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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> anchor: we are following breaking news first here at 4:30 of a terror take down in new jersey. the suspect in a multi-state bombing investigation now in custody. police arresting 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami in linden, new jersey after a shoot out with
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ambulance with what appears to be an injured arm. two officers were hurt in that take down. >> anchor: investigators found his fingerprint on an unexploded device and that launched the manhunt. adam william live for us in the newsroom with more on this tore or take down. adam? >> reporter: a three day search for that suspect coming to a dramatic edding after a shut out. police got a call about a man sleeping in the doorway of a bar when they approached the guy they recognized him as the bombing suspect. an officer toll him to show his hand and that's when s pulled a gun and fired at officers hitting one in the hand and another who was wear a bulletproof vest was hit in the abdomen. both officers are okay. he was shot several times and taken to the hospital where he remains in custody. rahami is wanted tore a string of attacks. last night police got reports of a suspicious backpack with wires and pipes in a trash can near a new jersey train station. officials found multiple devices in that backpack and used a robot to actually detonate one
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chelsea neighborhood of new york city, 29 people there injured, all have been released from the hospital. we'll have much more coming up on 7 news at 5:00. for now in the newsroom, adam williams, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the terror take down the both on-line and on air as this story continues to develop throughout the day. >> anchor: on 7 another act of terror this time the a mall in minnesota now under investigation. nine people are recovering after they were stabbed over the weekend. now isis claimed responsibility r the suspect was shot and killed by an off duty police officer. one by one stretchers streamed out of a minnesota mall. shots fired and then people stabbed. >> reporter: victims of a stabbing rampage at the hands of a suspect dressed in a security uniform attacking at least 9 people with a knife. everybody locked their doors and took off running. >> reporter: inside the mall a lock down for hours as police tried to calm nerves hundreds of shoppers caught in the chaos.
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attack. police say the man watt knife stabbed nine men and women ages 15 to 53 before he was confronted by an off-duty police officer about five minutes into his violent spree. the mayor is calling that officer a hero. if not for him be there clearly this would have been much worse than it was. >> reporter: now the f.b.i. is looking into this case as a possible act of terror. searching the suspect is a apartment late sunday afternoon, recovering computer equipment and several bags of potential evidence. the suspect's father told a local paper his son was a an on-line message from a group linked to isis claiming the attacker was a soldier of isis but so far authorities say there was no solid evidence to verify that claim. in the small minnesota town home to hundreds of somali refugees community leaders say they are speaking out against the violence and fear the possibility of anti-muslim backlash. this community does not condone terrorism, does not support terrorism. >> anchor: all nine victims had been released from the hospital
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recovery. >> reporter: knew here at 4:30 more cases in braintree being thrown out after police say an officer tainted evidence, hundreds of cases now being reopened after this investigation into the evidence locker room began. >> anchor: today more cases involving drug charges have been thrown out and that means more criminals could be put back on the streets. kelly o'hara live quincy with more on this investigation. kelly? four more cases today just alone thrown out, three here at quincy district court and another one at superior court tip of the iceberg. with tears in his eyes he stands before a quincy judge listening to his interpreter it him some drug charges are dismissed. the 15 cases so far dismissed and many more are expected. he is really surprising. i am very disaisn't woulded in the police department allowing this to happen. of course that puts in jeopardy
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innocence or guilt of many defendants. >> reporter: soto good morninges's attorney said he couldn't believe what a recent audit of the evidence room reveals. nearly half a million in cash gone along with thousands of mes of evidence missing from guns to drugs to personal property. an investigation began back in the spring. sources tell 7 the officer in charge then committed suicide and sole of the missing guns were even found in her home. back in court though soto gomez may have had some charges dismissed but into custody for other crimes he allegedly committed. his attorney says he has other compliance where there charges may be thrown out too. i have two other cases on which i received notice from the commonwealth that there might be issues with the evidence in braintree. >> anchor: and then norfolk district attorney's office along with the attorney's office are investigating. in quincy this afternoon, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: a plane struck by lightning. a jet blue flight bound for
