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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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snap chat concerns at a local high school with parents on alert after a fake account is created. and some inappropriate photos get shared. a murder case back in court. a man charged with killing his daughter facing a judge today. and a portrait mystery. up in lowell decades after its created the search for the good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. it's 9:00 a.m. i'm sarah french. >> i'm christa delcamp. it sounds like eventually we gel some sun in the mean time just bring along your umbrella in case. el know nancy chin got caught in one of the downpours >> she did. and she got soaked. she told me all about it when she came in the weather office and said that's my contribution to the weather forecast. dodging a couple of brief downpours this morning. upper 60s lower 70s.
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the showers to work with. although any downpour that's been out there has been brief. you just kind of unlucky to get caught one if running from the car to office. taking a look at radar. kind of quiet north of boston. we have some spot spotty showers southwest of the city down toward kanlton over to dedham. it will slide through hyde park into boston. couple of showers continue to back in to the north and the west. eventually through walsahm and lexington as well. we havepo out this morning. that's the case this afternoon even some breaks in the overcast once in a while. anytime you get a few peeks of sun temperatures will up into the upper 70s to near 80. spot shower around tomorrow morning. but a warm and muggy afternoon in back in the low-to-mid 80s pushing 90 by friday. that weekend forecast, coming up. time now for fast track traffic. here's danielle gersh. good morning, everyone. certainly not problem free on the roads this morning. here's the zakim bridge still dealing with back up from an accident. let's go to the map.
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southbound at boston road. that's causing delays southbound and northbound. and then this accident this is 93 southbound at route 133 there. 93 southbound at the zakim bridge that's the one causing the delays you saw. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway half an hour. also slow around the braintree split on route 3, 24 and 95 heading up to 128. let's check the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. 26 minutes. and then 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. your longest drive this morning at 36 minutes. back to you guys. breaking overnight. a man is dead hit by a commuter rail train in brighton. it happened after midnight on the worcester line track not far from boston university. transit police are investigating but they say foul play is not suspected. now to snap chat warning and it's going on at westin high school.
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parents are worried who is behind the scandal. the principal is stepping in and sending a message. victoria warren is live now with the latest. >> good morning sarah. this school's superintendent asked the police department to look into this matter. the superintendent tells us that he believes somebody created a fake snap chat account and then he was told some students were sending in inappropriate og and students at westin high school. i think once something goes out there you can't get it back. i think we always remind them. you know, not to put anything out there you don't want everyone to see. the superintendent said he was told someone created a fake snap chat account and some sophomore boys may have sent it inappropriate pictures of themselves. we don't know whether or not it's from a student or could be from somebody outside. no, idea.
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other end. who creates the fake accounts? i'm very shocked, i guess. and no one knows really who it is yet. >> this girls a sophomore and at assembly and a westin police officer about the danger of sharing things on social media. the school asked police to investigate. but officers say they are limited. because so far no victims have been come forward and they haven'ten seen the compromising photos. still the superintendent said this can be used as a lesson. be mindful what you are being asked to give out there. you don't know who is on the other end of a computer. the westin police department said because the information they received is so limited. they want to hear from anyone with information about the account or these photographs. live this morning in westin. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." a lawrence firefighter triggering trouble. police say he was drunk when he opened fire and shot himself in the leg.
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with the details. john? >> this all happened after midnight tuesday. with the firefighter and his dog taken away with gunshot wounds. >> one of lawrence's bravest arrested by lawrence's finest. early tuesday morning officers were called to home of 39-year-old firefighter and told he was drunk and armed. when officers arrived at the home they heard gunshot and say a large dog ran outside ands acting aggressive. according to police theyt hitting it once. the firefighter upset about his dog being shot came to door and surrendered with the gunshot wound to his leg. police believe he shot himself. police say they went into the firefighter's home and found several guns. he does have a license cocarry but police say that is since been revoked. the firefighter was taken to lawrence general hospital where he was arained. in the mean time his dogs treated and is expected to be okay.
