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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  September 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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school that just opened weeks ago here in braintree are stunned by the alarming allegations leaving worcester police to arrest 44-year-old stephen bliss, the academy's head of school. our students are here so we're just asking and school is in session. so. >> reporter: who would we talk to about the charges? i will find out. >> reporter: school officials quickly calling braintree police who in turn asked to us get off the school's property. this is y. and he is out on bail. >> reporter: bliss was arrested by worcestol an undercover offer money for sex and one count of human trafficking. investigators say when he showed up at this mcdonald's parking lot he was taken into custody and arrested. imagine being in 9th grade, a scared little girl. you know? what is going to happen? he is in braintree now. get him out. >> reporter: bliss who lives in tree worked a superintendent in two other school districts in massachusetts before taking the
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three campuses in england and now one in the united states here in braintree. i just open that the students are safe. 6 it's scary. >> reporter: no official word or any comment from school officials here despite calling several times today and e-mailing them as well. as for bliss, he was released by the judge on $500 cash bail earlier this week and he is due back in court next month. live in braintree, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: health officials on the street of dorchester trying to figure out why close to 50 birds were found dead or sickened in that area. victoria warren reports. dozens of dead or sick birds in a quiet dorchester neighborhood and several sick cats. it's alarming. >> reporter: the animal rescue league investigating saying they found 47 birds either dead or so sick they were left lethargic or thrashing and uncoordinated and at this point they don't know
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environmental. on the other hand if someone poisoned the birds. >> reporter: inspectional service as knowledge several agencies working on this called out to bakersfield street. they don't know yet if it's environmental, manmade or a toxicity issue. some neighbors though are drawing their own conclusions. somebody i think has introduced something into the environment to harm them. >> reporter: reverend a pape said her three pugs are all healthy saying if it was environmental, she would expect to see house animals sick too. she says until this mystery is solved, she is not letting her dogs out of her sight. they are staying on the leash for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: this investigation could take some time because the birds that died will have to be sent off for a neck report see to determined a cause of death. so far no new sickened birds have been discovered and some
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took in, some of them are showing signs of improvement. in dorchester, victoria warren, 7 news. >> anchor: natick police asking for your help finding some bike thieves. very gotten several reports of tellen bikes in the same area along the natick framingham line. you can see that group of people breaking a lock before taking a bicycle and if you recognize anyone this that video you are asked to please call police. >> anchor: one person dead anot fired outside of pub in worcester. they found a 21-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. police are now serving for suspects. >> anchor: survivors of the tragic car crash at the sweet tomatos in newton are speaking out after charges are filed in the case. bradford casler has been charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide. police say he crashed his suv into the front of the restaurant in march killing two people and
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deadly crash. he missed me by about a foot. he was real close. broke my back. cracked ribs. had some internal stuff, pdsd tough going through that. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office didn't say what they think casler to lose control of his suv. >> anchor: a big game played here at home. a local football team hon ago a hero killed in the line of duty. there was also brandon gunnoe is live in aubur. >> reporter: the moment of the light is when the wife of deceased auburn police officer ron tarantino was surprised by her oldest son, ron the third. the family had no idea he would be there, he is currently stationed in fort brag, north carolina. it's hard for me to be so far awayed not be here to support them. that was the icing on the cake to because he wasn't supposed to be here, they were both surprises. >> reporter: thursday night
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two communities tarantino vowed to protect and serve, came together for a special football game. all of the money raised to help support the tarantino family. these communities have the biggest hearts of any communities i know. medford, tewksbury, auburn, lester, the greater worcester community have all been there to support us through everything. tarantino was shot and killed in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop on may 22. he was 4 and father of three. the game was about honoring him. i tell you this is quite an honor for ronnie. he would say it's what are you doing this for? he is that type of guy. i'm sure he is up there watching us. us on the way over here cried all the way over. talking to her last night, i know how much he appreciates all of these people coming here tonight. she is so appreciative. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> anchor: all right, a connecticut day care owner is
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cardillo, had been running an unlicensed day care in her home for more than a decade. back in march a four-month-old baby died under her care. that child was found unsupposive and taken to a local hospital where it was pronounced deceased. police say it was a difficult case to investigate. it's difficult for not only the parents and working with the parents of the victim, but at the same time most to investigate these cases where children are involved. >> anchor: the medical examiner said the child had been given an aler gee medicine not meant for children younger than two years of age say school bus drivers in omaha has been cited for child neglect after leaving a five-year-old on the bus. school officials say the child was reported missing on wednesday after he didn't return home from school but officials say he was eventually found oh board a locked school bus. now the school is working a long side police to figure out exactly why this happened.
