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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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did anything happen to you, hoda? >> you are never content to just go to one place, are you? >> you know what, i ended up leaving here and going to new orleans on friday. i did a little shoot with the property brothers, jonathan and drew. >> they were so cute. they renovated a house and we are going to talk about that when it comes back in november. karen, john, mike cos and his wife and joel and me in the french quarter. it was really, really fun. that's mike in the back with his mouth open. we ate at antoine's. we got on the plane from new orleans and flew to newark and drove it see my mother in rehoboth. thinking we were going to be inside and look at the sun. it was fun time.
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>> doesn't your mom look great. >> we had a little thing. we just did what we do. we took pictures and hung out. >> and all the blow-up cushions. you are all all familia when you are there. >> yes. we had a nice hang. >> how was your weekend? >> mine was -- i thought i would just write all weekend. i was going to go to this big event in greenwich. i thought it was going to be a washout. it ended up being gorgeous. i invited some friends, brian balance ta czar and his partner along with my friend, chris and his husband, robert and chrissy. i wanted to invite you but you were in rehoboth. it ended up being barbra streisand day. barbra streisand at 74 years old is still setting records. neal and lee sedaka just sent me her encore cd.
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we spent the afternoon listening to it. you never know what to expect. it was an incredibly eclectic group of artists she works with. i was surprised. i didn't love all of them. i love that barbara tried all of them. i love the one she did with patrick wilson from passion, something called loving you. ? loving you is what i do the things i do he's a great singer. we all know she's great. >> my favorite. i love hugh jackman so much. at the ballet, was gorgeous with ann hathaway and daisy ridley. my favorite was the one i was most surprised. i thought jamie fox and barbra singing climb every mountain. i went, no. listen to this. ? climb every mountain ?
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? follow every rainbow ? >> okay, here. ? 'til you find your ? ? 'til you find ? ? 'til you find your dream ? ? 'til you find your dream ? >> that was really good, really great. >> we knew he sang great because of ray. broadway. >> then, when everybody left, i sat in the library by myself and
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>> she has, that's number one. that song is number one. the album is number one. what's so cool, over so many different generations, barbra streisand keeps hitting number one. >> you often mix consecutive decades. >> six decades. that's unbelievable. she and bruce springsteen are right behind the beatles and jay-z. it is the beatles, jay-z and barbra and bruce. >> from 2:00 until 5:00, you get a small frappe at dairy queen. >> i think it is frappe. >> and the d.q. grill and chill. it has oreo cookies, coffee,
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>> everything you can't have. everything i can't but i know our crew will love it. >> joann is back from the netherlands. >> we are glad you are back jojo. come on. we're going to welcome you back. >> joann is back from climbing every mountain. we think she lost we don't know how much. >> and covering every sea. >> we have a question. how often do you call your mom? >> hoda and i call her from our studio every single day. i can hear you on with your mom. i'm on with my mine. we have already called them. i called my mom at 9:00. >> "vogue" says certain people call three times a day and certain people call once a day. we think it is important that you call often. >> my sister likes my hair. i'm so happy. i was nervous. >> you call yours and i'll call
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don't show the number because i have done that before. >> and i have shown cassidy's number before. >> i am going to get mom. >> put it on speaker. >> turn it on. >> hello. >> hi, cuddles. >> hi, honey. how are you? >> i'm good. what are you doing? what are you wearing cuddly? >> i'm enjoying retirement. >> you didn't really have a job. >> listen, you think raising you wasn't a job? >> okay. >> are you going to get your mom? >> now, mom tells me every morning her favorite meal of the day is what, cuddles? >> it's breakfast. >> what did you have today? >> i had an english muffin and two pieces of bacon.
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>> we are getting sammy on the line too, mom. here we go. >> is sandy on? >> sammy. >> hi, mom. >> oh, sammy. >> hi, how are you, hoda? >> what are you doing? >> i'm getting ready to go to the beach. >> i have one question. my mom always says i don't wear enough lipstick on the air. >> exactly. >> how is today? >> you need a little bit of lipstick. i think you look good today. >> good today? >> beautiful. >> she does have a beautiful thing of lipstick. it is not as deep. she wants a deeper red. >> more red? all right, mom, we love you. >> we love you guys. >> you look great, you look great. >> love you, mom. >> bye, mom. >> bye, cuddles. talk to you later. enjoy lunch. >> we have the same conversation every morning. she tells me what she had for
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the day. i say, i know, mom. she says, my doctor always says, at your age, what does it matter? enjoy life every single day. she is 86 1/2. >> come on, we are getting cooking. wait until you see what we are giving away. >> katy perry and kourtney kardashian celebrated the weekend. >> a surprise for one lucky lady. i get to grant her her bucket list. it is really, really sweet right after this. >> cheers, my hoda woman. that was cute with the moms. say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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it's time for "today's buzz" when we round up all the juicy celebrity headlines. >> editor and chief of changing by the minute. >> if you have a ticket to see beyonce in concert, you may be a little out of luck. >> the massive show was meant to canceled it. she is on vocal rest this weekend her magnificent birthday, she celebrated. she went all over the place. >> what happened to her voice? >> i think it is a combination of singing and being tired and needing a little time off. beyonce is such a perfectionist. she is not going to want to put up a show when she is not 100%. they can reschedule. they already have. all of those people looking forward to beyonce, they will get to see her but not on wednesday.
