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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 17, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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pass it off. walsh jennings tapping. still alive. make it 20-18. now, the second match point. right now for the brazilians. they can win it here. agatha. puts it away! that's it! states.
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>> incredible play by agatha and barbara. and heartbreak for the americans. technically, it's really not an upset. brazil ranked number two. united states, number three. but we all know the truth. first match loss in olympic play. so agatha and barbara, they will play for the gold medal against germany. the united states, meanwhile, will play for the bronze. wow. that had everything.
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kerri walsh jennings had been 26-0 in olympic competition. her first ever defeat. what a setting for it to happen. it's possible that brazil could occupy two of the three places on the podium in this event. they will play the americans for the bronze, and they will play germany for the gold. and we'll come back here to wrap things up on this tuesday night in rio after this. .
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this broadcast is presented by authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. wednesday, the games of the xxxi olympiad continue from rio de janeiro. in daytime on nbc, the u.s. men's volleyball team squares off with and in water polo the defending champions women collide with hungary. in prime time, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, returns for the 200-meter semifinals, sprinting one step closer to another historic three-peat. in the final of the women's 200 american tori bowie takes on a powerful jamaican contingent. in the 100-meter hurdles, a deep american team looks to over power the field.
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under way. an nbcsn, kevin durant and the usa tip off against argentina. on the golf channel, the women take to the links following a sterling finish to the men's tournament. you can watch the olympics in spanish on telemundo and nbc universo and on and nbc sports app. as the games of the xxxi janeiro on the networks of nbc. okay. here is a look now at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journeys. the u.s. has opened up a wide gap. more than 30 medals ahead of china and great britain. not pictured here is argentina. brazil's sports arch rival. they collected their second rio
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olympian. last year longa was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his left lung removed. as he came to shore his sons, who also competed in rio, jumped into the water to greet their dad. longa said afterwards that rio was a very emotional games for him. he said watching the racing of my sons and my sons watching my racing and then celebrating today with them, it's just been too much for me. well, from rio, we'll return to the medal ceremony for the women's floor exercise earlier today. simone biles capped her impressive olympic debut with her fourth federica mogherinigo games while aly raisman collected the silver. her sixth over all. joining them was amy tinkler of great britain who took the bronze.
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americans who only a few months ago might not have known who simone biles was are more than familiar with that beaming smile. and she has had ample reason to show it to us time after time here. five medals, four of them gold. and already, by acclamation, the greatest female gymneast in history. aly raisman with six career golds one behind the american record of gymnastics held by shannon miller. here they are on the podium awaiting their national anthem. ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] coming up in a bit, it's late night on copacabana with
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with kerri walsh jennings and april ross, right after their defeat a few moments ago. just up the beach in the morning, it's the "today" show with matt and hoda. good night. since it's past 1:00 a.m. here in rio, technically perhaps good morning as well from brazil.
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>> today in new england starts at 4:30 a.m. week days during the olympics. >> anchor: now from the night team the u.s. team flooring the
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shining bright in final rio routines. plus an uplifting moment. a massachusetts runner's inspiring finish. live in rio with the olympic action. >> reporter: tracking one more batch overnight tonight. >> anchor: breaking news in roxbury a crash leaves a father and his daughter seriously hurt. >> anchor: an everett police officer on the wrong side of the law accused of >> anchor: a sox senate surprise. >> anchor: the big name considering a run against elizabeth warren. >> reporter: a salem witch spelling it out to police. ends up in hot water when she tries to defend a dog. >> this is the late edition of 7 news. tonight on 7. jumping for joy. need ham's aly raisman and
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floor. >> reporter: needham's aly raisman dethroned as the queen of the floor ritine but grabbing a silver biles. >> anchor: the night team's nancy chen live in rio with the dynamic duo, nancy. >> reporter: aly raisman, simone biles walking away with silver and gold standing high above all others. better than their best. >> tremendous. r for team usa. >> she makes everything looks so easy. >> reporter: biles and raiseman owned the floor. >> with that routine guarantees her a medal. >> reporter: alley sticking the landing of every twist and tumble. >> i'm so happy for you. so now you stand alone as the second most decorated american gymnast of all time. how does that sound?
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amazing shannon miller is the most decorated. she was one of my favorite gymnasts. i looked up to her. >> reporter: alley's olympic tally of 6 put next to shannon's 7. >> if you asked me a few months ago i would have said i was done. yesterday we were talking and i'm going to take a break and i mean never say never. >> reporter: team simone boun medal on the beam to show dominance. how did you feel during all of this? >> i felt good. ended on a good note. >> reporter: for alley it's better than she could have imagined. >> this surpassed my expectations. it's the icing on top of the cake i'm proud. >> reporter: fans were rooting for team usa.
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>> she works so hard in the gym every day. >> it makes me want to work harder. >> reporter: so what's next for the needham native. total relaxation. >> i want to lay in my backyard. lay by the pool. hang out with my dogs and family and not do anything. >> reporter: alley going to have time for that coming up. we're hoping this is not the end for her. a major beach walsh jennings and ross losing in the semifinals. that means walsh jennings will not play for the 4th straight gold medal. they will now instead play for bronze while brazil plays germany for the finals tomorrow. turning now to the track where a local runner showed true olympic spirit by helping a fellow runner in need.