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insure that if disciplinary action is necessary that the appropriate action takes place. this is an especially sell. we have a student who is left on a bus and so we will be needing to discuss that further. >> anchor: that student was not hurt. the school bus driver has been identified as a 61-year-old man. officials say he did have an expired license. >> anchor: and there is more news today. spanish authorities say a passenger train derailed killing fo the accident occurred this morning just north of the city of madrid. the train was traveling from spain to portugal when that derailment happened. >> anchor: dozens of tourists including three children have been rescued from gondola's dangling over frenchalps. it happened yesterday afternoon when two got tangled up. crew were able to rescue a majority of the riders last night but more than 30 people were stuck overnight because of dangerous conditions. the last passengers were rescued this morning. we were there almost ten
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the cable -- it was just before mid flight when they got us out of the gondola which was quite an experience. >> anchor: i can imagine. medical crews say everyone is okay. workers have managed to untangle cables that jackie macmullened yesterday. well, authorities say they found what they are calling items of interest at a sight on a college campus where they have been digging for a missing student. kristen smart has been missing since 1996 after attending an off-campus college party. authorities are not saying what the items are bu will find her remains. i really would rather have her alive and full of energy and be part of our family than not be here but it adds some closure. >> anchor: investigators said earlier this week that new developments in the case strongly suggest smart's remains may be buried in that area of campus. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to an aing statistic. the number of children that died in hot vehicles this year has
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left with severe and lasting brain damage. it was a small change in a father's morning commute that led to the mental error, the with unthat most parents assume they can never make. eric forgot to crop off his three-year-old son, michael, at day care. instead, he accidentally left him in the car for more than an hour. i just made probably the most tragic mistake of my life in leaving him in the car. >> report past year learning how to eat and walk again. the public is quick to judge and say what a horrible parent this must have been to leave your child and forget them in the vehicle. the reality is, no one's brain is immune to this type of fail our. >> reporter: he found his son in time to save him but dozens of other children have died this year in hot cars including a two-year-old boy in texas and an 18-month-old girl in kansas and a nine months old little boy in
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28 deaths so far, a number that is double what it was this time last year according to child safety organization kids and it's unclear why cases have spiked in 2016 but hot weather isn't always to blame. we had an incident in georgia in january where the high that day was only 52 degrees. >> reporter: michael is four now. his parents and doctors say every step he takes in recovery is nothing short of a miracle helpless end the risk of leaving a child unattended is to put belongings in the back seat that way parents will look in the back seat after reaching their destination. >> anchor: a special delivery for one mother who gave birth to a newborn son on a plane. now that newborn has been awarded a lifetime of free flights. the mother was on a flight from libya when she suddenly went into labor. so the flight crew head her deliver that healthy baby boy. the mother even named her son after the plane's captain. a lot of work to get all of
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>> anchor: that's one way to get some miles. i wonder, did you say what airlines it was? we didn't say. >> reporter: i was wonder what airline offered them free flights. what i deal. >> anchor: ahead a generous gesture. a veteran giving a very special gift to a family who really lost a lot. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 decision day for boston police officers. a judge handing down a ruling on police body cameras. >> anchor: it's the count down to sunday night and jimmy garappolo gets ready to step up and leaded team against the we'll be right back. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> anchor: a family gets the surprise of a lifetime all thanks to a veteran's generous gesture. the family recently lost both of their dogs. >> anchor: as sheldon fox shows us, it's just one family helping another. he is big for a puppy. >> reporter: there is new, much needed sweetness delivered to the frederick family.
