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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> adam: the host new smartphone, why it's too hot to handle. samsung recalls its flagship phone. >> kim: a cell phone fiasco, leaving a local woman on hold until she dials up solve it 7. and what tom brady says about the ongoing apartment emargument. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. police officers shoot a man who attacked one of the officers with a meat cleaver and tonight the fbi is looking into the ambush as a possible act of terror. >> kim: we are getting our first look at the weapon used in the attack. police say the cleaver and man used it to slice an officer leaving a big gash. jadiann thompson joins us now. >> jadiann: the police commissioner said the number of times they had to shoot was necessary.
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>> reporter: a chaotic scene out side of penn station and 18 shots fired at a man with a cleaver and you can see from the cell phone video and picture the scene from the street. two officers confronted the suspect when they caught him trying to remove a boot from the car. officials saying the suspect not identified as 32-year-old, pulled a cleaver from his waist band and took off running. an offduty officer tried to subdue t the cleaver leaving a six-inch gash in his face. >> i want to commend him for the bravery and performance of duty. sufficient shots were fired to deter the attack on my officers by this suspect. >> suspect's last money address was queens but they believe it was living out of his car. the fbi agent from joint terrorism task force deployed to
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suspect and officer with serious injuries. >> he was heading to penn stakes and saw the pursuit and did what we expect any new york city officer to do. >> reporter: the officers involved have not been identified and the suspect has five down prior arrests including one from august when he was found carrying of anies near a synagogue. jadiann thompson >> a take down in a matter of moments. >> he said he had a bomb. >> one man, an explosive threat. >> kim: it took nearly five hours for swat officers to stop that threat, swarming a man whether said he would blow up a cumberland farms store this rehobby on the. -- in rehoboth.
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lighter and threatened to blow the whole place up. sky-7 captures the take-down of a man who spent five hour nrs a standoff with police after he threatened to blow up a cumberland farms. >> they put him in a straight jacket and took him away in the ambulance. >> reporter: his girlfriend says he was making a statement with his actions. >> most likely he did this to make pe mental health system and the medical system is screwed up. there is no help for people who are mennally ill. >> reporter: it began at 6:30 on thursday morning and investigators say kimball bought a bic lighter and asked to borrow the phone. he dialed 911 and hng up and ran to his car and he told officers he had a gun and bomb and that is when tactical teams were called in.
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proof vehicle toward the suspect's vehicle. he jumped over into the driver's seat and threw the car in reverse and rammed an amored vehicle that was blocking his escape. swat crews used a stun grenade and shot him what beanbag and put the police dogs on him. he never had a gun, instead he was carrying an x-box controller. >> how would it make you knowing you have done everything you can for someone, and there is nothing out there for everyone. they have to sufficienter, and make a statement this way. >> reporter: and police say throughout the negotiations the suspect did talk about mental health care. we have learned in last hour that that suspect was brought into the police department and booked on 11 charges, and he will likely be arraigned tomorrow.
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>> the fear is this thing may catch fire now. >> batterys causing investigators to say hands off. >> adam: the samsung galaxy note 7 was released a month ago but if you own one the company is urging you to turn it off and send it back. amaka? >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission says the fire danger had to issue a recall today. they have 92 reports of phones overheating and some catching fire. under official recall the phone blamed for dozens of fires. destroying a garage in south carolina, gutting a jeep in florida. >> they present a serious risk of fire and especially if that phone ends up near something con bustible you can have death or serious injury. >> reporter: the nation's skies... >> its has been known to cause
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happening. >> reporter: the recall means the faa will likely ban the use of the phones on board planes. two weeks ago that samsung issued its own recall which critics blamed for causing consumer confusion and today several galaxy note 7s were for sale on-line. >> we apologize, especially to those of you who were personally affected by this. >> danger comes from the lithium ion batteries that operate at a high 4ol generate tremendous heat. >> it is warm enough, and you will engage in thermal runaway, there's nothing that you can do, that battery will go off. and you have fire and a barbecue in your pocket. >> reporter: investigators are looking at other fires allegedly involving different models. a child burned handling a galaxy core and a car gutted after a
