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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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here at weston high. earlier today he got all the kids together from the sophomore class saying there are disturbing images that have cropped up focusing on sophomore boys in the class created on some sort of a fake snap chat account. >> i'm very shocked. i guess. i didn't know, no one knows who it is yet. >> reporter: weston high school student katharine tilden a little rattled after the principal holds an assembly sophomore class alerting kids sexually explicit pictures of sophomore boys may have andyed up on a fake snap chat account. are kids worried? >> they were. because it could cause more problems, but, i don't know a lot. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools says it doesn't look like girls were targeted. it's unclear if the person who created the account is a student at the high school or someone else. like a male or female who
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moment for us. it's an opportunity to reflect as parents with our kids to say be mindful of what you are being asked to give out. there you don't know who is on the other end ever a computer. >> reporter: police are involved in the case looking for who is blind the fake account. but also trying to teach kids that sending compromising pictures qualifies as disseminating child porn. parents are hoping this is a wakeup call for everyone around her. >> when something goes out there you can't get it back so we're you know, not to put anything out there you don't want everyone to see. >> reporter:ed a manipulate straightors are hoping kids and parents get the message about the dangers of social media. police are taking the matter seriously and they're trying to track down the person responsible for creating this fake account. >> ryan: we're following breaking news out of minnesota where a man
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killing a person nearly 20 years ago. he confessed. heinrich led place to jacob's remains last week. he was a person of interest shortly after jacobs was abducted but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. >> we continue to track hermine. boats are just caused around in nantucket. almost like toy there is much the southern bringing rough surf to the cape and the islands. the worst is over. >> ryan: but there today. let's head out to jeremy reiner with much more. >> reporter: here is hermine well south of new england sitting and spinning. we've clouds and a little bit of light rain. oddly enough, 9 cape and the islands are into the sunshine. a nice break from yesterday so the official coordinates from the hurricane center still have her at a post-tropical storm. shy lost all her tropical characteristics so that is
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post-tropical. winds up near 50 then it drifts northeast and stops right here. what happens is that it completely fades away. so we're just about done with hermine. you can see the winds today. still a bit of an issue on the cape and the islands but nothing like yesterday. there is a lot of leftover energy in the ocean from the surf churned up so we have a high surf advisory in effect. north, south shore, cape and the islands. wave run ocean also warm down. then we focus on summer time heat returning. >> jadiann: nantucket hit the hardest by hermine. beaches and boaters impacted on both the cape and the islands. kris anderson has mother. >> reporter: hermine leaving its market on nantucket after wind and waves tore through the area mondays. boats smashed up against boats, vehicles stranded on beaches. it was calm and chi et at
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when winds gusts blue the waves side ways. >> every since hurricane sand i and irene rolled through anxious to make sure nothing that is any size that rolls through. >> reporter: beach goers greeted by heavy wind during the storm. the warnings were up but it didn't stop some people from showing up at the beach. high wind on the coast send hats and bags flowing and blowing sand covered the walk ways. swells. probably from 4 to 6 feet. maybe a little bigger. we closed the water to swimming and surfing. >> similar situation on the cape. the affect of hermine felt into the evening hours on monday. >> really windy. you are getting sand blasted for sure. i feel like the grits of needles in your face. >> reporter: by mid afternoon waves soared to heights of 8 feet. the rip current so dangerous that officials closed the
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stay out of the water. >> severe rip currents, any time someone goes in the water we'd have to send our life saving personnel out. >> the high tide was coming in so we needed to come in off the beach. they wouldn't let us stay so they taped it off. >> reporter: the rip currents can be dangerous. massachusetts emergency management eightsy is warning everyone to watch out for the rip currents until at least tomorrow. kris anderson, 7 news. >> jadiann: you out the interactive radar on-line at r.we're following a developing here. the boston police department's plan to use body camera are as is challenged in court. commissioner evans rand domly assigned 100 officers to assign the body cameras after no one volunteered. the patrolman's association says it violated an
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>> i thought it was important for the accidents to know that i believe the cameras are going to show case our members. the employees of the city of boston. we have nothing to hide. >> i realize they want us to be as transparent as the as we possibly can be in everything we do. whether it's hiring, whether it's the body camera, whether it's the internal affairs requirements the boston police police department has around 1500 officers patrolmen's union believed enough volunteers would come forward for the program. >> jadiann: patriots getting ready for their season opener this weekend. tom brady may be gone but not forgotten. the team put up a banner while he is gone. big one. the coach didn't want to talk about the banner just the arizona cardinals. we have the latest on the pats. >> reporter: the game is going to be in arizona but
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practice the absence of tom brady looms large both figuratively and literally. what does the coach think about this? if he has thoughts he is not saying. huge banner went up over the weekend within hours of tom brady's banishment of foxboro. >> i think it's see. him looming over us. i like it. >> reporter: i asked the coach what he thinks of the big banner and the huge number 12 high atop the tower overlooking gillette stadium. >> we' right now. >> fans have you seen it? >> yes, again our focus is on the cardinals. that's who we play this week and -- all the other decorative andmarketting things are not really part of the team's preparation. >> reporter: belichick didn't walk to talk about the controversy over colin kaepernick sitting in protest during the national anthem. belichick don't want to talk
