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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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shots ringing out in dorchester overnight. reports of two people taken to the hospital. we'll have the late. survivor sharing his story as we learn more about the driver behind the wheel. >> decision day a boston judge ruling on police body cameras today. why the pilot program is so controversial. good friday morning everybody. it's 9:00. thanks for joining us. i'm i'm christa delcamp. if you head outside it's some kind of strange. it's like summer is back in full swing. this afternoon it will feel like itten more. temperatures going to climb close to 90 this morning outside it's cloudy overcast, some spot showers out there. and as we head into this afternoon we will see more sunshine and that's going to help warm up the temperatures. already out there some spots into the upper 70s like boston, so mostly 70s on the board. and then this afternoon things
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70s. it's a muggy, muggy, muggy morning. and throughout the day we'll turn the humidity down a little bit. but we're not quite going to get into comfortable category. it will feel sticky throughout the day. high temperatures this afternoon into the 90s. it's a hotnd humid day. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast, coming up. back to you guys >> we're following breaking news now. police investigate a shooting overnight in worcester. police were on the scene this morning in front of a pub located on west according to the worcester telegram and gazette two were taken away by ambulance and one was shot in the leg. at this point no exact word on their conditions three massachusetts state troopers are off the job this morning as the demartment investigates a weapons transfer. the troopers work at the department armory and authorities say they were suspended without pay after transferring some extra weapons to an outside vendor. officials say this vendor was state approved. right now state health
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sky in dorchester. officials say 15 of them died. a cat on the same street had to be put down after getting ill. the animal relates cue league is now taking care of the injure birds >> now details about a deadly crash at sweet tomatoes restaurant. we are hearing a survivors story. almost six months after the tragedy. and it come as we learn about why i took so long to indict the that survivor is saying. >> it happened really fast. we were in there for a few minutes. and the place exploded. you don't see a car drive in. six months after the fatal crash at sweet tomatoes restaurant 55-year-old bradford casler faces charge. for survivors like tony wilson the horror of that night brought physical pain and emotional
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it was real close. broke my back. cracked some ribs. gregory morin and 57-year-old eleanor millie died. tony said he never questioned the investigation. but some others wondered why the case was taking so long. >> these are obviously tragic situations. two people lost their lives. we have 7 people seriously injured. it's important to get it right and that is not always as quick. the d.a. releasing f details about why they say brad forth is criminally responsible but his attorney said his clients health and physical condition could not have prevented the crash. for survivors like tony the indictment is a step forward but not their main focus. it's important no matter what happens to remember gregory and eleanor in all the lives that were touched. hug your kid. hug your wife, whoever is in your life. because they could get a pizza
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the criminal investigation when the driver has his arraignment that. that arraignment should take place in the coming weeks. in newton victoria warren 7news "today in new england." today a judge is expected to rule on whether or not boston police officers will have to wear body cameras. this comes as city and patrolman's association argued in court all week after police commissioner william evans randomly assigned 100 officers to wear body cameras when no one responded to his call to volunteer the police union wants to delay that program. mayor marte walsh said it's been long enough now. >> we had an agreement made. we should have lived up to agreement. if we had 100 volunteers. we wouldn't be here. the fact that we didn't get the volunteers we had the ability to make a decision ourselves. i'm hoping we can move beyond it. >> commissioner evans and 7 other top police officials will be wearing body cameras as a show of commitment to that program.
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one of the large. banks in the country in serious trouble. wells fargo admitting it signed up people for credit cards without their knowledge. now the company is getting hit with some hefty fines. nancy chin is live in the newsroom with a closer look. >> good morning to you. some former employees said they did this they were pressured to set account add-ones to meet unattainable sales gale. fra o bank. wells fargo opened roughly 1.5 million bank accounts and applied for more than half a million credit cards that in many cases customers never requested or agreed to. thousands of employee were in on it. motivated say regulators by promises of higher compensation for generating new business. >> money might be moved from your account into some of these accounts without your knowledge.
