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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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a tunnel shut down for hours after a deadly crash blocks lanes. plus two nuns found murde murdered. the killer still on the loose. one of victims originally from massachusetts. and aftershocks rattling italy days after a massive earthquake toppled buildings, trapping people in the rubble. today in new england. >> anchor: good morning i am in for krista del camp. >> sarah: and i am sarah french. we will have a check of your top stories but first over to danielle for a check of your forecast. >> danielle: temperatures on the warm side, 78 in boston. 78 along the cape and 72 in worcester and we will keep an eye on a chance for a shower and even possibly a storm as we head into this afternoon. even a stray shower possible as
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better chance as we head into this afternoon. cloudy out there and muggy out there and it is hot, but the good news is, we head into tomorrow and sunday, things will start to look up. taking you through the timeline though, a shower possible heading into lunchtime, but the better chance looks to be this afternoon into 4 p.m. and mainly for those of new southeast mass. now keep in mind, it is humid out there and muggy. so any showers and storms we do see develop do have the chance to bring some downpours with them and you can see a lot of rain. headed into tonight, that front clearing out and saturday and sunday looking really good for your weekend plans. high temperatures this afternoon climbing into the upper 80s and low 90s, but the next two days though i mentioned fenway tonight, i think you are storm-free. still hot in the mid- to upper 80s. the next two days by tomorrow, cooler along the coastline, temperatures in the 80s and the sun is out. we will talk more about your weekend forecast coming up. breaking overnight the sumner tunnel back open after a deadly crash closed it for
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a pickup truck lost control early this morning. >> anchor: one person is dead and two others are injured. 7's chris anderson is live in boston with more on what happened. >> reporter: well, now that the sun is up, we can see some of the visual evidence about what happened here on the sumner tunnel. just after 3:00 this morning. take a look right over here. and you can clearly see the skid marks from ma pickup truc truck, and where it impacted the wall. if you follow the camera, follow the wall. you see the orange arrows where apparently the truck hit first. follow me over this way past the tunnel over to where the ramps are. here is where the storrow driv drive, route 3 ramp and 93 government center ramp and just off in the distance is where that car smashed into the guardrail and that one person was killed, two others injured on impact. let's take a look at video from earlier and show you the scene when that gray truck smashed into the guardrail a second time.
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instantly. two other people, one of them was taken to tufts medical center, the other one to the regional medical center where they are being treated for what investigators say are nonlife-threatening injuries at this point. they do expect both of them to survive. one at mass general, one at tufts. and they are being treated for the injuries they suffered this morning. state police investigating to figure out how this driver lost control that led to the impact not once but twice here and had the sumner tunnel shutn hours while they cleaned up the debris and worked the scene. and the investigation to figure out how this all happened. that is the latest here in boston. chris anderson, 7news, today in new england. now a developing story. a killer is on the run right now in mississippi after two nuns are found murdered. one of those victims is a massachusetts native. station's nicole oliverio is live in stoneham where that nu n grew up. >> reporter: and we just spoke
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her faith that is moving her forward. and she remembered her sister for all the work she did in mississippi with the poor, and in particular with the children who she helped at the medical clinic. >> she was a wonderful, wonderful human being. she worked very hard for the people who needed the help mos most. i am praying for the people who did this. they need the prayers more than we do at this point in >> reporter: so far, police are not made any arrests and they told us they found the car stolen from both of these nuns. after they were murdered. it was found a mile from their home. police are looking for evidence inside that car that might help them lead to an arrest. an unthinkable crime committed in mississippi, a pair of catholic nuns found stabbed to death in the jackson home they share.
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sister merrill grew up in stoneham and moved to mississippi in the '80s. >> margaret and i worked together for many years. we see patients and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: both nuns were nurse practitioners that helped the poor. an officer looked for them after they didn't report to work as usual at a nearby hospital. the nuns were murder and don't know why. neighbors of the women stunned and frighted. >> at first i felt safe here because but right now, i don't think i feel too safe. if something happened this close to home. >> reporter: the local archdiocese of mississippi says there were signs of a break-in. the nuns were stabbed, and their car was missing. unclear if their religious work had anything to do with the killings. >> we make a difference in people's lives and we never know what that difference is. >> reporter: a community is on edge as police search for a killer.
