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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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back to his old ways? after days of taking the high road, donald trump takes a shot at hillary clinton's health. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> as clinton returns to the trail today and releases more of her medical records, trump brings his doctor's report to a tv medical show. >> your bmi is high. >> this morning, dr. oz joins us live. scandal grows. hackers releasing another batch of data, the private information from at least ten more american olympic athletes exposed. is there more to come? nbc news investigation. the canine teams the tsa relies on to sniff out explosives at
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this morning what the agency is saying about those alarming results. and, too hot to handle. dramatic video of a car engulfed in flames. the owner claiming it was his samsung galaxy 7 phone that sparked the fire and the company once again urging customers to power down and trade in their devices "today," thursday, september 15th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today," it is a thursday morning. we got willie in for matt this morning. so much unusual about this campaign. add another thing. here we have a candidate for president releasing medical records. that's normal. but doing it on a tv show. >> dr. oz is here. he's in the building. he's going to tell us exactly what was in the papers handed to
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just a few minutes. the state of the race today, with the election now in 55 short days, after her bout with pneumonia, hillary clinton returns today to the campaign trail. her first stop -- north carolina. she'll also join president obama for an awards gala in washington. donald trump starts his day right here in new york before heading to a rally in new hampshire later. his appearance on the dr. oz show opening up about his health actually airs today. a new poll shows trump leading among likely voters in the key state by three points there. 47%-44%. we've got it all covered. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. we'll talk to dr. oz in a moment as well. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail today. it couldn't come too soon nor democrats with donald trump for the first time in this race really gaining momentum. within the last 24 hours, we've seen another clear contrast between these two candidates and
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transparency. with clinton releasing detailed medical records to the public, donald trump releasing more limited information to dr. oz. donald trump in ohio while hillary clinton's recuperating at home. taking new shots at his opponent's stamina. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't know. i don't think so. >> reporter: but later adding -- >> in all fairness, in bed getting better. we want her better, back on the trail. >> reporter: in flint, michigan, trump interrupted by the pastor at an african-american church as he began to blast his rival. >> now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump -- >> reporter: after three days off, clinton's back campaigning today. her doctor reported she's recovering well with antibiotics and rest.
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releasing a fuller look at the 68-year-old's medical history. clinton's physician detailing her medications, including one for her thyroid and a common blood thinner prescribed after suffering multiple blood clots since 1998. her doctor concluding clinton remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. and for the first time adding with be she is in excellent mental condition. for her former reality tv star rival, a more flashing reveal with tv physician dr. oz. >> why not share yr records? why not -- >> well, i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. i mean -- should i do it? >> reporter: sharing the results of a recent physical. his diet, trump favors fast food, he told oz, because he says he knows what's in it. his workout routine, all those hand gestures during speeches, he joked. >> you're 6'3", 236 pounds. in my mind i'm thinking your body surface area and your bmi
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lose weight. it's tough because of the way i live. but the one thing i would like to do is be able to drop 15, 20 pounds. >> reporter: underscoring the importance of this conversation about the candidates' health, the fact that if elected, donald trump would be the oldest first-term president ever at age 70. hillary clinton the second-oldest. she turns 69 next month. but both these candidates really hoping the pass of their travel, their campaigning, will demonstrate that theac >> peter alexander, thank you. let's bring in dr. oz. good morning. seems like it was a genuine surprise him handing you this piece of paper with medical results. didn't give you a big chance to really look at it before land. was that a disadvantage? or could you tell just by looking right then and there whether it was legit and xree hence sniff. >> the letter is a typical document one physician would give another regarding a
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letters like that. you process them pretty quickly. it was a comprehensive battery of tests. some from last week. other tests he's had traditional screening tests, colonoscopies, with hard scans, and the like. i invited both candidates on to the show. mr. trump agreed to come. i was surprised when he produced the records. all i really wanted to do was the checklist of the typical to ask somebody. >> you asked additional questions. >> head to toe, just give me a quick idea what's going on in every part of your body. i wanted to try to help with some clarity with the help of the candidates. again, i'm hoping secretary clinton will accept the invitation. but we are a much more informed country today than we were yesterday about the health of our candidates. >> a lot of people expected donald trump to release these publicly. are you able to say with your reputation, the trust people
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to be president? >> the records that i got, without question, indicate he's healthy enough to be president. if i as a doctor had a patient like him, i would think -- say he is in good health for a man of his age and i would send him on his way. i think that's again reflective of the fact that he's had appropriate screening throughout the years. i did not do the tests myself so i can't confirm that the data was all right but the summary is clear. >> i think people expect the standard to be a little higher for somebody that wants to be president rather than a routine check-up for someone who you like to see more of the health records or perform some of the examinations yourself? >> he had a stress test done on his heart. that's the test a ceo of a company would get. the letter i read would be typical for a person that's running a company. i think that's pretty parallel. n not exactly the same but what you need to know if somebody is healthy enough to lead you. >> some people looked at this
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show. were you concerned at all about being, for lack of a better word, kind of used in that way? >> well, i invited both candidates to come on a month ago. mr. trump agreed last week so, long before secretary clinton became ill. the invitation to her is still open. but i am a real doctor. i still practice medicine. i have a show that reaches millions of people, especially folks who are focused on the health topic. i think it is a very logical thing. why not release it on a show that talks to people every day about health context put on the results? you're not just throwing a bunch of numbers in a newspaper or a reporter. you are actually with a doctor who can guide you through what it means. >> dr. oz, thank you. check your local listings for the show today. also this morning, we're learning more about that cyber attack targeting former secretary of state colin powell. his e-mails published online revealing scathing takes on both donald trump and hillary clinton. and now trump is responding.
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latest. >> reporter: good morning, willie. new concerns this morning that russia may have been involved in that hacking of colin powell's e-mails. a senior federal law enforcement official telling nbc news that u.s. authorities now believe that the website that obtained powell's e-mails has direct ties to russian intelligence. >> reporter: overnight donald trump fighting back, tweeting "i was never a fan of colin powell after his weak understanding of iraq. disaster." it comes as powell is caught in the middle of presidential politics. a trove of personal i males hacked revealing devastating criticism of donald trump and even surprisingly tough comments about hillary clinton. in a july 2014 e-mail, powell who had endorsed president obama reveals he's not sure about supporting clinton. powell writing, i would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend i respect. describing her as having a long
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ambition, greedy, not transformational. powell then used crude language in referencing tabloid reports about bill clinton. and in march of 2015, powell e-mailed a clinton backer about how hard hillary clinton was pushing herself. on hdtv she doesn't look good, he wrote. she is working herself to death. in an e-mail last month, powell turned his focus to donald trump telling a former aide, "all his lies and nonsense just pile up." and dismissing trump's outreach takes us for idiots." in e-mails this summer, powell also called trump an international pariah and a national disgrace. he called trump advisor retired army lieutenant general michael flynn right-wing nutty. so far, neither campaign has responded to nbc news' request for comment. the e-mails released as part of the hack were obtained by d.c. leaks. a senior federal law enforcement official now telling nbc news
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the russians either created d.c. leaks outright or are using ith. >> russia is able not only to use cyber tools but information warfare to influence. that's something significant. it's strategic. and it's different. >> reporter: and this latest cyber attack comes just days after a cyber attack against the dnc which released numbers, cell phone numbers, including tim kaine's personal cell phone number. if this is proved, it would be the first known attempt by a fon an american election. willie and savannah? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. after hammering parts of florida, remnants of tropical storm julia now slowly moving up the southeastern coast bringing more heavy rain. dylan is on that story this morning in for al. >> yes, we did have tropical storm julia. now it is a tropical depression but it did produce a lot of rain, especially across south carolina. take a look at charleston where cars are trying to drag through some of those flooded streets. again, never recommended.
