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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> announcer: following three big breaking stories. first stuck in the street, a long the freedom trail. >> lady underneath trying to hold on to the bumper and the car kept going. she put up her knees. >> reporter: three people hurt by a hit-and-run driver. also breaking, violence on trouble after police say he stabbed two family members in florida. and was ryan lochte lying about being robbed in rio? tonight new video and new information from police. 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: breaking news first at 5:00 a hit-and-run driver slams into three pedestrians near downtown crossing, all this happening in front of many horrified witnesses along the freedom
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got out and took off on foot. >> jadiann: some good samaritans tried racing to the victim. amaku is live with all the details. >> reporter: police were here for hours trying to figure out exactly how and why this happened. witnesses tell us that the driver was turning left here on washington when for some reason she didn't stop and drove over several people. a chaotic crossing after two pedestrians were hit and pinned underneath a car. >> i hope they're okay. >> reporter: this video shows a boy trapped under one of the tires and this woman moments after she was' pinned. ' female driver plowed through the intersection. >> there was a laid holding on to the bumper. she put up her knees and fold up like a presencele. everybody jumped on the hood to stop her.
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holland was leading a group when the crash happened. he say as group of 3-5 people jumped on the hood of the car. >> i opened the door. put the car in park. she took o. i didn't know she took off. the driver took off. >> reporter: then a group of people including holland and a park attendant lifted the car and rescued the two pedestrians. >> dragged the lady out then the boy. >> a lot of people try to help them. because we see it. those people -- >> reporter: a chaotic downtown crossing after two pedestrians were hit and pinned underneath a car. >> i hope they're okay. >> reporter: this video show as boy trapped under one of the tires and this woman moments after she was pinned underneath the same car. witnesses say a fee -- police say that a total of three pedestrians were taken to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injury, the driver has been detained but it's not clear if she is facing any charges.
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amaku. >> jadiann: this from hyde parkfire ripping through a large multifamily home. you can see the smoke and flames billowing out of the building from several different witnesses. the blaze broke out around 3:30, firefighters responding to the large fire. you can see all the ladders going straight into the home. no word on the cause or if there were injuries. >> adam: a massachusetts teen under arrest. mother and brother while on vacation in florida. dan hausle live for us in newton today where the teenage goes to school. >> reporter: he goes to school here at newton south. this is a tough one for administrators who say they're reaching out to help faculty, staff and families because not only does the young boy here his mother is a teacher at a newton middle school. police in florida say melissa ramgren called to say her 16-year-old son had
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brother. a family tragedy that is leaving neighbors back in framingham baffled. >> i can't even begin to understand how this happened. >> reporter: police say moments later they got a call 16-year-old gust ramgren was outside the house pleading for help for his brother and mom. investigators say the teen confessed to stabbing both of them. according to the police report younger brother charlie stated he thought he was going to die and asked why his brother would do this. >> known since they were born. and this is not something that was ever supposed to happen before. i've seen gust be a teenage boy so perfect no. but this, no. no. >> reporter: police say gust told them the family was having a good time vacationing away from massachusetts where his mom is a secretary grade teacher in newton. gust goes to newton south high school. the superintendent released a statement that reads in
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>> reporter: gust's father lives in alaska. i reached him as he was rushing to try to get to florida. he tells me he has no idea what happened but he thinks mental health issues may be at play. live in newton, dan hausle, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news out of the olympics. brazilian police say ryan lochte lied about being robbed in rio. new video shows lochte and team mates outside of a gas station and police say video is key evidence in the case. ryan schulteis is live for us with all the latest for us. >> reporter: brazilian police say lochte and three other swimmers made up the story about being robbed at gun point to cover up bad behavior inside the gags station. -- gas station. new video showing lochte and three of the team mates at
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you can see them walking out from behind the station as employees follow. the u.s. swimmers go back to their cab then a man in black who appears to be a security guard comes to the car to stop them. the swimmers get out and are seated on the curbs with their hands up in the air. the olympians caught up in a lie after claiming they were' robbed at gun point at a gas station. >> pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead and said -- i was like i put my hands up. i was like, whatever. >> reporter:ol the swimmers broke down the door at the gas station. officials say the security guard and the store manager confronted the swimmers and at one point did point guns at them. a source telling the a.p.swimmers gave them an unknown amount of money to fix the door and that's when they were allowed to leaf. two other swimmers pulled off of their flights home have admitted to police they lied about the robbery but last time lochte sticking to
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lauer le is not trying to hide anything. >> i wouldn't make up anything like this, we feel it makes us looks bad. >> reporter: lochte is back in the u.s. but the other three swimmers are still in brazil and say they'll continue to cooperate with police. police say they've not determined if any charges will be filed. ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> adam: we'll turn to the olympic zone and the torch is burning brightly and the competition remains fierce as in rio let's begin with dramatic moments. joe amorosino is in the newsroom with trouble on the track. >> reporter: it was a botch handoff in the relay that seemed to doom the americans but they get another shot. as she gets into the exchange zone she drops but look again as felix approaches gardner the runner in the lane flex to
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nenn to finish and she did. that made it possible for the protest and after the race she explained what happened. >> i had to, i felt contact and it tripped me up. so -- >> where was the contact? >> just from lane next to me right here. this is what i felt. it knocked me off. i mean i was tripping but i don't know. i was trying to still get it off. but i -- >>ne >> reporter: protest was successful so the relay team will run unopposed tonight and have to beat the qualifying time to move on. on the men's side much of less drama as they finish with the best overall time. gaye was part of the team that got its 2012 silver medal stripped because of doping. the finals in the men's relay are tomorrow night. more success on the track for team usa.
