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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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wanted to start the program at the beginning of the summer but clearly that hasn't happened. >> i'm hoping the judge rules in our favor. we've delayed this enough and i've made a commitment to the community to be as transparent is as possible. >> reporter: strong words from boston commissioner evans moments after the two-day hearing about officers wearing body cameras comes to an end. the commissioner, the city and some community groups want officers to be hitting record while streets. but the union feels differently. >> once a person is ordered to put on a camera and walk out on to the street, irreparable harm has been done. >> reporter: the boston police parole man's association wants to delay the program saying officers could be in danger. union boss patrick rhodes says more work needs to be done. >> this has nothing to do with body cameras. this is simply about bargaining. >> reporter: the commissioner says the units has been dragging its feet for months, initially the program was supposed to begin a week ago but since there
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to a six-month test run. but that program was stopped and evans say enough is enough. >> clearly there was postings around the stations, not to volunteer, then you're going to be ostracized if you wear them. again, i got a great department. it's lousy to see this in-fighting. >> a judge is expected to rule by friday at noon. and if he rules in the city's favor, officers will be suiting up first thing monday morning. o' boston this evening, keli amherst police arrest a man accused of an alarming assault on a u-mass student. the student was off campus when 18-year-old samuel textador who was posing as an uber driver offered to drive her to campus saturday morning when he allegedly assaulted her. she was able to escape. and two people are hurt after a crash on 495 north. you can see the car is flippedded over on the side of the highway. it happened near exit 23 in marlborough. two lanes were closed while the crash was cleared.
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three people are dead after two small planes crash in georgia. officials say it happened when both pilots tried to land at west georgia regional airport. two men and a woman were killed. investigators say it looked like the planes crashed into each other in midair. >> a fight playing out on capitol hill after the zika bill failed to pass last night. >> it is not good enough to work on a compromise for months and months and months with no solution. the time for over. the politics of zika are garbage right now. >> reporter: both parties are accusing the other of playing politics with women's health. the more than billion dollar funding bill failed to pass the senate with a 52 to 46 vote. democrats blocked the bill as the republicans tried to block planned parenthood from receiving money to fight the virus. tongue-twister there, sorry. >> that's all right. the obama administration once again on the defense saying it
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billion to settle a decades-old dispute. the obama administration says the money was for a failed armed deal. but critics insist the president was paying ransom for four americans who were released at the same time as the deal. those critics say the cash could end up in the hands of iranian back terrorists. the white house says it revealed the payments back in august. julian asausage wanted for questioning. ecuador is staying at the embassy in he's been holed up for four years now, facing racial allegations stemming from his visit in sweden back in 2010 and asausage denies those accusations. a new york fire department is honoring those who died from 9/11-related illnesses. 17 members had their names added to a world trade center memorial wall today. loved ones placed flowers and bronze plaques as each of the victim's names were read. caught on camera, a high-speed chase with police in
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officers forced to fire, bringing the chase to a deadly end. people watching at home left stunnedded as they saw it all unfolded on live tv. christa delcamp has much more. >> reporter: it's a police pursuit that lasted 45 minutes. 99-ality! >> reporter: after a bank robbery in arizona. >> they just did a maneuver on him here. there we go. police did the pit maneuver. >> reporter: officers who were chasing the vehicle block it in, jumping from unmark the cars. >> shots are fired. shots are fired. in the phoenix area. >> breaking news this noon of a bank robbery. >> reporter: broadcast on live tv and on the web. >> he already shot at police officers. he's endangered the public for half an hour now as he's driven throughout the city recklessly. >> reporter: police say the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. two other suspects were arrested close to where the chase started but no one else was hurt. >> shots are fired. >> reporter: it's still unknown exactly how many shots police fired. >> we know that he intended to
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>> right now the fbi is investigating that shooting. in the newsroom, i'm christa delcamp, 7news. and now checking news across the country. pittsburgh firefighters jump into action putting out a blaze on a bridge. officials say one of the liberty bridge's beams caught fire. crews rushed to the rescue risking their lives to work under the bridge to put out those flames. authorities say the bridge could have collapsed in minutes if that fire had not been put out. a police chase in california ends in a firey after the driver was speeding through los angeles blowing through signs and lights. it ended when the car ran straight into a light pole. the car started smoke. the driver jumped out before the front of the car completely went up in flames. a 12-year-old boy in south florida comes face to face with an uninvited guest while he was home alone. a burglar broke in through a window, not realizing the boy was inside. even though the manning has been caught, the boy and his mother
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>> you feel violated. >> reporter: caught on camera, a heavy-set man in a long white t-shirt and baggie shorts using a kitchen wind to break into a home on july 26th. >> this is obviously every parent's nightmare. >> reporter: that's because a 12-year-old was home as their burglar snatched a laptop and much more, jewelry, computer equipment, even passports. the boy's mother, who's too afraid to show her face, still in shock. >> it's hard. son was in his bedroom watching television when he heard a knock at the front door. he didn't answer because house rules are don't answer the door when no one else is home. but then he heard a noise in his backyard. >> he heard an alarm because the kitchen window open. and then if you see the video, you can see him in the back.
