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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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911 mixup. why he says he forgives them. >> anchor: police in woburn are investigating a young boy's mysterious death. they say he had a fractured skull. his twin sister also to the hospital. >> anchor: so the district attorney tells 7 news a family friend was watching the toddlers at the time. steve cooper is live for news woburn with all of the details today. >> reporter: jadiann thompson, as you can imagine this has been a difficult day for people who live around here. there is an investigation g answers tonight. it's so strength would happen. >> reporter: the r sudden defendant r death of 15-month-old noah has neighbors stunned even as police can be seen coming and going from the apartment building late friday morning. it's sad. you don't want, nobody wants to hear that, especially since the child never even began his life. >> reporter: the toddler and his twin sister were being cared for according to uses so by a 2524-year-old family friend who
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parents of the twins who live nearby posted a sign requesting prayers and privacy now. according to the fire department call log we obtained, the by was unresponsive but breathing when emergency responders were called to the apartment monday afternoon. the toddler rushed to winchester hospital before being transferred to children's in boston. middlesex currently district attorney says the boy died last night. sources say he suffered a fractured skull. we've also learned his sister was hospitalized tuesday after the department of children and sources say an undisclosed injury has left the 15-month-old girl with a cast. do you have any reaction to what's going on? >> reporter: people live leaving the apartment building weren't so interested in talking to us but neighbors were and they are anxious to know how little noah died and why. it would be nice to find out who, what caused it, the story. prevent things like this happening from the future. >> anchor: so tonight
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attorney's office will only say that this is an ongoing and open investigation. live in woburn tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: the victim of a deadly stabbing in east boston has now been identified. boston police say the victim is a 23-year-old man from east boston so the stabbing happened on paris street just before 7:00 in the morning on wednesday. police are still investigating. >> anchor: a shooting leaves a man seriously hurt in mattapan. police say it happened on orlando street around 10:30 last my. th and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> anchor: sky 7 now over the town of stow today after a tractor trailer got tangled in some power lines then dragged at least one power pole completely down. you can see crews there working on the scene on circuit drive this afternoon. one poll leaning way out into the street there. no reports of any injuries but we are told some people did lose power due to that accident. >> anchor: police are investigating a serious crash in south boston.
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old colony avenue in dorchester street. at least one person was taken to boston medical center. at this point there is no word on the extent of any injuries there. >> anchor: and transit police are asking for some help as they search for a suspect so they are looking for this man who was wanted for questioning in regards to an assault and battery on an mbta bus driver. the incident allege letook place at the intersection of cambridge street in brighton avenue in boston monday afternoon. anyone with information is asked to go ahead an please unit. >> anchor: we're following more news today. it's been 25 years since hurricane bob hit new england. it was one of the worst storms ever to hit this area and is the last hurricane to make landfall here in massachusetts. we're currently of course in hurricane season and today propertical storm fee ona is making its way over the atlantic ocean. >> anchor: for right now, it's not threatening land. chief meteorologist jerk he reiner is tracking that storm's path for us. first jadiann and ryan again this was on this date back
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out of the bahamas rather fast by the way it form on august 16 and then scooted up the eastern seaboard with peak winds at 105 miles per hour, category two landfall, the last landfall in hurricane that we have had here in new england. a storm surge up into buzzard area bay, 10 to 15 feet and rainfall totals anywhere between 3 and 7 inches of rain which most of the rain was actually focused to the west of the red line. the track then the storm surge in the wind was focused a lot into the right of the track. 25 years ago. now this is tropical storm fee ona right here, winds at 40 miles per hour still expected to move northwest. that has not changed from the hurricane center but they do feel it's actually going to weaken down to a tropical depression early next week passing well east of bermuda. there is one more clump of thunderstorms behind fee ona down here. this also might try to help over the weekend so we are heading into the time of the year with tropics beginning to percolate. nothing immediate for the eastern seaboard. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast in a few minutes.
