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tv   7 News  NBC  September 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> now at 7 new developments in a deadly restaurant crash in newton. tonight why it took months for the driver to be charged. >> anchor: cameras roll when a robber whips out a knife in revere. >> reporter: a few showers overnight tonight. and then 90 degree heat to finish the week. >> to help out the team. >> reporter: gronk's status up in the air for the season opener. >> anchor: and a texting trap. local police cracking down. >> anchor: and sending a strong message. >> anchor: first at 7:00 breaking news a british air ways flight has been diverted to boston's logan airport. >> anchor: live on the phone at logan with the latest with what's going on.
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we are told that that british air ways flight was diverted to logan. flight 2039. it was coming from london. it was headed to orlando. and we're being told that it had to land here at logan airport in boston due to what they're calling an unruly passenger. we don't know what the extent of that means. working to get more information on what happened in that flight that ma and stop that flight early. it could have been on the ground here for some 90 minutes. we're working to get more information about what happened and what the status of that plane is at this time. we're going to stay here and get more details for you. we'll bring them to you live on 7 news. jadiann thompson 7 news. >> anchor: also at 7 crash consequences.
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providing new details now about the crash that killed 2 people at a restaurant in newton. this is a crash that happened at sweet tomatoes in march. the driver was charged yesterday. >> anchor: we are learning why it took so long for that driver to be indicted. >> reporter: ryan, the da says they were waiting for forensic. waiting for surveillance video to put together a case they felt was fair and right. these are the 3 indictments against 55-year-old bradley new ford of newton. one count of operating to endanger. they come 6 months after police say cessler drove his suv into sweet tomatoes march first. today the middlesex district attorney explained the delay in charging him. >> these are complicated situations. we do a full and fair investigation. and in these situations tell takes a long time.
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>> reporter: his client's health and physical condition could not have prevented the crash. the da won't reveal what the investigators have discovered. >> this is an open case. just as we do a thourough investigation. the importance now is sphoke ussing on let integrity of the prosecution. >> reporter: cassler's license was suspended by the register of motor vehicles after the wreck. 3 accidents e speeding ticket in 1991. cassler's attorney calls the newton crash a tragic accident. >> we'll be presenting information and obviously the defendant will be presenting information to the court. >> reporter: and the driver's attorney says his client feels tremendous grief and sorrow for the victims and their families. >> anchor: new at 7 o'clock a dog once rescued from a highway in boston.
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because if enough money isn't raised for the surgery the dog will have to be put down. amaka ubaka live with this story. >> reporter: freeway a husky was hit by a car on 1 a was left for dead until a man driving by managed to save this dog's life. a local kennel is stepping up trying to pay for this dog's medical expenses. freeway was hit by a car last thursday. forward. the husky spent a week with medical treatment because he was a city stray. no internal bleeding. ocean view kennel created a gofundme account with the goal of raising $6,000 for the multiple surgeries that this dog will need. >> the person that hit him didn't stop. a disregard of a living breathing thing. you're not going to tell me you didn't feel the impact.
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you didn't hit a squirrel or a raccoon. he's a big dog. you're not going to tell me -- from his injuries he flew over your hood. shame on you for the person who hit him and didn't stop. >> reporter: within the last hour the gofundme has surpassed that $6,000 amount they were trying to raise. we're told that the kennel says that he'll have his first surgery on monday. he still has a long road to recovery. live in revere amaka ubaka 7 news. >> anchor: we have new details on a suspicious death out of new hampshire. police in danville confirming the death of a 51-year-old woman was a homicide. the woman is identified as a danville resident by the name of joann bew shay. they were called to this home on
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frank sal emmy in court today. indicted in june along with associate bobby deluca with the murder of boston night club owner. his defense attorney strongly denied cell emmy is a government informant. >> what i want to make clear is he was left out there as a government witness across the board. nobody else. >> anchor: steven na disappeared november may of 1983. barried beneath a building in providence rhode island. >> anchor: 7 news focusing on your forecast. round of clouds clearing out this evening in boston. another patch on the way. jr standing by with a check of your forecast. >> reporter: we had low clouds even fog around the city this afternoon. dew point temperatures they remain elevated. upper 60s to around 70.
