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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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florida bearing the front of hermine, but it's not over yet. where the storm is headed next. police say a woman was killed when she was accidentally run over by her husband. more disturbing news for hillary clinton. the latest on the second star player they're going to be without four games for this year. this is 7 news today in new england. 6:00 on this saturday morning and we do begin with the latest satellite image of tropical storm hermine as it continues its fast track up the east coast right there. some the outer bands of this storm already starting to reach massachusetts. a lot of people are watching
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good morning to you, i'm nancy chen. where the big story continues be hermine. it remains a tropical storm at this hour, after a damaging day wrecking havoc particularly in florida. many areas of the sunshine state, anything but sunshine including in the city of largo, where a drone shows us how lawns were turned into overflowing rivers because of this hurricane. the weather department posted let's get the latest from rob eicher. >> reporter: it's their cape pass tris. it's moving to the northeast at 60 miles per hour, packing 65-mile-an-hour winds showing the same image with the radar super immosed on. to we got rain going as far north as the maryland line. we are not getting rain bands. we're getting the cloud cover, mainly high, thin clouds, not
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enough to filter the sunshine, that is what we're looking for today. we got sunshine mixed with some clouds from hermine, not expecting any rain today. hermne is going to creep north for 24 hours and just stall and sit barely to the south for the next several days, that means a lot more cloud cover, occasional breeze, and occasional showers as we begin tomorrow afternoon. 61 degrees right now and a mixture of sun and fild mid-to upper 70s inland. very comfortable temperature wise. no problems today. getting cloudy tonight. buddy ancloudywith in breezy. >> there's more coastal concerns, as hermine continues in the path. cities and towns are hoping for the best, and bracing for the worst. they're advising anyone who
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keep an eye on the storm. we have more on the damage hermine has already caused. >> reporter: in the florida panhandle, destruction in the wake of hurricane hermine. >> the dock is under water as well well. >> reporter: where the eyewall, at 80 miles per hour crossed saint marks. the storm surge of more than 9 feet coupled with more than 2t >> i'm sure there's loss of stuff that we on that property, it's okay. a little bit of a loss, we're good. >> reporter: it hurricane took more than a decade to make landfall hammered state's west coast from tampa bay to tallahassee. >> we're going to lose something. >> reporter: more than a quarter million homes in florida lost power. at least one man killed when a tree limb fell on it. >> the power lines are down. i think the most important thing
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don't touch a power line. >> reporter: hermine say tropical storm moving west at 1. hitting georgia where dangerous winds ripped the roof off of had middle school and slamming the carl ipse where tornado warns have been issued. >> we haven't had any flood in the house, but the wind is kind of scary. >> reporter: millions changing their holiday plans with tropical storm warnings in effect as far north as connecticut. on the jersey shore a pretty ugly labor day weekend. >> too rough, just here to grab the last beach day. >> reporter: dangerous rip currents are already keeping many out of the waters. 7 today in new england. you want to stay as hermine stays north. you can track the storm using our interactive radar online. or by using our mobile and tablet apps. also on 7:00, tragedy, hd quincy where police say a woman
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own driveway, officers say her husband was the one who was driving. here is 7's kim perly bookman. >> reporter: in the driveway of their quincy home, police say a husband ran over his wife. >> i've been trying to figure out how that could have happened, but don't know. >> reporter: sky 7 above the area as emergency crews and police investigate. >> the units requested that the ambulance and the medical examiner's office respond. >> reporter: police tell us a approximate 54-year-old man minivan had he backed up driving over his 52 years old wife killing her. >> it's kind of scary and very unfortunate. i'm curious to know was it on purpose, i can imagine someone bumping someone and it being an accident. >> reporter: the husband was so distraught they took him to quincy medical center for shock and stress. meanwhile re-construction crews collected evidence, examined the
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remained covered on the scene. >> it's like the car was parked and it's in front of the headlights. >> reporter: when investigators were done the medical examiner removed the victim, a flatbed towed away the minivan, then the people who knew the couple came to see the scene themselves shaken by what happened. >> kind of uncomfortable and sad. a former new england mob boss indicted in connection with the murder. the his son and murdered a federal witness. the witness body was found in providence, rhode island in march. his accomplice was arrested. his the attorney says his client has no connection to the murder and they plan to fight these charges. >> he is ready to fight. we are expecting to coming. he is ready to fight and put this behind him.
