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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> businesses and building damaged. crews fighting several fires in southbrink now the flames are under investigation. a roof ripped off the wrong way turn that led a dangerous collision within an overpass for one duck boat in boston. an all clear given after chaotic night at lax when shots fire sent people running to the exits >> good monday morning everybody. it's can. thanks for joining us. >> for all of you headed back to school you have the all clear to wear t-shirts today. chris lambert with the forecast. in april after the winter when it's 45 that may be a different story. when it's in the 70s on way to 90. yes, all clear. shorts and t-shirts back into the forecast today. umbrellas not so much. we have isolated spot shower sprinkle possibility as the
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but it's been more of cloud producer than anything else. once we get on the other side of the front you increase the sunshine for this afternoon and we'll lower the humidity. >>the dewpoint right now running out there into the 60s mid-60s favoring more mid 50s this afternoon. dry on tuesday. late wednesday and especially wednesday night into thursday morning. next best chance of showers and storm with localized downpour. today this afternoon, we're returning that sunshine i think we have awfully close to 90. 89 to 90 in boston. near 90 or above upper 80s to north and to the west. 7-day forecast, ahead. time now for fast track traffic. here's danielle gersh. >> good morning, everyone. happy mondayment. here's a look at 93. still slow going. let's switch camera and look at the expressway. it's about half an hour from brain trz drooe into worst. give yourself extra time there you can see lots of stop and go traffic. south of town no issues on route 3 or 24. on 95 northbound you slow down a
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framingham into boston. pretty much and 128 northbound heading to the pike slow as well. a little bit of slow and go on route 2 and 3. 93 fine until you pass over 128 then hitting the brakes into town. no issue on route one. let's check the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. 25 to 30 minutes on the expressway. braintree to boston 22 minutes into town on the pike. 93 southbound to zakim bridge 19 minutes this morning. back to you guys >> officials in after a busy sunday a fighting flames in the town. the two fires started within a frame of a few houses. they come just two years after arsonest setting flames in that same time. let's head out live to southbridge with more. we have jennifer eagan p on it. el just spoke with deputy fire chief a few moments ago. he said they are not ruling anything owls. two fires in town the one here
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a short distance away onby street. chaos erupted in southbridge as firefighter scrambled to put out two fires just blocks away from each other. >> what's going on here. not a half mile away and several hours earlier flame pours out of the roof of this building on main street. heavy smoke filled the sky. firefighter spent hours putting o out fire that damaged multiple apartment and local businesses. >> i lost everybody in when they told me i had to get out. there was a fire in the alley. firefighter rescued a man that was trapped on the second floor leaving more than a dozen people without a place to live. four businesses suffered some sort of damage in and a firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. no one els hurt rooms don't exist. rooms exist that you don't think existed. it's a difficult situation for the firefighter to go through
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put it out. i've been so grateful. >> now as investigators take over the big question is whether or not arson is to blame. >> number of years ago we had arsonist in town. i'm not saying that's going on today. but those are one of things we will look at. so the investigation into what caused both of the fires here continues today. the red cross has been helping the families displaced by the fires. live in southbridge this new england." jen, thank you. a 17-year-old recovering after police say she's assault in the woods late last night. according to officers the teen become lost after getting punched in the head. several times at a campfire. police were able to find her about a mile into the woods early this morning she was then taken to hospital was treated and released and police say two suspect will be charged in that attack. three people in lawrence are without a home after their house
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this was the scene overnight. the flame could be seen shooting through the roof. no injuries have been reported. a vacant mill catches fire in tiberton, rhode island. one firefighter was sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion in the fire is being considered suspicious. a duck both losing part of its roof after a wrong turn leads to a collision with a boston overpass. an investigation. let's head out live to boston with more on what we know here. here's victoria raren. vicki? >> there were passengers onboard the duck both and scary situation for them. they were all stereo drive. the duck boat couldn't clear the overpass and part of the roof was actually torn off. it got to point where firefighter had to help the passengers off of the duck boat because the accident also damaged the ladder they would normally use.