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flooding. charleston picked up just over 3 1/2 inches of rain but other parts of south carolina received as much as 5 1/4 inches of rain. now the good news is this storm is going to continue to move east at only 2 miles per hour though. it will sit and linger for the next couple of days. winds are up to 35 miles an hour. we do have some bands of rain but nothing too heavy. the heaviest rain will stay out over the water. over the next several days, while we aren't going to see a it, we could see minor coastal flooding at the time of high tide because all of this water will continue to push onshore, especially in south and north carolina. here is the bull's-eye for the heaviest rain. you see out over the water. but we still could see an additional half-inch, up to an inch of rainfall, especially along the coast of north carolina, but it is really at this point more the rip currents and minor coastal flooding that's the concern. >> dylan, we'll check back with you in just a second for the rest of the forecast. a suspect is behind bars this morning in connection with
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attended by the gunman in the pulse nightclub attack. nbc's kerry sanders is following that investigation for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the sheriff says the man who set fire to this mosque is 32-year-old joseph shriber. he lives in a town called port st. lucie. but this morning he is being held in jail, without bond, charged with arson and what's known as hate crime enhancement. his social media is filled w anti-islamic sentiments. this morning, deputies in st. lucie county say the man who set fire to this mosque has been caught. he's 32-year-old joseph shriber -- the same man authorities see running from the mosque on this surveillance video. just seconds after flames lit up the house of worship. deputies took him into custody on the street wednesday afternoon without incident. >> he was on the on the radar b of a tip from a community
7:14 am
had multiple anti-islamic posts and comments on his facebook page. a july 12th posting reads, if america truly wants peace, safety and the pursuit of happiness, they should consider all forms of islam as radical. all islam is radical, and should be considered terrorists and criminals. schriber who is jewish attended temp temple member of the congregation. >> he was very kind, very open and very accessible. >> reporter: a representative of the muslim community says they are relieved schriber has been caught. >> we will not judge this person based on what religion they are because we know that it doesn't speak on behalf of his religion. >> reporter: at the home where de detectives say he lived with his
7:15 am
investigators say is consistent with the one caught on video a short distance from the mosque the night of the fire. meanwhile this morning, much of the mosque is just a burned-out shell. >> this was harmful to the community. this was a place of worship and it was very important for the community that we brought this individual to justice. >> reporter: the hate crime enhanced arson charge here carries a maximum 30-year sentence if convicted. but because schriber has been convicd faces what's known as a habitual offender charge which could land him in prison for the rest of their life. his parents are said to be in shock but have had no contact. >> kerry sanders, thanks. other news now. world anti-doping agency has suggestion hackers have released a second batch of confidence medical information. the group calls itself fancy bears and it published the data of it 25 athletes from eight countries, including the u.s.
7:16 am
had taken banned substances. however, the documents appear to be related to so-called therapeutic use exemptions which allow athletes to take prohibited substances if they have a verified medical need. on tuesday medical information of gymnast simone biles and also tennis stars venus and serena willia williams. more fallout over north carolina's soen had called bathroom bill. all acc championships will be this academic year. that includes the conference's football championship scheduled for charlotte in december. the decision comes two days after the ncaa announced it is pulling championship events out of that state. it's all a result of house bill 2, a state law that limits anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
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the typhoon knocked out power to almost 1 million homes there, shattered windows on tall buildings and disrupted water lines. the typhoon has been downgraded to a tropical storm and it is expected to weaken more as it moves north. back to that alarming video we showed you at the top of the show. a florida man says his cell phone exploded while he was driving. he pulled over, got out just in time as his car burst into flames. owner says it was a recalled recently over fire concerns. that's the samsung note 7. the company is telling note 7 owners to stop using their phones. it should be noted, fire officials have still not said what caused the car fire you are looking at right there. >> scary pictures. dylan is back with the rest of the forecast. what's shakeing? >> besides some of the rip currents in the southeast, we will see a really nice day in the northeast. we're done with the record
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>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. coming up, did donald trump spend his charities money to buy a life size portrait of himself. the search for that six-foot painting amid new questions about trump's charitable foundation. airport security. why are so many dogs used by the tsa to sniff out explosives failing certification tests? we'll look into that. but first, this is "today" on nbc. narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda
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nutella - spread the happy! >> this is 7news now. ism good thursday morning, everybody. 7:26 as we take a live lack over boston. let's send it over to chris lambert with a check of your forecast. >> chris: sarah, fall fresh is
7:27 am
in a lot of the suburbs, even 57 in boston. a few clouds backing in off the ocean boston on south, but i expect more sunshine and clouds this afternoon. look at the numbers this afternoon. upper 60s and lower 70s. coolest at the coastline. seven-day forecast, pick of the weekend on saturday. scattered showers and storms likely sunday into monday. >> sarah: investigators say a former braintree police officer tampered with evidence which could lead to hundreds of cases being dismissed. an audit shows nearly 500 pees of drug evidencend sources say the officer in charge of the room committed suicide shortly after officials called for the audit. and a 17-year-old set the face a judge today after police say he stabbed a man during a violent home invasion. according to investigators, the teen entered the home on livingston avenue wednesday and demanded money before stabbing a man several times. the victim's condition is not yet known. we're back in 25 minutes with we're back in 25 minutes with every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area.