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jonathan lopez learned of the shocking way the family lost its dogs earlier in the week and so he is here to donate this husky wolf mix to a family he doesn'ten even know. he is a marine. we are family. service, fatherhood and dog loving connects a donor to the head of a grieving household. today is a new chapter, new beginning. i understand firsthand what a dog represents. >> reporter: buffy the shepherd and thor the bill pull mix provided emotional support to its the wife survived breast cancer and antonio who dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder. on sunday the family had their two dogs shot and killed. police say it was by their next door neighbor, jose rocca, arrested on cruelty to animal charges. i hope you are very happy. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: as for the frederick family. they are enjoying their newest addition. as elliot was born on thanksgiving day but she no longer is there the youngest
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that distinction would go to alpha, right? welcome to the family, buddy. we're in southwest miami-dade, sheldon fox, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up in the forecast a bit of a change heading into the weekend. the heat and humidity kind of go down on the down slide. that's the good news. we'll get you all of the forecast coming up next. ahead on 7 news wells fargo under investigation. why one of the largest banks in the country is now in serious trouble. a store in texas under fire for
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>> anchor: seller holding on. another hot i did out there today. >> anchor: absolutely. it's not time to put away summer clothes just yet. we have the shorts and t for a little bit longer. bri things may change late next week. >> reporter: yes, we do know
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could possibly be our last 90 degree day that we have for this year so if you like it, then enjoy it while it's here we're still sitting in the 90's. high for boston 93 degrees. that ties the old record from last year of 93 if you remember this time last year, we were in the midst of a heat wave. the good news, if you are not a fan of the 90's is today it's one and done. we cool by at least ten degrees into tomorrow. here are your current temperatures. low 90's really across the board. 87 in worcester. we popped up another degree. 87 fitchburg this is it what's made the heat even more difficult to bear today. # the struggle is real. at least for me with these dewpoints in the mid to upper 60's and even low 70's and for a time we had this much humidity in the city of boston. what happens is the cooling process that keeps you cool is your sweat that's evaporating back out into the atmosphere. that's what keeps you cool but when the air has this much moisture in its saying, the air is saying we don't want your sweat so you kind of keep that
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head threw a hot today today with humidity included with the heat. current heat index meaning it feels like mid 90's out there with both of those things couple together. to put it into perspective normal high for this time of year 75 for the city of boston. at least heading through the next couple of days we do get a cool down from today, but we still will experience above average temperatures through most of this 7 day forecast. now back to the here and now, we did get some sunshine as we made it into this afternoon. m the cloud cover tomorrow will be very similar. we have sort of a series of fronts that going to work their way through. you see where the yellow coloring is here? upstate new york and in northern new england, that's where the cooler air with this first front is and it will push through overnight tonight. we just don't get the relief from the heat right away. right now still in the 90's for us, chance of rain. we get with this series of fronts a slight chance on saturday and a slight chance on sunday as well. it looks like isolated showers
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too much. running through that time line here comes that cool front, sort of stalls out and then it pushes to the north as a warm front as we get through the day on saturday. next cool front rolls through late on sunday and that pushes in some much dryer air for us. so humidity will be falling off quite significantly getting into next week. not a whole lot of rain on the way. 10th of an inform, quarter of an inch about the best we can hope for and sole of us stay dry all to the. partly cloudy, mild temperatures it's muggy overnight tonight. 56 to than today, but still a touch muggy with that chance of a spot shower. here is your 7 to 7 forecast for tomorrow. mugginess i think the humidity that we are experiencing right now is about what we'll deal with into tomorrow and then the humidity continues to improve as we make it into the beginning of next week, plus sunshine is back. how does mid 70's for a high on monday sound? then a fall like feel for the end of next week. >> anchor: all right, bri, time for fast track traffic with matt
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we'll begin on 93 in reading. 93 north is on the right side of your screen. you see a bit of a delay getting on to 128 but the rest of 93 north looks good although you will be on the brakes from the o'neill tunnel all the way up to spot pond in stoneham. on 93 south you start to back up on the lower deck right into the o'neill tunnel. on the mass pike west leaving boston this friday it's tough right now from the ted williams tunnel all the way past newton corner. the weekend side of the pike is moving well into the city. the expressway south is a tough ride. most of the way from boston down to the braintree split you can see though you have a little room by the gas tank but then right back in it by neponset circle. the northbound side of the expressway jams up heading into the o'neill you it element let's get drive time on the exthe o'neill tunnel to the braintree split looking like a 32 minute drive. once you get past the braintree split 95 and 24 and route 3 not that bad. matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> reporter: a cambridge man charged with secretly recording
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hidden in bedrooms and bathrooms as searched by police leading to the discovery of dozens of video of women in different states of undress. 12 have been identified. many videos included recordings of conversations. the suspect here is due back in court next month and we'll be right back. it's game time! and you know what that means. it's time to grab a kfc twenty dollar fill-up. yeah! now available with extra crispy tenders.
