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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> tony: that's right. >> mike: who is 298? >> tony: brett favre. >> mike: good company. >> tony: it was amazing being down in brazil having people stop you. >> mike: big hit on glidden and the ball comes out. let's see if it is ruled a catch and a fumble and it is and it is recovered by miami. >> cris: whoa! gary is getting recognition. watch him shoot up out of the middle right here. absolutely clean hit. catch. couple of steps. >> cris: helmet right on the ball. >> mike: beautiful. legit and looked to be recovered inbounds. >> cris: did he ever have full possession of that? if i have to get into what is a catch already, i am go to let it
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>> mike: on the back end gets it. yeah. he does get the second foot down before the other foot comes out of bounds. >> tony: i don't know if he has it or not. >> mike: got to secure the catch, two steps and then essentially do something with it. time to do something with it. recovery. right foot. left foot. >> tony: i don't know. >> cris: i think that is good. i am not sure about the catch. >> tony: i am not so sure that is good. >> referee: previous play will be reviewed. >> mike: we will look at this here with 1:20 left. >> cris: dean blandino thought he could go home, but no. we are going to milk it for all it is worth. >> tony: i don't know if he got it put away. >> cris: that was a great toe tap. >> tony: ball is still moving. >> mike: you are going on the
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we are watching the feet. >> tony: yeah. >> mike: this is the way that they judge these. looking at it in real time we so often slow them down. the way you need to look at it is in full speed. i feel like he is trying to do something. ward off a would-be hit or protect himself. >> cris: gary just wants to talk about the hit. >> mike: that's right. >> cris: it makes a difference in there. kam chancellor, some of those guys. you had a pretty good one back in the day himself. >> tony: bob sanders? >> cris: he was one too. john lynch. >> tony: john lynch. >> cris: what do you think about adam gase? >> tony: i really like him. i was down in miami for their off-season workouts for a day. and the players like this guy
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he relates to them. he is not that much older. he talks their language. he works with all of the video stuff and the electronics. they like him. i think he is going to do great. >> cris: that was a funny story. he was talking about it as a head coach, you can listen to the offensive coaches and then flip it to the defensive coaches. he said i am calling all of th and i am used to be on with the offensive coaches and i flipped over to the defensive coaches. >> referee: ruling on the field is changed. the recovering player was on the sideline when he gained possession of the ball. fourth down for atlanta. >> tony: i called it. >> mike: tony raises his arms. you know it is good to see competitors. 1:20 left but you got it right, tony. >> tony: it was a catch on the recovery.
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as mike said. two feet down with a chance to do something with the ball. >> cris: if it is in your fingers, you got it. you never dropped a ball in your fingers like that. another one. >> mike: they have to reset the sticks. fourth and about a third of the field. fourth and 32 with 1:20 to go. the falcons are go to just go for it. one more snap. seeing the guys on tape at this point. outcome is not significant. renfree throws to the sideline as he took a hit before he got rid of it. austin hooper with the catch. they will turn it over on downs. tony, we talked about you think in rio. you said this is one of the best sports moment you were a part of
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brazil winning on penalty kicks. >> tony: the whole night was incredible but the climax and the win and the way that it exploded and the party went out into the streets. it was phenomenal. >> cris: neymar, the world famous neymar that ended up making the game-winner. >> mike: olympic soccer is not the same significance as the world cup but they were embarrassed in the world cup in that stadium. that is like their lambeau field, their shrine. them 7-1 and came back to get them. >> mike: they were able to beat germany in the final, a 1-0 draw and they won the gold medal on penalty kicks. >> tony: i was starting to say, mike, people ask me for my autograph. i say where are you from. i am from brazil, columbia, belgium. they watch nfl football. that took me by sproourprise. >> cris: they just ask me for
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>> mike: cris, miami, everybody's schedule looks tough but this is brutal. they have to play at seattle, at new england, at cincinnati. cleveland is the only home game. very difficult stretch, three playoff teams on the road to get going. you get relief in october with the home games but a hard way there to start your coaching career. >> cris: but you are also early in the season you might not see the absolute best out of the other teams and you are trying to develop something and put the offense together. would you rather see those teams? it is hard to get a win out of that schedule. would you rather take your shot early or see them later in the year? >> cris: that is the thing you worry about as a coach. >> tony: going on the road to seattle, new england, cincinnati, now you are 1-3. or 0-4 at the beginning and all of the confidence leaves you. that is what you are concerned about.
