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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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side lined why he won't be playing in sunday's season opener and who else is going to be sitting out. police arresting a suspect they say has been doing it for years. blue ribbons at the center of a controversy in royalston why town leaders say they must come made by a 9-year-old, and how parent help get this present to the vatican. good morning, it's 6:00, there's a bounce in your step, the weekend is finally here. >> i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen. looking outside, the sun is coming up later and later, it feels like fall in the air, but
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outside. >> we got to 93 degrees, tying the record that was set last year on september 9th. today will be much cooler but still almost as humid. still a muggy feel to the air with that moisture in the air, got clouds, even a sprinkle or two on the radar and spotty showers out over the waters some of the heaviest here over the over the ocean, but what might barely clip nantucket in the next half hour, that is the forecast for today. very, very hit or miss showers, otherwise kind of a clouds and sun. got a 70, but it's a dew point to tell you how humid it is. the dew point is up in the range of yesterday much even though it will be cooler than yesterday, temperatures only in the upper 70s near 80 degrees for the boston area, across the north shore to the east coast of new hampshire more like mid 80s as you get to the south of the pike, and areas of taunton and
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about that and the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. bad news for the patriots, big 87, team announcing that gronk will be missing the gamement he has been dealing with a hamstring industry. >> that means that the pats will open the season without brady and now without government we have a loo -- gronk we have a lo look at. >> he comes town with it. >> tom brady and ron gronkowski. >> i want to be out there so bad, especially to help other teams. >> reporter: that fear will become a reality on sunday night. >> i said you're not 100%. ever since that one time during practices, i've been week to week. >> reporter: a hamstring injury suffered three weeks ago labeled him as questionable. he can't take a team like
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pressure on julian, to try to ease jimmy. >> the veteran presence is always a nice thing and it's nice to have them huddle with you. >> reporter: a lack of star power might make the start much more difficult but it still shouldn't take the shine away from opening night. >> once you lose the butterflies is when you should hang them up. when the pats take the field in arizona, there's only we will get started with 7 on the sidelines at 6:30. kickoff is set for 8:30, and we will have complete post game coverage following the game. on 7, frightening find inside of a summerville apartment. a man was secretly recording women for the past five years. some the women were his own roommates. 7 kimberly bookman shows us how police were able to track this man down. >> reporter: when i came home
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and they were searching apartment, and they were gathering evidence. these two women watched as the upstairs neighbor went to the police station after the female roommate accused him of hiding a camera. >> he had hidden a camera. she heard an alarm go off in the morning and found this camera. >> reporter: the middlesex county district attorney says police went in and searched and found multiple recording devices including a camera hidden in a bathro pretty traumatized about what he had done. >> reporter: the forensic unveiled dozens of videos of naked women, some in the bathroom, others engaged in sexual activity. in total, the investigation revealed 13 female victims from several apartments, some roommates and other houseguests, and the videos go back as far back as 2011. the people who lived in the duplex, immediately kicked the suspect out. >> he seemed ashamed, but i was
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more responsibility, and i just said to him, like you need to get help. >> kimberly book man. a man getting a new trial the state judicial court upholding a court ruling that he ellis was lawfully tried. he has been free on bail since 2015 after a superior court this out of ashland, an 18-year-old milford woman hit by a car last night. she has been taken by helicopter to the hospital with serious injuries. what you are looking on here is a scene on pleasant street where a 24 year-old driver from ashland hit that woman. officials do not think alcohol or speed was a factor in the crash. in a laurens a firefighter who allegedly shot himself in the leg during an argument is staying behind bars.