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it's 7:30. beautiful day, the 15th of september, 2016. we're just chugging along for the end of the work week. not chugging. not me anymore. >> you're not chugging. i'll chug for you. to a suspect is in custody for that arson fire at the mosque once attended by the orlando shooter. he is being held without bond with a hate crime enhancement. julia weakened to a tropical depression as it spins off the coast of south carolina now. it is not expected to pose a major flooding risk. hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail today after taking a few days off to recover from pneumonia. but that did not stop donald
7:31 am
last night. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> in a tweet overnight, trump responded to harsh words aimed at him in hacked e-mails from colin powell saying the former secretary of state's understanding of weapons of mass destruction in iraq was a disaster. now to "today's" campaign moment. this hasn't happened in 100 union leader" will not endorse the republican candidate for president. instead of backing donald trump, the union leader has given its nod to the libertarian in the race, gary johnson. the paper's publisher called johnson and his running mate a bright light of hope and reason in dark times. now to the curious case of a 6'0 tall portrait of donald trump. nbc's hallie jackson is at trump
7:32 am
>> reporter: hey there, willie, good morning to you. as this morning, we learn a little bit more about where that portrait may be. here's why it matters. it could be one of the keys to an inquiry happening now into the trump foundation. today, the hunt for where it hangs. a 6'0" tall portrait of donald trump, now a symbol of new questions surrounding his non-profit. back in 2007, at a charity event at mar-a-lago, melania trump created that night by speed painter michael israel. >> i remember the first bid was $10,000. then she graciously increased that bid to $20,000. >> reporter: a donation from the trump foundation was received. where is that portrait now? if it is at trump's house or one of his businesses, he could be violating irs rules buying
7:33 am
philanthropy's money. >> the painting has to be used for charitable purposes. can't just be used to decorate donald trump's golf club or his house. it is important to know where the paint something now and how he's used it. the hair is really the star of this portrait and that's sort of done in these bright orange and kind of light brown strokes. >> reporter: now, he's trying to find it. people tweeting him pictures of other giant trump portraits. but so far, not the one in question. the trump campaign hasn't where that is, but there is a new clue today. someone who tells the "post" he shipped it after that charity auction to trump national golf club in new york. the portrait, a political flash point. even for president obama pouncing. >> the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a 6'0" tall painting
7:34 am
the 1'0"-foot version. >> this is just standard operating procedure. i'm like a traffic cop. if someone drives by going 90 miles an hour, i have to give them a ticket. >> reporter: sniderman, a democrat, and trump have a history with each other. a top trump aide calling the ag's inquiry job designed to distract frcrood hillary's week." >> you paid for your own 6'0" portrait. just to come clean. >> it was very expensive. it was all done in diamonds. >> i'm shorter. mine was only 5'0". >> dylan, what's going on? >> we have to keep an eye out for some storms today. in the plains we have heavier thunderstorms now but nothing
7:35 am
off to the east. but this area through here that includes most of central and eastern nebraska where we could see large hail, damaging winds and also isolated tornadoes. we still have the risk from southern north dakota stretching all the way down into parts of texas where we could see some of those storms develop as well. this cold front will move eastward, these storms will fire up, minneapolis later on this evening and into tonight could even see heavier downpours, too. the airports. by 5:00 friday, these storms are getting closer to areas like green bay, chicago and st. louis, too. as for rainfall, we're only looking at a widespread inch or two. >> chris: good thursday morning, everyone. starting off with a mix of sun and clouds, we do have a much more fall-like feel to the air outside today. nowhere close to the 90 we had yesterday. back to mere 70 degrees.
7:36 am
coastline with an on shore flow. low 40s in a lot of suburbs. mid-50s in boston. sweatshirt, light jacket heading out this evening. cool start for the weekend saturday morning, saturday afternoon looks good. better cha >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. just ahead, why you can thank your mom for how smart you are -- or aren't. >> in whose case? 'l plus, tsa canine teams failing critical tests to sniff out explosives at major airports. the alarming results of an nbc the alarming results of an nbc news i ?
7:37 am
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7:41 am
they detect explosives. >> reporter: their mission is to keep bombs out of airports and off of airplanes. but we've learned canine teams at some big airports have failed certification tests dozens of times. the tsa says some failures are expected in a program with very high standards. but multiple failures at some airports raise questions about whether those teams have been training enough to be ready to protect you. at big airports, security officials count on canines to sniff out explosives. checking bags, cargo, even passengers. >> dogs have always been considered the gold standard in explosive detection. so when you're considered the best, you better be the best. >> reporter: but tsa records obtained by nbc news raise questions about some of the nation's top dogs. they show more than 50 times
7:42 am
certification tests. at ten large u.s. airports from january 2013 to june 2015. the most recent data available. the records show some teams failed to find explosives. others had too many false alarms that could lead to unnecessary airport evacuations. teams that fail are not allowed to work at airports again until they can pass. at washington dulles airport, records show canine teams assigned to protect the airport failed ten a half year period. at love field in dallas, four tests failed. 21 tests failed at lax in los angeles. l.a. airport officials say trainers made changes and all teams passed more recent tests. >> the reality of it is, is that humans are fallible. canines are fallible. but we got to work every single day for 100% compliance. >> reporter: experts tell us canine teams are more likely to
7:43 am
>> you need to convince that dog that there is a reason to work. >> reporter: john pierce used to advise the tsa. he says in airportsing with dogs rarely find explosives, so unless they practice often with test explosives, they may lose interest. and without constant practice, canine handlers may fail to recognize the dog's cues. his advice -- >> train, train, train and train as you're going >> reporter: that approach seems to be working at the nation's busiest airport in atlanta. >> ready to go to work? seek. >> reporter: records show canine teams there passed 97% of the time, including all atlanta police canine teams. they attribute their success to senior handlers who mentor younger ones. >> we train every single day. >> reporter: a 2013 congressional investigation found some canine teams were repeatedly not in compliance
7:44 am
changes, including a new program starting this fall to hold airports more accountable for training. and at airports where teams failed multiple times, some experts hope more supervision and training will help. >> you don't get a do-over in real life. if that team misses an explosive device, then that's a device that can end up on an airplane. >> reporter: now just last night, tsa provided some updated numbers showing 93% of teams last six months of 2015. today, eight teams are decertified. 27 teams failed during that final six months of 2015. tsa will not say at which airports for security reasons. in a statement, the agency says, our canine teams are highly effective. if a team does not meet tsa's rigorous guidelines, it is decertified and restricted from working. the team must successful meet certification standards before returning to search duties. dog teams that are unable to
7:45 am
are subject to removal. now tsa has a new program in place now with tougher training requirements for their own teams. those tougher standards will also apply to all local airport police teams starting october 1st. >> important stories. thank you so much. still to come, the debate sparked by a pregnant olivia wilde's twitter take-down of a subway rider who didn't offer up her seat. >> carson explains the wild scene you are looking at right what was the huge moon doing rolling through the streets? where was it, what's going on? ca my mother passed 2003 in my freshman year. but she always told me i don't care what happens. i don't care if you turn out to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree. sometimes i call the house just to hear her voice. (phone ringing) answering machine: hi you've reached the fitzgerald, leave a message after the beep.