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the duck boat was not on its normal route. boston duck tour release a statement saying first-year driver was diverted. duck boths don't dipcally travel on stereo drive. although not intentional will be under review by company safety experts who will conduct a their rowe analysis of this event. state police are also investigating and they will decide whether or not the driver will face any victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." breaking overnight. passengers running out of los angeles international airport. reports of shots fires start to spread. people ran out of terminals and every direction even on to the tarmac. chris anderson joining us from the control room now with more. kris? >> this morning los angeles police confirming those reports
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lapd said it was loud noises to blame for that scare. and all of the terminals were cleared out and then searched. you see hundreds of people here. they had to flee and run out of to the tarmac during this incident. one witness said he heard shots and another overheard a security guard saying that shots were fired. in a statement lax officials say reports of a shooter caused people to rush on to the tarmac through security without being properly screened. one witness said at one point the lights went off at the terminal a told to shelter in place. in fact, nbclester holdt was at the airport during his commotion. his airplane had just touched down. we're about to walk up the stores the door opened people were flooding out. passengers security people. people heard pop or shots. other people like heard nothing but run and saw the crowds and reacted in the appropriate manner as you would in a situation like that. >> passengers had to be
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could get back into the terminal. the lax twitter posted there was a person in a zoro costume detained. not clear if that was related. >> security is tight overseas in brussels after an explosion outside a criminal institute. the car drove through the security barrier at the site. reports of a bomb are most likely false. no one was hurt and officia attempted arson and not an act of terror. now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton is busy fund-raising her campaign today and tomorrow. she raised more than 11 million dollars on sunday. she's also preparing for her first presidential debate against trump. advisor said she's studying policy shorten answers and preparing for the unpredictable. donald trump prepares for his debate by getting policy on immigration straight.
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immigration speech on wednesday. it had been delayed for days. sources say trump is getting debate ready by discussing issue over lunch. trump will release $10 million worth of commercials and nine swing state including new hampshire this week. happening today a mass will be held for a none from massachusetts who was murdered in this mississippi. police say that stoneham native paula merrill and margaret helm were both stabbed to their wake. in the mean time 46-year-old ronnie sander will make his court appearance today. investigators are still searching for a motive behind that crime. also happening today the suspect accused of an alarming attack in rockport will face a judge. castro was arrested friday after officers say he snuck up on disabled women and attacked her. castro knocked the women to the ground and then tried to rip off
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castro is charged with assault with intent to rape and assault on a disabled person. also this morning police are investigating a suspicious death at park in man chester, new hampshire. officer found a man's body early sunday morning on a baseball field. police have not said how he died. it has people in the area feeling uneasy. >> we try to keep this a safe area. it's a little bit concerning. >> it's sad. you know, it's unfortunate that stuff like this is just anyone with information about what happened is asked to contact police. >> we have new details on the newspaper box for lgbt paper in salem. it's been replaced now after it had been blown up. this is the rainbow times brand new newspaper. people gathered in the town square for that unveiling. police say that group of about 7 people put explosive inside that
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video capturing the entire thing. you see them gathering around then settenly exploded. last night the editor of the paper spoke about the unveiling and the community's support. >> love truly does conquer hate. and the showing was amazing. the people's energy was amaying. we want to continue to focus on the work we're doing. on the community that we're serving. here in salem and across new england. and we're very fortu f >> police are still looking for those suspect and they are investigating the explosion as a hate crime. >> two children recover after a major rollover on the mast pike in natick. police say the driver lost control of the car while travelling eastbound yesterday afternoon. an 11-year-old and #-month-old girl were rushed to a local hospital by helicopter. still ahead on "today in new england" we've noticed the drought continues here. but in the midwest the rain is
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cincinnati getting swamped as strong storms move in. >> plus a teen headed to court today charged with being drunk behind the wheel in a deadly crash. warm start to the day. a lot of clouds around. we see more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures close to 90. how long the heat will last ahead. >> two pilots arrested accused barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband,
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>> wild weather tearing through ohio. the storms brought in hail and high winds. the weather forced authorities to shut down part of the highway. thousands of people. the water started to get higher than some of the cars on the street even. unbelievable. here, though we've been in a drought. and needing some more rain.
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it's been nice and clear. i think we need the water. gray for vacations all tell you that all summer long. hartley much rain. city of boston, 3.92 inches all summer long. we haven't had much of water on the lawn. 75 in town right now. dew point levels low-to-mid 60s. we've had our spurts of higher heat and humidity. wind turning more to west around more to northwest. once that happens you the humidity. we've seen chunks of clouds working through. this is with the front. the fronts can usually spark off showers and storms but it's limited in terms of the instability and the moisturement. other than isolated showers that have popped to the east of us we're missing out again on the rain. what else is new; right? there may be isolated shower in one or two towns. that's it. main theme behind the front you lower humidity. increase sunshine. you see that change up across burlington vermont.
