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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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for lunch try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.99. >> american swimmers under investigation, brazilian authorities want to question why lochte said he was robbed in rio. >> nice this afternoon with lower humidity. i'll let you know how long it stixz around. >> a deadly stabbing under investigation. police searching for suspects after a man is killed. >> and a campaign change. donald trump adding to his staff as he tries to stop his poll numbers from plunging. >> we are following breaking news first at 5:00, huge mess on
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major delays during the evening commute. this is happening in the town of harvard. >> and by looks of it, this is going to take quite a while to clean up. the ramp is going to be closed all evening long, according to officials. you can see the mess here. debris is all over the road. this is the rampt off of route 2 westbound at exit 38b like boy in the town of harvard. the debris causing serious back-ups on the highway. traffic slowed to a stop in some places. crews are now working to clear shovels and rakes and we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you updates here throughout the evening. >> we're following developing news from the olympics. ryan lochte's story now being called into question after he said he was robbed in rio. brazilian authorities say they can't find evidence that anything like that happened. >> and now they want to talk to lochte and another swimmer. ryan schulteis has the latest. >> yeah, a imra sillian judge ordered lochte to stayed in the
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already back in the u.s. the judge ordered the swirls' passports be seized while authorities investigate that they were rob at gunpoint. lochte say they were robbed in a taxi sunday morning after coming back from a party. police say the swimmers weren't able to provide key details during interviews. lochte spoke earlier this week saying the robbers forced them out of the car and down on to the ground. >> i was like, we didn't do anything wrong, >> and the guy pulled out his gun and cocked it and put it to my head and say sato oh said get down. he took my money and wallet. >> the u.s. olympic question released a statement reading in
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>> the state department also commenting on the court order today. >> would you want ryan lochte to go back to rio then if you're encouraging him to work with the authorities? ultimately, that's all for an american citizen, we would never obviously require any american citizen to comply with those kinds of requests. i think i'll stay where i was, which is that we would urge -- we would like to see and encourage american citizens to do what they can to work with brazilian authorities to close out this investigation. lochte's lawyers say the robbery happened happened and ro officials are just trying to save face. it's not clear if the other u.s. swimmer james feeing began is still in brazil, ryan schulteis, 7news. the olympic torch lighting up rio tonight as the world's attention focuses on the track and volleyball competitions. we do begin unfortunately with some disappointment with the americans and women's beep volleyball.
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what went wrong. >> tough loss for kerri walsh and april ross at copacabana beach last night. walsh and jennings went into the match looking to keep it going with her new partner, but the dynamic duo were just too much for the americans. walsh jennings says it was a heart breaker but she's happy to have a chance at bronze tonight. >> it's one thing to lose and another thing to lose in a way you never which is by losing the final miles of the game. i'm really proud that we stuck together and saved -- you know, i said we got, it we got it. we just never had the mojo today. so it's really disappointing and heart breaking but the great thing is that we earned the right to fight tomorrow and make it better. >> a story people around the world are sharing as the ultimate show of sportsmanship. topsfields aggie and nulsz
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on the track yesterday, both going down with injuries and potentially sacrificing their shots at an olympic medal. the runners picked each other up and pushed on on to finish the race and dagastino says this is what the olympics were were about. >> i feel grateful that nikki and i were used as sort of an instrument to like share that message, like, yeah, we trained for hours and hours but this is really special and we are all enited and like celebrating like like the spirit of humanity. >> a more than 30-year drought coming to an end today in the men's 3,000 meter steeple chase final, american jeager raising the bar winning a silver medal. the first american man to medal in the event since the los angeles games in 1984. the u.s. equestrian show jumping treem team troght its way to a silver medal tate, came in a four-way tie for fourth place.
