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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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and protect planned parenthood to protect women's healthcare. the power is in our hands to make new hampshire safer... and stronger. mark connolly. governor. >> christa: a deadly crash in east boston. two people onboard fast hotel shuttle are killed. and four others injured. that shuttle colliding with a >> sarah: the crash left part of the ted williams tunnel shut down for a period of time this morning. 7's steve cooper live now with the very latest on this crash. steve in >> reporter: lot of new information coming from state police this afternoon. we know that that courtesy van was headed here to the hampton inn in revere. around 1:30 this morning. but never made it. after the deadly crash. >> it is really sad. really sad.
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1-a. just beyond the ted williams tunnel. a swampscott man operating a subaru legacy plowed into the back of a hampton inn shuttle van that had just picked up four people who flew into logan airport. >> really shocked. i feel bad for the family. >> reporter: the impact sent the courtesy van crashing into a jersey barrier. troopers say two people in the van, a 58-year-old man and 47-year-old woman both from el paso, texas were thrown from the van and pronounced dead at the scene. two people staying at the hampton inn overnight were stunned by the news. >> you come on vacation and you don't make it to your destination. you know? it's unfortunate. >> i came out here and saw the news crew. i went back upstairs. i saw it again. i woke him up. i was like, oh, my god. the hampton inn. >> reporter: the driver of the van and two other passengers plus the subaru driver were transported to mass. general with non-life-threatening injuries. now the investigation begins
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it has left the clarks shaken and baferled. >> a freak tragedy, i guess. >> i guess you think when you get on one of these shuttles, you are safe. >> yeah. wow would think. that but obviously not. >> reporter: police aren't releasing any of the names involved. the investigation is ongoing. there have been no charges filed here. and both vehicles have been impounded by state police. afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: protesters identifying themselves as members of black lives matter on the streets in cambridge today. >> sarah: several protesters actually chained themselves to the front door of city hall. keli o'hara live in cambridge with more. >> reporter: they are still chained together. they are actually up there right behind me. you can't see them now. they are sitting down around the circle of police officers. protesters have been out here
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protesting housing costs in the city of cambridge. now, they were chained to the doors of city hall when it opened for business around 8:30 this morning. they were removed. they were since sitting down on the ground. still chained together by bike locks around their necks. now, there was an open hall meeting going on on city hall. people talking about their concerns with housing. protesters are angry at the cost of housing here in cambridge and in the city of boston as well. they say there has been overdevelopment and are ma all affordable housing. they are frustrated. >> we are pushing for affordable housing. gentrification is killing cambridge. the people of color who live here, are disappearing. >> we are all here for the same reason. how do we keep cambridge diverse? how do we keep cambridge economically available to all residents everywhere? i stand with you.
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live outside cambridge city hall. a protest going on on the city hall steps. protesters are chained together since 5:30 this morning demanding affordable housing: this protest isn't ending any time soon. no arrests, though. no arrests are expected either. >> sarah: we are talking storms in the tropics. people on oahu island are making hurricane preps. they are bracing for hurricane under a hurricane warning for the category two storm. crews have started stacking standbags on highways that could overflow. on the other side of the country, officials in the tampa area will be trying to prevent the spread of the zika virus. heavy rain is expected there with the potential tropical storm hitting the area. >> christa: take a look at. this that is satellite photo of the tropical depression number nine.
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so let's get the latest from chris lambert. he has more on what's going on notice tropics right now. >> chris: from the photo to the loop here of the satellite and radar image. you can see that bright white end daying a lot of thunderstorms trying to develop around tropical depression nine. likely, becoming the next tropical storm of the season. soaking rains up into the tampa area. this system, as it strengthens, is going to move off to the north and to the east. perhaps, as a strong tropical storm or a hurricane there. coastline. you note as we get late into the forecast period, how wide that cone becomes. if it takes the path on the right side of it, you know, we are partly sunny and breezy with some rip currents over the weekend: if it takes a path more toward the left side, then we have to contend with some wind and rain out of this. the reason why there is so much uncertainty once you get four or five days out, there is a lot of pieces to the atmosphere that have to be put together.