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in keen and albany to 56 there. that's the lower humidity on the way in. cloud pushing to south and east. we increase sunshine and temperature running many it to upper 70s. you start getting into dry air mass with more sunshine in the afternoon. a lot will take a run into the upper 80s. very quiet evening. pleasantening ahead of us as we enjoy the although humidity through dinner time and this evening. comfortable overnight tonight. it's a warm day tomorrow. not q a temperature coolest along the coastline. will we see rain this week. thinking right now the best opportunity would be late wednesday more specifically wednesday night into thursday as this front crosses. this front will cross. it kicks out any tropical moisture to the south of us. there may be enough water vapor in atmosphere to bring out scattered downpours thursday morning. that's the best chance going in the next 7 day. friday, saturday, sunday and monday all looking dry which is great if you have last-minute
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head into the holiday weekend. 85 to 92 this afternoon. that 92 south of boston, 85 north and west close to 90 in boston. pleasant fenway park. hopefully the sox place better. 55 in cooler suburbs. 65 in boston. the forecast for tomorrow near 80 at the coast mid 80s inland. it's been a warm summer. for more on the that over to danielle. the warmest on average. the average temperature 77 degree. 77.6 degree the average temperature. we're likely going to snatch the number one spot. also going to be the driest summer on record. so far this year. we haven't picked up 4 inch of rain for summer. we really do need any rain we can get in the lawns need it.
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the atlantic hurricane season and we're keeping an eye on tropical storm gustan still. this is first major hurricane of the season. category three storm. expected to stay out to sea. then we watch tropical depression 8 that could impact carolina that could bring torrential rain to carolina over the next several day. tropical depression 9 toward the gulf coast. could bring heavy rain to central and northern florida over the next couple of no threat to us. for more on what's going on alternate home back the you. looking forward to cooldown by the time we get toward the end of the week. that chance of rain early on thursday. that's near and behind a cool front that will wok on in. breezy thursday afternoon. that ushers in the low humidity and cooler air mass for friday, saturday and even to start sunday morning. however this cool down in the september thing long. you've been looking longer range start to warm up early to mid
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temperature will continue. so will the theme of above average pollen counts. they are on the severe side to high side with the ragweed. dry weather you tend to see that a lot. we go from the 80s to near 90 back into the mid 70s friday. enjoyable weather. looks like setting up with high pressure settling in. monday the warm. . warmer by next week. >> very nice labor day weekend. a lot of people should appreciate just ahead pilots barred from flying. passengers concerned when two were arrested and accused of being drunk. and coming up at 9:30 an alarming incident has people on alert after tufts after a
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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>> united airline pilot getting grounded after raised they may be drunk. the pair it's about to board a flight from scotland to new jersey. but concerns were raised when they tried to go through a checkpoint. chris anderson joining us now with the details. some alarming details here. the situation caused a massive delay over the weekend. now those two pilots are facing charges. >> reporter: authority say the two pilots are 35 and 45 years old. their identity not confirmed.
9:23 am
leave glossgo with 150 onboard. police in the tunnel. very little information. it turns out the pilot were arrested. suspected of being drunk. if you are uncomfortable with a member of your crew, you don't fly with them. the safeguards that are in place did in fact work. the entire crew was replaced and the flight was delayed ten hours. finally landingn 8:45 saturday night. passengers are voicing their concerns. pilots getting on the plane drunk absolutely concerns me. the two pilots have been removed from service and they flying duty. we're cooperating with the authorities and we'll conduct our own investigation as well. this isn't the first time this has happened. >> a flight to philadelphia cancelled and local pilot charged. >> in march an american airlines
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he pleaded no contest and was put on probation. in april of last year a jetblue pilot flew 151 passengers from orlando to new york while allegedly under the influence. on saturday incident served as reminder of the great responsibilities pilots take on. after an engine problems forced the flight to make an emergency landing in florida. passengers praised the pilots. >> we're definitely grateful that we were still safe and watched over. we have good pilots. as for the two pilots arrested this weekend. they are being held in police station in scotland. >> also those two pilots are expected to appear in court in scotland later today. that's the latest live here in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." still ahead a year-long science experiment now over. how nasa is preparing for a future mars mission. and one spot in boston on the list of popular summer attractions. we'll take you there and tell
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>> newbury street has been named one of the top summer attractions in the u.s. this summer. ranks number 6 on they are based on increase activity at destination. the one world observatory at the top of the world trade center in new york earned the top spot on the list. chicago's magnificent mile checks in at number 2 and the gatlinberg seenic overlook in gatlinberg, tennessee rounds out the top three. some nice places. i've been to new york. obviously newbury got to check out the others >> gatlinberg is awesome. i've driven through there.