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around with salemi and had a relationship with the father and his son. police arresting 21-year-old angel ramos on friday morning. they say his fingerprints were found at the crime scene along with the fingerprints of a 16-year-old who was arrested back in july. he is a us couped of murder martha back in june. her body was found beaten and stabbed in a garage, that surveillance video shows both men near the the time of her death. we get a first look at a growing crime scene at dunbar, new hampshire. they are revealing details of a deadly shooting that happened here at the home here. brandon gun know has more on the story. sky 7hd over a single family in dunbar, new hampshire. investigators at the state police had been at the home for two straight days. we know now when local police arrived at the house on
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wendy at the, and they determined that mrs. at the was killed by a single gunshot. at this point the attorney general's office will not say anything further except that the investigation is ongoing. no word on mr. at the or anyone else that may have lived in the house. on wednesday night a large crime lab pulled on to the property. you can see investigators entering and leaving the house, but again all they will say at this time is that it's a suspicious death. brandon gunnoe, 7 news today new england. hillary clinton, the e-mails in the forefront. fdi releasing the notes with clinton as they investigated the private use of a server. >> the interview exactly one month ago about a controversy she once seemed to dismiss. >> what like when a clause or
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things she didn't know, and relied on staff to use their judgment when e-mailing her. clinton telling the fbi she didn't know the letter c meant classification, the lowest level of classification, speculating it meant on the order of paragraph. >> unless she is not an intelligent person. she has put you and me and everybody at this country in deprave danger. >> 2000 of her told the fbi she didn't recall receiving any e-mail she thought should not be in an unclassified system. clinton told the fbi she did not receive instructions on preserving her records when she left office, because she suffered a concussion and she cannot recall every briefing she received. the fbi director has cleared her of any charges but is sharply critical. >> there's evidence that they
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highly classified information. >> when you can't find any evidence of intent to do wrong, there's no way to go forward with a case. >> clinton campaigners saying they are happy the notes are public, and she acknowledged using a private server. meanwhile, donald trump got says checked intelligence briefing. he was found by ne joined by new adviser chris christie. clinton had her first briefing earlier this week. president obama arrived in china today on his final trip to asia as president for the g20 summit. he will announce that china and the u.s. are joining the historic climate agreement agreed to in paris. he will attend a summit in laos making him the first president to visit the isolated southeast asian country.
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why rob will be joining tv12 on the sidelines. hurricane center issued a new forecast. we will show you that, and what it mean for our weather coming
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? ? welcome back, 6:13 this can is the first morning back after coming back from rio, on the
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i was disappointed to see that i missed a whole month of summer. >> it was winter in rio. >> it looked warm. >> i come back and it's almost fall. >> pumpkin spice, apple picking all of this good stuff on tap for fall. we are holding on to summer for one more weekend. >> reporter: i was going to say if the tropical storm doesn't scream summer i don't know what was, you missed the hottest month in austinus here, near cap hatterias, but the clouds, those are the ones you have to worry about. and notice how the rest of the action is well remove from the center of circulation. that is an indication you don't have a healthy tropical storm. for now toss still being classified as a tropical storm, but the national hurricane center believes it's starting to make that transition into more of a typical eastern storm. think nor'easter, it's starting to transition away from being a tropical system.