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fees, rewards fees overdraft charges and the like. >> at one time i'm looking at it counting it. i had 15 accounts at once. these are accounts i never opened. wells fargo hit with 185 million in fines. including the biggest ever by the consumer financial protection bureau in the city of los angeles that originally sued wells forgo. now the company is paying l.a. $50 million in fines. if i were a c bank hoped an account for me using my personal data and never told me. wells fargo said it fired 5,300 employee over five years for their involvement. we regret and take responsibility for any instances where customer may have received a product they didn't request. >> wells fargos dealing with another controversial earlier this week. the bank apologizing for ads
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in science rather than the arts. in the newsroom nancy chin, 7news "today in new england." nancy, thank you. hillary clinton is talking about terrorism with national security expert. donald trump hits to a religious summit in washington. polls put the two closer in key critical swing states. >> donald trump taking his message to the conservative value voters summitn in ohio his education speech pushing school choice largely focused on hillary clinton. >> she refused to take accountability for failed policy in the middle east that have reduced millions of refugees >> this comes as a new quinnipiac poll shows that clinton and trump are tied in florida and ohio. this week trump is getting pushback from his own party for praising russian president vladimir putin. i think this is biggest
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good guy. nay said he was a little bit more than a celebrity and entertainer who entered politics late in life. sound familiar. >> what would ronald regan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's general and praise on russia's president. >> clinton is pulling together democrats and republicans on national security and foreign policy a the national baptist convention last night. we need a president who understand that none of us has all the answer and no one person can fix our problems alone. >> that same poll shows that clinton has a five-point lead in north carolina and a four-point lead in pennsylvania. turning now to the pay patriots. tom brady is opening up about his deflate gate suspension.
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field. and how his team is handling his absense. let's head out live to gillette to nicole oliverio. >> he talked a little bit about not being able to place when he was injured a few seasons back. but he said this is different. and he said he's going to take sometime to analyze, watch the game and see if he can get a deeper perspective for what he does. >> reporter: as the patriots get ready to take on the cardinals in arizona sunday night, their on a new roll as he begins to serve his four-week suspension. i will try to be positive about that. spend quality time with my family. pick my kids up from school and do some things that i won't have an opportunity to do in the future. >> he laid out his game plan for the next month. a lot of unchart yerd territory for me. i'm really just trying to focus on the things that i can control. and trying to stay in great
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the opportunity to play in october. ? ? ? until then brady may spend time relaxing with new friends he recently posted pictures on facebook from his latest campaign with the possible new friend jeff bridges. one of the ads telling customers to do nothing with tom brady. but it's clear brady will be keeping busy until october 3rd and that includes watching his team on tv. you get more anxious a little bit nervous have no control with respect to the outcome of the game. yeah. it's going to be nerve racking to watch. it's a sport. you can't predict the outcome. our team will be prepared as they always are. i'm excited to see them go out there and play. >> you can see the giant number 12 looming here over the stadium. brady also addressed the craft family playing out the huge brady banner.
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can't wait until he's back here in person. when the pats take the field in arizona there'sable one place to see it right here on 7news. we'll get you started with 7 on the sidelines at 6:30. kick off at 8:30. piece game coverage as well. >> dozens of people trapped 12,000 feet in the air in >> sansom explosion fears intensifying. now the faa is issuing a warning >> cloudy outside now with light scattered showers. this afternoon we're bringing back the sunshine and temperatures will be close to records. more on your forecast, coming up. >> we also have the latest on an emotional tribute in auburn. the surprise for the wife of a fallen officer, when we come back. barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband,
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we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. quilted northern works so well, people can forget their bathroom experience. he always knew he was destined for a life of service, he wasn't made to do anything else. he just didn't realize how unrelenting it would actually be. what's worse, he thinks, that my arms can never relax and my eyes can never look away.
