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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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flight to orlando. passengers panic as the engine is blown apart. >> anchor: gorgeous summer weather today. we'll do it again tomorrow, but what are the chances we'll get some rain in here in the coming days. that forecast ahead. >> anchor: first at 11, a massive fire destroys a plum island home then spreads to nearby cars. boaters capturing the flames and thick smoke from the water. witnesses tried to use garden hoses at one point to put out the flames, but that >> anchor: and tonight investigators are trying to figure out how it all started. the night team's john cocoa is live on plum island. john? >> reporter: well, amaka, even at this hour fire trucks are still lining the streets here, but if you take a look over this way, you can see that house that burned and just off to the side there, there is a back hoe and we're told they're trying to drain the oil from this house and going to take about 15?20 minutes and once they do that, they're going to
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>> there was a fire that became monstrous in seconds. >> flames engulfing the 3?story home on plum island around 1 sunday afternoon. >> and is gone and everything is fine. >> kenny is one of the 3 people that live in the house here on 20th street. he came up from the beach and saw this. >> oh, my god! >> have that happen and the whole house pretty much. >> one neighbors he rushed over when he sa but in the blink of an eye. >> the fire just lept up into the house and the side of the house. >> reporter: he called 911. as did the newbury fire captain who happens to live nearby. >> and showing due to the heat and call them the fifth right away. >> the intense heat damaged two other homes and flames torched several cars and the embers from the fire also caught grass. >> oh, my god. there's fire on the beach! they're going to get it.
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to stop those flames before they spread, too. >> anchor: and then they start digging it up and able to knock it down after about 15?20 minutes to save at least two of the homes. >> anchor: the main fire was under control in a couple of hours. a few fire fighters were treated for heat exhaustion. one was taken to the hospital. no one else was injured and no one was home when the fire began burning. the question now? how did it start? >> it's very surrea >> anchor: this fire is still under investigation, but again, the plan is to drain the oil from the house and then they're going to knock it down. we're live in plum island, john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> anchor: the night team now turning to the tragic loss and a community in mourpg. a graduate from high school was killed in a crash and officers say the driver, the 19?year?old, was under the influence. kelly o'hara is live in
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kelly? >> reporter: nick, this entire community has been affected by this horrific tragedy. 3 teens were in the car and one was at the hospital. another one behind bars and another one is dead. and now this entire community has been left to mourn. >> i didn't believe it. like it wasn't real. i can't wrap my head around it. >> these teens cry and hold one another as they remember a life taken way too soon. >> just a great kid around. >> austin aging as his friends had just graduated from lunenberg high school and was excited about the future. aj, a football player, with someone who was a friend to everyone. >> everyone loves him. like no matter what, he had to put a smile on everyone's face and just the kind of guy he was and no bad things to say about aj. >> always smiling and had a
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>> but the life ended tragically when the car driven by the friend lost control and crashed into several trees along this dark and hilly country road. the district attorney says the 19?year?old driver was under the influence and now behind bars. friends and neighbors say crashes like these happen way too often around here. >> it happens to a lot of people and can happen to any one of us. it's just really unfortunate and >> reporter: as for that 19?year?old driver, they're facing very serious charges and they'll be the judge first thing on monday morning and one man i spoke to who didn't want to go on camera tonight, said his daughter was in a horrific crash 10 years ago and their lives have never been the same. reporting live in lunenberg, kelly o'hara, 7 news night team. >> anchor: and more stunning pictures from passengers on a
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you can see right there the plane is heading from new orleans to orlando and then the passengers heard an explosion and noticed the engine was on fire. a terrifying moment in the sky. >> we were kind of just zoned out and all of a sudden just that huge loud noise. >> reporter: what sounded like an explosion on the southwest flight from new orleans to orlando. the flight took off shortly after 9 a.m. a few minutes later the pilot emergency landing in pensacola. >> it's a boeing 737 and in an emergency status. >> anchor: and i was crying especially after all was said and done and hearing how it could be way worse. >> anchor: the boeing 737 landed safely carrying 99 passengers and 5 crew members. in the statement southwest said it was a mechanical issue with the number 1 engine. photos taken aboard shoet engine inlet was completely ripped away. southwest said it bought the plane in 2000.