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prooment that he hid. and he told him stay there. >> reporter: the boy stayed in this bathroom and dialed 911 when he felt it was safe. luckily he was not harmed. >> you know, it shouldn't be that way, i'm aplayed in my own house. >> 7news. a shocking sight in washington. one donald trump supporter so fed up with thieves taking his political signs that he's now fighting back, settle up a trap of sorts of on his display sarah french has the full story. >> reporter: seven times over the last few months, someone has stolen drurch's signs off of ray gillbride's property. his security system has captured it, so decided to get creative. >> then what we do is run copper wire all the way around the outside. >> reporter: he wire an electric fence unit, enough to deliver a zap to anyone who tries stealing the sign. like this woman who grabbed his sign in the middle of the night. >> it's my property. it's over 3 feet off the sidewalk. it's right here.
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have to be taking care of it now. >> police say as long as gillblythe pride isn't hurting anyone he has the right to protect his property. in the newsroom, i'm sarah french, 7news. a show of support for 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick sales for his jersey are now soaring. it's the number one selling jersey across the entire nfl. he sparked controversy when he refused to stand during the national anthem as a peaceful protest against racial injustice. the quarterback promised to donate the those sales back to community organizations. and nfl commissioner roger goodell breaking his silence on kaepernick's protest saying he doesn't agree with it. goodell tells the associated press he respects kaepernick's right to protest but added that he, quote, believes very strongly in patriotism and the nfl. the paralympic flame arriving in rio today. the torch lighting commemorates the start of the 2016 paralympic games in brazil. the calderon was lit outside about sale's museum of tomorrow,
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the games officially start tomorrow. and still ahead here at 5:30, a gator's dangerous game on the playground. trappers rush in when the parents find the gator chasing after their kids. and a hingham palm swallowed by flames. firefighters trying to stop the fire from spreading. and a bu freshman hoilt and
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now finally caught. the 5 foot gator somehow made its way into a popular playground. >> and once there, it played a dangerous game of tag. as frightened as parents as they all watched. >> reporter: bring da mike describes the horrifying sight she witnessed in her neighborhood park. >> we seen the gator coming out at the two kids. >> mike called the count sheriff's office. >> i took a barbecue sauce cup sd threw it. kids? deputy hickman responded and said the 4 to 5 foot gator was back in the water by the time he arrived inside they're curious when they're around that size. >> we kept the gator in the water and the kids away from the gator because they were curious. >> reporter: hickman says he helped the trapper tape the gator's mouth shut and the trapper took the animal to a
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gate letter be fine and none was hurt -- no one was hurt. >> officers say the a gater is a juvenile itself and it will be safer on the farm. coming up, a photo puzzle saw. social media helping catch down the people in this breathtaking photo. >> and our weather turns hot by the end of the week. forecast up next. >> and at 6:00, jimmy garoppolo steps up to the mic before stepping on the field as the starting quarterback. and why a local school is sends kids home without . afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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rolling registration starts september 12th for the 2017 boston marathon. it will be held on april 17th, 2017. runners have until september 17th to sign up. hopefully we can get a custom forecast for that date next spring already from our chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> yeah, i think he could maybe do that. >> how about bree, she ran it. >> there you go. i could run it and finish it if i started right now. >> that's one thing, though, the marathon -- i'm a competitive person but that's not so for those that do that, totally impressed. very proud of you and again if could i get through a 5k without dying, then that's a victory. warm and humid. this is the kind of weather of though that is tough to get your morning runs in because, you know, i've been waiting for the fall to kick in and get back into running again. but, you know, when the dewpoint's in the 70s and the temps are in the 80s and 90s, i'm like, nope, gonna
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moon of i are training for your 5ks and continue ks and half marathons. this is hermine kinds of sitting and spinning south of new england. there have been a couple of random showers in providence and rhode island and continue to actually head west. you don't he see this every day on the doppler radar when you retract showers moving east to the west. this will be our neck weather system here which is shown as a cool front. but it's anything but cool weather headed this way. for tonight, a lot of clouds,
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tomorrow we start with clouds. it'll be humid all day long. again your morning routine tomorrow, good enough for a morning run, it'll be like this morning, temps in the 60s. i don't think there will be much in the wait of rainfall. could be a couple of pockets early tomorrow morning and developing sunshine. temps between 78 and 84. the city around 78 tomorrow afternoon. attleboro 83 north of town. manchester and raymond new hampshire in the lower 80s. the seacoast in the upper 70s. wote barry 82 and out on the cape and islands, mashpee at 79 and edgar town at 80 degrees. you get out of new england and it turns hot. temperatures close to the low 90s once again. in detroit, there's a shower and storm moving through there. that's why the number is knocked back around 74. overall the heat is headed east. friday, again, early morning clouds, otherwise, partly to mostly sunny skies. breezy on friday with temps on friday the low 90s. tomorrow again upper 70s to around 80 at the coastline.