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the mid-atlantic coastline. that is another possibility as this area of high pressure builds over fast enough where it blocks it from going straight out to sea. it looked a little quicker going out to sea. this is something we will keep an eye on for the second half of the weekend. mainly late sunday into monday. more on the forecast coming up. >> christa: a woman once convicted of attempted murder by withholding her young son's ch back in court today. in salem. and kristen labrie changed her plea. she has the latest. >> reporter: the second trial for kristen labrie. before going to trial, she has changed her plea to guilty. prosecutors saying that the heart of this case is a little boy named jeremy who died from cancer, and they say this mother withheld those cancer medications, saying the only reason a many they are would
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>> he was not a footnote. he was a child. >> reporter: justice for jeremy frazier: the severely autistic boy who died from cancer. his mother accused of withholding potentially life-saving medication. >> what say you, ma'am, guilty or not guilty? >> reporter: kristen labrie says she is guilty of attempted murder. she was convicted and served five years. but she was released when a judge granted hear new trial based on an ineffve her new defense attorney says she wanted to plead guilty sooner, but he encouraged her to let him fully research the case. >> i think she can have... she will live it the rest of her life. >> reporter: the judge accepting the guilty plea. agreeing to a sentence of the five years already served. labrie walked out on probation, not making any comments or saying why she didn't do more for jeremy.
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she had an extremely autistic son. she didn't get any support. >> this case was about one thing and one thing only. that was jeremy. justice has been served today with the defendant admitting her guilt and what she did and didn't do in the care of her child. >> reporter: the district attorney says the number one thing that they wanted is for this mom to be held accountable. they feel that has now happened. the trial and was convicted at trial, she could have been sentenced to up to 20 years. live from salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: also called to court: a student at pentucket regional high school after a threatening post on social media. police arrested the 17-year-old at his home in groveland. investigators say he posted a threat on-line while showing an air-soft pistol. today is the first dayle of class at the school.
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a man with a broken golf club also in court. police say the victim was attacked after three men got in a fight at the reservation and wakefield... in wakefield yesterday. the suspect then stole a car and drove off before crashing it. the victim was flown to a boston hospital with serious injuries. intu expected to be okay. caught on camera in framingham: police officers assaulted as they tried to arrest a domestic violence suspect. this suspect was a mixed martial arts fighter. nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: two framingham officers pushed across the kitchen by an angry suspect. >> let go of him! >> reporter: the officers tried to restrain the 29-year-old after responding to a domestic violence call at his girlfriend's apartment. >> no! we asked you nicely! put your hands behind your back! under under a arrest!
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be arrested. >> i think they did an excellent job. i commend both of them. that situation had the potential to be much worst. and because of their training and professionalism and the way they handled themselves, they were able to effect an arrest and keep citizens safe. report tt girlfriend called 911 early sunday morning claiming he punched her in the face. in the fight with police which lasted ten minutes, the man mostly hit the male o you can see he also punched the female officer several times. >> i think both officers today great job. i think that they kept the person engaged during a very tough situation. they prevented it from escalating. >> reporter: when additional officers arrived, they used a stun gun on the man and he was finally handcuffed. the suspect laughed at the officers as they were being placed in the ambulance. the man told investigators he
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officers who were smaller than him. >> that doesn't surprise me that happens. we don't lower ourselves. we are professionals. we remain professional no matter what anybody says. >> reporter: that suspect appeared in court earlier this week. he is facing a number of charges. but he has since been released on bail. as for the two officers, they were treated at the hospital and released. in framingham, 7 news. >> christa: flames tearing through an apartment building in allston. and 11 people now are out of their homes this afternoon. r myrick street. this was just before 12 20k this morning. we are told one firefighter suffered from a back injury. and the damage is estimated at about a million dollars. right now, they are investigating the cause. now the race for the white house. donald trump at this hour headed to mexico. the republican nominee flying there today to meet with the country's president. and this is happening just hours before trump's speech in arizona on immigration where