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cloudiness that contains showers and thunderstorms. these will fizzle out by the time they reach metro boston. the higher chance will be in western new england as opposed to our part of the world. a lot of the activity does fall apart as it heads east. keep the clouds in here and also keep the humidity in new england overnight tonight as well as tomorrow morning. 69 to 73 for the lows. the morning commute some sunshine developing midmorning. humidity will fade away which will allow the temps to take off. i'll share them with you in a few minutes. ; more news today the commute taking a tragic turn in merrimac after a van flipped over on 95. >> anchor: now troopers are looking into whether that van may have blown a tire. details from merrimac. >> reporter: massachusetts state
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with 6 men inside when it flipped and rolled several times on i-4 95 in merrimac this morning. through an intercepter that he was one of them. the accident happened when a tire blew. >> the tires explode on the truck and the driver lost control. and that was it. blacked out during that time. the van was rolling. come to a stop. >> reporter: 2 of the men in the van his uncle and another man were killed. he says they we mill ford to maine for a roofing job. traffic was blocked for 2 hours. only the driver was wearing a seat belt. >> he says the driver had a seat belt on. other guys in the back. no seats in the back. >> reporter: left the hospital with a bandage on his arm. normally only 2 men ride in the van.
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he doesn't know the name of the contractor they were working for. he is not in a lot of pain. but is suffering emotionally. >> he lost a family member and a friend. he's devastated by it. >> anchor: sky 7 hd over the scene of the accident involving an ambulance in lincoln. authorities say a car rear ended an ambulance on route. the ambulance was taking a patient to the hospital at the time. the patient wasn't hurt as a result of the de the car driver were taken to the hospital too. they're expected to be okay. no word whether the driver of the car will face charges. >> anchor: police in revere asking for help identifying this man right here. that's the 7 day convenience store in revere. if you recognize him call police right away. >> anchor: a construction worker fell into a hole. ended up nearly 30 feet below
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>> anchor: some of boston's top police officers will wear body cameras. 8 top command officers will be trained and equipped with the controversial cameras during street duties. only one officer volunteered to wear a body camera for the pilot program. a judge is expected to make a decision by tomorrow. police in west bridge water cracking down on texting and driving. officers say it's difficult to but have caught several people texting on the road while peeking into their windows. ; anchor: it's back to class for boston public school students and the mayor and other city officials were out today to wish them good luck this school year. starting with new mission high school high school in hyde park. mayor says he's excited tom see the exchanges that tommy chang
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out to greet the students. >> it's so important. and greeting the parents. a lot of great things happening in our school system. we want to show the support of the city and the school department. >> anchor: superintendent chang commented on problems with lead in the water at schools. the district continues to work to get clean water in every school. >> anchor: high school football players paying tribute to a fallen state the top cop game between high school and leicester high. all 3,000 tickets have been sold. you remember trooper tearantino was shot and killed during the line of duty in may. auburn police say this game is about honoring him and supporting his family. >> it's a great tribute to ron
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we can't thank everyone enough. the overwhelming support we've had. we printed 3,000 tickets for this event. and we were hopeful that we could get to 2. as of today we sold all 3,000 tickets. the amount of support that we're seeing is incredible. >> anchor: tearantino's wife performed the coin toss before the kick off. >> anchor: nice to see support there. >> anchor: very nice. >> anchor: eyeing arizona. gronk says he wants but will he be ready to go? >> reporter: and the forecast for the weekend features less humidity. seasonal temps.