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westerly breeze which will hold off the sea breeze. i think boston around 91. worcester 89. bedford at 91, and nantucket at 79. 7 on 7 forecast for the weekend. a lot of clouds on saturday. and i do think there actually could be a couple of isolated showers saturday morning. temps on saturday near 80. and sunday similar where we have morning clouds and the threat of an isolated shower on sunday morning. but each morning i'm talking isolated, not widespread, long lasting or significant. see you at 6:00. >> lowell police are looking for help identifying a shown in a portrait. this is it, found in the studio of photographer george porio on university ave. the man is a former lieutenant for the lowell ploipt. they say the portrait was paid for but never picked up back in 1964. they hope to find his family and reunite them with the painting. >> a wedding picture mystery is solved.
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couple in this photograph. a tourist took that breathtaking photo last week with the newlyweds, standing there on top of the cliff. it's beautiful. he posted to social media to track them down and soon they came forward. the couple are actors from australia, but they say this is no act. this was their actual wedding day. speaking of australia, a beachgoer there stumbles on a dinosaur footprint. she says she was collecting seashells when indentation in the sand and it turned out to be massive preserved footprints. the 180 million-year-old tracks were probably made by a medium sized carnivore. those sounds definitely out of this world, right. the strange noise you just heard is from jupiter. nasa's juno spacecraft recently sent back images and sounds from the plant net. nasa says the sound from a
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actually never recorded. pretty cool. and good evening, everybody. i'm kim khazei with a look at some of what we're working on for 7news at 6:00 tonight. we are following breaking news about this deadly crash that happened at the pizza shop in newton. the district attorney there announcing charges against the driver. six months after the crash. plus, the countdown is on for the patriots season opener, and you'll hear what jimmy garoppolo has to say about the game. and a local school says no homework for the entire controversial decision, talk more about that, have those stories and more.
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there's another 30 minutes of 7news straight ahead, everyone, here in the middle of the week. thank you for joining >> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. the drier involved in a deadly crash in a pizza shop in newton is facing charges. plus, tragedy for the boston university campus. a student killed by a train. >> we hold on to the clouds tonight and then we're back into the sunshine for tomorrow. >> plus... >> there's no direct correlation that homework improves student performance.
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it's ditching homework for the year. hear what parents think about the decision. >> breaking news. charges now filed against the driver in the deadly crash in newton. two people were killed and seven others hurt when an suv plowed into the sweet tomatoes restaurant back in march. >> police immediately revoked the driver's license of the man behind the wheel but it took six months to bring these charges against him. 7's tim caputo gives us a closer look at the charges. >> six months of questions for people who live here in newton wondering it would ever get to this point. i want to show you behind me live right now what's been going on today. they have been putting up the barriers out in front of the restaurant and other businesses here. you see behind me sweet tomatoes is still closed down, still boarded up, six months after this deadly accident. in that wreck that happened on march 1st of this year, 32-year-old gregory moran and 57-year-old eleanor mealy were
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both customers at that restaurant at the time and both were killed when the suv came barreling through the front of sweet tomatoes. it was the middle of dinnertime when bradford castler drove his suv down chestnut street and right through the front of sweet tomatoes, killing two people and injuring seven others inside that restaurant. today the middlesex county district attorney's office announced that castler has been indicted on one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger and 2 counts of motor vehicle months. many people in newton were wondering this day would come. >> the facts will come out. if it's through the legal system, then that's great. we knew what occurred and didn't know the circumstances. and now we'll learn that. hopefully there can be closure. it's a loss for all concerned, but -- tragic. back out here live, the work on the sidewalk has only been going on the last two weeks or so. in fact, they've just put in the
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their work here. sweet tomatoes was initially hoping to re-open the restaurant by the summer this year as they were in part waiting until the barriers were put up, until they can re-open. as for the suspect in this case, the d.a.'s office says he will be arraigned in court at a later date. that's the latest live from newton, tim caputo, 7news. also breaking this evening, fire breaks out inside a hingham home with moving crews inside. fire chief tells us the movers noticed the odor of smoke and then saw thick black smoke in the living roo the home. emts did check two people after the fire including one firefighter who was sent to the hospital with an ankle injury. there is breaking news from berlin. officers say they've caught a bank robber who they were searching for this past weekend. these are surveillance pictures we first showed you on sunday when officers asked families to stay inside their homes. now, police say matthew alden robbed a bank and stole a motorcycle and then robbed a home full of weapons. officers shut down part of berlin on sunday during the search for him.


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