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samsung said they bought back 130,000 phones and replacements should start to arrive on wednesday. >> kim: a two-family home goes up in flames in weymouth. this started at six tonight on east street. the home owner said it started in a bedroom and spread quickly. no one is hurt. >> adam: family and friends of murder victims praying for peace in boston. a great showing at the annual garden beautiful garden commemorates homicide victims and serves as a reminder of the impact violence has on people and families. the names of murder victims were added to the garden stones. attorney general healy was there and talked about nonviolence. >> i hope in this gathering you leave what feeling of unity and
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feeling that your loss, your tragedy wasn't in vain. >> adam: former boston police ed davis was also there to speak to the people. following more news tonight a deadly decision in ohio. police shoot and kill a thirteen-year-old after mistaking his bb gun for a real one. police responded to an armed robbery in columbus and ran after a group of suspects and police tried to make an arrest and one pulled a gunm waist band. they shot and killed tyree king. >> it is not a firearm in the sense that is fires real bullets but it looks like a firearm that could kill you. >> adam: the officer who shot the boy is on administrative leave for at least a week pending that investigation. >> kim: the race for the white house running through new england today. and tonight donald trump paying a visit to new hampshire and
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crisis and health of the country's economy. brandon gunnoe was there live in laconia, new hampshire to talk about what donald trump had to say. how did he do? >> reporter: i can tell you he was different tonight, calmer and less snumts and will he stay that way? we'll have to wait and see, but becoming a very tight race. donald trump speaking in new hampshire tonight says he will stop the heroin crisis and all the problems state. >> new hampshire is a special place in my heart because this is where i won my first primary. >> reporter: noticably different from past rallies, trump stayed on a game plan and focused on the economy and policy. >> my economic agenda can be summed up in three words. jobs, jobs, jobs. the change appears to be working and he is tied with clinton in a
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last month. trump is leading in ohio. for the first time in a hundred years new hampshire union leader the state's largest newspaper is not endorsing a republican calling trump a liar and bully and buffoon. chis words were you upset by that? >> not really. they are entitled to their opinion, like i am and every other american who can vote. i know who i'm voting for. >> reporter: trump hopes new hampshire is one state that will push him over november. >> is there any place that is better to be than a trump rally in new hampshire? here we are. >> reporter: he did say, yes we will build a wall but it was 27 minutes into the rally, and now that he is scripted he only spoke for about 30 minutes. brandon gunnoe, 7 news nightteam >> adam: hillary clinton was back at it her first campaign
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to pneumonia. back and better, hillary clinton reassures her support wears thumb bes i up sign to begin campaigning again. on board she told reporters she is feeling great. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. thank you. >> reporter: sunday's camera caught her leaving a 911 event unstable on her feet and the campaign later revealed she had pneumonia. he including tim kaine who made his way to new hampshire and talking more about the future. >> campaign finance immigration reform, the first items. >> reporter: the first stop was north carolina where she went after donald trump. >> two days ago he said if another country's troops tauntsed ours, not fired at them, but taunted them. he would respond by blowing them out of the water.
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that is just one moroney my friends why the stakes in this election are as high as any in our lifetime. >> adam: clinton joined president obama at the congressional hispanic could have friends in washington, d.c. and expected to attend the black women's annual symposium tomorrow. >> kim: tom brady said he wil that anthem. he was talking about the decision to sit. he said "that is how i chose to express how i feel to the people who sacrificed for us. i think we live in a wonderful country and certainly not perfect. i don't think any country is perfect. it is our responsibility to do the best that we can do. to change the things we don't like." >> adam: a local woman hung up on getting a new phone reaches a
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doesn't work and she can't get think one to help. and she called solve it 7. >> adam: and what a finish at fenway park, the sox won in dramatic fashion. we have the highlights coming up. >> kim: a man on a motorcycle barely dodging danger. >> jeremy: delightful weather
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>> kim: phone problems leaving a local woman on hold. she needed a new phone. >> adam: and she did her homework and found a great deal and it all went downhill from there until she called solve it 7. >> reporter: your smartphone, it's hard to live without. >> i travel for work and my e-mail is on my phone.
