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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  September 16, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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but we'll keep you post preponderance also here a 4:30 sentencing day in the so-called snapchat trial. today a judge sentence ad man and a woman convicted of assaulting a teenager. whole attack was recorded on popular app snapchat. steve cooper live in salem to tell us more. steve. >> adam, so two months after the defendants were convicted here in salem superior court it was sentencing day here in a violent assault that prosecutors say waa and tonight they are headed to prison. this was targeted vicious sexual assault. prosecutors asking for 5 to 7 year prison terms for both 21-year-old are you she had and 20-year-old kaelin. after the two were found guilty in july of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl behind saugus middle school two years ago to have her so badly misused,
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case became known as snapchat rape trial after another teen posted videos of violent assault on social media app snapchat. but a friend of the victim who saw the disturbing videos scene saveded shot before her parents alerted police. i do believe that a state prison sentence is appropriate in this case. prosecutors say the pair never showed any remorse. but prior to sentencing defense attorneys told the judge their clients were sorry. >> i would like addressing my deep remorse and apology for my action. judge imposing sentences of 4 to 5 years behind bars for each, then three years of probation. relatives of codefendants have little to say outside of the courthouse. >> he said he was sorry why didn't he want to stand up and clear air. can you explain that? >> thank you. >> she's very sorry. she's just i don't think she realizes how she got here
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their prison sentences they've ordered by the judge to serve three years of probation and they also been ordered to register as sex offenders here in massachusetts. wee live in salem steve cooper, 7 news. the coast guard had to rescue three people this morning after their boat hid sanity barred off newburyport rescuer has to toe them back to >> adam the passengers were mouth of the merrimac river early this vessel unexpectly crashed. they say do say a low tide when the 32 foot vessel hit the sand bar. two of three people on board had cuts and bruises. we're told their injuries are not life threatening though. members of the coast guard were notified they immediately went out to rescue three passengers. the coast guard then used a boat to toe the 32 footer named water hog back to shore. the one man he thinks he
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percent sure on extent of injuries but he had an arm injury woman on board had facial laceration. stopping quick the forward momentum is there. you know, things go flying around not everything's always ratcheted down there. so, you know, i'm just going to hit you in the head. >> damage to the bottom of water hog is expected to cost a couple thousand dollars to repair. live in newsroom, dan hausle, seven today a roslindale accused of an exposing him mbta back bay station. another man told police he was use restroom inside station when 66-year-old man exposed himself he's charged with open and gross lewdness a bridgewater man on under ast accused of a watch pornographic video on computer town's library. >> 43-year-old fred higgins has charged with lewd conduct and disorderly conduct. police arrested him around 3:30 wednesday afternoon.
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people around him at the time of this. including some teenagers. a wild wreck in med way this morning police say a car crashed into a utility pole snapping the pole in half causing wires and power cables to fall down to the ground. it happened on milford street. no word yet on any injuries or what may have caused the crash. also on 7, two students in california stuck in a classroom controversy after they refused to recite pledge of allegiance. so, one the students is native and she says she takes exception to the u.s. flag. and they say teacher took action lowering their grades. nancy chen reports. >> le lanny thomas won't say pledge of allegiance to this american flag in her high school or any other american flag. she's native american argues stars and stripes are hers. >> because of the his tree that happened here and, i go by that i don't agree with i'm not going
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since first day of school thomas and her friend chose to exercise their rights as americans. not to recite pledge of lee jens in their first period class. their teacher took exception to it. but when girls got their grades on friday, their participation scores were docked from 5 to a 3 because they were refused to stand they say. thomas reported her teachers explanation in class. >> if you want to, if you really, really really want have an argument and feel so funny about i argument is in essay form. thomas and her father took that recording to the administrators. the girl haves since been moved to another teacher. and in meantime thomas and her friend hope their stance serve as real life lesson on free speech. >> he says that it represents the military in that they risk their lives for us. but then, i always give her the
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lives for our freedom for our land and for our rights. district says it's dealing with a teacher but because it's a personnel matter what consequences teacher will face if any may not be made public in newsroom nancy chen, 7 news. wild weather reeking havoc in asia. super typhoon that rocked taiwan has now moved on to china causing serious flooding. at least eight people are now dead and several more reported missing while the waters continue to rise. million people have been relocated because of the storm. meantime crews in north korea continue to clean up after a separate typhoon barrelled through last week. more than 130 people died in those strong winds and flash floods. >> crew scramble to stop leak contaminated water into ground water in florida massive sing hole was discovered in august since then officials say around 215 million gallons of contaminated water drained into
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well to pull the water back out. but the process could take months. a couple of young men in cincinnati gunning for trouble after posting this video to their social media. the video shows them laughing what a they point what looks randomlypolice say they can't tell from video whether gun is real or fake that video has caused some pan nick that community. >> and it could have turned out extremely bad. could have been tragic and if adoing his duty and seeing someone rolling down hearing the noise thinking actual gun shoot begun out window it definitely would have been a problem. police found video on social media and released it to the public.
