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tv   7 News  NBC  August 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: and first here at 72 people shot in the street in dorchester. one of them died from injuries. the police are searching for whoever they think may have pulled the trigger. >> anchor: it is boston's 22nd homicide of the year. amaka ubaka live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police don't have a lot of clues as to who is responsible for the shooting. it is still an active scene out here. police going door to door asking police if they saw anything. as you mention police say so far this is the 22nd homicide of the year. >> anyone is way to many. >> reporter: police commissioner williams evans speaking out about the deadly shooting
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intersection of dudly street and dudly terrace. and when they arrived they found a male and female in their 30s with gun shot wounds. police say the man died on scene. the woman taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. >> unfortunately i think that's our 22nd homicide of the year. >> reporter: commissioner evans believe it was a targeted shooting. >> we are always looking for the bl night. they're still up there. and as always if anyone knows anything please contact our homicide unit. >> reporter: the good news here is that the woman who was shot is expected to recover. police say if you have any information about this shooting you can call 1800494 tips and you can remain anonymous. amaka ubaka 7 news. ; troubling charges against a teacher in templeton.
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teacher of crossing the line with a student. nikele oliveria live in timbleton with the details. >> reporter: classes aren't going on right now. this investigation began earlier this month when someone told a school resource officer that one of the teachers at the high school may have had an appropriate relationship with one of the students. arrested matthew casav itch in and trafficking a person under 18 for sexual servitude. sasavitch had a relationship with a student after graduating. the teacher had another inappropriate relationship with a student during this past school year. but he was arraigned in a court on friday and he is being heldop $2500 cash bail.
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templeton. nicole oliverio 7 news. >> anchor: officials say when they went to arrest 31 year old sean miller they found this much older looking man. after investigating officers realized that elderly man was wearing a disguise. officers pulled off that mask and placed him under arrest. this is the difference between the 2 people. miller on the run since april and he'll face drug >> anchor: a dorchester man behind bars and charged with murder. he is accused of stabbing another man to death. he killed a 23 year old man in east boston. the stabbing happened on paris street wednesday morning. the investigation is ongoing. >> anchor: a dorchester of man is facing charges after police say he exposed himself in a women's bathroom.
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morning. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the weather. it is a beautiful saturday outside. will these conditions last through the weekend? here's bri eggers with a check of the forecast. >> reporter: nick, tomorrow looking decent. temperatures in the 70s for most of us. close to 80 degrees boston. 74 worcester. we have a bit of a breeze. as we have through the day today. 10 to 15 miles an hour. 20 miles per hour sustained winds. t the south. when you look to the south of us that would be humid air. dew points in check today in the 50s. is on the way in for us overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. tomorrow noticeably more humid. after we push a cold front through things come back into check as we head through the better part of next week. here's a look at the bigger picture. high pressure sliding farther to the east. then we pay attention to this
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i mentioned that tomorrow throughout the day looks decent. we start with sunshine. clouds move in for the afternoon. 20% chance of an isolated shower. but really the storm action holds off until the overnight hours after midnight into the wee hours of monday morning. some of us could get woken up by those boomers. much more pleasa taking its place with temperatures but also lower humidity. overnight partly cloudy patchy fog. mild temperatures. into the day tomorrow temperatures very similar to where we were at today. again you'll notice that humidity. how does the rest of the week look? and summer weather rolling on. get to the details coming up in the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> anchor: now to the olympic zone team usa womens basketball
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olympic champions. the success of american athletes is over shadowed by the scandal by ryan lochte and 3 other swimmers. ; it is the scandal of the olympic games and while ryan lochte and fellow swimmers have left the country they are firmly in the spot light. the apologies and back tracking. it's not over. gunner pence and ja they say happened at a gas station. lochte's account unraveled this week. authorities unveiled surveillance footage and conducting interviews. sitting down with a one on one interview with matt louer. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. i over exaggerated that story. if i hadn't done that none of
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>> anchor: we'll have more of that interview later on this evening. but there are more things going on at the olympics. competition is still under way and we're going to start things off on the court i guess. >> anchor: that's right. we're going to head out live to 7's nancy chen. she joins us now in rio. it's 8:00 at night there. nancy get us up to speed on everything. >> reporter: jadiann and nick. big day park for team usa on the court for the womens basketball team. they took gold. their 6th straight olympic gold medal. the team dominating spain 101-72. they have won 49 consecutives games in the olympics. and u.s. womens volleyball will be bringing home bronze.
