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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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right. sky 7 hd over the scene this afternoon where the car slammed into a telephone pole, literally snapping it in half. it happened in newton. the right lane is completely shut down for several hours, though this evening you're gonna have to be thinking about it because it'll be happening threw the rush hour area. until crews are able to repair that pole and remove the downed wires. after the crash, the fire department had to use hydraulic equipment to pull the car open and free two people were sent to brigham and women's but police say their injuries are minor in comparison to the damage to that car and to the poll. police are urging anyone who travels that route to avoid the area tonight and find another way if possible. we'll continue to bring you the latest. live in the news m radio, adam williams, 7news. and now let's get a check of the area on roads. matt fitzgerald in today to give us a check what's going on there's. >> as you can see in the video,
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and we're still seeing some severe delays on route 9 eastbound. the good news, though, the right lane is open now excuse me, the right lane is closed but the others are open right now. the westbound side is tied up, you're still seeing some delays on 128 south and also 95 south heading down towards that area. we'll continue to watch it and have an update in a few minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7news. we are following more breaking brentwood, new hampshire where there is a report of a suicidal person inside. police are now asking everyone in the area to stay indoors until they say it is safe. jonathan hall is on the phone now with what we know so far. >> police are blocking access to the neighborhood as they investigate this potentially dangerous and volatile situation. a suicidal person is held up in -- holed up in a house.
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residents that show up here are not being allowed into their homes. they are being ushered to a community-years place at entrance of the complex. some standing outside talking about what's going on right now. police, fire, personnel ambulances have responded to the scene. a few of them have cleared. in may of 2014 a police officer was ambushed in this very same complex on mill pond road. the officer shot and killed while responding to a we'll keep you up to date on the situation. live in brentwood new hampshire, jonathan hall, 7news. 7news how turning to your forecast. and we're watching some scattered showers popping up around the area after a warm and muggy start to the day. jeremy reiner joins us with the latest. >> a thunderstorm across the city of boston. there's a little lightning
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fast moving through notice the warm colors on the screen here working through the metro. a quick shot of brief heavy rain and then it does back off. elsewhere across southern new england we are noticing a scattering of showers and downpours. and again, i think that will be the primary concern is to have the scattered showers and downpours roll across southern new england up until about 7:30, 8:00 this evening. there may be a couple of thunderstorms and even some stronger thunderstorms. but at this time i'm not anticipating any severe weather. it's all tied to a co which is right now moving across new hampshire as well as vernlt, and this cold front means business. it is the leading edge of cooler, more comfortable air and this will quickly sweep into southern new england later on this evening, returning us to the fall-like weather we had earlier this week for the remainder of the week. we'll talk more about that and these showers and downpours, coming up in a few minutes. the well-known police chief in glosser is now off the job. chief leonard camponella was
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the opioid crisis here in massachusetts but now under investigation. steve cooper is live in gloucester with the latest. another member of the department is off the job as well for now. >> yeah, i'm kind of shocked. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: gloucester residents rattled by the sudden suspension of popular police chief leonard campanello and word that another member of the police department sergeant detective shaun conner has been placed on administrative leave too. >> i was completely stunned, frankly, especially because there's no information beyond that. >> reporter: no comment from the
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at the office where instead we were given the one-page press release. in a written statement he explained i am unable to comment on that investigation or what entailed. >> seemed like a good man to me. i don't have any idea. >> reporter: the chief has gained national attention for his approach to handling the opioid crisis here in gloucester and helping heroin abusers bet treatment. the chief was recently invited to thi recognized by the president. no one was home when we went to the chief's house to see if he wanted to talk to us about the investigation. his lawyer issued a statement that reads, in part, it is our understanding that has nothing to do with his duties as chief of police. we intend to cooperate fully to the city to bring this matter to a conclusion. >> very unusual. it's not something you'd see on a daily basis and especially
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>> now, the act police chief wanted to reassure residents in gloucester that the department itself is fully operational. it's unclear right now how long these two internal investigations will take before any word on exactly what is expected to happen to both the police chief and that detective, both off the job right now. live in gloucester, steve cooper, 7news. hundreds of drug cases in braintree now in question. a police officer, who evidence tampering scandal. >> so she shot and killed herself when the police chief ordered an audit of the evidence locker. several of the cases affected are going back before a judge. 7's byron barnett has the latest from braintree. >> missing head evidence from te braintree police department now threatening to up-end hundreds of cruise missle cases in the
