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tv   Today  NBC  September 16, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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you have is your problem, help is on the way. somebody had bills piling up and got her family deep into doubt and hit rock bottom and turned to an expert for help. some of the great advice will help you out. are you all right? >> excuse me. >> you need a sip of something some. >> it's the food. it's so good. those spicies are -- sorry, everybody. >> she is one of hollywood's it gi you know her from the descendents. she is in the movie called snowden by oliver stone. she will be with us today. >> our friend is in the kitchen with a crowd pleaser. it just looks right. this does not look right to me. no, no. >> so yesterday was fun.
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a long time. yesterday was our friend jimmy's 86th birthday. >> hard to believe he is 86. >> i know. we were the first people there. we went over there and wished him well and he didn't realize it, but we are terrible camera people. we had take for him too. ? happy birthday to you ? he is quite the guy. the cardinal comes out. he was there and anyway, god less him. the best food in all of new york. >> it is so cody. and you get why it was like your kitchen when you guys lived nearby. he was there again last night. so if you were watching
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america has fallen in love with a ukulele player. she came on to the show for the audition and something on the program that if somebody hides the golden buzzer, you go straight to the finals. >> it's a great idea. it's exciting. >> take a look at the audition. you glad to be here. >> and are the people in school supporting you? >> most of my friends don't know i sing. >> they don't know you are here. >> do you think you can win? >> miracles can happen, so possibly.
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? >> wow! >> don't you love her? >> more than 35 million hits on you tube. >> last night it was grace's night and her reaction is priceless. take a look. >> >> you are amazing as well. >> look at nick. >> wow! grace, how does it feel? you can hear the joy? >> i am in love with her already. >> she the sweetest. so unassuming and her sister was in the back.
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three shows at las vegas next month. >> she told them if she won, she would donate money to a music charity and wants to build a treehouse. i can't wait to see that. what do you think on another note of nick's outfit. this got a lot of attention. >> they had the the cat was saying it reads, i was sitting in an old lady's chest before nick brought me out. >> it's not a favorite look. maybe he was having a bad hair day and he threw on a turbturba. elizabeth taylor can pull off anything.
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>> i love joan, but she wore it best. >> miss piggy? >> yeah. >> how do we go about this? >> arianna grandee was on i heart radio and ryan asked her a question you would ask a star. arianna posted a picture of herself on instagram with this rapper and she captioned it baby. >> what is going on there? >> nobody knows. her way of saying yes, we are dating. >> this is an appropriate question. let's see what the response is. >> i saw you confirm the relationship on instagram. >> is that what i did. is that what instagram means to you? is that what it means? >> i'm asking. >> what are you asking? you said a sentence. there was no question. >> did you confirm something?
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on air with ryan seacrest. it's too early for this. >> if you post something like even in my life, if i post something. >> pif i post something, that's what i'm willing to share. it doesn't mean you are entitled to more information. >> it doesn't? >> no. >> she is a very talented girl, this business. if you want things to be private, don't talk about them. don't put it out there and don't be so rude to somebody who is just doing his job because you put it out there. it's his job to ask about it. don't act surprised when she does. she has a lot to learn and she is talented if she wants to laugh. start acting like carol burnett and julie andrews that know how
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>> ryan seacrest is the nicest guys and one of the nicest interviews. >> he's a doll. >> it's one thing if you get in an interview and you know it will be adversarial. he is the opposite of that. he is like the kind sweet guy. >> he is not looking for that at all. >> we were just talking about ryan and lima and the possibility they were dating because she posted pictures on instagram and later >> i want to get to this. we will goat thet to this. we have to go to this little girl. do we have time? have a look at this. i went -- he is staying with his daughter, clair. when she was 16 months, she started joining in and knew every word. she loved the movie tangled about rapunzel and sings this song. look at the video they made. you are not going to believe
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? ? >> we want to see her with her daddy. >> we should in the beginning. there is her father and you can see it online. she may be doing it right now. that'she come on. >> this is going to make the moment. >> i don't think so. we have nicky minaj. it's a little throw back called starship.