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maryland apartment building. investigators say it was the result of a natural gas explosion. they say the fiery eruption happened in the meter room of that building. this comes after experts reviewed surveillance video and introduce dozens of people adug for clues in the rubble. there is no indication that a criminal act occurred. there was no insend year or ignition device recovered in the location of the blast seat or blast location and there is no indication of access to the meter room prior to the explosion. >> anchor: exactly what ignited that natural gas is still unclear. >> anchor: nasa now releasing this dramatic image from space of wildfires that are burning out in southern california. the satellite photo showing smoke from that intense blaze spotted from thousands of miles away. and since it flared up on tuesday, the blue cut fire has now burned more than 35,000 acres while some evacuation
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at least 97 homes have been destroyed and the fire is about 22% contained. >> anchor: one person is dead and 18 others injured after two buses collide in new jersey. the impact of the crash causing one of the buses to flip on its side and nearly split in half. 19 passengers were on the bus that was hit. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused that collision. we suspect that one of the bus drivers may have went through a red light, we are ab that, but that is what is being said. >> anchor: and the passengers on the bus are now in the hospital, 7 are listed in critical condition. >> anchor: a toddler tragedy now in detroit. a ten-month-old baby dies after her mother accidentally ran her over. the child who had just started walking was playing with some other children when she wandered toward the driveway where the mom was backing out. a witness tried to warn the mother but police say she didn't realize what was happening. there was another witness
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but the mom didn't realize what she was yelling for so there was at least three adults. the father, the mom and another adult in the house. >> anchor: police say the woman thought the child was still in the backyard. the ten-month-old was rushed to the hospital but she didn't make it. >> anchor: the high speed chase caught on camera in the uk and police say two children were in the car when it happened. the wild ride topping out at speeds at more than 120 miles per hour. you can see the car there weaving in and out of lanes of a traffic jam eventually brought the chase to an end. in the florida everglades two people survived a small plan you can see a coast guard helicopter crew responding after spotting two men standing on top of the plane. they were hoisted on to the helicopter and taken to a local air station. both men are doing okay. >> anchor: an elderly man in new jersey says he is not holding any grudges against troopers who mistakenly shot him. gerald sykes was injured in his own house after a 911 mix up last month. if that bullet had been another half inch i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: 76-year-old gerald sykes battled back from
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midnight on july 29, the new jersey man was shot in his home by state police who were at his house by mistake investigating a 911 hang up call. i am doing pretty good i am alive and beginning to feel better. the pain is subsiding now. >> anchor: authorities say the night of the incident two troopers knocked on sykes front door and didn't get a response so they checked around back. as their flashlights shown in his back glass doors there was an exchange of gunfire. a trooper fired off four sykes fired a shotgun once. one officer was grazed. sykes took two bullets to the chest and one to the grain. i had a collapsed lung. two fractured ribs, ripped diaphragm, destroyed spleen, perforated bowel. >> anchor: sykes said she could have gone into shock. margot, at her husband's side, mr. efforts his calm demeanor saved his life. because he is strong, his
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cope with anything. >> anchor: authorities say the officers identified themselves but sykes's attorney said the elderly man thought they were intruders outside of his home. sykes said despite his injuries he holds no grudges against the police. no, not really. i always believe in the policed a still do. >> anchor: so sykes spent nine days in the hospital but now he is recovering at home. the new jersey state attorney's office is also investigating the incident. >> anchor: ahead here on 7 news at 5:30 we'll head back into thelism ilzone to hear how the defending >> anchor: new at 6:00 a story you will see on just one station of a registered sex offender is accused of exposing himself to
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>> anchor: we take you to the olympic zone. the doe feloning olympic gold medalist and three time world champion also holds the record for 69 straight vic for ease in his international career. now jordan burrows is working to make his mark in men's freestyle wrestling. >> anchor: he has been confident throughout his career especially through social media. nancy chen shows us how he prepared for rio. >> anchor: sean burrows has a motto. he happens to have a tattoo of it. so this one here says dream it, do it.
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once you have a dream it's not enough to dream about doing something or enough to set goals but once you set goals you have to actually create small little significant consistencies to reach those goals so once i make a dream of something, i want to accomplish it. i don't want to just have a dream and never attain it. i want to do those things so dream it, do it. >> anchor: jordan burrows twitter handle is all i see is gold. with three world championships and an olympic goad medal, he hopes to one day be known as the greatest u.s. wrestler of all-time nebraska where distractions are few and the work is plentiful. i never feel like i will make it when i'm in midair. we train for hours and hours a day just for a 6 minute match. so you think about all of the hours i put in for the olympic gales, i will probably wrestle four matches and that's four times since is 24 minutes. i have trained 5,000 hours for 24 minutes. he said all i see is gold.