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breaking defeat to serbia in the semifinals. a disappointing day for sarah true. with drew during the bike portion of the competition after not able to overcome a quadriceps injury in the swimming segment of it. it is the united states first olympic gold in the sport and of course can you believe it we are now in the last weekend of the summer games and we are ni here are must see moments coming up later today to tell you about. 2 big races on the track. a lot of excitement in the olympic park behind me. david bedia advancing to tonight's 10 meter platform final in diving. and the closing ceremony is tomorrow. simone biles has been chosen by her fellow team usa bearers to be the flag bearer.
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4 golds and one bronze. should be a fantastic show guys. can't wait to watch it. >> anchor: nancy, thank you. >> anchor: looking good. now with less than 24 hours of competition to go. the united states is at the top of the medal count. 111 medals 40 gold. china in second. and great britain the top 3. >> anchor: turn to the race for the white house hillary clinton arrived on nantucket. the democratic presidential nominee holding a fundraiser there. clinton has a fundraiser in provincetown tomorrow. donald trump held a fundraiser on the cape earlier this month. trump sell turning attention to african americans asking for their vote. accusing democrats of taking black voters for granted.
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suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following: what do you have to lose? >> anchor: a new poll shows that african american voters support hillary clinton over donald trump 91% to 1%. >> anchor: we're getting started at 7 news at 7 o'clock. >> anchor: still ahead durant going for gold. >> anchor: plus someone hands davi guess hand him a crown. boston's home run king hits
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>> anchor: we're back in the olympic zone tonight. durant and the mens basketball team play for gold tomorrow in rio. this is a special experience for durant. >> anchor: he is soaking up everyone moment in rio. nancy chen takes us on his quest fo >> reporter: kevin durant has one gold medal from london and hoping to bring one home from rio as well. durant it's been an interesting summer. tom brady tried to put him in celtics green. then deciding to sign instead with the golden state warriors. after a trip to hong kong team usa came calling. >> i wanted to play in the
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i was hoping and praying to be a part of it. >> reporter: he says he's ready. >> i feel well rested. i'm healthy. i got the desire to play. i want to go out there and bring another gold home. >> reporter: staying on a cruise ship. he's seen the sites took in matches. >> kevin durant loving it. >> reporter: and played some rather close games. >> 100 to 97 victory. >> reporter: usa and teammates. >> you've also got the best players in the world on the team. guys we compete with every night. i've been battling them for 9 years. to come together for one goal. makes you into a better man, better person, better father, brother, son, everything. >> being a part of a group that doesn't care about nothing else
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medal. >> reporter: there sufficient pressure on durant and his team to repeat. they took home gold in 2008 as well as 2012. nancy chen 7 news. >> anchor: next in the forecast humidity on the rise tomorrow. expecting a round of showers and storms. run through that time line coming up. >> reporter: and ahead at 7 sports the patriots midway through preseason work. highlight a pair of players trying to buck the idea camp casualty. this guy keeps move nothing the right direction.
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>> anchor: you may have noticed unidentified flying objects landing near the charles river today. red bull hosted their popular hooves hog i think i said that wrong. groups from all over the city spent weeks designing and building their creativity flight distance and showmanship. >> it wasn't meant to fly. that's one of the -- one of the m.i.t. guys call today a parade float. [laughing]. >> what was it made out of? >> mostly styrofoam. mostly duct tape. mostly heart about it. >> anchor: heart i like that.