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water concerns in worcester leading city officials to declare a stage three water emergency. that means restriction on any noncritical outdoor water use. rest restaurants can not serve tap water unless customers ask for it. no washing you car or pools. no watering your lawns or plants accept with a watering can. a first offense can land you a $200 fine. >> thi need water. >> we were hoping hermine may have been a drought buster. didn't seem to be the case. we got foul weather but no rain. more of sunshine buster. a lot of classroomy weather. not much rain. all those drought restriction make me feel like i'm back in california. humidity is high. and this afternoon as temperatures climb into the 90s, we could be close to records. our record for today in boston
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in worcester 86 the high temperature today. probably not going to get that record of 90. but i do think even if we do break the record or not in boston we'll get into those 90s so that means adding another day, 21 days probably after today of 90-degree days so far this year. on average we only should see about 14 of those. it's certainly been warm. outside this morning it's warm and muggy but we're also watching some light scattered showers around there. start to see the sunshine poke through. we'll get more sunshine after lunch and then those temperatures really going to warm up. we hat a front move through overfight. and then as we head into tonight into tomorrow morning we'll watch another warm front move through. this could bring us a chance for some showers into tomorrow morning and then as we head into sunday morning another cold front will move through. couple of fronts will move through throughout the weekend. but for the must part the weekend going to be much more dry than it is wet.
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the cloud cover and more sunshine. and then as we head into this afternoon into the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow morning we could see another stray shower for tomorrow morning. but notice tomorrow morning all the cloud cover is back. if you have plan tomorrow morning it will be cloudy, gloomy start to the day then the peeks of sunshine poking through throughout the day. really the same story into sunday as well. so the best chance to see any rain saturday and sunday in the early morning hours and then as we head into monday of next week things will dry out nicely and then starts to feel more fall-like out there as well. beaches today 86 to 90. really nice beach day. another warm one as well if you head down to cape this weekend. today's probably the warmest day and then into those 70s as we head into the rest of the weekend. so for today hot and muggy. partly sunny this afternoon. temperature mid 80s to low 90s.
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tomorrow we turn down the heat a little bit. cooler along the coastline. upper 70s into the mid 80s. here's your 7 on 7 forecast. the weekend looks pretty good for the most part. a chance for an am shower saturday and sunday. and then next week look at finally dropping down into those 70s on monday. and fall like by thursday. still ahead tough moments for 1-year-old husky when a car slams into him who stepped in to make sure he got a lifesaving surgery. >> giving up his shoes to help a homeless man. the image of his selfless act now going viral. you live a portable life. new dannon oikos nonfat yogurt drink fits right in it. with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. just what you need to help keep you going.
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total strangers stepping up and fighting for freeway. of the road and left for dead. thanks to a huge show of support it looks like the canine will get a second chance. let's go to nancy chin. >> that 1-year-old husky was badly injured. he will need several surgeries in order to recover. >> reporter: even with a broken leg and pelvis freeway has
9:21 am
huskies hit along busy route one. >> you could have stopped. you left him to die. >> lisa owns ocean view kennel a driver pulled over and carried freeway to safety. >> stayed with him. gave him water and made sure until someone could give both of them help that this dog didn't die. when i got there he was pretty bloody. didn't walk screaming howling pain. the husky rushed to local animal hospital. but because he was a stray got minimal medical treatment. without life saving surgery freeway would have to be putdown. as days went by a no owner stepped forward she decided to start a go fund me page. he's been let down once. i will not see him let down again. she asked for 6,000 and quickly reach her goal. kennel has a strong message to the person who his this husky and didn't stop. you didn't hit a squirrel ora koon. he's a big dog.
9:22 am
your hood. shame on you for the person who hit him and didn't stop. freeway will be put up for adoption as soon as he recovers. in the newsroom. nancy chen, 7news "today in new england." we have much more ahead this morning including a brockton barber stepping up to the plate. why he's taking his clippers outside hits shop. >> heart stopping moments in washington when a car plunges
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working.
9:24 am mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. this story you may be talking about today. picture of teenager in kentucky going viral after he gives his new shoes to a homeless man.