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with that schedule given what you saw in the next four at home including a bye week, 2-2 or 1-3 miami might still be okay. >> cris: i heard people say new england will be happy if they go 2-2. no. new england will not. no they will not. >> mike: tony, thanks. great visiting with you. >> tony: awesome. >> mike: see you in the studio. >> tony: thank you. >> mike: this is the first game. he was about done at halftime. miami gets the win 17-6. their offense looked good in the first half with 199 yards. and they will move to 2-1 in the preseason. the falcons will drop to 2-1. join us and our sunday night team in jacksonville sunday for the bengals and the jaguars, 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> now at 11 a community prays for a boy what investigators say what happened before he was found under water. >> tonight, why many here say this could have been prevented. >> some spots could see some much-needed rain t fantastic com summer weekend instore. close in the finish line in the race against zika. >> a local helicopter pilot describes the tough task to just one station. >> and a warning for iphone users tonight what apple says you need to do to protect your data. >> now from the night team. >> 7 news at 11 starts now. >> fist here at 11, family member jumps in to make a swift save when a boy is found
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tonight the 4 year old is in the hospital. >> and we're learning more about where the moments are found. brandon. >> police say the boy was supervised but as we know it only takes a second. he went under water and sunk to the bottom, the adult had to jump in and pull him out. police say a 4 year old had to be flown to the hospital it happened just after 2:30 p.m. sky investigators say there was a huge response from police, firefighters, and ems to the home. when they arrived a 4 year old boy was in a semi conscious state and breathing on his own. medical personnel made the decision to fly the own boy on a helicopter to a hospital in boston ch police say there were adults on scene, incolliding at least one parent of the child. they pulled him out of the pool, and called 911. >> i don't know the family, but i feel terrible. i feel bad that a situation like
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because this is a nice area. >> again, that boy was breathing when he was pulled from the pool, and was taken to the hospital. 7 news night team. >> now, from the night team, building after building torn apart. >> he grabbed his daughter, started pounding on the neighbor's door. >> i seen the flames so close. >> family left helpless when their homes go up in flames. >> city leaders in they've been fighting with the owner of that building where the fire started and believe it could have been prevented if he had cooperated with him. >> more than just co-op raying here, in fact the city has been fining this owner 100-dollars a day for more than a month now. last night this dila pidated building caught on fire.
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the fire easily spread to neighboring homes, six buildings in all caught fire while most people including 7 year old kindle tavarez were sound asleep. >> when i was sleeping my mom said, um, she said wake up, there's fire. >> 13 families had to run out of their homes in it middle of the night. >> the heat woke him up and so he grabbed his daughter, and started pounding on the neighbors' doors to get up and wake up. >> the abandoned home that initially caught fire is a known and drug users hang out. city leaders have been trying to get this place torn down for two years. >> we've been here more than 20 times, cleaned the alley out, brought people out of here multiple times. >> ironically the building's owner was already scheduled to be in court today as the city tried to get a judge to order him to tear down the home. >> failure of the property od owner to maintain, secure the property has now involved basically the entire neighborhood.
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tear down what's left of this house. close to 200 problem prawb properties like this one in lawrence, and this fire that impacted 53 people city leaders are working faster than ever to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> we came up with a list of three or four that look just like this and we're going to go after them hard. >> the damage here is so extensive, several of these buildings are considered total losses. as for the exact cause of this overnight fire, it's still under investigation. tim caputo, 7 news >> firefighters battling a car fire today and taking these pictures of those huge flames. the fire did spread to a garage but the home was not damaged, the car obviously destroyed. >> a guilty plea from a former new hampshire state trooper, seen here beating a man who lead police on a high-speed chase back in may. that's that video of the 50 year old driver. allegedly tried to surrender at least a dozen tries. the former trooper apologized to the court
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he will not face jail time if he stays out of trouble for three years. but he can no longer serve as a law enforcement officer. >> a 15 year old stabbed in the street in new bedford dies as he tries to make it back home. tonight police say they caught the two people responsible. kimberly bookman in new bedford live for us tonight. >> adam, the victim in this case, morales, just 15 years old. it's his young age that's so troublesome to everyone in this community. >> this neighborhood in mourning after a 15 year old boy was stabbed here in the temple landing housing project where he lived with his family. police say he tried to run home for help, but collapsed and died step from his house. >> i'm heartbroken. this is a baby. i got a 15 year old grand baby that went to school with this kid. >> police say surveillance video f the suspects attacking the victim helped them knab two people, 21 year old rafael class was in court for accessory to murder after the fact, as well