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>> the patriots preparing for a trip to arizona. >> i'm proud. i'm proud to be in this position. i'm proud to have all the players all my teammates looking up to me. to you. getting nominated to wear the c this season. his opening night status isn't guaranteed. >> anchor: here's 7's dan hausle at gillette. >> reporter: wednesday things are running smoother at patriots practice now that it's just him and jacoby taking quarterback snaps. sharing snaps with tom brady
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problem. coach bill belichick refused to weigh in on the topic. >> that's his opinion. >> reporter: what's your opinion. >> you asked him how he felt. that's how he feels. >> when you ask somebody for their opinion. that's their opinion. he's entitled to feel however he does so. he answered your question so. i'm not going to tell you how somebody else feels. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: rob gronkowski is ooh. >> reporter: they love you. >> lb loves me. what's up, boy? >> reporter: he's honored teammates elected him a captain for the first time. we could only see gronk stretching in practice today. he's listed as limited after a ham string injury in camp. he's not 100% but he hopes to play sunday. >> i want to be out there so bad.
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help out the team overall any position. be out there and with the team supporting them. it's super big and doing the best i can. >> reporter: gronk will looked ready to travel. it will be up to consultations with the coaches and medical staff on the decision of whether or not he actually plays sunday night. >> anchor: all right patriots and cardinals kick it off sunday night on 7 nbc. 7 on the sidelines starting at 6:30 and kick off at 8:30. join us for complete coverage on 7 news after that season opener. >> reporter: a muggy day out there. you could feel the air it was so muggy. >> anchor: so i guess you got it. >> reporter: endless summer rolling on with humidity and a risk of isolated showers tonight. humidity does fade away tomorrow. the heat takes over. low 90s tomorrow. near record heat for weekend.
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shower or 2 on sunday. 60s and 70s. here in town at 68 with at times later this afternoon earlier this evening we had the fog bank in and out of the city now departing. the dew point temperatures staying put. so it feels humid out there. it is uncomfortable. we have a batch of showers and thunder showers moving out of new york state heading to western new england but also falling storms does not line up with the time of day that would keep these going. there may be a risk of a shower or down pour. your time line at 9:00 tonight looking robust through new york and western new england. advance the time look at that. it fades away by midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. there could be a couple of showers. most of us likely to see less
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more likely to happen in the berkshires and the worcester hills as opposed to boston or out on the cape. the morning commute starts with clouds and humidity in the morning. and then as we work through the morning commute skies beginning to break apart a bit with temperatures jumping to the 70s midmorning. the humidity will fade away tomorrow as sunshine takes so here are the dew points. early tomorrow morning uncomfortable out there. in the afternoon the dew points temperatures will fall. it will be a hot afternoon more of a dry heat than anything else. boston today was in the low 70s. fitchburg 92. worcester close to 90 degrees. the record is not that old. a year ago was 93. that's the record. worcester your record was 90
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decent beach day. mix of clouds and sunshine. moderate risk of rip currents on the cape and the islands. your weekend forecast a few isolated showers saturday morning. isolated. some of you an entire day without a rain drop. sunday afternoon dry comfortable refreshing air takes hold across southern new england. sunday afternoon is looking great. see you at 11. no after the game. >> anchor: after the actually.
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>> anchor: brockton barber cut above the rest goes out of his way to give a hair cut to a disabled man. >> anchor: the barber cut his air outside. that's bester styles in case you want to know. he swept the sidewalk after the fresh cut. what a good neighbor. what a >> anchor: 7 news at 7:00 will
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>> the nfl regular season officially kicks off tonight. and stadiums across the country will be filling up. >> some fans might notice crazy menu items just in time for kick off. tell you about it tomorrow morning on today in new england at 5 a.m. >> anchor: coming up i guess after thursday night football it's a big night. staying on top of the breaking news developing at logan airport. >> anchor: diverted to boston for an unruly passenger. we'll have the latest tonight after that football game. that will do it tonight for 7 news at 7:00. i'm ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. hope you stick around for a
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. >> al: tonight in denver, a new banner will be unveiled in congressmaneration of the broncos' super bowl win but there is a sense of uncertainty as the season begins against the carolina panthers in a rematch of super bowl 50. cam newton's frustration after carolina's super bowl loss was well documented, and tonight he


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