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held without bail. he'll a dangerousous hearing on friday. john cocoa, 7news "today in new england." happening today the new bedford man accused of killing his own 19-year-old daughter will be facing a judge back here in massachusetts. state troopers transported 45-year-old walter devilva from connecticut back to massachusetts tuesday. u.s. marshals arrested him in bridgeport, connecticut last month. investigators say desilva shot his daughter several in july. she was killed while carrying groceries near her home. >> boston police officials and the union are headed back to court today. continuing this hearing on body cameras. the union has filed an injunction to delay the body camera program. after the police commissioner william evans ordered 100 officers to wear them. the commissioner made that decision after no officers volunteered to do so. really, really important to
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we know we will have cameras on. all i look for was an agreement. the judge says that he expects to make a ruling by friday. and the race for the white house the first of its kind commander-in-chief forum airs live on nbc. hillary clinton and donald trump will be answering questions about national security and v veterans. both hillary clinton and trump have spoke about these issues. this forum come as trump surges ahead in a new poll. >> reporter: a coin toss determined donald trump gets the win. 88 general and and admirals endorsed trump.
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both romney and mccain were. they had between 300 and 500. aim doing better than any democrat, he's doing worse than recent republicans. >> but democrats are were yid. clinton's 6 points ahead in mbc poll somas last week. 2 points mind in cnns. >> worried democrats would see like hillary clinton at their every day selling herself to american people. before another military audience trump switch tic several time asked about syria's leader. he shifted to nuclear. double up sanctions. you could have negotiated the deal. >> each side disparaging the other. >> she can be president. she doesn't remember anything. >> he has no clue about what he's talking about. as the race tightens. clinton is still dealing with her e-mail investigation. they want the attorney general to look into whether the staff obstructed justice by deleting
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asked to save them. in the control room, nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." thank you. a hometown hero in the mean time slapping drum drum donald trump. david ortiz talking about what trump said in hispanics. while he doesn't know a lot about politics trump's comments about building a wall and that mexicans are rapist did not sit well with him. so he went on to say quote when you speak like tt i walk around and see mexican people trying to earn a living in honest way to hear someone make those kinds of comments. it hits you. i think as latin people we deserve better. >> 7news now turning to ground breaking news policy at a school in hollowoak. teacher at kelly won't be giving out homework this year. >> sounds like a dream come true. there's a catch. they are announce it will not
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they are try thing out because the principal said that she doesn't want students to be tired. she wants kids to focus on spending time with family. and getting a good night's rest. however, there will be two extra hours of school each day. in order to make up for the lack of homework. i think a lot of parent would applaud that. obviously because the work hours that you have as a working parent don't align with school hours. you know letting out at 3:00 a stay later. get your homework and we can have family quality time. instead of racing to get the homework done. >> much more ahead on "today in new england." coming next the downdown is over. apple making big reveal. what experts think the tech giant will unveil. what is coming up on president obama's agenda. . tropical tomorrow newton surges
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>> cool and showerery weather. we'll turn on the sunshine and we'll turn on the sunshine and the heat to end narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools.
