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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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blow the place up jonathan hall is live in rehoboth with more on this dramatic arrest. jonathan. jadiann, motive here is unclear, but police say this guy was talking to negotiators during the 5-hour stand off about need for mental healthcare. at this point the cumberland farms is back open. but for much the day it was closed. police say the suspect in case could have easily been shot and killed by officers. but, policus 38-year-old benjamin kimball taken down by heavily armed police after long stand off a this scenes store in route 44. sky 7hd overhead as an officer fires a stun grenade kimball makes a run for holding a video game controller which looked like a gun from a distance. >> he was hit with a bean bag shotgun. which was less lethal shot guppy. he was taken down by other s.w.a.t. members with the
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police say kimball drove to this cumberland farms bought a bic lighter about 6:30 this more than he took story cordless phone dialed 911 and hung up police responded to cumberland farms and saw a kimball heading towards his saturn suv. i told the officer to back off. i stated that he had a gun and a bomb. that he was going to blow the place off. >> at one point chief says kimball took lighter and attempted to set fire to gas pump he made numerous threats to blow up the gas station foounl he was arrest and rushed to hospital. he may require surgery for his police dog bites. >> he came running and then they threw those like grenades to try to slow him down the kay come this way, police officers, and he just went to the ground. >> we found kimball's car stuffed with personal items including a lamp shade. a neighbor spoke with store employees one told him kimball may have been trg trouble with
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>> i hear did he have then he came over here and threatened the manager and back over in his vehicle. police say kimball may work in mental health facility. they say during the stand off he also at one point tried to ram one of those big s.w.a.t. vehicles almost looked like tanks they are oh heavy and armored a well kimball the suspect is being held without bail at this point. he faces 4 charges including te ga station live in rehoboth. we following developing story out plymouth right now body of missing swimmer has been discovered. search teams found the body of 26-year-old man today. in great herring pond he disappeared yesterday afternoon after boating accident. >> and an alarming crime, a man called to court accused of a snap thing pictures of unsuspecting women at his job in malden. the 29-year-old is now facing a whole slew of charges. steve cooper live in malden to
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steve. as you can imagine a lot of shoppers today pretty surprised and shocked to hear about these alarming allegations adam. as for the suspect here he pleaded not guilty in court today and now investigators are trying to figure out if he's done this before. 29-year-old christopher has no comment before fating a judge in malden on charge of up skirting and photographing an unsuspect's nude person. investigators say he was witnesses told police they saw him take pictures of his cell phone up womaning skirt here dollar tree store on broadway malden melina who was an embryo was working at the time. victim was an unsuspect's customers. but it was witnesses who confronted him and alert theed the manager. it's ridiculous. and i hope he got time, big time. police have since seized his cell phone and surveillance video from inside this store,
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camera. >> have you done this before or was this a first time deal? taking pictures of women up the skirt. he isn't talking about what happened police are because they don't know right now if this was an isolated case or if he's done this before. and prosecutors were requested strict conditions for his release. >> we went would ask he stay away not contact named victim as witness in this case and stay away from the store. >> i know a lot of p i think it's just crazy. some he was released on personal recognizance by judge with strict conditions including staying away from the dollar tree store here. investigation is ongoing he's do back in court before the judge next month. we're live in malden steve cooper, sefrp news. and there's more news today, beverly police arrested teenager he's charged in connection with a violent home invasion. investigators say the
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man inside and then stabbed that man before running away. the victim was taken to a hopped. police found the suspect in nearby backyard and he's charged with home invasion and armed robbery. the new hampshire attorney general is investigating a murder in manchester. police responded to intersection of merrimac and beach streets just before 17 last night to a report of a shooting there. 25-year-old man was shot and later died in the hospital. and 7 news n forecast. here is a live look at downtown boston. the day started off cool. but warmed up nicely. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner has check of your forecast. i grabbed a jacket today jr. yes check out temperatures at the coastline city of boston 64 after a high yesterday of 90. what a turn around. bedford at 70. worcester at 66. the air is very dry. dew point temperatures 30s and 40s. and you know, we can use dew points to measure humidity. but also when you look dew
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for lot of thaws will be down into the 40s. thanks to high pressure that came out canada late last night and won't move all that much for next couple of days. continuation of the nice fall preview. for tonight mostly clear. near full moon. that's full tomorrow night. harvest moon. cool with lows down into the 40s and lower to mid 50s. even city of boston down into low 50s by early tomorrow morning. these will be temperatures about 6:30, 7 o'clock. morning commute cool. norwat jaffry at 40 and cape and numbers low 50s. morning commute clear skies upper 40s, crisp cool air. by 9 o'clock lots of sunshine, comfortable. temperatures on friday in upper 50s to around 60. another day that features sunshine. weekend, one of the days i sunny. we'll talk more about that in few machines. now turning to race for white house a historic endorsement new hampshire union leader backing libertarian gary johnson the former governor of new mexico first time in 100 years that
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republican has not endorse ad republican i should say that johnson was a republican now libertarian. this comes as hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail after a bout with pneumonia and donald trump makes his way back to new hampshire. steve handles man has latest from the campaign trail. back on the campaign trail, hillary clinton left home in new york for north carolina. still recovering from pneumonia, but sounding ask she said feeling better. i'm doing great thank you so said earlier us bringing deplorable ideas to the contest. i'm going to keep calling out the bigotry and hateful rhetoric that he brought to this campaign. trump was talking tax rates and child care credits today as at the new york economic club. tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle class taxpayer. low key specific it might be working. trump is virtually tied with clinton nationally.
