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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> adam: great having you with us on a beautiful tuesday. another hour of 7 news is still ahead. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: now at 5:30 governor baker calling for change. the new program aimed at helping mental health inmates. >> ryan: why adele fans believed adele was making a surprise pit stop at a t.station. >> jadiann: a teenager busts out from the back of a police van. th camera. >> ryan: a little boy fighting cancer gets to live out his crime of fighting crime. breaking news, a fire breaking outs at the roof top of a south end boston browntown. firefighters are working to keep it from spreading. in no -- no injuries have been reported but crews found propane tanks on the roof. one with a broken valve but
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what caused the fire. also on 7 new hope for massachusetts inmates dealing with mental illness. the governor announcing major changes to the prison system. >> jadiann: he says his plan calls for a more clinical approach for the inmates. byron barnett live for us in boston with more on what the plan actually means. >> reporter: what the baker administration is trying to do is completely transform bridgewater state hospital from a prison hospital to a hospital only ands of reports of patient mistreatment and even death. >> even though he hasn't been convicted of a crime he was handcuffed to the hospital bed. >> reporter: lori dinkon's 45-year-old brother a patient at bridgewater state hospital, was committed solely because of his mental health problems but he was mixed in with other patients there who are not only mentally ill but also inmates convicted of serious crimes. >> he was beaten several
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black guys, bruises, scratches, all over him. and he was hurt. he was hurt pretty badly. >> reporter: today duncan tried to convince this committee to adopt baker's plan to rejump bridgewater street hospital by separating the criminally convicted patients from the rest of the population. >> many of the state inmates have been convicted of murder or rape and until you separate them, you can't make that you would need to treat the other civilly committed inmates. >> reporter: the baker plan would move the convicted patients out of bridgewater state hospital and into the nearby old colony correctional facility. it would also remove corrections officers from inside bridgewater state hospital and replace them with medical mental health professionals. >> we want the best cost effective, best care for the patients.
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officers are not properly trained. there is too much violence at bridgewater state hospital. it's not a hospital. it's a prison. >> reporter: the baker plan also calls for enhanced medical services for patients at bridgewater state hospital. and the goal is to have these changes in place by next march. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> ryan: high 7 h.d.over clammed into a pole leaving a mess on the roads there. this happen around noon. traffic on low street was shut down while crews worked to get the pole up and wires up and running. >> jadiann: crews on the scene of a water main break in woburn. one northbound lane of route 128 will be closed in the area of the break pep someone in the area noticed thes break around 4:00 this morning and crews have been working to repair it all day. >> ryan: a plan hit and killed on a springfield street. the driver is facing serious charges. police say the 66-year-old
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man while crossing the street. right after the crash police say the driver left the scene and went to taco bell. he is charged with motor vehicle homicide and driving under the influence. >> jadiann: the mbta trying to put a rumor to rest. it started with this post announcing adele would be making a special appearance at the quincy center t.stop tomorrow and that the show would be for free. today the mbta sending out the tweet with the headline scam alert. they're asking that everyone help them spread the word using the @fake. there could be troubled waters ahead for a replica shape the may flour 2. the owners of the vessel say it may no longer be open to visitors if they're not able to raise money for restoration. the ship needs repairs after beetles left the ship's hull rotted out.
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escaping flames when their bus catches fire. you can see huge flames and thick smoke pouring from the bus. all 20 kids were able to get out safely. investigators say it appears the fire started in a back wheel and spread throughout the bus. they're looking for the exact cause of the fire. a city council mem. says the bus driver took each child off then went back into the burning vehicle to make sure no one was left behind. the fire department says because of her calm auction no >> police are on the hunt for this teenager making a run for it. jumping out of the back of a police van. >> ryan: the get away was caught on video. imagine the shock when the person saw the door open, a prisoner inside is. >> i thought you can't get out of the inside of a police vehicle. >> reporter: this woman who didn't want to be identified described how the suspect used the chance to jump out and run still hand
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he went running down the street. >> reporter: milwaukee police say the 17-year-old was picked up sunday afternoon for stealing a car. raymond barfield was accused of a violent crime spree last year. in december of 2015 barfield stole the car holding the driver at gun point. barfield and others took police on a chase for miles. he ran because he cut off his electronic monitoring race rhett for another -- bracelet for another c refile and barfield was able to get out and didn't show up for his court date last month. police caught up with him again sunday and arrested him. he got away again. this time by jumping and running. police haven't commented on the video. >> jadiann: a bizarre break in leaves an ohio man behind bars. a man popped a fence all to get inside a hamilton ohio jail compound. the man called 911 telling
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men with guns. he was the other than person they found and he was arrested on an active warrant. >> i had no where else to go. >> where are you right now? >> on top of the -- >> reporter: they're coming, please. >> who is coming? >> >> jadiann: a post the sheriff wrote with this most recent guy's successfully getting into the compound i would say we're one up o >> ryan: landing gear turn off this cargo plane as it made a rough touchdown. the plane skidded for under a mile trying to land. pilot says several low clouds on itself approach and the rough landing ripped off the plane's gear. no one was hurt. >> jadiann: there are questions surrounding whether he is facing consequences after he announced his retirement
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this morning the world's biggest bank is sparking more outrage. the wells fargo excusive in charge of the division where employees opened more than 2 million unauthorized accounts is retiring at the end of the year but fortune reports that according to disclosure documents kerry tollstead is leaving with a payout of more than $124 million in stocks, options and shares. >> by no machines this a small retirement package. this is one of for a senior executive that i've seen in my career. >> jadiann: in july the bank ceo described her as one of our most valuable wells fargo leaders, a standard bearer of our culture, a role modell for responsible principalled an inclusive leadership. last week wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million in fines over the fake accounts. the bank saying it fired more than 5300 employee force their involvement in the scam.
