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tv   7 News Olympic Zone  NBC  August 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> live from your olympic station 7 news takes you into the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: spectacular finish after spectacular finish. 3 from relives some of the best finishes. durant rebounding from a loss in the 2012 nba finals by winning a gold medal in london. the all star is hoping to erase the bad taste in the conference finals against the warriors. and we'll take a look at the action over the past 2 weeks that will lead a life time of lasting memories. good evening everyone and welcome to the 7 news olympic
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i'm trey daerr. michael phelps and bolt continue to dominate in the pool and on the track. the womens team in rio a perfect 7 and 0 taking a 48 game winning streak into the olympics. yukon head coach leads team usa for a second straight olympic games. and rossy hitting 5 shots from behind the arc. helping olympic medal in women's basketball. u.s. womens volleyball team bouncing back nicely against the netherlands to capture the bronze medal with the win. team usa medals in its third straight olympics. mens soccer gold medal game. a 1-1 draw who else it's namar
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out helping brazil capture the country first ever gold medal in the olympic. germany handed the brazilians a 7 to 1 loss in the world cup finals. that near miss in london made the hanover new hampshire native realize medaling in rio was a possibility. nancy chen with more on tonight's home town hero. >> reporter: here in rio there she left empty handed. she told me when she came here she's ready for redemption. most olympians specialize in one sport. sarah true excelled in 3. >> i think the balance of 3 sports kept me fresh and engaged in the sport for as many years i've been in it.
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she has to deal with the surf but also the turf. before running 10,000 meters to the finish line. >> my strongest background is in swimming that. comes most naturally. i like to try to think of myself as a well balanced athlete. i try not to have favorites. >> reporter: the 34 year old completed her first triathlon in massachusetts in high school. >> i felt like as an athlete to be a good fit and i plunged in head first into being a full time triathlete which in hindsight is crazy. i can't believe i did that. >> reporter: lives in new hampshire with her husband ben who is an elite runner. the hills, trails and lakes surrounding them get her ready for rio. >> some of the best training in the world. >> reporter: true to her roots
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>> i really like maple syrup. a little bit in my water bottle. >> reporter: this time she has her eye on the podium. >> i'm going into this year with the clarity of focus i didn't have in 2012. i believe i'm capable of getting a medal. >> reporter: before competition she won't wash her hair she's afraid her swim cap will fall off if her hair >> anchor: true's bid for a medal coming up short. her legs seized up in the biking leg of the competition. coming up on the 7 news olympic zone a whirl wind summer for kevin durant. one that's about to end with a gold medal.
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>> anchor: checking in on the medal count team usa dominating the field in rio. the american sitting comfortably atop the medal count. china is second with 68. great britain rounds out the top 3 with 63 medals. we've witnessed photo finishes crowning achievements and the margin is between glory and 4 years worth of heart break. a look at the best finishes from rio so far. >> the olympic zone brought to you by omega the official time keeper of the olympic games. >> do battle. >> against the bold. >> a touch. >> unbelievable. >> a lunge, a kick. the difference between a medal
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time. at the pool there were come backs. >> 35 years old and he wins this by 1/100th of a second. >> world records crushed. >> katie ledecky will indeed get a world record. >> and even ties too close to break. >> there is a tie for gold. >> we've got a 3 way tie for the silver medal. >> a spectacular finale to his career. the most decorated olympian of all time proved his meddle. adding 6 more medals to his collection. road cyclist crystin armstrong didn't realize she won. >> did i win. >> reporter: achieving her third gold in a road. on a pitch a nail biter and thrills for sweden.
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>> sweden in the gold medal match. >> reporter: and later brazil. >> the basketball team avoided over time with this. >> it counts. it counts. game over spain wins it. >> reporter: at the olympic stadium bolt blew past his competition in the 100 and 200 meter dash. >> here he is still invisible. >> american women herd. >> the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> reporter: and shawnee miller dove across the finish line. >> a dive from miller in the line. >> reporter: but it was this finish that transcended all boundaries. >> it's a moment that you're never going to forget for the rest of your life. >> reporter: became tangled in a fall they helped each other out.
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>> reporter: johnny weir tara lepinsky are outspoken and often controversial. to cover cultural events for nbc. joe martin discovered not one minute of their trip was dull. >> reporter: they've been called america's it couple. tara lepinski grabbed gold in nagano. johnny weir vancouver. and become best buddies. [knocking] >> reporter: wake up, johnny. >> good morning. >> reporter: thanks for letting us wake up with you today. >> it's my pleasure to wake up with you. >> i'll make this quick to get coffee. where is tara? >> through there. >> adjoining rooms. >> that's how we roll.
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each other's sentences. johnny and tara are inseparable. >> it's hard for figure skaters. in our world it's conniving to trust another person from your own craft is difficult. i trust her completely if i'm on camera and she trusts me. >> when we were russia we bonded in a way that i've been friends with him my entire life. >> fun friendship and another bond >> we have 100 shoes together. 101 maybe. we set it up. every morning we decide what we're going to wear. jumpers, dresses, skirts, tops. isn't that cute. >> this is vintage. this is my olympic blazer. >> what would you say is the wildest piece in this group? is it this? >> no that's tuesday.