9:25 am
this 14-year-old was feeding the homeless with his church group and he noticed that this guy shoes were ripped. he offered his own right off of his own feet. >> imagine walking a mile in someone else's shoe. one kentucky teen took that expression literally to help a homeless man. >> every day we see shootings. kids robbing people. kid vandalizing. that's not the path laurin tundale or ron ron as he is called wanted to take. that's why he spend his time helps this local nonprofit. monday its feeding the homeless. one man stood out to him. >> you can tell he's been hurt so many time. >> he asked if he could say a prayer. he then noticed the man's ripped shoes. without hesitation ron, ron took off his brand-new air jordan. >> first i can't take these.
9:26 am
what god wanted me to do. >> a photo of that moment was posted on facebook. and it took off from there. viewed and shared more than a million times all around the country. but before it went viral, ron, ron, came home in socks. >> what did he do? at first i was upset. we just bought these shoes a day ago for school. and then i just just realized that's what god told him to do. making a difference one step at a time. >> i'm just trying to do right. i'm trying to change the world. >> after seeing the picture someone mailed a brand-new pair of shoes to ron, ron. looks like he had a really bright future ahead of him. >> you know what. kids like that don't happen by accident. excellent parenting. >> officers in one local town cracking down on texting and driving. the technique they are trying
9:27 am
>> overcast with some showers out there this morning. this afternoon more sunshine and highs close to records this afternoon. we'll talk more about the weekend, coming up in your forecast. >> new developments about a student who went missing 20 years ago in california. why investigators are digging
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. shooter after two people are reportedly shot outside a public in worcester overnight. an emotional surprise for the wife of a fallen police officer why her eldest son appearances so special. and we're heading to one of the oldest bakeries on south shore. we'll show you the perfect dessert to try out this weekend. welcome back on this friday morning everybody. thanks for staying with us.
9:30 am
i know i was supposed to talk about the weather. hearing about your what's cooking segment. all i can think about is baked goods >> you have a sweet tooth. we all have a sweet tooth on that morning shift. i was thinking the same thing. that looks good. outside not looking so good. it's gloomy with some stray showers by this afternoon. we'll get more sunshine and it will be a warm day and a humid day. current temperatures already mid-to-upper 70s. close to 80 degrees already in boston. sore quickly around here. those dewpoints in the 70s. it's a muggy humid day. lit stay that way throughout the day. the hued inity will decrease a little bit. the dewpoints dropping into the low 60s by this afternoon. so i know a lot of you have plans to night and this afternoon. hot and humid day. temperatures into the low 90s. we will be close to record-high temperatures for this afternoon and in boston. high school football tonight. mid 80s. it's going to be warm one.
9:31 am
temperatures will be a little bit lower and will also watch for the chance for a spot shower saturday morning and sunday morning. more on your forecast coming up. back to you guys >> we're following breaking news now. police investigate a shooting overnight in worcester. >> officers were on the scene this morning in front of a pub on west boylston street. according to the worcester telegram two men were taken away by ambulance. at this point no exact word on their condition. >> expected to rule on whether or not boston police officers will have to wear body cameras. this comes as the city and the patrolmen's association argued in court all week after police commissioner william evans randomly assigned 100 officers to wear body cameras. the police union wants to delay the program after the department randomly assigned 100 officers to wear the cameras. mayor marty walsh said it's been long enough. >> we had an agreement made.
