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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 2:08am-3:01am EDT

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>> that's "life down low" by jessie james decker. she is the mother of two, keeping the spark alive with her latest sexy single, and she is going to be with us singing it in a little bit. >> she came here on the show before she was married. and we know how busy some moms are, so we found three deserving moms whose daughters said they the daughters have not seen them yet. >> and we'll reveal their looks in a minute. and speaking of going back to school, you'll have to hit the books when we play "who knew." since it's wines day, we're answering all your questions about our favorite beverage. we'll have leslie and ray. >> back together again. we haven't had the band back together -- >> they weren't getting along. >> would you like some words of
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>> gratitude turns what we have into enough. >> mm. >> it's always enough. >> that's true. >> isn't that right? >> yes. when i consciously say in the morning, i am going to look for things to be more grateful, i mean consciously say, that's part of your job today, it's amazing how it changes things. >> and you remember when we in the makeup room this morning, i was telling you, kath, them. >> i was getting a manicure yesterday, and there was a woman who was noncommunicative. and when it was over, they were helping the woman get into the wheelchair, and see was sort of grunting and you couldn't understand what she was saying, and all of a sudden, she looked at the manicurist and said "i love you." and i watched her say that to the man, and i watched the
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and she wheeled right out. she said i've been helping her for the past ten years. and kindness. you see an act of kindness. >> it makes you melt. things have changed so much in our world. i've lived a long time, but used to upset me and make me cry was cruelty, but now, everywhere you turn, it seems to be people hurting one another, and you almost become inured to it. but when y that's rare. >> unless you're looking for it. and it's there. so it's time for our wine bot. >> we love this one. get ready to clickety clack on twitter. >> do you prefer taking a bath? are you a bath person or a shower person. >> make your case for the bath, kath. >> my mom always took baths, and some of my happiest memories was sitting on the side of the
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mom, and we'd sing, zing, zing. >> what about a grown woman? >> i do it still. >> okay, but why? >> i think it's what you used to. and i take a shower every, take a bath every single day, but i take a shower. you get off your feet. >> i like the shower because i let it run, and i like that steamy water going down the drain and aly down the drain, all the stress from the day down the drain and i don't use as much water as what it takes for a bath. >> but hoda, you said you get in there sometimes forever and ever and ever. you're always afraid of water. >> i wear a shower cap when necessary, when i'm not washing my hair. i put on a big huge shower cap with flowers on it. it's hideous, but it keeps it so
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team klg if you like a bath. team hoda if you like a shower. >> you can always get a shower, but not aev plaevery place. >> i do think there's one time of the day when you're totally off your feet, you're not standing, but i prefer to watch it >> rather than soakin' in your stew. >> hunk day hunk. we have two hunky guys to show you. how about this guy. >> from the fast and furious, jason. look at him. hoda loves this guy. >> bad boy, but -- >> he looks a little like joel. >> yes, he does. uh-huh.
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singer can chase risinger. he's a former college football star, sweetheart of a guy. i love a guy with a baseball cap on backwards. >> he's just easygoing, good boy. >> don't you feel good when we give you eye candy? >> now oprah's becoming eye candy, 60 yea slimmed down and fabulous. >> look how much weight she's lohs lost. >> at a red carpet event for "team sugar." >> she says she's not finished yet. in january she lost 26 pounds. >> so we're already how many months past that? >> eight. exactly. >> dating, they've been
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say that. her boyfriend of 30 years. >> she wants stedman to be able to pick her up and carry her. >> across the threshold? >> i think she just said without breaking his back, she said. she said i can straddle him without breaking his back. did she actually say that? she did. >> here's what's cool, though, when you are a bigger girl, and i know what that feel the like. to be picked up by somebody, you feel -- >> like i watch in the movies when somebody gets picked up. i'm always apologizing, i'm sorry, i know i weigh 150. it's hard, but it making you feel self-conscious. not free and sexy. you like to be picked up. >> no, because i have a bad neck. so "dancing with the stars," we talked about it. one of the -- >> i'm so excited.
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i was looking like i like to do on my twitter. and marsha tweeted me. >> you're big, hoda. >> then i retweeted her, and i tweeted her the thing, she said hi, hoda, i'm a huge fan. >> and i tweeted back. we found the clip, "marsha, marsha, marsmarsha." >> if you are a bachelor or bachelorette fan, we have news. the newest was announced last night. >> i'm so excited. >> so last night they announced the new bachelor, and it is going to be this guy. nick vile is his name. it's kind of a controversial choice. usually they pick someone from the previous season. it's a wildcard pick.