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it is wonderful in the great smokey mountains. much more ahead in the next half her. controversy in the nfl. there's outrage after one star quarterback refuses to stand during the national anthem. close to 90 this afternoon with more sunshine this afternoon. that forecast, ahead. we'll tell you where residents are on alert after a string of
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, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. >> fire under investigation. a busy day in southbridge after a couple of building go up in flame. a teenager called to court facing drunk driving charges after a crash kills another person inside the car. and the cleanup in italy continues after a devastating quake. could poor construction of building have played a role.
9:31 am
it's 9:30. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp with our final week of august. it seems like yesterday we were kicking off for the full day of summer. now we look at labor day. it's way too fast. june, july and august in the rearview that point. looking forward to september. we don't have to put away the beach chairs yet. we have warm weather ahead of us. we need the days off don't you. 75 in boston. 77 in plymouth right now. some chunky clouds out from. we have batches of them working couple of spot showers off to the east of us so far this morning. the theme will increase the sunshine this afternoon. that should put temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degree. heading to beach expect the temperature running mid 80s on average. happening now fire investigators will being throughing at two southbridge fires after flames tore through them on sunday. the two firefighter started within a frame of just a few hours?
9:32 am
in southbridge. let's head to jennifer eagan with the latest. chaos erupted in southbridge as firefighters scrambled to put out two fires blocks away from each other. notten half mile away and several hours earlier flames poured out of the roof of this building on main street. heavy smoke filled the sky. firefighter spent hour putting tout fire that damaged multiple apartment and local businesses. >> i lost everything in when they came in and told me to get out. it was a fire in the alley. firefighter rescued a man who had been trapped on the second floor in evacuated the apartment leaving more than a dozen people without a place to live. four businesses suffered some sort of damage and a firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. no one else was hurt. rooms don't exist. rooms exist that you didn't think existed. it's a pretty difficult situation for the firefighters to go through when they try to
9:33 am
now as investigators take over the big question is whether or not arson is to blame. a number of years ago we had arsonest in town. those are one of things we will look at. they are not ruling out anything in terms of a cause either of the two fires. the red cross has been helping the family displaced by the fires. and southbridge jennifer eagan 7 news responsible for several car break-s in. they released this surveillance video of the suspect checking outdoor handles to see if the cars unlocked. they say the break-s ins have been happening. if you recognize this person. police are asking that you contact them. right now concern on tufts university campus after a student woke up to find a strike man standing in his bedroom in summerville. happened on college avenue
9:34 am
out of the house and got away in dark colored four-door vehicle. officers tried to track down the suspect but have come up empty-handed. serious stuff. this isn't the first time it happened too. we got to take it seriously. we have to do better job making sure we take precautions and take the necessary steps to make sure that something like that doesn't happen. it's scary stuff. we have to be more careful looking another for one another and taking steo door. police are increasing patrols in the area. happening today the teen police say was behind the wheel in a deadly crash is set to face a judge. an 18-year-old who just graduated high school was killed in that accident. let's go to kris anderson with more. >> it's a already breaking story. friends and family member gathering for vigil sunday night. a similarent held friday as people in the lunenberg community mourn the loss of the
9:35 am
ago. >> more than 200 people gathered at lunenberg high football for a vigil to remember aj robbins one day after the 18-year-old was killed in car crash. police say robbins was a passenger in a car when the driver crashed on hollace road. the drivers drunk at the time of the accident. i didn't believe it. i can't wrap my head around it. hour after the deft friend everyone loved him. no matter what. he knew how to put a smile on everyone's face. that's the kind of guy he was. always entitling. always. always had a joke making people smile. constantly. he was always positive. friends and neighbor say crashes like this happen way to often in the area. >> happens to a lot of people. could happen to any one of us.
9:36 am
the driver of the vehicle involved in this crash will be air peering in court later today. live in the control room, kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." there's new details on a murder-suicide in ashby. police identified the two people found dead friday. 55-year-old man stabbed a 51-year-old women to death before killing himself. officers found their bodies in front of a home. officials say the two were divorced but still helped each other with errands. a man is fighting for his life this morning after rescued from the water at town neck beach in sandwich. the 34-year-old was faced down in the water for several minutes. beach goer pulled him out of the water and performed cpr. this morning he's in critical condition at a rhode island hospital. and investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked this huge fire at a home on plum island over the weekend. this happened on 20th street. the home and several nearby cars were destroyed. no one was inside the house at the time, though.