9:32 am
the agreement and not if we had 100 volunteer we wouldn't be here. the fact we didn't get the volunteers we didn't get the ability to make the decision ourselves. commissioner evans and 7 other top police officials will wear body cameras as a show of commitment to the program. now to midair scare diverting a british airways fight to boston. unruly passenger forced the pilot to makehe flight customs officials say he was 24-year-old man from scotland. the faa issuing a travel advisory. told not to charge their samsung phones when onboard a flight. nay are also asking people not to put those phones in checked baggage. samsung recently recalled the phone because of the risk of the battery exploding and the company has stopped selling
9:33 am
under way in connection with the death of a women in danville, new hampshire. this comes after a 51-year-old women was found dead inside her home monday night. investigator have been collecting evidence from the home for the past several days. authorities have not said how she died. a salem, new hampshire man plans to appeal after he was convicted of recording footage of women in the bathroom at a cafe in arlington. prosecutors say 55-year-old joseph hennessey hid a a flower pot in the rest room two years ago. he's scheduled to be sentenced at the end of the month. two fbi is searching for a gang member that investigators say the armed and dangerous. he was last seen in everett. the 34-year-old who goes by the name cabo believed to be a member ms-13 gang. he was indicted in january. but has been on the run ever since. the fbi is offering up to
9:34 am
to his arrest. the obama administration has listed ms-13 as an international crime organization. and 7news now turning to auburn, where some local football teams are honoring a hero who was killed in line of duty. there was a very emotional surprise. and 7's nancy chin has more on what happened there. >> thises just really special. lester high school. they both came together to help the family of officer killed curing a traffic stop. the field when officer ronald taratino's oldest son arrived. >> the moment of the night when sharon the wife of deceased auburn police officer ron taratino was surprised by her oldest son. the family had no idea he would be there. he's currently stationed in fort bragg, north carolina. >> it's hard to be so far away and not be able to be here and support them.
9:35 am
cake. thursday night the auburn and lester high school football team the two communities tara the ino vowed to protect and serve came together for special football game. all the money raised to support the family. >> these communities have the biggest hearts of any communities i know. medford tewksbury, auburn, lester, they have all been there to support us through everything. >> the line of duty during a routine traffic stop on may 22nd. he was 42 years old. this was quite an honor for him. what are you doing this for. he's that type of guy. but i'm sure he's up there watching us. >> on the way over he cried all the way over. talking to her last night. i know how much sheets appreciates all the people
9:36 am
sold for the game. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." there's more news today. north korea says it conducted a successful nuclear test. fifth atomic test and the second in the last eight months. hours after the test there was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake near the test sight. u.s. secretary of state john kerry swift to condemn the nuclear test. >> obviously korea in particularly deeply concerned because of the neighborhood. but i think it's fair to say that russia and the united states and everybody shares the concerns. ment obama reacted to the nuclear test by saying that any provocative actions by north korea would have serious consequences. >> and four people are dead nearly 50 injured when a train derailed in spain. officials say the front car of
9:37 am
the track and slammed into a pylon as approaching the station. the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. >> more than 100 tourist are safe this morning after being rescued from gondolas that were dangling over the french alps. issue started yesterday afternoon when two gondolas got tangled up. they were rescue a majority of the rider last night. more than 30 people were stuck overnight. because of dangerous conditions. >> we were there almost ten hours in the the cable failed 2:30. before midnight when they belayed us out of the gondolas. really quite an experience. medical crews say everyone is doing okay. authorities say they have found what they call items of interest at a site in central california where they've been digging for a missing student. crissin smart hasn't been seen since 1996 after she attended a college party. authorities are not saying what
9:38 am
they will find their daughter's remains. >> i really would rather have her alive and full of energy be part of our family than not be here. but it adds some closure. investigators said earlier this week that new developments in the case strongly suggest that smart's remains may in fact be buried in that area. and police in southern california unfire after a rough arrest was caught on camera. you see them wrestling with the supplies from the cvs. he's on the ground there. people in the community are saying this was a case of excessive force. investigator say the suspect, though, tried to grab an officers gun. one of the officers suffered a broken hand during that fight. two women are lucky to be a live after a car went off a cliff in washington state. police say the women in parking lot thursday delay afternoon when the car ended up going off the side of 150-foot cliff.