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recognize those suspects. royal blunder is caught on camera british dignitary took a tumble duke and duchess of cambridge. the crowd gasped when he fell to ground sword in all prince william rushed to help him up this was during vivid in harlow, england he was not injured after that fall. >> all right. just ahead as we continue here 4:30 smash and grab caught on camera a jewelry store just torn apart when thieves turn up to nfl stepping up their plans to deal with concussions across the league. then ahead 5 o'clock it's a big day for apple fans i phone 7 hitting stores. long lines on boylston street this morning. we continue to follow breaking news, bridgewater state student changing her story after she told police she was attacked. police saying now, it never
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now caught on camera gang of thieves pulling off a million dollar jewel heist smash and grab. it took them only 40 seconds to take off with these jules they left behind r m cameras were rolling as terrified customers ducked for cover. seven christa delcamp has more. it happened just before 6 in the evening. at this jewelry store in the video you see an employee helping a woman try on a necklace. and then all of sudden, oh my lord. oh my gosh. people reacting to the heist a one houston up scale shopping malls high end jewelry store.
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four men dressed all in black with their faces covered stormed the to are customers and employees taking cover hiding. breaking everything. using hammer and smashing the displays they take top dollar diamonds and one man goes back for more. they get away with millions of dollars in jewelry. >> that was so sad. all done in 40 seconds. >> it looks like they done it before. law enforcement experts say the thieves may be part of a bigger theft gang pulley off high dollar heists all over the country. >> they just walked in and just took everything so easily. just left. right now police are trying to figure out if the robbers had a get away vehicle and if they did, who was driving it. >> in newsroom i'm christa delcamp, seven news. >> a woman in new mexico shocked to see roof of her car ripped off. as thieves tried to get inside. obviously it's a soft top car. but turns out some kids she happens to know were nearby. they saw what was going on.
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and stop the crooks. >> they were waiting so mad they were pointing at the car about 8 o'clock monday knight minister joann hears a commotion outside her inter faith church she checks security cameras. it's the kids from church. from the neighborhood. she she is three boys she known known from years. those boys, they are armed. they had little pipes and sticks in their hands. just 5 minutes before minister landry sees 11-y actually happening to her mustang. two hooded men ripping into the soft top trying to break inside. we saw two guys standing at the car, the boys saw it happen. we didn't believe him when he said that someone was trying to break into the car. >> uh-huh. because that's how he acts three musketeers faced with big decision about right or wrong. to be heros should we help them out? i was kind of i was kind of scared. not that much. >> and it was all settled all for one, and one for all.
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bars. and if anything went wrong armed with sticks and metal rods boys bombard would be thieves who immediately left. i just cried. i just said my god these kids they are so brave and courageous. they are heros. >> by way it's the third time that minister's car has broken into. in that section albuquerque right in front of her church. >> coming up here on 7 news at 4:30 the creators of new patch hoping their invention can help sunshine and very comfortable weather to start the weekend. high humidity will close the books on the weekend forecast up next. jeremy and heed 5 o'clock a judge makes a major ruling in death of a whitney houston's daughter. monday, medical marijuana is legal in massachusetts. so, why are some people using an underground delivery system? cheryl fiandaca investigation
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we've waiting to see some of this. it ceramic potted reyou see here there children's toy clay tobacco pipe irish shamrock design. nga what we must be seeinger artifacts noticed late 1800 gis researcher more information about history of boston very artistic, the pipe was very cool. beautiful. it reminds me of almost aztec pottery you find in southwest. black and white growing up in where i did ozarks we used to find arrow heads when we were gardening. so cool to dig up old pieces of history. we can get distracted talking
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right now boston at 69. bet ford at 74. producers like no you need to fill my time. all right red sox taking on yankees a cool comfortable night out a fenway park the full harvest moon temperatures this evening mid 60s to start the game. then overnight tonight, we'll head back into 40s. downtown boston around 56. those temperatures will be very early tomorrow morning. you know, sinks 6:307:00 after that they will start to climb through 50s. nice day tomorrow. pleasant. lots of sunshine, temperatures tomorrow between 74 and 79. and decent beach day. you know i know it's not ideal summer weather but water temperatures are relatively warm. air temperature not too bad a gentle breeze off the water. air temperatures 71 to 76. this time of year too the beaches are not backed. so your favorite beach might have all to yourself low tide 5:57. high tide is challenge towel space will be a premium seas running 1 to three feet. if you're closing books on summer you're think all right i want to get into fall how about pick some apples.