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charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. police say the stabbing happened during a big fight involving a gang from a different housing project. >> we do our thing, we don't get 92 no trouble, it's them south end people that want to start the problem with us. >> a 16 year old boy and a 22 year old man were also hurt in a stabbing, but both are expected to be okay. right now there's a deep sense of loss in this part of new bedford and a lot of questions to go with it. >> why, why? that's all the questions i have is why year old baby? he's a baby. he didn't get a chance to experience life. what right do you have to take another life? you don't have no right. >> the two suspects in this case are being held without bail. they are both known to police. police say it is possible there could be more arrests and that the charges could be up gradeed to murder. live from new bedford, 7 news, night team. >> also from the night team, a young woman and a dog caught in the cross fire today in
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shea is in critical condition. her family says she was shot outside of a friend's house earlier this morning. they deshea heard people arguing, went to see what was going on, that's when shots rang out and she was caught in the middle of it. the dog that was shot is now on the road to recovery thanks to a generous gesture by a few boston police officers. john with more. john? >> those officers decided to pay for the dog's medical we're told that bill's at about 2,500-dollars and climbing. >> i would like to thank them. >> >: it's an act oive kindness ricky weaks never expected and will certainly never forget. boston police stepping up to help his dog, fell. >> i appreciate it, you know? and felon appreciates it too. >> at around 1:00 a.m. thursday, weaks and felon were caught in the line of fire when bullets started flying along mcclennon
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>> that dog put himself in front of the owner and took a bullet for them. >> weeks couldn't afford the medical treatment felon needed so two dpd officers - - bpd officers and a sergeant splip split the costs. >> it's just a natural human response to somebody in need and to help them out with their family and dogs are family. >> officer david lan cane, one of the officers who helped felon, knows that personally. >> in 2012, his mother was pulled to safety by their dog, lily. after she passed out on railtracks in shirley. >> she saved my mother, but lily, our dog, was hit by the train. >> lily's leg was amputated, she pulled through and now he's wishing felon does, too. >> we're hoping that the dog doesn't lose his leg. >> i just thanked them, you know? what else can i say? >> right now, felon is still recovering at the hospital. we're live at boston police
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>> now to the race for the white house, donald trump in new hampshire today continuing to focus on race, he attacked hillary clinton she called him and his supporters racist. >> she doesn't have one idea that does anything but destroy jobs for african americans, and hispanic-americans, and all americans in our country. and she smears, and she paints decent americans, you, as racists. >> former presidential candidate ben carson endorsed trump at the rally today. hillary clinton made her comments about trump at a campaign stop in reno, nevada. she says the so-called fringe elements have taken over the republican party. >> this is not republicanism, as we have known it. these are racist ideas, race-baiting ideas, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women, all key tenants making up the im
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>> >: clinton has called trump's hire of the former head of bright bart news steve bannon a defacto merger between the so-called alt right and republican party. >> new at 11, the co-pilot of a private plane headed to the airport in bedford is arrested for being drunk. police in michigan say the copilot's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit to drive a car. the pilot tipped off police about his co-pilot and theyay >> at that point in time able to detect a strong odor of intalks cnts, blurred speech, and blood shot eyes. >> the company that owns the plane commended the captain for preventing his co-pilot from flying. they say the co-pilot was immediately fired. >> more news to get to tonight as investigators in mississippi search for clues to find out who
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home. sister paula and margaret were both found stabbed fatally. there were signs of a break f had in and their car was also stolen, but it's not clear if their religious had anything to do with the killings. sister paula was born and raised here in massachusetts, moved to mississippi in the 80s. she said she felt called to work and served in the south as a nurse practitioner. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now facing charges in brazil. he has been summoned to appear in cou reportinga crime. he vandalize ad gas station bathroom after a night of drinking then he lied in an interview to nbc news about the incident saying they were robbed at gun bouyant by police. >> the ceo of the pharmaceutical company that makes the epi pen, on the fence tonight. the drug price more than 600-dollars which is a 400% increase over the last eight years. ceo says the company is taking steps to lower prices, but
11:23 pm
raising premiums and detuctables. >> it was never intended that a consumer, that the patients, would be paying this price. never. the system wasn't built for that. as a mother, i can assure you the last thing that we would ever want is no one to have their epi pen due to price. >> her salary has increased from about 2 million-dollars a year to 19 million since the company acquired the epi pen back in 2007. >> >: coming up next here for you, stopping stopping the spref >> we've got some details on some key discovers made in boston that could help in the race to find a vaccine. >> also tonight, a warning for iphone users, what apple says you should do tonight to keep your data safe. >> this pilot talks about his unusual recovery effort in the reservoir. >> right now, this summer stands as the dryest on record, but with a couple of chances for rain in the next couple of days we could slide to number two or number three. details coming up in the