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paula's sister. she says what really has been heartbroken she has been in touch with the doctor at the clinic and they don't know if they are able to reopen because both sister paula and margaret were the lead nurse practitions that gave shots, flu shots and insulin shots. they hope that that clinic will be able to get up and running again and hopes that police can make an arrest. latest live in stoneham, nicole oliverio, 7news, today in new england. right now, police are on the lookout for a man who allegedly rockport. investigators say this man attacked a woman from behind and knocked her to the ground before attempting to take off her clothes wednesday night. anyone with information is asked to contact police. also this morning, the co-pilot of a private plane heading to bedford, massachusetts is off the job and in custody after making a dangerous decision. police in michigan say he was drunk, and that his drug alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit to drive a car.
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captain of the plane who said it was clear that his co-pilot was intoxicated. >> at that point in time, he was able to detect a strong order of intoxicant, slurred speech, as well as bloodshot watery eyes. field sobriety tests were administered that did indicate a level of intoxication. >> sarah: police have not released the name of the suspect but according to reports he was from florida and will be arraigned next week. a boy isec pool. it happened at a home on gorham street thursday afternoon. people pulled the 4-year-old boy out of the pool after he went underwater. the child was flown to a boston hospital by helicopter. this morning, two people are facing serious charges in connection with the deadly stabbing in new bedford. police say 21-year-old lewis rafael class was involved in the triple stabbing that left a 15-year-old boy dead and two others wounded outside a housing project wednesday nigh
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charged in connection with the crime. police say the stabbing happened after a big fight broke out involving a gang from a different housing project. the two people who were wounded in the stabbing are expected to be okay. and this morning, investigators are still searching for the cause of this huge fire that destroyed several buildings in lawrence. the city's mayor says he had been trying to get the owner of a vacant building where the fire started to tear it down. on wednesday, a judge ruled that the building must be torn down ie and new this morning, it appears that parents and alumni of a new hampshire prep school helped a former student pay for his defense lawyer after being accused of sexual assault. according to the globe and in documents filed, the victim's lawsuit against st. paul prep school, parents chipped in more than $100,000 for owen labrie's defense. he was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault and sentenced to a year in jail.
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aftershocks following a massive earthquake that killed more than 260 people. one aftershock in central italy yesterday brought down buildings that were already damaged by the quake. fire fighters and rescue crews are still trying to find survivors in the rubble. drone footage shows the damage from above. you can see the extensive damage to the buildings. three towns in italy were leveled and with the aftershocks more buildings could still be destroyed. and new videoho in belgium that happened at a sports complex overnight killing one person and hurting at least four others. police are blaming a gas leak for the blast. officials say part of the building collapsed and people were trapped, but all have now been pulled to safety. and brazilian police are formally charging u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochke with falsely reporting a crime. lochke originally said that he and three other swimmers were
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station in rio. he since admitted that he overexaggerated the story. he was summoned to ri o and doesn't are to appear in court and can opt to send a lawyer instead. moving in, how the sunshine state is preparing for some weather from the tropics. also ahead, gleeka concerns spreading across the globe. the advances being made right here in boston that can help stop its spread. we are keeping an eye out for the potential for storms later this afternoon into this evening, things out for the weekend and saturday and sunday looking very good. more on your forecast coming u up. name-calling on the campaign trail continues. donald trump and hillary clinton's feud heating up. trump fresh off a visit to new hampshire. kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty --
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really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. right now people in south florida preparing for heavy rainfall as storms move into
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considering evacuating their homes in cases there major flooding. and people near miami stocking up ahead of the storms. they are clearing the stores of essentials like water, batteries and flashlights just in case they are stranded. >> anchor: so scary to watch that video there. here we have beautiful weather and looks like a nice weather too. >> danielle: today is the bump in the road to get to the weekend. the temperature is 78 and dew point at 7 together. it means humid and muggy. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles per hour in boston and that southwest wind that is really bringing in that muggy, icky air mass. notice a lot of cloud cover out there this morning as well and we are watching the chance for stray showers this morning into this afternoon and then we could even see a thunderstorm develop heading into this afternoon and this evening. notice all that rain to our north. this is what could bring us a light shower headed into lunchtime, but a better shot to