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i-phone stopped working in may she wanted to work fast. i went on line to get a are you fushished phone. i have done it before. i-phones are cheaper than you would pay. >> reporter: she ordered the refurbished irgs phone making sure it was verizon compatible and paid extra for overnight shipping and the total was almost $5,000. >> i was put i it said this is a verizon chip, not reading. >> reporter: she took her concerns to a verizon store, but says the associate told her the phone would only ork with the sprint network and she called sprint but says they couldn't help either and she reached out to gamestop. >> i tried every option and i need you to send me a new phone. she shipped it back to the company and confirmed they did
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phone the next day, she didn't and said she spent the next few weeks calling gamestop. >> they said it's in the mail, and i was like okay. and everybody be on the lookout. no phone. >> reporter: the fiasco continued and after a month and still no phone, she realized she needed help. >> i was at a loss and i called you guys. >> reporter: gamestop's corporate communication offers. the company representative e mailed us saying they have identified the error in processing the order. and that phone she originally ordered was on its way. >> she apologized, and assured me i would get the phone and it would be right. >> reporter: a few days later the package she was waitsing for
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and said oh my gosh, finally. >> reporter: gamestop refunded samantha the extra shipping cost she spade-- paid. >> thank you solve it 7. thank you for everything, you guys are awesome. i got my phone and some money back. >> kris: dialing up a solution can be tough but don't be hung up on frustration, give us a call. or send us an e mail. in the newsroom, kris anderson. 7 news. >> adam: a man in a north carolina stopped in his tracks by a supertyphoon. you can see the waves knocking the guy off his bike and almost taking off his head. the heavy downpours have claimed one life in taiwan, with more
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>> kim: a moon landing in china, seeing that looks like an old sci-fi movie, this was a balloon that was part of the city, and it broke free, and what a sight. very light. the moon balloon on the loose didn't cause any significant damage. know now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> that is the space station. a fantastic night. the air is dry, mostly clear. high pressure is up through the storms west of us near monthial and that will drift in northern new england overnight and through the day tomorrow. look at the temperatures, city at 59. that is outside logan surrounded by warm ogts water. 4, orange and jaffrey to the 40s and cape and martha's vineyard
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and the dry air, a freefall all night long to 40 in norwood. these will be temperatures tomorrow morning. boston around 54 and again, just west of the coastline, west of logan, jp, hyde park the numbers around 49 and 50. 44, orange at 39 and mostly clear skies, and a light and variable wind. you catch the huge moon out there. tomorrow ihe moon. moon rise coming up at 6:59. named the har jest moon when it is the full moon closest to the autumn natural equinox. so there you go. boston around 69 and south shore in the lower 70s. merrimack valley in the 60s and low 70s. cape and worcester hills, monadnock region, down in the
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sunshine and low humidity. decent beach day on saturday. with that ocean, warm again, not too bad out there. and sunday features a lot of clouds and a few isolated showers on sunday for the pats-dolphins game, kickoff at cohn:00. the timing of in weather system speeds up and prance we can get them out of here in time for kickoff. we need the and we'll root for more rain on sunday night lasting through monday. have a good night. >> adam: a saugus landmark avoiding extinction. the saugs a landmark is here to stay. the dinosaur has welcomed people in saugus for more than 50 years now. but the business is closing its doors. the developers of the new project learned how much people loved the dinosaur she decided to keep him.
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the land. >> it makes me happy because i can see it whenever i want. >> adam: the developers say three make one big change, the opg dinosaur will get a name. the subject of your twitter question tomorrow, kim khazei... >> kim: now all i can think about is the amazing highlights that trey will show us in sports. >> trey: late in the ninth, rob gronkowski, will he or won't he. and yankees are hot on the heels of the final spot in the al but tonight may be the one that got away. big papi normally the here owe but not tonight.
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and now time for seth sports with dear dear. >> it has been ten years in the division and i don't think there has been a time when there are this many teams so close together. it is a great opportunity, one to embrace and enjoy the ride. and go out and compete and don't leave anything behind. debate >> trey: the race might be tight and when you think of that yankee era, this is not it.
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off the "titanic." they will not go down, they are stumbling afternoon tonight. 9 games over 500, and looking for the last spot in the american league. 3-zip in the third. bringing in another run. yankees off to a 4-0 lead. a rod, two and a third, and 8th, out to center, there 4th homerun of the year. -- 34th homerun of the year. sox down to the final out. they will dot die. mookie, xander bogaerts scores and we have a 5-4 game.
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dead center, three-run walk-off for boston. winning it 7-5. thursday is normally the day rob gronkowski meets with the media, not today. today is a one he tweeted about his hamstring injury. gronk listed, but dealing with a nagging hamstring. an injury in camp looking out standing on sunday and hopes to deliver more of the same against the dolphins this week.
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have good performances on sundays. padres general manager suspended for 30 days without pay, keeping injury information private during a trade with the red sox.
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>> adam: 29 minutes and 17 seconds until friday. jimmy fallon is up next, and its should be a i'm adam williams.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- republican presidential nominee, donald trump, norm macdonald,
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roots crew. >> questlove: 534, wisconsin! yeah! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hi, everyone! welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you for being here. thank you so much. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. this is it. [ cheers and applause ] this is where you want to be.


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