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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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seven because of the risk that its batteries can explode. that recall effects about 1 million phones. before recall samsung asked people to stop using the phone. seven jadiann thompson live in our newsroom with this breaking detail or two or three. >> yeah, a lot to get through here actually. kim and adam federal regulators are urging people now to take advantage of this recall. because the phones pose a major safety hazard one million ga galaxy note seven are subject to the recall. the phone's bat so last week people were told to power down those phones. the f.a.a. banned them from flights. so fuf aone of those phones you have two options right now, you can get a replacement phone or you can get a full refund. feds say it's important to turn them in. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i'm urging all consumers, all consumers, to take advantage of
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consumers have understandably anxiously awaiting this announcement and now, it is the time to act. >> the president of samsung issue a statement consumer safety is always our highest priority. we are asking owners to act now by powering down their note seven devices and receive a replacement device or a refund through our exchange program. and to find out if your gaks al see note seven is subject. back of the phone then go to or call samsung and read them that code. we'll also give you link to that on live in newsroom i'm jadiann thompson, 7 news. also today a man under arrest after tense situation at gas station inry hoe both. s.w.a.t. teams surrounding his car when he threatened to blow up the store. >> it's a 5-hour stand off and came to dramatic end police used flash grenades to force him out of his car.
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details about the suspect and the charges he now faces. we have team 7 coverage the story. live in rehoboth. kim, adam i just talked to police chief. they've gone through the vehicle and it turns out this man had no begun and no explosive. he claimed he did and it look like he did. police say it could have ended much worse that man could have been shot and killed but police chose nonlethal means to get him under control. members of massachusetts tactical unit take down a north attleboro man who allegedly threatened to blow up this cumberland farms gas station on route 44 in rehoboth. he came running then they threw those like grenades to try to slow him down. and finally, they, they come from this way. police officers. and he, just went to the ground. >> police benjamin kimball made run for with an xbox controller which looked like from distance
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showed restraint. >> put him in straight jacket a white straight jacket and took him away in ambulance. 38-year-old kimball went into this store in six:30 a.m. bought a bic lighter and asked to a borrow store's telephone. they say he dialed 911 and hung up and then ran towards his cart as first rehoboth police cruiser pulled up he ordered officer to back off. because he said he had a gun and a bomb. as more allegedly went further. >> this suspect removed one of the gas hoses from the pumps, and again threatened to blow the cumberland farms up. at one point they moved a third bah lastic proof vehicle towards the vehicle. and a threw car in reverse and rammed one of the armored vehicles that was blocking his
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grenade to distract kimball. then officers shot him with a bean bag and sicked police dogs on him. police say kimball spoke to negotiators about the need for more care for the mentally ill. police believe he may work a mental health facility. >> i'm in contact with a cumberland farms. one employee was in fact threaten bid this man. they released a statement thanking police for their response. and for keeping employees safe. tonight kimball is without bail on 4 chars. including attempt arson, and making threats. we are live in rehoboth. jonathan hall, 7 news. and we are learning more about that man and what might have sparked the stand off. seven's byron barnet spoke to his girlfriend. byron is live in rehoboth with went view you will see on just one station. yeah, benjamin lives with his girlfriend and her two young daughters. matter of fact the girlfriend
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driving. she says that kimball has severe mental health problems and she believes he was trying to make a statement about the mental health system. can you think of any reason why this happened? was he having any kind of problems or anything >> yes, of course he was do you think people just do this for nothing? >> melissa says she tried not to which was the dramatic video of her boyfriend benjamin kimball. she thinks she knows what he was trying to do >> most likely he did this as to make people awa mental health system and the medical system is screwed up there are no help for people mentally ill. do you think he was trying to make statement about this >> i think he was. kimball has tried but hassan able to get help for his mental health problems. >> the mental health system is screwed up. people try to go out there and get help and they can't. state insurance. they don't provide them. you call any psychiatrist around can't help you.