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downpours will be headed into this afternoon and this evenin evening. i will take you through the timeline here, and you will se see, here we go, lunchtime, possibly some showers, but the heaviest stuff look to move into 4 p.m. and into 5 p.m., and the focus looks to be down across southeast mass, and then as we head into dinnertime, that front will move offshore, and look at that, i will put this into play and look like a blank map. we are dealing with sunshine saturday and sunday. it is going to beea so after that front pushes offshore, much more mild air will move in behind it, and that's going to set us up for that nice weekend. we are going to see the return of that onshore wind for saturday on into sunday. what that will do is keep those temperatures a little bit cooler along the coastline. inland mid-80s. along the coast near 80 degree degrees. we don't have to watch for storms again until sunday night when we will keep an eye on this front, but still far out,
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looking really good. we will watch for a storm for today. storm-free saturday, sunday and keep an eye on that front for monday. the weekend, saturday, sunday plans looking pretty good. we will drop the humidity as that front pass business later on tonight. so dew point, saturday, sunday in the upper 50s, low 60s. pretty much comfortable but a little sticky into sunday and monday, but it will be a nice one out there. if you have plans tonight for dinner on the patio, probably keep them. i do think 40% of w so here is what miami is gearing up for. we have been keeping a really close eye on this disturbance and this is what we have been calling 99 l over the last couple of days and really stretching from the bahamas over to cuba. and in the past few days it lost organization. it doesn't have a defined center. we will are to watch the track of it over the next couple of days. for today, it doesn't look as big of a threat, but notice what happens, it tracks into the gulf of mexico, as it moves
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waters, and this is where it can gain some steam. we will are to watch that closely. no threat for us at home. for today upper 80s into the low 90s. it is warm and muggy with a chance of some of those showers this evening. for tonight though, we are clearing out temperatures. 60 to 70. look at the weekend. mid-80s. cooler along the coastline and into next week things are looking good as well. now to the race to the white house, donald trump visiting new england on thursday and continuing his attacks on hillary clinton, and she is quick to d >> reporter: donald trump visiting new hampshire on thursday, putting race front and center accusing his opponent, hillary clinton, of name-calling. >> she paints decent americans -- you -- as racists. >> reporter: trump says a vote for clinton is a vote for democratic policies that have failed inner city minorities. >> she doesn't have one idea that does anything but destroy
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hispanic-americans and all americans in our country. it's going to be a disaster. >> reporter: clinton had her own words for trump accusing him for being racist at a rally in nevada. >> this is not republicanism as we have known it. these are racist ideas, rac race-baiting ideas, anti-musli anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women. all key tenets making up the religious ideology known as the alt-right. >> reporter: after a presentation in massachusetts, senator warren echoing senator clinton's views on donald trum trump. >> donald trump is a thi thin-skinned racist bully, and he has proven that day after day. he has made hate part of this campaign. >> sarah: in response to clinton's statement of the republican party adopting the
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he said he didn't know what that meant. he said he is just embracing common sense. ahead at 9:30, a dog caught in the crossfire. how police officers came to its aid after a dorchester shootin shooting. and up next, racing to stop the spread. a look at advances being made right here in boston to battle the zika virus. the zika virus. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test.
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narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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spreading concern over the threat of zika as more people are becoming infected with the virus. now there is a race around the world to find a vaccine. >> anchor: as 7's jennifer eagen reports, some key discoveries are made right here in boston. >> these sides are the molecular areas. >> reporter: showing us around the lab where researchers are racing to find the zika vaccin vaccine. >> variety of antibody tests. >> reporter: in just six month months, they have made real progress. >> the vaccinated animals showed no detectable virus in the bloodstream or anywhere else in the bodies. the vaccine was 100% effective in these animal models which was a stunning finding. >> reporter: transmitted by mosquito and sexual conduct, the zika virus is spreading across south america and into the caribbean most recently reaching miami and tampa. it has been linked to a
9:22 am
that causes severe birth detects. researchers would working with a team with the army institute in maryland. the team in maryland is developing a more traditional vaccine similar to a flu shot. but the boston researchers are doing something very different including stitching dna from the zika virus into a healthy piece of dna. >> it is considered a vaccine of the future because allows for a lot of flexibility. you can design what pieces you want to put into the accine. >> reporter: f work he does is personal. he is from brazil and know people who have become infected with zika. >> question know in brazil thousands of cases of zika infections, thousands of cases of microcephaly, so to develop a vaccine that will help those people is very important to me. >> reporter: who will get the vaccine? >> it would seem reasonable to me that young healthy men and women including women before they get pregnant should be vaccinated assuming the vaccine
9:23 am
as well as travelers to endemic regions. >> reporter: the next step testing one of the vaccines on people, some here in massachusetts this fall. a lot of progress has been made in just a short amount of time. still researchers aren't ready to say when a vaccine will be made available to the public. inside beth israel deacon he is medical center, jennifer eagen. a fishing trip on the cape takes an unexpected turn. the big fish they spotted in the water. and the the new tour that will make you feel like you are in a national park. norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age.