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immigrants who are already living here in the u.s. here is tracie potts with more. >> he is going to lead an administration that will end illegal immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in! >> reporter: donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today. president enrique confirms he has i visit. trump has 3% support in mexico's latest poll. hillary clinton campaign in the statement says "americans should pay close attention to what trump says here. whether he will deport 11 million undocumented immigrants." trump's team says tonight's speech will contrast his policy with clinton's. which he will call guaranteed amnesty. >> all we know is that something strange is going on. >> reporter: clinton's running mate is going after trump's
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hack voting systems. >> don't you think the american voters deserve at least to get to the bottom of why trump's relationship with russia is so cozy? i mean, what does he have to hide? >> reporter: house democrats are asking the f.b.i. to investigate. meantime, down-ballot republicans... our real last line of defense. >> reporter:... seem to be holding their own. john mccain and marco rubio won their primaries in arizona and florida. hillary clinton speaks to the american legion another former bush official. a former deputy assistant secretary at the pentagon. nbc news, washington. >> sarah: coming up at noon, a terrifying scene in connecticut. a woman racing to get her children out of a car after it is caught on fire at a gas station. case a couple strangers springing into action after a huge crash in upstate new york. we are going to hear from
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>> chris: we are tracking barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband, and i am just forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment,
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nd to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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>> christa: here we are. we are on the... what was i going to say? i was going to say door mat. that doesn't make any sense. of september. i need to go to bed. i'm just so tired. >> chris: coming to a close. start a new chapter: it is okay. it's been a long day. at times, we are still in summer vacation mode. it is understandable, chris fa. a little bit of sunshine filtered on through. a lot of clouds have worked on. in you take a look at the dew point levels. they are back in the lower to middle 60's. a sming of humidity back in place. more than a smidge. mugginess out there. you may catch a sprinkle or brief passing shower this afternoon.
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and it is not going to help us out in a drought situation. otherwise, mostly cloudy with filtered sun at times. we get into overnight tonight and tomorrow, a better chance of some scattered showers and storms. that is overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. fair game for anyone. by tomorrow afternoon, it tends to favor southeastern massachusetts. locations south of the mass. pike. versus locations across northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. 84-88. that may be pushing it. then tonight, mildly muggy. scattered shs. 65-70 for the overnight lows. the forecast for tomorrow. we will hold tight here. closer to 80 degrees. if not back into some mid and upper 70's. scattered showers and a thunderstorm around. it won't rain all day. they will be out there. they will be hit and miss. fast dry and warm summer so far. for more on that, over to danielle. >> danielle: august going to wrap up as the warmest on record. our average temperature, this month, just over 76 degrees.
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1988. the average temperature, 75.5. we are going to beat that by about a degree. and if summer ended tomorrow which it doesn't, this would be the driest on record. we haven't even picked up four inches of rain. by this time in the summer on average, we should have over ten inches. so we definitely do need any rain we can get in the tropics. hurricane gaston, a category three storm. it has strengthened from yesterday. it is expected to weaken gradually over the next le but right now, definitely a major hurricane. and the first one of the season. we are watching tropical depression eight which is expected to strengthen to a tropical storm. it is off the coast of north carolina. 35-mile-per-hour winds. it is moving northeast. no threat to land now. but we are also watching tropical depression nine. and that could impact us. and for more on how, back to you. >> chris: sunday into monday. for tropical depression nine to have any influence on the forecast.