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were so safe and watched over and had good pilots. >> they now investigate the engine failure. they'll inspect the plane but for now believes it was an isolated incident. the airline is refunding the cost of the flight and providing a $500 voucher for future travel. >> anchor: also from the team, a calm, cooler evening making way for the sunny sunday. >> and temperatures with the low to mid60s and the decrease in humidity through the day today and because those dew points are in the mid50s to near 60, the temperatures are able to drop back off overnight tonight. so upper 50s to mid60s very comfortable for sleeping. open the windows. let the fresh air in and then
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as you get away from the coast line. but how about this? the last weekend of meterological summer we have 4 days left of summer. fall not far off and more details with the extended forecast in just a bit. >> anchor: a jamaica plain community on edge after the early morning shooting just feet from their homes. investigators say a man in a wheelchair was shot outside a 7?11. the shooter or shooters are still tonight neighbors say they're concerned for their safety. >> i'm totally freaked out. i take my doggies down there and i know there are shootingsings isn't area since i lived here. never something so close. >> with everything going on lately it is sad to see that you can't go to the store now without worried about coming
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information to give them a call. and the restaurant boarded up after the destructive collision. the driver lost control of the truck, jumped a sidewalk and plowed into the front window, the rare cafe and two customers inside the cafe were seriously hurt. the passenger in the truck suffered minor injuries. that driver was arrested and charged in the crash. it will appear in court on monday. >> anchor: mississippi police track down the man they say murdered two nuns from massachusetts. 46?year?old rodney sanders is charged with two counts of murder. investigators say he stabbed the 68?year?old nuns in the home they shared. those women, sister paula meril and sister margaret held were well known in the community providing people with much needed health care. sister meril grew up in stoneham and moved to mississippi in the 80s. >> anchor: turning to the race for the white house now, donald trump campaigning in iowa.
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>> how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth super predtors. >> anchor: while he's on the offensive some call the appeals to african americans insensitive and tone deaf. opponent hillary clinton stopping in new york to meet with the fbi. it was her first classified intelligence briefing standard for presidential nominees. the meeting happened despite republican calls because of her e?mail scandal. >> anchor: coming up, an olympic champion back home and in the spotlight. >> reporter: the native gets a warm welcome from hundreds of her hometown fans. >> reporter: quite literally warm because it was warm today and summer was hanging on and the slight chance for the
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>> anchor: celebrating a hometown who brought home more gold medals from the rio olympics. hundreds coming out to honor those from brazil. >> and including young girls who say they're inspired by allie's hard work and success. >> the fire department brought the olympic champion to the rally this style. the crowd full of fans with the skill and competition and race still around. >> i find a really good role model because she's really sweet and really nice. >> and even got to ask the gold medal winner a question. >> what was the highlight of the rio games for you? >> highlight of the rio games? >> the highlight of the rio games was winning the team gold medal because it's really
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accomplish something together. we really work with the team in order to accomplish it together and working so hard with the common goal is definitely the highlight. >> and then the gymanist want to compete in the olympics one day? >> the best advice i would give is the harder days are what make you stronger. if you always had a perfect day or a good day, you'd never be able to improve. >> reporter: and allie accomplished so much bringing 3 more olympic medals from rio bringing the total things haven't exactly slowed down since the closing ceremonies. >> i went to the red sox game yesterday after being home 2 days and went to visit the gym and it's been really crazy. it's been a hectic last couple of weeks but it's been a lot of fun. >> anchor: after enjoying the recognition from the hometown, she took a moment to thank those right in her own home. >> i want to thank my parent. they're in the room with me now for all their support. i'm sorry for putting them through the stress.