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perfect day on the course. the men's volleyball team keeping on rolling here, sweeping second ranked poll in straight sets today, that makes it four straight for team usa after losing its first two matches in rio. they will take on the winner of the italy/iran game on friday in the semifinals. the most decorated olympian of all time michael phelps back in the united states today. phelps landed in phoenix presumably with heavier luggage after grabbing six more medals spending time with his infant son boomer. >> phelps is doing just that and wasting no time getting back into the pool posting this photo with the caption, no place like being back home. great way to spend my first day in retirement. there is plenty more action tonight, leer your must see moments, the women's beach volleyball gold medal is on the line as germany takes on brazil
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lone ashton eaton looks to become the first man ever to win back-to-back olympic trialt lone titles. >> the united states with a whopping 86 medals in all, including 28 gold, 30 silver and 28 bronze. china is in the two spot, 17 one golds... you can catch all the olympic
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coming up in just a few minutes even if he did not win a medal in rio, eli different witnesses looking ahead to tokyo. we'll have more on his story coming up. >> today a man stabbed in the street in east boston. it happened on paris street. people rushed to try to save him but it was too late. kelli o'hara live in east boston with the latest on the investigation. >> adam, the victim is in his 20s and t the loose tonight. when we spoke to people around here, they say they weren't surprised because they say this home has been a problem for years. >> officers responded here for an altercation and a person stabbed. >> reporter: an early morning fight in east boston turns deadly for one man investigator -- after investigators say he was stabbed to death. and investigators say it all started here in a place
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>> but hopelely the authorities will get to the bottom of this address because i think that it's time to hear from the neighbors. >> paris street really isn't the best place to be. >> police say a red car was seen speeding away and anything is obviously asked to call police asap. in east boston tonight, keli o'hara , a 7news. new at 5:00 this evening, the notorious bulger was
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>> we have new details on an everett police officer accused of attacking his pregnant wife. the city's police chief says the officer is on administrative leave without pay. michael morae accused of attacking and threatening his wife, she is seven months along. police say he tried to strangle her and kick her in the stomach. when officers arrived at the couple's home in salisbury they say she did have bruises and scratches on her body. morae is being held without bail face charges of assault and battery. >> sky 7 over revere beach parkway today where crews are still working to clean up after a messy water main break. it happened near suffolk downs. police in revere say you should avoid that area and try to find an alternate route. a carlyle mom was hit by a pickup truck this morning. police say he broke his leg and suffered head injuries. witnesses say an off-duty firefighter was nearby and able to give first aid to the man
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the hospital. >> i see this so often, i see accidents and i just picked up the phone and dialed 911 immediately and came up with a towel because i thought maybe if it was bleeding, we could put the off-duty firefighter that had everything under control. he was wonderful. i don't know who he was. >> witnesses say the driver was shaken burning out of control of in the state of california. this one is spreading rapidly, forcing thousands of people in the san bernardino area to leave their homes. now word that firefighters are having a tough time fending off those flames. jadiann thompson in our control room with the latest information. >> just about 24 hours, the blue cut fire has already burned 47 square miles and firefighters say it is zero percent contained right now. high temperatures causing problems for the 1300
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with that fast-moving fire. it has caused more than 80,000 people to evacuate and shut down a major highway that connects los angeles to las vegas. multiple school districts in the eetion are closed because of poor air quality. you can see there the sky, just that deep orange color. two firefighters have suffered minor injuries during the fight to save homes. fire officials say they are doing their very best but many tomorrows homes have been destroyed. >> in a word, it was devastating , there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. if there's a bright side, a silver lining, there are some homes that were saved. >> authorities are still investigating the cause of this fire. in the control room, jadiann thompson, 7news. we'll turn now to the race for the white house. donald trump changing leadership within his campaign as he tries to improve his poll numbers and trump received his first private intelligence briefing, and hillary clinton calls on trump
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returns. >> donald trump with his national security team on the day of his first classified briefing on the point team. >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country but look what's happened over the last 10 years, look what's happened over the years. it's been catastrophic. >> earlier came the shake-up. trump named a exean chiefve and also the republican insiders. >> i think trump wants to double down on being an outsider and have a hostile takeover of the
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insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> but with our emails, notes released a statement saying republicans will spend what they've got. >> let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. >> reporter: the fbi warns the classified notes must not be released. in her testimony to congress about her emails, then told the fbi something esq. which republicans say could be a crime. still to come this evening, a man who lived and worked in new england for years, fighting for isis. troubling new information released from the feds. then ahead here at 5:30, a scare on a skyscraper. two people scrambling to safety whatever some scaffolding collapses in convince neat. in just one hour, tree trouble. crews cleaning up after big branches come down right on to a
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>> and a story you will see on just one station. people in a boston neighborhood are on high alert tonight as police investigate reports of a peeping tom.
