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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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now here with latest on the trump's really stunning reversal. timasurprise jadiann. trump spent better part ff years promoting faults claims that president barack obama was not born in the u.s. today, he put that issue to rest. but started another conspiracy theory claiming hillary clinton started birther movement. >> at an event in washington donald trump says he's now confident president barack obama was born ie >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. sudden reversal comes years after trump fueled flames of so-called birther movement claiming president wasn't u.s. citizen. j doesn't he show birth certificate i thought he was born in country now i really have much bigger do you get. whether or not that was real certificate because a lot of people pushing i certainly question it. original be aing sayingses force
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certificate years ago. today, president barack obama didn't have much to say about trump's reversal. i'm not shocked actually. it's really typical. we got other business to attend to. but members of congress sal black cautions said this shows trump isn't fit to be president. disgusting fraud. by any definition. donald trump is a disgusting fraud. earlier today hillary clinton blasted her barack obama was born in america plain and simple. and s donald trump oh's him and american people an apology. he also tried to place birther blame on her while traik credit for ending the controversy. hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the bitter controversy. and michelle obama campaign with
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type accusations with class. >> during his time in office barack answered those questions with examples he set. by going high when they go low. >> so trump's claims that clinton launched the birther movement during her primary run back in 2008 is unsubstantiated and has long been denied by clinton and her campaign. live in newsroom tim caputo, 7 news. >> now to develop thing story from patriots patriots star rob for sunday game he has out after injured hamstring. patriots will take on dolphins in first home game of the season. just a couple days from now, but gronk's not only player who could be sitting this next game out. tray dairy is live in newsroom with more on what pats's line up could looking a patriots injury report is outer, not many surprise when it comes to names rob grown ski questionable once again but not a good sign for daunte high tower.
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pats open their home slate against the dolphins. we're really just focused on getting ready for miami. that's what we've working on plan on working all week bill belichick setting tone earlier this week solicit shifting focus away from patriots scombesive see on opening win in arizona. message clearly received inside the pats locker room. sunday's over with we're in dolphins p last couple of days now. so, you know, it's a new challenge. and it's a new week. no one's better than turning page getting ready f i think that's good thing about this team. we take after him and understand you know, once he turns page that is all he's talking about all we've talked about is miami. sunday marks first time the patriots faced dolphins since suffer suffering a crucial loss in miami to close out 2015. set back costing pats a number one seed in the afc, and new england is expecting another tough battle in it's first acf test. going to be fight for sure. they come in to play, you know they play well at their place
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be a tough task. a task patriots will likely undertake without rob gronkowski he continues to deal with nagging hamstring injury. fact that injury report 12 players in total on on it of the 12omy chris hogan a full participant daunte high tower and eric rowe are only two players not to participate in all in practice. live in newsroom tray dairy, 7 news. well you know, a flint lucky enough to be headed to game you may want to grab a rain jacket. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner is here with game time forecast. yes. it's from this weather system right here. inn wisconsin. and illinois today with clouds. and scattering of showers and some thunderstorms. so we advance the story to sunday mid morning. that weather system in new england with lot of clouds. and it will be a humid day. not have that fall feel like we had last couple of days. and scattering of showers. again that's key word here.
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widespread rain. that is likely not to happen. but, the chance of rain is going to be there really at any time. you can't really pin down what part of day we'll see rain. so have rain gear ready to go on stand by tailgate humid, kick off early sunday after noon isolated showers. temperatures on sunday afternoon, in mid 70s and when game wraps up lot of clouds mild to muggy temperatures sunday afternoon. also on seven, search for an assault suspect on bridgewater state university campus has called off school alert earlier after a female student said map in ski mask pride to put bag over her head and take her clothes off it turns out she made whole thing up. she recan'ted the story when police questioned her north attleboro man called to court facing several chars after threaten to blow up a gas station andry hoe both. s.w.a.t. teams finally arresting him after 5-hour stand off jonathan hall was courtroom today and joins with live from with latest from taunton
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allegedly tried to blow up gas station suffers from bipolar disorder and complained loudly about a lack of services for mentally ill. he's about to get some. >> 38-year-old benjamin kimball of north attleboro will be heading to bridgewater state hospital for psychiatric observation a judge made the decision after hearing from a doctor who spoke with him at the courthouse. >> by all accounts has history of psychiatric treatment going back to his his own life kimball was treated with dog bites and released last night after being su dubed following a long 5-hour stand off. kimball now ten chars include 4 felonies after police tactical units took him down. using nonlethal force following a 5-hour stand off. police say after buying a lighter and borrowing a phone at route 44 cumberland farms yesterday morning. he dialed 9 one one and hung up. in this police report, the
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writes she went to get the stores phone and kimball told her i have gun i will shoot you in head police say kimball swore at an officer responding to the 911 call saying get the expletive out of here. i will blow this place up. >> also observed by an officer that was in the response team to light a gaz nozzle from one gas tanks. mix friends and family came to court to support kimball one held up a sig you. at the police station last night kimball told a detective he didn't want to talk about what happened. because he was mentally ill. >> and i just dig myself deeper. >> after his 20 days observation at bridgewater kimball will be brought back here to taunton for a hearing to determine whether he is simply too dangerous to be released. live in taunton jonathan hall, 7 news.
