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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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our clients and for airport safety. the individual in question has been immediately terminated. it's amazing. kudos to that gentleman for standing up for what's right and making that call and keeping in mind the safety of the passengers and himself as well as the subject who was arrested. >> reporter: nobody was on board the plane at the time of the arrest, but 12 passengers were scheduled to be on that flight from traverse city, michigan to the bedford airport. in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news fire in dorchester today. the fire happened at 800 columbia road. both police and fire fighters were on scene. there is no word on if any injuries were reported or what caused the fire. an early morning watermain break shuts down traffic in reading. the break happened on lowell street around 2:00 this morning. traffic was diverted down harvard street while crews work to repair that main. we're following more news today.
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the university of vermont canceling their game in north carolina because of the state's transgender bathroom law. amaka u backa explains. >> reporter: the university of vermont athletic department is calling foul on a controversial north carolina law. we felt like it was pretty stark in terms of its contrast to our values as a department and as a university. >> reporter: the department canceled a women's basketball game against the university of north carolina. our feeling was this law against the transgendered community. >> reporter: the law passed there earlier this year and it restricts transgendered people from using public bathrooms based on their gender identity. uvm athletic director says the decision to cancel the december 28 game came after conversations with university staff and athletes. our student athletes are a sensitive group. they understand our values. they chose to come to university of vermont for a reason and so i
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about moving the game out-of-state but in the end decided to cancel it. it's a move vermont governor peter shemlin applauded. i want to thank president sullivan and the board at uvm for having the courage to say listen, if we don't all stand up to policies that discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation, we're going to lose this battle. he imposed a state government travel ban to north carolina shortly after the law went schulman said they don't hold any ill will but wanted to act in line with university values. they have been very good to work with. i think they understand the climate right now related to this law. >> anchor: you may recall this is not the first time this happened to the state of north carolina. the nba moving the all-star game from charlotte to new orleans because of the controversial law. in the newsroom, amaka u backa,
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an active scene in ashby, local police in the state police blocked off a road and no one is being allowed into the area around this home which we're live over with our sky 7 hd helicopter. >> anchor: so the details of what happened are just starting to trickle in to the newsroom. we're going to go over to 7's byron barnett who joins us live on the phone. he has more of those breaking dedays. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, this is a death investigation, that's what we're being told in ashby way lot of trees and woods and so forth. as you said the road is blocked off by police as they continue their investigation here. we've seen a lot of police and fire apparatus come in and out of the street. we know the middlesex district attorney's office is in charge of the investigation here. state police detectives from the middlesex attorney's office have arrived on the scene. we've seen them coming and going. as for whether this is
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can't say anything about that for sure, however, we do know that the district attorneys are the ones who investigate any unattended or suspicious deaths. but here we are as we said the road in ashby where police are condugging what we're told is a death investigation and they brought in some lights here, truck load of lights, i didn't know if that gives us the impression that perhaps they are going to be here that's all of the information we have right now. they are not coming out, the police chief is down there, he hasn't come up to say anything, nothing yet from the middlesex d.a.'s office of the only thing that we have for certain is that this is a death investigation. that's the latest live here from ashby, byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: we're following more news today. wild chase ends with a stolen truck crashed into a parked plane a anybody was da kate. police say a man jumped the security fence, down to his
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it looks like a southwest jet there. there were people boarding at the time but no one was injured. the man was taken into custody and he will face criminal charges. police in austin, texas are vetting a spike in emergency calls that could be related to a new batch of the sin ic drug called k 2. since 7 yesterday morning ems responded to more than 60 emergency calls related to k 2. no one has died. police arrested three people believed to be distributing that dangerous and illegal batch. >> anchor: wild weather in iowa. many communities in the state are dealing with major flooding with hundreds of people forced to evacuate. torrential rain has some rivers six feet above the flood stage. we cleaned out the bedrooms moved everything upstairs, we had a lot of people that came and helped us and then the fire department called and said, hey, it's time, we're going to bring sandbags and. sandbags are there i guess there is really not a whole lot more we can do. >> anchor: the flood warnings