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his first ever gold medal getting congratulated by ashton eaton. that is the second track gold for the u.s. so far this rio. a place in the finals secured for jessica per atta, she, the diver placed second in the semis of the 10 meter platform. she will move on to compete against the top 12 divers overall with a chance of gold. you can see that in primetime tonight. plenty of must said, perata will go for gold. the world's farcest man bolt back on the track for the men's 200 meter final and ashton eaton looks to make history as he tries to become the third man ever to win back to backolympic deckathlon titles. the u.s. creeping up close to 100 with 94 meldals in
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china is next. rounding out the two three is great britain with 55 medals overall. tune in tonight right here on 7 nbc to see if the united states can add to that total. then stick around for 7 news. we'll have a recap of all the action and live reports from 7's nancy chen. joe amorosino, 7 news. >> adam: still a lot to come here in the olympic zone including finding gold for this particular acts lead. the world class shot putter putting it all on the line at the olympic coming up in a few minute the olympic flag bearer of haiti getting a chance to wrestle. he is finally able to show his stuff in rio, his inspiring story also coming up. >> jadiann: 7 news turning to the extreme lack of rain. the damaging drought only getting worse at this point. the danger zone has expanded across most of northeastern massachusetts and into southern new hampshire. right now the lack of rain
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today the governor asked everyone to do their part to help out. first it's important every check to be sure you are aware of any locally imposed water restrictions because they'll vary for different areas. please try to remember to minimize your water usage inside and outside the home. >> the governor stressed the importance of buying local to support farmers. with more on the dry conditions now we're going tod meteorologist jeremy reiner. there is a lot of orange and yellows there. >> reporter: it, yes. it's hard to believe, too, considering we did have a decent amount of rain over the last seven days especially western central new england but the drought in the extreme season. for the summer you take it back to the first of june, meteorological summer boston on pace to have its driest summer on record. we have a couple of weeks left in august, i'm sure we're going to get some rain
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cities and towns running rainfall deficits around 7-9 inches of rain. i don't have that much rain in the forecast. the next chance of rain probably just a couple of isolated showers on monday morning. so the drought rolls on for itself next several days. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> to the race for the white house, donald trump about to begin a tv takeover. he is buying television ads for the first time in the general leaks. his -- election. start running as early as tomorrow but today he is trying to sway voters a day after he shook up his management team. hikes continues her attacks on the billionaire businessmen. >> reporter: hillary clinton urged law enforcement to build more trust with communities after the wafers of protests, police killing black suspects and police being killed. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone expected by the law. >> reporter: donald trump
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support him. in this state where polls show clinton is ahead. >> great respect for your courage, for you and i -- >> reporter: urged by his newton aides to aim 100% at clinton trump is claiming she is not physically fit to be president. a charge -- great she gives a short speech then she goes home, goes to sleep. she shows up two days later. she also lacks the mental and on isis. >> reporter: the f.b.i. sending congress secret notes on clinton's e-mail gives trump another way to make the election about clinton. strategic matt. >> with the e-mail controversy tells us is washington is completely broken. it's riddled with lies. hillary clinton is a creature of washington. >> reporter: but can trump whose campaign has been broken focus on clinton? worried republicans say that is the question. whether trump can make his
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himself. >> jadiann: still to come here the patriots kicking their pre-season into high gear. we may see both tom brady and jimmy garoppolo take on the bears tonight at foxboro. >> adam: at 5:30 a judge making an important decision in the case against an everett police officer accused of attacking his pregnant wife. >> jadiann: in one hour a kidnapping caught on camera. a father rushing in to grab
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> the patrios take to the field in pre-season action against the bears tonight. the big question will tom brady be back on the field. he was be a center for the first pre-season game last week and it has been quite a week of ups and downs for the team including the gronk getting hurt. >> many will be watching jimmy garoppolo's performance tonight as we inch closer to regular season play. brandon gunnoe is us. >> reporter: nfl insiders are saying tom brady will take the field here tonight at gillette but don't expect much. probably just a few snaps. the fans we spoke to say they're excited to see brady but most of them really just want to see what jimmy g.can do. multiple reports are saying that tom brady will play tonight, possibly starting in their second pre-season game at gillet. >> this is what i hear. that is why i'm hear, i here
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>> i think they need him. you know, at least play him for a few snaps. >> reporter: don't count on that many in the know are saying brady will play little saving most of the snaps for garoppolo. >> i thought he was doing pretty good. let's get real. he is not that bad but we want to see brady back. >> reporter: gronk will not play tonight. that we do know. >> keep the bubble wrap on him. you know. there is plenty o reis the same thing a lot of fans are saying about t.b. 12. >> i'm excited. i'm, i don't want him to play too much in the pre-season, keep him in one piece that is my take on it but it's good to see him. so, you know, i'm excited to see jimmy g.throat to be honest with you -- out there to be onest with you. >> reporter: pats host the bears tonight at 8:00. brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> reporter: we are going
