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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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alarmed here on the bridge cart state university campus. now police are saying it just didn't happen because the student recanted her story. now and the university put a crime alert to all students on campus warning them about report of an alleged assault on at female student. the student said a man wearing a ski mask approached her on the street near campus this morning. put a bag over her head and tried to take her clothes off. student said that she resisted away. but now, police are saying that after spending day trying to corroborate the student's story. student recanted admitting that her story is not true. so that's latest live here in bridgewater state university campus i'm byron barnet, seven news. and in race for white house donald trump changing his stance republican account now going back on his claims president obama was born in united states.
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what act will he had to say donald trump saying day he now knows prsh was born in united states several years trump fueled flames of so-called birther movement claiming the president was not a u.s. citizenry versal coming on event with u.s. veterans. >> president barack obama was born in the united states now we all want to get back to america strong and great again. that was at extent of his comments this afternoon trump did not answer any questions from reporters either. his original claims forced president to release a copy of his birth certificate years ago. and today president barack obama said he doesn't have much to say about trump's reversal. well i'm not that shocked actually. and it's pretty typical. we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born.
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well. and my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. and first lady michelle obama rallies in a virginia george mason university showing her support for hillary clinton. and first lady also touched upon that birther movement. >> there were those that questioned and continueded to question for the past eight years up through whether my husband was even born in this country. during his time in office barack had answered those questions with example he set by going high when they go low. >> hillary clinton also weighing in today tweeting trump has spent years pedalling a racist conspiracy aimed undermining first african american president.
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trump should do for once in highs life own up to his mistakes apologize to president and the american people. as for trumps he says it was hillary clinton and her 2008 campaign that started this entire birther movement. and he was the one who ended it. live in newsroom tim caputo. more news today dozens passengers forced to evacuate the orange line officials say all because a suspect in car theft ran ran out on to tracks and caused or services from boston's back bay. people were let off train and brought to buses. >> also on 7, a look outside. we have reached friday and of course we're keeping it close eye on the weekend weather. so, for more on what you can expect we'll go over to chief meteorologist jeremy ryan were check of that forecast. >> right now, 60s and 70s, lots of sunshine, a nice way to clothes books on work week or start weekend early. city at 69. 74 four. dew point temperatures low once
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comfortable air for less of the afternoon into this evening it will begin to cool off. hyannis port will spend another day with us. with mostly clear skies. tonight, and temperatures between 46 and 56. that full harvest moon by the way coming up at about 7 o'clock this evening. so there's the area of hyannis port. this over here, that is our next weather system. a kohl front generating a lot of clouds. and scatterering of showers and some downpours. it has lot of real estate to cover. so it won't bother us tomorrow. tomorrow is the nicer of the twe afternoon plus mid 70s. sunday not so much. now it's not washed out with rain all day. but we do have cloudy skies, and a scattering of showers and building humidity, is coming back to new england for end weekend we'll talk more and show you how much rain is in way on this weather system. new details about violent attack in new york. and new york city detective is recovering today. he was cut in the face by a man swinging 11 inch meat cleaver.
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attack. police say suspect was trying to remove boot from his car they say was living in officers say they shot a suspect 18 times after he started attacking officers with the cleaver. it happened during the middle of rush hour near pen station. you can see from this aerial shot, people were starting to run from the scene. that's lot of police activity while it was happening. besides the officer who was hit by cleaver two other officers have nonlife twlaet enning injuries. witnesses say police tried to use a taser on the suspect. this is little effect. they say officers then tried to get the 32-year-old to drop the cleaver before opening fire the suspect sis in critical condition. investigators are now saying pilot error caused a blue angels plane to crash back in june. captain jeff was killed in that crash. the report says he lost control of his jet because he was flying too quickly and while team was practicing for show. report also says that weather and fatigue contributed to that crash. investigators say he didn't turn
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samsung recalling millions of phones after some of the batteries inside starred exploding dangerous devices are being taken off store chevies now. and now, they are even being banned on some flights. here's nbc jay gray with the story. >> lines formed overnight stretching into the morning and around businesses across the country. ceo tim cook manning door at this apple store part final count down. >> before the new iphone 7. cannot wait to get it set up and play with it and see was what it does hype surrounding a competitor galaxy note seven is much different right now. >> just wanted to post this and share for note cespedes a numerous reports of a phone catching fire consumer prot safety commission issue ad formal government recall saying the phone's pose an immediate