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anlic champion! the fruits of your labor come from preparation. they come from work, commitment, the sacrifice and it's necessary. a lot of guys want what i want and essentially there is only one spot at the top of the podium. >> anchor: a lot has changed for burrows since london. he got married and his two kids, a two-year-old son and two meant old daughter all here in rio to cheer him on. in rio, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: awesome. well, helping children in need right here in boston. how one woman prepares students to head back to school. >> anchor: back to school time very close and so is some early fall late summer weather. we'll talk more about that up next. >> anchor: coming up at 6:00 ryan lochte apologizes. hear what he had to say. >> anchor: plus, a newton teen accused of trying to kill his mother and brother for the first time. we're hearing the 911 calls for
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>> anchor: a local college student is doing her part to help schools in need. caroline finnerty a student at boston college has been spending her summer raising money for brand new supplies for some of the lowest performing school in the state of today she made her deliver delivery to elementary school. she said she is hoping this helps students have more fun and love learning. it's just to give the students things that ar school and make them want to have fun and make it easier for the teachers to get these kids to really love school and love learning. >> anchor: oh total she raised about $4,800 just shy of her $5,000 goal. good for her and i cannot believe that school is right around the corner. summer is winding down. >> anchor: that will help a lot of kids and families who need it so that's awesome and i don't
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there. is that too bold? well, you know red sox is very subjective so maybe if it was fall in virginia, you know, temperature were in the 80's today. certainly cooler than where we have been. a decent weekend shaping up with fair amount of sunshine. humidity does start to build by the end of the weekend which will lead it a couple of showers late sunday night and very early on monday morning. temperatures here in the month of august all those orange squares indicating a day four and a half degrees before normal. hottest august on record so far for the city of boston with temperatures at or above normal. the normal set around 80 degrees of the right now at 75. we did i have high of 81. bedford 84. fitchburg 88. the dew point temperatures are in the 50's to the low 60's and they will slowly start to climb over the weekend but it's just brief because here you go, those showers on sunday night and monday morning ushering in much dryer air, much more comfortable air through the day on monday
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monday evening and tuesday morning there will be a touch of fall with temperatures tuesday morning for some locations norwood not to pick on you but i will, i think in the upper 40's on tuesday morning. high pressure is with us right now. here comes that next weather system now in the great lakes states that will give us the chance of beneficial rain but it's not going, talking about scattered showers, most towns less then a quarter of in of rain. temperatures 61 to 69. the weekend gets off i few clouds tomorrow morning. maybe some pockets of fog and then they kind of break apart and we get into sunshine through the day. warm and somewhat humid. temperatures tomorrow 80 to 86. boston around 81 tomorrow. norwood at 86. dracut 8 manchester at 83. into the worcester hills the numbers in the 80's and out on to the cape and islands edgartown 679 and provincetown at 76. look straight for beaches tomorrow. lots of sun. 78 to 83. water temperatures in the lower 70's with uv index still very
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even though we run the bend in the back half of summer. low tide at 7: 10 tomorrow morning, high tide at 1:23 in the afternoon. sunday like tomorrow a few early morning clouds otherwise developing sunshine, more humid on sunday with temperatures on sunday in the low 80's. jimmy buff aboutest concert tomorrow night in mansfield. get hour cheese burgers and head down to paradise. looks good. pleasant conditions with temperatures tomorrow evening running in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees. cape and islands saturday, sunday and monday partly sunny skies, sunday night and monday morning on the cape but i think you probably will stay dry with this weather system coming at you. temperatures near 80. a better chance of some showers across the lakes region late sunday evening after sunset through early monday morning with temperatures 70's and eight as. the tropics again showing some signs of life with tropical storm fee ona which will then weak tone a depression eat of bermuda next week and then after that we wait and see if there is another area of thunderstorm
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nothing immediate for the united states. 7 on 7 forecast intoy next week tuesday and wednesday, pleasant with lows in the low 50's and afternoon highs in the upper 70's on tuesday. >> anchor: police in oklahoma with a different kind of rescue operation when no one showed up at the birth i did party for this three-year-old braiden who has autism. police say they got an anonymous phone call then officers started showing up at braid an's house to get the party started and keep it going the random act of kindness leaving play den completely overwhelmed. i heard will was a birthday party for braiden today and she said, she starts to smile and says yes. i asked her if we could participate. i was just speechless. speechless. nothing would come out. >> anchor: so braiden's mom said the officers surprise cannot have come at a betime for her son and seeing her little boy interacing with everyone was amazing. >> anchor: next on 7 news an accidental high one man describes the moment he realizes