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yesterday with bandages around his leg. prosecutors argue that he is a danger to himself and others, he does face several charges. a battle over ribbons. you see the ribbons tied around trees, and tied around the bridge. families put up the ribbons to show support for police. now town leaders have been ordered to take the ribbons down. ribbons. >> reporter: in this community with a population of more than 1200, it seems the blue ribbon has done just that. >> we're under the understanding that we oftenned some people. >> reporter: you see the group msp, spouses of state troopers have has been tying blue ribbons across the state to show support for law enforcement. two citizens didn't like the ribbons on town property, so
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trying to do something good here and this is offending people. i don't quite get that. >> i support the police, i support the firefighters, and i support the par medic, without them what would our community be? we would have nothing. >> reporter: residents were offered to take the blue ribbons to display at their home. the wives said they will continue to cover the state in blue ribbons. >> i want everybody to know this has nothing to do with b this has everything to do with supporting our law enforcement. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today new england. following more news, if you bought samsung's hot new phone, the consumer product commission is getting involved with the galaxy note 7 because the outbreak of the lithium battery fires. if you bought the phone stop using it, send it in to samsung, swap program for the replacement
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down on an airplane. now to a developing story overseas, russia and the united states making breakthrough agreement to help to bring peace to embattled syria. a nationwide cease-fire will be in place starting next monday. we report from geneva. railroad. >> reporter: they are going to wor tie to reduce the violence in syria. this came a long time, as a surprise this they finally announced it. secretary kerry, and his russian counterpart made the announcement that russia is going to use its influence to convict the assad regime to stop attacking civilian areas. a cease-fire is supposed to take place starting from
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its influence to stop attacking the syrian regime. if this can happen for seven days according to the secretary kerry, if the russian have enough influence to convince the assad regime to stop firing on civilians for 7 days, and if the americans can get the syrian regime to silence their guns, that it would trigger a whole series of secondary steps, including military coordination, also potentiallile political talks that could see the transition of assad from. if the cease-fire could hold it would open other possibilities. there's many skeptic ic that say it's unlikely because previous cease fires have not held and have not lasted for several hours.
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geneva. donald trump applauding vladimir put in, in an interview. and the hillary clinton is talking tough on policy while trying to relate to voters. >> reporter: hillary clinton tried to act presidential, a photo op with national security experts on what she calls her top priority defeating isis. she was joined by michael chertoff by video conference, and former cia director david petraeus. >> with it comes to war, peace, and the safety of our country. we can't let party affiliations to stand between us. >> reporter: clinton now with ads appealing as problem solvers. another attempt to try to reintroduce the softer side of clinton, posting that she was heckled when trying to take the
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but i had to learn as a young woman to control my emotion. a speech on faith. >> i have made my share of mistakes. >> and if donald is turning to evangelicals. >> in that system he has been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> it's not a serious presidential campaign. even some republicans skeptical. >> my hope is that he will change his opinion regards to it. and trump insisted that what sounded like praise for putin. >> he is not saying. >> reporter: trump raising more eyebrows appearing on russian tv. the trump campaign said that the thought was for larry king's pod cast, not the kremlin network. to all, the trump is keeping it close out of polls of florida and ohio. >> for most voters this is not
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a battle when the boston police department will now be pressing forward. record heat yesterday, but in a couple of days we might barely get out of 60s, i will show you when coming up. tragedy brewing for beer lovers, listen up why there could be a shortage of pumpkin
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you may have noticed that your favorite pumpkin treats may be hitting the shelves, but the pumpkin beer may not be coming. the pumpkins won't grow until later in the year. and pumpkin brewers say that. >> i see pumpkin spice everything everywhere everywhere. >> i saw and that sounds more appealing. >> i haven't tried those, have you? >> i'm not one for pumpkin spice, i like the candles, but it's a decreeilicious around here. >> i'm like a kid in a candy store when i see in on the shelves. that is not very fall like whatsoever, but it will start to feel more fall like in the coming days. of today will be much cooler than yesterday, not be record