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closed captioning is
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virtual to celebrate the national park service centennial. the president giving people a virtual tour of yosemite national park. in the video, president obama far in rates his own experience there. he also speaks about the importance -- how important it is to protect parks like this. >> places like yosemite make us feel bigger than something than ourselves. we connect not only with our own spirit but with something greater, the spirit of america it >> sarah: at the end of the video president obama reports his environmental policy. boaters off of cape cod having a whale of a time on the water. check it out. >> whoa! it's a killer whale, baby! >> sarah: they are excited. the men were fishing for tuna they potted a pod of or cas. four whales were in the area. the whales didn't have a problem with getting that close
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i mean right up there. [ laughter ] much more ahead in the next half hour including apple doing some damage control. what you need to do to protect your iphone, this after a security threat is discovered. scattered showers and storms for some of you this afternoon. but the weekend looking good for anyone. more on your forecast coming u up. prices skyrocketing as a ceo stick up for her company after a particularly life-saving it's the celebration of the year! blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now! buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. our biggest sale of the year is a blast! blinds to go. blinds for life. celebrate something really special this summer at blinds to go's annual storewide sale going on now. buy one, get one at half price. hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store.
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quilted northern works so well people can forget ing new. the laughing cow.vent sn. especially when it comes to their bathroom experience.ry but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face. a murder mystery, two nuns killed in mississippi, one of the victim was a massachusetts native. a dog struck by a stray bullet. police officers stepping in to lend a helping hand when medical costs pile up. plus the company coming under fire. the cost of life-saving medical
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this is 7news today in new england. >> anchor: welcome back. >> sarah: i am sara french. a beautiful week and this weekend will be beautiful too. >> anchor: yes, danielle, what do we have in store. >> danielle: the weekend will be great but a little bump in the road. upper 70s in boston. 70s on the cape. lower 70s near worcester. our dew points are close to these numbers as well in the 70 for showers and storms as we head into this afternoon into southeast mass. and we are watching storms move over the cape right now so if you are out in provincetown watching us, good morning and maybe grab the umbrella if you head out the door. that is what you contend with. some of you see it. some of you don't heading into lunchtime and stronger across the 4:00 hour down southeast mass as i was mentioning. muggy and humid and any showers
9:31 am
see downpours along with them. high temperatures this afternoon a warm one and a humid one. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s -- upper 80s into the low 90s. low 80s down along the cape. the weekend look really good and we will talk more about that coming up. breaking overnight, the sumner tunnel back open at this hour. it was shut down early this morning following a deadly crash. police say a pickup truck slammed into the side of the tunnel. one man was killed and two others were hurt. the two people injured are expected to and developing in mississippi, two nuns are found dead, and now police are on the hunt for their murderer. >> anchor: this morning we are learning that one of the victims grew up in massachusetts and we are hearing from her sister. 7news's nicole oliverio live in stoneham with more. nicole? >> reporter: and sarah, you are talking about sister paula merrill. she grew up in stoneham but moved to mississippi more than 30 years ago when she felt her calling to help the poor.
9:32 am
help those who were poor or underinsured get the shots they needed whether flu shots or insulin shots. she was shocked by the news that someone killed her sister, but it is her faith that keeps her going. >> she was a wonderful, wonderful human being. she worked very hard to the people that needed the help most. i am praying for the people who did this. they need the prayers more than we do at this >> reporter: as for the investigation, police announced late last night they found the car stolen from the home where the two nuns were living. it was found a mile from their house. right now they are looking for evidence that could possibly lead to an arrest. >> anchor: an unthinkable crime committed in mississippi. a pair of nuns found stabbed to death in the home they shared.