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mistake. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: you am adam williams. here is what we're working on at 7:00. a level three sex offender arrest. what he was doing to terrorize the community. >> anchor: a framingham teen-ager accused of trying to kill his mother and brother. >> anchor: an amazing moment for a local boy. how he got a chance to perform right perform with billy joel at fenway. >> anchor: unbelievable. >> anchor: good stuff. >>
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>> anchor: a man in nebraska got high without even knowing that he was actually eating some pot so it all started with some innocent looking brownies that left were left behind by his kids. >> anchor: she said he is lucky it accident turn into something mo s serious.. >> anchor: home from the grocery store this man was unpacking dinner when an added course made for quite the detou. i brought some groceries in from the car and i cooked some, i heated some left over pizza and i thought oh cool, i got brownies to go for dessert with my pizza. >> anchor: not long after dinner feeling pretty rough, he knew something was up. i was having a cigarette
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i am really high. >> anchor: police report how he explained the confusion. first it was a relatives car and the machine's kids drove it earlier that day before dad unpacked the food. we put two and two together and i thought great magical brownies. i said call the kids and tell them i had two brownies and ask them how high i'm going to get. >> reporter: the 19 and 20 yearly children were radio silent. so the couple called 911. by that time it really started hitting me and i thought i got to get upstairs i'm making (expletive) out of myself. i couldn't stop fidgeting. >> anchor: calling up the stairs he passed skipper the temptmental cat. i said watch out, so i called around the cat. >> anchor: after sleeping it off and then some, the man said he is okay, glad it wasn't something really serious and with the high worn off he stands by his name for the cat. he can be a (expletive) >> anchor: i think he just
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>> anchor: kids must northbound some trouble. >> anchor: you would hope so. >> anchor: how about the cat? >> anchor: that story is a wild one one, guys. another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. a. ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i don't know if that made you guys laugh. i'm jadiann thompson. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: tonight on just one station a level three sex offend arrested again. what he is accused of doing this time around. then. oh my god help me newly released videotapes of how this mother and teen tried to kill her mother and brother. >> anchor: new video of the teen behind bars. plus, rhine lochte ready to say sorry. why he says he waited so long to issue his apology. we start the weekend with high pressure, we finish it with low pressure. >> anchor: a dream come true, how a local teen landed a chance to perform with billy joel at
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>> anchor: we will begin with a story you will see on just one station. it's an alarming crime. a malden man caught exposing himself to women and that man is already listed as a level three sex offender. >> anchor: and now he is even in more trouble with the law. 7's john cuoco live in malden with the story you will see on just one station. john? >> anchor: malden police say they received a flood of calls about this suspect yesterday and when they arrested him he allegedly told them he couldn't help himself. peeking into court trying to stay hidden friday morning. the level three sex offender was arrested us in the maplewood area of malden. two women accused him of touching and exposing himself. a third woman claimed he grabbed her chest. the individual was described as a white male carrying a backpack. these calls all came in within approximately 15 minutes of each other. >> anchor: police say he fit that description. he told officers he was homeless
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they did note this male appeared to be sweating heavily, his t-shirt was soaked with sweat. >> anchor: all three women were able to id him as the suspect. he later admitted to police he did expose himself and did assault the woman. >> reporter: he stated he has a sexual mental health problem and can't control himself. >> anchor: court records show he has a lengthy criminal past in several states. massachusetts as well as south carolina and california. >> parents in the area are happy he has been caught. at least if he is on their radar and they aware of the fact that he is displaying this time of behavior, maybe he can be stopped or at least we can prevent anyone from being scarred. >> anchor: scribner is being held without bail. the police chief came by and said this was an important arrest. live in malden, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: breaking news out of littleton. sky 7 over the scene of a small


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