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the temperature tell you how hot it is, and humid temperature will tell you how humid it is. and we were at the top of the scale, temperatures will be much cooler, but the humidity kind of a muggy feel to the air. beginning tomorrow afternoon, the numbers just fall off the cliff and monday, tuesday, most of the upcoming week looks -- off to a warm the atmosphere is saturated. without waking to a mixture of clouds and sun. we got a few of them from block island to the tip of nantucket. these are moving east southeast. just pass, just graze nantucket here. the rest of us might see a sprinkle or two this morning. just barely hit or miss showers in the forecast throughout the day due to a front that is hanging out right on top of us. south of the front it, that is where the hot air was, that
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connecticut is still there. 90s in connecticut. most of us will be on the less hot side or warm side of the front where temperatures are only going to be in the 70s and 80s, but with that front hang out on top of us. very hit or miss showers will be possible throughout the day. as we head into the afternoon hours, the best chance of the showers will be areas north and west of 495. get into the warm side, hot and humid side of the front. best chance of rain in the coming days will be tomorrow morning through about lunchtime when we are showers, possibly even a few thunderstorms. can't rule out a previous downpour but only a quick shot at rain. already by dinner time tomorrow. skies are clearing out and the air coming in looks fantastic not only cooler but low humidity, really pleasant stuff. high temperatures today kind of a wide-range expected, generally in the mid-70s in boston, more like mid-to upper 70s for the most of the north shore up in new hampshire, but south and west of boston, 80s and again you're approaching 90s as you get down toward connecticut
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showers and thunderstorms through lunchtime tomorrow, clearing tomorrow afternoon, great looking monday and tuesday, and thursday, many of us may not get out of 60s, got 70 for a high, but much cooler weather bit end of the week. 40s at night? >> we still have 85, it's still like summertime, by the way, i have to clarify for the record. i don't hate all things pumpkin. >> not all thinks. >> i love pumpkin pie. >> you're about to >> it's just latte's too sweet. >> cut it in half. >> now that i have that on the record. a puppy snatched from a pet store. how the stolen pup was finally returned. a creepy trend that is spreading across the country now, where this clown was
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barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband,
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we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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puppy theft caught on camera. the surveillance video shows a woman stealing a puppy pop up. and the worst thing is the child standing by her side. >> the best thing is that the puppy was returned. >> it was the happiest of the
6:22 am
in hollywood on friday morning. this stolen eight week old maltese mix returned overnight. >> she came walking from the side of where her car had been parked the other day our parking lot and was covered and puts the box down and walks away. >> just like that the mystery woman returned the pup as fast as she once took it. she left the pup in a tomato box, outside of the front door. returning the pup back, but she did the wrong thing of stealing the puppy with the young child. >> she was seen walking out with the eight week old pup, causing days of despair for the store owner judd norford. >> i hadn't slept for two days worrying, something she shouldn't get away with. >> three days later, the woman
6:23 am
happy find. >> i said, oh, my god, the puppy is in there. the puppy that was stolen is inside roar the sweet p. >> reporter: the pup was given a bath, and fed the right food. she is now pack at her temporary home until she is adopted. still ahead, the case of a stolen lobster statue taking a new twist who police say was behind the crime. a girl's home gift makes it
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a perfect present for pope francis and it was designed in new england by a 9-year-old bingham girl. she couldn't make the trip herself. >> the pope couldn't have been more delighted. we have more from gingham. >> i was thinking it probably won't get to the pope. >> reporter: making these potholders in her spare time. >> but gets harder. >> reporter: she decided to make one for her parents to take to rome on a religious pilgrimage. they went to the pope, pilgrimage that normally draws crowds in the thousands. the couple was five line deep behind another line of deep. to shake hands with the pope.
6:27 am
pad store me. >> she said give it to me, and she got it to a priest. who looked at it. what is this? the next thing we know, we have a smiling pope, waiving at them holding a hot pad. >> reporter: her daughter maura cried absolutey amazed with along with gold challises and other expensive items, the pope took the time to holdup megan's special gift. >> i was really excited. >> it's a child's g popular, you don't have to be catholic to like him. >> reporter: now the family from gingham hopes that the pope francis puts the pop to good use. >> i'm sure he is putting a pot of tea tonight, i hope. that is so delightful. the thing with megan she was so adamant, she knew even when she started make that it would end up with the pope. >> and did it.
