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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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samsung galaxy note 7 phone. the problem is with at phone's lithium ion battery. which can overheat and catch on fire. just last week the cpsc told people who own the phone to stop using them. >> also at 4:30 years a. heart breaking crime the trial of suspected killer the suspected killers begins opening statement started today man accused of a killing war veteran victim who served his country in iraq and afghanistan was s here in boston back in 2012. dan hausle was at the courthouse today. he joins us live with some more information. dan. well, this is a case you may remember. it does go back they had trouble getting suspect. but it goes back to the killing of steven perez in boston theater district a fight between groups in april of 2012. the man charged with the crime in brought into court today is peter castile.
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in 2015 that's why we come to trial to many years after the killing. in court today they played some cell phone video that was shot by witnesses to the fight that preceded the shooting and then the opening arguments came from prosecutors and the defense. the police determined and evidence showed that this individual right here, peter castile fired ad gun into young stephen perez's back and killed >> you're going to hear what set off the chain of events that caused mr. perez his life. you're going to hear how silly it was, how it didn't make sense the fundamental issue in this case is not who done it. that is not going to be the issue. your issue is going to be, i
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what was going through mr. castile. >> coming up at 5:30 you're going to hear from one of the friends of the victim steven perez who was there when the fighting started and there when steven perez's life ended talking about his dying moments. that's coming up at 5:30. >> we're live in boston dan hausle. we're following more news today. a north attleboro police officer facing alarming allegations is now on administrative leave. so the sergeant is facing domestic violence charges. he's accused o girlfriend and another man both plainville police officers. police say he saw pair kissing in car he pulled man from car and punched him. he later beat up his girlfriend at their wrentham home. following a police bust a suspected drug dealer after an a 8-month investigation. this man was an arrested las night in his home. police found heroin, cocaine, cash and shotgun. 34-year-old is facing multiple
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until his arraignment in court tomorrow. also on 7 a west virginia grandmother is called to court. she's accused, grandma, of overdosing on heroin while in the car with her grandson. the 50-year-old grandma was sentenced to six months behind bars by ohio judge today. she pleaded no contest to child endangerment publicly intoxication and seatbelt violation as well. her story grabbed headline when this photo was posted online by police. i mean so diur just sick to look at. you can see the grandma and the driver both passed out in the car. they look dead. with 4-year-old grandson in the back seat. face blurred out. child is now living with other family members in south carolina. >> a man in california attacked over handicapped parking spot. police say the 64-year-old handicapped man got into an argument with a couple because they parked in a disabled spot without a permit. it all happened tuesday afternoon at walmart parking
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pulled the handicapped man from his car and started punching him. >> by that time he already unfortunately got guy outer of car and slammed him on the ground. i was able to get between him push him off of him he wept to kick him i pushed him back. no word on his injuries or if man who attacked him will face any charges. caught on camera a thief at work in florida. first he took advantage of a workers kindness and indulged in free cookies. t cash. today that employee's talking about the strange ordeal. 7's sara french with the story. >> actually in three times that night. he's brazen armed robber with a major sweet tooth. we had really long line. like after 4 or 5 cust he tells me i'm here to get cookie. i actually just gave him the cookies. i'm so sorry for your wait. like have good night. about 30 minutes later the same man returned to same subway in
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ready to go home. half an hour later he comes back oh, more cookies. he was like ones you gave me were hard. can i have more. i was you literally came back to complain about free cookies. he was like, well yeah. so i gave him two more free cookies. he left for the second time. but he didn't stop there he came back a third time. that's when minor realized he was craving more than just cookies. >> when he comes in he locks door we're going to make this quick give me all the money. and we walk over to register he tells me, have a gun, i have a gun. 24-year-old says she never saw his gun. but he still managed to walk out undisclosed amount of cash. investigators around hoping someone can identify the robber before he strikes again. >> immediately after that happened i quit that store the next day. and i do not work nights any more. i'm just finishing up this week at another store. i'm i'm done. >> police are offering $3,000 reward for information leading
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in the newsroom i'm sara french, 7 news. an arizona woman facing troubling charges of exposing herself to under age boys in bar myths have a now free and clear of charges. this case took a strange turn when her connection to one boys's father was revealed in court. >> we the juries find the defendant not guilty count 2 we jury find t guilty. 18 times not guilty. lindsey broke down in court hugging her attorney. i'm just incredibly happy it's over. thank god. this might be longest trial that's ever taken place in misdemeanor court. seven months in an arizona courthouse that usually decides things like dui and parking tickets. she was accused of an exposing herself to a group of under age