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>> people in arizona are bracing for some wild weather. they are getting ready for what's left of tropical storm newton. trucks are delivering fan bags and helping people prepare for california tuesday morning. it's a category 1 hurricane. it's since been downgraded and swept on to the gulf of california today. and newton also slammed into the twin resorts of los cabos. heavy rain brought town palm trees. tourist were stuck in their hotel rooms. . wild rescue up the coast alternate block island in the
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another boat came to rescue helping those people escape. so scary to watch that video. i have to ask kris, what we are seeing the cloudiness and the rain this morning. is that still from hermine. >> it's the remnant of it. national hurricane service no longer issuing advisory. but it's the same system. 68 in boston right now. uppe board. the cape and island you had the worst weather a few days ago. having the best weather now with sunshine and a breeze coming in out of the east-southeast. 67 the dewpoint in boston. 70 in the vineyard. humidity returned as well. we continue to see high humidity over the next couple of day. there's the east and southeaster i will wind across the cape and islands. north and northeast in the city of boston. boston north and west what we see down through the cape and
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convergence of southeast wind meeting up where we fired off a couple of showers and the steering wind push them off to the north and to the west. couple of showers spotty around boston right now. over to hull back into the dedham area. this is lifting to north and west. you get a brief downpour to come through into needham. that will work its way up close to mass pike and natick. other than that we deal with spotty showers across the area. it will not rain the whole day. keep the we watch the same storm system spinning its wheels to south of us. still rough seas to the south of us as well. producing high surf advisory for southern rhode island. southern bristol county in the island. seas 4 to 6 feet. 3 to 5 at the shoreline. 2-4 off the coast of massachusetts. that's where we moderate risk of rip currents with the rip current risk is high on the vineyard, nantucket and to rhode
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low-level moisture. more clouds around overnight tonight after few breaks of sun during the afternoon today. spotty showers with clouds around tomorrow morning and then you start to break the pattern down in transition into more warmth and some more sunshine by mid-to-late afternoon on thursday. we're talking about the warmth to end the week. for more on that forecast over to daniel. the humidity is back too. this afternoon those dewpoints going to stay in the upper 60s and we'll crank up the humidity even more heading into to 70. i think some will see those 70-degree dew points. it i will stay with us friday. lowering saturday. next two day a little bit humid. as we head into friday back to those 90s. and that would be our 21st 90-degree day this year. on average we do only see about 14 of those.
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record. and now september actually off to cooler start all those blue boxes are days where high temperatures were below average. our average temperature for the month so far 1 degree below where we should be. again the heat is returning and for more on your forecast, kris back to all you. >> dry weather returning tomorrow as well. i don't expect a ton of rain in the forecast. could be spot thunderstorm thursday night and sunday morning. day. spotty showers. mid 70s to near 80. a lot of low half level moisture in place. mid-60s on the board. the forecast for tomorrow. a lot of clouds around in the morning with spot shower or two. some sun mid-to-late afternoon. that's when the temperatures will spike up into the 80s. taking a look at the pottllen count. dry weather revitalizing itself as well as the heat. pushing 90 friday.
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expecting a lot of dry hours. coolest with onshore breeze saturday. best chance of scattered showers and storm sunday morning. a fox fight now coming to an end. anchor grechen carlson settling her lawsuit against former fox news roger ails. and just hours after that another shake up at the cable giant. another anchor stepping away saying fox news didn't feel like home. 7's nancy chin live in the newsroom with the late. a this is just the beginning and to expect more. high profile departures as fox news tries to rebuild. >> a major settlement for grechen carlson the former fox news anchor who sued former ceo roger ails walks away with 20 million and an apology. 24 century fox releasing a statement saying we sincerely regret and apologize for the fax that grechen wasn't treated with the respect and dignity that she
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>> you will pay her $20 million. and they forced tout long-time head of fox news roger ales. for her this is her win win. she got the money and the apology and the man who harassed her. they backtracked after an investigation found other women who said they too were harassed. >> some of the other women had taped conversations with roger ales. conversations. the 20 million settlement is one of the largest ever. ails didn't have to pay a time. he received 40 million dollars to go away. also there was a high profile departure. fox has not felt like home to me for a few years. >> along carlson's case two other sexual her kassment cases against fox news have been settled. 7news "today in new england."
