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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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driveway. police say her husband was at the wheel. >> kim: also the patriots' defense takes a huge hit. rob ninkovich suspended, joining tom brady on his four-game hiatus. >> kim: take a look at. this a parent's worst nightmare two days in a row. growing concern after two bus stop scares. >> jadiann: and cross this off your grocery list. why the f.d.a. is pulling anti-bacterial associated press from store shelves. >> 7news at 11:00 starts now on 7. hermine's powerful path bringing a glad of trouble. >> trees down. power lines are down. >> what a mess. >> what a mess. >> we want everyone to be safe. >> and tonight, the east coast is bracing for holiday havoc. ism let's take a live look at myrtle beach, south carolina. the rain is becoming steady. you see it on the camera lens. the wind is also shaking that camera at times. it is all because of hermine, which thankfully is now a tropical storm.
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already wreaking havoc on people's lives in florida. it was a damaging day in the state, including here where a drone shows us how lawns have been turned into overflowing rivers. >> kim: and families in south carolina know they're next if line. you can see the high winds from earlier today coupled with dangerous waves crashing ashore and a new advisory just posted for this storm. let's get the update from chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: maintained at 50mph since th last update at 8:00 p.m. the bulk of the activity is well out ahead of the center of circulation, which is a sign that weakening has been happening compared the last night at this time. this is the latest advisory, winds at 50mph. look at this here, moving northeast at 22mph. if she were to maintain that pace, she would cross the cape and the islands in about 36 hours. now, she's not going to do that. as she comes off the outer banks
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spin for several days well south of new england because of that area of the high pressure up across northern new england. it's going to block the path of tropical storm hermine and also as she comes over the waters once again tomorrow night and early sunday morning, she'll be sitting over the gulf stream, which is warm water, very warm water, and those troll systems feed off of that warm water. so the hurricane center thinks she may very well become a hurricane once again early in the day on northeast but still avoiding new england with the most intense wind as well as the rain. i still think, though, we're going to be on the fringe of this tropical system. there is the the high pressure on sunday. there is hermine well to the south. she's sitting and spinning. she will fling these little pockets of rain and wind up across southern new england. first the wind sunday evening, 25 to 35mph. a little bit higher through the south coast and the cape, gust
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through the merrimack. the rain, that holds off sunday evening, but then we'll see some tropical showers work up into new england very late sunday night and more likely through the day on monday. and there could be a couple pockets of steady rainfall. we're talking half an inch to in some locations an inch and a half of rain. we'll break this down for you in a few minutes. >> kim: j.r., you're saying we may not see an impact until the end of the holiday weekend. right now southern and coastal states are either left with damage or preparing for a damaging hit. amaka for more. >> amaka: hurricane hermine has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. but this could ruin labor day plans for millions of americans with weekend plans. in the florida panhandle, destruction and heartache in the wake of hurricane hermine.
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well. >> amaka: the eye, with 80mph winds, crossed through st. marks at 1:30 a.m. the weather channel there in the worst of it. >> unbelievable. look at this stuff. >> amaka: the storm surge of more than nine feet coupled with more than 22 inches of rain left streets and homes flooded. >> i'm sure there's some loss of stuff we had on that property, but that's okay. a little bit of a loss, but we're good. >> amaka: this first hurricane in more than a decade to make landfall in florida hammered this state's west coast from tampa bay the tal >> we're going to lose something. >> amaka: more than a quarter million homes in florida lost power. at least one man killed when a tree limb fell on him. >> a lot of trees down, power lines are down. i think the most important thing we all do is don't drive in the standing water. don't touch a power line. >> amaka: hermine now a tropical storm moving west at 14mph, hitting georgia where dangerous winds ripped the roof off this middle school and slamming the carolinas where tornado warnings have already