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here comes the starship part. get ready. ? here we go. starships. >> starships were meant to fly ? hands up and touch the sky ? ? can't stop cuz we're so high ? ? let's do it one more time ? ? . >> they were really meant to fly. i'm happy for you, hoda. anybody else that likes that. i make a lot of space in the world for people who have their own taste. >> we do. >> do you, but not a lot of people who don't like that. it's already. this country is big enough for all of us. find her music on apple music. >> you can also catch up on that.
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>> what are you going to be tomorrow? >> i am going to be in new york and how great the fairway markets are. >> yeah. it's going to be at the fairway wine and spirits from 4:30 to 6:30. come and say hello. >> my dad used to ka you will it. that are the bills piling up and you don't know how to dig hole? a woman was $40,000 in credit card debt. put their feet up for a day of
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"ok. thanks mom." onitor m"that was easy." credit?" "sign up for credit karma's free credit monitoring today." to feel this special... you need to eat this special. ? ? i love it ? start your day with crunchy whole-grain flakes... and real strawberries. special k. eat special. feel special. >> keeping up with the joneses and living in major debt? we have help for you right now.
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feels. she had $40,000 of credit card debt and a car had been toed away when they needed to evaluate. they crawled out of the hole six years ago. good for you, honey. now they changed their ways with the new book, the recovering spender. she is a married mom of three who reached out to lauren in desperation. after overspending on vacations and shoes and everything we love which left her debt. >> it's easy to get in that hole. >> so easy and i hear from people every day that are in the same mess. i said i have to help her. that's what we did. >> it took you six years to get out of debt. it must have felt like you were so deep in the hole like how am i going to crawl out of this? >> definitely. just trying to do it on your own
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having the support is great. >> let's take a look at your story. >> we are $27,000 in debt. i want finer things. i felt like i worked my way up and i made good money and he makes good money and we should be able to afford to have nicer things. we found ourselves starting to as your kids get older there is nor soccer and football games and more outings with friends. vacations. it seemed like all of our friends had a lot of money to be able to go do those things. we didn't, but we still wanted to do them. so then we found ourselves one payment behind. two payments behind. how are we going to make it up and we got so far behind.
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was watching my son. he had a paper route on the weekends and i would deposit his money into a bank account and take a $20 because i needed to pay for something else. andy was not on board yet. he said to me why do you do that? we don't need to air our dirty laundry out to everybody. i said we are alcoholics and drug addicts. ife problem, we can't solve it. we can't play the game of we have money and we look like we have money and we don't have any money. i felt like it would bring me a little bit of peace to know that people knew and i didn't have to prete pretend. >> very brave of you. they have good news.
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>> bridget and her family have $27,000 of credit card debt and they started working with her to gain control. >> why do so many of us lose control? the gang is all here. let's get the headline first. she started off $27,000 in debt and with the help of lauren, where are you? this was a few months ago. where are you today? >> we were able to do an
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first $1,000. >> in one month? >> three months. i want to take note that she was behind in her mortgage by a few months and she caught up. she put $1500 in the savings account and i'm so proud of you. >> the things that were making you so happy & my kids are deeply in debt and what was the first step? >> i talk about a 12-step process and scientist steps is you have to declutter your to regain your joy and put money aside and taking an inventory of your spending.
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>> how about eating? if you don't keep track of your calories. >> if you were not buying big things -- >> not budgeting and using the atm. >> took out $100 and $100. >> and not track where that went. instead of budgeting, we were catching up. >> elizabeth, you are wise behind all of this because a lot of us are guilty of why we do this. >> we were focusing on what i want now as opposed to long-term. >> when people feel stressed, they may go to foot or shopping. that brings down the stress temporarily, but in the long 2er term, it increases the stress and perpetuates the cycle. >> you can see the stress disappearing because we were watching you and you were
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in the space. how does it feel to know you aring out now? >> i said i need a little bit of peace and i'm starting to feel that. it gives you momentum. >> you feel hope. you think it's going to take a while, but this is working. >> when i started working with her in may to where she is now, you can see i did a documentary with her family. you can see the stress every video go off more and more and more. it was >> and you are going to say with beauty creams. >> it never has been the same, right? >> i can only imagine how much less stress. i talked to my son and he said it had to be done. >> i love that. >> i know. >> and titled it a little bit. you see everybody who has everything. it's natural to want it.