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pursuit ends with a suspect killed. and the whole thing was on live tv. a 7-hour stand off finally coming to an end. the weapon police say that a swansy man was armed with when they finally took him down. follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx. new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils,
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arizona start with the driver taking off and ends with police pulling the trigger. and viewer at home watch the entire thing unfold live on tv. it's a police pursuit that lasted 45 minutes. >> after a bank robbery in arizona. they did a may needer on him here. the police did the pittsburgh maneuver. officer chasing the vehicle block it in. jumping from unmarked cars. >> shots are fired. shs vehicle -- >> this all unfolding in phoenix area. a bank robbery. it was broadcast on life tv. he all right shot at police officers. he's in danger of the public for half an hour now as he's driven throughout the city recklessly. two other suspect were arrested close to where the chase started. no one else was hurt. >> shots are fired. it's still known exactly how many shots police fired. we know that he intended to
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>> and right now the fbi is still investigating that shooting. >> still ahead car taking a plunge into the cape cod canal. and police say the driver did it on purpose. then at 9:30 the governor of maine spray painted on a wall
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>> lowell police are looking for help identifying the man you see in this portrait. found in studio. photographer george porrier on univesity avenue. the man you see here is a former lieutenant for the police
9:27 am
actually paid for back in 1964. but no one ever picked it up. the police hope to find the man's family and then give them the portrait. an unwelcome guest paying a visit to governor charlie baker's office, a mouses spotted behind his desk. one of the governors sprang into action catching the mouse and setting it free outside. >> i always feel like mice on the move in the f >> i saw a huge one maybe its more like a rat walking outside the studio. >> like a second pelt here in boston. >> dunkin' doughnutss with a sweet tributes to david ortiz. they are offering a big poppy doughnut. dunkin' donuts also now selling commemorative plastic drink to
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there was no 34. i think they forget. they were sitting in there. all white frosting. no 34. probably tasted the same, though. it's still good. i'm sure it was good. 9:28. we will have your forecast obviously. we'll have more on the memory of a police officer from baton rouge. his wife just finding out she's expecting. >> some spotty showers this afternoon. we build the heat to end the week. close to 90 degrees. the ca e life. new dannon oikos nonfat yogurt drink fits right in it. with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. just what you need to help keep you going. new oikos yogurt drink.
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9:30 am mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. driver slams on the gas crashing into cape cod canal. we hear from a witness who saw it all happen. a chilling confession 27 years after the fact. a man admitting to abducting and killing an 11-year-old boy. and time for apple upgrade the company is rolling out their latest gadgets today. the products that could be
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. >> welcome wobble on this wednesday morning everybody. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. cris lambert has more on your forecast. things will get a little bit better. >> we'll eventually see breaks of sun. if you look forward to warmth returning. we'll find that to end the week. good morning, everyone. 68 in boston. gorgeous start down across the cape and island. a little bit of a breeze but you've seen the most sunshine out of all of us today. 68 the dewpoint. it's muggy outside. and you get off the cape and island away from including boston up through the north shore enough to slow you down on morning commute as we had wet roads. not overwhelming in term of the amount of rain working in. remnant of rhermine still spinning its wheel. even tomorrow more left over showers and cloud. we'll see improvement as we work into the afternoon and really warming up ument pressing 90 by friday. more on the weekend forecast, ahead as well.
9:32 am
media scandal rocking westin high school. someone with a fake account may be sending inappropriate photo. parents are worried and school administrators are stepping in with a message for everyone. vicki? >> they met with students warning them about the dangers of posting things on the internet. the superintendent also asked the westin police department to look into this. saying he believe this somebody set up a fake snapt account inappropriate pictures. >> internet concerns for parents and students at westin high school. >> i think once something goes out there. you can't get it back. we're always reminding them. not to put anything out there you don't want everyone to see. >> the superintendent said he was told someone created a fake snap chat account and some boys may have sent it inappropriate pictures of themselves.
9:33 am
from somebody outside. no idea. that's the danger in all of this. you don't know who is on the other end. who creates the accounts. i'm very shocked, i guess. and no one knows who it is yet. this girl is sophomore and at an assembly with other sophomores and a westin police officer about the dangers of sharing things on social media. the school asked police to investigate but officers say they are limited because so far no victims have come forward and they haven't seen the compromising photo. still the superintendent said this can be used as an important lesson. be mindful of what you are asked to give out there. you don't know who is on the other end of the computer. police officers say because they are so limited and the information they've been given they want to hear from anyone who has any information on this account. or any pictures. live this morning in westin. victoria warren.