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>> we didn't have any flooding in the house, but the wind is kind of scary. >> amaka: millions now changing their holiday plans with tropical storm warnings and watches in effect as far north as connecticut. on the jersey shore this afternoon, a pretty start to what could turn into an ugly labor day weekend. >> it's too rough for me. too rough for me. just here to grab a last beach day. >> amaka: dangerous rip currents already keeping many out of the water. north carolina saw strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. now states further up the co some communities in the northeast already announcing beach closures for labor day weekend. in the control room, 7news night team. >> kim: and you can track hermine throughout the holiday weekend if you'd like. just use our interactive radar. click weather on or use the 7news phone and tablet apps. >> jadiann: also from the night team, the tragedy at home. sky7 over this home in quincy where police say a woman was run
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officers saying the driver was her husband. the night team's kimberly bookman live in quincy tonight. kimberly? >> kimberly: we now know the name of the victim, zhen li. she lives here in this duplex right where she died. in the driveway of their quincy home, police say a husband ran over his wife. >> i'm trying to figure out how that could have happened. don't know. >> kimberly: sky7 above the area as emergency crews and police investigate. >> responding units immediately requested that and the medical examiner's office respond. >> kimberly: police tell us a 54-year-old man was behind the wheel of this blue minivan when he backed up, driving over his 52-year-old wife, killing her. >> it's kind of scary and it's very unfortunate. i'm curious to know, was it on purpose? i can imagine someone bumping someone and it being an accident. >> kimberly: police say the husband was so distraught they took him to quincy medical
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reconstruction crews examined evidence, collected the car and marked its movement. neighbors watched it all as the body remained cover on the scene. >> it looked like the blanket was in front of the vehicle, like the car is parked and it's in front of the headlight. >> kimberly: when investigators were done, the medical examiner removed the victim and a flatbed towed away the minivan. then people who knew the couple came to see the scene for themselves, shaken by what happened. >> kind of weird and uncomfortable and sad. police have not pressed any charges. they say the investigation is ongoing. reporting live from quincy, kimberly bookman, 7news night team. >> now from the night team, rob ninkovich flagged. >> disappointing. >> trouble leaving the patriots' star suspended. >> kim: the patriots already without their offensive leader now lose a defensive mainstay in rob ninkovich. the league confirming he tested positive for a banned substance and he'll be suspended for four
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in foxborough with what ninkovich is saying about the ban. >> tim: last season tom brady and rob ninkovich were both named team captains. this year because of two very different suspensions, the team will have the start the season without them. since 2009, no one has played more games with the patriots than tom brady and rob ninkovich, two consistent starters, two impact players, two super bowl champs, now both accused of cheating and bh games of the season. ninkovich has played in more than 100 consecutive games has been suspended by league for taking performance-enhancing drugs. nink took to twitter saying, "for all the great patriots' fan, i take responsibility for my actions." he says it was an honest mistake. he claims a store-bought supplement he took didn't list all the ingredients.
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more important to me than my name and reputation. this might call that into question for some, which has me heartbroken. i don't want to cut any corners. i want to do things the right way with high integrity. that's what i want the stand for." ninkovich's suspension comes 24 hours before tom brady starts his own four-game suspension. beginning saturday afternoon, brady won't be allowed with the team, punishment for deflategate. the pats will be using back-ups on both sides of the ball this month. but always-confident pats' fans say they're more focused on the end of the season. >> everybody will step up. it happens every year. somebody is out, somebody is hurt. a so, next guy in line will take care of it. >> they've been through a lot of adversity before, when you have tom brady, whether you have him for 16 games or 12 games, you always have a shot. >> tim: so ninkovich was dealing with an arm injury, but it was likely he would miss a couple games in the regular season anyway. now because of this suspension he will not get paid for those first four games and his reputation will take a hit, as
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>> kim: tim, thank you. on the up side, when the pats take the field in arizona for week one, you can see the season opener right here on 7. kickoff 8:30, sunday, september 11th. >> jadiann: a former new england mob boss indicted in connection with a murder. investigators say cadillac frank salemme, his son and an associate murdered a federal witness in 1993. the victim's body was found in providence, rhode island new york march. today salemme's alleged arrested. weadick's attorney says his client has no connection to the murder and plans to fight the charges. >> he's ready to fight. he's ready to fight. we expected this was coming. he's ready to fight and put this behind him. >> jadiann: weadick doesed admit he hung around salemme and had a relationship with the father and son. >> kim: detectives make another arrest in connection with the murder this summer of an east boston teenager. police arresting angel ramos this morning.