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there was less flying more nose diving. >> reporter: more flopping you could say. a nice day to be out on the water maybe in the water as well. pretty nice, bri. you dialed up a good one. i'm not giving you credit for it. >> anchor: the aviation weather was perfect for flying objects if they could fly. tomorrow still a good forecast for us though. the humidity overnight and tomorrow. the storm action holding off until tomorrow night in the overnight hours. cause those boomers could be loud. we did see isolated showers earlier in the day today. hit and miss. some of us winning on that. others of us not seeing any of it and enjoying the sunshine today. however extreme drought conditions. i'm sure you're tired of seeing this map.
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this likely will go down as the driest summer on record. summer time showers and thunderstorms the hit and miss variety like we saw earlier today and like tomorrow night not going to make a dent in the drought. we'll take all we can get. current temperatures very comfortable outside. near 80. boston norwood bedford as well 74. dew points have been in check for most of us in the south. then you have to ask yourself what's to the south of us. that would be soupier air. dew points in new york city in the upper 60s. that's pumping in our direction overnight tonight into tomorrow. high pressure slides off. this becomes our focus into the day tomorrow. clouds increasing in the afternoon. the front slipping through the overnight hours to fire up the boomers.
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midday in the afternoon. you see speckles of green here. can't rule out a spot shower or sprinkle during the afternoon tomorrow. most of us don't see those rain drops until we head into darkness after midnight into the wee hours of monday morning we're expecting those storms to push off shore even november cape cod 8, 9 on monday. how much rain fall in store fo quarter of an inch up to half an inch a possibility. local areas could see up to an inch. highs tomorrow similar to today. 80s for most of us. cooler along the coastline. after that front blasts through tomorrow we're in for summer stunners. lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. >> and now time for 7 sports with trey daerr. >> reporter: the red sox getting
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game against the tigers. outfielder kris young may be backop monday. steven wright is yet to be ruled out of a start on tuesday. ortiz back in the line up tonight. despite leaving last night's game early due to back stiffness. the sox dh 28th time this season. 2 homers and 5 rbi's shy from his 10th boston. drew pamerans serving up 7 home runs and 6 starts for the sox. he's got a 2.37 era in 19 innings of work. anthony johnson showing less is more on thursday night. the pats defense tackled for
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pounds. >> honestly i didn't even recognize him. we brought him in for a work out. i looked at him and went we got the right guy here? i thought maybe my memory was even worse than i think it is. >> you got to stay persistent. if this is what you want to do you got to understand this isn't a job for the just be ferocious play you know. you got to be ready to play every day. >> reporter: aj derby taking advantage of time with rob gronkowski sitting in the games. been his entire rookie season on reserve. beat out clay harbor for a roster spot. >> i really don't -- i can't focus on other people on the
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get better and working every day. >> he's coming along. he had an unfortunate injury last year and everything. he's coming around and made impressive catches this preseason. all the tight ends as a whole have been working hard. they're getting an opportunity right now. >> reporter: buffalo things going from bad to worse for daruous. the tackle that got hit with a 4 game suspension this this week stems from a mised drug test. taking a look at the medal count. team usa running away with things rio. leading the field. china holding steady in second with 68. and great britain third with 63. winning 6th straight gold medal with a win over spain. the mens team try to make it 3
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>> anchor: tray, thanks.
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>> anchor: boston police officers and members of the community riding together for peace. the event took place at 8 this morning in dorchester. police commissioner william evans hoping events like this create a stronger bond between officers and the community.
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too. i'm jadiann thompson. >> anchor: and i'm two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, but we're back, strong. we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today. chynoweth: businesses like mine see how maggie hassan keeps this economy moving. mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan,
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d to show washington how we get things done
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>> live from your olympic station 7 news takes you into the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: spectacular finish after spectacular finish. 3 from relives some of the best finishes. durant rebounding from a loss in the 2012 nba finals by winning a gold medal in london. the all star is hoping to erase the bad taste in the conference finals against the warriors. and we'll take a look at the action over the past 2 weeks that will lead a life time of lasting memories. good evening everyone and welcome to the 7 news olympic


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