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used. >> you shouldn't have to at product like there and say, hey, is that going to burn my house down. samsung says the fires are result of defective lithium ion batteries company world largest cell phone manufacturer and recall effects roughing 1 million galaxy note sevens in the u.s. 2.5 million globally. >> if you are not yet replaced your original note 7, please, please power it down and return it. customers can either eng replacement or get a full refund. jay gray, nbc news. a court date today for man accused of a threatening to blow up a convenience tore in rehoboth. police arresting him of an hour's long stand off that shut down that area. jonathan hall live for us in taunton where that person face ad judge today. jonathan, what can you tell us? >> well jadiann, this guy never had a bomb, never had a gun. but he insisted he had both
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police and had xbox controller he waived around and could have been mistaken for a gun. again, according to at police. the man who caused a major disruption at rehoboth convenience store yesterday is headed to a state hospital for a mental health evaluation. a doctor spoke to defendant 38-year-old bing men kimball and quotes him as saying he had thoughts of harming himself over years and mental health treatment since his teen years. after listening to the ct the judge made a decision without my objection to have him be evaluated longer at bridgewater state hospital. kimball faces ten charges including four felonies police tactical units took him down using nonlethal force following 5-hour stand off after buying a lighter and borrow a phone route 44 cumberland farms he dialed 911 and hung up the manager
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phone and kimball told her i have a gun i will shoot you in the head. and police say kimball swore at an officer responding to 9 one one call saying, get the expletive out of here. i will blow this place up. >> in response team to have attempted to use the lighter that he to light a gas nozzle off one gas tanks in cumberland farms mix of friends and family came to court to support kimball one held up sign saying we love you. most likely he did this as to make people aware that the mental health system and the medical system is screwed up. there's no help for people that are mentallily ill. >> and police say that just what kimball was insisting during stand off he's going to back here in taunton district court october 4th after his 20 days psychiatric observation. life in taunton jonathan hall, 7 news. all right till ahead or 7
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to make talking to officers just a little easier. and a 4:30 look classroom controversy what happened when two students refused to say the pledge of allegiance. aahead 5 o'clock new details whit houston daughter judge just ruled against in wrongful death lawsuit. tonight in certain parts of boston, there's a serious war between good and evil. william draws thin blue line you have care and respect for people you're stronger. andy hiller goes 1 with boston first black police chief on crime, community and race.
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special tribute at emerson college. 7 news owner ad giving out scholarshin alumni that fought for civil rights. dan hausle shows us legacy anson hopes to pass on to new generation. in emerson college conference room high above boston common, the memory of a towering figure in the fight for civil rights is kept alive. it's disturbing. it's disgusting. he was a voice of ant tee defamation league of south florida for years. an emerson grad class of 1960. when he passed away last
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ed anson chose to create a scope ship for journalism students in name long time friend. >> he was renowned in south florida. particularly back in the 60s and 70s for exposing hate groups kkk. emerson college praise anton's gift great way to support students who is social conscious. we believe key. we want our, you know we want our students to be great citizens this scholarship allows us to move forward. aniston a worcester native including million dollars to this building that bears his name and quarter million dollars to establish anson diversity scholarship. anson got to share time watt students receiving both scholarships. i'm really honored and humbled to have the scholarship in memory of such appear distinguished alumni it shows
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to be prominent figure in journalism. definitely room for more heart in journalism today. i think. and something that somewhere in here >> it's times have changed. but certainly the future in his dedication and passion for what he was doing, absolutely. in boston dan hausle, seven news just ahead easier to talk to police. one dog at time putting shelter dogs to work. work looking forward to that story weekend is just about here. pretty good. forecast up next. >> and some are winding down but a couple pats players taking break from field to pass out some ice cream. new at 5 o'clock, several news organizations suing the f.b.i. what it has to do with a california terror attack. medical marijuana is legal in
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the patriots players treating fans to as sweet surprise. of course rob gronkowski mall couple butler la garret blount ice cream shop uniforms. gronk took the time to dance and spike some ice cream cups. why not. and butler and blount had essential big dipper and butler was called drufrj crunch bar. i don't know the story behind those nicknames. >> did anybody else notice the gronk was losing his brich
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>> we are too. >> a day for some ice cream but maybe not all weekend. huh, jr? ironing saturday is nice one. lots of sunshine, sunday, a scattering of showers. and there is at potential for some downpours into monday. here you go. again hyannis port is with us tomorrow. and then on sunday a weather system comes at us from the great lakes states which will be a cool front. so there be a lot of clouds around on sunday. but you notice the green here those are showers not massive wall of green in new england even few holes in overcast. so there be a riskf now the downpour potential is interesting. because we'll have tropical depression julia down here. she'll spend most if not all weekend whatever left of her is no the going to come up eastern seaboard. like hermine tried to. but some of her moisture actually may get funneled out of herself or siphoned out along this cool front. so some of that tropical moisture may find its way up into new england on monday on form of badly needed downpour how much rain on way?