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because he's been on two seasons of the bachelorette. >> the guy can't get a date. >> he came in runner-up. he went all the way to the finals twice. now he's in bachelor in paradise. and i think this girl's going to let him go as well. so he's coming on as the new bachelor. now the controversy, you might remember this. >> or not. >> years ago, andi dorfman was the bachelorette. at the very end when she let suite, if you didn't love me, why did you make love to me. >> oh. >> it was the first time ever anyone had said what happened in the fantasy suite. now everybody talks about it. at the time he was seen as a villain. he's been redeeming himself. now on bachelor in paradise, he's so much fun. i just love this guy. >> does he know that you're available? >> hello. >> i do like him, too. he's over 35.
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>> season 21 of the -- "dancing with the stars" is 23. >> well, amanda, we can't wait until it kicks back up. >> is there anything you don't watch and love? >> no. i'm a tv audience, what can i say? >> should a guy bother a woman wearing headphones? that should have been our wine bot. by the way, you are killing me. most people are shower people. >> you know why? because no one -- time to take a bath. >> i highly recommend you take a bath. get off your feet. >> maybe people want time to sit there. they've just got to get a shower and get out. >> so, if you are, picture this. you're standing, you have your headphones on, you're waiting on the street for something, whatever. do you think a guy should walk up to you and start a conversation? do you think that's a good approach? so this was one of those
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and the visiadvice was the following. a guy should smile, point to her headphones and say take off your headphones for a minute if you want to have a conversation. i think that's horrible advice. >> we have a friend that told us that somebody tried it the other day, she thought he was looking for directions. and she basically took off her headphones to say, do you need to find something? and then he said -- >> i'm just looking for a girl with a smile or that. >> yeah. yeah. >> that did not work. >> no. don't pretend to be doing -- we'd love to know what you think. people don't seem to be able to meet anybody anymore. what's going on? >> if you are headphones on, i think you're signaling stay away. but a lot of people have them on so even if you're walking down the street with normal interaction you would have with strangers, you don't anymore.
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what is it called? post -- >> apocryphal? >> no. we're more at home with our technology than we are with one another. post-human. >> so fortune's come out with a list. do you know how much models get paid? all right, so the list came out of the top-paid models of this year. >> of this past year. >> here's what they make and here's where they are. whitely, 9 million. kendall jenner at 10 million. >> i'm calling her today, your godmother needs some money. >> adrianna lima, 10.5 million, and finally, coming out way
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bundch bundchen, 30 million. her last catwalk. >> she's still going to do tons and tons of stuff for print. >> so watch hoda tonight on late night with seth meyers at 12:35. >> who's up that late? >> andy cohen is. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't know. but it's going to be interesting, probably you. >> i hope not. three deserving outdated to updated. >> and their daughters will get to see their gorgeous looks for the first time all coming up after this. after this. today all night is sponsored in part by the makers of dr.
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it's something many moms have experienced, when your kids start to weigh in on your looks, like oh, my gosh, mom, get a haircut. >> and you look so old-fashioned. >> we found three young ones who nominated their moms for a new look. >> and here with us is chad
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>> we have three young ladies who all thought that their moms need a little work. >> had to convince them. >> a little pampering. >> most women don't have the opportunity to go into the plaza and get their hair done. it's so important, because that time of being able to refresh yourself and feel better about yourself, i don't know why any woman wouldn't want to do it. >> same reason they don't take a bath. >> oh. >> they don't know how great it is. >> first she happens to be a producer from weekend today. why do you think your mom needed a redo? >> my mom has had the same bleach blond, you know, really big '80s haircut, so i kind of just wanted to give her a new look. she recently lott a lot of weight, and i think shy's deserving. >> she's beautiful. >> we just saw liz's before picture which i thought would be
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>> oh, my gosh. >> whoa. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> i saw you downstairs. you looked like a model with your eyes. >> are you freaking out? >> you look beautiful. >> listen, she came and saw jason, the colorist. he did her hair. so beautiful. >> go overan honey. >> you look so beautiful. >> tell us about it. >> look at that. when you have the opportunity to go and get your hair done, it changes everything. i reili really think it does. >> it makes your eyes pop out like crazy. >> why are you shaking? >> she never thought about being a redhead. >> it's so hot.
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congrats on the first one. >> okay, let a's bring up our nt young lalady, julia. >> she's always making sure my sister and i look nice, i think she deserves this makeover because she spends more time on us than on herself. >> a lot of mommies do. are you ready? >> all right, honey, ann let's see the new you. >> oh, my god. >> you look awesome! >> i love that. >> what do you think? >> you look so pretty. >> thank you. >> tell us what you did. >> i think over 50% of women around the u.s. color treat their hair. one of the things she said was she wanted to be a brunette again. her hair color was kind of drab
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there. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> all right, thanks. take your mom to lunch. let's bring sarah out. hi, sweetie. >> hi. >> why do you think your mom needed a little redo? >> well, she works a lot. and when we go out, she's usually home working, so she never gets a treat for herself. >> she's getting treated today, don't you think? >> i'm excited to see her. >> we know what your m looks like before. let's see you, come on out. >> wow! beautiful! >> wow. >> what do you think, honey? >> looks good. >> you know, bangs instead of bot botox. it helps bring out her eyes. i think they cut ten to 12 inches off.