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today, big poppy showing love for the patriots, what he dust and allergens
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a body camera battle comes to an end. when austin police officers will start wearing them. a convicted sex offender arrested again. this time he targeted teens. massive war ship makes a stop at rhode island. we will take a look at the
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good morning to you, thank you for joining you on this saturday morning. i'm nancy chen. >> i'm kris anderson. we're talking about weather with rob eicher. maybe a chance to get out. do you have any plans for the weekend. >> my plans to watch the radar. on the radar got very, very hit or miss, very light, spotty showers, temperatures already in the 70s from the boston area south, 60s north of town, and we are going to see a wide range head throughout the day. heaviest rain over the open water, but the showers are heading south, they're going to graze martha's vineyard and maybe head toward nantucket in the next half hour or so, but that pretty much the forecast, very mitt or miss spotty showers, not a wash out, and there will be peeks of sunshine. we will be notice plea cooler than yesterday, -- noticeably cooler, and yesterday more like 80s south of the pike as we get into the afternoon hours,
6:32 am
chance -- again tonight, and chance of rain continues and increases through tomorrow. we will time out the rain in a few minutes. summerville police have arrested a cambridge man for secretly recording a dozen or so women. that man is facing 26 charges of secretly recording unsuspected nude person. he has been doing it for years, until he got caught. some the victim were his roommates and others were house guests. d arizona this is a big loss, rob gronkowski, hamstring injury suffered three week ago, labeled gronk as questionable, he did not make the team trip to arizona for this game. now his absence puts a lot of pressure as they try to ease jimmy in first start. a convicted sex offender. this man came to massachusetts followed a group of girls and then expose himself.
6:33 am
>> reporter: high school girls soccer players victims when they say a man who is a registered sex offender exposed himself to them on this walking path, near lexington high school. >> each of them discussing that they were shocked and they had never seen him before. >> reporter: not showing his face in court, a lexington police report shows that he confessed to exposing himself to two groups of girls under 18 both wednesday and thursday afternoon, and then he told police he has been going crazy with uncontrollable urges to expose himself to girls. >> awful, i feel for the girls. the school seems to be doing everything that they can, but the kids have to be vigilantes after the girls pointed out him to them, the officer eventual tackled him in at a play ground trying to implicate his own brother. >> he gave his brother's name,
6:34 am
>> reporter: parent are glad he is caught. >> i haven't heard of anything like it happening before, and unfortunately, sometimes you have people who aren't very nice. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. a braintree prep school is official, it's facing alarming allegations now, stephen ahead of cats academy, he is charged with offering an undercover police officer money for sex and human trafficking. allegedly agreed to meet with an undercover officer for a prostitution deal. people who live in near that school can't believe it. >> this is crazy and he is out on bail. >> imagine a 9th grade, a scared little girl. you know what is going to happen, he is in braintree now. >> the prep school has not commented on these charges.
6:35 am
of two other massachusetts school districts. connecticut daycare owner is under arrest. this woman had been running an unlicensed daycare at fairfield for more than a deck aid. back in march, a 4-month-old baby died under her care. that child was found unresponsive and taken to a hospital where it was pronounced dead. >> it's difficult for not only the parents and working with the parents of the victim, but at the same time most of the officers have to investigate these cases where children are involved. >> the medical examiner said the child had been given an allergy medicine that is not meant for children younger than two years old. a major ruling for the boston police department. the body camera program moving forward in a mug legal battle finally over. tim caputo has a closer rook. >> reporterlook.>> reporter: be
6:36 am
100 officers will start wearing body cameras after a judge ruled against the police union. >> this is a great moment for police transparency and civil rights. >> reporter: a year ago, boston police agreed to try out a limited number of body cameras for a six month long program. groups pushing for the cameras think it will help build trust and keep officers honest. >> some tool that provide accountability and transparency >> reporter: but the police union told officers not to volunteer to wear cameras. after only one officer signed up, they said that the cry out will be mandatory. and they said that the commissioner did not have that authority but a suffolk judge disagreement it was never about officers having something to hide. >> we work so hard, we have a good favor ability rating and i hated anything negative being
6:37 am
everyday, and to be painted that we have something to hide that bothered me. >> reporter: police union president expressed disappointment with the ruling but said in a statement the bpa is still committed to working with the city to make sure that the city gets a body camera program that is expected to do what they need to do. tim caputo, 7 news today in new england. an arrest has been made the sirloin test. police charged a preliminarying on the teenager for stealing statue. the 150-pound lobster that stands in front of a water front park in plymouth was ripped from its base last week. sir lion yum self has not been recovered. alarming clown sightings are sweeping the nation, most recently in arizona.