9:39 am
them. major cleanup in delaware as the tractor-trailer carrying more than 5 million unstamped pennies toppled over on a highway. 40,000 pound ended up just scattered all over the roadway. crews had to spend about 13 hours cleaning up that mess. >> new this morning the entire seahawks roster may be planning an anthem protest for this sundays game. according to the seattle times linebacker bobby team has a big surprise. and that it will involve the entire team because it's important to show that people can come together. >> some of basketball biggest name will be back in springfield as the memorial basketball hall of fame inducts class of 2016 shaquille o'neal allen iverson yoa ming and tom izzo are among the ten people that will be inducted into the hall.
9:40 am
getting rescued. where they were found and why their health is so precarious. temperatures into the upper 70s today. by this afternoon near 90 and humid more on your weekend forecast, coming up. >> and a little girl with quite a sweet tooth. her cotton candy obsession captured on the big screen. ? sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever.
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>> a 3-year-old go cotton candy crazy. she's the newest internet sensation. the jumbo tron captured this moment of her just going crazy she's covered in cotton candy there is the moment. this is first time beatrix tried and she said it will not be the last. >> i didn't have enough. >> you didn't have enough? >> i want more cotton candy. you need more? >> yeah. >> her dad says this was surgear rush. he thinks she like making funny faces. i don't know a lot of that cotton candy seems to be gone. i totally agree as a parent you know when the crash comes she's will crash hard.
9:44 am
her out in her car seat. with her faces and so dramatic maybe she will be in theater. very talented and funny. we have some scattered light showers. it's a misty morning kind of the same story as it's been. but by this afternoon we're going to get more sunshine and those temperatures will warm up to the 90s. currently outside, though, mostly in the upper record in boston 93 degrees. 92 the high temperature. worcester. and what we probably be do as well add another giant-degree day to the year. that will be 2190-degree day so far this year. it has certainly been warm and not only is it warm today it's humid today. those dewpoints in the 70s now. but by this afternoon and evenings they will drop into the
9:45 am
but it's still going to be hot day and the humid one. stay hydrated. we have a front pass over overnight last night. that's why we see the cloudy conditions and the showers out there this morning. then as we head into the overnight us we will watch this front that could bring showers early tomorrow morning and then another front saturday night into sunday. that could bring us another round of some showers. now we do need any rain we can get and unfortunately not looking like we will this weekend. the weekend certainly going to be more dry and nice as it is going to be rainy. looking ahead this afternoon. and those temperature going to really warm up. but for tomorrow. we will start the day off similar to how we did today. with the cloud cover in place the chance for some showers and then things start to clear out throughout your saturday.
9:46 am
morning and then sunday afternoon into monday and next week. things will dry out. you will start to feel more fall-like out there too. beaches today mid 80s into the low 90s. so great beach day. it will be hot one today. if you head down to cape today is the hottest day. then the temperature saturday and sunday into the mid-to-upper 70s. nice weekend ahead. for today we get close to ninety degrees. hot and muggy more sunshine this afternoon. tonight temperatures mid-60s close to 70. it's a mild overnight with into tomorrow. tomorrow temperatures in the upper 70s. along the coast mid 80s inland. so the weekend looks pretty good. as i mention we have those few showers chances but for the most part it's going to be mostly sunny out there. next week monday into the 70s. fall like by thursday low 70s and look at that 49 overnight. thanks, danielle. we're following breaking news from lexington. this sex offender charged with
9:47 am
schoolgirl. the suspect jacob mobley hall will be arraigned this morning in concorde. >> police in west bridgewater cracking down on texting and driving. they are taking to the streets on bikes trying to catch people in the act. it's difficult to enforce the texting band. but they are hoping that this technique will keep people informed about the danger of texting when on the road. >> people are getting pretty savvy about it. you can see they glance down they have it between their legs. people from using their cell phones. being distracted. you know, keeping them aware of the dangers. it's not about writing the citation. police say there's been several serious accidents this year in town because the people they believe were texting and driving. >> also on 7 a major pacifier recall involving toys "r" us. the company recalling more than 50,000 babies "r" us pacifier
