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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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recall. 1 million samsung galaxy seven smart phones are subject to the recall. the batteries can explode and burst into flames. the faa even banned them from flights. you can either get a replacement phone or a full refund, but the feds say it's important to turn them in. >> because this product poses such a serious fire hazard, i'm advantage of this recall right away. consumers have understandably and anxiousably awaited this announcement and now is the time to act. >> reporter: samsung says its top priority is consumer safety. >> with battery cell defects in some of our note seven phones, we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and
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to be clear, the note seven with the new battery is safe. the battery cell issue is resolved. >> anchor: to find out if your galaxy note seven is subject to the recall, you can check the code etched on the back of the phone. you can go to or call samsung and we'll provide that code on our website well. >> reporter: a gas station standoff. s.w.a.t. teams rush in when a man threatens to blow up the store. a standoff that landed for five hours. >> reporter: from the official takedown to the suspect's past, we have team coverage of the standoff. we start with john live on the scene with the latest.
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said this man threatened to hurt in some way the store's manager. and employees were forced to go in there and turn off the pumps. it turns out that the man lied about being armed and having a bombing but the police did not know that at that time. the police tactical unit took down a man who threatened to blow up the cumberland farms gas station. >> they threw the gna slow him down. and they come from this way, the police officers. and he just went to the ground. >> reporter: police say benjamin kimble made a run for it with an xbox controller, which looked from a distance like a gun. a man from across the street said the police were calm and showed restraint. >> they put him in a white straight jacket and took him away from the balance. >> reporter: police say the 38-year-old kimble went into the
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bic lighter and asked to use the store's telephone. he called 9-1-1 and ran outside as the first police cruiser showed up. he asked the cruiser to back up saying he had a gun and bomb. >> he removed one of the gas hoses up and threatened to blow the they moved a ballistic vehicle. and he jumped over the drivers seat and put the car and reverse and rammed one of the armored cars that was blocking his escape. >> reporter: we captured an officer fire a stun grenade to
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pellets. >> reporter: cumberland farms releas released a statement thanking police more their hard work. and kimble faces four counts including threat of arson. >> anchor: we are learning more about the suspect in that standoff. his girlfriend opening up to seven news after the arrest. our team coverage continues and the interview you'll see on just one station. >> reporter: benjamin kimble's girlfriend says it was her car he was driving. she says he has mental health issues and thinks that he was trying to make a statement about the mental health system. >> this is what happened to
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>> reporter: melissa, his girlfriend, thinks she knows what he was trying to do. >> he probably was trying to make people aware that the mental health system is screwed up. there's no help for people who are mentally ill. >> reporter: do you think that he was trying to to make a statement? >> yes. >> reporter: she says that he's tried and has not help for his mental illness. >> you call the psychiatrists and they can't help you because they don't take insurance. >> reporter: she says that he's never hurt anyone in this life. >> how would you feel that you couldn't do anything to help one you love and they suffer.
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stunned to see their neighbor in the confrontation with the police. >> quiet and to themselves. they have two nice little girls. >> hopefully he gets some help. >> reporter: kimble is now hospitalized with some pretty serious dog bites. we're told that he may need surgery. >> it's time f >> reporter: it's trump and hillary clinton. >> just 54 days in the most con -- consequential vote of our lifetime. >> reporter: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after a near collapse.
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live in laconia. >> reporter: hundreds of supporters have been here for trump hours before his rally is set to begin. on the front page of the new hampshire union, the publisher calls trump a liar, bully, and bafoon. >> were you upset about that? >> no. they're entitled to opinion. and i know what i'm voting more. >> reporter: low key, specific, and a new move that appears to be working. trump is virtually tied with clinton in a news poll. the poll puts clinton five points over trump. and it's ten points last month. republicans are praising him citing fewers tweets and more focus on voters' issues. >> his message is clear.
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what he's trying to talk to them about. >> reporter: after hillary released a medical record, trump was criticized for not doing the same. in trump fashion, he released a record on the dr. oz show. >> why not release your medical records? >> should i do it right here? >> reporter: the rally set to begin at 7:30. >> anchor: and hillary clinton is back to work the campaign trail to recuperate from pneumonia. she made a stop in north carolina today. >> reporter: an upbeat hillary clinton walked on stage to james brown's song "i feel good." she said she wants to close her campaign against trump by offering ideas, not insults. back and better, hillary clinton reassures her supporters with a
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plane to begin campaigning again. she tells her supporters she's feeling great. >> back to stronger together. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, thank you so much. >> reporter: cameras caught clinton leaving a 9/11 event unstable on her feet. it was later determined that she had pneumonia. tim kaine is talking about the finance. >> reporter: clinton's first stop was north carolina where she went after her opponent, trump. >> a few days ago, he said that if another country's troops taunted ours, he would respond by blowing them out of the
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my friends, why the stakes in this election are as high as any in our lifetimes. >> reporter: clinton will join president obama at the congressional hispanic caucus tonight and then the black omen's annual symposium tomorrow. >> anchor: and how the computer rail is looking to narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains."