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months until she comes back to this area. she is going to close her tour with that gig. she is going to be bigger and more fabulous than ever. she also had a birthday we were talking about and she just posted a fabulous message on instagram that said, thank you to everybody who wished her a happy birthday. >> where was she? >> she went to camp david. she spent her birthday with michelle obama and then went to philadelphia and spent some time with president clinton. >> quite the birthday party? >> jay-z has this huge concert in philadelphia. she went to support jay-z. she wasn't hidden. she was in the crowd enjoying her birthday. >> do rest coaches ever need vocal rest. she is not. i am saying do rock stars. >> i think so. >> sometimes talking is harder on your voice than singing. >> speaking of singing, harmony, one of the girls was there. >> over the weekend, camilla
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of the show. before the show, she gave us some hints. she put out a tweet saying she just needed three days rest. they have been touring around. in the middle of the show. >> they have all been doing the same tours and concerts. in the middle of this show, she left the stage and walked off because of anxiety. she was full of anxiety and needed to take some time off. she did perform over the weekend at a concert in texas. there was some question about some disharmony in this group but we are glad she is back singing in the show. >> some celebs had some fun. >> we checked everybody's instagram. drew barrimore, she went to a farm. there she is with a turtle. she tweeted it didn't look real. mr. she was with her kids and she found a donkey or a little
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with carrots, so she stopped and fed the little donkey. she had a fabulous time with her kids and she is going through the divorce, split up with her husband. >> what was katy perry up to? >> she went to this hippy concert. they encourage the use of cell phones at the concert. they don't really like you to use money. they like you to barter. it is a very new agy. >> bartering with? >> maybe a jukebox, maybe a cigarette or something. she was at this concert. she put out that picture. she was having a fantastic time. paris hilton was there. >> and kourtney kardashian. >> normally, they travel as a pack with lots of cameras. this sunday, just mommy and daughter. she brought her boyfriend and
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they were in italy and there they are. >> whose boyfriend? >> chris bought her boyfriend, corey. corey was there by herself. she did bring the kids and they had a lovely mother/daughter time away from the whole family and no camera crews. maybe it was a real vacation. >> i was with courtney in nantucket and she didn't have crews around. >> everybody needs a break from the camera, for hoda woman. hoda gives one lucky grandmother the surprise of her life. >> her wish was my command. wait until you see what we crossed off her bucket lis ? get simply ageless makeup from covergirl and olay. with b vitamins, and spf. it floats over lines and you look beautiful! and now there's simply ageless liquid makeup it helps you look younger in three ways. so in the future when you're older you look younger. simply ageless from olay... and easy, breezy
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frank dreamed of exploring costa rica. but with the jetblue card, he got there faster than he could learn about the wildlife. big smiles. fly faster than you think. get two times points at restaurants and grocery stores. the jetblue card. >> if there is one thing we know
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her number one fan's 65th birthday on a carnival cruise ship last year. now, she is at it again with a new series called "hoda's bucket list granted." >> most of us have a list of things we want to see and do. there are those things so big you can only dream about doing them. we pulled a few strings to help some deserving people fulfill their dreams. with the help of their family members, we pulled off a huge surprise like this one. >> my mom just in return. my mom is this funny, kind of proper grandmother but yet she has this thing with monster trucks. the only thing she has been close with is she rode in the bobcat. >> all she did was push dirt around. she loved it. >> to grant this bucket list wish and get grandma behind the
2:28 am
driver of the raminator, a five-ton heavy metal behemoth. we shipped it to the indianapolis fairgrounds, gassed her up and designed a no crash course so cheryl can let it rip without killing anyone. >> i'm going to be over here. you will be able to see me. your mom is going to be back there. >> cheryl thinks she is coming to the fairgrounds to visit the horses. >> let's go see. >> the state fairgrounds is one of the most -- cheryl doesn't want to interrupt my special report. >> they come from high and low and cheryl beerbauer, how are you? >> so all your girls got together and they told us what an amazing person you are. we have a little plan for you today. >> well, i will ask questions later. >> we do have surprises in
2:29 am
>> hey, there. >> i know you have got a lot of things on your bucket list. we don't have them all but we might have one. >> all right, mark, start her up. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> that idea is your monster truck. >> wow! >> what! whoo!