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pumping in a ton of rain from tampa points north. expected to become the next tropical storm of the season. working across northern florida. right along the southeast coastline. then off to the north and east. big questions arise once you get into sunday and monday. when you see this forecast cone from the national hurricane center, almost starts to look like a snow cone toward the end. a wide range of options on day four and day five. because of the uncertainty. now, a couple of days a looks liked, hey, this was an easy pass out. it has its way out off to the races to the north and east. because it is a slower evolving storm system, it looks like this area of high pressure will continue to build over it. at the same time, the atlantic ridge builds as well. that may cut off that path and push it back toward the coastline. toward the mid-atlantic coastline and perhaps nearing the new england coastline as we get later into the weekend and into early next week. it is too early to start rearranging plans or anything like that.
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we will watch and see how this evolves over the next couplele of days. guys? >> christa: still ahead, a bad
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>> sarah: it is a story everybody is talking about. fast bad crash in new york. a track or the-trailer spins out of control, taking several other vehicles wit.
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trapped inside. >> christa: we are hearing from three men who are complete strangers. they all raced to this woman's rescue. >> you don't even think about it. it is something we did. >> reporter: they fought back flames last week to save woman from her car after a violent crash involving ten vehicles on an interstate in upstate new york. >> we did what we should. what most people in the world should do. unfortunately, there was a lot more bystanders that around and took pictures rather than proceed to help somebody. it is very unfortunate. >> reporter: this video captured the crash in binghamton, new york. >> i ran towards it to see if somebody was in the car. our focus was get her out of the car. >> you got the fire extinguisher from the track or the-trailer driver. we tried to get the window
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once they flared up, and we got the fire knocked down, then we had no idea how to window broke. whether flames did it or what. but they were able to get her out. >> reporter: he usually doesn't even take that route to go home. >> normally, i go clinton street. and the traffic forecast come on. it said that 17 was flowing perfect. report tt rescuers reliving the turmoil on tuesday. you see something that you were involved with and helping. >> i never realized it was that violent until it was over with. >> reporter: the men had a clear message. >> we all agree we are not heroes in this. we did what we thought we needed to do. and we did it. >> i don't want any fame from this. that is not something i did to get fame. you know, i mean, it is just nature.
12:25 pm
amazing no one was killed. the woman who was rescued suffered cuts and bruises in all of that. >> sarah: coming up on 7 news, new information in the sen tenning many thought was too lenient. the sexual assault case against a former east longmeadow student. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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>> christa: tom brady is going viral today. because of his new hair-cut. >> sarah: fans have been quick to make some mum rowse comparisons to other famous do's. hair-do's, that is. many saying brady is channeling matt damon in his performance in "good will hunting." >> christa: others have compared it to elizabeth warren. many saying brady's new locks look an awful lot like fox
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>> sarah: a cleveland indians pitcher making a circus catch. >> chris: not much rain this summer: could find a few showers tonight and tomorrow. showers tonight and tomorrow. what about the trop again! again! again! again! again? general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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call now to see if you're eligible or to enroll... in a senior care options plan from unitedhealthcare. >> christa: a deadly crash in east boston with two people onboard a hotel shuttle killed and four others injured. that shuttle crashing with a car on route 1-a. >> sarah: the crash leaving part of the ted williams tunnel shut down for a period of time this morning. 7's steve cooper has the latest. >> it's really sad. really sad. >> reporter: tragedy overnight
12:31 pm
ted williams tunnel. a swampscott man operating a subaru legacy plowed into the back of a hampton inn shuttle van that had just picked up four people who flew into logan airport. >> really shocked. i feel bad for the family. report t impact consistent courtesy van crashing into a jersey barrier. troopers say two people in the van, a 58-year-old man, and a 47-year-old woman, both from empa sew, texas were thrown from the van and pronounced dead at the scene. eric and klet stunned by the news. >> you come on vacation. you don't even make it to your destination. you know? it's unfortunate. >> i came out here and saw the news crew. i went back upstairs. i saw it again. i woke him up. i was like, oh, my god. it is the hampton inn. report tt driver of the van and two other passengers, plus subaru driver were transported to mass. general with non-life-threatening injuries. now the investigation begins into the cause of the crash. it has left the clarks shaken
12:32 pm
i guess. >> i guess you think when you get on one of these shuttles, you are safe. >> yeah. wow would think. that obviously not. >> reporter: state police aren't releasing the names of anyone connected to the crash. troopers are still investigating what happened early this morning and both vehicles have been impounded now by state police. in revere, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: now tracking the tropics. two different systems taking aim at part t let's go to chris lambert with the latest on that. >> chris: one out in hawaii. one that we are watching down here into the gulf of mexico. providing plenty of rain for the state of florida and will provide some wind and a storm surge in a couple of days here. tropical depression number nine expected to strengthen into a tropical storm. perhaps a minimal hurricane. then it cuts across the carolinas, off the mid-atlantic coastline. you notice that cone expands in coverage area by the time we get into sunday and monday.