9:33 am
margaret held. sister margaret grew up in stoneham. >> we worked together for many years and we see patients and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: they were both nurse practitioners that help the poor. officers went to look for them when they didn't report as usual at a nearby hospital. the nuns were murdered but don't know why. neighbors of the women stunned because this is a neighborhood watch, but right now, i don't think i feel too safe if something happened this close to home. >> reporter: the local archdiocese of mississippi says there were signs of a break-in. nun s were stabbed and their car was missing. unclear if their religious work had anything to do with the killings. >> we make a difference in people's lives and we never know what that difference is. >> reporter: now a community is on edge and asking for prayers as police search for a killer.
9:34 am
she said she had been touch with the clinic where her sister had worked and this he don't know if they will be able to continue the work that they do there given the fact that sister paula and margaret were the ones that ran that clinic. that is the latest, nicole oliverio, 7news, today in new england. new details about a murder in east boston. police have tracked down a person of interest. boston police found this woman after asking for the public's help in identifying her. police say the investigators found a woman dead in a parking garage on princeton treat back in june. police say she died from traumatic injuries. vectors are trying to find out why 18-year-old blanc a linez was killed. an 18-year-old was charged with the murder. an interview on just one station. shots ringing out in dorchester yesterday hitting both a teen girl and a dog. the teen was taken to the
9:35 am
issue, and that's where police officers stepped in. >> i would just like to thank them. >> reporter: it is an act of kindness ricki weeks never expected and will certainly never forget. boston police stepping up to help his dog felon. >> i appreciate it, you know. and felon appreciates it too. >> reporter: around 3 p.m., weeks and felon were caught in the line of fire when bullets started flying along street in dorchester. 18-year-old is in critical condition after she was shot multiple times while on her way home from a friend's house. >> and she ran home and she ran inside and she screamed out, i am shot. i am shot. and then she fell on the floor. >> reporter: her neighbor's dog felon was hit in the leg. >> that dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him. >> reporter: but weeks couldn't afford the medical treatment that felon needed so two bpd
9:36 am
have been getting, a good gesture. >> a natural human response for those in need and to help them out with their family, and dogs are -- dogs are family. we are hoping that the dog doesn't lose his leg. >> i just thank them, you know. what else can i say. >> reporter: right now felon is still recovering at the hospital. right now, a 911 operator in connecticut off the job as police investigate how she handled a call. it all started with en a woman who was delivering chinese food was murde robbers on tuesday. her co-worker called 911, but because of a language barrier had trouble communicating with the operator. after confusion about the location of the incident, the operator is heard saying i don't care what your driving. and the officers are there. you might as well talk to them now. the incident remains under investigation. a cohasset attorney behind the wheel during a deadly crash in brockton is now facing charges.
9:37 am
and killed a 66-year-old who was walking outside of the brockton district courthouse back in june. according to investigators, cemenci's suv hit the victim after traveling 200 feet in reverse. she is being charged with vehicular homicide. and guilty plea from a former new hampshire state trooper. he is seen here beating a man who led police on a high-speed chase back in may tamp tampa.happened during the arrest. the 50-year-old driver allegedly tried to and in court the former trooper andrew monaco apologized to the court and local authorities. did not apologize to the victi victim. monaco will not face jailtime if he stays out of trouble for three years and he will not be allowed to serve as a law enforcement officer ever again. a car goes up in flames in cohasset. the fire spread to a garage as well and the home was not damaged. crews were on the scene for two hours. the car was destroyed. and one of the men
9:38 am
and her two daughters in cheshire, connecticut is under suicide watch this morning after prison officials say he tried to take his own life. the department of corrections says joshua comisar jetski attempted to hang himself at a facility in pennsylvania last week. we are told he did not require medical attention but he is currently receiving mental health treatment. they were convicted of killing jennifer hawk pettitte and her two daughters during a home both men are serving life sentences. happening now, a pharmaceutical company coming under fire after the price of e pipen sky rockets 400%. those who need a potentially life-saving device are calling for a price cut while the ceo stands by her decisions. >> reporter: she may be the most unpopular ceo in america. heather bresch owns mylan
9:39 am