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7:50 am
carson is at his post over in the orange room. what's up? >> charlie is asleep. i'll do this without waking him hopefully. this giant moon-shaped balloon has been on display in china to celebrate the mid autumn moon festival. people have been stopping by to pose for some pictures with it. the balloon became a much bigger sensation when this video surfaced online. take a look at it. the crew is attempting to dismantle the display to gear up for the typhoon. they lost control of the balloon. it sent it through the city. highways, cars, people. i want to mention that the typhoon which is now, trahank g, a tropical storm. we are happy to report there are no injures from the report of the moon balloon's journey throughout china. social media couldn't stop themselves. here come the puns. when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you're in china. it's much easier to shoot for the moon when it's on the ground
7:51 am
and, i same in like a wrecking ball! soon enough it the gifs started rolling in. some people having some fun with it. i knew this image looked familiar. then it dawned on me, where did this -- this balloon stole its act from indiana jones. 1981. look at that. >> that looks more painful. >> above all, guys, obviously we are glad for one's hurt and sending our thoughts to the pe o with that rough, rough situation there. >> carson, thank you. >> stole the thought from my mind. "indiana jones." there it was. you really can now say you read it for the articles. we'll talk about what's fueling's "playboy's" sudden renewed success. >> okay. and a got a fan girl moment. what happened when i got to meet
7:52 am
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7:56 am
mp. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
7:57 am
>> this is 7 news now. ism good thursday morning, everybody. 7:57 as you take a live look over boston. let's send it over to chris lambert now with a check of your forecast. >> meaghan: blend of sun and clouds over the city. which is the coolest start in boston since june 19th. fall-like feel to the air throughout the day. high temperatures a couple degrees either side of 70. i think on the short side of it along the coastline. an on-shore breeze. tonight low to mid-40s in a lot of the suburbs. about 55 in town. seven-day forecast dry start to the weekend, wet finish. >> sarah: now to the day's top stories. police are investigating after a shooting in manchester, new hampshire. according to the "union leader"
7:58 am
merrimack and beech street. there is no word yet on the victim's condition. a teen set to face a judge today after police say he stabbed a man during a violent home invasion. according to investigators, the 17-year-old entered a home on livingston avenue on wednesday and demanded money before stabbing the man several times. we're back in 25 minutes with another update. hope to see you vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan.
7:59 am
i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers ime. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte... or a people's senator, for a change. i'm maggie hassan
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- back on the attack. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> after days of showing restraint, donald trump once again questions hillary clinton's health as she g trail today. woo-hoo. i'm in my own trailer. >> plus -- fashion forward. >> i love you so much! >> you'll be fun. you can't not be fun. you're savannah guthrie. >> i got to live the dream and sit in as a guest judge on my favorite show, "project runway." we'll take you behind the scenes of all the glitz and glamour. and is chivalry dead?
8:01 am
scolds subway passengers for refusing to give up their seat. the situation sparking a big debate online "today" thursday, september 15th, 2016. ? we're all 50 on "today"! >> celebrating my 30th birthday in new york city. >> good morning to our friends and family back in >> we cycled 300 miles from d.c. to new york. >> hello to my friends back in iowa! it is 8:00 on "today." it is really feeling like fall.
8:02 am
air. hi, everybody. plat matt's off this morning but we have willie here. >> have you heard they're playing my jam? >> since the beginning of time. >> an appropriate jam. you know why? 24 hours from this moment, the one and only and one of a kind, miley cyrus, will be here with us. she's joining forces with carson and the gang as coaches this season on "the voice." >> she's been a wonderful addition to our program. >> love her. meantime, we've good some fashion -- or mixed cards. >> you've got fashion. that's all you need to know. >> no. they're beauty rules. right? >> it is going to be great. yeah. >> i love that.
8:03 am
one-pot meal. your kids will never expect. we begin with the race for the white house. after resting for three days, hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail to critical north carolina as she and donald trump draw new battle lines over their health and transparency. with his poll numbers rising, donald trump went off prompter in ohio wednesday night with a message for hillary clinton. >> she's lying in better and we want her better. we want her back on the trail. right? >> reporter: but the niceties stopped there. trump reviving one of his favorite attack lines, questioning clinton's stamina for the first time since she got sick. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> reporter: and trump touting his own stamina during an interview with dr. oz in a segment airing today.
8:04 am
stamina for the job? >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: in made-for-tv moment, the former realitiality star releasing results of a physical on the show after saying all day he wouldn't. >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. i mean should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? >> reporter: trump, who would be the oldest person ever elected, told dr. oz his bloodwork is normal and he gets yearly cancer screenings and he would like to lose some weight. >> it seems like it's just surreal. >> reporter: clinton aiming to put questions about her health to rest, releasing a detailed medical report. her doctor saying a chest scan revealed a small non-contagious bacterial pneumonia in her right lung adding she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. clinton's doctor also said she continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. this comes as polls show trump with a slim lead in ohio and florida. to win, he needs to expand his
8:05 am
reaching out to african-americans at a church in flint, michigan, the pastor cut him off for criticizing clinton. >> everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank us. not give a political speech. >> oh, oh, okay. that's good. >> reporter: donald trump reacting this morning. >> when she got up to introduce me she was so nervous. she was shaking. i said, wow, this is sort of strange. and then she came up. so she had that in , is no question about it. >> bother you? does it bother you? seems like it did. >> no. everyone plays their games. >> reporter: a new cbs news national poll shows secretary clinton has a very slim lead over donald trump, 46%-44%. today in greensboro she will work to get back on message, talking about families and children. donald trump delivers a speech on the economy, and then he appears on jimmy fallon courting those all-important millennial
8:06 am
in swing states. officials in columbus, ohio are investigating the deadly police shooting of a 13-year-old boy wednesday night. according to the police department, officers were trying to detain the boy and another person following reports of an attempted armed robbery. they say the boy identified as tyree king pulled a gun from his waistband. one officer shot him multiple times. detectives later determined the weapon was a bb gun with a laser sight attached to it. a suspect is being h at the florida mosque once attended by the orlando nightclub shooter, omar mateen. police say 32-year-old joseph schreiber is the man scene on surveillance video running from the mosque as flames erupted. he was arrested wednesday. he will be charged with arson and it will be upgraded to a hate crime. officials say schreiber also post anti-islamic statements on social media. the fire was set early monday just after the anniversary of the september 11th attacks.
