessa. >> we've grieved deeply for the family. >> people are afraid and they're mad. >> reporter: edcarlson says as investigators continue to search for a killer he wonders why it was hours residents that marcotte was missing. >> we have code reds for detours but we didn't get a code red. >> reporter: for now a community pauses to remember a young life lost. they wrestle with their fears. >> you can't live in fear. that's not the kind of world we can live in. >> reporter: vanessa marcotte will be laid to rest tomorrow as the search for her killer continues.
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news. >> anchor: a brockton man is fighting for freedom 35 years after he was convicted. fred wichle is trying to appeal his conviction. his lawyer said wichle was never shown a police report that suggests another man may have committed that murder. they have letters from convicted mob boss whitey bulger pointing to someone else as the killer. bulger refused to come in and decode them. >> they don't use like boxer. and unless you have someone tell you who the boxer is it's not helpful. >> anchor: wichle and his attornies will argue through the week. no word on when the judge will make a decision. >> now on 7. >> reporter: emma coalburn the first steeple chase medalist for the u.s. women. >> week 2 in rio. >> going to have to stick this
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glory. >> and the united states is on to the quarter finals. >> in the olympic zone. >> anchor: giving you a live look at the olympic flame burning brightly in the city of rio. the games gearing up for a big night tonight. athletes are ready. we have seen history made in brazil. team usa is on the hunt for hardware. >> anchor: women's gymnastics to action on the joe amorosino with the highlights. >> reporter: track and field where an american woman made history. emma coalburn ran and jumped her way to the bronze in the steeple chase. coalburn crush today. becoming the first u.s. woman to medal in the event since the olympic debut in 2008. team usa swept mexico in their final preliminary match yesterday.
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top ranked brazil, then france. with today's convincing win they earned a spot in the quarter finals. on copa cab anabeach a different story. the brazilian world champions ousted team usa. 2008 gold medalist couldn't hang on in that final set. this was the third olympics for dullhow'ser who talked about how strong winds factored into today's loss. >> they handled the wind better than we did. this crazy wind kicked up. and changed the dynamic of everything. they did a good job of channeling it and we didn't. >> reporter: coming up tonight in primetime allison felix and the most decorated female sprinter in u.s. history. simone biles and laurie
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u.s. in the balance beam final. a throw back picture and a current picture of her and hernandez. funny thing is back then we never thought we would be competing at the olympics. here she is now. biles could collect her gold -- 4th gold of the gamesment reporting live in the newsroom joe amorosino 7 news. >> anchor: stay with 7 news after this newscast for our olympic zone in rio each night for the olympic games. we'll be checking in with her on 7 news after the games and all throughout the olympics. >> anchor: there is more news today here at home. scare tactics landing 2 teenagers in a courtroom. 18 year old chandler ortiz and a 17 year old boy both charged with disorderly conduct. dressed in all black and wearing
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social experiment to see how a victim would react in that situation. ortiz was arraigned in natick district court. >> anchor: engulfing a home in new berry port last night. the flames ripping through the house. crews from several local fire departments responded to knock out the flames. officials say that nobody was injured. >> anchor: one person seriously hurt however after this crash in topsfield this morning. involved. you can see the crumpled wreck that remains of the car on i-95. near exit 51. one person had to be flown to the hospital. >> anchor: a bus driver was reportedly punched at cambridge street and brighton avenue. that bus driver declined medical attention. investigators have not said what started the assault. >> anchor: police in weymouth
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he was not armed when he robbed the eastern bank on washington street. got away with an undisclosed amount of money. police identified their suspect after arresting another man charged in the same robbery. >> anchor: coming up on the news station alone and afraid. a family saying their grandmother was left behind at a medical facility. >> reporter: that tropical air coming back tomorrow. >> anchor: and a big boa police calling for a back up after
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>> anchor: a grandmother locked in apparently forgotten inside a methuen dialysis center. that questions. >> anchor: the woman's granddaughter says an apology is not going to cut it. amaka ubaka outside that dialysis center with more for us. >> reporter: saying this is a mistake that one of their staff members made. we have learned that the department of public health is investigating. they were here on scene today trying to figure out how and why this happened before this family