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found at the crime scene according to investigators, as were the frintds of a 16 year old arrested in the month of july. ramos is accused of murdering 18-year-old blanca lainez in june. her body found beaten and stabbed in a garage on princeton street. police say surveillance video shows both men near the crime scene at the time of her death. >> jadiann: sky7 h.d. giving us our first look at the growing crime scene in dunbarton, new hampshire. tonight investigators are slowly shooting at this home. the night team's brandon gunnoe live in dunbarton tonight. >> brandon: what we know tonight is a wife was found dead inside this home from a gunshot wound. police will only say that it's suspicious and the investigation is ongoing. sky7 h.d. over a single-family home in dunbarton, new hampshire. investigators and state police had been at the home for two straight days. we now know when local police arrived at the house on
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inside the residence. the state medical examiner perform an autopsy today and determined that mrs. tepp was killed by a single gunshot. at this point the attorney general's office will now say anything furthered except that the investigation is ongoing. no word on mr. tepp or anyone else that may have lived in the house. thursday night the state police major crime unit, a large crime lab, pulled on to the probability. you can see investigators entering and leaving the house. but again, all they will say at this time is that it' suspicious death. also the attorney general's office would say that they do not believe the public is in any danger. live in dunbarton, new hampshire, brandon gunnoe,en news night team. >> kim: health hillary clinton's e-mails in the forefront once again in the race from the white house. the f.b.i. releasing its notes from interviews with clinton as they investigated her use of a private e-mail server. hillary clinton's three and a
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month ago about a controversy she once seemed to dismiss. >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> f.b.i. notes reveal there are many things she didn't know about classified information, didn't recall being trained on how to handle it, relied on staff to use their jumentd when e-mailing her. clinton telling the f.b.i. she didn't know the letter "c" on an e-mail meant confidential, the lowest level of classification, speculating it was referring to the order of paragraphs. donald trump pouncing. >> that's a lie. unless she's not person. she's put you and me and everybody in this country in great danger. >> kim: the f.b.i. director has said 2,000 of her e-mails had classified information, but she told the f.b.i. she didn't recall receiving any e-mails she thought should not be on an unclassified system, including e-mails about the targets of future drone strikes. clinton told the f.b.i. she did not receive instructions on preserving her records when she left office because she just suffered a concussion and could not recall every briefing she
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her of any charges but was also sharply critical. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> when you can't find any evidence of intent to do wrong, there is no way to go forward with the case. >> kim: clinton campaigners saying they're happy their notes are public and she's acknowledged using a private server was a mistake. meantime, donald trump got his second intelligence briefing in new york today. it's unclear if trump had any advisers with him at today governor chris christie and other top advisers. and clinton researched her first briefing earlier this week. >> jadiann: up next, a back-to-school danger. >> kim: cameras roll as two chin and n two days get hit after getting off of a school bus. they are okay. >> jadiann: and also tonight, the f.d.a. says nope to some soaps. why some will soon be washed away from the store shelves. >> jeremy: tropical storm hermine plays a bit of a role in
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>> kim: scary moments cawrgt on camera in august tib, texas. it's chilling to watch. first that kid, two in all, cars hitting them right after they step off the school bus. you have to see to it believe it. both of those students are okay. >> jadiann: and both crashes happened in the same city just one day apart. now parents and witnesses are talking about the bus scares. seconds after getting off the school bus, a 12-year-old boy in texas hit by a truck. >> there's nothing worse than that phone call where all you can hear are sirens and your child crying. this driver was not some evil person. he was doing what we all do. we all have days when we're in a hurry. >> jadiann: the next day a
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just 24 hours later in west austin, another driver hits another student. this time you can see the stop sign is out. the bus lights are flashing and police say the bus driver was laying on the horn. michael was in his car stopped behind the bus and saw it all. >> my heart was racing, and there's just so intense. he got knocked i think ten feet toward my car, and he like rolled to the side of my driver-side window. >> jadiannch then realized he went to middle school with the 17 year old left in the road and goes to high school with the 16 year old girl who was behind the wheel. >> she was mortified. she thought she killed him. she came out of the car crying and freaking out, but i tried to reassure her. he seemed okay at the time. >> the new driver told michael on scene she was confused about the law. >> and she didn't know that you had to stop for the bus stop coming from the opposite way. >> jadiann: a traumatizing lesson to learn. >> i hope it will be a wake-up call to more people. >> jadiann: neither student was seriously injured. both drivers stayed at the scene and were cited by police. >> kim: we're following more news tonight, including the
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proving too hot to handle. samsung recalling its flagship galaxy 7. the company says the lit yum ion battery can explode and start a small fire and destroy the phone in the process. so if you bought one, you can exchange it for a different phone and get a $25 gift card. a rinsing risk causing the f.d.a. to make an unprecedented move, cleaning store shelves of thousands of anti-bacterial soaps. the f.d.a. says anti-bacterial soaps are no better than they believe some of the ingredients may be harmful in the long run. 2,100 soaps muss change or stop sales, which is actually about 40% of soaps on the market. >> kim: the night team tracking hermine again tonight. it now remains a tropical storm. >> kim: still a distance from us, but heading here on the all-important holiday labor weekend, kind of our last blast of summer. >> jeremy: right. >> kim: are we going to be all right? >> jeremy: i think at the end
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some rain and wind. but it's in the a full-on assault from her. the worst of the weather system is to the south of new england down toward the jersey shore, middle atlantic states. so we'll deal with a little bit of rain and witted. the wind will show up first sunday evening, and then the rain joins the party overnight sunday night and on and off through the day on monday. it's in the a driving tropical rain all day on monday, but scattered showers for much of the day on monday that's the worst of the three days. in coastal flooding. we this catch a break because th very low, some of the lowest of the month. with that said, there will be beach erosion because this is the constant northeast wind for the next several days battering the eastern seaboard. so here she is right now again winds at 50mph. she will move north and east and then actually she's going to park herself over the gulf stream and not move because of high pressure blocking her northward advance some that gulf stream water will actually reenergize hermine possibly back into a hurricane once again early sunday morning.