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kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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ache purr of it a kentucky teen-ager going viral after he gives his new shoes fay homeless man. the 14-year-old was feeding the homeless with his church group when he noticed one man's ripped shoes. >> anchor: he offered his own right off of his feet. 7's sara french has the story. >> reporter: imagine walking a mile in someone else's shoes. one kentucky teen took that expression literally to help a homeless man. every day we see kids robbing people, kids breaking vandalizing, it's >> reporter: that's not the path 14-year-old lauren or ron gollobin as he is called wanted to take of the that's why he spends his time helping others with the local non-profit in louisville. on monday it was feeding the homeless and that's when one man stood out to him. you can tell he has been hurt so many times. >> reporter: ron gollobin first asked if he could say a prayer but he then noticed the man's ripped shoes so without hesitation ron took off his
4:58 pm
i told him, you know, take it because it's what god wanted me to do. told him to take it from me. >> reporter: a photo of that moment was posted on facebook and it took off from there. viewed and shared more than a million times all around the country. but before it went viral, ron-ron came home in sox. what did he do? and at first i was upset because i'm like we just bought these shoes a day ago for him for school and th that's what god told him to do. i am very proud. >> reporter: making a difference one step at a time. i am just trying to do right and change the world. >> reporter: after seeing the picture someone mailed a brand new pair of shoes to ron-ron. in the newsroom, i'm sara french 7 news. >> anchor: those are stories we love to share with all of you right there because it's positive news. >> anchor: we need that in our day. much more to come next 90 minutes, everyone i'm jadiann thompson.
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>> anchor: a body camera battle coming to an end in court. when boston police officers will start wearing them. >> anchor: a shocking sight for high school as a man is accused of exposing himself and now ary learning about his troubling past. >> anchor: hot and muggy and timing out showers possible for the weekend. >> anchor: the patriots off to arizona and the fill in quarterback is ready to step up. tom brady is saying about missing out on the action. >> anchor: north korea unleashes a powerful new nuclear blast and it'sing abouting a major issue on the campaign tr anger. a company accused of trying to capitalize by referencing the september 11 attacks. >> anchor: first at 5:00 there will soon be eyes on thing as of officers. the boston police body camera program moving forward. the city's largest police union challenged the plan in court. >> anchor: but today a judge denied their motion to delay the start of the program. byron barnett live in boston
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>> reporter: this is the 19 page court ruling on the very last nine it says the boston police union's motion did denied so that means the boston police body cam pilot program is moving forward. monday 100 boston police officers are expected to be wearing body cameras in a six month trial program. a suffolk superior court ruling has given the police commissioner the green light. this is a great moment for police accountability, police transparency a civil rights in boston. >> reporter: last month the boston police union and the city agreed to a voluntary pilot program, but when no officers volunteered to wear the cameras, voluntary became mandatory. the police union filed suit saying forcing officers to wear body cameras violated their union contract. but the court ruled that state law grants the police commissioner significant authority over matters such as deployment, uniforms, weapons


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