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new york police officer. a that detective was released from hospital today after he was cut in face by a man with an 11 inch machete officers say they shot at the suspect 18 times after he started attacking the officers. it happened during middle of rush hour near busy penn station. you saw an officer hit by cha ma chet two other officers have nonlife threaten injuries this video from right before att around in a car. police say he was trying to remove a boot from a car that he was living in. the but suspect says at police tried to use taser on him but it had little effect. he is in critical condition now. police say he's arrest more than dozen times in past few years for more minor crimes. now three news organizations are suing f.b.i.
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want to find out who the f.b.i. paid and how much agents spent to a hack into a locked iphone that was part investigation into san bernardino shooter asks for details good f.b.i.s contract unidentified vendor they used to unlock that phone. since attack the f.b.i. has been looking for the gunmans ties to terror organizations. the two suspected shootered killed 14 people and injure 22 others high pressure. and after hey opened fire office building. both shooters were killed in shoot a decision in the wrongful death dot, a judge ruled against nick gordon bobbi kristina browning boyfriend. judge says gordon repeatedly failed to meet court death lines brown's estate gordon was you abusive and said he was her husband so he could steal money from her. bobbi kristina was found unconscious of georgia home last year. and she died months later.
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samsung. department of transportation has issued a ban on use of company's galaxy note 7 phones on planes. passengers with these phones can still bring them on board but must keep them powered down and off the charger. phone cans not go inside checked bag just yesterday samsung recalled phone after problems with overheating and catching fire. and people are lining up for new iphone 7 and seven plus today. and the phones are short apply. here's look outside apple tore there on phones are in such high demand apple says walk-in customers will not be able to get 7 plus they were all reserved by preorders. definitely gets you going and seeing seeing all employees of apple are excited for a new product launch. gets you excited a consumer as well. >> nearly every store is sold out of the jet black model anyone looking for it will are have to join online waiting
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crews rush to rescue 17 dolphins stranded in flats that run off the herring river. 16 were discovered yesterday. one was saved today. you can see the crews wheeling the dolphins across grassy area. and then back toward the water there. they are so, so beautiful. so sleek. nodding the little head there glad people were there to take care of them. so cool to see them that close up. i know. almost doesn't look real. prayers for their safe return back to the oc still to come this evening, three people recovering after their boat runs aground off the coast of newburyport. and car thieves stop stopped by three children in new mexico. now being hailed heros for fighting back. and then in just one hour, sentencing day for two people convicted of an sexual assault in saugus that was recorded on snapchat. how long a suspects will spend behind bars.
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between good and evil. william gross draws thin blue line that separates them. you have empathy care and respect for people. you're stronger.
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held captive finally freed and police are now releast chilling cars for help. the victim said she was snatched when she was out for a walk with the suspect. she says he held her against her will inside an abandoned home. 17 nanny chen has dramatic details. >> chilling insights as police release 91 calls of a woman's rescue from abandoned home where two bodies were later found. >> >> john green >> john green? >> sean. where is he at now? >> asleep. >> the woman told. and for a months and a half. on tuesday, she dialed 911 with his phone, as man she's accusing kidnapping her sleeps next to
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tell you he had go to bathroom he would do something to you? >> yeah. yeah. >> are you tied up now? >> i freed my say vant house owned by local church. program director said know how green got in high pressure police shortly arrived after her call. come out hurry, hurry up. hurry up. where is he? ups inside officers found a woman arrived along with great and bodies two other women. one women found dead had been
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and green is charge with kidnapping and two counts of murder. in newsroom nancy chen, seven news. coming up next on seven, phoning a friend local woman in need of a new phone is hung up. so she called solve it 7. we are tracking some showers and heading for new england. i'll let you know when they arrive with your forecast. then at 5:30 seasons change you may be craving a good bowl of chilli from surprise source. monday, medical marijuana is legal in massachusetts. so where are some people using an underground delivery system? cheryl fiandaca investigates
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tomorrow, is day that features a lot of sunshine a few clouds in afternoon sunday risk of few scarred showers. not widespread rain. that may happen though sunday night into monday. with in some downpours here you set up weather map for tomorrow hyannis port still close by where we are talking mix of clouds and sunshine. sunday, a cool front begins to come into the northeast with lot of clouds. but, i've also got the what we think radar will look like these little green globs here. they are scattered about