9:34 am
a lawrence firefighter facing charge after shooting a gun inside his home. police say the 39-year-old was drunk early tuesday morning when he opened fire hitting himself in the leg. officers say they had to shot the man's dog after it charged at them. the firefighter has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. itt technical institute shuts down in response to federal investigation. the for-profit college closed tuesday after dedication enrolling new students who use federal aid. it's also been ordered to pay the federal reserve $152 million to cover student refunds. the massachusetts commissioner of higher education is not pleased with the decision. he released a statement that reads in part itt technical institutes violated massachusetts state regulations when it abruptly closed its doors today on more than 500 students who are expecting to continue classes at its
9:35 am
figure out why a man purposefully drove his car into the cape cod canal. witnesses he was on observation deck and that's when he saw the car. >> he said the driver drove through the deck and the power lines over a bike path then dropped about 40 feet into the water. then the driver resurfaced. and swam to shore. witnesses say before the plunge the driver was acting strangely. >> he paced back and didn't say anything to us. looking around. got back in his car. adjusted mirror. physically came to edge. noticed there was no more road. pulled back and then full speed. emergency personal say the driver suffered just minor injuries. quite a site out of connecticut as well when driver there slams into a building and then makes quite the escape. this is video of the scene afterwards. but police say the driver lost control and went airborne so the
9:36 am
investigators say the suspect jumped out of the car. made a run for it. police believe they know who the driver is and they are working on a warrant for his arrest. police sech for group of teen involved in pricey heist at apple retail store in hingham. investigators say 8 to 10 suspect stormed into the store sunday night and stole 22 phones. police say some of the thieves then drove off in a car. authorities believe the teens are a part of a crime ring and anything with information are asked to contact hingham police. >> graffiti of paul la paige is creating controversy. depicts him as a member of the kk complete with white hood and robe. the governor has been under fire after leaving a profanity laced voice mail for democratic lawmakerer who the governor initially believed had called him racist. the graffiti has since been covered up. police say a swansee man surrendered peacefully following
9:37 am
seeck. accounting to investigator he had a knife and kept a women in the hotel room for several hours. she's not hurt. he is facing numerous charges including kidnapping, assault with dangerous weapon and failure to register as a sex offender. >> president obama in louse. the first time a u.s. has visited the facility. presidentma $90 million to help rid the country of any unexploded bomb to prevent more people from getting injured. these bombs have taken the lives of familiarer, traders gathering scrap medal. children playing outside that thought the small medal balls could be turn into a toy. an estimated 80 million unexploded bombs remain spread throughout that country. a trial date set for sexual
9:38 am
prosecutors have 13 women willing to testify that they were assaulted by the comedian. the defense is expected to oppose that testimony. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a women in 2004. he denies the allegations. the trial will begin in june of next year. officials will be digging for clues in a search for a young women who has been missing for more than two decades. they plan to else ka aggravate a small portion of california polly technique stateve remains. smart was last seen while returning to her dorm after a party back in 1996. investigators say they plan to complete project by friday. >> family of minnesota boy went missing 27 years ago finally years later has some answers. a man has now come forward confessing to both sexually assaulting and murdering this 11-year-old. back in 1989. let's go back to nancy chin with
9:39 am
original i will a person of interest in the case buts never charged. danny confessed to the sexual assault and murder of jacob who was just 11 years old at the time police recently arrested the 53-year-old on child pornography charge. they told the judge in detail about how he kidnapped and abused jacob during a very emotional day in court. after almost 27 ye and we had to grab the moment. >> jacob i'm so sorry. it's incredibly painful to know his last days. he said when he heard police sirens that's when he shot the 11-year-old. now as part of hits deal with police he said where he buried n body in exchange for not going to jail for murder. 7news "today in new england."