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the new quinnipiac poll puts clinton 5 points over trump but it was ten points last month. >> and must win ohio and florida, trump leads in new polls. clinton's illness not disclosing could be a factor. but republicans are praising trump. let's bombast, fewer tweets. more focus on voters issues. his message is clear. people understand on a given day what he's trying about. and clinton understands the race is close. republicans have new hope that trump is being hurt less now by questions about his temperament then clinton is being hurt by questions about her honesty. i'm steve handles man, nbc news, washington. president obama making a controversial move off the coast of cape cod he announce first in ever national marine monument
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130 miles southeast of cape cod. the sanctuary will protect more than 4900 square miles of ocean ecosystems president obama also plans to ban commercial fishing in that area which is causing some outrage. also on 7, police in columbus, ohio defending use of deadly force against a 13-year-old boy. officers shot and killed the child while investigating a report of an armed robbery. chief says teen pointed a bb gun at officers that looked very real. officials are urging calm in wake of a police involved shooting that left 13-year-old dead in columbus ohio. it is critical that we remain calm and committed to it the investigative process. officers responding to an armed robbery call chased down two suspects near the scene, one of those 13-year-old tie reking who police say a pulled a weapon from his waistband. we found a gun at the scene near
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and this is what that gun looked like. reports indicate the pistol with a laser sight attached to the barrel is a bb gun. it turns out to not been a firearm in the sense that it fires real bullets. but as you can see, it looks like a firearm that could kill you. >> an investigation into the deadly shooting is now under way. once the investigation is complete, prosecutor will present that to and the grand jury will then decide whether or not charges should be filed. the officer involved in incident the 9 year columbus police veteran placed on administrative leave. jay gray, nbc news. the family of is a dran bland woman found dead in her texas jail cell last year reached a settlement over local office. a lawyer says they will receive $1.9 million to settle this
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to jail procedures including cell checks, and on duty nurse at facility. bland was arrest during routine traffic stop. the traffic stop escalated into physical altercation and officer threatened her with stun gun. he she was found dead in a jail cell three days later after hanging herself. court appearance for man charged with setting a florida mosque on fire. 32-year-old joseph was denied bail. judge referred to 7es deemed him a flight risk. he faces charges of arson with what's called a hate crime enhancement. this stems from fire that ripped that you islamic center fort pierce, florida night september 11th. slieber is facing 30 years up to life in prison. r. or up to life in prison because of his prior record. all right, still ahead as we continue here on 7 news a car bursting into flames. why the driver says his cell phone is to blame for this
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to week 2. we will help you get your fantasy team in order with our fantasy fixer. 4:30 this dog has reason to be sad. how he ended up high on heroin at a doggy day care. ahead. a daring rescue a police and witnesses rush to save driver trapped in this burning truck. marco...! polo!
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a car goes up in flames in florida and driver says his cell phone is to blame. the massive fire destroyed that car. investigators around trying to determine if his claims are true. but that driver is counting on his blessings, seven's jennifer eagan has more. car catches fire a firefighters try to get flames under control. driver escaped just moments before. that was crazy, man. clifford samuels was driving in port st. lucie, florida he was charging galaxy s seven phone when it burst into flames. >> and i see flames coming up. from that bigger flames. i pull over. he heard oh popping noise just before fire started. minutes later he watched as flames took over his car. one the only things he could save, the bible he kept in the
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just right there. samuel says he hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else. oh, god i'm glad to be okay. alive jennifer eagan, 7 news. and coming up oh on 7 news, it is time to win big week 2. we have some tips to help you with fantasy football teams into shape looking forward to those tips and forecast for weekend including we'll have that for you up next. he had ahead 5 o'clock here on 7 news cars at that could change when driverless vehicles could hit the road in new england. applause crazy scene in china. string of events that freed this massive balloon and caused chaos in the streets.
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forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. well, beautiful weather for a hike today.
