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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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in police and face as judge today. jonathan hall has more. >> reporter: quite disturbing, nick, in this state everybody is supposed to report suspected child abuse that includes pastors and in this case it was a pastor here at this church behind me who reported a fellow pastor and went to the division of children, youth and families. prosecutors say 37-year-old steven jesmer is charged with three counts of felony aggravated sexual assault. three counts of s witness tampering for asking his alleged victim to keep quiet. until 2 months ago he had been head pastor at the new dialock church in manchester, new hampshire. >> i loved him as a pastor. he was a guy of character and, you know, i follow him anywhere. >> reporter: charis mat snick. >> very charismatic. >> reporter: police have evidence he had sex with a
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neighbors say jesmer is marry and has two young daughters. no one was home this afternoon. >> i see them and i don't see them as an issue or anything. >> reporter: seemed happy. >> seemed very happy. very happy family. >> reporter: police report says jesmer can have identified to another pastor he felt bad and had crossed the line. he was immediately terminated for "moral failure." this pastor the judge told him to stay away from the victim and from all people under age 18. jonathan hall, 7 news. >> nick: is man is in serious condition after falling from scaffoldings in roxbury. this happen around 2:00. we are told the man fell at least three stories. also breaking sky 7 over the scene where police say a man was hit by a tree.
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there and a bucket truck near some of the trees. with some caution tape there. that is blind the herb chambers dealership on comavenue in the allston brookline area. the man was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. >> jadiann: also breaking today former massachusetts senator scott brown has now been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit against fox news. the suit claims he made inappropriate comments to a former fox news live with the breaking details. >> reporter: former senator scott brown says the claims made by a suit filed by former fox news coast andrea tantaros aren't true. brown was named in the complaint and it would be important to note the lawsuit is not filed against him but he is mentioned in it. the suit was filed in supreme court in manhattan against fox news and former boss rager ailes. tantaros says he was harassed by brown on the set
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appearance on her show. the lawsuit saying while he was on the set brown allegedly told tantaros she could be fun to go to a nightclub with. the lawsuit goes on to say brown snuck up behind tantaros while she was' pushing lunch and put his hands on her lower waist. she told brown stop. senator brown tells me none of that happened. >> i have no knowledge of what she is referring to. to answer your question i never touched her around her waist in a lunch line y. would i do that? >> reporter: she said stop. >> i have no knowledge of that. if it was anything in a lunch line it would be good show. that's what do i with the guys, that's what i do with the women. i've done that for three years and will continue to do it. >> reporter: in the lawsuit tantaros said she was punished for complaining about sexual harassment several times. the network runs "sex fueled play boy mansion."
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fox at another sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against him and the network. what scott brown's wife has to say about all of this. dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: tom brady talking about a sissors mishap that caused him to miss playing time. it was a silly accident. steve cooper live at gillette stadium with the story. >> reporter: nick, it should be no surprise what t.b. 12 speaks everybody is intently when brady stepped to the microphone talking about a slip of the scissors. >> i had to take care of something so it's good to be back. >> reporter: back at practice after being mia. he went offering much insight on his absence from training camp over the past couple of days however he was talking about a slip of the scissors that sidelined him from last week's pre-season game. >> i was ready to g. had everything on. i was trying to get
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just silly accident. >> reporter: a silly accident that kind of hurt. >> i let out a probably loud, you know word i won't repeat in front of my kids. and then, yeah, couldn't believe it and i got it checked out. >> reporter: the qb is moving on happy to be back with his team mates focusing his attention on the pre-season game at carolina. not the four games he will miss over the kindergarten saga. >> i'll deal with those four weeks when they come but i'm preparing to prepare like i would last year and the year before. >> reporter: you won't see him using scissors any time soon. >> crappy way to not be out. there because it's a silly mistake. but you know, i'm glad it wasn't in the regular season. and i learned from it and hopefully won't be operating any more scissors for a while. >> reporter: so from
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here that the thumb is a.o.k.and brady says he will be ready to suit up on friday night in carolina against the panthers in the pre-season game if he is called upon to placement steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the cleanup in concord where people are dealing with the aftermath of a tornado. the storm hit early monday morning while many people were asleep. >> now we're done to not that is minor compared to what our friends are deal with. >> while they're willing to bring the wire to the house i'm responsible for a conduit that goes from the electrical up to the roof. having a trouble finding an electrician right now. >> anchor: no one was hurt but 39 homes in all were damaged. weather wise things much calmer now. >> jadiann: totally different morning for us this morning and into the afternoon, even fall-like temperatures out. there chief meteorologist
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going on out there right now. he was talking to us earlier saying we can really look forward to a nice week ahead. i hope that is the case. what have you got over there? >> reporter: yes, this morning the numbers dropped back down to the 40s, norwood a low of 44. boston a low of 61. bedford at 48. right now delightful. upper 07's to around boston, worcester 74. the dew point temperatures are low. very dry. very comfole honestly there is not much going on, high pressure is with us and it's in the going to move all that much so we're talk about more sunshine tomorrow. tonight 54-63 and tomorrow lots of sun. temperatures little bit warmer tomorrow. >> jadiann: president obama is visiting flooding victims today in louisiana. the area was recently hammered with trillions of gallons of rain, 13 people
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60,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. many have questioned whyed president's trip didn't happen sooner. the president didn't want to be a distraction to the recovery efforts. >> president obama: we're heart broken by the loss of live. there are also people who are trying to track down friends and family. we're going to help them every way we can. >> jadiann: the red cross is calling the flooding the since hurricane sandy hit the northeast 4 years ago. >> anchor: turning to the race for the white house hillary clinton campaigning in california as donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. steve handelsman reports. [applause] >> reporter: donald trump vowing only to build his wall. >> the wall will go up so fast your head will spin. and you will say, you know, he meant it.