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to act during the anthem. i asked belichick if he said anything to his players about how to act in arizona. anybody with a team advised them how to handle the anthem? >> that has been addressed a long time ago. >> reporter: not since this happened? >> it has been addressed. >> reporter: no details on who or when is. >> it is' been addressed. >> reporter: no tom brady or no robb ninkovich. we'll look for thenk he has been largely missing since a minor injury more than a week ago. dan hausle, 7 news. >> jadiann: remember the patriots season opener is less than a week away. the waits will take on the arizona cardinals on sunday, september 11. see the game right here on 7. >> ryan: we're following more news today. fox news settled a lawsuit with a former anchor who said the network's chairman
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fox offered a public apology to her. karlson released a statement saying she is happy to move on to the next chapter in her life. >> jadiann: a rhode island judge approved a $25 million settlement with 38 studios started by kurtz shilling. the state filed a lawsuit against shilling and the company's backers after the company failed. schilling is still in settlement discussions. bill cosby back in court today for a sexual assault case against him. prosecutors say they want 13 other women who have accused cosby of assaulting them to testify. the defense is expected to oppose this. trial date hasn't been set. the judge indicated he wants to start before next summer. >> ryan: brock turner has registered as a sex offender. turner must register with
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three months. he is not allowed in parks, schools or other children where children are at. he was released from a jail friday morning. he is back in ohio but he hasn't received a warm president clinton. protestors armed with sign, others armed with guns demonstrating in front of his parents' home. his sentence made waves with many believing his sentence was too leapen. >> jadiann: two new polls showing very different the vote with donald trump at 42%. but the latest poll from cnn sees it differently. they've trump at 45% and clinton at 43%. both candidates are targeting key swing states as we head to the final stretch. steve handelsmann has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton with 63 days to go. still has a big lead over donald trump in potential elect torally votes and a 6 point popular lead in
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but today sentence poll puts trump ahead by 2. when two independent candidates are included. no worries. >> i pay no attention to polls. >> reporter: she says republicans still focusing on her e-mails proves they don't pay attention to voters and says the rise of trump prove it is. >> why didn't someone come from the outside and seize their nomination? he would never be in public service before? >> reporter: ad shows veterans disapproving of trump. her new >> i love war in a certain way. >> reporter: depicts trump as eager to use nuclear weapons, a theme clinton herself hit with veterans in tampa. >> he is very loose in his talk about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get them. doesn't know why they haven't been used already. >> reporter: trump was in virginia beach newly endorsed by 88 retired admiral and generals says clinton is not tough enough.
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russia. putin looks at her and he laugh, okay. lack at her digs decisions. >> reporter: an echo of trump saying earlier clinton doesn't look presidential. the candidates fittest to run the u.s. military will be the focus tomorrow night in new york city on the commander in chief's forum. clinton and the trump back-to-back live on nbc. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> ryan: congress is returning from its recess to list. items include funding the government, funding to help combat zika virus. congress will be in decision until another month long break at the beginning of october. the u.s. will give $90 million to laos to clear unexploded bums the u.s. dropped there. >> there is still much more
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announce a historic increase in these efforts. the u.s. will double our annual funding to $95 million to help laos expand its work. [applause] >> ryan: the president also called off a meeting with the president of the philippines. the white house cancelled the meeting after the president released a rant against president obama. >> jadiann: police investigating after this land mark tumbles to the ground. the suspect in a hit and therun in mass pann facing a jung after police say he killed a woman over the holiday weekend. >> jadiann: a car crashing into the cape cod canal. as the driver swims to safety. >> ryan: we're following breaking news. a snap chat scandal at weston high school. police investigating after someone posted pictures of naked students on a fake
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>> ryan: vandals toppling over an iconic landmark in oregon. cell phone picture capture a number of people knocking over the duck bill. >> jadiann: something needs to be done. sarah french has the story. >> breaks my heart because some people have grown up around that rock. >> reporter: david and his friend were shooting a youtube video at the state park in oregon when they caught the destruction of the rock. >> i thought they were doing it to get a cool social
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the group was posing for a picture with the duck bill then they heard the yelling. >> a bunch of screaming, we wept over there and noticed the rock was wobbling. we looked over and there was probably eight guys pushing over the big rock. >> reporter: he confronted them. >> one of them replied that it was a safety has around one of their friend' friend broke their leg on top of the rock. >> reporter: david didn't believe them. >> i they said it was a safety hazard because climbing a portland statue could be a safety hassard. no one is forcing you to climb. they came, to the city with the intentions of knocking the duck bill down. >> it laughed it off. took it with pride they destroyed something magnificent and disappeared right after. it had no meaning to them whatsoever. it was a magnificent piece.