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england for several days, she will kind of fling little pockets of rain and wind up into southern new england with again the wind arriving first. this is what we're thinking late in the day on sunday, sunday night and on and off monday. this is not for 24 straight hours, but the thinking here is on and off wind gusts 25 to 35mph. boston down along the south shore, the south coast, the cape and the islands, 35 to 45mph. and i thought about the color here for the islands because there may be winds gusting over 50mph. nantucket sunday evening, sunday night and monday morning. further north merrimack valley, a north east wind 15 to 25mph. that takes care of the wind. the rain threat, none tomorrow. sunday mostly sunday is dry. breezy in the afternoon on sunday, but just cloudy skies. the showers will show up very late sunday evening. through the day on monday. and then maybe one or two that linger into the day on tuesday. especially during the morning hours. again, rainfall forecast by sunday evening, nothing. just a lot of clouds.
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new england through the day on monday, but some towns picking up some beneficial rain upward of three-quarters to as much of an inch of rain, other towns like it's been this summer, much adieu about nothing, a quarter of an inch of rain or lesch high pressure, again, that blocks hermine's northward advance. it sets us up for a clear, comfortable night tonight. tomorrow is the best of the three. lots of sunshine, a few clouds will show up in the afternoon. hardly any wind at all. southeast winds 4 to 6mph. with temperatures running in the mid-70s tomorrow. water temps upper 60s to the low 70s. so again, tomorrow, beaches, pools, lakes, use those kayaks. as we work toward sunday, increasing clouds, increasing wind, and monday on-and-off rain. wind will subside. temperatures on monday near 70. have a great holiday weekend. >> kim: all right, you, too j.r. thank you. >> jadiann: all right. alex corddry joins us next with
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and now he won't be the only player forced to watch from home. rob ninkovich suspended four games for violating the nfl policy on performance-enhancing substances. ninkovich has been suspended without pay and can return to the team on monday, october 3rd. a heartbroken ninkovich telling espn's mike reese he didn't knowingly take an illegal substance, saying, few things are more importa he's ever used was bought at a store. we're just three week away from another race weekend in loudon. new hampshire motor speedway set the host the second race in the chase for the sprint cup title. kyle busch won last year and has two career wins in new hampshire. joe amorosino sat down with busch to talk about his success. >> i'm not sure exactly what makes the magic mile pretty good for us. we've done well there the last few times we've been there, as joe gibbs racing as a whole. matt kendrick has won a couple times. i've won there recently.
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that i think i finished second in a row. it's a fun track. >> alex: we'll have much more with kyle busch in our sitdown with our joe amorosino coming up on sunday night on sports extra, plus the globe's dan shaunessy will be in studio, and we'll gate chance to chat with steve leading up to the patriots' season opener sunday night at 11:25 right here on 7 nbc. bank championship at tpc boston. shot of the day courtesy of patrick reed. the chip off the green on the par-5 7th hole as he rolls it in for the birdie. the number-one ranked player in the fedex cup standings finishing three under 68 today. two players tied atop the leaderboard, james hawn and ryan moore are at six under following an opening round of 65. >> play of the day brought to you by exfinty. >> alex: u.s. open, third
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legs to keep the rally alive. he would win the point and the match in the stretch set. rafa goes through the wickets for our play of the day. the red sox on the west coast visiting oakland. david price on the hill. right now the game is tied at two in the fifth. juan machada called up today. he's expected the make his major league debut tomorrow. that's a look at 7sports, and narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around.
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>> jadiann: all right. that's our time for tonight. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. thank you for joining us. i'm jadiann thompson in for adam williams tonight. >> kim: and i'm kim khazei. 7news continues at 6:00 a.m. with "today in new england." if you want to check that forecast one more time, we'll be here for you. have a great labor day weekend,
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- meg ryan --
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 526! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! [ cheers and applause ] that is a hot crowd! that is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful new york city crowd. welcome, everybody! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. we got a fun show.


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