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tv   Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 2:08am-3:01am EDT

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>> we've got to hear what it looked like -- i liked kim's hair like that. britney looked good, i thought. good girl. >> uh-huh. >> we'll talk all about it. >> okay. in today's "buzz." if you're getting married or attending a wedding, the products to help you look flawless on that day or any given day. >> and we give four moms back-to-school makeovers so they and you can lose the sloppy morning look, or you can have a cute style when you send the kids off to school. we'll do that. plus, tips on how to choose the right color for the rooms of your home. big weekend. >> how was your weekend? >> i had a hoda weekend. i love the weekends. we sat around and ate. >> friday, i went to atlantic city to the golden nugget for
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the chart house? >> they have a chart house there. >> nice. >> so many nice people came out. it was just a lot of fun. it was a two-hour tasting. and the stuff was a big hit. that was fun. now what i hadn't told everybody the week -- the days before was that gabby douglas and her mom natalie and my good friend, their press agent, leslie, stayed at my house for, i don't know, three days? >> nobody leaves your house. they come and never leave. >> they came wednesday and left so gabby when she first came to my house on monday had just come from the olympics and was exhausted. there are lots of places to plop in my house. the place -- no. she and her mother was fighting over how tall she was for years. her mom said he was 5'1.5", and
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we've done that with every kid -- she is 5'3", and her mom has to make a public apology. >> yeah, she will. >> then she was down on the dock -- guys, go to the dock one, please. >> she's lounging everywhere. >> facedown because it was schlaussen. she was exhausted. >> happy to be at peace. >> the rest of the time this child ate like she'd never eaten then the bloom came back, came by friday, gave her shoes for the vmas. >> then? >> everybody's wondering what happened to her. a while back she had had some sort of infection in her mouth. i don't know what exactly it was, but it came back badly enough she needed to spend two nights in the hospital with a mouth infection. >> people looked at the vmas,
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supposed to present, beyonce. there were tweet saying where was gabby. >> please don't say anything else. this girl's been through enough for no reason. she is one of the finest young women. i've always said that. >> great kid. >> great young woman. we should absolutely applaud and exalt our young people with such great character and accomplished what's never been accomplished before. can we please start throwing them a party instead of ripping them down? >> if you don't know, the reason -- one of the reasons she was silly, we all thought, was when she played the anthem when they won as a team gold, the other girls had their hand on her heart and she was standing at attention. people do it both ways. and for some reason -- >> she comes from a military family. both of her mother's parents were in the military. you either stand at attention or have your hand over your heart. i mean, please. >> people went after her for that. it was silly and dumb. we're glad that that's gone away. >> they were going after her for
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how about look what the woman's doing and accomplishing at the age of 20. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> then look at your own life. >> yeah. look at your fingers that you're typing with with cheetos on them. >> cheetos and cat hair, covered in cat hair. stop it. >> all right. >> not nice. >> where else were you? >> oh, my gosh. we came home, christine and i -- >> i'm exhausted. >> i don't usually have weeks like this. we went to regis' 85th birthday party. as and dearest friends. i shot very bad video. it didn't even make it. he actually is with us today. he's having a little pasta in the kitchen. >> we're so glad you could come again. >> he loves that -- >> sal, little further. good, good. >> my gosh. >> we loved having regis for his birthday. >> ciao, baby. >> can we celebrate another very important person's birthday? >> yes. >> kathy ryan. >> my assistant -- turned her day over the weekend.