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really pretty. >> you are pretty. >> you're awesome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> look how beautiful everybody is. i'm into this. >> mother and music star, jessie james decker. >> "life down low", all coming up after this. r this. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. livery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray.
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you're about to get schooled in a game of "who knew." >> which of the following celebrities was not a valedictorian? david duchovny, jimmy fallon?
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phillips. be good to your gut. we're back on this wines day wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew." and your kids may be the ones back in the classroom, but we have a pop quiz just for you. hoda is across the street at 30 rock. and she's for those who get the questions right. for those who don't they get an autographed book. and here with me is the editor from good housekeeping magazine, the one and only megan murphy. we asked this question. which of the following celebrities was not valedictorian of their high school, david duchovny, jimmy fallon or alicia keys.
2:35 am
duchovny who has his masters in english lit from yale. and alisha graduated 16th at the top of her class. she went to kilometcolumbia rec. >> what's your name? >> kathy from illinois. >> in is the name of the rival gang? >> c. >> c. [ buzz ] >> ah, but you know what? >> i'm a winner. >> you're a winner. >> so it was the scorpions, and funny fact about that movie, none of the actors were high school aged during the filming. >> not at all.
2:36 am
olivia newton john was 29, rizzo was 24. >> old, old, very old. back to you, hoda. >> what's your name? jo jo. >> from? >> pittsburgh. >> do we love the steelers? >> yes, ma'am. >> finish the lyrics to the sam cook song. don't know much about history, don't know much about biology. ? don't know much about history ? ? don't know much biology ? ? don't know much about the things i took ? >> what? >> the things i took. she was close. but you get a book. >> she was pretty close. >> kath, you're the one with the
2:37 am
sing. the french i took. ? the french i took ? >> that was in "animal house." >> what's your name? >> emily. >> where are you from? california. >> in the movie bring is on. kirst kirst they play? >> cheerleaders. >> and the cool thing about that movie is the writer had it an intent to make it a documentary about the national cheerleading phenomenon. all the actors did their own stunts, because they went to a four-week grainitraining boot c.
2:38 am
philadelphia. >> here we go. here's your question. in "ferris bueller's day off," what was he skipping? calculus, european socialism or 19th century literature? >> a. >> she says a. don't you mean yay? >> it was european socialism, not sure they offered that in my high school. but in his are we going to see it. >> a little bit of it. the answer is european socialism. >> thanks very much meagan. good to see you. where there's wine, there's always a good time. we answer all your wine questions right after this. those two are always happy. always a little buzzed. always. [cheers and applause] eers and a] let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks!
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how long can you keep a bottle of wine before you have to open it? >> and once you've opened it, how long do you keep it before it goes bad? >> if you have questions, we have answers. executive editor wine magazine, and leslie sarocco. >> every relationship goes through its, you know. >> we wanted some questions for you guys. so we went to a local wine store and got some questions. let's listen to our first one. you'll see it right there on the monitor. >> if i use a fine bottle of red
2:43 am
what is the best way to preserve the wine? >> the best place is in your belly. if you cannot finish the bottle you're not our friend. actually, wine is pretty hardy. you want to keep it away from air. the best way is recork it. put it in the refrigerator. it loses a little fruitiness, but it's great. >> but the corks are synthetic now. >> you can buy the stoppers. if you can't finish it in a couple days. otherwise you can use something like private preserve that is a gas that protects the wine. >> is it good gas? >> nitrogen and argan, baby. >> it's what winemakers use in wineries. >> i think we have another
2:44 am
can i keep it laid down and cool before i must open it? >> the answer is, there are three quick things. one, the first thing is like real estate. temperature, temperature, temperature, temperature. if you can't keep it below about 65 degrees, drink it. it's not going to survive for five or ten years. >> it will, but you won't like it. >> it won't escape the bottle, but it won't taste like it should. the pinot noir others. that's good 10 to 15 years of the vintage. a 2007, an oregon was light, and i would say drink it now. >> because of his age? >> no. because of the wine's age. the wine's age. >> you better drink it up, because you may not have that long. >> you're over 50, baby, who knows. >> we've got another question
2:45 am
>> i want to know how you choose which wine to pair with your cheese plate. >> good question. >> that's a great question. i'm going to start you off with a white wine. this is a decoy, from california. and all of these wines are under $20. so sauvignon blanc is a terrific cheese wine. you're commplimenting the freshness of a goat cheese. >> and i like red wine and cheese. i go italian, i channel my inner italian, and i love this vee ety bar barra. it's got crispness. cut right through. it balances out. it's $19, it's a steal of a wine. >> we'll move on to our next question. >> hi, i'm wondering, what wine glass goes with what wine, and how many do i need?