9:40 am
south carolina while a little boy was sleeping inside. the #-year-old boy's mother went inside to pay for gas and just over a minute later that man took off the with car. at about an hour later the car was found with the child inside. some people forced the door open and say the little boys dazed but doing okay. he was real sweaty and hot. i shook him a couple of time. he wouldn't wake up. i shook him harder and he finallke i was in shock. all you could keep thinking about. i'm praying please let me baby be okay. police are still looking for this suspects. also happening today apple is expected to unveil it's newest iphone. nay are set to role out products daughtering an event planned in san francisco. some expert suggest that apple may get ready of the headphone jack and iphone as part of effort to embrace wireless head
9:41 am
expected to be revealed as well. apple's event has many people trading in their current iphones shchlt web site claims there's a huge surge the in the number trading in their phone and i phone six could be valued between $300 and 400. i just want more space for more data. that's all i want right now. i'm out of space. >> it's uphill battle. >> still ahead on "today in new england." a tennis fan at the u.s her incredible catch all caught on camera. right there. taking a look at the forecast for us. we'll grab more summer weather to end the week.
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[ clock ticking ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around.
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a fan makes a great cash in the stand of the u.s. open. a young girl makes a one-handed grab after caroline an autographed ball into the crowd. she made it look easy. you can see the girl was very excited to catch that souvenir ball. what, i can't believe it? >> i love her reaction. almost like yeah, i know i'm bad. i'm pretty good at this. >> sign her up. the sox need extra out fielder. we'll get out there in left
9:45 am
we're still dealing with the sunsets past 7:00 p.m. you look at the trend coming in here. we may be able to hold off the fall-like feel to the air over the next several days. you can't hold back the diminishing daylight. we'll lose about 80 minutes over it the next month. just the messengerer. just saying. we all know it's there. 68 in boston. 76 in plymouth. we've seen more of east to southeaster i will wind. so far it's warmer today. that includes from cape and island. dew point in beverly now at 71 as well. here we go with east to southeast wind. down to southern eastern ms. we felt closer to skalth. we've also had a lot of low-level moisture in place. it's a patches of fog and visibility in norwood. some locally dense fog at the ain't. do have a couple of spot showers moving through cape ann also
9:46 am
ann over boston harbor as well. then a couple of light showers over to wrentham. not a lot of rain. every once in a while spotty showers pinwheeling from the remains of hermine. the wind gust today close to 20 miles per hour. we are not talking about overpowering wind. even when that center of circulation get closer to necessarily fe for tomorrow. we're still talking about generally lighter winds but gust maybe 20 to 25 miles an hour. good riddance. finally getting thisng that's when the warm air builds in. tomorrow i do expect a spot shower and lot of clouds around in the morning. we'll transition into parliamently sunny sky mid-to-late afternoon. then all systems go on friday. west to northwesterly mind a cold front. we talk about 90-degree weather. we get more sunshine in place and the humidity goes down. it's easy for this air mass to warm up. i think we will be pushing 90 by time we get into friday.