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. he craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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>> the zika virus spreading concern as it slowly moves into the u.s., but here in boston progress is being made against the fight in the virus. >> local researchers say they are closing in on a vaccine. jennifer eagan shows us what researchers have now discovered. >> on this side are the molecular areas. >> da doctor dan shows us round the lab at the medical center where find a zika vaccine. >> this is where we can do a variety of different antibody tests in. >> in just six months they've made real progress. >> the vaccinated animals show no detectable virus. no blood stream or anywhere else. basically the vaccine was 100% effective in these animal models which was a stunning finding. >> transmitted by mosquito and sexual contact, the zika virus is spreading rapidly through south america, and into the
11:27 pm
tampa. it's been linked to a condition called microcephalli, which causes rare birth defects. rn. a team in maryland is developing a more traditional vaccine similar to a flu shot. the boston researchers are doing something very different, including stitching dna from the zika virus into a healthy piece of dna. >> >: it's considered a vaccine of the future because it allows for a lot of flexibility. you c pieces you want to put into the vaccine. >> for la rocha, the work he does in the lab is personal. he's from brazil. >> we know that in brazil it has thousands of cases of zika infection. thousands of cases of microcephalli, so this vaccine will help these people, it's very important for me. >> so who would get the vaccine? >> it would seem reasonable to
11:28 pm
they get pregnant should be vaccinated, siewming the vaccine is very safe and very effective, of course. as well as travelers to endemic regions. >> innext step, testing the vaccine on people some in massachusetts this fall. still, researchers aren't ready to say when a vaccine will be made available to the public. jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> annal says a major security - - . apple says your iphone has a major security risk. trident exploits flaws in your iphone's operating system so hackers can break into your phone, spy on information from facebook, g-mail, calendar. apple says download the very latest i os update im immediatey to protect your phone. >> now, 7 weather with meteorologist bree eggers.
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really, the drought just were worsens. we've seen these lines expand out a little farther. not a whole lot of difference from last week. nevertheless, we haven't picked up a whole lot of rain in the last week either. if we were able to close the books on august and meteorologist summer right now we would end up as the dryest summer on record for 2016. but we are very close to that number one spot. if we get enough rain, it would only take 500th ofs of an inch within thet we'll slide to number two, possibly even number three. but we do have a chance of rain as 80 we get into the overnight hours tonight, more likely tomorrow. you can see that by looking at radar, not much to talk about. we had some showers to our nrgt north west earlier this evening. as they tracked farther east, they just kind of p.i.d. dled out.
11:30 pm
don't anticipate severe weather into tomorrow. hopefully it will just be the rain that we need at this point, coming in with response to this front pushing in from the north north west. run through the timeline here, behind that front, some really pleasant weather to enjoy for the last official weekend of summer, if you close the books on summer as we wrap up august. it is much less humid making it into saturday and sunday, but boy, tomorrow morning i'll tell you what since humidity will be very noticeable, that our atmosphere is very primed with moisture. if we could take advantage of that and squeeze out that sponge, which i always talk about, we can get some good down pours in here in some spots. mainly working in to mid-day tomorrow, into the afternoon. you can see that reflected into this time line here, pushing in around lunch time, round 11 or 12, and then pushing through the area, with some of those embedded down pours possibly eve b some rumbles of thunder until about 5 or 6:00 p.m. for no shoes nation, if you're
11:31 pm
kenny chesney, early tailgators might need to be weather aware. after that, the bulk of the concert looks good. again, not expecting any severe weather at this point. reernly, just the down pours could be a concern. for the rest of us about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. current temperatures in the 70s, not cooling off a whole lot overnight tonight because look at where those dew poins are. this acts a a threshold for how low those temperatures can drop. we stay in the upper 60s for the coolest spots tonight forecast. gorgeous weekend, cooler along the coast line, mid-80s as you get inland. have a good night. >> you do the same, bree, thanks. about heavy haul from the reservoir, 7 news was first to show you this video as the chopper picked up that air airplane. another pilot was forced to land on a sand bar. >> with no other options, crews had to call on the helicopter
11:32 pm
out of a tight spot. >> the plane with the mount of fuel it had in it was about 1,300-pound. >> that helicopter pilot has been flying for 26 years and had to tether it to carry it off that sand bar and up into the air. it takes a very powerful helicopter to pull off something like this. >> once i touched down, i actually sank into the soft sand there at inches with the helicopter skids. it was very soft. he was very lucky that he was able to roll it and get it slowed down enough before he sank in, other wise he probably would have flipped it over. >> as for that plane, the 22 year old pilot was headed from newport rhode island to vermont. he was forced to land on that sand bar in the middle of almost
11:33 pm
says was not an easy feat. the two pilots had a chance to meet after it was all over. >> he thanked me immensely for it. he was very happy about it. he checked his airplane all over. we did not do any damage at all. >> once the plane was hooked up to that chopper he says it was a quick flight, about 15 minutes back to orange airport. >> pretty cool how our chopper was filming the chopper of the plane. the pilot of the plane was not hurt. important note. >> alex is next with the chances we could see
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