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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:26pm EDT

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we are tracking hermine. the storm is moving up the atlantic and threatening to make waves here in new england. we'll show you how people on the cape are preparing. right now, hermine is about 300 miles away from any coastline. but expect is to move in our and wanted for bank robbery. police launch an intense manhunt for the man behind this mask. and brady can't take the field but the patriots found a way to make sure his presence is felt. first at 11:00, the night team is tracking hermine. the deadly storm is spinning farther off the east coast but there is a tropical storm
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but it's still disrupting labor day plans. >> when it arrives, will it be strong enough to cause dam here? >> meteorologist bri eggers has more? >> the timing of this really unfortunate for labor day. >> that's when you want to be at the beach and on a boat. that looks to be the exact place you don't want to be with this storm. we kept seeing it kind of tracking eastward which would have been a good sign but we knew the forecast track was going to cause this storm to to a crawl where it's going to meander for the next couple few days. we'll continue to track hermine. here's where the center is right now. as i mentioned before, about 300 miles from any coastline with that center. so this is not going to make landfall. that would take the center of the storm crossing the coastline, not in the cards for this storm system. right now, it is still packing a punch with those winds at tropical storm force. 70-mile-an-hour winds.
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late monday, into tuesday, late tuesday and starts to track to the east as we get into the middle of the next week. out of here by thursday and friday. but it takes a long time before we're done talking about hermine. i thing the greatest impacts will be felt tomorrow. the tropical storm warning, that meansar means we're expecting 39-mile-an-hour winds or stronger in these areas in red. across the south coast of new and the islands. the wind seems to be the greatest impact and possibly damaging wind gusts from time to time. that's in the cards for those areas. rough suffer, beach erosion, coastal gooding, heavy rain, not so much. we'll talk about more about the rain and how much you can expect coming up. >> all right. the forecast forced many on the cape to end their holiday weekend a little bit early and scrambled to make it back to
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before the storm hit. our reporter is live with more. >> reporter: because of the high winds and rough seas that are expected only one ferry company was offering rides today. for some, it wasn't that big of a deal to change their vacation plans but for others, it proved to be incredibly stressful. the long holiday weekend, cut short. hermine putting a damper on vacation plans to cape cod and the islands. >> it was a bummer. >> reporter: ppl steamship authority. katie is visiting from california. >> we were gonna stay until tomorrow. so we actually have to take a bus to new bedford to pick up our car and then i'm gonna be stuck in new haven for a couple of days. >> reporter: sarah swanson 'vacation also ended early. >> it was all just a little more stressful than we wanted it to be for the day we were there.
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>> reporter: the steamship authority was the only ferry company in the area continuing service into the evening. while it was sunny for most of the day, visitors say you could feel the effects of hermine on the water. >> it was really rough. >> the spray was pretty high. it was a little bit choppy. >> reporter: because of the rough seas, the ferry company and the island queens have canceled service to martha's vinyard and nantucket for today and form. and -- and tomorrow. >> we wanted to make sure we got home. >> i do have a flight on tuesday and they were talking about not opening the ferries until wednesday. >> reporter: now, here is a look at hyannis harbor. some people have moved their boats. others are just securing them with more rope because of the high winds expected. as for the ferry companies, we'll have the latest on our website at for now we're live in high yan
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back to you. and big waves crashed ashore along the eastern seaboard today. chris christie declared a state of emergency. in delaware, a beach there saw dangerous conditions with rough surf and may see flooding tomorrow. but the threat of the storm is not keeping everyone away from the ocean. >> i will stay until the water gets above my ankles and then i will take shelter. >> it's very shallow waters. pretty scary. >> reporter: so while most beaches along the storm's path are still open, swimming is off limits. be sure to stay with 7 news as we track the path of the storm, you can see the latest weather reports online and on our app. breaking news tonight. a framingham state university police officer is off the job. police say the officer was arrested saturday afternoon for inappropriate conduct near a
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arrested. he's now facing several charges, including lewdness and witness intimidation. the university is investigating what happened. the school released this statement which reads in part, the officer was immediately relieved of his duties. the state universities the safety of our students and faculty and staff as paramount. we will continue to hold our officer's conduct to the highest standards. the situation was isolated and there w also from the night team, an intense manhunt for the man seen in this photo wearing a mask. now, police believe are calling the suspect armed and dangerous. kelli o'hara is live there with the latest on the search. kelli? >> reporter: nicole, intense search. this all started earlier today a few towns away. that's when police spotted a man wanted for bank robberies on a
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the man came here, ditched the bike and ran out the back door. with their guns drawn, bulletproof vests on and k-9 dog on hisler, berlin police out in patrol as they searched for a man considered armed and dangerous. the pd along with several other agencies combing these woods, abandoned buildings and construction sites as they look for a suspected basi bank the bank, this motorcycle and a home full of weapons. >> the berlin police received a report of a suspect suspect upon a motorcycle that was wanted in a connection to a bank robbery in west boylston. the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: investigators say since that bank robbery, this man has led police on several high-speed chases in the last week, including today, and they are concerned, along with people
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>> we just came home from new hampshire because we heard about this. her son is home alone. we want to mike sur -- make sure he's safe. >> i think it's pretty upsetting. police have enough on their plates. >> who wants to know there's some person running around in your neighborhood that's potentially very dangerous? >> reporter: while we were out, the dog picked up the man's vent bu while we were out with police, two officers were injured. but they are expected to be okay. in berlin, kelli o'hara, 7 news night team. turning to the patriots. the team showing support for tom brady with the debut of this banner out at gillette. look closely. we'll zoom in for you. he's out for the first four games, but tonight players are talking for the first time since the start of his official
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alex cor has more. >> reporter: tom brady suspended and not allowed to do anything with the team over the next four weeks. so early monday morning, the patriots paid tribute to him. >> pretty cool that we got the banner. it's like one of your buddies going to jail. it's one of those types of things. the whole situation is unfortunate. but it's happened, you know, we have to move on. we love him to death. >> reporter: another beloved patriot will be serving a rob ninkovich after a positive test for a banned substance. >> rob is a good friend of mine. we talked about the situation. i understand what happened. and i understand that, you know, the situation is what it is. i love rob. he's been a great friend to me and my family. support him as best as i can. >> it's tough. i mean, you know, it's not always cut and dry to figure out what you need to put in your body and what you don't.