12:33 pm
not much for us in terms of wind and rain. still have the rip currents and large swells backing into the northeast. however, it takes the path more to the west here. obviously, we would be contending with stronger winds as well as some rain. we will keep an eye on. that the timing would be the second half of the weekend towards sunday and monday. the issue here is that this area of high pressure may build in enough to block its if that happens, it either cuts off close to the mid-atlantic or sort of wobbles around south of new england. sunday, monday, into early tuesday. rough suffer and rip currents is a lock. whether we will see any rain or wind out of it, we will have to keep an eye on that sunday or monday. more on the forecast to come. >> christa: kristen labrie is back in salem court today. she changed her plea.
12:34 pm
>> he was not a footnote. he was a child. >> reporter: justice for jeremy frazier, the autistic boy who died from cancer. his mother accused of withholding potentially life-saving medication. >> what say you, ma'am, to this indictment. guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> reporter: kristen labrie now says she is guilty of attempted murder. she was already convicted and served five years. but she was released when a judge granted her a new trial based on an ineffective defense attorney. she wanted to plead guilty sooner, but he encouraged her to let him fully research the case. >> i think she can have closure. will this ever not leave her mind? i don't think so. she will live with it the rest of her life. >> reporter: the judge accepting the guilty plea, agreeing to a sentence of the five years already served. labrie walked out on probation, not making any comments or saying why she didn't do more for jeremy. >> you weren't there.
12:35 pm
son. she didn't get any support. >> this case was about one thing and one thing only. that was jeremy. justice has been served today for the defendant admitting her guilt and what she did and didn't do in the care of her child. report tt district attorney says the number one thing that they wanted was this mother held accountable. they feel that has now happened. if this mom had gone to trial and if she had been found guilty at trial, years. in salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: the outspoken governor of maine meeting with the democratic representative for whom he left an obscenity-laced voice mail. governor lepage has apologized already. he says leaving that voice mail for representative was unacceptable. he left the voice mail in response to claims that the representative called him a racist. >> i spent my life helping
12:36 pm
i need you to... i want you to record this and make it public. because i'm after you. >> reporter: on tuesday, lepage said he think it is representative should also apologize to him and he offered a cryptic message about the rest of his term. >> i'm not going to say that i'm not going to finish it. i am not saying that i am going to finish it. >> christa: lepage quickly back-tracked on that saying reports of his political demise exaggerated." >> sarah: police say a uber driver stole a disabled woman's handbag and pushed her when he picked her up at her home monday night. the 21-year-old was driving for a private livery company at the time. drove off with hundreds of dollars in cash and stolen credit cards. officers arrested him on tuesday. >> the defendant stated "sorry. i'm going to have to take this." she then indicated that she
12:37 pm
the bed. as he started to leave, she tried to stop him and pushed her. >> christa: new details now about a judge denying a request for a review of a sexual assault case in which a former east longmeadow high school apte let received a sentence that some believed was too lenient. the sentence drew outcry. the judge was fired. a connecticut gas station going up in flames. after an elderly man mistakenly backs into a pump. you can see that that gas pump topples on to another car. then it catches fire. the driver rushes to get her children out. police say that a store clerk hit the emergency stop switch on the gas, stopping the fire before it got worse. one child was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police are investigating after two people were stabbed in quincy at an apartment complex
12:38 pm