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she doesn't want you to know. we've been having fun. kathy, happy birthday to you. so the vmas were last night. >> let's get to those. >> everybody's talking, buzzing about them. here's a recap. so beyonce got to the red carpet and showed up with blue ivy. >> she's 4 now. look how cute she is. doesn't she look like her father, though? >> she looks like both to me. >> in that particular picture, she really looked like her dad. >> yeah. anyway, she won all the awards. she killed it. she sang five songs from her album "lemonade." she performed for more than 15 minutes. she took home eight awards, by the way, including video of the year for "formation." it was really cute actually. the final four, four of the five, got present the award to beyonce. and they were looking at her
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oh, my god. >> everybody's in awe of that talent. she's pretty extraordinary. >> the hard things would have been if you were britney. >> poor britney. >> she had to perform after beyonce. >> she cannot catch a break. >> couldn't they have re- jiggered the lineup? >> i think they were trying to milk the suspense to keep her to last. >> britney sang with g-easy on the show. it was her first time she was probably nervous. >> apparently she did weird things to him. she looks nice and slender and fit, in athletics. in good shape. >> i thought her performance was cool. >> she's just getting it for the lip-synching things. >> you sort of know that's what she does. you look for performance. >> right. right. >> a lot of people do lip-synching, and you enjoy it. >> other refuse. that's the problem. you know, it's not accepted in the industry. people -- i don't think people care so much. industry people really, really so no, no. >> when you do the athletics that a lot of these performers
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can -- you know, even someone who's fit, you know, you still -- >> you get winded. >> yeah. alicia keys, you guys -- >> you said she was amazing. >> i love her, period. >> she's adorable. >> she's doing this no make-up things. >> still? >> yeah, still doing it. she not doing make-up again. >> she gets dressed up and doesn't do make-up. she doesn't have to, look at that -- >> if you had that face, would you bother with make-up? >> probably not. >> i say no. jimmy fallon was there, too. lochte. take a look. ? ? is it too late now to say sorry ? >> that's my jam. that's my jam. it should be my jam. i wrote it. i wrote that song. i did. i wrote it. i wrote it, i produced it, i directed the video. i did. it happened. in fact, i directed all five
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>> what an amazing year i've had. it's true. i'm the one who gave adele the flip phone. hell-er? >> didn't seem to go over with the crowd so much. >> no. >> i had a moment like that at regis' party, too. when it happens, you kind of go, well, nobody said comedy is easy or pretty. phelps taking pictures. he got a kick out of it. >> we'll have more on the vmas -- >> lilliana was on the red carpet. >> she sure was. this is one of these videos where you say thank god this police officer was there. this jersey transit officer, victor ortiz, was walking his patrol. he was at the new jersey transit. he looks down and sees a guy who's on the tracks. the guy's bigger than him,
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spare, he pull this guy up. the man purposefully laid down on the tracks. >> he wanted to kill himself. >> he wanted to kill himself. ortiz wouldn't allow it. he said he had to pull hard the last time. >> god bless him. >> he said if i didn't -- you try and sometimes you have to do that get out of the way, self-preservation. he said if he didn't try that hard, he could have never lived with himself. and he's -- they're calling him a hero. >> god bless him. i like to hear about the cops that are heroes because there are so many out there. >>nt >> absolutely. don't go anywhere, anybody. you don't wanted to miss -- i forgot. you have a favorite things? >> i didn't bring one. >> we'll have something by the end of the show. plus, the white carpet was white hot at the vmas. >> lilliana was front and center. and ge-z. >> wow. >> you used to be in high school, hodi. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines...
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? it was an epic evening of video performances last night. madison square garden. >> the stars did not disappoint. lilliana vasquez was there for the fashion, the fun on the white carpet. >> it was. it was a white carpet which was fun. it's little different. were there definitely worse ways, of course, to spend a sunday evening. before all the nominees, performers, and presenters hit the stage, i had a chance to talk to some of the biggest stars in music, modeling, and sports as they strutted down the carpet.
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? >> anything can happen at the mtv vmas. of course, besides the fantastic fashion, unpredictable performances, and all of those can't-miss moments, you are in for a wild ride. ? [ cheers ] >> we're at the vmas, white carpet. oh, my god. >> do you want to give a shout out to kathie lee and hoda? >> we love out here. >> there have so many incredible artists here. who are your top three? >> beyonce, beyonce, beyonce. >> that's all you need to say. i want to see your face. whats make if you win in that category tonight? ready, on three, what is the face you're going to make? one, two, three -- i was talking to your brother. he said some not-so-nice things about you. what's the biggest secret you can tell me about him? >> that's terrible.
