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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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for wet weather. >> anchor: the patriots will have a very different look when they start the season sunday. the quarterback looking to prove himself and several other players being called to step up. we are counting down to kickoff. >> anchor: and going head over heels. a group of young gymanists cartwheeling for a cure. >> a boating tragedy in taunton. a man is killed when the at watson pond and spectators watch in horror as several boaters were thrown into the water. >> anchor: so scary two others were also injured in the crash and then amaka ubaka is live in taunton tonight where the investigation is underway. amaka ubaka? >> reporter: nicole, hundreds were watching the boat race when the accident happened. the 39?year?old man from new hampshire was killed instantly on scene. we're told that his young son
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a fun day of power boat racing at watson pond turns tragic after 3 speed boats collide killing one man and injuring two others. >> i watch the start and when the start came i noticed there was two boats out front and then smoking into that turn. >> reporter: joe, a championship racer for 23 years was in the crowd of hundreds. he said he looked up when the race started and said something just didn't feel right. hooked. the second boat hooked and the third boat just ran right into the front 2. and i knew it was ?? it wasn't good. >> anchor: officials say the first boat spun out at 65 mph causing a pile up. >> a giant splash, a bang and then debris everywhere. it was pretty horrific. >> reporter: scott dexter, the deputy chief of the taunton fire department was also watching the race and was in one of the three rescue boats
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the divers getting all 3 men, including 2 that were unconscious, out of the water. >> all 3 boats were destroyed and all 3 members were in the water. >> reporter: the d.a. says a 39?year?old new hampshire man died on scene. a 67?year?old maine man is still critical condition, and a third boater, a 72?year?old, was treated for minor injuries. >> we're here to have fun enjoy the sport. and just don't like to see it happen. >> because of what happened today, tomorrow's races have been cancelled. live in taunton tonight, amaka ubaka, 7 news night team. >> a new hampshire man facing murder charges accused of stabbing a woman to death in her danville home. tonight learning more about the suspect.
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>> the accused killer was a roommate of the victim and he even called 911 himself to report the crime. >> as the person she does whatever she could for anybody at any time. and it is going over it. >> and murder of 51?year?old joanne boucher. police say they now have the suspected killer in custody. 37?year?old richard moore held behind bars charged with murdering the woman he rented a room from. the new hampshire state police say moore, a registered sex offender, stabbed the victim to death over the weekend. >> it's senseless. they were upset about this. >> anchor: moore had been living there for quite some time and even registering the address with the state. renting out part of the home to help pay down the mortgage. neighbors say they were wary of the accused killer. his arrest affirming their suspicions and fears. those who new boucher say the victim was trusting and had a
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outgoing person and wanted to help people in that direction and probably what the demise was and circumstances. >> anchor: what will be in court first thing monday morning. he's charged with second degree murder. the victim leaves behind a son. in danville, new hampshire, tonight. kelly o'hara, 7 news night team. >> anchor: the night team turning to the forecast. rain moving in and right out today but there could be more showers for sunday and check in with meteorologist bri eggers. >> and then it best and going to produce very much. that's the story today and tomorrow could be a similar story and then there's a cold front and closer to our backyard all day and this mild and muggy pizza place and into tomorrow afternoon and it is the chance of rain early in the morning into about midday and after that drying out and getting the sunshine back as well.