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quickly deport 11 million. he flipped on fox. >> the existing laws are very strong. the existing laws, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to get rid of all the bad once. >> reporter: the criminals known to police. the rest will go through some kind of a process. like what president obama is already doing. >> what people don't know is that obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. >> reporter: trump demands a investigate hillary clinton. reminder of the investigation in the 90s that got bill clinton impeached. hillarys e-mail reveal her state department did favors for donors to the clinton foundation. >> none of it looks good. >> reporter: biography jonathan allen. >> i know there were people who think this shouldn't have been going on. the connection should have been severed a long time ago. >> reporter: she joked on
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boring. i'm embarrassed about that. >> reporter: as new batches of clinton e-mails are made public which could take weeks they'll be searched for conflicts of interest or cover-ups. it's loretta lynch who would have to decide if a special prosecutor is warranted. >> jadiann: also on 7 police are investigating a fatal fight in worcester. the fight happened on hamilton street. police responded to the c 24-year-old man unconscious with a single gunshot wound. he was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. the man's neighbor has been charge and could face more charges. police in planville looking for two accused shop lifters. warrants have been irish shoed for -- issued for jason and they are accused of stealing from the linville target. the two are also considered suspects in other thefts. >> anchor: four people
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the fire appears to be deliberately set after a domestic argument. two girls, the infant and man were killed. it took around 200 feeters to put out the flames. investigators searching for the person responsible. >> jadiann: zika fears intensifying, where new cases are spreading. >> anchor: impressive head out of the ballpark and it >> jadiann: a deaf man shot and killed by a state trooper in north carolina. what some people his death -- why some people say his death could have been avoided. kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire...
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>> jadiann: a a minor leaguer i should say crushing a ball out of the park but the problem here was that the ball wound up smashing his own truck's wine shield. >> anchor: as ryan schulteis shows us, the likely makes this the costiest home run he has ever hit. you might call it the grant slam felt by the man who dealt the crushing blow. sunday night brandon thomas hit a home run in a broke the window of this tundra
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he also owns the truck. >> when i hit it i knew i got it. i wasn't sure if it was going to be fair or foul but they stayed fair. >> reporter: that's right the smash to the truck owned by thomas came at the hands of none other than the truck's owner brandon thomas. >> the things that has to line up for that to happen. he has to park the car in the spot. it has to be turned the rye way. >> reporter: in a play-off hunt the gateway were down 3-0 when thomas led the team to an eventual 17-6 win. >> the chances of something like this happening in that situation, you know, just can't be too high. >> reporter: soon the blast that sheeterred the windshield of the man who hit the blast that shattered the windshield become to
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down here. that is pretty good damage. so at least i know i hit it good. >> reporter: it's a moment he is probably not going to forget especially with the repair bill to remind him. ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're getting breaking news. a small private plane has crashed in a way, made this emergency landing. this is on a sand bar. as we're g image from sky 7 h.d. you can see where this is. just in the northern part of the quabbin reservoir there. so we're being told that the pilot was the only person on board and not injured. imagine how terrifying that must been as he realized he had to go into the landing. >> >> anchor: it appears he is okay. just by looking at the plane i believe it's one of the short take off and landing
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on a small patch of land. so obviously, the right type of aircraft if some emergency like this is going to happen. for that plane to be able to, it appears to have skidded along the sand barr there in the middle of the reservoir. so it appears this pilot was able to bring the plane down. contact mass state police and now the question is what exactly happened? how are they going to get the plane off of the sand bar? we'll keep an eye on things here. this is on the quabbin jadiann, you have more information on this. >> jadiann: mass state police tweeted out in a the pilot reported engine problems prior to landing. they pull in all caps the plane didn't crash. he wasn't planning on landing there but it wasn't a crash. he did put the plane down on the sand bar. they're getting authorities involved. >> anchor: see how they get the plane out of there.
