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tv   7 News  NBC  September 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> now at 7 tracking hermine. the hurricane setting its sights on florida. >> reporter: the latest on the storm's path plus what it means for your weekend. >> reporter: an arlington baby sitter accused of wandering the streets drunk and high with a child she's supposed to be students. it's moving day in boston. >> 7 news at 7 o'clock starts now. tonight on 7. a hurricane taking aim. >> we're going to see big storm surge. we're going to see a lot of rain. >> florida facing a direct hit. >> run out of boards. >> tonight we're tracking hermine. >> anchor: and we begin at 7
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a powerful storm making a b line for florida's coast. pounding that beach. the governor of florida now warning residents be prepared now. >> anchor: hurricane warnings are posted for much of the gulf coast. get over to our meteorologist jeremy reiner tracking this storm. and what do we know now? >> reporter: we have a category 1 storm in the gulf of mexico likely going to make land fall in florida since wilmain 2005. these warm colors there that is the central dense over cast of the hurricane. it's flaring up perhaps regenerating an eye wall. intensification is most likely happening here. there is the center of the storm. the eye of the storm if you will. then you have these feeder bands these yellow and orange and red colors here grazing and moving
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florida. we're noticing heavy rain. perhaps tropical tornados. this thing will lift northeast tonight. making land fall around appalachia cola bay midnight tonight. winds moving north northeast at 14 miles per hour. it spends the day tomorrow in georgia and south carolina and north carolina on saturday. over land it's going to weaken to a tropical storm. re-emerging over the for us it's a difficult portion of the forecast. we still anticipate blocking high pressure in northern new england. you notice the red line does not advance up into southern new england. still does not look like a direct effect from the hurricane. we may have fringe am effects. a little bit of rain and a little bit of wind possible sunday evening into sunday night and labor day as well.
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the path of hurricane hermine. you'll want to go to the 7 news mobile or tablet apps for updates on the go. >> anchor: police on the scene of a deadly hit and run. jadiann thompson live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: after an hour and a half of searching police say they've tracked down the driver of the truck they believe to be involved in this deadly crash. this is on police say the tractor trailer hit a person around 4:30 this afternoon and drove off. that person died. police released these surveillance pictures of the truck involved after an hour searching they found that truck driver after 6:00 tonight. the driver turned himself in. not clear if the driver will be charged for leaving the scene. we'll bring you the updates as
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>> anchor: following breaking news out of attleboro. sky 7 over the scene there. you see nearly half the home is burned. it appears the flames are mostly out at this point. no word on if anyone was hurt. >> anchor: a baby sitter in serious trouble in arlington. >> anchor: police say she was drunk and high taking care of a small child. live in arlington with all the details. kimberly. >> reporter: police have charged this woman endangerment of a child. they ended up bringing her to a local hospital. bad behavior for a baby sitter. 51-year-old susan was drunk and high stumbling down the road all while taking care of a 3-year-old boy. >> we found several empty containers in a motor vehicle. she was in a condition enough so
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contacted the police. >> this happened around 1:30 in the afternoon. police say the sitter was taking care of the boy since that morning. he was okay and reunited with his mother they'd been using debrow in the spring off the website >> for whoever that may be do your due diligence and not a website or a referral by one >> reporter: police say devrow has a criminal record arrested before for stolen property and motor vehicle violations. investigators want to know how much the website did to protect consumers. >> trying to find out what did in this case. i know they provide an initial check on people. how deep they go into that i don't know. >> reporter: and issued a statement calling this incident deeply disturbing and
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police. kimberly bookman 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7. neighbors searching for answers after an 11 year old is accidentally shot by a friend in abington. he was playing with that friend when the gun went off. it hit him in the face. >> you know as a parent, um, it's unimaginable to me. >> reporter: abington school superintendent shaver after the shooting of an 11-year-old boy who attends the school where grief counselors are in place. >> process some of the emotions that come with that. >> reporter: confirming now an 11-year-old boy shot his friend in the face yesterday afternoon while let kids were playing with a loaded hand gun. the victim was air lifted to children's hospital in boston. >> it's not something we want to
