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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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scene. kelli o'hara joins us live on the phone with more of the details. >> reporter: the plane landing safe and sound. pilot again okay. the state police say, lucky to be alive after this eergency landing. troopers reported the pilot reported engine problems before landing. this happened before 4:00. you can see on sky 7 h.d.the plane on a sand bar in the quabbin reservoir in the town of north salem. okay after very scary moments. forced landing in the middle of the reservoir. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> adam: we're following breaking news out of brookline. sky 7 over the scene where a man was hit by a tree. this was along commonwealth avenue. kimberly bookman live in brookline with details on this story. >> reporter: it happened in this alley down the road here behind me in brookline
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scene. police teg us that belmont landscaping and tree service was hired to cut trees behind their apartment. somehow a branch about 30 inches in length welt and struck an employee working at nearby herb chambers b.m.w.on comavenue. the branch fell on the worker's head. the worker does valet for them. he is a 29-year-old man. he was transported in serious condition to beth israel hospital where he is back out here live at this time, you can see the scene is still roped off. an investigation is going on. we'll continue to follow it and bring you the latest. reporting life from brookline are kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> jadiann: also breaking the form earth pastor of a church in manchester, new hampshire, is aus coo of the sexually -- accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. he turned himself to police after a lengthy investigation. >> adam: he did face a judge for the first time today. let's get out to jonathan
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breaking details. >> reporter: the details pretty disgusting details are listed in this four-page application for asearch warrant. they talk about a couple of different ins accidents. one that happened at the girl's home in early june. another that happened here at the dialogue church in the pastor's office. prosecutors say both encounters did happen in the month of june. prosecutors say 37-year-old steven jesmer, a former pennsylvaniaor at this manchester, new hampshi, felonies after having sex with a 13-year-old girl on two occasions in june. at jesmer's house no answer. neighbors say pastor steve has a wife and two little girls. who are often out jumping on a back yard trampoline. >> he was a nice guy. i mean until you see them do something like that and you wonder why. >> reporter: according to a police report jesmer can conneed that had he felt bad
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it was another member of the clergy who reported him. >> kind of shocking because i always see him every morning when i take my kids to school. >> reporter: jesmer has a christian blog on line. his most recent post came in february called what p. diddy and jesus have in common. >> seemed very happy, very happy family. >> reporter: police here in manchester, new hampshire, are still investigating whether there could possibly be other victims. they waneo information to call detectives working the case. a parishner there are 40-50 children who go to church here. this former pastor is free after posting $100,000 bond. he has been told to stay away from all people under the age of 18 including of course this 13-year-old girl jonathan hall, 7 news. >> adam: also breaking former massachusetts senator scott brown speaking out at his new hampshire home after
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harassment lawsuit against fox news. the lawsuit was filed by a former fox news host who said brown harassed her after he appeared on her show. dan hausle is live with more on what he had to say. >> reporter: this is the 37-page lawsuit filed in a new york city court. senator scott brown tells me he was caught completely by surprise to hear he is named on page 17. he is denying what is claimed in the suit. >> we are going to come out and refute the claims in a couple of days. >> reporter: former massachusetts senator scott brown denying claims from a forecasts news host that he sexually harassed her and brown's wife angrily reacting to accusation. >> to be charged like this in a public forum is outrageous. >> reporter: former incomes news andrea tantaros makes the claims in a lawsuit just filed against fox news, former boston roger ailes and other top
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contributor on fox and the tantaros says brown acted inappropriately in august of last year when he appeared on her show. in a suit against fox, not brown, tantaros says brown made a number of sexually inappropriate comments to tantaros on set including and in a suthive manner that tantaros would be fun to go to a nightclub with. the court papers say brown put his hands on her lower waist. she pulled back telling brown to stop. senator brown says he doesn't know talking about. >> i've no knowledge of what she is refusing, to i never touched her around her waist in a lunch line? why would do i that. >> show said stop. >> i've no knowledge of that. >> reporter: the suit was filed after ailes resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations from another female fox news host. brown's wife gail huff says her husband is the victim here. not tantaros. >> the whole thing is