morning. so far, they haven't made any arrests. and at this point, we don't have any word on the victim's condition. >> sarah: covering more news today: the man accused of killing two nuns in mississippi last week reportedly lived in a metal shed across the street. authorities saw rodney earl sanders. they had asked him to mow the grass at the women's home a few days before killing them. the nuns declined. it is unclear if they h a continuation of the story. police officers found 68-year-old sillser the paula merrill and sister margaret held stabbed to death in their home on thursday. sister merrill was originally from stoneham. sanders has confessed to killing the women. >> sarah: we are now hearing the frantic calls made by friends and family during the deadly pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. these calls and texts coming from people after they had
12:39 pm
trapped inside. >> she is still in the bathroom. nobody is going in for him. >> they are they are all scared to death. they all think they are going to die. >> he was in the bathroom. he said that there is a lot of dead people. i don't know. >> sarah: the sheriff's office has not released any calls made by the people inside the club. 49 people died and dozens o'. >> others were injured. out of jail after posting a $250,000 bail. he was taken into custody yesterday at his southern california home. this is not the first time he has been in trouble. but this time he is facing allegations of pointing a gun at a woman. singer chris brown taken into police custody. >> mr. brown has been transported downtown. he will be arrested. >> christa: assault with a deadly weapon. charges stemmed from reports
12:40 pm
gun at a woman in his home. >> this morning around 3:00 this morning, officers responded to a radio call of a woman requiring assistance. the incident involved the residence of mr. chris brown. >> that woman later left the property. police spent hours on the scene. officers obtained a search warrant and scoured the singer's vast los angeles property before making the arrest. brown is denying any wrongdoing and even posted videos on instagram outside his house. >> when i call the police for stalker people endangering my life. they don't come until the next day. let somebody make an allegation about me,o oh, yeah, the whole swat team. >> christa: brown made headlines in 2009 when he assaulted rihanna, his then girlfriend. in this case, he was sentenced to probation, community service, and domestic violence
12:41 pm
the situation, saying that brown is doing well and that the allegations against him are false. >> sarah: happening today: jet blue starting flights to cuba. the first commercial flight between the u.s. and cuba in 50 years. the department of transportation has approved round-trip flights to cuba for several airlines. >> christa: a mysterious snake skin. a 12-foot-long skin found in maine belonged to an anaconda. now residents are on high alert. since june, there have been several sightings o'. >> a giant snake living near a river, devouring animals. police and experts estimate the snake is about eight to nine feet long. and police in westbrook also say they are still not sure whether the skin was actually left there or maybe someone planted it there, they think. officers are asking residents
12:42 pm
and locals have referred to it as wesy. anacondas are not venomous. they can bite. the snake does not pose a threat to humans. it could go after small pets. police will continue to work with specialists to find a way to capture or euthanize it. it is important to point out that it can not survive maine winter. there you go. >> sarah: still ahead, a whole new world opening up for a lawrence man. the special guest hearing clearly for the first
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>> christa: welcome back, everybody. it is warm out there. a little muggy. a live look outside on your wednesday, the final day of august. another check of the forecast. >> chris: i would say where is the sunshine in we have had a lot of sunshine so far we can't be complaining too much, right? if you are relaxing poolside, it is warm enough to lay outside. dew points in the low to mid-6's. we have some humidity in place. radar is quiet across much of eastern massachusetts. back into central massachusetts. a couple of sprinkles trying to show up across the western
12:46 pm
can't rule out a spot shower across eastern massachusetts. the cold air aloft, there may be enough instability to catch a pop-up shower. coverage area will be more widespread tomorrow versus friday. 82-86 this afternoon. that filtered sun and mugginess. we will not add a whole lot to the temperature here. we will get some rain-drops overnight tonight. 65-70. with those scattered showers working in. especially late overnight tonight aftermidnight. we will contend with scattered showers and storms tomorrow. mid-70's to near 80 degrees. warm out there. closer to seasonal levels.