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i think sunday will be a quarter inch of rain or less. again, scattered. but monday is day we're banking on here. because i do think there's the potential, numerous downpours perhaps if we get enough of them over enough communities, that we'd be talking about an inch of rain possible by time this weather system moves out of here. midnight on monday night. and, i don't have to remind you, that the drought rolls on. extreme category for much the southern new england. you don't come out of a drought in that weather situation. but you have tota mopped. until then gorgeous hyannis port is with us right now. 60s and 70s. city at 69. bedford 74. red sox and yankee back at a tonight after magical victory we stole one, thank you. 7 to know clen first pitch overnight tonight the numbers will slide back into the upper 50s. high school football this evening 6 o'clock charleston features sunny skies barnstable and bucks bury upper 60s to start the game. and we'll have mostly clear
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gorgeous with lows in 40s to middle 50s. full harvest moon named full moon closest to autumn naul equinox. which is just a few days away. you're 7 on 7 forecast, sunday and monday a few showers on sunday. you see how i put two drops on monday i think there will be downpours unfortunately, muggy for sunday and monday. see you 4:30. all right jr time now for fast track traffic. let's get out to matt and get check of roads on trouble there begin flying over route one in reviewer left lane police activity by sergeant street. causing a back up once you get past that you will jammed on route 1 up through lynnfield. we'll take look at the lever connector. jammed in both directions. the zakim bridge is also heavy in both directions. southbound side you will beyond brakes from sullivan square northbound heavy from tunnel up into medford. the expressway is a mess in both directions. southbound side on right side of
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braintree northbound side left side of your screen heavy from columbia road right down to the o'neill tunnel. in the drive from o'neill tunnel to braintree split taking 30 minutes right now. once you get past that you will still have another 14 minutes to get to route 24. i'm matt fitzgerald, seven news. matt, thank you. mbta notice teaming ride sharing companies like uber and lift governor charlie baker on hand mbta launched their ride program program. first of its kind and designed to save cts customers options for on demand stfs smart phones also helped initiate program working closingly with disability advocates for mbta. >> the t has done a terrific job of new metrics and restored what i would describe a culture of accountability and customer service they can help move it into the 21st century as part pilot program lit partner with american nonemergency medical transportation firms to provide
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vehicles for lift drivers. some shelter dogs in florida are getting a new chance at life. and on top of all of being put to work. joining police force. and helping officers to talk with some people who might otherwise be a little scared to. >> he's cuddly. you want to lay down? down. >> and he's ready for some tlc. but rocky fetch. so he won't play. two and a half-year-old chocolate lab is helping florida police obtain potentially case cracking information from some of the smallest victims. and instead of talking to an adult they see dog which gives them comfort. it reduces their anxiety. and they feel more comfortable talking to us as investigators. and part of program that began a central florida rescue shelter dogs and training them for the force. but not every pooch can make the
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therapy dog and then went to academy his handler and own says rocky is integral. and, and it was very difficult to sit with a 5-year-old, six-year-old a 7-year-old they are looking at us an as we are adults. they don't know us. they don't know who we are. for them to tell horrific story to us has got to be very first case rocky was brought in to comfort a 15-year-old victim who refused to talk to investigators. without him there we would have never, and we would not known who she was where she was from and what had happened to her. rocky isn't a fleeting friend. he sits with victims through each interview with detectives and as they meet with attorneys. >> we need dog to be there for you when you're, when you're not having a good day, when you need somebody sitting this with you
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and let you feel loved. that's what rocky does. and rocky brings that to these victims that need that during a crisis in their lives. rocky isn't there just once he sits with the victims through each interview and detectives as they meet with attorneys. >> still to come 4:30 a rescue at sea to share with you people injured when a boat run aground. plus, power lines toppled when car slams right into utility pon anticipated i phone seven hits store shelves and the lines form here in boston. pretty early.
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this is seven news at 4:30. >> we continue to follow breaking news first at 4:30 a search is called off in bridgewater after a student takes back her story. that student now recanting what she told police about violent attack near bridgewater state university. police now saying that claims of a man putting a bag over her head and assaulting her, well they are not true. so right now, she is not facing
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but we'll keep you post preponderance also here a 4:30 sentencing day in the so-called snapchat trial. today a judge sentence ad man and a woman convicted of assaulting a teenager. whole attack was recorded on popular app snapchat. steve cooper live in salem to tell us more. steve. >> adam, so two months after the defendants were convicted here in salem superior court it was sentencing day here in a violent assault that prosecutors say waa and tonight they are headed to prison. this was targeted vicious sexual assault. prosecutors asking for 5 to 7 year prison terms for both 21-year-old are you she had and 20-year-old kaelin. after the two were found guilty in july of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl behind saugus middle school two years ago to have her so badly misused,


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