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right on southern new england. so outdoor plans golfing pats game you got chance to staying dry. i think the showers will be scattered in nature. now sunday night and monday, in particular, this is where the front will be and slowing down. at the same time, it's going to try to pull some moisture whatever remains out tropical storm julia minimal tropical system she will fall apart. her left over junk form of showers and downpours will get r into new england on monday. so we keep our fingers crossed we do need rain i know it's tough root for rain on friday afternoon not much rain on saturday scattering of shower or two. quarter of an inch of rain or less. if we can get tropical downpours up across northeast and widespread maybe hopefully a lot of us are talking about half an inch to an inch of beneficial rain for the extreme drought. we're in the going to make it all in one afternoon. but what we need are turn around
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night and monday. from this weather system over here, but again too far away to bother us tonight or even tomorrow. 60s and 70s right now boston 68. bedford at 73. red sox game tonight features clear skies. kind of cool as we work through latter half temperatures fishies pitch mid 60s charleston south boston kicks off six action barnstable duxbury framingham wellesley a lot of games at 7 o'clock. those games will have temperature in the lower to middle 60s. clear skies cool with temperatures 46 to 56. technically the moon was at fullest, mid afternoon. but even when it rises in this evening 6:59 it will be big and with awesome. so for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies pleasant temperatures between 74 and 79. sunday lot of clouds. few isolate showers. humid on sunday. again on monday with those downpours. see you at 5:30. all right, jr. a local woman reaching a dead end.
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wurnt one wouldn't work she did her homework and she thought she found a great deal things went down high school from there she called solve it 7. here's chris anderson. your spart money is hard to live without. i travel a lot for work. and my email's on my phone it's really important to me. so when is a man alcs iphone suddenly stopped work back in may she wanted to act fast i went online to get refurbished phone she found bargain he she website iphones are a little bit cheaper than then you would pay retail price making sure it was verizon compatible. she even paid extra for overnight shipping the total near $500. i received the phone of course i was excited it was new upgrade for me i had an old phone. and i put in my sim card it kept saying this is a verizon chip it's not reading a sprint phone. samantha took phone and her connection concerns to a verizon
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the phone would only work on the sprint network. she called sprint but says they couldn't help either she reached out to game stop. look i tried every option. and now i'm at a loss. shaman sha shipped phone back to the company and confirmed they did receive it. since she paid for i don't ever night shipping originally samantha figured she would have new phone the next day. she didn't. and says she spent next few weeks calling game stop. >> they kept making sure oh it's coming. it's in the mail already in mail. okay. look out for everyone look on look out. no phone. her cell phone fiasco continued. after a month back and forth and still no phone, samantha realized she needed help i literally was lot loss i didn't know what do to i reached out to you guys. we reach order game stop korm rae rate xhupgss office to if we can solve is a man wireless woes the company representative they
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processing is a man that's order. and then the phone she originally ordered was on its way. >> they reached out to me they apologized they insured me i would get my phone and would right few days layer the package samantha had waiting for arrived. and this time the phone worked. i put in sim card and it said verizon at the top oh my gosh, finally. >> game stop also refunded samantha the extra shipping costs that she paid. and told us our first priority positive shopping experience whether in our stores or online. thank you solve it cespedes. thank y thank you solve it 7. now dialing up a solution to your problem can tough sometimes. but don't get hung up on your frustrations, give us a call. at the number on your screen. or send us an email to solve it 7 at
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ahead on 7 news, a classroom controversy. two students in california refusing to recite ledge of lee jens now they are fighting back after they satisfactory teacher lowered their grades. teaming ride sharing service to provide another option for those with disabilities. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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>> 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. now at 5:30 a coast guard reese ask you after boat gets stuck with three people on board. >> unnerving video out of ohio of someone terrorizing a
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person who pulled the trigger. >> a collapse room controversy surrounding the pledge of allegiance. why two students are refusing to sing it. three pipe wielding hero step in and stop would be car thieves caught in the act. >> 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> right now at 5:30 three people are recovering after a boat runs aground in newburyport. coast guard brought them back to shore and towed that boat. this all happening in mefr merrimac river. thankfully those threefe let's get to dan hausle with newsroom with more information. that's right. passengers were at the mouth of merrimac river early this morning 3232 foot vessel up expectedly crashed. officials say this wasn't weather related low tide when else have hit sapped bar two of three people sustained cuts bruises members were immediately they went out to rescue three passengers. coast guard used a boat to toe the 32 footer named the water


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