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it into monday. we'll run through the time line hour by hour, expecting that wet weather coming up in the extended forecast in just a bit. >> looking to silence the critics. big shoes to fill and he is eager to start the season off right. it's not just tom brady who is going to be missing tomorrow night's game. >> there are other holes to fill in the field. let's head out live to arizona. trey adair is at university of phoenix stadium. trey, this is going to be a rough start fo with some big names not plague. >> and they're back tomorrow. and the patriots and the cardinals with the show case game on sunday night and just mention they're not so sure how much of the showcase it's going to be for the new england patriots. we learned yesterday gronkowski officially ruled out and known for awhile now that jimmy will be the first quarterback not
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>> it is like one of your buddies going to jail and it is one of those types of things. >> and hopefully the comparison is just a night in the county cell. >> no relevant experien together. >> and to try to do my job to the best of my ability and wherever jimmy and there. >> and he'll need all the support he can get going up against the cardinals' defense. it's as aggressive as any new england will see this season. >> the past guise up front and they're hard to block and good
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>> and then it's going to be different things and then it's doing what we do. >> and it's a lot of parts to lead to the long night for the new england defense. and all this plus the injuries adding up to the new england patriots being the 7 point underdog here tomorrow night. reporting live outside of the university of phoenix stadium, trey adair, 7 news night >> anchor: and though brady can't play his wife gisele tossing around the football and captioned this picture. don't worry guys, i'll keep him ready! #brady's camp! and pats take the field in arizona tomorrow and one place you can see it right here on 7. and it is going to the 7 on
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follow the game. >> following more news tonight, vandals in walpole sending a message. trying to see who spray painted cumberland farms. the one saying "don't cancel our dances" and other derogatory comments as well. the high school recently canc willed all of the school dances because of alcohol issues. and similar grafitti was found on walpole high school and detectives are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> anchor: and another act of vandalism under investigation. this is in marvel head smashed overnight. this is the second time a window was broken at the school in less than a month. police say both crimes are considered felonies. >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton backtracking on
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donald trump supporters. >> and can put about half into what i call the basket of deplorables. and homophobic and xenophobic. islama phobic. you name it. >> anchor: clinton now taking back those comments. in the statement the democratic presidential nominee says the nominee was grossly generallyistic and regrets saying what she said. but clinton also said she'll continue to call out racist rhetoric. and donald trump is pouncing. he clinton's statements while attending a funeral for conservative icon phyllis schaeffly. trump predicting clinton's comments will hurt her in the polls with just 58 days left until the election. >> tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. people all over the country are remembering that tragic day. the new york fire department hosting a service today. the event took place at st. patrick's cathedral honoring members of the fire department
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across new york tomorrow and the twin beams of light will illuminate the new york city sky line. boston will host its own service to remember the victims of 9/11. a wreath?laying ceremony will take place tomorrow morning in the boston public garden. there will also be the annual name reading ceremony of the more than 200 victims with ties to massachusetts who were killed in the attacks. still ahead. a record attempt. >> anchor: a little girl who
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so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> cashing in on cartwheels. hoping to somersault into the
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for pediatric research. this is for caroline who lost her battle with cancer 4 years ago. >> anchor: they're set to help them with the disease. >> cartewheeling for the cure. flipping head over heels. >> and then trying to see again. >> and then hope for the caroline foundation and then it is going to those who most need it and then it's to 690. dozen people short. >> and then it's here. >> and then it is going to those to norwell. >> and then it is an old soul. >> and kelly was diagnosed with dipg. one of the rarest and deadliest forms of pediatric brain cancer. she died les than 9 months after being diagnosed. there's no cure for dipg and virtually no funding for
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dipg comes from foundations like ours which really isn't enough to make a dent. we're doing what we can do. >> so are kelly's fans at the norwell gymnastics school with the world raising record attempt will happen next saturday. >> to have the event here really reminds us of her and her presence is definitely felt. she never walked anywhere. she danced or skipped or cartwheeled. >> reporter: this time around the foundation is hoping for a huge turnout. and if you're worried about >> we just need to get your feet somewhat in the air. it doesn't have to look good or be straight. >> the second taeflt for the family and community who will never give up fighting for a cure. >> because i don't want kids to have cancer. >> okay, so if you don't have plans for next saturday, now you do. the event happening on september 17th at 3:00 at head over heels gymnastics school in norwell. >> reporter: coming up in the forecast, the round of showers