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that get dragged through the mud like this for no reason. >> reporter: in a lawsuit tantaros says she and fox have been fighting over her writing a book about the network. brown called bosses at fox and said they have no problems with them. he is appearing on the net wok twice today and more in the coming day, dan hausle, 7 news. >> ready to go. head -- i tried to get something out of my shoe. scissors slip and a silly accident. >> jadiann: patriots quarterback tom brady breaking his silence after an accident with a pair of scissors, brady said he is back in action on the fields. steve coop ser live for us at gillette with more an what brady had so say. sounds like an accident. >> reporter: it was, a thumbs up from the quarterback who showed up
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the pattle -- bats qb talking about his run in with a pair of skies gluers it's good to be back with the team. >> reporter: it was thumbs up for number 12 back in the house after missing two days of training camp. when tom brady speaks everyone listens especially after we know it was scissors that sidelined him from last week's game against the bears after he cut his thumb. >> i was ready to go. had everything on. i was something out of my shoe. scissors slip and just a silly accident. >> reporter: he calmed the nerves of patriots nation saying had it been a regular season game he would have played but pre-season coaches said no go. >> i do everything to can to make sure i'm out. there i wanted to go the other night but coach made a great decision. >> reporter: brady says his fing ser fine but what
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>> i let out loud word i wouldn't repeat in front of my kids and then, yeah, couldn't believe it and i got it checked out. >> reporter: as for missing the first four games of the regular season that is not first and foremost -- >> we'll deal with the four weeks when they come but i'm trying to prepare this week like i would last year and the year before and try to just prepare the best i can. says he will suit up and travel with the team to carolina for friday night's pre-season game with the panthers. he will be ready to play if the coach needs him. live at gillette tonight steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: cleanup continues after wild weather in concord, mass. monday's tornado leaving a toil of destruction behind. crews back on the scene today. no one was injured but almost 40 homes were
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everything? byron barnett live in concord with us for a closer look. >> reporter: yes, still a lot of work to do around here this. is what folks are dealing with. huge trees like this and debris. covering their yards. today was the day of cleaning up and trying to get back to normal. >> how many trees do you figure you lost? >> i would say minimum 100. >> 100 really? >> i think so et. >> reporter: susan still in shock, huge trees down one limp punching through her roof. >> when i was in the hallway the tornado went through. the whole place was shaking. the area was, it was unbelievable. like a freight train. >> reporter: this oak is one of the massive trees that was uprooted in susan's yard. after the tornado came through, she could hear the trees come crashing down. >> it felt like bombs
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you couldn't sleep. >> reporter: trees swung through the air as crews worked to clear debris, open road and restore power to the hard-hit area. residents dealing with the out of pocket costs of removing replaced the downed trees. >> puts it as it was before. to put it together again. i don't think it's going to be less than $10,000 more. >> reporter: the twister hit part of minuteman national park narrowly missing the historic hawthorn house. >> we're very lucky, this is a one of a opportunity piece of property and to have damage to that would have been just detrimental to not only the residents of concord but the american public. >> reporter: about 1,000 homes lost power, concord light says power has been restored to all of them expect for three that still need private contractor
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but the debris around here, cleanup is going to continue for several days to come. the latest live in concord i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> adam: a u.s. soldier is skill of killed in action in southern afghanistan. this attack comes one day after additional u.s. troops were sent to the area to we have up defense there. >> jadiann: people in louisiana getting a presidential president obama checking out the damage left blind by intense flooding. recovery efforts are well under way after tens of thousands of homes were damaged. nick emmons joins us with more on today's visit. >> reporter: president obama taking a lot of criticism for his late arrival to louisiana. he spent a couple of weeks vacating up here on martha's vineyard. the president says the federal response will continue for months to come. the area was recently hammered with a lot of rain.
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13 people died and more than 60,000 homes were damaged. many have questioned why the president's trip didn't happen sooner but the director of fema said the president didn't want to be a distraction from the recovery efforts. >> president obama: we're heart broken by the loss of life. there are also people who are still desperately trying to track down friends and family. we're going to keepon helping them every way we can. >> reporter: the red cross is calling the historic louisiana flooding country's worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy hit the northeast 4 years ago. the red cross received $7. 8 million in donations for flood victims but it's looked to cover an estimated $30 million in costs. live in the newsroom i'm nick emmons, 7 news. >> adam: today donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton.