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>> anchor: also on 7, kiss in mississippi giving back. they are ing complies for the flood victims in louisiana. the students say they want the children in baton rouge to know they are supported and want to their raise spirits during this tough time. flashlight, coloring book. school supplies a first aid kit and hygiene products. toothbrush. >> reporter: then games, books and a bottle of water all packed into individual pillow cases. they are gets for young flood victims in louisiana. they have a lot of support. >> reporter: the robotics team at a catholic high school in mississippi put to the project. the team will compete in a robotics competition at a high school in baton rouge saturday. the school itself was spared bu. 90% of their students and staff were completely flooded and have lost everything. these students know about loss after hurricane caterina, they they decided to do what they can to help the children in
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and we just want to bring their spirits up because it's not the end of the world. i think it's so awesome they are still having this competition to get some of the kids minds off of things. >> reporter: the team will also deliver 50 backpacks filled with school items. binders. along with truck loads of supplies and food donated by the school. crayons. >> reporter: of course, they are packed pillow cases. >> anchor: those high school students are contacting other schools in the baton rouge area in hopes of classes in baton rouge are expected to resume september 6. >> anchor: a heroic rescue caught on police body cam. in athens georgia officer comes to the aid of a man trapped inside of a burning suv. the officer grabs his fire exthing wicer to fight off flames then races to pull the man free trapped in the back seat. that's when an explosion knocks him back. back thanks to that officer's efforts. a watermain break leads to a bad
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phoenix. the break triggering a sinkhole which tapped that city bus there. you can see the water gushing up from underneath it. no passengers on board at the time and the driver was not hurt. >> anchor: a plane makes a crash landing right into a home in indiana. we'll show you the video here. police say the plane was trying to land at an airport when it clipped a tree and slammed into the roof of that house. so no one was inside the house at the time. two people were freed from the plane and they were taken to the hospital. beach goers out in san diego narrowly missed getting hit by a shore so you see him hanging out there on the beach. the driver of the boat said he was unfamiliar with the area which is why he drove on to the beach then backed up to get away. he also sid he was driving slowly about 15 miles per hour but witnesses disagree saying he is lucky he didn't kill anyone. >> anchor: before he hit the jodie. before he hit the jodie he was already flying in and then the lifeguard set over the loudspeaker everybody off the beach. now! there is people up to their
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came right between them. is. >> anchor: that boat driver admitted he had been drinking so san diego police gave him a breathalyzer test but he was let off with a warning because he was under the legal limit. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to texas where a dog who went missing is bringing a community together. the owner of the little beloved pooch using an app and relying on neighbors to help find the missing purpose. houdini, some people are calling him flash. >> reporter: his name is knack for evading capture. how is he so fast? he is so elusive. >> reporter: no sooner had they brought him home, he made like houdini and well, you know. he was here for five minutes and then gone in a flas. >> reporter: his new owners were devastated, the kids crying so mom thought she would ask neighbors for help by posting on the next door app. there were at least 25 cars circling the neighborhood, looking for edgar. a lot of people were down in the creeks looking.
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weeks not a day goes by without news. i have seen edgar four times. . >> reporter: these are hundreds of next door posts about edgar, photographs of edgar sightings, techniques to catch him. smoked provolone cheese and i have the hot dogs. when he is eating this will fall down and trap him in there. >> reporter: edgar has kind of brought us together. at one point the neighbors thought they had found edgar, but it wasn't hi love with him so when he does finally make his return, he will have a lot of new friends to play with. pretty cute. all right, it is the most important day on the k-9 calendar speaking of pups. >> anchor: it is national dog day for all of you dog lovers out there, it's the perfect day to treat your dog to something nice. even nicer than any other day, it's celebrates all breeds, honors all types of dogs whether they are family dogs, make everybody happy, service dogs working to make the world a
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>> anchor: what did you do for your dog today? >> anchor: i gave him two servings of lunch instead of one which he is all about food. primo. he liked it. >> anchor: he is a duty too. much more ahead on 7 news including a ring lost at sea. all right? well, this is an incredible story of how it was finally found by a tressure hunter. >> anchor: and nasa testing out some new equipment today. how it could impact space trave. >> anchor: and still ahead their home. we hear from a heart broken family member of one of the
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of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. >> anchor: a gold ring word decades of memories, plugs deep into the ocean and a connecticut man obviously devastated. who would have thought? talk about a needle in a haystack. this is even more rare i guess. but he thought the precious piece of jewelry was gone forever.