9:37 am
treated for heat exhaustion. new this morning a legal dispute with the mbta could lead amtrak to eliminate service from boston to new york and washington, d.c. now according to the globe a move like this is considered unlikely but it is still possible. be both sides say the other has violated contractual agreement involving money'sed for track maintenance. there's more news today italian officials are investigating whether poor contributed to high death toll in last week's earthquake. investigators are looking into whether contractors ignored building codes and constructed building with cheap material at least 290 people were killed in the devastating earth kwait in central it l last wednesday. hope francis leading a prayer service to honor the earthquake victims. he spoke to massie crowd at the vat -- vatican sunday.
9:38 am
survivors. 49ers quarterback is going to continue his protest against the national anthem despite a lot of back lash. he faced plenty of critisism since he didn't stand during the playing of the "star-spangled banner." his his way of protesting systemic racism in the u.s. i will continue to sit. i will stand with the people opressed. to me this is something t to change. when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country representing the way people are supposed to. i'll stand. in the state the 49er called the national anthem a special part of the pregame ceremony but that they respect his right not to participate. new this morning pharmaceutical company mylin will make a generic version of
9:39 am
lit cost $300 for a two back. they've been facing backlash on the their high prices on the allergy medication. this mission to mars in the work. the year long science experiment that nasa just wrapped up with those guy coming out of the tent there. how does working less sound to you? huh? if you work in amazon, you could be summer vacations sending soon. working more as we go back into the fall. the kids back to school. will we continue with the warmth though.
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this just sounds like a dream come true. amazon experimenting with a shorter work week. small team of employees. 30 hours those worker will still receive the same benefits as regular full-time employees. >> that's key. right. the benefits are always so key. they will also be paid just about 75% of a full-time employee salary. amazon said it wants to help people enjoy more time outside of work. >> i'm trying not to be jealous. >> new survey from cvs found americans preferred to take picture they are not in rather
9:43 am
nice way to go. i feel like we live in this selfie world. 55% of adult like to capture scenery or landscape photos. 21% say they'd prefer selfies. american prefer candid shot rather than posed one. i signed up for photography class. i'm taking a few week. it's one-day thing. >> you know with a child and i always wanted to take good pictures. l this is perfect right now. no selfies here. this study restores my faith in humanity. it really does. >> i think you see most of them online. the other 78% doesn't post as much. sun setting today at 7:22. we had nice picturesque sunrises
9:44 am
have the theme of a dry summer. mid 70s. the skies look like they want to rain at time. it's been slow to warm us up. although once the sun breaks out the temperature will drum p up and jump up quickly. mid 70s across the cape at this hour. the wind changing direction today. once we get back to north and west mod death amount of will be replaced with dewpoints into the 50s this afternoon as we take. wind out of the west now. behind the front it's not that much cooler. the front more cloud producer than rain producer. there's a few showers off to south and the east of new england. can't rule out a spot shower. 95% of us remaining dry.
9:45 am
dewpoint down to 56 that's with us this afternoon. warm tomorrow. temperature in the mid-to-upper 80s away from the coastline. close to 80 at the coast. it's tropical moisture in the south of us. we can't get that connection. the next front will kick out to sea. along that front there's some moisture along it and behind it the risk for scattered showers is there. 85 to 92 this afternoon. should reach close to 90 in on temperature will cool overnight tonight. this comfortable night. boston back down into the 60s. partly cloudy tonight. close to 80 at the coastline. mid 80s inland. temperature still above average for this time of year. that's the theme throughout the month of august. for more on that, over to danielle. that's right. kris. the month of august theme has been warm and because of that it's likely going to go down as
9:46 am
average temperature close to 77 degrees. and right now the number one spot is back from 1988. average temperature then was just above 75. it looks like we are going to beat that -- snatch that number one spot there. it's also been a dry summer. so far we've picked up just under 4 inches of rain. it's been dry and warm. where it's not so dry is the tropics. the first major hurricane of the hurricane season c tomorrow. expected to stay out to sea. we watch tropical depression 8. and then also tropical depression 9 here could bring a lot of rain to gulf coast state and central northern and florida. both expected kind of the race to see who becomes hermine next. both of them not expected to have impact on us. for more on what to expect at home, back to you.