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cape hatterias. right now racing to the northeast at 25 miles per hour, it raced through the southeastern united states. remember, it was in florida this time yesterday, but it's going to hit the brake later on today, and just stall out somewhere off the coast of delaware or new jersey, probably still a tropical storm tomorrow with 65-mile per hour wind, and then it probably transitions into something that is kind of half hurricane, half nor'easter. we're going to have the same problem we had wit not the same problem with sandy, but the same problem it's kind of an identity crisis. winds may be getting up to hurricane strength but it county be officially a hurricane. what is important to see from tuesday, wednesday, thursday, it's hanging south of us, in fact, if you look at the computer models, a lot of computer model having to do loop de loops south of us and not completely clearing out of here until thursday. that means several days of breezy conditions, clouds and a
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unfortunately not drought busting rain. the worst of it will be the south coast the cape and the islands, that is where we could see gusts of 45 miles per hour beginning tomorrow afternoon, lasting through monday and maybe the early part of the day on tuesday. we got 61, ask 52 in norwood, 47 in jaffrey, very comfortably cool in many spots this morning. show you the local satellite and radar, don't have to worry about rain, that is south of u but we're getting clouds, and these hermine, don't have to worry about any rain today, and rate tomorrow, during late in the evening we might see a few spotty shower. and on monday, we will see hit and miss showers, a rain band and kind of cloudy and another rain band, and that continues into tuesday. you look at the total rainfall, half an inch or less for the boston area. maybe a little bit more as you get out to the cape and islands,
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temperatures in the 70s at the coastline, mid-to upper 70s, and breezier conditions on sunday night through monday. still cloudy through wednesday clearing out late thursday into friday. turning hot, too. >> also on 7, now talking football morning, it look like tom brady is going to have some company when he sits out first four games of the year. ron ninkaovic is going to sit south the start of the season. thefl he tested positive for a band substance. -- banned substance. >> since 2008, no one has played more games than, tom brady, and the 9kaovic. who has played is more than 100 consecutive games has been suspended by the league for
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performance enhancing drug. >> to all the patriot fans this is a challenging chapter for me. it was an honest mistake. he claims a store bought supplement he took didn't list all the ingredients. in an interview with e. spn. few things are more important to me than my name or my reputation. i don't want to cut any corners, i want to do things th way with high integrity. >> the suspension comes 24 hours before braiders' begins his suspension. the pats will be using back-ups on both sides of the balls this month. but pat fans are more focused on the end of the season. >> where everybody else will be able to step up. it happens every year, somebody is out, somebody is hurt. we will step up, next guy in line will take care of it. >> we have been through a lot of adversity. when you have tom brady, whether
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games, you always have a shot. >> tim caputo 7 news today in new england. patriots season opener just a week away from tomorrow. they play the arizona cardinals, can you can catch the season opener here on 7 nbc. >> love this time of year, do not you. >> excited? , coming up on today new england, an accident that folks are buzzing around in missouri, what was inside of this tractor trailer when it kept toppled over. a controversial early release for the stanford swimmer convicted of rape as police reveal shocking new details
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his controversial short sentence is now over. convicted rapist brock turner has been released from jail. his original sentence was six months in mind bars, and enough n now he is free on good behavior after serving three months. we have more. >> reporter: with a hard push of the jailhouse door the former stanford swimmer brot turner was met with a brush of cameras. he spent only 90 days in jail for sexual assault. nbc news was given exclusive access to evident in turner's file.
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students who saw him behind an unconscious female. investigation tapes taken after his arrest of the showing a calm turner responding to questions from a detective, who say my intentions were not to rape a girl without her consent. i was just trying to hook up with a girl. when pressing turner about the victim, the detectives asked, if you saw her again, would you recognize her. turn he responded, probably not. he faced up prison for felony sexual assault. but the judge sentenced turner to six months in jail, which in california meant three months for good behavior. protesters took to the jailhouse steps over what they call a lenient sentence. they are calling for the judge to he be removed from the bench n not only is justice supposed to be blind, it's supposed to be meeted out independently.
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perspective. >> i stole a purse from a shop mall, and i got more time than he did. >> reporter: turner returns to his home state of ohio where he will serve out three years of probation. 7 news today in new england this has turner's name is already on the sex offender's registry but many still think he got off too easily. still ahead on 7 news today in new end glad. she could be sitting on a bombshell. a secret evidence a former news anchor says to harassment lawsuit. a start in series out west, highlights of the big win over
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welcome back, a couple out in arizona is not letting tropical storm hermine stop them from taking their pictures. despite, for the pictures in south carolina. they came to south carolina to get married at the beach. since they may not be saying i do, they will get pictures done. >> you know what to name your first daughter, hermine, in honor of the hurricane. he is not backing down, nfl quarterback, allen kaepernick continuing his protest dependence police brutality. >> hermine has its eyes on the northeast for the holiday
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6:30, the storm has done all kinds of damage but there could be more still ahead. local uber driver arrested and charge with raping a passenger in dorchester, what he is saying about allegations. caught on camera. an officer under fire after a confrontation with a woman during a police chase.