9:47 am
little bit of everything in the weather department. for today the humidity is back and tomorrow it will actually those dewpoint goes to get closer to the 70s. it's going to feel muggy for the next couple daf. we'll turn down the humidity a little bit into friday. saturday we get closer to comfortable category. but it will feel sticky out there for the next couple of day. and we will crank up the heat as kris was saying. and if we do that. that would be our 21st 90-degree day. we've had 20. on average we see about 14. it's definitely been a warm one. we started off september with mostly temperatures below average. and our average temperature just under 68 degrees. that is one-degree below where we should be. but now we're going to bring the heat back and make it feel more like summer. for the rest of the forecast, kris, back to you. several orange square over the
9:48 am
of next week. 76 to 82 this afternoon. the 82 where you get more breaks of sun through southeastern mass. spotty showers around. clouds and partial sunshine at time. peeking through this afternoon. especially where the wind has changed direction to east. southeast. patchy fog and drizzle. mild and muggy. 64 to 68. forecast for tomorrow close to 80. mid 80s inland. i expect some sun by mid-to-late afternoon after the crowds in the morning and spot showers in the morning. pollen count low side the l couple of day. we've had going for us. they will get back to moderate to high side. will we see rain over the weekend. best chance for scattered showers and storms sunday morning. coming in. could have a few overnight on saturday. saturday during the day is dry. coolest at the coastline on saturday. hottest day of the 7-day forecast forecast will be the nienlt friday. >> patriots defensive back malcolm butler prepares for season opener but he's taking time to try to help some
9:49 am
player last night at the at&t flagship store in boston. he spoke with them for about an hour. and then went on to meet with some orfans. the quarterback then had the chance to test out system designed to show the danger us of texting and driving. up next a country star belting out some tunes with her daughter faith hill getting in on some carpool karaoke on the road.
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9:52 am
>> it's so cute. this 3-year-old finley gerald. she's the daughter of fallen baton rouge police officer matthew gerald. >> every day i look in child's face and constant reminder of my husband. now it will be times two. that's because officer gerald's wife is pregnant once again. i just wanted to let the world now about hour gift. that mat the left behind. one week after her husband was killed in a police july, her two daughters somehow knew. starting with 9-year-old doslin while her mom was trying to find clothes to wear to the husband's funeral. >> she said mommy i don't know why you complaint. because you're pregnant. i was like don't say that kind of stuff. a few days later when bathing finley she told me the same thing. however this time she told me that jesus told her there was a
9:53 am
week later and admits she's excited but scared. >> because i had suspected i had bought a home pregnancy test. and i had brought it with me. well i took it. within a second of that being done the test rest positive. i wanted to cry. but at the same time it's exciting. but then just the flood of knowing all of the first that he would many miss with that one. >> that baby >> that gives me chills. that they knew before their mom new. >> wouldn't it be interesting. it would be interesting if it turns out to be a boy. tatem hanging out with a an olympic star. and why he was so nervous to meet simone biles. >> a look at the 7-day forecast, ahead.
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quilted northern works so well, people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy sees all, and forgets nothing. he always knew he was destined for a life of service, he wasn't made to do anything else. he just didn't realize how unrelenting it would actually be. what's worse, he thinks, that my arms can never relax and my eyes can never look away.
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in the buzz zack not the only one blushing or simone biles. they appeared together on the ellen show. a lot of other folks there too. he said he got nervous because he was so excited to meet biles and he loved being able to wear her gold medals as well. that's an extra perk. >> taylor swift and tom hiddelston calling it quits. the pop star actor started a public relationship about three months ago. when they were photographed on a beach in rhode island. the split was reportedly cordial. ? ? ? ? ? and it looks like swift played a role in road trip for faith hill and her daughter. the two singing along to bad
9:57 am
instagram. did you ever go on a road trip with your mom. i went with my parents. my dad liked getting rv's and trying to fix them up. we have some nice stories. grizwold. cause cousin eddie showing up. >> if you hit the road wet at times. slowing down themu we break out of the pattern by friday. temps close to 90 over the weekend. warm into the 80s. best chance of rain over the weekend would come with the front with scattered showers and storms on sunday morning. guys? >> enjoy the rest of your morning. thanks for spending time with us. i'm christa delcamp. >> i'm sarah french. have a great morning. hopefully we'll see you back
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? this morning on "today's take," little monsters rejoice and lady gaga dropping a new tune. james cameron, director of the world's highest grossing movie. and a pumpkin milk shake. all that and more, coming up now. from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. september 7th, 2016. want to say thank you to both of you, checking in on me this morning. i took my daughter to school yesterday, boarding school.


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