9:47 am
next few days. even the weekend starting off on the cool side. high pressure building back in. allow guess what more dry weather over the weekend. once that slides off next week to the east some warmth will return by the middle and second half of next week. i do expect above average temperature in the longer range showing up. pollen count on the high side if not severe. that continues the next few day. there's the 7 on 7 fast. close to 90 on wednesday. any shower or thunderstorm the evening hours. it's wednesdayening into thursday morning best chance for satter showers. breezier thursday afternoon. ushering in cooler weather friday saturday sunday. weekend looks good with high pressure setting up shop. >> a team of the scientist back in the real world after taking part in a year-long experiment that's part of a mission to mars. nasa wanted to simulate life on the red planet. >> it's just one step as a space
9:48 am
human deeper into space. after a year of total isolation, they are returning to civilization. i'm super excited. because it's the first time we get to be outside. >> enjoy mars. 6 scientist who call themselves martians walked into this 36-foot solar powered dome last august. >> i'm looking forward to getting back like an astronaut. >> on the regulared slope of a volcano in hawaii it's a longest ev understand how a year-long deep space mission would effect astronauts. to replicate what life may be. no running water. cooking with only freeze dried food and only window to outside world. >> the world is long ways away. get to play in lava tubes and learn how to cook and there's no rent so it's good. e-mail with family and friends
9:49 am
diss circumstance between earth and mars. and going outside required wearing a full space suit. they conducted experiments on planet growth and water. but the big question is are they still friends? >> we could use time to go talk to other people. >> plus fresh fruit and a beer saying good-bye to their home sweet dome. >> experiments are expected to take place over the next two years. >> that guy we could talk to some other people. you work in close quarters there. next in support a tough challenge for the sox at home. how they fared against the royals coming up. they are fresh off their olympic gold medal. the final five taking time to show up at mtv's hottest night of the year. the roast looks good dad. how good?
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>> red sox tried to take a series from royal. winner of 11 of 13 games. rodriquez making return after missing last scheduled start not a good outing. he got into trouble on theicsth. five earned for rodriquez. followed by a flat out bullpen implosion on a bad night all around at fenway. down 2-0 in the fourth. david ortiz. chop in half with one mighty swing. maybe a solar spot 31. tonight jimmy fox for 18th of all time. sox up 4-2 heading to 6. rodriquez after five 1/3 and the wheels just going to fall off the thing. oh, the three rbi triple. royal putting up 8 on the board in the frame. sox fall 10-4 done two games behind the blue jays in the al east in patriots back on the field today. entering the final week of the preseason the pats will visit
9:53 am
that's it for sports. have a great day. pete and his family will celebrate a recent break through in the quest to find a cure for als. will attend a charitient of als awareness month. he played baseball at bc inspired the ice bucket challenge couple of years ago. money raised from that huge social media campaign actually help scientist identify a gene that plays important role in lou gehrig's disease. all the proceeds from tonight event will go to the foundation. needham native ali raisman and three other members of the final five taking the stage at the mtv video music award. they had a chance to present the award. four were on stage tonight to present beyonce for best female video. gabby douglas couldn't attend because she's hospital eyed with a mouth injuries.
9:54 am
team u.s.a. ryan lochte. he cracks joke about lochte's rio robbery story j >> who had the best video of the year. i can't tell you that. they are all so great and so talented. i could never choose. i couldn't tell youen if there was a gun to my head. but there isn't. i couldn't choose. i still couldn't choose. video of the year for her performance was pretty amazing. like i felt bad for anybody else that had a perform that night. >> you mean like britney spears. she went right after. why did that do that? hard to live up o that. next on "today in new england" country music rocking gillette stadium over the weekend. kenney was able to make one
9:55 am
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>> little girl gets a huge surprise at gillette stadium saturday night. the 9-year-old attending the kenney cheney concert when kenney picked her up standing on stage gave her vintage helmet he signed. it was the end of his spread the love tour. the mom posted the pictures on twitter. i'm so happy for her. >> me too. plus i guess she got to stay up past absolutely. when school starting show-and-tell that's the pell thing to bring in the classroom and say show all the other kid. how do you like that. lower humidity this afternoon. clouds yielding to sunshine. temperature mid 80s to near 90 degree then tonight falling back into the mid 50s in the sun beshs. 7 on 7 forecast next best chance of scattered showers and storm wednesday night into thursday. cooler to end the week. >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french.
9:58 am
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this morning on "today's take," beyonce's big night. the epic 15-minute performance that brought down the house at vmas and dr. oz will join us and a summer dish you can make tonight. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc ws, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" for a monday morning, august 29th, 2016. i'm al alongside tamron. we are missing our pal, billy, who got caught up in the chaos


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