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former employees say they were' pressured to sell account add-ons to customers like fran. >> looking at it i had 15 accounts at once. these are accounts i never opened. >> reporter: a spokesperson says tollstead made a personal decision to retire after 27 years with the company. but wouldn't comment on her compensation purchase. the supposeperson adds that the unauthorized accounts were identified by the company's internal controls and once bank terminated team members responsible and worked to strengthen oversite saying we believe changes we have made have strengthened wells fargo and will help ensure that behavior doesn't happen in the future. wells fargo agreed to pay its customers $5 million in restitution. >> ryan: a little boy with brain cancer is able to put aside his sickness nor a day thanks to help from his heroes. >> jadiann: police are
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troubled past and a possible connection to a murder in methuen. >> ryan: a scare at a boston school is over. a man threatening parent and students with a knife is off the street. all coming up right here on 7 news >> announcer: guess who hank found money for this time? hundreds of thousands in unclaimed cash just sitting there until hank stepped in how the big bucks she uncovered could help your community tonight at 11:00. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank.
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>> ryan: a young boy from new york in the battle of his life had a chance to take a break from all of that for one day. he is currently fighting brain cancer. >> jadiann: he was able to live out hisre some of his home town here orbs-- hero. >> for collin it was a dream come true. >> my favorite part about it is the -- >> he was sworn in as a member of the ithaca police department in front of his family, dozens of officers and his class. colin's mother says it's something she will never forget. >> it meant to much to us and i mean, i was, like,
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morning. >> reporter: it's just the latest accomplishment for collin who has gone through six brain surgeries as he battles brain cancer. even during the hardest times nothing could keep colin down. >> colin doesn't look at obstacles the way i've seen most people. he sees everyday as an opportunity to have fun. he bounces back with a laugh or a joke. >> reporter: his positive attitude is just one reason the police chief says it's an honor to have him on the force. >> it's inspiring. every single officer you see here. >> reporter: quite the feet for a rookie officer but no surprise to his family. >> he is the bravest kid i ever met. i know he will take the job seriously and serve. >> i just like helping people. >> his time is limited. i don't want him to be forgotten. >> reporter: after today -- [applause] -- >> reporter: it's pretty
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had going forward september 12th will be collin tollland's day. >> ryan: uber not just for rides. the new program bringing food to your doorstep. >> reporter: interesting. we're tracking the threat of some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. forecast for mid week up next. >> jadiann: smoke and flames billowing as crews try to get that under control. >> ryan: heroes honoring a hero, a local veteran gets a special birthday sprites surprise then pays it forward right away. >> announcer: wednesday a new high-tech way to fix trouble on the tracks. how these smart glasses could help train drivers make repairs without throwing a wrench in your commute. cheryl fiandaca gets an
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delivering food. the company rolling out their new app uber eats in vegas, tampa bay and nashville. the service will bring meals from any open restaurant to your door. payment for the food is done through the app and it costs a flat fee. $4.99. the average order takes about 35 minutes. >> ryan: you may have heard of self-driving cars but what about self-driving shopping carts. wal-mart got the patent. the carts will have will be able to put themselves away when you are done using them. wal-mart hasn't said when or where the company plans to launch the carts. it's going o little too far. out -- >> you know what i hate, somebody gets you in the back of the heal with a grocery cart. i would be okay with that if you are in the parking lot when -- >> ryan: after you load
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>> reporter: that is the worst when it's raining or snow. you are like go back over there. good idea. see where that go, 82 in boston. nashua 81. i remember as a kid i would be shopping card and i would quit my -- my mom would go what are you doing back there. you are killing me. mild with red sox taking on the orioles, first pitch at 7:10. dew point temperatures 40 to around 50 degrees, very comfortable here in new england. but outside of new england, all this deep sha o green, that is the muggy air that will make a return into new england during the day tomorrow. i don't think it's quite as oppressive as what we saw last week and more importantly, it's just a one-day thing because we also on the maps have a cool front here which is the leading edge of more comfortable air. and that boundary going from the mugginess to the dry crisp air, the difference leading to clouds and showers and some thunderstorms. that is on the way for
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storms, not as cool, still comfortage. mostly clear, lows 57-63. evening temperatures would be in the 70s. tomorrow warm, a humid day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures way above normal. 83-88. the normal high is 74 so this warm and humidity swells the cool front will pop some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. i think the most likely time would be sometime between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pmot getting showers and storms but it will be in there with these locations probably closer to 7:30 or 8:00. boston 87. north of town the storm threat for you folks probably i would say between 2:30 and 5:00. concorde 87. monadnock region, mid afternoon your storm threat is over by about 6:30, 7:00. you guys on the cape i think you are dry all afternoon.