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it. we tend to compare ourselves to other people. they have it then i should have it too to keep up with the joneses. that is not going to bring you happiness. >> that's going to be good. if you are trying to climb out of a financial hole, we will be back after your local news. bl bl oh my gosh stephanie, we're like so goth. (knocks on door) honey?
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>> actually it was nice for the first time. i feel as though we graduated. look where we are. fantastic. >> the big kids do to you. the first lucky lady is married with two kids and she worked with human resources and she often works from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night and doesn't have time to enjoy that way. she is here in the city enjoying a girls's get looks older than she is. >> you never have seen the segment. do you have any idea what you are about to get in store? >> i have no clue. >> everyone is laughing because this is going to be fun, right? >> yeah! >> we are going to give you a whole new look. you will look entirely different. >> my husband will be happy.
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>> guess who she is here with. her sisters? law. susan and elizabeth. keep your blind folds on. are we ready? here is carol before. let's see the new carol. >> wow! >> all right, ladies. >> wow! you ready to see yourself? take a look. >> oh, my gosh. i love it! >> tell us about the hair. >> carol, thank you very much, first of all. the first thing i did, she had gray hair. the easiest way to erase that in 20 minutes or less is to color your hair. that's exactly what we did. a simple process.
2:36 am
then jenny gave her this haircut and reshaped the children's face and this is a little more fringe on her forehead and she looks gorgeous. >> we love that. the jean jacket and the cool. you are hip. >> this is me. >> this is white house black you have a green one. >> i love the boots. >> and the jacket and of course great black booties. >> a big round of applause for carol. and she is 60 on monday. happy birthday to her. she is from manchester, iowa and has a lawn care business and mows 31 lawns a week. has been married 40 years and
2:37 am
suggested she didn't wear make up this morning to improve her chances of being picked. let's hear the story. >> we're saw you pointing at grandma. why is it so important to you? >> we have been talking about it and she thought it was a joke. then she got picked. >> then she got pick and here we go. i want to make your wish come true. >> i want grandchildren. here with her daughter at before and let's bring her out now. all right! look at that outfit. wow! and you can take off your blind fold. >> what do you think? >> i'm happy for you!
2:38 am
crying. >> this is not me. do you think it's amaze something. >> kleenex any day now. >> jenny gave her this great haircut and it used to be a shag. she reshaped it to her face. she looks years younger. i refreshed a richer color. it was all accented of course with the make up. it's a color and a cutting story and the quickest way to change your look is with those three things. >> as soon as she walked out. >> it's like the cozy oversized collar and from calvin. and then the jeans and shoe dazzle. >> what do you think?
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shailene woodley's big break opposite george clooney in the film the descendents scored her
2:43 am
in 2014 she landed the lead role in that little box office franchise called divergent the same year she got the best selling novel the fault in our stars about two cancer-stricken teen who is fall in love. one of my favorites. now in the latest film, oliver stone plays the real live girlfriend >> probably because you don't like this. >> you are a very frustrating individual. you know that? how am i going to make you see? >> i can see just fine, thank
2:44 am
this is your role. i have seen this and i really, really enjoyed it. this is the type of person that when the news broke, you had a reaction right away like what a patriot or what a traitor. he sold out his country. >> you were interested in this story from the beginning. >> i was. i was intrigued and it deeply affected tay life. the thing you were mentioning, this movie shows us how quick we are to judge narratives that don't long to the actual subject. >> we know what he did. he didn't deny he did it. humanity to him. >> did you learn a lot about this? i would love to know if you are interested in it. did you learn a lot about him and his life?
2:45 am
before. before like most of us, knew knew nothing about him, the human, i knew him through the mouths of journalists. it was nice to get to know the history and the different trials and tribulations he walked through that led him to make a decision he made. >> this is the first time i understand he played a real life person. was that as exciting for you? >> a little bit more about it. >> there is a certain pressure i didn't experience. you want to do a good job and you want to give a great performance, but you want to make sure you are protecting the integrity of who that is. and honoring them. and doing them justice. that was the lingering thought and i didn't get to meet lindsay.