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but in the world's eyes abbey dogsteino is an olympic champion. had her sights set on the finish line when new zealand runner fell taking dagsteino down with her. >> that looked really ac. >> reporter: the grad was able to get up. she turned her attention to >> get over here to finish this. i'm so thankful for her telling me come on get up. >> reporter: once they were back up on their feet they realized it was dogsteino who needed help. hamlin returned the favor. the massachusetts runner was determined to finish the race. >> if you want something to be what the olympics should be about. >> reporter: gave each other a
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wheelchair. >> i want to meet her now. >> reporter: people who know her aren't surprised shulent a helping hand. >> that's her mission in life is to help people. she wants her running to be a platform for helping people for inspiring people. as god has it that's what happened. >> reporter: and olympic officials later decided that both runners would be eligible to compete in friday's it's not clear if dogsteino will be well enough to compete. simone biles getting a surprise visit from her celebrity crush. how zach efron made dreams come true for the olympic champion. the youngest member of the gymnastics team celebrating her success. and of course we have seen aly raisman's talents on display in rio.
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talent? it's one you will want to here. those stories coming up in a couple of minutesment back to you in boston. >> anchor: we'll see you in a little bit. thanks. >> anchor: following breaking news in boston tonight. a 10 year old girl her father and a friend all hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. kimberly bookman live with the latest. >> reporter: this happened on blue hill avenue. both sides of the road are open after this bad crash that happened30 go ahead and look at the video from earlier you will see at the center of it all is a tan toyota. police tell us the driver of that car hit 3 people who were crossing the road but were not in a cross walk. those people included a 10 year old girl her 40 year old father and a 22 year old friend who was in a wheelchair. the father had severe injuries to his face and head. now the driver was on the scene.
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no charges have been pressed at this point. one of the witnesses standing here wait for example a bus tells us what she saw. >> reporter: his car accelerated. he smacked into them. they all popped up in the air. instantly i called 911. can you please come to this address. there's a bad accident. we just seen 3 people get hit. >> reporter: that was on several witnesses. they have talked to many neighbors people who were out here. there were many cameras in the area. at this point no charges pressed. reporting live from dorchester kimberly bookman 7 news the night team. >> anchor: investigators say he punched and choked his pregnant wife. the night teams brandon gunnoe live in newburyport tonight. brandon. >> reporter: that police officer was here in court today accused
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months pregnant. according to court documents she didn't want him arrested. police say everett police officer michael moory put his hands on his wife and even tried to strangle her. the picks are grainy from court documents. in court investigators showed evidence of an assault. red marcos the woman's arms and neck. she and her husband got in a fight over women being at the house when she was object the argument got heated she said. and the everett police officer tried to kick his pregnant wife in the stomach. by placing their 6 year old son on the hood of her car. still police say the officer's wife got upset with them because she didn't want her husband to lose his job. officer moory was arrested at his home without incident.
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without bail. live in newburyport brandon gunnoe. 7 news night team. >> anchor: family friends and family members gathering at a church. 27 year old vanessa marcotte was found murdered more than a week ago after jobbing at her mother's home in princeton. she was a graduate of bu. working for google in new york city. they remember vanessa as a >> every day of the week, every minute, she shared love. that was the hallmark of her life. >> god's with her. and uh, everyone else is with her. >> anchor: police are still searching for marcotte's killer and asking anyone with information to contact them. >> anchor: former patriot star aaron hernandez back in court. you can see him smiling at one
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after he called hernandez by the wrong name. there's the smile we were talking about. they have 300 potential witnesses. hernandez serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd. >> anchor: gearing up with body cams not by choice. not a single officer volunteered to wear a body camera. so the commissioner is assigning officers to wear them. giveto understand there are a lot of questions surrounding these cameras. >> we tried the voluntary program. now we're going to do it this way. i think it's the unknown. people have questions about what body cameras do. i think there's a lot of questions on both sides. the pilot will give us answers. >> anchor: the officers will find out whether they were chosen to wear the cameras on wednesday. >> anchor: following a
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these are live pictures and you see in the night a wild fire that continues to spread and it spreads at an alarming speed. this is the blue cut fire in san bernardino county. the first flames sparked this morning. growing to 23 square miles in hours. >> anchor: to the race for the white house now where the trump campaign is denying several reports that roger ails former ceo of fox news is now an adviser. hes admit amidst harassment allegations. on wednesday trump will get his first top secret national security briefing. hillary clinton battling her email controversy. the fbi turned over notes with hillary clinton to congress. repeating they didn't prosecute her because they didn't find gross negligence. time kaine says the fbi should
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political news in massachusetts sox ace curt shilling says he may run for senate against elizabeth warren. shilling is a conservative and criticized warren in the past. he'd take advice from campaign experts and consult with his wife shorthanda. >> anchor: a dog, a witch and the police. >> anchor: as one woman's concern for a dog locks her in the handcuffs. >> reporter: now we focus on getting rid of that humidity. >> reporter: and back here live in rio an olympic athlete leading these games with medals and memories. that includes a kiss from her celebrity crush. that story and more when the
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know."