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>> reporter: ninkovich said he's devastated and shocked and he would never knowingly take an illegal substance. >> it's happened a lot of guys -- you know, like i said it's not always easy and cut and dry to -- to figure out, you know -- he -- he kind of explained it and i'm sure he will be ready to come back when it's time. >> reporter: ninkovich has been the patriots' iron man on defense, playing in 116 consecutive games since signing with he's eligible to return in week five in cleveland. >> and remember, the patriots season high pressu see -- season opener is a week away. you can see the game right here on 7 news. more news tonight. a mystery surrounding a death at a construction site in boston. police say a man fell into a
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injuries he suffered were not from the fall. the cause of his death remains under investigation. and the driver accused of a deadly hit-and-run at this intersection has turned himself in. the 39-year-old driver faces drunk driving charges and investigators say he was drunk behind the wheel when he hit and killed a pedestrian at morton and canterbury last night. this man is behind bars accused of breaking into a home on martha's vinyard and painting a dog purple. police s prescription pills, credit cards and a driver's license from that home. he's also accused of stealing a car and crashing it before he was captured and taken to jail. a home in roslindale goes up in flames. the fast-moving fire ripped through a house on walter street. firefighters say it caused more than $700,000 worth of damage. investigators believe something ignited a planter on the porch and the flames spread from
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within minutes or maybe within seconds he saw 100-foot flames. huge flames. >> the front of the building was completely engulfed in flames from the ground right up to the roof. >> reporter: everyone inside made it out safely. one firefighter had to be treated for minor injuries. the night team curbing to the canonization of mother teresa. thousands of pilgrims gathered in st. peter's square. she helping the poor. the pope invited 1500 homeless people for a pizza lunch. mother teresa died at the age of 87. up next -- another twist in the race for the white house. >> the person vowing to do everything possible to make sure hillary clinton becomes the next president. hermine has now hit the brakes. not moving quickly but crawling
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and coming up on "sports xtra," how ready is jimmy garoppolo with the season-opener one week from tonight. and eduardo rodriguez takes a no kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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bernie sanders is vowing to make sure he does everything he can to make sure that hillary clinton wins the white house. donald trump trailing her in the polls. >> he spent the weekend focusing on minority voters. still trailing hillary clinton in the polls and way behind among black voters, donald trump made his first speech to an african-american church in
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suffered from discrimination and there are many wrong that must still be made right. >> how are you? >> today trump's running mate, mike pence tried to clear up controversial deportation and immigration plans. >> what donald trump has said is we have to immediately suspend immigration from any countries that have been been compromised by terrorism. >> clinton plans to head to oh support. >> no question that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate. look at the issues. >> clinton's e-mail controversy continues to overshadow her as polls show the majority of americans disagreed with the fbi's decision not to indict her. clinton's running mate, defending her. >> when you read the materials and read the articles about the materials, they go into significant detail about why the fbi concluded that there was no
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>> polls continue to show 60% of americans don't trust clinton. >> troupe's add viewsetrump has been following a more scripted approach to his campaign. coming up next -- winds increase tomorrow but wait. where is the rain with hermine? will we see any of that much-needed rain in all of the details -- next as
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that was good news. we knew it would make this curve back to the north and northwest. it's on that track and this point. but the windfield and the cloud shield, it goes far out from the center of that storm. it's already sending some of the cloud cover onto the cape and the islands as we speak. i think we hold off on the rain, though, until early tomorrow morning. here is the official forecast hermine has slowed to a crawl. it just doesn't go nowhere fast as we head through the next couple of days. monday 8:00 p.m., we're still tracking it, about the same area. tuesday as well. but it's also losing strength as it gets closer to the south coast of new england. we're expecting some impacts. the main impact being very gusty winds. tropical storm warning in effect for us. that means we expect winds to
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england, buzzard's bay and the cape. gusts could get up to 59 miles an hour for martha's vinyard and nantucket. for the south coast, you will notice, especially if you are near the beach, rough seas and sand blowing around. maybe just a good day to stay indoors. unfortunately, the timing on this for labor day. not so good. talking about the rain, though. clouds already starting to move in and the rain sort manifests coming in from the southeast first and then trying to get those bands farther to the northwest. but it's just really on again,/off again. scattered showers throughout t tomorrow. a lot of us miss out. i think much of the bay state will look come wednesday thinking what storm were we talking about? just a chance of scattered showers as we head through the next few days. the bulk of it stays in new
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the islands. .25, to .5. the biggest impacts along the south coast, cape cod and the islands. the wind peaks tomorrow. scattered showers staying with us. beachgoers and boating, that looks to be the biggest problem. but i don't expect any coastal flood. it looks like we start to kick hermine out of here by the middle of the week and then we're in for a warming trend. friday. coming up next on "sports xtra," the red sox bullpen continues to be an iron. is this fixable and can this be done in this final month of the season. and we're talking pats. one week tonight, they open it up in arizona with jimmy garoppolo.
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