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had been struck by lightning. emergency crews responded to be sure the plane had a safe landing and it did. no problems. all passengers were booked on a new flight. >> anchor: a man is fighting for his life after being shot in front of a nightclub in allston. it happened near the garage boston nightclub late last night. police say someone shot the victim multiple times and drove off. right now he is in critical condition of the investigators believe there was some sort of fight that led to this shooting. there is always altercations when alcohol is involved and everything el. any time we have any kind of violence especially involving guns or individuals now trying for their lives it's obviously a big concern to us. >> anchor: so far no arrests have been made in that case. a car burst into flames this dedham. official say the minivan caught on fire this morning in a parking lot on president's way. crews rushing to put out those flames. police are still investigating what started that massive fire. >> anchor: and we're following more news today. a confession from the
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of murdering two catholic nuns. in a preliminary hearing friday an officer testified that rodney sanders confessed to the killing. the alleged confession occurred during a taped interview on the day he was arrested and charged with capitol murder. sanders allegedly killed sisters margaret held and paula merrill. their bodies found in their home on august 25 after they failed to show up at the health clinic where they organized as nurse practitioners of merrill was a native of stoneham. sanders meanwhile remains consider the case. >> anchor: rick to the asking residents to return to an area once a zikka hot zone. now scott was p winwood mobbed calling for return to normal. he placed a travel ban on the miami neighborhood as officials fought to control zikka infections. that ban was lifted today and scott also authorized an additional $10 million 20 continue combatting that virus. well gas pipeline leak in alabama is causing headaches all across the southeast. rising gas prices and shortage have prompted some governors to
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are projected to go up as much as 20 cents per gallon. look at these long wait lines here at a gas station in eastern north carolina. customers say waits are up to an hour long at station that's still have gas. people are choosing to stay home when it isn't necessary to travel. if we move up really sharply over the next two to three weeks, i think once things get back to inal we can see a drop just as fast into november. >> anchor: experts believe the short supply could extend into er increase supply by shipping gasoline by ship and extending troubling drivers hours. >> anchor: ahead here on 7 news it's the picture 1,000 words. why this little girl seemed to want nothing to do with donald trump. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, a man caused a deadly drive into a newton restaurant facing several charges. >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news. a suspect in the terror attacks in new york or new jersey from over the weekend is now in
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right before he went into an ambulance. we're staying on top of this story and we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it on 7 news. >> reporter: tonight medical marijuana is legal in massachusetts so. why are some people using an underground delivery system? sheryl fiandacca investigates these cannabis your years tonight on 7 news at 11:00. is that ice-t?
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>> anchor: t the picture that esgetting a whole lot of attention. donald trump met little miss print in michigan last week. the little girl looked a little scared as she meets the republican presidential candidate. >> anchor: now she and her mother are talking about what really was going on. >>the picture seen around the world. little miss flint seemed afraid as she met republican presidential candidate donald trump. and the internet is having a field day with the photo comparing it to mari's picture
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celebrity gossip sites had a fun time with all kind of photo shops with it last night. >> anchor: mari is a little girl who made headlines safe he wrote a letter to the president about flint's water crisis prompting a visit by the commander in chief. what mari's mother thought was an innocent picture is now trending worldwide. the internet has such an infatuate with donald trump that they run with anything that they think is good, good material i should say. >> anchor: both mari mother said -- other people were scaring me. >> anchor: my little brother said if anything touches donald trump the seat service would tackle them. >> anchor: the picture has even sparked negative comments alleging mari's mother was putting her daughter in the spotlight but she said that's far from the truth. people are going to say what they want to say regardless if the truth is out there or no. >> anchor: her health and
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fun. having fun, she is good. i'm good. >> anchor: very cute little girl. the photo was taken during trump's visit to flint, michigan wednesday where he spoke at a local church. the troop also made headlines when trump was interrupted bypass tore asking him not to bash his rival, hillary clinton. >> anchor: who is the next voice? the search begins tonight on 7 nbc with new faces and the judge's chair. >> anchor: isn't the tune usually rain, rain, go away but this time we're like stay, stay, around and when is our next chance to get any of that much needed rain coming up in the forecast. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 bringing in the backups. jimmy garoppolo out with an injury as patriots reach deep into their bench to try and eek out more wins before tom brady's