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salem witch defending a dog. >> and i said he's want me without me standing up for this dog. >> but she wound up cursed with cuffs. ; that woman refused to back down saying she was concerned for the dog sitting in a hot car. >> anchor: she has no regrets and looks forward to fighting her charges in court. jadiann thompson in salem right now. >> reporter: this wo this store called hex in salem. she walked out and saw that dog left in a car. she was arrested in a confrontation with police saying you can take me to jail. op sunday night salem witch and animal rights activist screaming as she was arrested. it happened outside her friend's business in salem called hex. she called police and tried the
12:28 am
door. >> arrest for this dog. >> reporter: she's the one ended up being taken away. appearing in court on a charge of disturbing the peace. a police report says she was timing how long the dog's owner was gone. she says the dog was in the car 10 top 20 minutes. >> unfortunately they didn't have the equipment. when you don't have the equipment to take the car in 100 degrees you're supposed to call the fire department. >> reporter: she was met with supporters outside of court. police say the car's window was open and the dog didn't appear to be in distress. the witch saying he didn't do enough because he didn't get the animal out of the car. >> i think that the officer wasn't educated enough and he made the wrong call. i want to educate people not to
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>> reporter: she was let go today after that arraignment. but will appear back in court for that trial in october. live in salem tonight jadiann thompson 7 news night team. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: had storms late this afternoon early this evening. one last chance in terms of any beneficial rain and it doesn't look good. we have a band of rain falling apart in there may be a couple of sprinkles from that weather system in our part of the world. our timeline it fizzles out. by early tomorrow morning if you have a morning commute lingering clouds. i don't think we'll have rain. a weather system came through this that did pop showers and storms. focus on the cold front which will come through late tonight and early tomorrow morning.
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front. dew point temperatures found their way back into the 70s. feels like the tropics again. through the day on wednesday. humid tomorrow morning. in the afternoon hours the air does dry out. a great day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. on the breezy side. that breeze helps to get the humidity out of southern new england. temps tomorrow afternoon 83 to 87. as we focus on the end of the week partly to thursday. temperatures on thursday upper 80s to early 90. no humidity. through the weekend lots of sunshine seasonably warm. that humidity behaves itself. >> anchor: back to rio now and the olympics. aly raisman and the gymnastics squad get a surprise almost as good as gold medals. >> anchor: nancy chen live in rio to tell us more about that. nancy. >> reporter: almost as good as
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simone biles does not have 4 golds and a bronze she got to meet her prince charming. what started as a crush and a card board cut out. >> sometimes i used to kiss him on the cheek. >> you realize that's a little strange. >> yeah. >> reporter: now a full blown love affair. simone biles can say she's kissed the real zach tweeting the night of the team final. of course i'm watching the final 5 dominate the floor. not only had biles dreams come true but her day dreams as well. efron was in rio to surprise her on the set. he kissed me on the cheek to let you all know. how to do a retake. i thought we were take egg picture. then he kissed me instead.
12:32 am
we saw smiles from the rest of the final 5. tweeting just call me ms. efron already. >> reporter: moving fast there apparently. another member of the final 5 is laurie hernandez at 16 years old. is her first olympics. with all the success she's had it likely will not be her last. it's quite a we hernandez. the youngest member of the final 5 walking away with 2 medals. >> it's amazing. >> team gold is amazing. because you get to experience it with everyone. we're all so connected to each other. whatever they do i do too. if someone's crying happy tears i'm crying happy tears. >> reporter: the 5 friends support each other in and out of
12:33 am
>> we sit together in the room and blast music. if we need red lip stick or eye shadow that the other person has ask for it. >> reporter: in her individual debut laurie delivered a solid performance on the balance beam to take silver. the medal is a present to herself. >> i felt like i got to go out there. i control what i do. i was able to perform to my >> reporter: laurie is known for her facial expressions and got the name the human emoji. something i got to witness first hand. what emoji were you after you got to take silver today. >> i was probably. it was just so exciting after that. >> reporter: and now you're going to be the -- little face like that. i like that one too.
12:34 am
you. laurie hernandez came into these olympics as one of the youngest members on team usa. now she suspect walking away with 2 medals. aly raisman we know about her talents on the floor. it turns out she has hidden talents as well. >> she's very good at accents. >> my mom went to harvard. she's wicked wicked smart. >> we could do >> and no frickin' coffee. >> i got a cup of coffee a dog and a daughter. >> reporter: pretty good, right, guys? >> anchor: that's cute. and i know they are talking about having a pizza party with zach efron. >> reporter: uh-huh. if they invite me i will be there. >> anchor: i bet you would. we'd like top get highlights of that too. thank you nancy. >> anchor: her human emoji will
12:35 am
that all important blushing face. >> anchor: joe's coming up next with red sox [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to


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