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surveillance video allegedly trying to kidnap a 13-month-old child in a braintree store in august. and today the prosecutor citing the disappearance of money, drugs from the evidence room asked the judge to throw out the drug charge against o'brien even though authorities say they had a strong case. >> reporter: the alarming turn of events began in may but the officer was charged in thest room. sources say it was days after braintree police began an audit of the evidence room. according to the death certificate, susan committed suicide. sources say eight guns, $70,000 in cash and a lot of drugs were missing and at least two guns
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home. defense attorney peter elkin says the drug case against one of his clients has been put on hold. he expects the charges will also be dropped. >> on a drug case, you have to prove that there's drugs and it's untamperred with and that no one else has falsely touched it. if you can't do that, the integrity of the whole system would fall apart if the cathy did not start dismissing some of these case. >> as the investigation continues, braintree mayor joe sullivan says new protocols have been put in place in the police evidence room, which is now staffed in braintree, i'm byron barnett, 7news. a new billboard hopes to bring new leads to the investigation in a decades old unsolved murder. the body of susan terrasowitz was found death today 25 years later. the new billboard debuted today and state police say they hope someone might notice the built
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>> the storm drenching florida's east coast overnight, heading up towards georgia bringing more heavy rain and wind. more than 6 million people are under a flood watch now. jay gray has the latest on this >>orm from florida. florida. >> i could hear the wind howling outside of my house, pretty intense. the morning commute in charleston was soaked and more than 6 million people are under a flood watch warning across the strike zone through south carolina. some areas could see 6 inches of rain or more and that is
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end of the week. jay gray, nbc news. and we're following more news today. police raid a rhode island home in search of a killer. officials are on the hunt for a man police believe killed an officer from north carolina. a rhode island state police tactical team raided the providence home tuesday night after receiving information that the suspect might have been an apartment inside. officers used tear gas and gave warnings before entering the home but no one was found inside. >> we treat every case it definitely heightens up the threat level. he's taken one police officer down and who knows if he wants to do it again. >> the officer died at a north carolina hospital monday after shot in the chest while looking for the suspect who apparently missed a court date related to a weapons charge. an faa whistle-blower speaks asking president obama to grant him a pardon. snowden has been charged with violating the he is resonseage
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the leaks were moral and ethical and led to much-needed changes to surveillance laws. he made his case from exile in russia. >> this really isn't about me, but about us. it's about our right to descent. it's about the kind of country we want to have and the kind of world that we want to live. >> the white house says snowden tileased information that harmed citizens in danger and that he needs to return to the u.s. to face charges. former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning will get the gender reassignment surgery she has been asking for after staging a hunger strike in prison. the army agreed to provide the surgery. no transgender inmate has ever received gender affirming surgery in prison before. manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for espionage
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wikileaks. russian hackers have release what had they claim are medical records of several u.s. olympians. the world anti-doping agency tuesday confirmed what its database -- that its database had been hacked and that athletes' records were in fact stolen. gymnast biles is among the list affected by the hack. the anti-doping agency released a statement saying it condemns ongoing cyber attacks and biles says her use of medication for adhd is within the rules. she tweeted this out that says i have adhd and have taken medicine for it since i was a kid. please know i believe in clean sport, have always followed the rules and will continue to do so as fair play is critical to sport and is very important to me. ahead on 7news, a school in somerville getting a major makeover. why it's now designated a super school. and then at 4:30, an explosive scene inside a store in new jersey as a woman's purse burst into flames. and on 7news at 5:00, a
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also on 7, a somerville school being called a super school is getting a major makeover. students entered a contest and won some big money. >> the students were even able to help design their new school. chris anderson has more on the transformation. >> all of this is getting developed and connected to the school. >> reporter: alex resnik has >> we're like, oh, we won $10 million. >> resnik and his team at steam academy, a small innovation school at somerville winning the super school project, a contest developed by loreen jobs, the applicator of steve jobs. >> really we weren't expecting
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it couldn't have come at a better time resnik is the director of an expanded version of the academy. >> it allows us with our students to be able to retrieve each worker individually. >> this will be turned into a park. >> reporter: the is iti house students is what resident and superintendent mary skipper believe is what schools will look like in the future, taking a vocational, artistic and hands-on approach to teaching and learning. >> anybody who has special education needs who don't feel like a big school with lots of transitions fits. it could be somebody like what they're being offered in school doesn't challenge them or interest them. it could be someone who decided book learn something not for me. >> reporter: which is what those behind the super school project were looking for.