12:47 pm
humidity works on in. warm end to the summer. no question about. that a warm and dry summer. for more on that, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. august will wrap up as the warmest on record. our average temperature this month, 76.5 degrees. and the warmest on record was in 1988. an average temperature, 75.5. we will beat it by about a degree. if summer ended tomorrow, which it doesn't, this would be the driest summer on record. we haven't seen four inches of rain. by should have more than ten inches of rain. so certainly, we need any rain we can get. out in the tropics, hurricane gaston is a category three hurricane. it strengthens a little bit since yesterday. expected to weaken a little bit over the next couple of days. still packing winds of 115 miles per hour and tracking east, northeast. we are also still watching tropical depression eight off the carolina coast. and this is moving northeast at 15 miles per hour right now. it has winds of 5 miles per hour.
12:48 pm
to a tropical storm. something to still keep an eye on. not just tropical depression eight. we are also watching tropical depression nine. that could have an impact on us. for more on that, back to you. >> chris: we do expect rip currents and rough surf over the weekend. more importantly, will this bring us some wind and some rain. that is the big question to answer through the holiday weekend. right now, it is getting bett expected to become a tropical storm. if not even perhaps a minimal hurricane as it crosses northern florida and works its way up the carolina coastline. the question on sunday and monday, where does the storm track from there? does it get pinned in close to the coastline, back to the mid-atlantic. does it stay farther out to sea or wobble klolser to new england. now, fast couple days ago, it looked like this would take its path out to sea.
12:49 pm
you. that is going right out to sea. the problem is it is a little bit slower in getting through florida and getting off the carolina coastline. that allows this ridge of high pressure to cut it off from going out to sea. there is a et beer chance of lingering back towards the eastern united states. more specifically, south of new england or back to the mid-atlantic coastline. too early to rearrange plans. five days away. plentyf we will keep tabs on it the
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>> christa: another award for rob gronkowski. and it's for something he did off the field. he received the team's 2016 ron burton community service award. the honor is handed out each year to recognize a player's charitable work. gronk says he learned to give back to the community by watching the kraft family. in the year, a promotion pays tribute to gronk victory, dunkin' donuts perk members can get a medium coffee for 87 cents. of course, 87 representing gronk's jersey number. >> sarah: up next on 7 news,
12:54 pm
kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. g jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> sarah: an epic food fight in spain. more than 160 tons of tomatoes. it was inspired by a 1945 food fight between local children in the region which is an area well-known for producing tomatoes. i would rather get a little mozzarella. a little basil. >> christa: that always cracks me up. people with thing golings on. ... goggles on. >> chris: a good fight fight. put the mozzarella on. put it in the oven. warm filtered sunshine this afternoon. a bit on the muggy side.
12:57 pm
we do expect some scattered showers and storms tonight into tomorrow. they will be hit or miss across the area. friday, saturday, mostly quiet. isolated shower possible on friday. saturday, could, indeed, be the pick of the weekend. we get into sunday and monday, some tropical moisture coming in here. we could deal with some rain and wind sunday into monday. if that tropical system gets close enough. plenty of time to watch it. >> christa: all right. we are officially out of here. nap time for me. >> sarah: have a great
12:58 pm
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>> sonny: hey, where's my girl? >> gabi: uh, well, my mom asked to see arianna this morning, and i just didn't have the heart to say "no." >> sonny: why? is everything okay? >> gabi: uh...[sighs]. no. my dad left town again, and just not sure he's ever coming back. i'm so sorry. >> gabi: yeah, i tried to explain it to ari, but i just don't think she understands. she asks for will. all the time, and--and now that her godmother is gone too, i just-- >> sonny: no, i--i haven't given up on abigail yet. >> gabi: sonny, you haven't heard? >> sonny: heard what? >> gabi: um...


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