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left to wonder how the boys got access to a weapon in the first place. >> it's incredible that an 11 year old would have access to a gun. it's crazy. >> reporter: for now the superintendent says his focus is on the kids as the community comes together in a show of support. >> taking care of our students in this time is what we focus on. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing. no charges have been filed here. the district attorney's office says that victim is hospital. in abington steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: a woman stabs a man in the back with an ice pick. she was charged with attempted murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. tucker stabbed a man in a billerica pizza restaurant on wednesday. she was overcome with rage after finding her daughter dead from a heroin over dose and suspected
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drugs. >> no ambulance was called and he didn't seek a restraining order. basically i think he felt just as bad as the mother did. >> anchor: the victim told police he didn't want to press charges. tucker was released on $500 bail. >> anchor: a helicopter forced to make an emergency landing in peabody. the pilot said the helicopter lost power. he wanted to land as a precautionary are measure. incident. a mass riff tree causing damage in the south end this morning. police say it split. someone put a resident there put a sign on there because she was concerned about the tree. it did fall and land on parked cars below. a neighbor did say she spotted the rotting tree yesterday she posted those signs to warn people of the potential danger. >> i don't want anyone to get
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having bodily harm that's what you do you warn them. so i put signs on the cars and i put signs on the pole. >> anchor: that's a thoughtful neighbor. police say no one was injured in the incident. >> anchor: just one station getting you closer on the camp pabe trail. time kaine making a stop in boston tonight. and donald trump was the hot topic. >> reporter: senator, byron barnett. nice to meet you. >> thanyo vice-presidential candidate time kaine talking only to 7 news on the campaign trail in boston. unleashing sharp criticism of donald trump. saying trump lacked the confidence to discuss the border wall when he visited the president of mexico. >> birn, i thought it was amateur hour. he's warm and fuzzy and doesn't have a chance to bring it up with the mexican president.
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on. >> reporter: saying here what he didn't say in mexico. >> mexico's going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: trump doubled down on deportation. >> day one my first hour in office those people are gone. >> reporter: that prompted a hispanic trump adviser to quit. >> he looked like a president. >> reporter: kaine says he's not concerned about the latest poll numbers that show 59% of registered voters unfavorably a virtual tie with trump. why is secretary clinton so disliked. are you concerned that's going to cause voters to stay home from the polls? >> what can you do to make our economy strong and what can you do to keep our country safe as a nation. >> reporter: he says he and clinton will be spending a lot of time there and in other battle ground states between now
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i'm byron barnett 7 news. >> anchor: making moves. moving day in high gear for college students in the boston area. check out the sights and sounds of christmas in austin. >> reporter: santa is that you. moving humidity out tonight. >> anchor: celtics stealing the show in seattle. a closer look when the news station rolls on. >> you're going to want to make challenge. >> road trip mistakes from the experts that could end let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot,
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>> now on 7 tis the season. >> you know you got to laugh at it. >> oh, my god it's literally like hell. >> it's moving day madness. >> anchor: the students are back in boston and the movie. >> anchor: it's crazy. all kinds of stuff on the sidewalks. moving trucks clogging the streets. jonathan hall gives us a closer look. >> reporter: on austin christmas santa rides a mattress on a box truck as part of a promotion. >> he said i wasn't the brightest santa around. you shouldn't be riding mattresses around the city. >> reporter: it's part of the
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rental trucks clogging the streets. are tempers short out here? >> everybody is rolling with the punches. you got to laugh at it. >> reporter: officials from the city of boston are meeting with students and checking out the apartments they call home. >> the mayor wants us to be pro active. we want them to enjoy our city. we want them to enjoy the educational process. it's our responsibility to fata safe one. >> reporter: in 2014 a bu student was killed on lynwood street. the family filed suit claiming the building was over crowded the smoke detectors did not work right. city officials say kids moving in today and parents should take a look around. >> to make sure you have working smoke detectors and carbon
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thing. >> reporter: over the past 10 years 3 fatalities and 30 injuries involving students in this area. it underscores the importance of hitting the smoke detectors when you move in. >> anchor: there was a bunch of people on my street and they were soaked with the humidity out there. they didn't look happy to be moving. soaked from that humidity. >> anchor: they got to work out for free. got a bunch of good offer for you. what's that? move this upstairs for me. we've got clouds and isolated showers. we had humidity through the afternoon. temps right now in the low 70s. city at 72. norwood at 73. dew point temperatures 60s to 74 much of the afternoon. as we look up across northern new england and new york the dew points are in the lower to middle 50s.