2:46 am
she say anything about how you were captured? >> it is probably an overwhelmingly trippy experience to watch someone pretend to be you without knowing you. >> you just wrapped up film iin big middle lies. you and nicole kidman and a nice group of strong women. what was that like? >> it was am i was talking to her today and she said it's amazing to see the series. where women are at the forefront and not trying to push the women agenda. just showcasing and the women you never see like that. i am really excited to see that. >> i don't know exactly, but i'm here early next year. it will come out.
2:47 am
it. nationwide tomorrow. >> danny has your weekend
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the start of cooler weather and that will warm you right up. we are chili. a decadent desert and here to show us is danny. hi, baby boy. >> danny and tailgating go hand in hand. >> that's what i think. the author of naturally delicious 100 recipes for healthy eats that make you happy. >> she didn't make her work. >> it's good.
2:52 am
i am super excited. we are all cooking together. >> how do we make this special? >> the world's easiest-pot 20-minute chili and every dish has this ingredient and this is grass-get beef. >> why is that? >> because cows are eating grass instead of grain and it's better for the environment, but the concept of omega forra >> and they probably don't have as much flatulence and that's better for the environment. >> red peppers and garlic and onions and olive oil and we cook it until it's translucent. that's five minutes. we add the grass-fed beef.
2:53 am
>> the whole thing. >> here's my secret to making a cheater chili. a can of salsa. >> a bottle. dump it in? >> this is a can of tomatoes, but they are fire-roasted. fire-roasted tomatoes. >> you like things spicy. >> it tastes like you made it for hours and hours and it's 20 the chili powder and the salt and the cayenne. we dump this all in. i'm still talking. weird! we use organic spices. you want to try? we customize the one-pot chili. >> you can put anything you want. i'm going to be good today. >> what are do you think? >> very flavorful.
2:54 am
minute. >> delicious. there is more. back here. >> this is a veg an chocolate chip cookie. >> what is it? >> we are going to make this great amazing thing. >> turn it the other way. >> it's higher. >> we are good. >> we have something called coconut sugar. this is delicious and it's low in glycemic and we are adding oats recipe and we add apple sauce and that's a great binding ingredient. this is the initially delicious ingredient, two cans of chick peas. that's for a cake. we will do it all the way up. you know what i love about this? the liquid in here, it's a great egg replacer too.
2:55 am
>> i want to know if it tastes better. >> you add the chocolate chip. i forgot the vanilla extract. we add it into a pregreased cookie pan. >> that's fantastic. i'm shocked. >> vegan. >> usually vegan deserts don't taste good. this is good. >> fantastic. thank you. welcome to the family. you wil new show. >> we will be back again. >> that are is really good. i can't believe it. ? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent
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we have a question. is it okay or not to share bed selfies. heidi klum and her man have shared those selfies on social media. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> i think certain things should be saved as sacred for a couple. when you share it with the world, it's i think some things should be sacred. we used the same word! wow! that doesn't happen very often. tomorrow we have the delightful miley cyrus. >> plus a big surprise. >> and bobby is back with ways to keep the summer glow all year long. >> what about the kid's soccer
3:00 am
have an awesome thirsty thursday. nice talking to you. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation brought to by lift by sono bello. what do you dislike about your face? >> you know, i look in the mirror and i put on makeup and i would think, it's the best we can do, girl. >> i'm hugely an optimistic person. i'm "the glass is half-full." i'm not an angry person, but that's what shows on the outside to otherpl >> i usually take a picture with somebody, you know, with my kids or whatever, so that the focus won't be on me. >> i always look like i'm scowling. i'm a friendly, outgoing person but my appearance doesn't match it. >> you know, you try creams. you try neck exercises. you try everything that they say is gonna work, but nothing works. >> announcer: like it or not, our face plays a powerful role in how people view us and how we feel about ourselves.


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