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can't help you let's give you a bunch of pills. todd and lisa were stunned to see video of their next door neighbor involved in that tense confrontation with police. haven't been any trouble. very quiet. he'll just walk by and say how red sox are doing, that's about it. >> upsetting to see your neighbor in situation like that? >> oh definitely. she says kimball had never hurt anyone in his li it's unfortunate this kind of thing happened to him. now kill bam is hospitalized in taunton with some pretty serious dog bites. we're told he may need surgery. that's story live from rehoboth. i am buy won barnet turning to alarming allegations against the dollar store employee. police say he took pictures of
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>> he appeared in court today, 7 steve cooper live in malden with more on what happened in court. and what kind of pictures we're talking about here, steve. >> cell phone called up skirting christopher melina went to malden court withdrew plead not guilty charges. tonight detectives in malden are trying to figure out if he's done this before. >> christopher melina with no interest of pleading not guilty in court to charges he was using his cell phone to take pictures up a m would's skirt. how did he do it? was he down low? you know, serious. skfrjts christop >> the 29 years as work here a dollar tree store in malden. police say witnesses confronted melina after watching him take the picture of aun suspecting customer before confronting him
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his cell phone and store surveillance video that captured incidents on cam regard trying to figure out if melina has done this before. >> have you done this before? or just a first time for you? >> taking pictures of women. a managers at the dollar tree had no comment even prosecutors asked judge to order melina to stay away from store. we would asked he stay away not contact the named victim as well witnesses in this case. and stay away from the store. just erie. so sickening. i mean websites for things like that come on you don't have to for your work you have kids and coming in and the out of here. not cool at all. >> so judge released melina but he has strict conditions. and one of them is to stay away from the dollar tree store here in malden. police tell us their investigation is ongoing tonight. he due back in court next month.
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turning now to race for white house popular new hampshire newspaper breaking tradition. the union leery fusing to endorse republican presidential candidate for first time in 100 years. instead endorse libertarian candidate gary johnson. the publisher calling donald trump and these are his words a liar a bully buffoon all while trump campaigns in loconia, new hampshire. where we find brandon gunnoe. kim, front page hampshire june union leader starts with joke. it says if donald trump and hillary clinton were both on a life boat in the atlantic ocean who survives? the answer? s the american people. but more than couple hundred trump supporters here who certainly agree with that statement. trump's first campaign stop thursday new york economic club he promised trillion in tax cuts. tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle class taxpayer.
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trump virtually tied with clinton in today's cbs "new york times" poll new poll puts clinton 5 points over trump but it was 10 last months in must win ohio and florida, trump is now leading. republicans are praising trump citing fewer tweets and more focus on the issues. >> his message is clear. people understand on given day what he's trying to talk to them about. so trump is holding a campaign ral scheduled to start 7:30. live in loconia, new hampshire, brandon gunnoe. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. she took few days off to recover from pneumonia. her running mate tim kaine also in new hampshire speaking to supporters. seven kimberly bookman with more from clinton campaign. first time we've seen hillary clinton in days she's following doctors orders to slow down and rest up. but were has opponents spotty spotty light she was eager to get back at it today.
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clinton gave thumbs up she board ad plane in new york for campaign stop in greensboro, north carolina. on board she told reporters she's feeling great how are you doing snooim doing great thank you so much. four days ago clinton left a 9/11 event security helping her into van as her knees appeared to buckle beneath her. her cam pane said she was diagnosed with pneumonia and got overheated and dehydrated. her vice presidential campaign some of campaign while rested he was in port smith, new hampshire confident while talking with young people about expanding opportunities. we're in january we're taking those office and we want to have very millennial friendly administration. what issues we haven't talked about yet that we ought to be trying to focus on. once clinton arrived in north carolina, she got down to business and attacked her opponent donald trump. he said that if another country's troops taunted ours he would start a war over that.
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she knows she has no more time to waste. there are 54 days until election day until most cons gwen shall vote of our lifetime. >> now clinton is scheduled to join president obama tonight at the congressional hispanic caucus in washington d.c. live in newsroom kimberly bookman, seven news. we're following more news today deadly shooting in columbus ohio is under investigation. 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by a police say they were trying to take him into custody following a report of attempted robbery. that's when they say boy pulled out bb gun from his waistband. >> officials are urging calm in wake of a police involved shooting that left a 13-year-old dead in columbus, ohio. it is critical that we remain calm and committed to the investigative process. officers responding to armentd robbery call chased down two suspects near the scene. one of those 13-year-old tie reking who police say pulled a
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we found a gun at the scene near the suspect we were trying to apprehend. this is what that gun looked like. reports indicate pistol with laser sight attached to barrel is a bb gun. it turns out to not been a firearm in the sense that it fires real bullets. but as you can see t looks like a firearm that could kill you. investigation into the deadly shooting is now under way. once investigation the prosecutor will present that to a grand jury. and the grand jury will then decide whether or not criminal charges should be filed. the officer involved in the incident a nine year columbus police veteran has placed on administrative leave. >> it's not clear right now if the officer is were wearing surveillance video will show
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we'll protect nearly 5 thouks square miles of under water canyon and mountains. commercial fishing mining and drilling will be banned from monument. the area is home to rare species of plants and animals. and endangered whales. boston mayor marty walsh jump into dreyerless debate it driverless cars on the road. imagine that. year long plan will involve on street testing of cars and ti reality here. mayor walsh says he has reservations about at about neck technology but believes it could be future of urban driving. it allegedly cuts down on crashes and also, the reason of having cars and parked cars. it looks like it might be a
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and by 2030. but say, there are regulations in place to prepare for them just. and get in back seat of car and just relax.