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there. sky seven over group hiker right at the peak today in new hampshire. god's country. why we live here, right? just over 3,000 feet above sea level once you get up to top there. man you've got to have good set of lungs and some good strong legs. and lot of ambition. but you get to top there and it's worth it. well worth it. that just makes me smile looking at hikers up there. kind of made me dizzy the way chopper was getting it. so gorgeous out there. beautiful and we're j can really get out and hike and explore country side. perhaps jeremy a lot of people are starting to think about this and talk about it see some colors is it going to be jeopardy in drought this year? around metro boston. it won't ideal. as you head farther west out to berkshires monadnock region up into maine the drought not severe in those locations. in fact, the main for industry division just put out a statement saying our trees are fine. so i think we will be okay
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again here around metro boston. 495 belt on coastline, collars coming on quick. trees are stressed. so you're going to have quicker color change muted colors there may be a quicker drop because it is so dry. but foliage will still do beautiful thing here in northeast. you know what helps to accelerate crisp cool nights mild afternoons that really get a colors going. fantastic day tomorrow. lots of sun sheen. going for hike this weekend? make it saturday. because that's nicer of weekend days. sun is going to feature more clouds. and some showers. some beneficial rain i know it's oh on sunday we do need that rain here new england at this time mostly clear skies. there are few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds. hyannis port and rather large one anchored up through st. lawrence river valley not moving that much we will hold on to clear skies and more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures with that canadian hyannis port not nearly as hot as we were yesterday or humid. 60s and 70s.
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out through metro west, temperatures in upper 60s to around 70. meaningful baseball games against yankees in september. let's do this. next four nights. big games, folks. clear skies, with a temperatures in the mid 60s to start the game. and then holding in lower 60s. overnight tonight mostly cool clear. most of down to mid and upper 40s down to boston. probably right around 54, 55. north and south shore cranberry bogs in plymouth in middle 40s. norwood i here at 40 tomorrow morning. jaffry at 40. orange at 39. but norwood always make that quick recovery you will one warm spots tomorrow afternoon. mostly sun skies. pleasant, upper 60s and middle 70s around 72 norwood boston 69. north of town, middle and upper 60s on sea coast and cape anne working 32 merrimac low 70s, fitchburg at 73. and out on to cape islands chatham, at 68. nantucket at 69.
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skies. sunday, a lot of clouds. and scattering of rain showers, right now tough to pin down one side of the day. but i do think shower risk will be there down at gillette. but not wash out. not cold rain like you can find in december. going to be mild. temperatures on sunday mid 70s. thanks jeremy. let's get check of the roads right now matt fitzgerald with us. and it's a beautiful shot nonetheless sky how are you? i'm good dealing with an earlier involving a tractor trailer. just cleared moments ago. but, we're seeing residual delays on one 28th south just a. route 16 in newton. we'll take look at the drive times on 128th south from looking at a 35 minute drive. on the pike east are pike west, leaving boston this afternoon is all jammed up all stone tolls out past newton corner heavy up near westin tolls eastbound is moving okay.
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it is crawl out of o'neill tunnel. you will be on breaks most way up to braintree split on northbound so i heavy from split to neponset circle approaching tunnel and from o'neil tunnel to braintree split looking a 37 minnesota drive i'm matt fitzgerald 7 news. all right breaking news we want to share wu aright now samsung formally recalls about 1 million galaxy note 7 phones. again it's the galaxy note cespedes phon they did big reveal of this gadget. but now million have been recalled at this point we don't have details about why they've recalled if you own one of these phones you might want to get cell phone store soon we'll keep you posted a we get more info as well. coming up next. hey there pats fans welcome to fantasy fixedser i'm jadiann here with trey daerr. we're going to here to help you get the most out of your roster. all season.
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to game one where pats started without six really important players on their offense. still pulling off a win a little bit of nail biter. how do they keep it going. missing a lot of bodies i thought i was going to get it a call. it got really, really thin for pats no brady no, gronk no problem jimmy garoppolo looked awesome. he's great find. out there on waiver list and let's face it patriots kind of own the dolphins. jimmy garoppolo after great week 1. all right talking about the dolphins, no the a great showing for themn what do we do about dolphins? dolphins didn't look good at all played seahawks such good defense evening they will see better one this weekend and patriots ryan really struggle throughout his career a pretty big sample size bill belichick flat out owns afc. and we had a couple of young quarterbacks really starting to assert themselves in week one who's next big names out there
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carson a huge surprise if philadelphia ad great week almost 250 yards passing two touchdowns no picks, no good as those guys mentioned really good option as number two quarterback, or if you're really in a tight spot carson, all right ernie, go set your line up. well thanks jadiann and trey. any time. next at 4:30 a soldier who survived battle in iraq and afghanistan killed in boston. now four years later the trial for his suspected killer begins not expecting how dog ended up eating heroin a doggy day care. caught on camera police and witnesses frantically working to free a person trapped in burning car. and a crazy scene. look at this a massive balloon. i mean this thing is massive. gets free and causes chaos as it
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news first 4:30.
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samsung galaxy note 7 phone. the problem is with at phone's lithium ion battery. which can overheat and catch on fire. just last week the cpsc told people who own the phone to stop using them. >> also at 4:30 years a. heart breaking crime the trial of suspected killer the suspected killers begins opening statement started today man accused of a killing war veteran victim who served his country in iraq and afghanistan was s here in boston back in 2012. dan hausle was at the courthouse today. he joins us live with some more information. dan. well, this is a case you may remember. it does go back they had trouble getting suspect. but it goes back to the killing of steven perez in boston theater district a fight between groups in april of 2012. the man charged with the crime in brought into court today is peter castile.


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