2:46 am
say any glass with wine in it is a wineglass. >> i've drunk out of a lot of things, trust me. and this one is the all-purpose shape. size matters. you've got to have at least 12 ounces. and you've got to have a tulip shape so it focuses the aromas and flavors. this is a great all-purpose size. >> if you have more room cab ninets you can get a white wine and champagne. >> it's depending on how many people you have over. >> i'm a lover of white wines. what is the best option for wine that wouldn't break the bank for the fall. >> i'd say drink pink, drink pink, drink pink all yearlong. and this is beautiful rose.
2:47 am
a percentage of this go to the purple heart foundation. >> great to see you both. >> nothing goes better with wine than a little romance. >> and jessie james decker is back with "down low" down after this. this. it's to me the wonder and the wild of weather. >> everything is amazing. it would be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what is it's amazing out there mean to me, it means looking up and being inspired. even if it's just straight-up blue skies. how beautiful is that? >> that little burst of red that comes when the sun comes over the ocean in the morning.
2:48 am
from one side to the other. >> listening to thunder. it's one of the most amazing things. >> that's what that's amazing is. >> how it affects our lives. what's in our stores, what are we going to wear? what are we going to eat? what's everything going to cost? it's all those interactions that the weather has real influences on, that's why it as amazing out there. >> what it means for me is it lets the world know happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel coverage unique is we know the weather. >> somebody walks up to you in the field and says thanks for being there. we're so glad you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge. we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide you information to people to help them, help the communities, help their families stay safe.
2:49 am
>> when you start linking the people up to the weather and the science and data, it makes a real connection that starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather, and i love working with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. . but did you know your eyes, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. h. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. with megared advanced 4in1. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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the citi concert "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. she makes country music sizzle with her gold-certified single. >> and we fknew her before, we want to point out. but now she's married with two kids. things really heat up when they go to bed.
2:52 am
date night at home. it's called "life down low." >> you have two kids since you were here last. a gorgeous husband, another hit song. >> and football season is around the corner. >> would you perform it for us? ? ? ? you don't see ? ? sitting in the kitchen ? ? making a reservation ? ? no, let's stay home ? ? ? ? no, let's stay home ?
2:53 am
? ? ? ? ? it's our night ? ? going to start over ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? stick around, stick around ? ? oh, oh, oh, ? ? ? the way we celebrate, oh, ? ? you know ? ? watchin' old movies ? ? oh, oh, ? ? baby, turn the lights down ?
2:54 am
? turn on the telly ? ? dancin' around ? ? ? ? ? going to turn all the lights down ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? stick around, stick around, stick around ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? no one's around ? ? ? ? baby turn the lights down ? ? turn on the telly ? ? dance with me now, dance with
2:55 am
? ? ? going to turn all the lights down ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? stick around, stick around, stick around ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? turn all the lights down ? ? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? ? oh, yeah ? ? oh, o oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ? yeah ? ? ooh-hoo ? ? yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ? >>yeah! awesome. jessie james decker. >> we want to point out that jessie does something we've never seen any singer do? she sings with a little piece of gum in her mouth.
2:56 am
>> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> i love it. that was awesome. that was so fun! you are good. u are good. hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. ziploc presents: cafeteria chaos. school lunch can be difficult. one little struggle... can lead to one monumental mishap. not with ziploc easy open tabs. because life needs ziploc. sc johnson. hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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geico motorcycle,
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all g check in on our wine bot. we asked if you prefer baths like kathie lee or showers like me. >> hoda won by a landslide, which i knew she would. >> i'd like to thank the academy. >> because you love showers. that's just silly. what's tomorrow? >> vma performance, britney spears is going to take us inside her show. >> and tip the for getting the
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see you tomorrow, everybody. >> tomorrow's thirsty thursday. . >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for tai cheng, brought to you by beachbody. >> wow, joy, look at these people! they love you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! it's regis, joy, and i've got big news for you. if aches, pains, and poor balance are slowing you down, keep watching this show because we're gonna tell you about an incredible new program that's gonna fix everything. >> announcer: the facts are frightening. 1 out of 3 people over 65 fall each year, resulting in expensive hospital stays, loss of independence, or worse. >> i broke my hip. "oh, my god. what in the world am i going to do now?" >> announcer: the major cause -- aches and pains, which lead to immobility and poor balance. >> i am really afraid of falling again. >> announcer: but falling and losing your independence doesn't have to be a fact of life.


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