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we loved watching you in rio. do you know whole loved watching you in rio? well, she surprised you guys, hoda kotb. >> yeah, i love hoda. oh, my god -- >> my favorite! >> she is the sixth member of our group. we love her. we love her so much. >> we're going to play a fashion game. i'm going give you three looks that have made vma fashion history. tell me if you'll flaunt it or put it back on the rack. ready? >> all right. >> the first is lady gaga meat dress. >> i would probably put it on a skillet and cook it. [ sizzle ] >> miley cyrus co-hosting last year in this outfit? >> flaunt it. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> even with the hat? >> word, absolutely. >> let's go with cher. >> that's iconic. it is. like -- >> flaunt it or put it back on the slack? >> i say flaunt it. >> i have seen so many photos of
2:23 am
york like it's your personal catwalk. >> crazy. it's like fashion week every day. they sit outside, and my building hates me. >> lance, you are no stranger to the vmas. i actually know that you have a moon man. where do you keep it? >> i have one, i keep one in my toilet as a toilet roll dispenser. whoever designed it obviously meant it for that. it perfectly fits. >> i'm going to take off my heels for a hot second because i want to tell you that if you're looking to recruit anybody -- >> you? >> for the team, look. look how much taller she is than me. i know that hoda kotb lives for you. >> hoda, i love you. >> what the hell does "cake by the ocean" mean? >> see this mike? >> that was great. >> the sound guy loves you. >> i know, right? >> either way, you're meant to be on the red carpet. the white carpet -- so good on that. >> i had so much fun. they were all so nice.
2:24 am
they were so excited to be there, thrilled to see the performances. and they're fans of each other. >> the face -- that of great. they won. >> so happy. >> i knew them when i heard the music i'd be happy for them. ? cake by the ocean ? >> that doesn't sound like the song at all, i'm a horrible singer. >> thanks, sweetheart. j. lo and marc anthony making sweet music. don't miss the scoop in today's "buzz." you'll be a show-stopper. your wedding day for must-have beauty product for your look. >> and we'll reveal the bride's gorgeous look after this. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow,
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it is one of the most well-planned days in a woman's
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and whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest, you want to look your best in all those photos for years to come. >> the folks at "the knot" tested hundreds of make-up and styling products to help with that flawless look. here with some of the winners of their annual beauty awards is style editor lauren kaye. >> hi, lauren. >> you took the guesswork out. >> we did. we tested hundreds of products across six categories -- hair, make-up, skin care. we narrowed it dto must haves and got ready. they're not just for the bride but for anyone who wants to look great at a wedding. >> let's start with the actual bride. johannah is getting married in october, right? >> she is. she's wearing a stunning lace gown from kleinfeld's. >> should we take off -- >> we should. >> i got mine at kleinfeld's. >> look at the back, it's gorgeous. >> it's gorgeous. >> look at this. >> hello.
2:29 am
>> like a bride, you want to look your best on your wedding day. we started with dolce & gabbana liquid foundation. nice coverage, but she looks like herself. >> yeah. >> we added ardelle individual lashes. >> that's what mary uses, the little ones. yeah. >> fantastic. gives a natural look. lip color, you got to have a good lip color for that first kiss. this is clinique pop shine. we have lots of colors. she's wearing a neutral, but it comes in a wide variety of shades. >> lauren, is there a lipstick you can wear for that big kiss at >> well, this stains -- >> not him. >> it's nice and moisturizing, too. >> what about for the nails? >> nails. you got to see the ring. can you show off your ring? everybody wants it on a wedding day. >> what are you doing? >> this is the reader pick. >> so pretty. so feminine. >> you're fiance's not watching, is she -- >> is this the dress? that's fine. >> not bad luck anymore.
2:30 am
>> mother of the bride we have here. >> yes. >> go this way. uh-huh. >> we wanted to make sure she's ready for the ceremony. >> when is your -- your daughter's getting married, right? >> saturday. >> this saturday. >> exciting! we gave her a waterproof mascara by l'oreal, if she sheds some tears, she'll look amazing at the reception. and the brows, this is chanel's pencil. it goes on nice with a tip here. she'll look like the best of herself. we finished her hairh it will stay until the last dance. >> and it smells great, too. >> it doesn't get clumpy. yeah. you know what i'm saying. >> what's your daughter's name? >> lauren. >> good luck to lauren. aw. >> have a wonderful time. wish her well for us. >> sarah, bridesmaid. >> yes, bridesmaids have the hardest job of all. they have to get ready at the crack of dawn and still look amazing for the ceremony.