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average -- >> anchor: police and good samaritans rush to help a man trapped. >> the moment of rescue.
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video showing residents and officers on the scene before e.m.s. and police officers arrived. all trying to release a man pinned in his truck. >> a complete stranger. >> reporter: and elijah boils. >> we try to express the fire. >> reporter: try to get the fire out as people like chris owens >> and we tried to get the fire out. and got crowbars to pry open the door because it was stuck. >> reporter: the man inside the vehicle was pinned in after officers say a school bus hit him head-on causing his truck to be wedged under the bus. >> i asked him if he had any spinal injuries to i could push him out the window but he was
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>> reporter: after a few minutes, e.m.s. and firefighters arrived. >> the sound of sirens never sounded so sweet. >> reporter: the efforts to get him out may have saved his life. >> it's something we do every day. >> reporter: terry is recovering at a local hospital. the school bus driver is facing charges of failing to yield the right of way. >> anchor: a strange sight on streets of china.
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>> anchor: it kind of looks like a moon landing on the ground in the streets of it looks like a scene from an old sci-fi movie. and it's a moon balloon that rolled through the streets there on wednesday. and it was part of a mid-autumn moon festival. but strong winds caused it to break free from the display and roll about the city. is that woman -- she's on her bike. >> anchor: i think it was a man. >> anchor: whatever.
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stop your laughing. >> reporter: i was laughing because nobody was injured. and don't balloons fly? >> anchor: hot air balloons fly. it was part of a display. who rigged that thing up? that guy is probably fired. >> reporter: a crisp and cool night tonight. the big moon tomorrow night. not a supermoon like that. the full harve it's pretty full this evening and it's really full tomorrow evening. and it's fantastic late summer weather with all sorts of sunshine giving away to clear skies. high pressure is up through the u.s.-canadian border. that will drift up into northern maine through the day tomorrow. keeping the clear skies with us. the city 64. bedford 68.
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and temperatures at first pitch in the lower 60s. we'll have clear skies and it does cool out of overnight tonight. and the numbers ahead for the 50s in boston. 54 tomorrow morning. and outside of town, look at the cool pockets of air. norwood in 40. and martha's vineyard, upper 40s and low 50s. and on the cape, upper 50s and low 50 in the morning. and temperatures tomorrow 69-75. the and norwood 72. worcester hills, lots of sunshine and numbers moving to the low 70s. and the cape, 69. and the islands in the upper 60s. and for the weekend, saturday will be the nicer of the two weekend days with partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures on saturday in the mid-70s. and sunday a lot of clouds. and i think a scattering of
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opener for the pats and dolphins. and it's hard to pin down what part of the day the showers are likely to occur. plan on having is -- the rain gear ready to go. temperatures in gillette in the 70s. and more rain likely on monday. >> anchor: still coming on 7:00 news. a cookie crime is caught on camera in florida. >> anchor: and ahead at sinking feeling in key new hampshire rescue crews called in after a student gets stuck in a
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ahead. >> anchor: seven news at 5:30 starts right now. breaking news. samsung's newest phone officially recalled following reports of batteries exploding causing fires like this one. >> anchor: on trial for killing a soldier six years later. new evidence on display as opening statements begin. >> reporter: clear and crisp overnight tonight. >> anchor: and campus police class. >> anchor: first here at 5:30, breaking news. samsung announcing an official recall for the galaxy note seven. it was released nearly a month ago. >> anchor: it's been plagued by reports of fires and batteries since the release. >> reporter: on this recall affecting 1 million samsung


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