6:38 am
town yuma. it's happening around the country, leaving people on edge. there's not much they can do because these people are not doing anything illegal. >> they can't, there's nothing against the law that says you can't ride around like that. >> in other parts country, the problem is more serious, residents in south carolina and california have reported stories of people trying to lure kids into wooded areas. officials are trying to warn people to be on the look out and be careful when approaching strangers. authorities continue to spray for mosquitoes in miami, the latest sprague was by air on friday morning. later people wore masks in responses to that sprague. -- spraying. some say it's just a precaution,
6:39 am
get poisoned. >> anybody who is trying to get pregnant is against it. we do not want to be poisoned in our own home. >> attacking mosquito by air is considered a very effective way to cush the mosquito population. congress has yet to approve a spending package for antizika funding. turning to a frightening image. police found a man and a woman passed out in their car with a 4-year-old alone in the back seat. heroin at the time, and the photo posted online sending shock waves across the country. 7's ryan schulte ihas more. >> reporter: the images are horrifying, and heartbreaking, a couple unconscious from a heroin overdose. officers in east liverpool ohio wants the photos to be a wake-up call. >> when you see that the shock factor, you get ta lump in your throat that it's sad especially
6:40 am
missed a group of children getting off of a school bus. the couple has been arrested and the child taken into protective custody. >> when you see something like that and you put a face to it, it's a victim. >> reporter: matt frank has been an addiction specialist for 40 years. >> why ohio? >> we are thinking ohio because we have a long history with the >> reporter: heroin is being laced with deadly synthetic drugs. >> it's very concerning that people are pushing the envelope, you know to the next high, the biggest high, the maximum high. >> and as these photos show children are living through the horror of addiction, too. a church and state controversy heating up as a texas high school. the school has a painting of the
6:41 am
wall. the superintendent covered the commandments with black paper. when student tore down the paper, the superintendent covered that with an american flag, and now students want that flag taken down. this is something we believe in. and this is something we can't just ignore. don't take aware our faith. it's all we have. it's all we can live on anymore. >> protest students have been putting up sticky notes with commandments and bible excerpts written on them. the look at the few tirristic destroyer. >> it made the first stop ever on friday. at more than 600 feet long, the angular shape of the ship is said to minimize its radar, and cost be more than $4 billion is the most expensive destroyer in history. the ship was built in maine and will make its way to its hem port that is going -- home port that will be san diego. a long way to go.
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a tornado touching down, we will tell you how long it was in that area for. thunderstorms a possibility for parts of our weekend. we will time that out coming up. if you're craving something sweet, you will want to see this. we're trying eclairs, and
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welcome back. a tornadoy touching down in central illinois. the national weather service said it was on the ground for 17 minutes. now there are this reports of any injuries, but that same storm produced at least one other tornado in the area. they then moved east into indiana, and rob said it was coming our way here to new england. >> not the tornado, but the storm system. it's scary when you see pictures like that railroad tha. >> reporter: t is coming here, thunderstorms are not out of the question tomorrow. today it's a real hit or miss spotty showers, not a wash out by any means. if you want to get out and enjoy the day, you certainly can. if you are going to the beaches, it will be cooler at the coastline than anywhere else. low 80s away from the cove line today. low tide coming up at lunchtime. and next high tide coming up on dinner time. overall the seas much, much calmer than they were this time last week when we were dealing
6:46 am
but in the tropics right now thing are overall fairly quiet. i got one system to keep an eye on, actually three to keep an eye but only one that we're worried about. these two, one, this one out in the middle of the ocean, the hurricane center 90% chance that this one will become the next storm system. iraan is the n it does, it will stay out in the middle of the atlantic. back at home, a tropical feel to the air today. many of us in the 70s already, and it's the dew point that tells you how humid it is. we got dew points in the mid-and upper 60s, so we're pretty high on the scale today, not quite as hot as it was yesterday, but almost as humid as it was yesterday. you will definitely notice a little bit of a muggy feel in the air. in fact, with that moisture, spotty showers will be a possibility, just about anytime
6:47 am
kind of grazing martha's vineyard heading toward nantucket. elsewhere kind of a mixture of cloud and sun this morning. all part of a frontal boundary that is right on top of us and will stay on top of us today, that means more cloud and sun. we will see peek of sunshine here and there and also a hit and miss shower. the best chance overall will be the front, the same one that spun the tornado will get here today. with that, spotty showers, maybe a few thust out a brief period of heavy rain here or there. it will be hit or miss, and very, very brief by remember too afternoon. skies are clearing out and the air behind the front looks amazing, so we're going to go from kind of warm and muggy this weekend to very fall-like pleasant humidity levels as we head into monday and tuesday, and even cooler for thursday and friday with overnight temperatures in the 40s, wednesday night, and thursday night, enjoy. fun to love. >> absolutely, fall is in the air.