2:30 am
>> wow. ready for more. >> you are going to ride over and demolish those cars. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't worry, cheryl is riding shotgun on this one. >> start your engines. >> all right. here we go. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think i like to finish a lot more cars. >> there you go. >> grandma crushed it, literally. >> there she is. >> mr. what i learned if cheryl is that it is not just about crossing something off a list. >> you guys are amazing. >> it is about who is there beside you when you do it.
2:31 am
>> i love that. i cried. i have a little tear. >> tomorrow, i'm going to team up with a hit prime time tv show. we're going to surprise an awesome viewer. she is going to flip out. >> these are great stories. >> we have our beloved curtis with a 20-minute meal that looks so good. it involves some pork chops. >> global superstars hillsong singing one of their biggest hits. when we say big, we mean huge. >> i thought they were in israel doing this one. they are out on the sea of maybe i'm wrong. your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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it is hoda's favorite day, a combination of boozeday tuesday and spanky day. with labor day behind us, the last thing you want to do is waste time in the kitchen. >> our today's food team wants to help you get dinner on the table. here to show us how it is done, one of our favorite meals. the owne " curtis stone. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. i want to show you how to make pork chops that will blow your mind. start off with panko bread crumbs, japanese style, some
2:35 am
we always think about crumby stuff and we just put bread crumbs on to whatever it is. you can add flavor, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, some parsley and then you mix that together. >> do you always use fresh parsley? >> i love fresh parsley. you can grow it and you don't have to throw it away. put a little pot in the windowsill. chops. nice and lean. >> nice and lean and thin pork chops. spread them out with the meat there. after the flour into the egg, after the egg -- >> nothing but egg in there? >> see how i am using tongs. >> and then mt. bread crumbs. >> you don't talk to an egg. i don't think you get salmonella from that. >> you might get more information conversation than
2:36 am
be quite firm. you force that in until you get a solid crust. >> yeah, yeah. >> next, you bring this over. >> plop it in. i use a mixture of olive oil with a little butter. >> i like how he says it much better. the butter is there for flavor. the olive oil is there so it doesn't burn. >> throw a couple in there. >> we like repeating. >> i like it when people tease me. >> you go ahead. you cook it until it is golden brown. it only takes a few minutes. don't cook it on too high of heat. you want it on moderate heat. then, it looks like this. >> cook it through, though, right? you don't want pork to be undercooked? >> pork actually you can serve pink these days. >> let's serve it up. >> tomatoes, salt and pepper, a little olive oil like that. look at these beautiful end of summer cherry tomatoes.
2:37 am
>> lemon zest and lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil. tomatoes on the arugala. >> there is nothing better, is there? >> it is all mixed together. >> then, you get into the pork chops. >> come on, hoda. there is some cheese on mine. that's all right. >> a fork in mine. >> you go right in there. >> how is that? you serve the salad and the pork chops. it is so simple. >> one of the best things years. >> to get this recipe go to am i right? >> perfect. >> coming up next, a love story that will forever live. beautiful story coming up right after this. on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills.
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? >> now, to a story of faith and love between husband and wife, country duo joey and rory fake. >> when joey became pregnant, she and rory decided to take a year off to enjoy the pregnancy and the birth of their daughter, indiana. just six months later, they learned their daughter had downs syndrome and at the same time joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. the original surgery was successful but the cancer came back. at the young age of just 40, joey passed away in march. rory chronicled the family journey on his blog and then a documentary called "to joey with love." >> we are so glad to have you here with us. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty well overall, as well as i can be. >> you said you and your wife
2:42 am
or put it into words. have you been sensing, as i know i did when our family had a great loss. you never compare the two but you know the state of grace when you are in it? >> that's right. >> it passes all understanding. >> there is no way. i should be curled up in a ball. >> fetal position. instead, i am filled with joy and hope and she was. >> my fetal position would be nothing compared to what she could have felt but she didn't. she just kept living. i don't mean breathing. i mean living. >> what was she like? >> she was incredible. my blog kind of describes her better than myself. she is an extraordinary, ordinary woman. she lived life simply but the choices she made, specially today, are amazing. it is one thing to make them when you are healthy.