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6:30 on this saturday morning. thanks making us a part of your day, i'm kris anderson. we will start with the top story, tropical storm hermine. for the late of on that,let get to rob eicher. >> right now it's hanging on the outer banks of the south carolina, notice it's on the cape hat ras. hat ras, that is not the case, it's an indication it's starting to lose the tropica it does not mean it's getting weaker. it's looking more like a nor'easter than a tropical storm that expected to continue. meanwhile home in rain but we already have clouds. mainly high, thin cloud associated with he hermine, the official forecast is for it to sit south of us, near the new jersey coastline for days, possibly becoming close to nantucket, either wednesday night or thursday morning before finally getting kicked out of
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waker for the next several days, today is the best of the labor weekend days, cloudy and breezy, showers likely as we head into monday, the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. hermine is making to for an anxious labor day weekend, as it moves its way up the east coast. part of the problem we don't know where the storm is headed. without question it's left a path of destruction behind, jay gray takes a look at the storm so far. >> reporter: the first h may have pen the most violent. hermine passing the florida gulf coast, the wind pulling apart buildings and pulling apart, power lines. and the storm surge 12 feet in should areas, pushing water in places it's not supposed to be. daylight revealing the extent of the damage scattered for miles across the strike zone. >> this hasn't happened in years. >> reporter: more than a decade since a hurricane made landfall in florida. >> as the hurricane moves to our
6:33 am
floridians experienced power loss. >> reporter: inland, hermine lost a bit of its power but very little of its punch, a tropical storm as it pushed into georgia, continuing to threaten almost everything in its path. >> my wife heard a lot of noise at 2:15, i think a transformer had blown or something. >> reporter: the storm caught speed as it moves into the carolinas, continuing a path of destruction, a path that could take it into the waters of at strength as it skirts the seaboard, threatening areas in cape cod where tourists are getting in one more day of fun. while residents are bracing for the storm. >> we are putting extra lines on the boats, and stuff like that. >> reporter: this long weekend will be anything but a holiday. jay gray, nbc news, savannah, georgia. a lot of eyes on the east coast, be slur to stay with evan
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by using our mobile and tablet apps. 7 news turning into a dangerous uber driver charged with raping a female officer in dorchester. the 32-year-old was arrested on early wednesday morning. he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who had called for a ride home. he told police that he had sex with the woman but it was consensual. arrests in the boston area including 2 this week alone. one man was from everret, and another from mauldin. we will continue to work closely with police to provide any information useful in this case inside police in sutton are searching for the person who vandalized several properties in that town. written on the size of a church on providence road.
6:35 am
information should contact sutton police. watery ride for a driver in maine when the truck they were in goes flying into the union river. the 61-year-old man who was driving that truck suffered some sort of medical issue while behind the wheel. that is when he went through a sign, went through the tree and the parking lot, and went right into the river, a good samaritan helped to pull him safely out of the water. some say it's a sign of september, a moving truck o was ripped off when it tried to ride underneath the silver way bridge. a problem all to common when they are moving in unaware the height restrictions on the highway. the police showed up to try to get the truck away from the over pass to the traffic could move again. drivers in kansas city all abuzz about a traffic accident on friday morning. a truck, get this, carrying hundreds of honey bee hives
6:36 am