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d.c. for the big announcement. they say the money will help them recruit top-notch teachers and continue to innovate. >> the sit will make a major investment alongside that 10 million. >> reporter: the city of somerville is planning to begin renovations in the spring and powder house studios is going through the final approval process with the school committee. if all goes as plans, skipper says the school should open in the fall of 2018. in the studio, chris anderson, 7news. coming up is back in town. what you need to know before you head to gillette stadium. >> you might need an brel la up until about 7:30 and then should be smooth. the forecast up next. and a block officers targeted, police arrest a man who they say purposely did this and ran down police officers at a convenience store caught on this videotape that's happening
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well, the mbta el ninoing that tickets for a special train service tonight are now sold out. the special commuter rail train is taking peoplero station to gillette stadium for the big bruce springsteen concert tonight. the concert expected to last three or maybe even more hours. so should be a fun show. >> a lot of people wondering how the weather is going to be. you don't want to go see the boss and have it come raining down on you and you're not prepared. jr is track everything for us. >> and we do have a cold front popping. a scattering of showers and storms. here's gillette ride about there
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may clip the stadium before 7:30, i think once the show gets going, you're fine but for those of you tailgating up until about 7:30 or so, there is the risk of this thing right here, if it holds together. metro boston, this quickly came through, a quick hitter. sun's already back out, generating a couple bolts of lightning. some gusty wind, as well. i think that will be the primary concern with the showers, the downpours and occasional thunderstorm, is that there is the sky. that may grab -- these thunderstorms may grab some of that have wind energy and yank it down to the surface. we may see winds occasionally gusting 40, 45 miles per hour, which normally would not be overly concerned but the ground is so dry and so the roots are justice kind of sitting in powder. there's nothing who hold those trees down.
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will be a repeat. worcester, now it's your turn. brief downpour. heavy hitting for 3 or 4 minutes and then moving through. winds may gust 35, 45 miles per hour. elsewhere this is the actual front right here, slicing through portion of vermont and new hampshire but most of this should stay north of metro boston. this probably though will clip the seacoast, maybe cape ann and then the tail of the weather system fades away as we're back toward vermont. your timeline, a hit and miss shower or storm for the next two about 6:30, 7:30 this evening
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so you may have the ac on right now but you can flip it off and open up the windows 9:00, 10:00 tonight and let mother nature take it from there. high temps tomorrow only around 70 degrees with morning lows into the 50s, even cooler on friday morning. we'll have an update on the showers and storms at 4:30. see you then. >> time now for 7's fast track traffic. here's m of the roads. >> we'll go back to route 9 east still tied up two miles through newton after the earlier crash this afternoon. the right lane is closed after parker street. the good news is that the left lane is getting by as crash clean-up continues. 9 west is heavy near that crash scene. we'll head over to the sumner toll plaza. heavier than usual this fog, that's because there is a left lane crash inside the tunnel. it's really causing a back-up as you try to leave logan and east boston this afternoon. the connector is heavy in both
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on the zakim you'll be on the brakes. you'll be in the back-up beginning at assembly square. the northbound side slowing up a bit over the bridge now. the expressway itself is jammed coming out of the o'neill tunnel over on the right side of your screen. you'll be heavy most of the way down to braintree. on the northbound side of the expressway you'll be heavy as you approach the tunnel. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7news. next on 7news, driving into the future, officials bringing driverless cars to some areas in the and has to say about bringing this new technology here to boston. >> and a bold break-in in miami. police dealing with a man who made himself home in someone else's home. >> and at 5:00? the tom brady look alike that has everyone talking, including the real tb12. we'll have more on that.
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>> we're following breaking news at 4:30, pat of route hin in
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took out a utility pole. crews volunteer been on the scene all day trying to get that area cleared out. >> this could seriously affect the afternoon news. >> yeah, the crash looks serious. but both people inside the car expected to be all right. sky 7 hd over the scene this afternoon where the car slammed into a telephone pole, snapping it in half. it happened in newton, route 9 is the right lane, shut down for several hours through the evening commute until crews are able to repair that pole and removehe can be very dangerous, obviously, they've shut off power but have got to get it cleaning cleaned up. after the crash the fire department had to use a hydraulic lift to pull the car open and free one guy trapped in the passenger's side. two people sent to brigham and women's hospital, but police say their injuries are pretty minor. police and fire are urging anyone who travels on route 9 to try to avoid that area all together tonight, find another way around it, if you can. of course, we'll continue to


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