2:43 am
ki >> you chronicled this. i can only imagine other people watching this are going to get such hope from this. that wasn't the intention when you were originally chronicling this journey. >> we found out that joey was pregnant and decided to take a year off and just stay home. we thought we were going to simplify our lives. i was going to document that. the baby was born and we learned cancer and then it started taking a turn and the story just kept turning. i kept pushing record. as time went on, i never knew what or why i was recording. it just felt important. then, after joey passed away, i started to realize why. >> so many people joined you on your journey, didn't they? >> it went from a handful to all of the sudden now millions of people knowing that you are
2:44 am
>> everybody has their real challenges in life, don't they? >> they do. >> if what you went through as a family can be used to bring comfort to so many others, it doesn't take away the sting but it gives it purpose. >> it gives it purpose. we are all looking for some way to deal with our struggles. there are very few places to go. this is just another way. it just happens to be somebody in front of you. >> bring out the cutest baby on earth. >> you have a purpose to get up every morning. >> i, sweetheart. >> can you say hi to these ladies? can you wave hi to them. >> can you give them a smile. >> patty cake. >> can you smile? >> let me see you smile. >> yea! >> can you clap hands. >> well, she can but she won't. >> she calls the shots. she is the one in diapers. >> hi, indy, hi, indy. >> good girl. great to see you.
2:45 am
>> bye, indy. >> can you blow them a kiss? >> blow a kiss? >> she will as soon as the cameras are off. >> "to joey with love" is playing in select cities september 20th. >> hillsong to perform one of their most beautiful and inspiring songs. >> right after this.
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we're thrilled to be hosting this hugely popular band, hillsong united. >> the group, part of the global hill song church is featured in a new documentary called hill song, let hope rise, about amazing transformation from a small church outside of sydney to the international ministry it has become today.
2:50 am
we are so happy to have you. >> everybody is here. >> welcome. >> i was in israel for our show last march. you came when we were leaving and shot the video for your new single right there on the sea of galilee. >> traveled all around the place, went from there up to lebanon and spent time with refugees on the syrian border. it was amazing. >> the documentary is finally out. you alwayse premiers nationwide. we are really excited about it, the timing. >> we are going to hear oceans that you wrote together and it is 25 weeks or something on the charts. you guys, way to go. here it is. singing "oceans," hillsong
2:51 am
? you call me out upon the waters ? ? the great unknown where feet may fail ? ? and there i find you in the mystery in oceans deep ? ? my faith will stand ? name ? ? and keep my eyes above the waves ? ? when oceans rise ? ? my soul will rest in your embrace ? ? for i am yours and you are
2:52 am
? let me walk upon the water wherever you would call me ? ? take me deep where my feet may ever wanteder and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior ? ? ? is without borders ? ? let me walk upon the waves wherever you would call me ? ? take me deeper than my feet could ever wander ? ? and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior ? ? ? spirit lead me where my trust
2:53 am
? let me walk upon the waters ? ? wherever you would call me ? ? take me deeper than my feet could ever wander ? ? my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior ? ? take me deeper than my feet could ever wander ? ? my faith will be stronger in the presence of my savior ?
2:54 am
? keep my eyes above the waves ? ? my soul will rest in your embrace ? ? i am yours ? ? you are mine ? >> whoo! >> beautiful. >> the movie "hillsong, will rise, opens soon. we're giving it away in just a bit. beautiful. ? let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...?
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we're about to make five lucky viewers really happy. >> because it is time to give it away. >> this week's prize is a silver 7 five quart saute pan available only at sir la table. $379. a high performance cookware engineered to deliver perfect collection bringing the price to $454. >> that's great. >> if you cooked, it will be really excellent. >> go in and get one. who is first? here we go. our first winner is. >> who? >> first winner is debra gruff
2:59 am
>> congratulations, debra. >> i got one here. from farmington, new york, samantha mcclarney. >> eileen egzie from violin, new jersey. >> number four. crank the spanky music. >> no, don't. i hate that music. >> lisa barlow in varparaiso, indiana. >> the last one is cindy belador from california. >> congratulations to all the winners. make sure you enter again for next week's prize. go to tomorrow, the funny molly shannon is here. >> pastor t.d. jakes gives us something to talk about. >> another bucket list wish is going to be granted. >> she can't even do it. she can't. don't look, don't look. >> when your pets want something. >> this is the most outrageous show in television. >> bye.
3:00 am
>> bye. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omax3 brought to you by prevention pharmaceuticals. today on "medical discoveries," we're exposing america's fish oil scam. doctors everywhere are recommending americans take fish oils daily because over 8,000 clinical trials support what have been called miraculous health benefits. so why aren't you seeing the benefits from your store-bought fish oil? coming up, you'll discover the truth about potency, purity, and the missing-link ratio between epa and dha that researchers affiliated with yale university have discovered, which is the key to unlocking all of the health benefits of omega-3 fish oil. you'll also be introduced to a specific formula called omax3 ultra-pure, used by pro athletes and top doctors to achieve amazing results in just one week. join nutrition physician dr. melina jampolis and neurosurgeon dr. joseph maroon as they lead our discussion. it's all right here on "medical discoveries." >> welcome to "medical discoveries."


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