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narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that,
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nd legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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>> anchor: computer rail workers with an eye for trouble thanks to a new high-tech tool. technicians are using smart glasses. >> reporter: when there's a problem on the tracks, new glasses can help solve it in real time. we got this exclusive look. i'm on the 2036. i have a great dryer not working. >> reporter: commuter driver kevin is trouble shooting a problem on the train using smart eye glasses. it helps train drivers make emergency repairs on the spot while passengers are on board. >> lift it up? >> and you should be all set to go.
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services, the company that operates the rail for the mbta gave us an exclusive look for the pilot program. the idea is to give engineers access to experts anywhere in the world. >> it's nice to see what other people are seeing. sometimes there's a communication breakdown between what i'm thinking and what he's actually seeing. >> reporter: here's how the glasses once the train engineer detects a problem, he puts on the glasses and connects them to the software. >> you can use a field technician or anybody that can help solve a problem from an expert in realtime. >> reporter: the engineer is able to take pictures and stream video which gets transmitted to a maintenance effort on the other line.
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>> reporter: the expert can help engineers fix a problem remotely. they can do it without taking the train out of service and moving it to a rail yard for repair. >> you can fix the problem faster and they get to where they're going. >> reporter: and even if the problem isn't immediately fixable, diagnosing the problem be save time and money. glasses are giving it a thumbs-up. >> that will fix it. thank you. >> reporter: that's 500 people that will get home to kids, dentists appointments whatever it is. >> reporter: the pilot program runs through september. if it's successful, the commuter rail company will look to implement the high-tech glasses system statewide.
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>> reporter: late summer, early fall weather. that's tomorrow for you. and saturday much the time. and sunday will be a day that features a lot of clouds and a few showers likely. but not right now. high pressure is with us. and it's a huge area of high
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england late tonight and during the day tomorrow. and it came from canada. and the air is comfortable late tonight and tomorrow. and the city 63. and norwood, 67. and the dew points in the 40s. and that's the dry, snappy air. and that gives us on indication of the morning. and 50s. the city at 54 in the morning. orange at 59. and temperatures in the low to mid-60s at fenway. tonight mostly clear and cool. tomorrow lots of sunshine. a nice pleasant friday with temperatures close to 70 in
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route 24, temperatures in the low 70s. and jaffrey at 71. and at the cape, mostly sunny skies. middle and upper 60s. onto the weekend. saturday we start with sun. a few clouds saturday afternoon, but it's a nice day. temperatures on saturday, mid-70s. and sunday, cloudy skies and at this time it looks like showers are likely including the patriots game sunday afternoon. and i know you've been down there to gille i rain storms. i know i have. it will be mild with temperatures in the mid-70s. and that shower threat holds until monday. and perhaps we're talking about widespread rain on monday with an inch of rain possible on monday. and that's great news for the drought. see you at 7:00. >> one of the better things, you know, is we know how important this game is going to against a team that knows us very well.
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we split last year with the division game. it's a game we know we've got to turn the page and get going or they'll beat up on us. >> reporter: it's looking more and more likely the patriots will have to continue their dominance without key players on both sides of the ball. for the second day, high tower did not practice because of a knee injury. with a hamstring injury. and the patriots know they'll have their work cut out for them in every phase of the game. >> they have a lot of talented players and bunch of guys that can make big place. and we need to be ready to go. >> they've got great players over there. you know, they're big, fast, strong. so they're good at what they do. it's just going to be our job to
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years since the red sox and yankees squared off in september. and the yankee sellers are in a deadline and are refusing to die. and 11 games over 504 back in the american league east. the yankees shipping off their top two relievers at the deadline. and the yankees finding themselves in the thick of the playoff race. [inaudible] and just two games behind the blue jays in the second wild card spot. the yankees are trailing the cubs and nationals, the top two teams record-wise in the majors this season. and it doesn't come as a complete surprise, at least in the red sox clubhouse. >> they've gone through as much turnover as anyone when you consider the trades and injuries. but they've got good quality
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been able to turn to that have certainly injected a lot of life into that club. >> i mean last year, kind of when we started playing the young guys, we started wing too. and there's a jolt of energy that takes over the clubhouse. >> reporter: two days after being deactivated, andrew bennett will left field. >> reporter: breaking news out of new york. a man with a cleaver, we understand, attacked several police officers outside of penn station in mid-town manhattan. law enforcement sources say that the man was shot by officers. as we look live over the scene with a news chopper. one center was hit with the cleaver and was taken to the
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threatening injuries. and the suspect who was grazed
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>> reporter: that is seven news at 7:00 on this beautiful
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breaking news tonight. police attacked. two officers assaulted by a man wielding a clever. the attacker shot at the scene, the fbi trying to determine is this terrorism. don't use them. a new federal recall on the samsung phone which has sparked about other samsung models as well. back on the trail, hillary clinton returns after her health scare, to a virtual dead heat in a new poll. and a new call for donald trump to release his taxes from the leader of the gop. desperate 911 call, an abducted woman leads police right to her captor. tonight the shocking discovery made at the scene. and sniffing out danger. an nbc news


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