price for epipen from $$90 to $600. meanwhile her compensation increased. >> reporter: you are making $18 million. you understand how that looks. >> i understand that facts are inconvenient to headlines. >> reporter: after days of intense public backlash, the company says it is offering more discounts and $300 coupons for some patients, but no price cut. >> just cancel the price increase. why can't you and the brand pharmaceutical marketed. this isn't an epipen issue or mylan issue. this is health care issue. >> reporter: bresch calls the health care system broken with so many middle man demanding a cut. without a price cut, the coupons are just a pr move because the cost only shifts to insurance companies. >> what that does is it just ends up increasing costs to the system which is then reflected
9:40 am
increasing premiums and overall increase in health care spending. >> reporter: in north carolina, tracy bush has the receipts of skyrocketing e pipen prices. her insurance paid for her son devon. >> plain and imply, if the price of the epi pen were affordable would not matter if someone had insurance or not. it would be affordable. >> reporter: on instagram, actress sara jessica parker who promoted epipens because her >> reporter: are the price hikes for mylan done in. >> we are going to continue to run a business and we are going to continue to meet the supply and demand of what's out there. >> anchor: bre sch's father said he is also concerned of skyrocketing drug prices and wants to find ways to lower them. and apple says your iphone has a security problem and youed me to fix it. apple discovered a rare spyware
9:41 am
flaws in the operating system. hackers can break into your phone and spy on information from facebook, g e-mail, your calendar, -- and other apps. apple says download the latest ios immediately. fire up your grills. i will show you the perfect pork chop dish for summer grilling in today's what's cooking. >> anchor: sounds delicious. still a few weeks of summer yet, but dunkin' donuts is almost ready to review of fall. >> anchor: sarah is cheering. pumpkin latte. maybe not coffee, but iced
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narrator: let's put this ve been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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abs kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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dunkin' donuts, it's almost that time of year for a pumpkin spice. monday morning, you will be able to pick up your pumpkin coffee this is heffton me. in addition to pumpkin, dunkin' donuts will also offer salted caramel flavoring for drinks. i got pumpkin keurig at home. >> anchor: that is definitely your story. >> sarah: i am obsessed, danielle. >> danielle: we are all aware. you have been talking about it the beginning of summer. when is the pumpkin latte spice coming. it is coming soon. our temperatures in the 70s and dew points in the 70s and that
9:45 am
thanks in part to that west wind bringing in some of that gyy air. a look at the satellite and radar. cloudy too and we are watching light showers out along the cape moving through provincetown now. we will continue to watch the threat for that as we continue into this afternoon. to our north seeing some of that shower activity and we can see some stray showers from this afternoon and could see storms headed into this afternoon and later into the evening. lunchtime today looking ahead. some showers possible and 9 better chance will be heading southeast mass. down toward the cape where some of that heavier storms look to be isolated. about a 40% chance some of you see the showers, some of you don't. hit and miss and the name of the game this time of year across new england. the rest of the weekend will look good. tonight as we head into 8, 9:0 9:00, the front will move offshore. behind this front, the air is much less humid, much more comfortable and going to be a nice weekend. we will be cooler along the
9:46 am
breeze and temperatures will be near 80 degrees. inland, mid-80s. a pleasant weekend and the last one of august. pretty crazy. as we head into sunday, we will watch another front that will bring us some showers sunday into monday, but most of the weekend, looking good and stor storm-free. we will keep an eye on monday for you, but let's just focus on the weekend for now. again those dew points as we head into seattle and sunday dropping the 70s. muggy today but the good news is not as bad for the rest of the week. the tropics all week long and this disturbance here. this is what we are calling 99 l and less organized today. yesterday had a 50% chance for cyclone formation. and the chance it to 25% now and the track is interesting to watch because could bring torrential rains into south florida. and then as it moves over the gulf of mexico, this is where the waters really warm, so it could start to strengthen again. something to keep in mind and
9:47 am
to us here in boston and across new england. so getting away this weekend, i hope you are. it is the last weekend of august. down along the cape, the showers heading into tonight. saturday and sunday close to 80 degrees. sunshine, a great weekend. headed up north going to the lake in new hampshire, saturday and sunday, upper 70s. a lot of sunshine. great weekend to spend out on the lake. the seven on seven forecast. temperatures cooler along the coastline for saturday and sunday and we will watch for a chance for showers and untilmo >> anchor: thanks, danielle. summer days are starting to dwindle but plenty of time to grill. >> sarah: one restaurant in salem giving us a sure way to grill a pork chop. let's look at what's cooking. >> reporter: good eats are easy to come by in downtown salem, and summertime is the least spooky time of year for this seaport city.