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the boys parent paid breast implants she claimed she was drugged that night and doesn't remember any of it. last year one boy's parents said she was close friend. >> we knew her and what she meant to our family. they were just as shocked and devastated as we are. a grand jury would not indict her but the city's prosecutor filed charges and in court her attorney told jury the boy attacked her. we believe the boys room and touched lindsey, fondled her breasts without her permission. things that one of the boys did i cannot even repeat on national tv. >> she left court a free woman but one with a highly publicized case attached to her name. her attorney says her next step is to go back to her life. >> she still works as a yoga instructor. still a trainer. still loved by the community. and she has a family that loves
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jail as well $2,500 fine. >> well, this boar dog had very bad day at a day care in colorado. police say this dog ate a bag of heroin. apparently a suspect a druggie running from police ditched drugs in doggy play area. now the dog is dealing with the fallout. >> you can't process fact your dog ate heroin. yeah you heard right. she's high on heroin and we're come as soon as you can. >> whole thing was caught on camera. i'm upset. i'm grateful that she's alive. you can't see the suspect throw the drugs over the fence in the video but that's charlie what she's eating is full bag of heroin. >> scattered all over the entire room. a few seconds later an employee starts picking up the bag gees. all in all 17 bag gees were found in our play room. not include 5 that guy tried to swallow.
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charlie had to be a rushed to the vet. charlie is doing much better now but laura says when she got call at work they didn't know if she'd make it i could have lost my dog yesterday because of some stupid idiot decided to sell drugs run from the police and throw them. >> this whole heroin problem around here is ridiculous. garret bishop runs doggy day care. it highlights a much bigger problem. we find needle and everything around here. it's, it's getting to the point where i cannot let my employees go outside. and laura has this message for the suspect. if you want to do drugs do drugs ruin your life if you want to sell drugs to people sell drugs to that want to do drugs you're ruining there life and they chose it. my dog if choose it. the vet bill was $500. denver police are working to see if they can help pay for part of that bill. >> ahead here on seven news, no one expected to see this. nine foot python with apparently
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florida. how teacher turned snake's arrival into lesson for students. coming up here at 5 o'clock how 5-hour stand off ends in ro rehoboth. very tense moments leading up to that moment. plus officers good samaritan desperately working to save man trapped after fiery crash. the entire rescue caught on camera. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success."
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a wild lesson for class in florida. this nine foot long python was found slithering near their high school. >> well, was do you do when that happens? you call the police to come in and help out. the before snake was carted off one teacher got a creative idea. a florida high school one school police officers through a wrench in teacher's lesson plans. we passed through there all the time. to see that, that's just, just really surprising. i was in classroom teaching and
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actually related to a surprise that they had for me outside. that surprise measuring around 9 feet. burmese python found across street making its way toward school's parking lot. school police officers responded quickly. later tweeting out pictures of their apprehended slithery suspect. con fronting this burmese python. instead of weighing risk or situation are alerting someone or running risk of burmese my pi thon matters into their own hands and went above and beyond and actually apprehended the actual burmese python and held it for miami dade rescue. >> burmese python here. the before handing over reptile to wildlife officials, that high school teacher moved up next week's lesson for tenth grade biology class from safe distance, of course. >> they were actually able to see it here, not just book wise
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see an example of invasive species coming into our territory. now they actually helped a lot of us to understand more of the concept of species. scaly visit ending safely in perfect teachable moment. no one was hurt and snake was turned over to state wildlife officials. >> more sunshine for tomorrow and a cool morning. wait until you see the numbers up next. and ahead at 5 o'clock, this is not rolls through china, terrifying people understand in its path commute of future and its not that big balloon when self driving cars could soon come to boston. you're either morning person or you're not that's what lot think. if you have habit of hitting snooze we will tell you steps to take to feel more energized
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and a you see that bird flying just under the zakim bridge there. in the foreground obviously. i just had to point out we awe bird there. we also see blue skies. crystal clear. just, you saw the bird too, right? you made everyone stop we're all like wait. it looked very peaceful i thought there was another part to story. just random bird. exactly. i like your story telling crisp and cool overnight tonight. fantastic friday. lots of sunshine. and the weekend 50/50 saturday will be outside day. weekend we all work for them i'm routing for rain because the drought continues to worsen the extreme category expanding westward. we have not seen anywhere going
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in southern new england. but we would need not just a shower or sunday, monday we would need several rain storms. and, i don't see that happening we will start somewhere happening that will start sunday and monday, see that in second on seven day right now you don't see showers and barely see new clouds. mostly clear skies a couple birds. hyannis port is with us we'll have hyannis port across the northeast overnight tonight through day tomorrow. right n bedford at 70. norwood at 70 and nantucket at 75. tonight mostly clear, cool the numbers will drop off into the 40s overnight tonight. downtown boston, low to mid 50s. by way those are big moon tomorrow night full harvest moon. temperatures tomorrow morning boston around 54 out on cape islands. bedford 44.