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group accuses her of giving clinton foundation donors special access to the state department while she was secretary of state. a hint came in ohio when donald trump vowed only to build his wall. >> that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. you will say, you know he meant it. >> reporter: trump says he does not mean to quickly deport 11 million people anymore. he flipped on fox. >> the existing laws are very strong. the existing laws that first thing we're going going to get rite of -- get rid of all of the bad ones. >> reporter: the bad ones will be deported. >> what people don't know is that obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. >> reporter: trump demands a special prosecutor investigate hillary clinton, a reminder of the special investigation in a got built
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>> it doesn't look good. none of it looks like. >> reporter: this is bad news. >> i know there are people in clinton's camp who think shall shouldn't be have been going on. >> reporter: hillary joked on jimmy jimel. >> -- >> i'm embarrassed about my e-mails, they're so boring averages as new batches of i. males are released which could take weeks be searched. as for a special prosecutors against clinton attorney general loretta lynch would be the one to decide if one is warranted. >> jadiann: still to come questionable confrontation, a state police station trooper in north carolina under investigation after the deadly shooting of an unarmed deaf man. >> adam: 59:30 the stunning scene as a car plows into the front of a memphis store. >> jadiann: crews are onscene after a plane lands
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...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me... i'll never stop fighting for you. >> adam: a death investigation is happening in the north carolina afternoon a deaf man was shot and killed by a state police trooper last week. police say the man refused to pull over for speeding and was shot during a
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avoided. >> family and friends are searching for answers as they gathered for a vigil to remember the victim, chris and therson reports. >> reporter: family and friends gathering to remember daniel harris, his young son lighting a candle for his father, now gone from his life forever. harris who was deaf was fatally shot by a trooper last thursday night after allegedly failing to pull over for speeding. leading police on a brief pursuit that ended just outside of his harris' brother who is also deaf remembered his brother. >> he was a hand some man. he had a beautiful smile. he was easy to smile, too. great sense of humor. sociable. >> reporter: in a statement the north carolina highway patrol said in part the driver exited his vehicle and an encounter took police between the driver and trooper causing a shot to be fired. >> when the gunshot went off really just scared. >> reporter: mark is
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trained to realize this is entirely different situation. you are pulling someone over that is deaf. >> reporter: daniel's brother says he experienced similar situations. >> i pulled over and within a few seconds the officer is at my window with his weapon drawn in my face. it's like i motioned to him i'm deaf. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news the national association of the deaf says in part deaf individuals are often a crowd funding site has been set up by the harris family for a memorial and according to one post any additional funding will go toward training law enforcement in dealing with the deaf. harris' family also hopes to create an alert system that would let police now whether
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driver when they run a license plate check. the trooper remains on leaf during this investigation. kris anderson, 7 news. >> reporter: more sunshine for tomorrow. a warming trend for the rest of the week. forecast up next. >> jadiann: then at 5:30 a costly home run. a baseball player knocking one out of the park but ended up costing him a whole lot of cash.
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: gorgeous across southern new england. these are pictures from sky 7 h.d.out at the quabbin. they've been telling you about the plane that had to make a landing out there in the sand bars. the quabbin is down because of our drought here but i was curious to see how far zone it and it's running at 87% of capacity. which is i t gallons of water which serves metro boston and the quabbin reservoir is running at normal status so there is no concern there for the drinking water and the supply around metro boston. granted on the pictures that you've seen there is exposed sand. sand bars revealing themselves more than you would normally like to see in a drought. we do have more sunshine on tap. i don't have any significant rain in the forecast.
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afternoon but nothing significant or widespread. this morning these were the temperatures this morning. if you were out around 6:00 am, invigorating, norwood at 44. bedford had a loaf 48. downtown boston a low of 61. norwood makes the recovery back to the upper 70s and low 80's 80 right now. cape and the islands temperatures running to the mid 70s, high pressure is with us and it's not really even moving. so this area of high pressure and thery mostly clear. another comfortable night for sleeping. i don't think we'll find our way to the 40s norwood but this ranges here i include is thinking norwood for the cool spot then downtown boston for the warm spot. then the rest of us, we're sandwiched in between. most likely in the mid and upper 50s early tomorrow morning, tomorrow lots of sunshine. it is a warmer day tomorrow. but not a lot of humidity. southwest wind 7-13 miles an hour. boston around 84.
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afternoon. norwood 88. north shore, sea coast mid and upper 80s, barrie around 83. on the cape, mashpee 82. nantucket at 83. a great day for the beaches. sunshine boosting temperatures 78-83. water temperatures, part of summer that it's invigorating, inviting, 7 on 7 forecast. much the same on thursday, friday, again more humid on friday an the risk of an isolated shower or storm. see you at 5:30. >> adam: still ahead trouble in thes tunnel. a car clipping a piece of construction equipment in the ted williams tunnel overnight. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news bringing you a live look from sky 7 a small plane makes an emergency landing and state police are trying to figure out how to get it out of there. we're going to follow this for you and bring you the
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>> jadiann: breaking news where the police commissioner is speaking about an assault that happened in the south end. let's hear what he has to say. >> he forced her into the kalter playground where she was' sexually assaulted. the victim crime and i'm happy to announce after an exhaustive investigation around the clock, with our sexual assault and special investigation we want to announce an arrest tonight. we locked up an individual. edwarda rodriguez who is 31 years who lives in the city of boston. for this the vicious sexual assault.
5:30 pm
in this case, the victim, the poor victim who so farred this for being so brave amend coming forward. due to her bravery, and her making a positive identification, we were able to lock this individual up this afternoon at 3:30 down around mel -- did melina kass and mass avenue. it was great work. th released from prison in december this year. through the work of monitoring gps bracelet and with the i.d., you know we're working look for this individual probably for the last 16 hours and we're happy to we have him in custody because heaves a dangerous individual who obviously committed a really


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