9:48 am
hazard. officials say the spring mechanism can break into tiny pieces which could cause problems if babies swallow them. there's two reports of the clips breaking but there's been no injuries. and mazda recalling cars. the hatch can be coroded. they didn't apply enough protective coating to prevent includes compact cars vans and cx-5 and 3 suv's. >> crews rescuing a fawn. the animal falling into a 25 foot deep pit and got stuck there. so you can see the crew trying to wrangle in this tear. they apparently put the deer in a tarp to safely carry it away. it looks so scared. a crane eventually lifted animal out of pit. animal control officers were
9:49 am
a couple of baby snapping turtles recovered by a pool in lakeville. the two-day old hatchling suffer from skin pigment disorder which makes their chances of surviving much lower. turt really in good handment. turned over the specialist trained in rehabilitating reptiles a brockton barber a cut above the rest going out of his way to give a special haircut. take a lack that. that customer is wheelchair and couldn't gns the barber cut his hair right outside. he even swept up the sidewalk after the fresh haircut. way to go. that's amazing. still ahead could flying burrito be the next big thing. making sure students get the fast food fix.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
you will torture us with this story. we will get to watch you naked. this really takes the cake you could say. >> we talk about something, sweet sugar, spice and everything nice. check it out. >> it's one of the oldest bakeries oe >> they've been in business for 75 years. i've been doing it for about 40. >> they have four locations, their biggest in brockton. the company known for doing big ceremonial cakes. my father before me he did all the inaugural cakes. >> from jfk to george h.w. bush. it's been the inaugural cake king. they are even making cakes of sports figures like gronc and
9:53 am
as their business grows and expands so do their treats. gourmet cupcakes flying off the shelves. something george never imagined. >> we used to make a tray of white and chocolate. now it's a whole show case of cupcakes. >> what we have here we're boiling water oil, sugar and salt. >> then add flour and stir well contest. >> put in a blender and mix. you cool down the flour a little bit. >> get ready to add egg, triple helping. when it's as cold as we can get we add the baking powder. pipe on to the tray. bake at 400-degree oven until golden. >> this is finish products. there's not a lot of sugar. you can do savory or sweet. slice them in two.
9:54 am
feels the puffs with chocolate sauce and pumpkin mouse. >> dip the tops in chocolate and your treats are ready to eat. that's "what's cooking." >> i could eat like all of that right now. >> i was going to say thank you so much for that. you left us feeling so -- i don't know. if you want the recipe go to our web site so you can make >> like it will taste the same >> if you haven't had enough of sugar fix we have this story about taco bell and air heads candy teaming un.
9:55 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan, how can i help you today? yeah, i got a big problem with my new tv. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mcenroe. um, see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. hey, it worked! so i don't have to see the cable guy again? oh no, we're not cable, mac.
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get 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just 69.99 a month online for 2 years, guaranteed with a 2 year agreement. only fios offers speeds this fast at a price this good. a popular candy getting a
9:57 am
have another chance to guess the famous mystery flavor. taco bell launches air head white flavor frozen drink this month. the drink is modelled after the flavor that has been in dispute since arrival 30 years ago. >> and people in virginia will soon see flying burrito. chipotle teaming up to use drones to deliver food to students at virginia tech. student and employee will place their order the drone will deliver the food. that's -- that could be trouble. on so many levels. what if it definitely drops. they fly from the sky. can they start dropping us snacks into the newsroom. this afternoon high temperature into the 90s. 93 the record in boston. so we'll be close at 92 degrees. so heading to fenway tonight. jason aldine and kid rock. temperatures in the upper 80s
9:58 am
down the heat a little bit. watch for showers saturday and sunday. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. this morning on "today's take," it's freebie friday. wait until you see the surprise we're giving away, then you won't believe your eyes. and we're throwing the ultimate tailgate par weekend. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, september 9th, 2016. al is gone. >> yes, he's gone. >> tamron's here. >> he's away. i believe college visits.


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