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patriots as well as every where else in southern new england for ? ? ? award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: dry pattern rolls on, bad news for the drought and the for vacationers, this is what you want to hear, right. so we have plante of 80s in the forecast, a fair amount of sunshine. eventually humidity starts to build. i think it'll max out sunday
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next chance of badly needed rain. temperatures in the 80s, beverly 81. we have a couple of warmer locations. nashua 87. but these numbers are still relatively low. the dew point temperatures upper 50s and low 60s that is the case for the rest of the evening. there is a weak little weather system coming out of new york city that has kicked off a couple of showers, even a few rumbles of thunder in thed adirondacks but as they earn counter ye eat tup. gone. so clouds fade away. it should be a dry evening. including the patriots game down at gillette against the bears. with kickoff at 8:00, near 80 degrees, mild. the billy joel concert here at fenway park. no pressure with this one this. is good. partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures near 80 degrees, clear and comfortable. lows 61-69. there is the weak weather system. high pressure will replace it so that is why we're advertising more sunshine
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low humidity once again. now with a high pressure northern maine that will set us up a nice onshore breeze. farther inland numbers reach the mid and upper 80s. the weekend features lots of sunshine. there is the humidity begin to creep on us on sunday afternoon. temperatures both days in the 80s mondays badly needed rain. the chance of rain, we'll take what we can get. a few scattered showers but nothing significant and we're back into the dry weather next week. see you at >> adam: for now haiti's only wrestler is gearing up for his olympic debut tomorrow. he is originally from haiti but lives in springfield. so it has been a real dream of his to even get to the olympics. >> jadiann: then to top it off he had the distinct honor of carrying the flag so he is tonight's hometown hero. i he breaks barriers in
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represent haiti in wrestling, he is here to compete but to inspire a nation on and off the mat. whatever comes his way wrestler cost telly won't let life pin him down. the 38-year-old is the first athlete to wrestle for haiti which hasn't seen an olympic medal in any sport since 1928. >> don't think our grandparents were born yet. >> reporter: he knows how much is on the line during the match but his dream is to inspire haitians and be a true ambassador for his home nation. >> we're a country of great things, individuals to inspire others. >> reporter: it was a three-year process filled filled with letters and phone calls to convince them --y. >> they kept saying no, please try again. >> come on, you keep on trying and they're like, you know what, we're going to
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persevering. >> i grew up in a mudhouse. >> he moved to new jersey when he was 9. it wasn't an easy transmission with classmates bullying him for only being able to speak federal reserve. >> i didn't speak the language. >> reporter: after watching the olympics he got involved in wrestling, a welcome escape during trying times. he moved to massachusetts to wrestle and study springfield. >> i'm still serving, i'm with the 119th out of the reserve out of brooklyn. >> reporter: he and his coaches wear many hats taking care of everything on and off the mat. it made it all the more surprising when he got the e-mail saying he made it to the limbs picks as a wild card. >> i'm like, what is this? >> reporter: he knows when he gets on the matt he won't be by himself.
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guiding him on. >> one of the models and you see on the back of haiti wrestlingy tee shirt by myself but not alone. >> reporter: he says he wants to move back to haiti and open a wrestling scoop. it would be the nation's first. nancy chen, 7 news. >> adam: still ahead on 7 news a sensational show on the water, kayakers in canada capture the moment they came face to face with humpback whales. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country.
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with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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>> adam: very glad to be with you only a thursday, if you are just getting settled another hour of 7 news is ahead. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson, 7 news at 5 pock gets started now. >> ryan: etch rhett police officer accused of choking his wife ask as judge to set
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assault. a teen accused of stabbing his mother and brother. >> ryan: wildfires burning up parts of california. devastating blaze forcing massive evacuations. >> jadiann: in the olympic zone we meet a world famous shot putter. how his mother's coaching helped him break new records. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: we start with wreaking news 59:30, a woman accused of slamming into three people in boston and then taking off. through hyde park. crews are on the scene working to try to put it over. >> ryan: several other breaking soars, adam williams for an update. >> reporter: the pedestrians you be talking about were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries after being trapped under a car been it hit, the driver slammed into the pair near downtown crossing taking off one foot as the victim on foot, as the victims were trapped under her car.


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