8:07 am
good will gone horribly wrong. a dodgers outfielder tossed a ball to a group of fans earlier this week but the ball, unfortunately, hit alyssa right in the mouth knocking out her front tooth. she was taken to the hospital where her tooth was reinserted. the ball player visited with her later to make sure she was okay. good for him for showing up. do the right thing, give the fan a souvenir -- >> she's got the banner though. >> and a story forer. coming up, we'll be "trending." why you should stop giving that friend who's always snapping selfies such a hard time. then the thrilling finish to "america's got talent" as this season's winner is revealed. then "project runway" here i come. come. behind i love bread i love ice cream pizza! peanut butter -tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate
8:08 am
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over there's good. so, how much longer you think this will take? i'll over-explain the process, then give you an unrealistic timeline. i'll nod in agreement so my wife thinks i understand what you're saying. i look forward to questioning your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card.
8:11 am
it is 8:10. time for what's "trending" today. let me ask you a question, everybody. i think we can all agree that everyone at this table is incredibly smart. so, where do you think you get your smarts from? >> probably my dad. >> my mom. >> i think -- i think my mom's super smart so i'm my dad. >> book smart? street smart? >> i don't know. i'm just reading the prompter here. >> i have no idea. >> i think we all assume it is like, yeah, your mom and dad, could be either. a new study -- real science -- says the intelligence gene -- apparently there is an intelligence gene -- is passed down from your mother only. these scientists said even if initially the father passed on his own gene, it eventually gets deactivated so it is mom alone who gives intelligence.
8:12 am
were speaking, it's not true. >> not that your mother isn't smart but of course it is a combination. one of them falls away magically somehow? you forget all the things your dad -- >> listen to the prompter. >> prompter says no. >> do you believe the story? >> i have no idea. i think my mom is really smart. i think my dad's really smart. >> i think i have things from both of them. >> i love it like we're so smart. >> the wrong premise. >> my dad h a beer bottle using my house key. i have that from him. >> let's move on. some things get a bad rap these days becoming a symbol of our narcissistic culture. but a new study suggests there is an up side to social media. it makes us more happy and confident. this comes from the university of cal irvine. >> carson with his emmy. it says selfies were found to boost the moods of the no only
8:13 am
who saw them. >> that's so cute, dylan! you're with a cow. >> hoda gets blake shelton, you get a cow. there's cube. wow. >> you're on the same level as the subject. >> but can i tell you the downside of taking selfies only because i had to go to the doctor? >> what? >> if you take too many, there's something -- the doctor said -- are you doing a repeated motion? i saidhurting. he said whatre repeatedly? i go nothing. he goes selfies? >> the drinking of the wine. >> that's a lot of selfie taking. i don't know that everyone has that same -- >> al is the king of selfies. >> or tamron. >> lot of junk science at the table here. >> that's actually "trep ly tre 90%. this next one proves what
8:14 am
for years really. that they read "playboy" for the articles. obviously. they decided to drop the nudity pictures from its pages. okay, listen to this. it actually is paying off. "playboy's" newsstand sales have jumped 28% since then. >> what? >> no you subscriptions have not dropped. but the company says the change has brought "playboy" a whole new group of leaders. people that can read. >> the lookers have gone. >> you're on a roll. do "popstart." spoiler alert. big winner from last night, america's got talent, in the end it came down to a pair of mentalists from austria. they call themselves the clairvoyants. and a 12-year-old singing sensation named grace. ?
8:15 am
>> there you go! she did it! with her ukulele. she gets 1 million bucks and you can see that 12-year-old in las vegas. her own show in vegas. pretty cool. i spoke to grace right after her big win last night. >> just in case i won, i wanted to wear something super-duper cute. it actually happened. i kept on saying, thank you. thank you. thank you. >> she's so >> a bunch of mixed feelings in one. >> these are tears of joy. right? >> yes, of course. >> it was just so unbelievable. i still feel like i'm living that dream. >> a lot of talent this year. grace walking away with it. simon cowell dubbed grace the next taylor swift. so you might want to jot down that name and remember it. next, sharon osbourne opening up about a very personal struggle. sharon said that late last year
8:16 am
caused her to take an emergency leave of absence from her daytime talk show. here's what she told natalie on "access hollywood." >> thoughts were going into my head constantly. >> what kind of thoughts? >> it was as if you are looking at a million polaroid pictures really, really fast, all the time, all the time. these thoughts are coming in to my head and pictures and people's faces. and i couldn't control my head. >> scary stuff there. sharon said it was who got her to the hospital. now focusing on how blessed she is helps her cope. next, every model's nightmare, savannah, falling down on the cat walk. unfortunately, that happened to a super model yesterday on the runway for michael kors during fashion week right here in new york. wearing the six-inch heels. that's when she tripped, landed on all fours. but she could only smile after that. they wrote that in there, willie. but check out some of the
8:17 am
look on their faces. bela being a real, really good sport about it. joking on twitter, guys, i'm a professional break dancer now. i forgot to tell you. >> it does guarantee you air time on tv. >> and she looked good. >> even falling. finally, olivia wilde giving new york city subway riders a lesson in civilry. check this out. the actress pregnant vented on twitter people who refuse to give up their seats for pregnant women. no big deal, who won't give up your seat to giant preggo. one guy responded on twitter, one, i didn't tell you to get pregnant. two, get an uber, you can afford it. and, three, i paid the same amount for you subway ride. she tweeted back. one, eat a back of, fill in the blank there. and two, that is all. >> just don't mess with a
8:18 am
>> give up your seat, for god's sake. >> guys vp given up their seat a lot? but girls, not so much. >> interesting. they're like my feet hurt, too. all right, guys. let's get a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by camping world. get one-stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. and yesterday we broke a lot of record high temperatures. in washington, d.c., up through gu we also in bridgeport broke some records yesterday. we are done with the 90s for a while. now we are going to replace it with some 70s. today new york city, 74. friday, 75. 77 on saturday. that's about as beautiful as it gets. indianapolis, about 81 today. 86 on friday. 80 on saturday. raleigh, temperatures dropping down to the mid 80s. tomorrow morning is when you'll notice a little bit more of that chill in the air with temperatures dropping down into the 60s to start off the day.
8:19 am
mid 70s. st. louis, in the mid 80s. denver, lower 70s in some instances. tomorrow morning waking up to a >> chris: good thursday morning, everyone. starting off with a mix of sun and clouds, we do have a much more fall-like feel to the air outside today. nowhere close to the 90 we had yesterday. back to mere 70 degrees. even some upper 60s at the coastline with an on shore flow. low 40s in a lot of suburbs. mid-50s in boston sweatshirt, light jacket heading out this evening. cool start for the weekend saturday morning, saturday afternoon looks good. >> and if you're heading out the door, remember you can always find us on "today" show radio, sirius xm channel 108. now to the reason we've been showing me with air extensions all day. in this job, i have been so lucky.