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tressure hunter, the ring has been returned. sara french has the full story. >> reporter: the white golden ring had been on his finger for 56 years. commemorating the love he has for his late wife, eleanor. as i was ing my ring felt loose. >> reporter: when the ring slipped from his finger not only did it sing but so did his hear. i looked around for no more than four minutes and said it's futile. it's gone. >> reporter: he told he even posted a reward. we were searching for it, we couldn't find it. it's hard to find in the water. weeks went by and he thought all hope was lost. but a man with a mal detector and a hobby of finding things saw the sign for the missing ring and changed all of that. he found the ring. the reward for keith and his wife seeing that symbol of a bond reunited with its owner. to see it in his face when you return it to him.
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i love he is willing to find people's memories and things they cherish because if he is so willing to care about theirs, i know that i lucked out and found someone that cares a lot about ours. >> reporter: as for this grateful teacher, the lesson here is the bonds are forever. it's a tie. it's a tie. a appreciated it very much his recovery. >> reporter: he aretired high school teacher and guess it waterford beach every day to swim. in the newsroom, sara french news. >> anchor: coming up in the forecast it looks like our chance for showers for today has passed us so when is the next chance around the corner? we'll get to those details coming up. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 finding a cheer of the race around the world to help stop the spread of the zikka virus. how boston is on the front line of the fight. >> anchor: devastation in italy. rescuers digging through rubble there. how the after shock of the quake
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>> anchor: a galactic gathering at nasa's research center in virginia today. nasa tested its oh rye i don't know spacecraft by using explosives and a pendulum to fling the test capsule into a pool of water so. right there is the video from it. the craft has more than 500 sensors that measure impact from the crash. so nasa hopes it will bring astronauts into space by 2023. a was spotted in buffalo river. mama duck and her duckling, timmy in town are for the canal side maritime festival. the duck powers at 61 feet tall and weighs about 11 tons. the likelihood of mama duck flying away is slim. the appellate form she sits in keeps wind and storms from carrying her away. >> anchor: what is it about a rubber ducky that makes you smile every time you see one? >> anchor: i would probably be running and crying if i saw that
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monster duck. >> anchor: 161 feet tall? >> anchor: multiple tons. >> anchor: yeah it, can hurt if you it came loose. let's get over to bri and let her do her job. i was as well i'm giant rubber ducky and a whole lot of water in boat of those videos. water, water everywhere, not a drop for us really the drought monitor updated yesterday morning and not a whole lot of change but these lines have expanded outward, severe drought out to springfield, extreme there up through the merrimac valley. southeastern new hampshire, we actually could close the books of august and end up as the driest summer, june, july and august, on record. you can see we're really close to that number one spot though. we'll have to wait and see what happens on monday because it looks like our chances for today have really passed. at least for boston for sure. 20% chance very early on monday, maybe overnight sunday as well. current temperatures it is hot,
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and flirting with 90. nashua, new hampshire through norwood, 4 worcester, these dewpoints are making it feel even hotter. i know have you noticed the humidity creeping in today from the south and southwest and in southeastern massachusetts we still have dewpoints in the low to mid 70's. so there is no avoiding the mugginess, the humidity to the air as we make it through the evening hours tonight. it will clear out in the overnight hours tonight. we still have some through and eventually we'll move on to cape cod and not really seeing any lightning with this activity all throughout this afternoon so thunderstorms not a concern here. we were hoping we could take advantage of some of these tropical downpours but very few and far between unfortunately and the cold front that passes through to set us up with a dryer air mass brings in high pressure, we get this nice sunshine to enjoy for the weekend. i always love this, you can
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53 is a dew point in burlington. that's what pushes in to set us up for a fantastic weekend. it is the last weekend of august. so here is where we're at right now with the dewpoints scale. we slide down to more comfortable levels for both saturday and sunday, not creeping back into the picture until monday. here is your weekend forecast. sunshine sticking around, cooler along the coastline, overnight tonight bottoming out in the 60's for most of us. it's humid overnight. 80 to 87 as we get into tomorrow a look at those highs, coolest slight sea breeze that sets up in the afternoon so maybe you are head to the beach tomorrow? not a bad plan. i would say get those outtook activities in this weekend because next weekend i know a big weekend, kind of a toss up at this point of you can see that big cool down on the way for friday. >> anchor: time for 7 fast track traffic and we'll get to jacqueline murphy with an update. not a place we want to be right now. where are we right now? >> reporter: we are on 93 north.