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conyon. it was like the icing on the cake. >> reporter: the two are sad that the monument is no longer around to provide the memories it once did for many. >> it defines what pacific city is. that rock, that is what everybody takes a picture in front of us maybe they will wand to share that and now they can only see that rock through a memory. >> reporter: officials didn't believe at first that people were responsible for the destruction of the rock. but now they are searching for the group of sct french, 7 news. >> ryan: coming up showings off skills, pats player having fun over the holiday weekend. >> reporter: a lots of clouds that will break apart over the next few days. forecast coming up next. >> jadiann: ahead at 4:30 flames rip through a huge home in rhode island. firefighters now search for a cause. >> ryan: targeted, a bottle bomb thrown on a police officer's lawn. the search for a suspect continues. >> jadiann: a framingham
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inappropriately in front of a student.
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? i love that dirty water oh, boston your my home. ? >> jadiann: patriots wide receiver edelman expressing his love for boston while showing off another talent. he is a pretty good skate boarder. he boarding around town. realized how much boston has become home. hashtag boston strong. >> ryan: we hope he calls it home for a long time. >> jadiann: looks like the esplanade. >> ryan: that little bit -- >> jadiann: so we'll talk about the weather now. kind of a -- >> ryan: gloomy day out there. >> reporter: sometimes it is what is it is. sometimes her name is debby in this case it's hermine
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the drizzle and hermine fades. the clouds will join her. there could be appear isolated shower tomorrow. i'm talking about the clouds and drizzle but you folks along the cape busted out into sunshine. we move out of new england appears summer doing its thing. detroit close to 90 degrees, cincinnati 90. d.c.93. i'm pointing numbers out. dew point also in the 70's i'm talking out of here then we resume our summertime warmth. and humidity for the end of the week. the dew point temperatures tomorrow, they do jump into the upper 60s much the same on thursday, lower a little bit on friday and saturday. but the air temperatures they will start to take off tomorrow near 80 then by the end of the week upper 80s to around 90. we technically have this post-tropical system. hermine, winds at 50 miles
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and then fade away. probably what happens after this? after this point it will be tough to say she is anything other than a blob of clouds and a swirl in the air as she drifts off to the northeast and fall ace part. generating a little bit of wind but nothing like yesterday. winds out of the north and east between 15-25 miles an hour. the ocean still churned up. so we have the high surf advisory in effect until 6:00 this evening. waves 3-5 feet. you can see the southbound but able to throw bands of moisture in the form of clowned a few bands of light rain as well marching northwest. really i was hoping we would pick up more but naan tuck a lot of this happened yesterday. over an inch of rain. hyannis, new bedford about .4 of an inch and hopkinton about .2 of an inch of rain. temperatures 60s and low
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new bedford and hyannis in the mid 70s, patchy drizzle. 63-67. tomorrow a lot of clouds in the morning but we'll see some sun in the afternoon. the risk of an isolated shower. more humid tomorrow. temperatures 76-81 which is close to normal but you notice by friday that is not normal. whoa up near 90 degrees, much the same on saturday. the weekends mainly dry. there may be an isolated shower on sunday morning. see you at 4:30. >> ryan: see you then. a check of the road home with matt. >> reporter: good evening, westbound. backing up quickly leaving the city. this tuesday afternoon once you hit newton corner you will be jammed out after the weston tolls. the eastbound side of the pike is okay. on the shot the leverett connector is somewhat slow both direction. you are moving better heading to storrow drive. on the northbound side you will be jammed further up on the upper deck into medford. let's look at the expressway
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o'neil tunnel down by south bay. northbound backs up heading into the o'numb tunnel. a look at the drive time, we have the backup to granite avenue then it eases up a bit then down again backed up to the braintree split. you are looking at a 30 minute drive from the o'neill tunnel to the split. checking the drive on the lower half of 128 looking at a 13-mint drive this tuesday afternoon. i'm matt fitzgeral 7 change, almost time to get your flu shot but doctors are not recommending what once was a popular action. >> >> ryan: a rescue, good samaritans jump no action to save the man trapped in the burning car. >> jadiann: heart warming reunion, a florida state football player getting back together with a special young boy. the special reason for the
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news right now from the cape. a man charged with driving
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crews raced into the water to get him out. it was quite a dramatic scene as you can imagine not far from the bourne bridge. >> ryan: a man scoped out the area then got into the area and he is being charged with operating to endanger, speeding and malicious destruction of property. crews took him to the hospital. we have a crew in bourne and we will have a live report at 5:00. >> jadiann: a dorchester man called to court accused in a crash. police say he was drunk when he hit and killed a 46-year-old woman. >> ryan: investigators say he was driving 80 miles an hour and never stopped. kelli o'hara has reaction from the victim's family. kelley. >> reporter: family says janet systems was a loving mother and caretaker, someone who lived for her family but saturday night sadly her life ended after being hit and killed by the drunk driver. loved ones place their hands on the backs of two mung are


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