8:20 am
interviewing presidents and world leaders. but this next one might top them all. i got to be a guest judge on tonight's season premier of my all-time favorite show, p"projet runwa runway". for 14 fashionable seasons of "project runway," i have lived and breathed every stitch, every strut, and every fabulous fashion freakout. >> i will not sit here and console you like you're a baby. >> reporter: but, sitting in sweats on my co dream of a day that fashion royalty, heidi, zach and nina, would allow a mere mortal o since amongst them in the judge's chairs. today that dream becomes reality. >> oh yoo-hoo, i'm in my own trailer. >> reporter: the team at "project runway" agreed to take a chance and allow this buttoned-up news reporter to let
8:21 am
trying to do my heidi bounce here. >> you do so good. give me five. yes. >> reporter: i am in the coveted guest judge position. >> all right, heidi. i'm here at the feet of the master. i need to lirn learn. what should i do? >> just be honest. >> really honest? >> be really honest. i mean you don't have to be mean and honest but just be honest and really just say what you think. >> reporter: all right. be honest. but, what about the newest crop of designers workinghe the infamous work room? >> i had my eyes on yellow things. what i want to do is make sort of like an off-the-shoulder top. then with the bottom i kind of want to do like the little skirt with like these gum balls. >> reporter: that's right. sanctioned spoiler alert. yellow wigs and gum balls can only mean one thing. the notorious "project runway" unconventional materials challenge where designers create fashion out of decidedly unfashionable stuff.
8:22 am
of glitter at the last minute. so i'm playing around with just making glittery, fun textiles. >> these like little plate thingies. i'm going to use this for a bodice. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. as a judge, i wasn't allowed to meet the designers but i did get to walk through the work room. >> this is like a fashion bomb blew up in here. >> reporter: while designers were glamming up their models, l duties -- >> i'm thinking a middle cart. >> maybe a pop on the lid. >> i tried to fit in with my fellow judges. >> what would your advice to me be as a fashion novice ande iin? >> i think you go into a store or you go online and you see things you like. that's how i would take it like this. >> you've got to put on your
8:23 am
but maybe with a smile. >> okay. >> i'm not going to go full nina. >> all right. that's fine. >> hi, heidi. >> reporter: there was only one person i hadn't yet air kissed. "project runway" legend and my personal favorite, mentor tim gunn. >> i love you so much! >> we are so thrilled to have you here. >> i am so happy to be here. >> and we value your opinion so much. you come from hard news repertoire and you are a lawyer. >> i'll still try to be fun. >> you can't not be fun. you're savannah guthrie. >> i'm so thrilled to be here. >> i'm going to sit next to you for runway show. >> do you mind if we hold hands the whole time? >> of course not. >> reporter: i soon found out, being a judge on "project runway" is no catwalk in the park. >> i think the silhouette is really cool and you pulled it off. your confetti made me smile. did you recognize when your
8:24 am
>> this is hard though this judging business. >> this was a really good challenge and they really did some incredible stuff. and one day i was very impressed. >> i think they really came to play. there were any bombs. maybe one. maybe one or two. >> reporter: and more importantly, at least i didn't bomb. >> this was fun! >> she was a really good judge. >> excellent. >> excellent. >> thank you for kicking off our season 15. >> it was a dreamom get to this runway. i am so excited. >> one day you are in, and the next day you are out. >> savannah! nicely done. >> it's funny, because i know nothing about fashion. so that what was kind of intimidating. >> you knew when the skirt was too short. >> i was telling you guys earlier, i was like i really like that, unless you don't, heidi. and then i don't like it.
8:25 am
girl. >> i know! if you are a fan of the show. the reason i like it is because it is so creative and i personally have no creative bone in my body and i think it is so incredible what they do under these incredible time constraints and it was just so fun. >> did you and tim go to lunch after that? >> no. but i love him so call me. >> can we hold hands the whole time? >> and nina, i was just very excited. >> we miss your pony. >> oh, my it was like stacy. there it was. >> i'm up for the pony. >> the pony was super fun. >> fifi is alive. the 15th season of "project runway" premiers tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central on lifetime tv. thanks so much. that was fun. coming up, a new one-pot
8:26 am
every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters,
8:27 am
don't lift the cap on charter schools. vote no on question 2. >> this is news now. >> a live look at the city of boston right now. chris lambert has a check of forecast. >> chris: jen,90 degrees yesterday in boston. fall weather back in place today. upper 50s to near 60 right now. we have scattered clouds backing in off the ocean coastline, especially through southeastern mass. sunshine, a few clouds today. upper 60s and lower 70s. that is it despite some sunshine. clear and cool tonight. 42 in the cooler suburbs. mid-50s in boston. seven-day forecast, 50/50 split over the weekend. saturday is the dry day. >> all right, chris. thank you. your top stories now, investigators say a braintree police officer tampered with evidence, which could lead to hundreds of cases being dismissed. an audit shows nearly 5,000 pieces of drug evidence are missing. sources say the officer in
8:28 am
suicide shortly after officials called for that audit. the search continues this morning for a missing swimmer in a pod in plymouth. police say the 26-year-old did not resurface wednesday afternoon when he and two friends jumped out of a boat. the coast guard searched by helicopter and by boat. a 29-year-old man will appear in a malden court today charged with taking pictures up women's skirts. sources say christopher molina allegedly committed the crime at this dollar tree where he was an employee. police are working toig "today in new england" returns at 9:00. we'll see you then. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price?
8:29 am
ses. you never know what you're gonna find,
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's 8:30, thursday, september 15th, 2016. what a great day out on our plaza. it is also a little wintry. >> hold on to that dress. >> maybe it is a little chilly. but good. no complaints. i love the cold. could you be messing up on something as simple as this? washing your face. apparently -- >> yes. >> -- the answer is yes.
