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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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hurricane in florida since 2005. a very long time but a rough night likely for the panhandle of florida. you can see the flareup right here. called the central dense overcalifornia. that is the flaring up of the thunderstorms around the eye wall. doppler radars well defined iwall. this is where you have your most intense wind but you can have these feeder bands that are out ahead also produce strong winds as well as heavy rain and tropical tornadoes. continues to lift northeast and likely to make land fall probably, she is going to go into appear lash cola bay as late as midnight tonight approaching tallahassee very late and overnight. winds at 75 miles an hour. a category 1 storm. north-northeast at 14 miles an hour. this is a brand new track from the hurricane center. there are no significant changes to that track at least in our part of the world.
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back east of the carolina beaches sometime during the latter half of the weekend so that by sunday afternoons wind at 60 miles an hour losing some of its characteristics. that is why you don't see the swirly. the you see the red l. there but in any event a major player along the eastern seaboard. what about us in new england? like yesterday blocking high pressure in northern new england is not going to allow hermine, this redline to come barreling right up into new england so this does not look like a repeat sandy for us. again jersey shore, it's going to be a difficult situation for those folks down there, but i think because of the blocking high pressure in northern new england for us, it's just going to be fringe effects. more likely the south coast, cape and the islands then the merrimack valley or southern new england. so for the weekend, rough surf and rip currents likely friday, saturday, sunday you, monday. some rain is possible with the greatest chance of the rain and wind south of the
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and the rest of the holiday weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> ryan: people who live in florida. georgia and the carolinas preparing for the worth. jadiann thompson joins us with a look at what they're doing to prepare. >> reporter: some neighborhoods have seen flooding and massive evacuations. now parts of florida not in the hurricane's path are facing the threat of tornadoes and a storm surge. with rough surf and empty beaches residents living along florida's gulf coast storm hermine forecasted toe land as a category 1 hurricane overnight. >> get rid of dewe, strap things down. >> reporter: rex and cindy are ignoring the mandatory order evacuation. their town is at the center of the storm's cone. >> we've done everything we can to prepare. >> reporter: while they plan to ride it out, floridians in 51 counties now in the state of emergency are making the
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the water out but in some parts of the tampa bay area it wasn't enough. pictures from the air show some of the flooding. >> this storm, hurricane is life threatening. >> reporter: today the governor closed all state offices to give people more time to prepare. his message echos that of forecaster warning of potential dangers, high winds, downed tree and power lines to name a few. >> the danger of life threatening storm surge, this is a serious situation. >> reporter: while some are dealingh preparing for what is is to come. those choosing to ignore mandatory evacuation orders will not be able to get immediate help if they call 911. local officials don't want to endanger the lives of first responders so no one there will be able to help those in need if they decide to stay. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: thank you. be sure to stay with us as we track the path of this storm. see the latest weather reports on-line and on our 7
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milford, part of main street is blocked off due to a serious accident. sky 7 h. d.over the scene. a pedestrian was hit. the driver took o. you can see a tent on the road there. a white sedan blind it, ambulance there still on the scene. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along to you. also following breaking news out of arlington where a baby sitter has been arrested accused of being drunk and high on the job. kimberly bookman has more. >> reporter: you know this attention of a resident here in arlington. the resident called 911 and told police she saw the baby sitter trying to enter the wrong home with a 3-year-old boy in her care. now it happened wednesday at 1:30 in the afternoon. police say 51-year-old steven devereaux of medford was out and spotted on edgerton road. smears arrived, smelled a strong odor of alcohol and found bottles in her car.
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alcohol. the boy was unhurt and reunited with her mother. >> we're trying to find out exactly what did in this case. i know they provide an initial check on people. how deep they go into that, i don't know. i know it's, if you look at the website they also ask those who are looking to make connections to go that step further, they provide service to go that step background checks. so that is still under investigation. >> reporter: now we have reached out to and are waiting back for a response. in the meantime police tell us that baby sitter was taken to a hospital and will be arraigned at a later today. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> kim: also on 7 a worker is killed in londonderry. sky 7 h.d.over the scene this afternoon. authorities say a dump truck attached to a pickup truck
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lived on the property and did odd jobs there. a crushing blow in the south end. a tree comes crashing down on top of a few cars. crews were able to quickly clean it up but the damage was already done. tim caputo liv in the south end to show us exactly what happened there. >> reporter: check this out. this is the tree that was essentially split in half early this morning. you see right where the huge branch came down over the sidewalk and on to the street. essentially hood of this car. this all happened late this morning. a huge tree on brookline street in the south end. a fairly busy area especially that time of morning with both pedestrians and cars driving by but no one was hurt when the tree came crashing down. a woman who lives here in the neighborhood said yesterday evening she heard what sounded like a cracking noise like the branch was going to fall off so she put signs on the street. she put signs on the cars.