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brenda willis: when washington bureaucrats threatened access to mammograms, kelly ayotte stopped them. david goethel: and when red tape threatened to crush new hampshire's fishing communities, cheryl coletti-lawson: kelly's legislation on the heroin epidemic will help save lives. jamey french: kelly reaches across the aisle to conserve our environment... becky stafford: kelly is so committed to our veterans and cares about our needs. marc baillargeon: kelly protected our jobs at the shipyard. kelly is one of us. veteran: she's not forgotten where she's come from. brenda willis: she cares. dean kamen: that's kelly - an independent leader, fighting for new hampshire. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte
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>> anchor: a rainy monday but at least the soaker didn't show up yesterday when we had so many outtook activities. a chance of rain stays with us until early tomorrow morning and then we get some clearing in the afternoon tuesday and return to more summer like weather than fall despite the fact that the first official day of fall is on thursday. the wet weather, boy, we need the rain with more than 50% of the commonwealth under extreme drought conditions, but it's almost as if the heaviest rainfall fell outside of the lines conditions really favoring western, northwestern massachusetts and also near the south coast as well with those higher totals anywhere from two to three inches of rainfall. the rest of us between where we thought we would be about a half inch to an inch and a half. unfortunately inside of 495 down through taunton as well, not winning on this one. quarter of an inform of rain for boston, close to it. we are seeing the shower activity kind of tapering at this point.
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still catching a quick downpour here and there southern new hampshire still working through there and across cape cod into wellfleet, chatham as well as orleans and on the islands from time to time. now the situation is that the all of the ingredients are still in place for us to catch a quick shower or downpour as we head through the evening hours and into the overnight. this is sort of our highway of wet weather, a front that's just going to stall out over our area as we we'll call it 12 to 20 hours. current temperatures are in the low 70's but that's where the dewpoints are as well. very close to that mark and when those two numbers are close together, you have a very saturated atmosphere and it just takes a little bit of lift to get those showers going. so it doesn't take much is my point overnight tonight still that chance, scattered shower, possibly an isolated rumble of thunder although i do think that the threat for storms is sort of
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63 to 69 still mild, still muggy tonight and into tomorrow it up after we kick the clouds out of here. the humidity kind of lingers into tomorrow as we still have that tropical moisture streaming in but we'll get rid of the humidity heading into the mid them week, shower time line showing that tomorrow morning, the best chance to catch any quick showers, sprinkle or possibly a quick downpour will be for cape cod and ilan. highs tomorrow, wow, is this fall or is this summer and the low and we kind of stay there throughout the better part of this week which is well above normal for this time of year despite the arrival of fall. autumn national equinox arrives for us thursday 10:21 in the morning and that's the kickoff but fall weather doesn't really arrive until we hit the weekend and into the beginning of next week. boy, what a dramatic change in temperatures as we get into saturday and sunday. >> anchor: bri, time now for fast track traffic of the let's
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we'll fly over 128. this is in dedham on thed is side. we have a three car crash in the left-hand lane. state police just arriving on scene. that's causing a backup. you will be back all the way toward route 1 in westwood. once you get after the that you will be tied up toward route 24. the northbound side of 128 moving well. the expressway southbound is heavy. this is near columbia road but further back you will be jammed coming out of the tunnel most of the way down to the braintree split. the northbound side of the expressway moving okay although you will slow up as you head into the tunnel. of 93 this afternoon. you can see that's moving very slowly as you head up toward medford. you will be on the brakes right out of the o'neill tunnel up toward 128. the lower deck moves well although you hit traffic on the zakim as you head into the tunnel. further up on the 3 north from montvale avenue to lowell street you look at a 21 minute drive. i am matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> anchor: the voice is back for its season premiere. adamly convenient and blake shelton will be joined by miley