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>> reporter: tracking showers and thunderstorms along this really impressive cold front all throughout the evening tomorrow. and then stuck in the squeeze play and the very mild and moist air mass. it would take that cold front to sweep through to really clean the air out and making it dryer and cooler and then here's time for the rainfall as we get in tomorrow morning. it looks like stretching into worckester county and 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. there are yellows and reds showing up on this particular forecast model so that indicates to me the possibility
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downpours with the activities through tomorrow. not a wash out for sunday and really, as we move into the later hours of the afternoon, all done with the chance for wet weather. we get the sunshine back in the forecast and those dew points will be dropping off as well. so much less humid the later hours of tomorrow. not a whole lot of rain promised to us but a similar story to what we've seen all summer long and it looks promisin cents here and there. the temperatures in the 70s and not going to cool off tonight and dew points in the 70s as well so it is a soupy air mass. and we will have the patchy fog when you go overnight as well and it could be locally dense. something to watch out for. 68 to 73 overnight tonight and tomorrow we get those showers early on early in the afternoon and quick look at the 7 on 7 forecast showing much improvement on sunday. sunshine's back and the dryer air and cooler temperatures. it's a great start to the next
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fly faster than you think. get three times points on jetblue purchases, two times at restaurants and grocery stores, and one time on all other purchases. the jetblue card. >> anchor: coming to you live tonight from glendale, arizona. the site of the super bowl xlix victory and that's for the next 4 weeks. the patriots' third year quarterback set to make the
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night. on the other side they're going to have their hands full with a pair of veterans and the 14th season in the nfl and the favorite target, larry fitzgerald, beginning the 13th nfl campaign. the veterans showing no signs of slowing down coming off the third career 100 catch season. slowing down with the weapons offense and going to be the challenge for the secondary. >> and understands a great deal of what they want d but from his experience and this playing he understands what the defense is willing to doe so inside and outside in the run game. what he bring to the team is way more than just going to be done. >> and he can get on the tight edge and he's versatile and very productive player.
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is going to start at 6:30 and complete live post game coverage immediately following the game. red sox and blue jays continuing and have 3 hours or less in each start. so far in september but today it is bats going silent against the starter. the red sox jays beginning the day for boston with 2 day lead and coming off the one hitter last sunday and last up to won't happen and two with the jays out front 2?0. 2 to the 3rd and baptiste providing assurance and it is 3?0 toronto. despite the slow start relatively affected with 3 runs and two earned. trying to rally against half and dustin ripping the solo
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tying run on first and strike him out swinging and toronto moving within one game of the sox for the first place in the al east. the patriots out here in arizona and leads the college guys to have fun back in foxboro. we got state bragging rights on the run and taking on umass inside gillette stadium. show you how it went down the battle of the bay state between bc and um strikes it first. buying some time with the wide open and the new tide going across the middle and rumbling with 58 yards and 7?0. and answer the big way in the second quarter. then the punt with the very next play. patrick going deep to smith and then we'll leap at the goal line and falling to the end zone with the 46 yard and after the umas fumble, another quick strike by the eagles.
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against smith. this time 36 yards on the hookup and eagles taken out to the 13?7 lead and put this away with 15 yards for the touchdown. boston college winning the first game since september 26th for last year. congrats. 26?7 the final. >> central michigan. trailing awarded the time out and the hail mary. problem is dude doesn't have the arm to reach the end zone. and problem solved with the lateral and cory willis taking the chest pass and chippewa with the play of the day! that's q. ing to do it live in arizona! we have cardinals, patriots, real football! sunday night football right here on 7 nbc. guys, back to you!
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thanks. talk a little baseball now. the local grafitti artist honoring big papi. the artist goes by vdub and painted the mural of david ortiz to honor the red sox legend before he retires. he painted it at the assembly row as part of the live 5 hour event. it will eventually be displayed inside muse paint bar which is inside the shopping center. >> anchor: very cool. so many gifts for ortiz. >> anchor: he's so spoiled! he earned right back. [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life.
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>> that will do it for us. thanks for watching. i'm nicole. >> anchor: saturday night live is next. have a great night! captioning provided >> and now... [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. it's the holiday season, and i want to wish everyone out here a merry christmas. to the jews, happy hanukkah. and to the muslims, send me your


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