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sunshine few clouds pleasant low humidity temperatures tomorrow in the orchards in 70s. sunday, not a wash out. but sunday is not as nice as tomorrow. sunday features a lot of clouds maybe a peak of sunshine the other thing about sunday is humidity is coming back into southern new england. it's going to be here for a couple of days. temperatures on sunday in the mid 70s. so, again, 10:00 a.m. on sunday morning this what we think the radar will look like. there will be some showers scattered about southern new computer model's opinion. it's not gospel. so this green stripe right here may actually be here. not widespread rain. holding oh ton lot of clouds. few peaks of sunshine, still the risk of an isolated shower, or perhaps a downpour all lee harvey oswald i don't think there will be that much rain from weather system on sunday. patriots home opener against dolphins a lot of clouds humid,
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showers i don't think you will have rain for the entire event. temperatures on sunday in the mid 70s. and then as we look towards sunday night and monday, there's another weather system that comes at us monday. now that one you see here how i have two rain drops versus the one rain drop on sunday? so i think there will be showers and downpours on monday. monday could be some beneficial rain perhaps, an inch of rain on the way for sunday night and monday. and in any event we go into next week tuesday of mix of clouds and sunshine humidity will fade away on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, and seasonably mild. middle of next week normal high is 73. every day seven-day forecast at or above normal high pressure have a great weekend. next weather hit jeremy we will talk about ragweed or allergens. we're going to do that. because lot of people are sniffing. a lot of people are belly aching about being stuck in this friday afternoon traffic. matt, take with away. yes were flying above one 28 a
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screen. you will jammed from route 2 down to walnut street. on southbound side of 128th heavy route down to braintree split. catch out if you are heading on one 28 this afternoon on pike west you will see mess trying to leave boston jammed from alton tolls the pike east stop and go from westin tolls out to newton corner moving fine into city. 93 is really tough heading knot on breaks from virginia kim bridge all way up past route 1. on southbound side y all the way down to the o'neill tunnel leaving town for weekend mass pike from 95, to 495 looking 25 minute drive. in you're heading down to cape on this friday, you're only delay is own born bridge about ten minutes to get across. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. all right in our health cast today new break through in fighting zika virus doctors philadelphia based lab are testing zika virus vaccine aprod for human trials.
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that would attack zika virus f.d.a. will determine when and if this vaccine can be used by the general public. all right. listen to this, a new wearable device could help people who are out drinking decide when they've had too much. maybe not wearing right here. we'll see where they are going to wear this thing i'm not sure either the creators will help cut down on amount of people drinking and driving. new mexicans know how devastating dwi can bean patch. new mexico is just, just one states of with highest dui occurrences also deaths. so, we just saw the problem here as very prevalent. and it's not really being solved. albuquerque star developed a patch that senses alcohol intake through your sweat called on us blue. as in it's on us to end drunk driving. so let's say you go out with
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and obviously it changes color after about 40 minutes. and that color indicates you're no longer qualified to be a designated driver. start up hopes to work bars, restaurants and companies to make customized ones. so for example, a bar could get a fun branded patch for designated driver and check it when they are on the way out the door. >> we're not saying don't drink. we're just saying drink responsibly. if you choose to drink, just get a designated driver get hero for night or an uber driver they and friends to encourage accountability. and keep drinkers off the roads. >> officials say alcohol is involved in 40 percent of fatal crashes in the state of new mexico. the nfl is stepping up to take on concussions. amid criticism it doesn't do enough to a from serious head injury as issue aimed prevent diagnosing and treating concussions also going to be donate did $100 million to
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now here with latest on the trump's really stunning reversal. timasurprise jadiann. trump spent better part ff years promoting faults claims that president barack obama was not born in the u.s. today, he put that issue to rest. but started another conspiracy theory claiming hillary clinton started birther movement. >> at an event in washington donald trump says he's now confident president barack obama was born ie >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. sudden reversal comes years after trump fueled flames of so-called birther movement claiming president wasn't u.s. citizen. j doesn't he show birth certificate i thought he was born in country now i really have much bigger do you get. whether or not that was real certificate because a lot of people pushing i certainly question it. original be aing sayingses force


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