2:31 am
we love it because it goes on with no residue, totally amazing. we have hourglass ilum-sheer color trio, color, blush, and highlighter in one. she will look amazing in photos. we finished with loose powder. it will keep her make-up nice all day long. >> all right. then sydney, a guest at a wedding. >> can't forget a guest. we really played up her eyes the cat eye. this is cover girl intensifying liquid liner. a paddle tip. only $9. there is our budget. fantastic. if you don't prioritize getting to the salon, you can get a gel from opi, gel effects, keeps them glossy, chip resistant through wedding season. >> perfect, you guys. >> thank you, guys. >> good luck. >> thank you very much. >> good luck.
2:32 am
things" at the end. >> the new skin care line.
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? we're back on this fun day monday. ready to dish out all kinds of celebrity scoop in today's "buzz." here with the hottest headlines,, jack rico. >> hello, how's everything? >> good. >> a long distance going on. >> j. lo pulled off a big surprise with her ex. >> absolutely. marc anthony, iconic salsa singer, ex-husband of jennifer lopez, was performing at radio city music hall. two nights. last night, his last night, sold out saturday. a song they sing called "no ma'am," which he only does with jennifer lopez and rarely sings it. as soon as he sang his verse, when her verse comes, she comes
2:35 am
and the crowd went ballistic. >> i bet. >> it was like an lex whiplash in radio city music hall. she was very touched by this. at the end of the song, he calls her "the queen." then they go backstage, and this was the part that i was taken aback. they took a family picture. shannon, marc's wife was there -- >> they have two beautiful children together. >> what everyone was saying was the relationship between jennifer lopez and marc anthony was a little strained. back in april, she did an interview with "w" magazine, she said this was one of the hardest things, to fix and repair the relationship. >> you do anything for your children. >> it follows that. >> rob lowe was getting roasted this week. >> not as much as -- >> ann coulter. well, you know, what happened is comedy central does this
2:36 am
spade, peyton manning, jewell. >> it's ruthless. >> i hear it is -- it is a lashing. >> ruthless. why would you put yourself through it? >> i can't say much here because it's not appropriate for morning television. but he got lashed on his sex tape, on how handsome he is, all the shows that were canceled. the worst lashing was oddly toward ann coulter. to the point that it was so obvious that ann coulter when she got on stage, she said, "welcome to the ann to coulter roasting featuring rob lowe." it was pretty bad. >> it wasn't her crowd. i'm surprised she did that. >> she was promoting a book. the reason she was there. yeah. >> anything to sell it. the vmas. we talked about that earlier. there was kind of a magical moment, i thought, between rihanna and drake. >> tell me about it. >> right? >> there was a lot of heat in that. >> yeah. >> it was sweet. >> let's watch. let's watch. >> all right. >> she's someone i've been in love with since i was 22 years old. [ cheers ]
2:37 am
best friends in the world. all my adult life, i've looked up to her even though she's younger than me. she's a living, breathing legend in our industry. >> aw. so sweet. >> according to fans, it's not only a friend. the fans really think that they -- they haven't confirmed it publicly, but they think they're going out. when he came out in the tuxedo, a lot of people thought there was some sort of wedding proposal that was about to happen. this is a rumor that's been going on for months. there was even a billboard that drake got her in los angeles. he bought a giant billboard saying "congratulations rihanna, from drake." and the record label drake has up in canada -- you can just tell that there was romance in the air. this part, everybody went crazy. they thought they were going to kiss. they didn't finally confirm to the world that they're going out. but they went into a club afterwards. and it --
2:38 am
>> he really loves her. >> what did you think of the vmas, by the way? >> it doesn't know what it is and who's for anymore. looked like the show was being sort of made up as it went. >> yeah. >> it was stitched together and doesn't have that pizazz, that buzz that it used to. you know, back in the '90s and early 2000s. it's lost a lot of that steam. if it wasn't for beyonce and rihanna's performances, 'd talking about the show in a different light. >> no men's performance? >> yes. there was a couple -- >> none that stood out. >> except beyonce and rihanna. >> thanks. we're about to call you happy. >> the perfect way to pick the favorite shade of pink for your home. and now more dowdy drop-offs. four moms get back-to-school
2:39 am
(burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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having kids dressed and out the door on time is one thing. getting yourself into an outfit that looks put together for that drop-off, that's completely another. >> completely another story. if sweat, jeans, or p.j.s are your go-to choices, we're going to show how to make over your morning outfits with the help of "marie clair s >> hello! >> four deserving moms are getting a cute but comfortable style makeover. that's one of those things. you really want to just make it to the bus before it leaves. you know? >> i mean, it's like whatever's on the floor, throw it on. we're going to change that up. a little thought goes a long way. >> i love the way you talk. >> you found four moms, is that
2:43 am
who have many kids between them. and just -- reinvented their looks for the morning. >> let's start off with eva. let's look at her picture. she's a mother of two very young kids. her usual morning look is casual, neutral tones, a flowy top. so what -- we get to see her there. what's your inspiration when it came to fixing her up a little? >> like many new moms, she's still got the 15 pounds to lose, she said, she's paranoid it her bottom, her tummy. she likes to wear basics. we wanted to update the basics. >> come on out. let's see -- >> oh. wow! >> what did you do? cute. >> eva works in advertising. she can do casual. she can wear jeans every day for work. >> the shoes -- >> we wanted -- vest is the key piece. the sleeveless vest. it covers a multitude of sins while still looking super cool. this one is by h&m. she's wearing the nice jeans, and the updated -- this is kind of the loafer, the new ballet slipper. >> love that. >> cute. >> the crop on the jean, it's all about the crop on the jean. showing a little ankle is the new way to wear denim. >> you likey?
2:44 am
>> you look adorable. >> thank you very much. tracy is a working mother of four. she admits to dropping her kids off wearing her robe and slippers. >> i have done that. i am guilty. i have done it. >> we know the look that we're seeing right there. >> yeah. >> tracy, as you said, mother of four and a nurse two days a week. she works so hard. we wanted to give her something that was easy to throw on. >> let's show the before picture so people know what we're talking about with the robe and slippers. come out. let's step on out. what's the new tracy? i'm sorry, hello. >> this dress is by gap. and as i said, this is easy to wear as a robe, but much more appropriate for the school gates. >> cute. >> we've started with a simple denim jacket. adding another piece makes you look a lot more polished. also she can take this look to
2:45 am
wear this with anything but a flip-flop. it makes you hook like you're going to the beach. and she never wears a dress, right? >> maybe once a year to a wedding. >> this is so cute. >> would you wear that? >> i totally would wear it, yes. >> the color's perfect. transitional, you can put tights on and a boot and sweater and wear it for the winter. >> thanks. thank you so, so much. our next before picture comes from ginessa. mother two of teenagers. now she sometimes says she shows up to school dressed like that in her p.j.s. >> these days that could be -- that could be something you would wear to a cocktail party. >> it's trending now. definitely. >> oh -- >> she -- >> she also loves to wear her workout clothes all day long. we decided to take that ath-leisure trend and put it into a more sophisticated look. the stretchy jersey skirt, the american apparel, nice sweatshirt, and sneaker. when it comes to a sneaker, don't wear your running sneakers. if you're going to do ath-leisure, wear something
2:46 am
let's look at karen's before picture as she steps out. karen? >> hello, karen. >> come on out. let's see what we've got. you like the tee and the jeans. >> we've taken -- >> nice. >> the culotte which works on every shape and body. make sure it fits right, proportionally. the bomber jacket is a big trend. a feminine print. it's not too sporty. and then the holy grail of fashion sneakers. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, you look adorable. you all look so good. thank you very much. >> thank you, ladies, thank you. >> from mom makeovers to room makeovers. >> how a little paint can go a
2:47 am
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make room for color is created with our sponsor, sherwin williams, who is proud
2:51 am
year -- poised taupe. >> yes. if there's one thing you can do to totally transform your home without breaking the bank, it's paint. >> from the walls to the furniture, a pop of color can completely refresh your living space. here is director of coloring marketing for sherwin williams, sue robin. >> hi, how are you? >> what a fun job. >> it's the best job. >> no, ours is, too. >> amazing. >> so there's an app for almost everything. and there' a >> there is. homeowners often come with a problem -- we don't know how to select color. it's a big decision. we have a great app that's easy to use. it's dynamic and fun, you can upload an inspiration image and through easy steps sort of select a color palette. so this is from a viewer at that sent in the photo. we were able to scan the image in. >> that's her bedroom.