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briefly in upper 30s tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow mostly sunny skies a pleasant day with temperatures tomorrow boston around 69. the normal high should be around 73. drakut a 72. into worcester hills after cool morning the numbers tomorrow afternoon head for low 70s out to the cape nice one. it looks good with lowid afternoon upper 60s to around 70. so that's tomorrow. then as we work into saturday partly to mostly sunny skies. here is our next weather system sunday night and monday. a little early to talk rainfall amounts. but still some potential there perhaps upwards of an inch
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keep fingers crossed. see you at 5. all right jeremy a rough tart start for day commuters in natick of a water main break heavy traffic problems. you can see crews on scene where water was slowing down the road. really tough. and, from o'neill tunnel. and, right size expressway northbound that's heavy as you head into o'neil tunnel. connector on left side of your screen there is jammed in both directions. on zakim bridge heavy heading into o'neill tunnel delays begin on lower deck sullivan square. northbound side your heavy coming out of the tunnel.
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and ahead here on 7 news, this cat made headlines when he climbed out of grave. five days after he was burden. see latest obstacle he overcame
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matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right so this a cat, nicknamed zombie, and here's the
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but climbed out of the grave a few days later. >> this sounds a little hocus pocus. but i don't think it is. he's now getting a second chance at life. he had to, get through legal battle first. politics. hard to tell what bart cat went through from just looking at him today this cat had a spirit like no other. he was hit by car he was presumed dead and buried. 5 days later he clawed out o zombie cat. it was touch and go he almost died the first couple weeks or vets were giving a 50/50 chance. he was on feeding tube for 7 weeks lost an eye between surgery and intense i care, humane society in tampa, florida spent just under $11,000 to. how many cats can crawl out of a grave nearly $9,000 were donated by people from all over the
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cat didn't end there because humane society ceo barting original owners didn't make for a good home. couldn't keep him technically i should have returned the cat to them i just made a decision as the ceo they kept him and owner sued legal basilica cost shelter about $5,000. many, many deposition ares court battles back and forth. that battle went on for 20 months until this week when two sides settled out of court. the shelter i owner $5,000 so they can guarantee >> he lovers to be petted bart gets a good home he feline sister and feline brother. they get along amazingly valerie signed adoption papers today. just want him to live a long healthy happy quiet life. now that is some determination. >> definitely. being an animal lover i'm just glad he's okay and got out of
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definitely. death defying situation. more like much more to come here in next 90 minutes i'm jadiann. i'm adam wul yims kim khazei joins me now for 7 news at 5. a tense situation diffused. s.w.a.t. teams swarm a gas stays with flash take a suspect into custody. plus alarming accusations against dollar store employee in malden what he's accused of a doing while on the clock. >> and trump missing out on a major endorsement as he gets ready to speak at an event in new hampshire. driving into the future. why boston's mayor is entering driverless debate. >> clear and cool overnight tonight. back into sunshine tomorrow. plus, trapped and in trouble. how some good samaritans jumped into to help after car collided with a school bus. 7 news at 5 starts now. we're following breaking news first at 5 amayor move. u.s. regulators officially were
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seven because of the risk that its batteries can explode. that recall effects about 1 million phones. before recall samsung asked people to stop using the phone. seven jadiann thompson live in our newsroom with this breaking detail or two or three. >> yeah, a lot to get through here actually. kim and adam federal regulators are urging people now to take advantage of this recall. because the phones pose a major safety hazard one million ga galaxy note seven are subject to the recall. the phone's bat so last week people were told to power down those phones. the f.a.a. banned them from flights. so fuf aone of those phones you have two options right now, you can get a replacement phone or you can get a full refund. feds say it's important to turn them in. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i'm urging all consumers, all consumers, to take advantage of


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