8:31 am
rules. we'll give you fact and fiction on things you should be doing every single day. . >> i can hardly keep up. then, the incredible siri daly is here with an incredible one-pot dinner. plus a dessert made from a surprisingly healthy ingredient. weighing in on the protests rocking the nfl. making the sport safer. he'll tell us about his new book. >> aw! >> somebody's in love. >> aw, charlie. heard this lady behind me, she said, "excuse me, i can't see, sir." >> who do you want to say hello to? >> family in wisconsin. everybody in wisconsin. >> there you go. there you go. >> go badgers! >> let's get a check of the weather. and it is going to be a little chillier. no more record-high temperatures. that's for sure. we'll see temperatures on friday
8:32 am
through the plain states and into the midwest, too. on saturday we'll see some of that heavy ye rain move into the eastern great lakes and eventually make its way to the northeast by the time we get into sunday. back through the northern plains on saturday, looks like a good start to the weekend. ends off nice, too, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we could see some much-needed rain across the northeast and into new england on sunday as >> chris: good thursday morning, everyone. starting offit more fall-like feel to the air outside today. nowhere close to the 90 we had yesterday. back to mere 70 degrees. even some upper 60s at the coastline with an on shore flow. low 40s in a lot of suburbs. mid-50s in boston. sweatshirt, light jacket heading out this evening. cool start for the weekend saturday morning, saturday
8:33 am
forecast. it's been three and a half weeks since charlie joined us. in that short time he's already grown ten pounds, believe it or not. and now a true new yorker, charlie took his first taxi ride. glad he came back. but we've also learned that he loves bath time and he's getting used to being in the spotlight. we have olivia, our puppy raiser here. what are some other traits on charlie's resume? >> this week we introduced him to standing up on cue. he is also learningow his head through the vest when it is time to go to work. so those are two of the things we did this week. >> we don't know exactly in which way he will be helping a veteran when he finally finishes his training. what are some of the specific things are you working on this week to determine that? >> correct. this week we were working on a couple of hearing dog sounds. so charlie may go on to help a veteran who has experienced a hearing loss. and so he was introduced to the telephone, the smoke alarm and
8:34 am
to recognize and acknowledge those sounds. but in the future, he will be able to identify the sounds, nudge his handler to alert him, and then take the handler to the source of the sound. >> charlie comes across as very lovable, very calm. does that help with the whole training process? >> he has a wonderful temperament and, yeah, he makes us look good. >> he loves his mate, carson. you guys were making out before. >> charlie is always asleep in the morning. olivia's like, have seen him 20 minutes ago. >> we love having you. thank you so much. keep up the good work. let's head inside to savannah and hoda. >> thank you, guys. ever feel like your beauty routine is just confusing? >> yes. >> we feel like that a lot. always seems like there is no new rules when it comes to putting on makeup. even washing your face. >> but how much is fact and how much is fiction?'s senior style editor
8:35 am
>> is it fact or fiction you should wash your face twice a day? >> the answer is true. absolutely should. but there are a few caveats with it. use a cleanser like this so you can see how they're smooth, no beads. an exfoliator that has beads in it, this one actually has almond in it. >> should you use exfoliators every day? >> once or twice a week, tops. >> you can irritate your skin if you do that. be careful. just once a week you should be fine. >> wash twice a day but and gentle cleanser, twice a day, morning and night. >> what about the contraptions they have? >> this is also a little bit confusing. depends on the bristles. it's really not soft like this. this is fine for twice a day. it is almost like an electric
8:36 am
>> firmer brushes or something that's a little bit tougher, that is an exfoliator. so it is used the same way. >> i basically use a welder on mine. >> if someone has oily skin, should you change your moisturizer? should you use it less often? >> you should actually use moisturizer. that's a common misconception. people feel like oily skin, you shouldn't moisturize. still moisturize. but there is a right way to do it. brooke is demonstrating. go from the o the t-zone is the most oily. you want your dry parts on the outside to get the most amount of product. >> oh, that's interesting. >> this is the t-zone here? >> the forehead here, and the nose and chin. that's where a lot of the break-outs are, too. but really -- >> but are you using moisturizer for oily skin? >> yeah. i mean you can try a different kind of product. but definitely don't stop applying. if your skin is too dry it will break out.
8:37 am
>> are you in the foundation department? >> i -- haven't we all been doing this since like 1922? if you want to test your foundation you put it on the inside of your wrist because it is supposed to match your face. is that true? >> you have to be careful. your skin down here is getting a lot off different sun than your face. i try this on my hands. it is going to look a lot different than what's on my jaw line. which would you choiose? >> this bottom matches. >> i'm wearing this one on my face. it is a completely different skin tone there. >> where is the spot you should test it? say you are in a store. >> always on your jaw line. try a little piece of skin here. try to blend it out a little bit. you'll see if it mixes right in there. >> okay. >> the last one, is it true or not that you should do when you put your makeup on, do your eye
8:38 am
everyone things they want to make their skin look completely clear first. but really with the powder it kind of goes everywhere. you can make a lot of mistakes. especially if if you're doing a fancy night out look. do your eye makeup first and you can always fix everything in the end with the concealer. >> in the morning when they do our makeup, they do foundation first, then the eyes. that's the way she rolls. >> but for people w novices, this would be the best. >> on the weekend when i try to do a smokey eye to go out to the cafeteria at 6:00, i do my eyes first because it gets all over. >> exactly. you can still wash your face even if you make a big mistake. >> check out "today's" pinterest page. we have a pinterest page? >> do you napchat? >> yes, i do.
8:39 am
lupica's take on the nfl. mike always moisturizes.
8:40 am
it. staples. make more happen. they're all gone. i know i bought them. well staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more. staples has the lowest prices. period. staples. make more happen.
8:41 am
we are back now at 8:41 with the great mike lupica, one of the country's most prominent sports columnists abnd a best selling author. "last man t, in a second. but first let's talk about colin kaepernick, protests of the national anthem that have been going on for several weeks now. the nfl has effectively said we encourage our players to show respect, to stand for the anthem, but we support their right to kneel. how has the league handled this one? >> i think it handled it well. i think it will stop or they'll take a tougher stance when they start to think it is bad for business. i respect what he's done. i do. i don't think it's become a wave, a thing that's sweeping
8:42 am
marches. i think he really hurt his own cause, kaepernick did, by predating this, by wearing socks that depicted policemen as pigs. i think it works against what he's trying to say. and what bothers me, willie, about this thing is, i think other guys are joining in who aren't quite as passionate about this as kaepernick is and they're sort of treating it like it is the ice bucket challenge. you know? so it is a big complicated nuanced story. but you have to respect beliefs and his right to do it. >> another big topic in the nfl, matt had an exclusive interview with commissioner goodell yesterday in which the commissioner announced a $100 million program to make football safer, not just in the nfl but all the way down the line to junior football. the nfl clearly now recognizes it has a problem here. how are they handling this one? >> it is good. remember, willie, when they had that footballess family campaign last year, they were really saying to moms let your kids keep playing football.
8:43 am
the league got religion really late in the church service about concussions, head wounds and all the rest of it. but ultimately it is a violent sport. it is always going to be a violent sport. they can spend $300 million or $500 million. there is always going to be an element of risk. i wonder at some point if nfl players are going to have to sign a waiver saying we understand the risks of playing this sport for a long time that will protect the league from being sued from now until the end of time. >> in some ways, if you have the feeder from the bottom and kids stop letting their kids play football, it affects generations ahead. you've got boys. what's that conversation like with your kids if they say, dad, i want to go play football? >> willie, i can't write books about football and say, this is a clear and present danger to the youth of america. would i have preferred they not play? two of my boys played one year in football and never got their uniforms dirty.