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>> i don't want anyone to get hurt. if you see something happen you can prevent people from having bodily harm that's what you do. you warn them. so i put signs on the cars and signs on the pole. >> reporter: you see the signs she wrote. hand written notes and put it on each of the cars. the car that is had the branch fall on it had the sign right there on the windshield. the person hasn't comeom one was hurt. tim caputo, 7 news. >> kim: continuing to track hurricane hermine. florida expected to get the worst of it. here is brian along the florida panhandle. >> reporter: we're in carra bella florida, about 60 miles south of tallahassee. right along the coast. this area is supposed to belly get the worst of it. high winds, rain which we're already seeing but what
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is the 5-8 foot storm surge. take a look, this is the sea behind me. it's supposed to hit around midnight but there are dogs under the water that you can't see because the ocean has already started rising. you see the palm trees blowing in the wind. the distance already picking up. we've voluntary evacuations in this area. most of the people seem to have left. they are worried they may get stuck with the flooding. they're worried power going to go out and a big concern is police have already told us they plan to close a lot of the main bridges in the area because once the wind reach 60 or 70 miles an hour, with hurricane hermine it's too dangerous to drive on those bridges. as you can imagine it's a ghosttown out here right now. some business owners have stuck around trying to keep an eye on their property. waiting to see just how high
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again. the big concern is the storm surge. 7 news. >> ryan: new details on the zika outbreak in florida. it has been found in mosquitoes in the state. the illness is known to cause severe birth defects in baby. parts of miami have been sprayed there for weeks as officials try to keep the disease from spreading further. >> kim: to the latest in house. donald trump holding a rally in ohio today speaking about trade continuing his theme of putting america first. trump pledged to renegotiate trade deals to bring jobs back to down where companies have outsourced labor. he said as president he could create a new screening process. >> we're going to have a new immigration screening test
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states. we only want to admit those into our country who share our values and love our people and i mean love our people. >> kim: trump held up his promise to build a wall along the mexican border and has mexico pay for it. >> ryan: to an interview you will see on just one stay, byron barnett going one on one with tim kaine. he is campaigning in new hampshire today and byron barnett caught up with h with the interview you will evenly see here. >> reporter: senator tim kaine is playing his role well as campaign attack dog as hillary clinton going right after donald trump blasting trump on his skill as an international diplomat >> byron barnett. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> reporter: with the smile and a hand shake democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine talking only to 7 news while on the campaign trail in boston.
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criticism of donald trump's visit with the president of mexico. >> he goes there and he won't even bring up the central issue in his campaign when he has a moment to talk to the mexican president about it. diplomacy is not for amateurs,ity showed that it was amateur hour. >> reporter: senator kaine said voters need to know more. >> you said donald trump failed in his job interview with the american people because he hasn't released his tax returns. >> he is hiding something, he is pay much taxes but what he may be hiding is that he is in hock to a lot of banks. >> reporter: he is defending hillary clinton's the strategy. >> she talks to reporters everyday just like i do. this is something -- i just don't understand why the other side wants to make this an issue when she is on tv talking to reporters. >> reporter: kaine said he
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about the other side as they prepare for the upcoming day tates. >> who is standing in for donald trump and mike pens. >> that is the most closely guarded secret in the debarrett press but it will be people who will be very tough on us. when we actually do the debate we'll feel like this is easier than the practice debate we had. >> reporter: after he left boston senator kaine campaigned in new hampshire. coming up at 6:00 we'll get his reaction to poll that is show many voters have an unfavorable view live in the newsroom, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> kim: let's talk football. turning to the patriots, tom brady expected to tate field one last -- take the field one last time before his suspension starts. he will be sitting out the first four games of the regular season. patriots playing giants tonight in new york. joe amorosino joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: tom brady is set to start tonight's pre-season finale. his last chance at life
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saturday afternoon. jimmy garoppolo will take over as quarterback during brady's accident and will sit out tonight. brat brady is expected to get the start tonight this. is the first time since 2011 the three-time super bowl m.v.p.will suit up for the final exhibition game. a scenario brady was hoping for earlier this week. >> i wish i could play every preseason games, regular season games, post-season games. i love thinking about football. it's just the way it is. we try to get ready and do everything i can so i can be at my best when i have the option of playing in october. >> reporter: the suspension kicks in this saturday ating -- at 4:00 pm. he will make his 2016 regular season debut in
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season open area week from sunday. patriots will take on the cardinals sunday september 11. and you can see that game right here on 7. >> ryan: explosive scene at cape canaveral. >> kim: back in the spotlight family and friends of a boy who disappeared 40 years ago trying to get renewed interest in this case. >> ryan: breathing a sigh of relief. police woman reported she was' stopped by a suspicious man while she was out for a jog. >> kim: airline apologizing. a woman upset after her son is put on the wrong flight and ends up in p boston. >> ryan: baby sitter in arlington under arrest after police say she was drunk and high on the job. >> kim: update on breaking news we're following in milford purchase a pedestrian has died -- police tell us a pedestrian has fried after a hit and hundred accident involving a
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the investigation continues. we have a crew on the way on the ground and we'll bring you information as we get it. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow.