4:54 pm
had just over the border in salem, new hampshire. traffic heading north is just crawling now from days come road all the way up past exit 1 in new hampshire so definitely going to be a very long, slow ride for folks headed north on 93. the good news is if there is any on the southbound side of 93 it is moving much better now that the earlier curiosity delays at the scene have eased out. traveling though as you can see the leverett down ramp downtown is crawling down to storrow dr up this evening and i'm sure that's pat of it as well as folks just heading home and you can see the zakim is tied up in both directions as well. checking the turnpike you are still looking pretty good right in the downtown stretch out by allston brighton as well, but then on the pike west you are crawling once you get toward newton corner and again headed from 16 to the weston tolls out past route 30 then from 122 out past 290, eastbound you are in it all the way from 84 back
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approaching 495. i'm jackie murphy, 7 news. >> anchor: still ahead it may be summer, but pumpkin spice latte heading to dunkin' donuts very soon when you can take your first sip of that seasonal favorite. narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans
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id no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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>> anchor: i can't believe i'm saying, this but pumpkin spice is almost here. monday morning at dunkin' donuts you will be able to pick pumpkin coffee, muffin or donut and in addition to pumpkin, dunkin is also offering salted carmel flavors for their drinks. >> anchor: i am hearing that the stores already have halloween candy on display. >> anchor: i have seen it. i have. >> anchor: wow. >> anchor: i like to safer every last minute of summer so. >> anchor: i think i concur for sure. enjoy. >> anchor: can't time unfortunately. much more to come here in the next 90 minutes, everyone. thank you for joining us so far. beautiful friday.
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>> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news, a death investigation in ashby, a roadblocked off as police search for evidence. >> anchor: plus, offering an apool gee after leave a vulgar voice mail. the governor of maine under fire after what he said to a colleague. >> anchor: praying for answers i'm community reeling after two nuns are found dead in their mississippi home as one of the nun's family members is now speaking out. >> anchor: showers and storms moving out and ity a beautiful weekend in store. >> anchor: brady is back! the patriots star quarterback traveling to north carolina ahead of tonight's preseason game. >> anchor: we are following breaking news, fir at five:00 a crime scene in ashby. we're followed a death investigation is under way right now. police have the streets around that home blocked off. >> anchor: and they are not letting anyone in or out of the area for the time being. all of this just trickling into the newsroom as breaking
5:00 pm
byron barnett who is live in ashby. he has more of the details from the scene. byron? >> anchor: sources are telling 7 news that we have, we're looking at two bodies here in this death investigation in ashby. it's on mount watatik road. sky 7 first video of the scene. you can see it sort of a farmhouse looking structure. this is where police have been all afternoon. police and emergency responders, we attorney is in charge of this investigation. very little information is coming out now. we've been told the r it's a death investigation. source are telling us there are two bodies here and that's what police are investigating right now. dunn on the ground there is some video of how the road is block offered here. this is mount watatik road in ashby. it is in fact a crime scene. no word on whether this is a


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