hive contains 40,000 bees, millions of bees were involved in the accident with many just flying away from the scene. no injuries were reported, though. >> pretty scary, there. an officer coming under fire. now instant trouble after assaulting a handcuffed suspect. take a look at video. the officer's dash cam anded abouty camera video rolling the spire time. it captured the allegation assault. it all happened after a woman left on a high-speed chase, and's more. >> in the dash cam video, can you see running away from the crash before surrendering as a sheriff deputy. the deputy along with two other officers pulled down carlos and handcuffed him. then comes another officer identified as adam wit mayer. you can see wit mayer, several times all while using as a resulvulgarlanguage while callim
6:37 am
officer wit mayer, multiple time. here is a closer look from the deputy's body camera. >> god! >> one in custody. >> moron. >> you're a stupid [bleep] moron, you know that. stupid mother . >> reporter: after the deputy handcuffed him picked him up and take him to the deputy's car. that is when forcefully shove him in the back seat n get in the back car. >> so we took appropriate action. but i do not feel it merited termination. >> reporter: the state attorney general's office agrees. the incident deciding not to charge wit mayer because of kellerer's action leading up to the arrest. >> the suspect nearly hit a school bus, and right after
6:38 am
the suspect swerved toward officer whit meyer. the police chief says whit meyer i is veteran of the departments and he has been severely disciplined but did not private any details. a final farewell to the nuns who were stabbed to death tragically in mississippi last week. a funeral was held for s paula mother el. but the service was held in kentucky where she took her vows to served. the other sister was honored in the milwaukee. the two worked together, and lived, and served in a medical clinic. sanders confessed to killing the nuns. he is charged with murder, but authority have not said when the motive was. according to new york
6:39 am
carrollton taped conversations she had with ailes on her iphone. he is suing ailes for sexual harassment, and claiming he took away her anchor job for refusing the sexual advancement. collin kaepernick standing his ground by sitting again during the flannel anthem on thursday. now the latest development is the union for police officers who work the 9ers home game say they may boycott the team if the team does not discipline. leadership has a duty to protect its members from harassment. kaepernick has come under fire since refusing to stand during the anthem last week in protest of police brutality dependence t african-americans. he plans to continue his protest into the regular season. >> a 6-year-old boy who is living with autism getting -- gets no understanding at a nasty
6:40 am
anderson miller is fascinated with fire alarms. often he imitates the noise they make and wants to see them. he was at a wal-mart making fire alarm noises, and that is when somebody slipped a note saying, quote, buy that kid muss cell. >> i turned around and there's a note in my bag, on top of my bag i should say. >> the mother has no wrote the note, but wishes they had stopped to talk with her instead. >> a rescue from the rubble, firefighters in italy pulling a dog beneath, a collapsed building. more than a week after destroying, firefighters say they heard the dog parking. golden retriever belonged to a couple who returned, to ger some bringings.
6:41 am
good condition after spending those days under the rubble. satisfying the burger craving without the beef? we will tell you what cooking take us to tony fees for a great recipe to wrap you are your summer. >> reporter: i will let you
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43:00 is your time. the sa zac zakimment it turns oe to be a little bit of a mess coming our way. it looks like the weather goes downhill, if you want to get out and enjoy the weather, today is the day to do it. it won't be bright as blue, but still the better of the three holiday week. there's the her membership, andd the cape hatterias. and the clouds, and notice how there's not a whole lot of action near the center of circulation. most of the area is well removed from the center. if you sit back and look at t it doesn't look like a tropical storm. starting to look more like a nor'easter. for now the hurricane center still calling it a tropical storm. it has been racing through the southeastern united states over the last 24 hours. now moving at 21 miles an hour.