8:44 am
but i believe that everything that can be done is being done. but there is going to be an element of risk from pop warner -- my new book is set in pop warner. on. >> let's talk about your new book. you always give your characters in these books a hurdle to climb before they get where they're going. >> this is the most i've ever thrown at a character. tommy gallagher is the son of a hero firefighter. as a new yorker, i wanted to write a book about a firefighting family. and he loses his dad. spoiler alert. in the first chapter, his dad goes in to get one more kid. it is the classic story. they go in when everybody's out. they find out there is one more child in a burning building. tommy by now knows the difference between the sound of a fire around the sound of an ambulance. he hears both while he is wondering why his father's not up in his perch in the stands where he's always been. and that starts the action of the book. and it's a book about courage because this boy finds
8:45 am
firefighter who had saved people for a living, tommy doesn't know it but his job's going to be to save his little sister who's been as wounded by this death as tommy is. >> it is a great read. i'm sure it will be a best seller. before i let you go, you got a super bowl pick? i know it is early. going into week two. who do you like early on? >> if there is any justice in the world the green bay packers are going to go to the super bowl this year because for the last two years, the best player in the sport, aaron rodgers, in the playoffs because his team loses a coin flip. okay? think about this. a $13 billion -- a $13 billion industry comes down to a coin flip. does that make any sense? >> you're fired up about this one. i'm still going with the giants, my friend. again, the book is "last man out." mike lupica, great to see you. siri daly helps you make dinner in a hurry.
8:46 am
narrator: new hampshire, think a minute about kelly ayotte the politician. ayotte claims she's independent, then goes to washington and votes with the koch brothers 90% of the time. she takes millions from wall street and big drug companies, and then votes to put their agenda before everyday families. higher drug prices and cutbacks to our medicare. so, think about it: new hampshire can choose the special interests' senator with kelly ayotte...
8:47 am
8:48 am
we are back with "today food" and we have more of our one-pot wonders to get you in and out of the kitchen -- fast. >> siri daly has two we think you're going to like them, too. >> good morning, guys. as you both know because you are my friend and you're my husband, we have very picky eaters at home. so i sneak a little veggie in. ground turkey, pasta, you can use gluten-free pasta. i used chickpea pasta. toppings, avocado, jalapeno. we'll sneak in our squash and cheese later.
8:49 am
here. until it is no longer pink. swap ground beef or pork or whatever you want. add our winter squash. this is frozen. it is super easy. this will kind of almost melt into the turkey and it creates a little like sweetness. doesn't really change the flavor. >> it's not green! >> if we put anything green in at all, the kids -- i see green. >> unless it is a green m & m. yeah. >> tha o dish. >> so i put some taco seasoning in here, too. let that sort of cook down. next we're going to add our pasta. we're going to put it all in there. taco sauce. >> how do you not over cook the purrky if it the pasta is not even cooked yet. >> listen. >> that's my problem. >> just listen. >> add the chicken stock.
8:50 am
and let it simmer for about ten minutes. then i'll show you what it looks like. >> you think the little noodles work better. >> i like these because then some of the cheese kind of gets into the noodle. >> no sign of yam. >> that's right. now we're going to add the cheese and it will sort of melt into it. >> mexican blend cheese? >> mexican blend cheese. here it is. you have your toppings. >> this looks good. >> we have taste okay, good. do you like? >> heaven. >> heaven. >> look at willie's plate? >> it looks so good. >> willie, would your kids eat this? >> 100%. >> so would we. >> that takes like ten minutes. honestly. >> this is better than the one you made at home. it is really good. >> you didn't eat at home. you were at "the voice." >> now we're going to make some
8:51 am
beans. we've got black beans, cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate. right over here we have butter and bittersweet chocolate melting on a double boiler so there is a little bit of water underneath. you want to cook that slowly so it doesn't burn until it melts. here it is here all nice and cool slightly. we're going to adds our ingredients. grab the eggs, and here's some sugar. >> why are we adding these? >> all in one? >> yes. >> we adding beans because -- >> it's kind of replaces the oils so and moist but it adds fiber, minerals. everything -- no, not yet! but that's okay. it's all right. yeah. grab the vanilla. >> make up your mind. then the black beans. these were canned black beans that we drained and pureed. if you don't have a blender, you can just mash them by hand. that's flour, cocoa powder and salt. since you're just kind of doing it all. >> we only have 30 seconds left. >> it is going to work.
8:52 am
bake for 25 to 30 minutes. they are the fudgy -- >> yummy! >> thick brownies with black beans. >> let's check in with our jury downstairs. >> how are the bownies? >> love the brownies. don't even really taste that the beans are there. >> i'm basically eating pasta with a side of brownie. >> it is healthy for you and baby, dylan. >> but no sign of yams, no sign of beans. nice job! >> siri, thank you. for all of this week's one-pot recipes go to >> why are you drinking a beer? is that in the recipe? >> i feel like i'm at home. >> come home with me, sweetie. you be my secret spouse.
8:53 am
charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
8:54 am
it is birthday time. dylan, you're up. more brownies. remarkable people with help from our friends at smucker's. let's start with a happy 104th birthday to susan keith. this atlanta braves fan is from selma, alabama. she plays the piano and is known for her beautiful singing voice. santiago diaz.
8:55 am
he rides his four wheeler every day to check on his cows. helen joy bauder marched into the color guard well into her 90s. herbert marks sr. is 102. happy 102nd birthday to mabel ar keep the celebrations going at's. tamron, what do you have next hour? >> these brownies. >> these are the adult ones. these are a little party brownie. i'm kidding. >> oh, like cheech and chong. >> that's a joke.
8:56 am
secret places -- where are you, billy? >> he had a brownie. he's walking around. >> secret hide-away places in new york for dinner. >> like speak easy places? >> it's fun. just trust me. it's going to be awesome. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank.
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developing in n 1/2 reports of a shooting in manchester. police on the scene for hours overnight. a search back on hours after a 26-year-old jumping into a
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:58 am
back up. plus a teenager charged after a man is stabbed during a home invasion. and donald trump interrupted why a pastor stepped in during his speech. summer heat yesterday. huge change today. fall-like feel back in the air. how long it last. the weekend forecast, ahead. all that and much more. >> coming up n vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that -
8:59 am
on. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. women vote is responsible for
9:00 am
>> developing this morning. reports of a shooting. one person rushed to the hospital. locked up after trouble at work. what this employee was doing to women at a dollar tree store. >> hundreds of criminal cases could with up in the air after investigators sayers was tampered with in braintree. >> good morning. i'm christa. let's send it over to chris lambert what check of your forecast. >> huge change from today as opposed to yesterday. boston at 90 degrees. 22nd time this year. big change up this morning. you feel the difference walking out the door currently in the low 60s despite sunshine. we've had skalt yerd clouds backing in off the ocean. right now we're running ten degrees cooler than this time yesterday afternoon. yesterday morning i should say, and by the afternoon we're going


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