6:48 am
england. we're headed to one of the oldest bakeries on the south shore. we have the perfect dessert to make your weekend even sweeter.
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sweet story for you this morning. so sweet you can eat t literally. this one has everything you can ask for, and it really take the cake. >> 7 sarah french takes us to a place that has sugar, spice and everything nice, it's what is cooking. >> reporter: pumpkin spice, it's one of the oldest bakeries in the south shore. mon tellio. , and the company has been in service for 45 years and i have been doing it for 40. >> the company has been ceremonial cake in all the years past. my father before me, he did all the inaugural cakes. >> reporter: from jfk to george w. bush. mon tellios has been the inaugural cake. and they're even making cakes of sports figures like cronk and an edible replica of fenway park. as the business grows and expands, so do their treats.
6:52 am
make a tray of white and one of chocolate, now it's a showcase of cupcakes. >> reporter: today jo shows us how to create eclairs, and cream puffs. >> we boil water, oil, sugar and salt. >> reporter: then add flour and stir well. put in a blender and mix. >> and you cool down the flour a little bit or you will cook the eggs. >> reporte eggs, a triple helping. >> when it's the coldest we can get it and then we have the peking powder. >> reporter: put the batter into a piping bag and pipe on to a tray. bake in a 400-degree oven until golden. >> this is the finished product right here. there's not a lot of sugar in the product so you can do a savory or you can do sweet. >> reporter: slice them in two, george and alisa fill the
6:53 am
muse. dip the top in chocolate and your treats are ready to eat. that is what is cooking, i'm sarah french, 7 news. no pumpkin spice, and he fills it with pumpkin. >> and chocolate. that looked so delicious. >> i love that everything he did is on such a large scale. it's like automatic stir. >> bring it on, i wish i had that giant bat of eclair batter. >> 300 eclairs coming up. a swimmer, why she is hitting the water big papi with big smiles, how he is showing support for his
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an ambitious athlete hoping to be the first person to swim non-stop on sacramento river. she is without stopping. that is going to take 45 hours in order to make the record brooks, chambers will have to wear a regular swim suit and she can't have any physical contact with her crew or her support boat. tough, good luck to her. big papi showing support ahead of the patriot season opener. you can see ortiz rocking his patriots jersey, through the writing, writes quote, favorite
6:57 am
a check of the forecast. >> i wonder how he would do as a tight end, and kind of a wide rage, hit or -- range hit or miss showers. could be a few thunderstorm mixed in and then a pleasant start to the upcoming workweek. i will be back with more local news and weather at 8:00. we will see you we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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good morning. on the attack. the war of words with hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up with some of the nasty jabs yet. >> she could walk into the arena right now and shoot somebody right in the middle of the heart and she would not be prosecuted. >> you could put them in the basket of deplorable. islamaphobic and xenophobic. you name it. >> and barbara streisand puts a


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