6:45 am
probably that will be just enough to keep it a tropical storm into tomorrow and then after that, should lose all of its tropical characters. it doesn't get weaker. it loses it's tropical characteristics, but the wind will get stronger. we go from being a tropical storm to a strong nor'easter. what do we call it. it's not going to be like sandy, but unlike sandy only in a sense that we have a naming problem with it. what do you call that's why you don't see the hurricane symbol on herement it won't technically be a hurricane, but the wind will be that strong. notice the important thing, it hangs out off the coast of new jersey for days. it may get close to nantucket, wednesday night into thursday before finally getting kicked out of here. there's a lot of uncertainty in this forecast. why? look at the forecast models, they have these thing doing loops after loops, so they're not sure where it's going to go, but almost all of the computer
6:46 am
going to get out of here until late thursday evening. that means several days where hermine will be primarily our weather maker. today looks okay, kind of a mixture of clouds and sun, filtered sunshine with high, thin clouds that give the sky a mille look. otherwise pleasant 72. if you're going to the cape, cooler there inland. particularly for the cape and the islands, late tomorrow evening might see a shower but the bulk of the day wille the key issue to keep in mind, don't go in the water. rip currents are going to be an issue beginning tomorrow. not a good weekend to go boating and then things go down as we head into monday. if you want to go to the cape today is the day to do it. winds begin to pick up for the cape and the island tomorrow and lasting into monday. nothing on the radar but we so see a few, high, thin cloud. rain wise not expecting a drop until we get into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, and
6:47 am
the boston area, maybe close to an inch for the south coast and the island, that's it. it's a lot of clouds, not a whole lot of rain. this isn't going to be a drought buster. cloud and conditions what we're expecting from hermine, sunday, through monday, clearing out late tuesday, getting hot for friday with a few afternoon storms. all right, thanks, rob. now unfortunately summer is winding down. hard for me to say that, but there's still summer. because you were in brazil the whole time. >> this week sarah french is trying out a recipe that leaves out the peeve in a burger and focuses on the bird instead. it's what is cooking. pla ? ? ? ?. >> reporter: named for boston red sox legend tony caniglario. tony's sports bar and grill is known for one thing. >> his burger, burgers, they
6:48 am
>>they have a california burger, a vegeburger, all from scratch, the 6th is the number 25 for tony jersey, but today executive jeff jimmy is making one of their up and customers, an asian style turkey burger that keeps them coming pack for more. >> it's a great burger. ? ? ? ?. >> reporter: start by dicing into a bowl of ground turkey. >> this is a really, really simple recipe. >> reporter: do the same with scallions and add it to the bowl. >> put on kosher salt and two ounces of soy sauce. you mix all of the ingredients, got to make sure all the ingredients are nice and mixed, u not going to be able to see the soy sauce.
6:49 am
combined, start making burger patties, he uses a roll to make a perfect patty. >> eight ounces meat so half a pound meat. >> reporter: drop in a hot well oiled pan or on a hot griddle like this. >> the turkey burgers takes ten minutes. five men's each side. >> reporter: toast up the bun and it's gd a low fat option to satisfy your burger craving. that's what is cooking, i'm sarah french, 7 news. that is a loaded burger. >> how do you open your mouth that wide. >> that looks delicious, either way, though. >> ahead on new england, tv12 suspension goes into effect later on today. what he says he will be doing during this time away from the field. the red sox come out
6:50 am
underway, we have detail detaild
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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diamond. take on oakland. it helps a bat there. top the 5th, rips a double. and ortiz, and red sox lead at 5-2, travis shaw. he will smack an rbi double. and another rbi double red sox winning this one big, 16-2. the pat fans loo look like they haven't seen years. tom brady won't be under center for the peats first game against the arizona cardinals. his suspension starts at 4:00 today. brady talked about what he will be doing with his time away from gillette. >> i'm sure i will be curious and watching at some level, you know, so we will see, you know. i had never dealt with it, we will see. >> brady's first game back will be october 9th in cleveland
6:54 am
let's not go near daddy when he is watching the game. >> we will see how it goes. >> his competitive flare. still ahead, rob eicher has been tracking the tropics for us for good reason. he will have a final look hood new england creamery. 14 unforgettable flavors of delicious, premium ice cream. so good, it's hard to believe they're real. ? bobby. you're doing it again.
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? maybelline ? new york. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. all right, it's almost 7:00, rob has been watching the weather for good reason, because
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headed our way. >> today is the pick day of the weekend, ha. >> today the best of the three holiday weekend. a mixture of sun and clouds, but the rain remains well south of us today. today looks good, and even most of tomorrow looks good. rain doesn't arrive until tomorrow evening and into monday. it will start to turn breezy tomorrow, particularly in at the beaches, rip current risk will be high beginning tomorrow but today en that will do is for us the "today" show is next. >> we will be back with more news and weather at 9:00.
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good morning. hermine on the move. the tropical storm battering the carolina right now. the storm packing top sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. heavy rain and now hermine slowly moving up the east coast. expected to make a mess of the labor day weekend for tens of millions all the way up through massachusetts. dylan is tracking it all. on the hot seat. donald trump trying to reach out to skeptical african-american voters today with a visit to the detroit church.


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