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i've got funnies. >> what do you say to people who look at this and say it's the olympics these are crazy outfits. >> why not? i'm an olympian. >> bye guys. >> from their podcast. >> from rio. >> to their hugely popular shared instagram account. this brand building duo is designed to succeed. succeed.. >> i mean for sure we have to get a christ the redeemer statue. >> reporter: get souvenirs naturally. >> there's a ball right there. we need that for our skits. >> okay. >> reporter: from theirantics to their outfits johnny and tara are always the picture perfect pair. >> reporter: there's nothing
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up next in the 7 news olympic zone relive the past 2 weeks in rio and celebrate the greatest moments from the 2016 summer games. check in with travis stevens with 5 things you may not know about the silver medalist in
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>> going for gold brought to you by your new england honda dealers. >> reporter: kevin durant began the summer as the most sought after free agent in the nba. now the newly minted golden state warrior about to end his summer by capturing a second
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>> reporter: kevin durant has one gold medal from london and hoping to bring one home from rio as well. for kevin durant it's been one interesting summer. tom brady even tried to put him in celtics green. then deciding to sign with the golden state warriors. after a trip to hong kong team usa came calling. >> since 2012 i wanted to be a part of this team. i was hoping and praying toe take full advantage of it. >> reporter: he says he's ready. >> i feel well rested. i'm healthy. i got the desire to play. i want to bring another gold back home. >> reporter: durant soaking these games in staying on a cruise ship. seeing sights, took in matches. met the swim team and played close games. >> 100 to 97 victory.
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>> you also got the best players in the world on your team. guys we compete with every night. i've been battling them for 9 years to come together for one common goal to see everybody sacrifice it makes you into a better man, better person, son, father, everything. >> reporter: plans on going home with gold. >> being a part of a group that doesn't care about nothing else but a common goal. honor to be a part of special. >> reporter: there is pressure on durant to repeat. in rio nancy chen 7 news. >> anchor: thank you nancy. with the win over serbia tomorrow. and it will mark the american's 6th gold in the olympic games. we'll look back at the moments from rio that will stay with us
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>> you're back in the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: after coming away empty handed in his first 2 trips to the olympics. travis stevens came through in rio winning a medal in judo. team usa's first ever olympic medal in that weight class. more on stevens fast 5. >> i'm going to have to a ladin. that's like the most common one i'll pull up. big bang theory. i'm good at games. >> reporter: like what? >> ping pong, pool, bar room style darts those types of games. nothing. >> reporter: nothing's in your frige. >> i never cook.
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probably a teacher.. >> reporter: of what? >> history. >> reporter: as we wrap up our last episode on the olympic zone. here's a look back at the lasting moments in rio at the games of the 31st olympiad. >> the olympic zone brought to you by x-finity the future of awesome. >> it's the thing y about. but it's also the thing that scares you the most. this is one of those things where you live in the moment. >> michael phelps contemplated retirement. he was done as he said 4 years ago. >> it's a story you just cannot
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>> the first ever puerto rican woman to win a medal and it's the best color of all. >> that embrace. this atmosphere. this match are what the olympics are all about. >> doghurst for sweden to send them into the semifinals and she scores. and the united states are out of the olympic games. >> look at the emotion and on the other hand we saw absolute despair and olympics. >> the dream has come true for brazil. >> 1, 2, 3 for the united states. >> katie ledecky will indeed get another gold medal in in 800 and a world record. and only 19 years old. >> without question olympic gold medalist in the all around
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team in olympics history. >> we are the final 5. >> oh, emmanuel is going to do it. >> this medal is not just for me it's for all the people after me who believe they can't do it. >> there's usain bolt still invincible. >> number one. remember that. >> the greatest of all time did it again. >> a go olympic race of his career. >> 23 golds, 28 total. >> it's not the end of a career it's the beginning of a new journey. >> it's a moment that you're never ever going to forget the rest of your life. >> it's been an unbelievable 2 weeks. 2 days are left.
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track and field. more lasting moments in rio.
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>> the olympic zone brought to you by bmw the ultimate driving machine. >> reporter: welcome back to the 7 news olympic zone. here's bob costas with a look at what's next in prime time on 7
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we'll have a last look at some of the olympics best athletes. on the track allison felix the most decorated female olympian of all time will try to add one more medal. a race the americans haven't lost at the olympics since barcelona in 1992. meanwhile the american men will try to reclaim their title in the event after being upset by matthew cent row wits leadaise pack of challenges in the 1500. it's all coming up in prime time. >> thank you bob. that's all our time for this half hour. thank you for joining us. for the latest olympic news log
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? to win the gold medal. for the host nation brazil. against hall. right footed, takes it and scores! brazil striker olympic gold for the first time in their history! they've completed the set of international titles at last. and it's nema who is the hero! >> marlowe on the call. ending that's not scripted any better.


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