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>> kim: fairly usual to launch, a space x. rocket exploding on the launch pad creating plumes of thick black smoke and all that fire. the blast happened during the routine test at cape canaveral today. >> ryan: the rocket is supposed to carry supplies to the international space station.
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>> reporter: a space x. rocket explodes into a giant fire ball thursday morning on a launch pad in florida. space x. says the rocket was being tested before a launching scheduled for saturday. area is cleared before tests. no one was injured. the rocket was carrying a private sat life. it was to provide internet to various parts of the world. facebook founder zuckerburg released a statement: fortunately we've developed other technologies like aquila that will connect people as well. >> reporter: space x. leases the space from the kennedy space center to launch rockets. witnesses report feeling the blast for miles away. >> sitting out back reading
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explosion and it shook -- we've patio sliding glass doors. >> reporter: fease not the first space x. explosion. in june of 2015 a rocket carrying 4,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station exploded. two months before that, a successful launch but the company lost a booster when it exploded attempting to land on a barge. the company calls thursday incident an anomaly. >> kim: coming up next 7 news, building a master pees, we'll show you the effort that went into that lego set honoring big papi. >> reporter: some
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if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. >> kim: more on the breaking news from milford. police sharing pictures with us. they'd like to find this tractor trailer because it is the one involved in a deadly hit-and-run happened about an hour ago, the cab of the truck as you saw is blue. police say the driver hit and killed a pedestrian. here we are live over the scene. this is again main street and police obviously there trying to figure out the logistics but the big update here is that they would like to find the driver of the tractor trailer. more coming up on 7.
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with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: we watch hurricane hermine at the back half of the holiday weekend. the possibility is there for some rain and wind. right now i would lean on locations south of the mass pike. vineyard, nantucket. cape, south coast perhaps the south shore. more so than the berkshires or the lakes region or the sea coast or southern maine. tomorrow and saturday start of the holiday weekend looks pleasant with low humidity. radar showing a narrow line of some showers, even a few rumbles of thunder. the warmer coloration indicating where they've sockets of some heavier rain near waltham. perhaps it comes across the city over the next 30 will have 45 minutes. moving quickly as well so it's not going to bog down the entire evening commute but any amount of rain on the commute can always slow things down. it's already slow out. there the back end of the line is dropping into portions of northern rhode island.
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very muggy in metro boston. say 75 but dew point temperatures up near 70 degrees. shading of the deep green indicating humidity then you move up to northern new york and you see lighter shades of green and blue. dry e more comfortage air. behind this front. it's on the move. it'll move offshore and more so overnight tonight with high pressure taking over and becoming a major player in our holiday weekend forecast. so for tonight again isolated showerar with lowering humanity. lowell through the night thanks a north wind. lows 56 had-63. bit after morning breeze that will fade. temperatures mid 70s at the coatline to around 80 forth inland. saturday offering lots of sunshine. temperatures on saturday mid 70's i don't know how the rain drop got there. it shouldn't be there. it's awesome tomorrow and saturday. temperatures mid 70s high
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here comes hurricane hermine moving very slow because high pressure is going to block its northward path and keep it south of new england. at this time it's likely to be a tropical storm sunday afternoon. but there is a possibility of some rain and wind coming up into southern new england late in the day on sunday, more likely on monday. when i think the greatest chance of that the farther south you are, and the best chance of avoiding this mess would be route 2 and points north of there. islands, i would keep plans but plan on unsettled weather sunday evening, sunday afternoon and into monday. probably you will perceive it as an early nor either with some rain and wind. wind on the order of 30, 35 miles-an-hour possible. it's all possible but friday and saturday offering great weather. lakes region i think you are fine. friday, saturday, sunday, even into labor day. temperatures into the mid
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the beach days for everyone. then sunday the weather closes in especially sunday evening through the day on monday as we watch hermine. see you at 5:30. >> ryan: yesterday was lego day at fenway park. >> kim: we showed you how legga presented david or the wiz this life sized statue, this is time lapsed video showing the process of how they built it. wow, 34,000 lego, when it was' all said and points. here is papi posing with the statue, last night he had his son alongside there with him and you can see it has his signature home run celebration when he points up to the sky. >> ryan: you a some to see. -- awesome. moving in, a big day as students take over the city as they move into their new
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>> ryan: there is another 60 minutes of 7 news straight air head. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> reporter: hurricane hermine makes land fall in florida. the latest track for new england. >> ryan: a woman goes on the attack on a local restaurant stabbing an employee with an unusual weapon. >> a cold case back in the public eye decades after a young boy disappeared from a public pool. >> ryan: a jogr was' followed. why police say there is no need to worry. >> jadiann: while crossing the line while crossing the street. how vandals turned the do not walk system bol no an obscene gesture. >> we're tracking hermine. florida is facing for impact. >> jadiann: it's expected to make land fall tonight. chief meteorologist remember remember has the latest -- jeremy reiner. >> reporter: water is very


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