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pm. the highest chance of the showers and storms mid afternoon. morning commute is fine. lunchtime is fine and later tomorrow evening also drying out. it does lead to much more comfortable air. thursday lots of sunshine. less humid. dry snappy air mass. temperatures on thursday in the low 70s. lots in the trappics. we -- tropics. as this continues to drift will be a rain producer but it's too close to land to develop. this over here, this is ian. that is bermuda right. there and ian will stay east of bermuda, so even though we don't have a lot of activity still right in heart of the tropical season. your weekend saturday is the outside day. go pick apple, temperatures upper 70 areas sunday watch the patriots. if you are going to gillette scours, temperatures on sunday mid 70s. >> kim: good evening, i'm kim khazei. >> adam: here is what we're working on for 7 news
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some details in the case of a mother murdered in methuen. an arrest warrant was just issued for who police are calling a suspect. >> kim: firefighters are battling a fire in the south end. >> adam: a man threatened parents with a knife as they walked their children to school. >> kim: those stories and
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>> ryan: american ninja warrior coming to an end and no one could take home the million dollar prize. both of the final two athletes fell short in the stage three hand climb plummeting into the water below. that disqualified them from a chance at $1 million but they could be back next season. >> jadiann: another big night in hollywood. start of the two-night finale for talent." >> ryan: eve of them are hoping to come home with the top prize. ? buddies from louisville have the chance at a million dollar. >> it's overwhelming. >> it's breathtaking. >> reporter: so does a one time broadway performer. half of america's got talent five finalists are sixers including a pizza delivery guy in new york. >> this starts a whole new chapter in my life.
5:57 pm
here. >> reporter: a 12-year-old with a ukelele also harbors big dreams. >> i tried to keep it simple but it's the final. >> reporter: two nights that cha coining the life after teenage opera singer. ? >> the show is all i can think about honestry. >> reporter: finalists include one amazingly flexible 15-year-old. >> i look pretty while even though inside i'm just screaming. >> reporter: a juggler who was the last one to make the cut. >> the excitements is getting bigger. energy is bigger >> reporter: juggling has been required for the show's magician finalist. he spend his sundays with the philadelphia eagles. >> it's chance to win on a different -- >> reading minds break the clairvoyants to the finale. >> we share our passion with america. >> reporter: we tried to get comments from mime performer tape face but we
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7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news, the roof top fire in the south end. more than a dozen firefighters trying to keep the flames from spreading, also breaking a local mother killed inside her home. police issue an arrest warrant for her exboyfriend. plus terrifying moments for parents, a man greeted them with this knife as they tried to take their children to school. >> reporter: not as cool tonight and more tomorrow. >> announcer: firefighters pay special tribute to a 95-year-old veteran but it's what he did in return that melted hearts. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: first at 6:00 breaking news. a lawrence man considered a suspect in the murderer of his exgirl friend. an arrest warrant was just issued for him. the victim found dead inside the home she shared with their son. >> kim: court documents show the boy witnessed the
5:59 pm
you will see on just one station. >> reporter: so this is a copy of that arrest warrant that was filed in lawrence district court just a short time ago. we have also learned that the victim's 4-year-old son was in bed with her when his mother was choked to death. 32-year-old emelio dela rosa is wanted for the murder of his exgirl friend according to the arrest warrant we obtained. she wa when police found her in a bedroom inside her townhouse yesterday morning. she was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. chilling new details from the affidavit for the arrest warrant for dela reeks include and interview with the victim's son. he stated that his daddy who identified emelio choked his mother with his two hands while the child lay in bed with her. emile yo's sister told
6:00 pm
said it's over three times before he left his son with relatives and took off. court documents reveal an abusive relationship between rosa and her by friend that included him being sentenced to four years in prison in 2012. fearing for her life reeks wrote he grabbed me by the hair. pulled out a gun and told me he was contemplating this for a while. rosa went on to write he was dragging then put me in a head lock trying to knock me my head and suffocating me at the same time. i started to see black. i was being strangled. dela rosa was released from police prison. seven months later the mother of his son is attend he is wanted for herr murder the man he was only considered a person of interest. tonight he is being hunted on a murder charge and investigators are now telling us that if anyone is


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