9:48 am
great year around. >> reporter: the menu is not so ordinary, but what's with the name. >> nonpeg is the native-american for the salem area and ordinary is an old colonial term for the tavern. the salem staff earn -- tavern. >> reporter: grilling up the pork chop with a glaze. start by making the glaze. >> use a cup of pineapple juice. half a cup of whiskey. this is whiskey made in boston here. about half a cup of brown suga sugar. >> reporter: stir well. >> bring this to a boil and let it simmer for 15 minutes and reduce it down a little bit. >> reporter: then slice the peaches. >> i don't want to cut them too small so they don't fall apart on the grill. >> reporter: coat with vegetable oil. >> nice and coated so it doesn't stick to the grill. >> reporter: next the star of
9:49 am
chop. >> put it on the grill. >> reporter: and the peaches and let the grillwork its magi magic. after five minutes, flip the peaches. >> nice grill marks. the pork chop. internal temperature of 145 degrees. flip it over here. >> reporter: another six to eight minutes, it is all good. chef matt will plate it with sweet potato hash and brackley rabe. then place the peaches on top. >> finish that with the whiskey >> reporter: there you have it. a fresh take on the great american classic, the grilled pork chop. >> sarah: mmm ... now i am hungry. go to our web site to get the full recipe. next in sports, the patriots beefing up their roster. who they have added at linebacker ahead of the season opener.
9:50 am
illi that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
9:51 am
9:52 am
and now time for 7 sports with alex coudry. >> anchor: good morning, andrew benetendi and the red sox playing wait and see when it comes to the rookie's sprai sprained knee. he and the team are ready to go over the results and get his mri back in boston. with a front-row seat as the sox wrap up a 11-game road trip in tam game tied, golfs one into the gap off pomeranz, souza jr. with the go-ahead. despite a career high 11 strikeouts. sox lose 2-1 settling with a split with the rays. the patriots adding some depth at linebacker. fifth round pick to the browns for mingo, drafted 6th overall
9:53 am
match his college pedigree 7 sacks in 46 games with the browns and none last season. according to csn tommy curran, tom brady will play against the panthers but still unclear if he will start and come in relief of jimmy garap to, lo. i am alex coudry, have a great day. the university of vermont basketball team is cancelling its game at the university of north carolina because of stat state's controversial bathroom law. game because hb 2 goes against the school's values. it prevents transgender people from using bathrooms based on gender identity. they talked about moving it out of state but they are against it. they are already banned stat state-sponsored travel due to the path room law. and for possible bad news for the dallas cowboys. quarterback tony romo coming up hobbling in last season's preseason game against the seahawks. romo was sacked on the first
9:54 am
he grabbed his lower back. you can see it right there. the injury is not expected to be serious. romo missed nearly all of last season after breaking his collarbone on two separate occasions. giant pitcher matt mora came oh so close to hitting a no hitter against the dodgers. two outs in the 9th, he gave up a single to right ending his bid for a no hitter. he left the game. the giants won the game on the next pitch. next, a 5-year-old is paying i how he said thanks to some of his hometown heroes. and hot and humid today. we will watch for a chance of a passing shower or storm later this afternoon, then the weekend looks good.
9:55 am
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ld. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. ny years? 15? 130. no, contenders. a little boy in new jersey thanking his local police officers in a very special way. >> anchor: he we dieded so show his appreciation by buying
9:57 am
used his allowance money to pay for food for everyone in the police department. he originally saved up to buy a toy police cruiser. the police department thanked william by making him an honorary officer and giving him his own badge. >> anchor: oh, my gosh. >> anchor: how adorable. >> anchor: so sweet. i love that story, danielle. >> danielle: never underestimate what those little kids can do. beat and thoughtful. maybe a storm heading into 4, 5:00 and by tonight, that fronts we have a blank map in store for saturday and sunday. that is good news. lots of sunshine on the way. high temperatures this afternoon, it is going to be humid into the low 90s, upper 70s -- upper 80s. excuse me. it's friday. ed along week, along the coast. fenway tonight i think is stor storm-free and humid and hot in the mid-80s. look at the weekend. mid-80s saturday and sunday and near 80 so cooler along the coastline. >> anchor: thanks, danielle.
9:58 am
thank you for joining us, i am tsar, a french. >> anchor: from a good morning and see you back here for 7news at mystskin more radiant?nt.e tr
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> this morning on "today's take," dnce and joe jonas bring the sweet taste of cake by the ocean to our plaza. which one of these stars is the highest paid actor and al is in the kitchen with his snack. all that and more >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, august 26th, 2016. billy along with al and tamron and we have heard your feedback on our need for a bigger desk.


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