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of this and keep you updated. >> jadiann: coming up wildfires burning out of control out west. what's making the blaze even harder to contain. >> reporter: fantastic late summer day. more sunshine for tomorrow. forecast up next. >> anchor: more than $200,000 stolen from a car dealership, police concerned this could be connected it a
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>> reporter: oh, marriages late summer weather much more like this on the way for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. we do start too warm things up and for some of you by friday there may be some humidity in the air. i think that might lead to an isolated shower or storm. the month of august all these orange squares indicating temperatures warmer than normal. on pace to be the holtest august on injured.
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humidity starts to build. in it terms of the summer, you take it back to the first of june until august 31st that is meteorological summer, averaging number 5, this would be the 5th warmest summer on record for the city of boston. also on pace to be the driest summer on record. so a lot of warmth and a lot of sunshine. that's the case. a lot of sunshine. very comfortable. 70s to around 80. fitchburg 80. worcester 7 w cities and towns this morning starting their day in the upper 40s and the low 50s, high pressure doesn't move much. so for tonight mostly clear, comfortable. not quite as cool as it was this morning but 50s and 60s early tomorrow morning. then more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow 83-88. boston, tomorrow afternoon 87. norwood at 88. attleboro at 88. merrimack valley may not upper 08's, fitchburg 83.
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nantucket at 80. temperatures tomorrow running in itself upper 70s to the low 80's high tide not until late tomorrow afternoon. there is tomorrow for you. thursday partly sunny skies. a little about the of humidity around on thursday with temperatures thursday mid 80s, friday is a muggy day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. here comes a cool front. not a lot of cool air but that mate spark a isolated thundershower and for the weeken, less humid. mid and upper 80's see you at 4:30. >> anchor: check of the roads. here is george brown with fast track traffic. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're high above east milton on the expressway northbound, this is a left lane crash. you can see that is the northbound traffic. they have the left lanes taken, only one lane is getting by as they clean this up. you can see the so you can is also affected. as boston fire has an engine
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that causing backups, stalled from braintree to the crash northbound. southbound is locked up from the tunnel then you are back into it before granite avenue. let's look at what is happening north of town right now. on the zakim bridge northbound it's heavy and slow up to medford. breaks free then heavy again after 495. 128 has been very busy all afternoon. see southbound from route 2 to route 9 almost a half hour ride. northbound on 1 over a half hour go from route 9 up to andover. mass pike has been very busy. you can see you are locked up after the tolls out past route 16. he have again after the weston tolls. i'm good morning brown, 7 news -- george brown. 7 news. >> anchor: we continue to track wildfires across the countries. >> jadiann: firefighters have a tough time keeping up. the cherry road fire has
4:25 pm
acres. officials also blame this invasive species called sheep grass for adding literally fuel to the flames. >> we're no longer seeing anything that is resembles a natural fire cycle. we're seeing a cycle with a shortened fire interval. fire is returning to some sites every 2-3 years. >> jadiann: is blaze is threatening oregon's, one of their state parks and it's unclear how the fire start and firefighters continue to battle the chimney fire. it moved from one county into a neighboring monterey county where it continues to threaten homes, crews have been setting controlled fires in hopes of stopping the main one which is normal routine in fighting these. many residents have been ordered to evacuate. >> anchor: next, a terrifying assault in the south end. a woman says a man attacked
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>> jadiann: heart stopping moment. a car plows right through the glass. >> anchor: at 5:00 tom brady back with his team. what he is saying about an injury that sidelined him. >> jadiann: a former massachusetts senator named in a sexual assault case. now at 5:00 what his wife is saying about the accusations. i absolutely love my new york apartment, good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> anchor: we're following breaking news first at 4:30, sky 7 h.d.over the quabbin reservoir where a pilot had to make an emergency landing. massachusetts state police say land on the sand bar on the northern part of the reservoir. the pilot is okay. officials say the pilot reported engine problems before touching down on the small piece of land right in the middle of the body of water. they stressed the plane didn't crash. a state police boat is apparently on the way to help the pilot. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news in manchester where former pastor has been arrested for
4:30 pm
the man, 37-year-old steven jesmer, had sex with a 13-year-old girl who was a parish err at his church. he was immediately fired after can have identifying in a -- confiding with a fellow pastor about the encounter. he is free after posting bail and ordered to stay away from anyone young irthan 18. >> anchor: sky 7 over the scene of an accident here, police say a man was hit by a falling tree. police there with a it's behind the herb chamber dealership. the man was taken to the hospital. we don't have an update on his condition. >> jadiann: more breaking news, former massachusetts senator scott brown has been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit against fox news. the suit claims he made inappropriate comments to former fox news host andrea tantaros. she says she was harassed by brown on setting and after


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