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this cool front moving the humidity out of here. the moving process resulting in clouds and downpours this afternoon. that winds down over the next couple of hours. clearing skies after midnight tonight. humidity will lower overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. tomorrow it's a nice one with a mix of clouds and sunshine. less humid. a morning breeze that will fade away. and for saturday holiday weekend with lots of sunshine. clouds in the afternoon. low humidity comfortable. temps on saturday in the mid 70s. it will be the nicest of the 3 days for the holiday weekend. high pressure in new england for the weekend. it will find a home in northern new england block the north ward advancement for hurricane hermine. we do not anticipate a direct hit from hermine.
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it's way to southern new england. look at the forecast models. we have models that we rely on. they are in agreement. a general agreement here they stay out of new england. one goofy one. it swirls around the city and settles back again. you find a goofy one. the general idea you look for the clustering together of the models. now with that said i think that we're going to try to work it's way up to southern new england sunday evening and through the day on monday labor day. also the most likely scenario there will be a rough surf and rip currents at the beaches tomorrow, saturday and through the remainder of the holiday weekend. with the greatest chance of the rain and wind happening in these locations here again.
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chance. a higher chance here than across southern new hampshire. that may change on the track of hermine. possibility of rain and wind sunday night into monday. what i mean by wind possibility on the cape and the islands winds may gust 30, 35 miles per hour. lower speeds boston and north to southern new hampshire. >> anchor: all right, jr. we look forward to that. how about this
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and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. >> anchor: celtics point guard isaiah thomas making it rain in . >> anchor: thomas is from seattle. the team had a contest to see who could take on i saya. he won a but the football team went crazy after each shot there. >> anchor: do it blind folded. >> anchor: yeah, right. >> anchor: what went into building that life size scrupteur of big poppy. the statue weighing in when it was complete at 170 pounds. made in honor of lego day at fenway last night. here is poppy posing with a copy of him. pointing up towards the sky.
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>> anchor: coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 we're staying on top of the breaking news in mill ford. >> anchor: police have found the truck and say the driver has turned himself in. the latest on the investigation. >> anchor: that midair mix up. jet blue children to the opposite destinations. families aren't happy about that. hear more about what they plan to do at 11:00. >> anchor: we continue to track hermine as it travels into florida tonight. you can see here there's heavy waves pounding against the water there. they're keeping track of the storm right now. jeremy is keeping track of it all day long. >> anchor: it might make land fall before midnight.
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news at 11. we'll have the latest on the storm track. people are keeping an eye on labor day weekend. we'll have the forecast for you. we appreciate you joining us. i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams.
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serial liar? new claims she has a history of crying wolf. >> now on "extra." ? ? ? before she said chris brown pointed a gun, baylee curran accused this former roommate of making death threats. >> she made false accusations against me. >> was it all made up? >> i would never lie. why? for what? >> we investigate the ugly past of beauty queen baylee curran. >> she likes to cause drama. >> bethany versus luann. >> behaves like a complete [ bleep ]. >> inside the name calling, mudslinging all-out hatefest on


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