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the past. season 11 will start with blind auditions and of course that is tonight. >> anchor: after the voice a brand new show kicks off on nbc. >> anchor: the one hour preview of the new after life comedy "the good place" begins at 10:00 p.m. it. stars kristen bell and ted danson. you are dead. cool. i have some questions. >> anchor: ted is there to give kristen bell some ans but the after life and the good place. thes yogurt places. people love frozen yogurt. i don't know what to tell you. my job is to make sure that these beautiful sweet, amazing people have everything they can possibly want. then all heck breaks loose because there is a glitch in the system. those aren't my medical or ease. >> reporter: bell gets to play the glitch. i am not supposed to be here. wait, what? she wasn't evil or malicious but the person that he is describing
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bad place. >> reporter: the challenge for the new arrival is staying right where he she is, not where she is supposed to be. the show is about me not only hiding my identity but secretly learning what it means to be a good person and earning my place. the after life also brings danson back to a familiar place, comedy. i am chasing a giggle again which makes me very happy. he is not shy about comparing his new show with cheers which made him a star in the 80's. it has the exact same flavor of being incredibly fuy but really smart. hello, everyone. for a tv comedy those a good lace to start. so here is what's on nbc tonight. the season premiere of the voice is tonight at 8:00 then after that is the special one hour preview of the new comedy the good place then stick around for 7 news at 11:00 for all of the news of the day. >> anchor: ahead here on 7 news a star-studded night who came home with a top award from the
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>> anchor: emmy excitement as top honors in television were hand out last night in los angeles. for some it was their first time getting the golden trophy. >> anchor: for others it was a repeat performance. jennifer egan has more on the big night. >> anchor: the very first thing jimmy kimmel did was hand a trophy to jeffrey tambour. he won his second straight emmy.
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talent a chance. give them auditions. give them their story. >> anchor: history was made as july eia louis dreyfus won her fifth executive emmy for vp. she ended her speech with a heavy hearted tribute. i would like to dedicate this to my father who passed away on friday. and i am so glad he liked me because his opinion was that really mattered. thank you. >> anchor: the people versus o.j. simpson. the night's big inremember was the people versus oj simpson taking best limited series and four other awards. now the responsibility of playing a real person is an enormous one. you went to get it right not for you but for them. >> anchor: two shakups for drama, orphan black won best actress for the first time. i feel so lucky to be on a
4:58 pm
center. please tell me you are seeing this too? for best actor romy malik won for mr. robot. a big win for saturday night live's kate mckinnon who captured best supporting actress in a tv comedy. i am really crying. i am not making it up. >> reporter: matt dim on getting the last laugh on friend jimmy kimmel crashing the awards show after th oliver. you are a pretty big loser. i for one am really sorry about that. i think everybody else here feels really sorry for you. come here. come on, bring it in. i really appreciate your concern. you bring it in. okay. i will see you later at the after party. there is an after party? >> reporter: jennifer egan, 7 news. >> anchor: woe both felt like that a few times. makes me want an an el too. much more to come the next 90 minutes, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson.
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7 news at give o'clock starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news, a terror take down. a man taken into custody in connection with a string of explosions in the tri state area. clues that help police identify the suspect and the shootout that led to his arrest. plus, how the terror attacks are playing out on the campaign trail. we have team 7 coverage. >> anchor: then the driver behind a deadly crash into a newton restaurant facing a judge. what prosecutors are trying >> reporter: much needed rainfall falling throughout the area today. just how long does it stick around and when can we see more? >> reporter: plus, the patriots in need for of a new backup plan with the backup quarterback sidelined. >> anchor: and we begin at five o'clock with breaking news. the man believed to be tied to a string of explosions captured just hours after the nypd and the f.b.i. release his picture. around we've learned that on the
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the explosives helped police identify him. >> anchor: within hours he was spotted in new jersey. so here is some more information. the 28-year-old was take mean custody after a shoot out with police. you can hear the exchange of gunfire recorded from a home nearby. ahmad khan rahami was wounded in the exchange but alert and breathing as he was loaded into i am lance. >> anchor: police mr. every he is connectioned to explin manhattan, seaside park, new jersey and elizabeth, new jersey we have team coverage of the terror take down with the arrest increased security here in massachusetts and the impact on the campaign trail. let's get started in linden, new jersey, dan hausle is there because that's where police took the suspect into custody. this was the beginning in the end behind me you see the f.b.i. and local investigators right down there. that's where ahmad khan rahami


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