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frustrating. >> this is unbelievable. no one is going to believe this. >> reporter: fire fighters went into this locked dialysis clinic to rescue an 86 year old grandmother forgotten and left alone. >> when she got inside she said i knew you guys would find me. >> reporter: erica cros bee snapped this picture of her grandmother who is temporarily bedridden and left in a dark room for 3 hours. >> this is nursing rule 101. >> reporter: a staff member didn't see patients in the treatment room and mistakenly believed all the patients had left. they said additional processes and safe guards initiated to prevent this from happening again. and they're waiting to see what the department of public health's investigation uncovers. >> if their top priority is
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stuff why did it happen? >> reporter: the family tells me they were on a conference call with the representatives from the clinic around 4 p.m. today. the call didn't resolve anything. they have a lot of unanswered questions. amaka ubaka 7 news. >> anchor: you know it's been a busy summer for shark sightings. 2 more sharks spotted from above on cape cod. according to the app sharkivity a pilot today. yesterday another white shark was seen feeding on a seal in chatham. that beach was closed to swimmers. >> anchor: and people are at the beach. we've been having great beach weather. rain in the forecast. >> reporter: yeah, tomorrow a scattering of showers and storms. i don't think it's a wash out tomorrow. the humidity is back with us tomorrow. thankfully that's a 1 day thing.
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weather returns to southern new england. in the city now 78. we briefly touched 90 degrees in boston. bedford 80. norwood 84. you can make the case on the cape and the islands that the dew points in those locations still in the 60s. you're surrounded by that warm ocean water. farther south and west here is where that tropical air is this evening. it's showing signs of back to the north. moving through pennsylvania coming out of west virginia as well as virginia itself. because of a warm front moving north tied to a storm. the weather system is going to move during the day tomorrow. the warm front the front edge of the tropical air. it doesn't bother us overnight tonight. temps between 66 and 71. partly cloudy skies and then through the day tomorrow a lot
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sunshine, a scattering of showers and storms. so your timeline on these storms. 7:00 tomorrow morning. i think the radar is quiet for the first part of the day. there may be one or 2 isolated storms tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon mid to late afternoon that's where i think we'll see scattered showers and storms. sometimes with these warm front when is they interact with the thunderstorm they'll thunderstorm. when you have a rotating thunderstorm it's possible you're talking about severe thunderstorm activity. and at this time it looks like western new england hartford, water bury and pits field into tomorrow evening. brief heavy rain with the downpours and the storms. when you're talking thunderstorms wind and hail on the table. with a rotating thunderstorm a
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western new england tomorrow afternoon. rain fall tallies when you get under one of these downpours and storms you have the potential of tropical air. i think for the rest of us like for the weekend they will be hit and miss and scattered. some of you may get a quick inch or 2. and then on to wednesday morning clouds left over humidity. that breeze will take over wednesday morning. that's a refreshing breeze. still warm es upper 80s. saturday lots of sun low humidity. low to mid 80s farther inland. >> anchor: jr, thank you. still ahead 7 news at 7 cricketer concerns. police come face to face with
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>> anchor: an exotic encounter in dartmouth. police wran in the middle of the road. officers say this is no wild reptile. >> anchor: officers and fire fighters helped capture the snake saturday night which is now in the care of local animal control. they say it's a good thing they found the snake. boas cannot survive in the wild in new england. >> boas are usually docile. this guy here was out for a bit. he's a little thin.
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from somebody or somebody decided they didn't want their snake anymore and let him go. >> anchor: a little thin. the snake looks pretty healthy. they're one long muscle. they can squeeze you until you're gone. >> anchor: thanks for the reminder. that massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days
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>> anchor: that will do it for 7 news at 7.
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i'm adam williams. >> anchor: and i'm kim khazei. td bank's new intern, bart, is one of those robots from an other bank, we're training him to bank human. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning. at td bank we do things differently,
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>> live from your olympic station. 7 news takes you into the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: she has one of the more recognizable names in the political world. daughter of lincoln ch rio. team usa reigns supreme. in its core 5 players who share a common bond with the head coach whose built the most dominant program. the host city of the 2016 summer olympics is home to pretty good waves as well. we'll hit the water with one of


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