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at the mtv music video awards tomorrow night. >> reporter: coming up in the forecast, this week starts out summerlike and wraps up with much more of a feel of fall. we'll get to all the details
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>> the last weekend of august and this is how it should be. the upper 80s for some and it was coolest along the coast line because of the sea breeze that came in during the afternoon dropping those temperatures to the mid70s. we'll show you that because tomorrow will be very similar to the way today was. this will likely go down as the warmest august on record. seems like we're breaking a whole lot of these records and also been talking about the
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for us. we've gotten 1.72 inches of rainfall within the month of august so far and we are more than an inch below average just for this month. it's been a dry summer and it's a dry spring and this hole is already dug as we started to make it into the warmer months. and high pressure in control right now with the subsiding air that keeps things nice and dry and keeps the sunshine around for us and this could potentially be the next weather breaker for new and you see that wave for broader terms and looks like rain showers in central new england and for us it's just kind of a slight chance with the overnight on sunday and into early monday and maybe midday monday and see the isolated shower or storm. watch what happens with the time line and the green dots just kind of disappear and we may not see any of that much?needed rainfall. it seems to be the way things have gone as we've looked for these fronts and then they pass through without doing much in our area. now back to the here and now,
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evening and low to mid70s and mid60s already on the board and the humidity is blasted out today and then dew points are low and the skies are clear and the temperatures will cool off to comfortable levels overnight tonight. i mention the rinse and repeat tomorrow. you like today and love tomorrow and 80 to 88 with the sea breeze and all in all the gorgeous beach day for the last weekend of meterological summer. here's the look at the 7 on 7 forecast and some are hanging on to the forecast until we get to that cool down in store though not all look that cool and the temperatures back in the mid80s for sunday and monday. have a good night! >> reporter: coming up next in 7 sports, tom brady doing something on the field this weekend for the first time in 15 years and maybe doing so for the last time. the baseball records the most revered numbers in all of sports. the huge numbers for the red sox and with the chance to do something never seen before in
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>> anchor: certainly no time to panic for the red sox but times are a changing. the output is not the same with travis shaw. andrew providing a spark but then he went down. all it takes is one big night to be reminded of what this
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3 game slide and gogart not making the fenway faithful wait very long and first inning with the 2 run shot up and to boston jumping out in front 2?0. price giving it right back in the second and perez jacking the solo shot up and over and that first two runs in the frame and even at 2 a piece. not staying for very long an for the pesky scores and back in front 3?2. flash ahead to the fifth now. 5?2 boston and the sox going to bust it open. and it is going to connect on the 29th home run on the year and solo shot push the lead to 4 and ramirez giving it back with the 7?2 lead and it's with 7 runs and both of those season highs. with all of that the chance of
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going to the tweft foot tie with the major league record and going to ground into the double play with the first pitch he sees and the third player in major league history with 11 straight hits. finish tonight with 4 of 5 and 2 for the rbi and getting the 4th straight win and proven to 8 on the year. >> and stretch is in right now and going to the spot and even prior to the move swinging about very well and it and base it the other way and up to the whole field and get on base 12 consecutive times and then it is regardless where you're at and then he's in place with the rbi. >> and then going to the red sox and it's the wild one to the north of the border and toronto 7?68 and up and shoots the rocket out to right. and pretty much boots this
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win 8?7. and then it's one game up on the red sox with the al east. >> and it's down to the right side and looks to hogan and over the shoulder and here you go! touchdown patriots! >> he's back! and can't do it any better. >> and really can't throw it any better and after the touch down to chris hogan there wasn't much need to throw it at all. as expected the pats qb with the pair of big plays and the first appearance off the bench in and then it is going to start the game and it is more with 57 yards and jimmy j did not turn the ball over and and 2 weeks to digest things before stepping up on week 1 in arizona. >> and going to be able to get
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that, it is right around the corner and excited about t. i can't tell you everything i did wrong or right tonight but check out the film and things we didn't do right we'll get corrected and it's only 2 weeks until regular season hits and we'll get those things corrected. >> anchor: the patriots' defense appears ready, willing and able to get the season started right now. new england intercepting cam newton twice and derrek anderson once and making more like lois lane and les like clark kent. and pats taking care of business with the contract extension and the fifth season in the league and second with the patriots and was scheduled to be the unrestricted free agent at years end. he reported 50 tackles and one sack in 20 15. tomorrow night sports xtra is back. digging deeper into the first 3
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manager john ferrell right here on 7 nbc. >> what a commanding performance! he won by 12! >> and winning the 147th traverse stakes at saraing toa today and finishing the summer derby with the gate and bringing the play of the day. and the bug biting tony romo yet again. the broken bone in his back could sideline for 6?10 weeks
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>> anchor: that's 7 news at 11. i'm amaka ubaka. >> anchor: saturday night live is next. have a good night! captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi ? [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the election center. i'm jake tapper. and on cnn, i pass for a bona fide hunk. [ laughter ] it's been a crazy week in politics, so as tonight's election results continue to roll in, let's take a look back at the past seven days.


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