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? ? ?
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federal authorities believe an iranian refugee who lived and worked in maine for years had a
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that's all according to some newly unsealed court documents. >> investigators say he traveled overseas and fought and died for the terror organization. >> reporter: newly unsealed court records say in 2009, adna nazille fled iran and landed in maine. he attended the university of southern maine. four years later he left his wife and three kids and never returned. instead documents say he radicalized and 20 to lebanon to fight for isis where he died in 2015. maine senator sues an collins who serves on the senate intelligence committee says the u.s. needs to do a better job of screening refugees. >> we should prioritize the refugees whom we are admitting, so that we are focusing on widows, on children, on seniors, who are far less likely to pose
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>> reporter: four unnamed informants helped investigators try piece together fazille's moms after he left the u.s. one said he saw him using anti rhetoric language in portland. and he was talking about killing. >> investigators say they also discovered a month before he left the u.s. he flew from portland to washington and back again all in the same day. but authorities say they never
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now be 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> loftsz sunshine. a few clouds around. temps in the 70s and 80. the city 81. bedford at 78. the dewpoint temperatures, they were in the 70s humidity. these numbers down into the 50s. dewpoint and bedford at 56. nice wind out there helping to get rid of that humidity. still a bit of a breeze at this time. winds gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. that will simmer down as we work into the evening hours and hold on to the dry air overnight tonight. clear to partly cloudy skies. temps tonight between 60 and 67 in downtown boston. on the map, there's a week area of low pressure generating
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showers, it continues to weaning tomorrow but then sunshine and a few more clouds in the afternoon. it does look like an isolated chance of a shower with the best chance of isolate the showers well north and west. there may be a couple of isolated sprinkles but with that said you'll have partly cloudy skies happening in all these locations. makes auto good beach day and less wind. chatham 84, and mashby at 86. 7 on 7 forecast. sunshine on friday and into the weekend. warm, but again, that humidity stays low. see you at 5:30. >> jr, thank you. let's head back into the olympic zone now.
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he lost to an athlete from belgium but heading home to harvard with his head held high. >> setting his heights on the 2020 games in tokyo. nancy chn has more on tonight's hometown hero. >> for many people attending harvard is a dream but for dircshwitz he put it on hold in order to pursue the olympic podium. two winner. >> it takes physical and mental dominance in order to win or to be the best or to be a champion. >> reporter: eli has worked hard to master both. >> i was really excited about seeing where all my hard work can get me. he first fell in love with fencing 11 years ago after attending his older brother's
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can hit whoever they want and don't get in trouble. i don't see why any kid wouldn't want to do it. >> reporter: something he later lened takes a lot of training and sacrifice to master. after finishing his freshman year at harvard university, he made a decision to take a year off to photocopies on his olympic dream. >> it's been like a tough year of training with a lot of is and downs. >> reporter: as for what keeps him going, his play list. >> the o share with anyone is the mike i play at my competition. that's my one secret. >> reporter: i was however able to get one song out of him. >> i can tell you one song that has made in through every match i've ever had is that's international love by pitbull. >> once he returns from rio it's back to real life for dircshwitz, six days after he touches down in massachusetts
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at harvard. president obama called out sarah palin's famous sister. we'll get that answer tonight after the olympics.
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as always we thank you for being with us today. there's still another hour of 7news straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 starts right now. >> reporter: a teacher's aide looking to clear his name. what he's accused of throwing at a student in lowell. >> floodwaters leaving a trail of destruction in louisiana. volunteers now pouring in to help with recovery efforts. six connecticut children recovering after an amusement park scare.
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ashton eaton talks about what inspired him to break his own record. we're following breaking news right now, a messy seen in the town of harvard causing job delays right now. by looks of it, it will probably take a long time to clean that all up. is. >> authorities say the rampt will be closed here's video of the real mess out there. the truck was in an accident causing it to dump debris all over the road. this is the ramp off of route 2 westbound at exit 38b in the town of harvard. the debris is causing serious back-ups on the highway. traffic is slowed and stopped in a lot of places. crews working to clear up the debris and using shovels and rakes doing it the old fashion way. we'll bring you updates throughout the evening.


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