2:52 am
colors -- >> different options. so before you spend a dime on paint, you can get a good idea of what it should look like. >> cool. >> it's a powerful tool, easy to use. >> the samples, you put them up and have to picture it. >> that's difficult. >> say you picked your color. now you'd like to paint. show us the right way to do it. >> there's key steps. >> show us something important -- >> that's right. you want to edge the room. >> you do know how to do this -- >> you edge it. >> i appreciate the help. i love to paint. >> i know you do. >> you know why you like it? it's very clean. >> yes. it's fast. you get an incredible change so quickly. >> we make this things called an n, you go back and forth, right? and i'm going to put more paint on my roller. >> uh-huh. >> it's a great way to hit like a professional finish with a good quality paint, paint and
2:53 am
>> it is. >> you don't have to put primer on -- >> primer. >> a coat and another coat. >> awesome. salmon? a salmon color? >> coral. a beautiful color called begonia. >> can you please reveal the color of the year? exciting. >> come on over. we have this amazing announcement. sherwin williams' announcement of the year, poised taupe. >> like p-o-i-s-e-d. >> poised taupe. >> poised for our taupe. >> it's an amazing color. neutrare for five years we've been talking about gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray. they're warming up. it's like gray and brown had a baby, and it became taupe. >> i love taupe. always have. >> we think it's stunning. we've picked a color for our room. designers have a rule, a golden ratio. how to make a room look harmonious. 60% of the wall or surface is a color. you bring in 30% of a different color, neutral. >> 30%.
2:54 am
>> or a print. >> it's an amazing way to keep a room harmonious. >> if you don't want to paint the whole room, you can paint some of your furniture -- >> absolutely. sometimes diy-ers are intimidated by a room. furniture is a great way to jazz up the space. reclaimed furniture. something easy, something that needs a little life. the process is simple. you sand it down. you have to get the finish off. nice and smooth. >> that will last. >> exactly. you want it to be durable. >> it will adhere better. >> you do the same things that but on the wall? >> you do. you want a primer coat and the top coat. and you go with the grain. that's important in furniture because you don't want it to look -- the surface to be muddled. >> right. all righty. >> beautiful. >> go with the grain. >> i'm excited good that announcement! >> yes, are you. >> poised taupe. >> you got it. >> thank you very much. coming up next, favorite things, we finally decided.
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you can finally break up with bleach.
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time to share our favorite things. for years i've been using a very expensive line of skin care because the older you get, you feel like it's worth it. it's worth it, right? finally cassidy, my daughter, who looks at every single ingredient on everything. she said, mom, why are you spending so much money on that when you can get something so much less expensive and is even better because it's so clean? everything's so clean. >> what is it? >> her skin -- of course, she's
2:59 am
this is the cleanser. this is fantastic. this is what they call the enzyme mask for nighttime. it exfoliates. i was blown away -- it's transformed my skin. i said, order me all of it. order me all of it. i have spent my last penny on the other stuff. >> >> yeah. >> we want to show you two t-shirts. >> they're soft and buttery. better together because we are. and a lot of the money goes to charity. these are great tees, for your best friend, your boyfriend, your husband -- >> i'm going to share this with you so you can give that to joel. >> isn't that nice? >> yes. and i hope his eye infection clears right up. tomorrow, lou manfredini with home improvements that will change your life. and joy is back to turn two
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